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4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate

    • 2. Part One to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate

    • 3. Part Two to Sticker Creation in Procreate

    • 4. Part Three to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate

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About This Class

In this class you will learn many tools that will help you craft a professional sticker sheet in the iOS app called Procreate.

If this sounds like a skill that you feel is needed in the next states of your business join me as we dive into this application to create wholly unique sticker sheets in Procreate.


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1. Introduction to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate: Hello and welcome to our news class sticker she creation in procreate in this class will are many tools that will help you craft a professional sticker sheet in the Iowa's APP called Procreate. We're taking this course. You will learn the basics of the procreate app, the additional tools you may need to successfully use your sticker she for production, the methods that will allow you to create professional and attractive sticker sheets purely from your iPad and just for application. We will craft a sticker sheet that you'll be able to use any graphic design software or import into silhouettes, studio and cricket design space. If this sounds like a skill that you feel is needed in the next stages of your business, continue on with me two part one of this course. As I began to take you through each step of learning how to create branded sticker sheets and procreate 2. Part One to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate: Hello and welcome to part one of secrecy, creation and procreate. In Part one, we would talk about the basics of the EP procreate. But first I want actually show you all how to get to procreate. So if you have an iPad, which is the only way right now, I believe that you can actually access. You will go to your app store and you would just simply go to search, type and procreate and procreate is right here. So it is currently right now 9 99 So you purchase that you don't have to purchase it ever again afterwards. Once you downloaded all of that and you have pretty much the basics of procreate. So what we're going to do is we are going to pull out a canvas and we're just gonna work on lowering the preliminaries. The basics. So I'm just going to create do a screen size canvas. He could select whatever you want. I used two fingers to zoom out this gallery button right here takes you back to your home screen and procreate. So this it takes you right back to this click on it again. Then you have this wrench the wrench lets you add Ah, file if you want. Toe. I've seen people use procreate for digital it digital journaling, Bible Bible journaling, bullet journaling, all types of things of you want to create. If you want to import a Pdf out and do annotations for school, there's many things you could treat. Procreate is if it's a good notes at pretty much so if you want to insert a foul and so insert a photo for reference. If you wanna, you know, have something inspire you as you're drawing. You want to take a photo to import into here you get at text. Then if you've cut, copy or paste or copied anything in another canvas, or if you've drawn something here and you want to cut it, you can cut it and then you can add it into another canvas and then pasted in there. Then you have copy. You can copy something within this canvas, or you can just copy an entire campus. Say you've created an entire canvas. You can copy that very camera canvas and then go here and then you hit that button and then you'll hit Clipboards and clipboard would then import entire canvas into another project, and so that is just the add button, the campus button. It allows you to crop and resize your campus screen. So if you want to make a smaller larger, however you want to do it, this is exactly Greece resize it, which is shown at the bottom. You can resize it here. Many things you can do and procreate, so I'm a hit. Cancel here on the zoom out again. Then you have a drawing. Got a drawing guy puts agreed on to the actual sheet. You can change the drawing guide, even make the thickness lighter. You could make it more boulder. It's all about how you needed. You can do the opacity where you barely see it, or you can make it to where I see it all the time. Then you have the great side. You gun. Oh, make the opacity so the grid size can be is large. Did you want or can be a stymie as you want thing you have. It's a metric your perspective. You get to tap where you want the vanishing point to be yourself. That's your vanishing point. Then it shows where disappears to you have symmetry where whatever you draw on this side is drawn on that side, it's a lot of things in which you can do and procreate. So I'm a turn off. The drawing got here that you can flip the canvas horizontally or flip it vertically. Canvas information, which tells you when it was created, was the color space, all that how long you've been in the program, the qualities, the video size, if you decide to export it as a video, is just many things you can do. That's I'm saying you can pretty much running an entire sticker store or graphic design store in procreate. Next is sharing. If you want to share an image, then these are the options in which you have. I don't need to export it now, but you have procreate. PSD is, um, photo shop pH. Pdf is Adobe. Of course, you have J. Paige PNG, and you have a tip foul for sharing layers. You could share a layer, and not so much. Just the image. A layer is the entirety of this, so if you want to share an entire layer, you have a pdf option. A PNG files. You can share multiple layers. If you have multiple graphics in layers, it will export all of them as PNG for separate files, which I love This option. Here, you could make an animated GIF. You can make animated PNG. You can even make an animated video. So I've seen many videos of people explaining with how to do these. I've done this once, maybe twice. I enjoy it, but it's not. It's a very time consuming, then this here is something that is very awesome. You could do a time. Let's time lapse a replay so pretty much. We've only done seven seconds, I think, in the actual application so far. So that's what we have. You can turn this on off if you don't want it to record in the background. But I keep it on just in case. And they even always exported the time lapse video to something else. Now your preferences. I've rarely touched this because when I touch it, I end up messing up something. And, of course, there's always videos on skill share you, too, Any other teaching courses that will help you understand this. This is the light in a phrase. I want the light in the face. So I click the button again. But this is the dark interface, my life, the light interface. I am left handed. So but I But I prefer right handed interface, because when I draw, I draw with my poem on the screen and it messes this up. When this is on this, I prefer it on this side. Then the breast cursor project canvases. If you have an Apple TV or our Mac or something of that nature that you can project the actual canvas to to another screen, which I think it's awesome, I hope to be able to use that soon because this has then become Michael writing tablet. But actually like it like this, You can, um, work on the rapid undue delay selection, mass visibility. You're gonna connect the third party stylist like I talked about previously. You can edit the pressure curve, which this is what I do not mess with, because I pretty much edit this in my brushes. It it what I what pressure curve I want to use in my brushes. And then you have gesture controls. I do. I pretty much I've turned everything off dealing with my finger because my hands get in the way a lot, so you could just play around with these. Figure out what you want to use. So these are the options over there and then, um, help. If you've purchased anything, Sue procreate. You confined him here. These air advance sayings which you have to go through your actual, um, setting apt to go through. You can learn what's new, and I'll tell you what's new. They have very interactive video that plays now. Exit out of this now and then you gotta learn to procreate the customer support program portfolio, you to leave a review. So that's all within the wrench part of the toolbar. Next, you have this magic wand. This magic wand is pretty much how you add filters, but not in the way. And would you think you have the opacity you can transfer, form the opacity. This there's another area. What you can do this which is over here, which is the opacity of the brush. You have the Gaussian blur. Then you have the motion blur that you have the perspective blur, which you can kind of move it however you want. And then you can just make it very, very wonky. This is very cool. And then you have the sharpener, but you can sharpen it. No ways. So this app really works as as in depth as a photo shop application selection. Like I said, you can do freehand or you can do automatic or tangle eclipse, And then you can just, you know, maneuver that This is your pointer tool. This moves the entire canvas. But if you want to select it like we did before, if you want to select one thing, you could just do that. I am moving around. So that's everything to the left. Now to the right, you have your brush tool. Now I've created some favorites, but essentially sketching all way down to water. Easier general brushes that comes with your procreate after you procreate app after you've purchased it, I haven't really added much. I had some important brushes. I don't anymore. I pretty much like creating my own now. And so that's what I have. You could rename you can add. You can do a lot of things with the brushes. This is just much tool. This is like if you want to do what I'm doing now. It's much something. This is great. You can actually change. How is much is and that's a different way you could change the brush of it. You have your erase tool, which is very much the same. You can change what type of brush you want to race with. Causes a different groove. And then this is where your layers air it. This you could change the background color. I would like to have it at yellow when I'm when I'm drawing so that I can see the contrast of colors and see if I've missed something. I call it in, so I just keep it at yellow pretty much. And so then you have your color selector. I have palates. I'd like to create pallets and I kind of switch him out every you know, every now and then when I have a different color scheme that I'm working on. But you can create any color you want or if you have a project in mind, you go to value. You could type in the hex hex decimal color, or you can do the HSB or the RGB colors and put your import the color there. So many things in which you can do this is also like another menu. This little box here you click. It pops up the menu. There are hand gestures in which you can do. But like I said, I don't really like using my finger for much on my pokery app canvas. And then you have your undo redo buttons. And then this is your brush size and I said, This is a brush opacity. So that's pretty much the basics of the procreate app. Go ahead and delete this, but guess that is the basics of the procreate app. I'm so glad you guys decided to join me for this part one if I went through a pretty quickly, I am sorry. You can always rewind Paul's and take notes. Um, that, like I said, is pretty basic. There's many videos on YouTube and skill share there will talk about the basics in depth. I have pretty much just glossed over the things that I use most when I work in the procreate app. Talk to you in part two by 3. Part Two to Sticker Creation in Procreate: Hello and welcome to Part two of our sticker sheet creation and procreate class. This next part is talking about the tools that you would need to create a professional, effective sticker sheet and the procreate app. Lets say you don't want to completely creators thicker sheet and procreate. You could always export it into still the way. Studio Cricket design Space Photo shop illustrator. Any of those graphic design software that you use procreate works great with those programs . But the great thing about is that if you want to use your iPad purely for sticker sheet creation, you can download the cricket studio with the cricket design space application, and you can use it with your cricket machine. If it is Bluetooth capable, kept compatible and in creating your sticker sheet and procreate, you can use it. You can export it into cricket design space, and you can use it in there and you can have a finished sticker sheet. I've seen so many people do it this way. It doesn't work for me because that's not how I like to create my sticker sheets, but I've seen many people do it this way, and it works for them, you would need an apple pencil, or you would need 1/3 party compatible stylist with an iPad. Whether it's an iPad pro or an iPad, you also need an iPad. Sadly, Procreate works on Lee on Apple devices. I don't know if it will ever branch off into Android, but for right now is on the Iowa's version. Iowa's at Like I Was hardware. You also need the procreate app. The procreate app on the iPhone is more of like a light version. Part two is kind of short because of the materials are kind of simple toe have in which to create a sticker sheet and procreate. Now, if you just want to create sticker sheets and procreate just for the heck of it and use them for digital stickers for your digital planner and good notes or procreate or any other programs, issues for digital planning than that is great. You don't even need cricket designed space or even a printer or any of the other stuff that I'm talking about. So with that said, I will go ahead and leave you all to continue on a part three and I will see you there by 4. Part Three to Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate: Hello and welcome to part three of our class sticker She creation and procreate. Now we're actually getting ready to get into the nitty gritty. You're getting ready to create a sticker sheet and procreate. And I am so excited because it has been a minute since I've done this. I used to do this all the time until I just wanted to try and change over to a different type of look. So what you would do you have this plus button here, right here in the corner. You would hate it. And instead of selecting anything that is here, if you've already got presets that you created, I instead will go to create custom size. Now I change your from pixels two inches, and I like my sticker sheets to be 4.75 inches wide and seven inches tall. And I like my dp i to be 300 I use the color s RGB and I would name this stickers or full sticker sheet because I have multiple sticker sheets as so now we have it, and this size will be what we will be working in. So this is my sticker, she says. it looks smaller because in the canvas you're working in a campus. So you wanted to be a little bit smaller. This is You're says sorry. I mean, you drop the owner. So this is your sticker sheet is blank. There's nothing on here. There are no guides to tell you. Where to start were to finish. Um, you don't even have bleed marks to know what you're working with. So what I like to do is I'd like to turn on the drawing guy. I like to go to my preferences. No, I like to go to canvas and I'd like to turn on my drawing. Good. But I don't like squares to be this wag. So I go to it a drawing God and I go to grid size and I make it slightly smaller. There we go. And I don't like this color. I wouldn't change it to read. Never go. And I want to change the opacity a little bit. There we go and Walla And since I'm left handed, I This is how I write. This is how I draw. I draw lift to the side. I used the term my ipad, but for the sake of the video, I'll leave it like this. But so I like to zoom me and really, really well, and I like to make sure that my pin or my whatever drawing brush it. I'm using its in black. I usually sketch first, but since this is a sticker sheet and we're just laying out the preliminaries, this is how I would do it. So I usually use the model line pin or use the I usually use the either the monoline or the studio pin, the jail pan or the technical pain. But I like the model pin monoline pin the most so and having my sheet right here. It's now time to determine how far down, just like if you have taken my silhouette studio class for my cricket design space class, I usually keep it an inch for my header. And so I guess I want to do a little bit short of this time. But with the line being right here, I'm going to go with it and hold. If you, if you draw and hold, it will create a straight line. If you press and hold, it would create a straight line and says edit shape. I don't want any shape because it's already well, how wanted. But I don't like that. This side over here is thinner than this side over here. So I'm a go ahead and I must select this. And I am going to Alfa Lockett. No, normal. I'm not gonna out for Lockett yet. I'm going to select no cleared. I want to get it as close to the line as I needed to so that when I There we go. Because I want to even out this line of the B more year ago. Okay, that looks better. So with that line there, I now know that I have this toe work with for my header if I choose to have a huge header or whatever. But this is this This separates the header from the actual sticker. She This is what we would be putting our stickers. That and this is the hitter. Now you can always have the header below. Or you can simply just have your website or your name, sticker name whatever at the bottom and leave it at that and have the recipe stickers. But I just like a good header that has my instagram Facebook shop name Muriel. All of this I might create another layer because I don't want to mess with that line. I don't want anything to mess with the line. And if anything goes over the line, I can always erase around it without erasing the line. So go back to my, my trusty sideways. And I'm a stick with the black just because I'm not ready to do with being decorating hit. So since we have the line, my sticker store is called crafting by the pound. Now, I know just off of this, I'm not gonna be able to get the entire name on here, So I'm going to go ahead. And he raised all this turned. Maybe I should go with the round brush. Could has taken too long. Okay? So I could import a header or ah, header that I have. But since we want to do everything appropriate for this class, I'm a stick with creating everything in this for procreate in this class is So what? I could do it. Since I know I have little space here, I could go appear and I can change my drawing guide, and I could change the grid size, too. 60 pixels. And so now I have blessed space so I could try to do me drink to brush, size cleared right each a letter in the bucks, and so now is somewhat centered, even though it's not. But now I have. It's since it's a metrical and it is in that line because that's what the drawing God helps . It helps everything stay within the right space. And now I have this much based work with. So what I'm a do is create another layer and see what do I want? I want I want my website or do I want my esta Graham? I want both. And in wanting both, I need to figure out where the middle is. And I think the middle is here, some a drawer, a line somewhat in the middle. So now I know what I'm working with on either side, so I'm a create another layer. Okay, so now that I have this, because I want everything to have the right amount of space and so that when it's imported into cricketers I space, or when it's imported into civil, a studio or photo shop, I don't want anything to be messed up. So I have a new layer. I have my brush at worst, it and I think this I will be my my you're ill. And I Honestly, I don't have a www dot before my your ill is simply crafted by the pound dot com that is my euro. Now, I don't too much like the way this looks, but because it looks crammed. But unless I decided to squish it in a little bit more, I can't really And therefore this side I will have. See, I'm gonna have i g and raise book and that will be at crafting by She is not gonna work. So I need to modify it a little bit more so see if I could do a I g and Facebook and then do it this way. Don't forget it. Okay, so there's not much color, so let me turn this off. There's not much color and it does look kind of hectic. What you could do in place of this is that you can change this and you can see and zoom out again. You can take it this it down toe where this is okay. So this is now the bottom of your sheet. This does not look like is centered. There we go. Okay, that looks centered. And then you can change this and they even redraw this. So zoom in and a GM, and then you can do so. You have your instagram and you have your facebook and then at the bottom, you have your euro. Now you want to add some color. Let's say you don't want this line here that say you want to be going with that line because it looks It looks crazy and you want to add some color. So where we did our crafted by the pound hitter, you could add a layer under under it by clicking on the layer below it and my brain in colors for my store. Are these four right here? So I would find a pen that I a brush that I like. Let's say I want to use a water brush and I'm gonna play around with it for a little bit. And I don't like the opacity of that. No, Maybe if I change my background to yellow. No, this is too too dark, you know, maybe no Okay, so, um, not watercolor, cause watercolor takes too much to Okay, I could use the Oriental brush, but I like to use my wash. Either my wash my fresco on my turpentine or even my acrylic. I might go with wash. No, maybe my Turpin time. No, uh, critic. Who may be Yep, Maybe so we have been to so we have a hitter. But the problem is that now, with this Oh, if you have once elected and you write swipe another layer, they will be you. You can work on them together. I am going to bring this down. Just this image. And so now I'm going to your race. A little bit of the paint that came down because I don't want everything to be colored, and I like that. So let me let me add the white bag. There's not Wait. So there we go. And that looks pretty just like a splash of color. But it is also not so. I've highlighted the crafted by the pound header and everything else is done. So this is like the bare bones of your sticker sheet. This is how you can craft your sticker sheet. This personally, I would love to see is easy. You don't have to do much and you can. Also, if this is how you just want your sticker sheet, turn off the background color and you can export it as a PNG foul and you're going use this just a bare bones. Just be the top in the bottom and you can manipulate it in silhouette studio, where this is creating a sticker sheet and procreate. So that's, I think, in my Sola studio class. I did talk about how to import a sticker sheet that you've crafted and procreate and then take it into Scylla studio. I think I've done that with cricket design spaces. Well, but now that we have this, and if you do want to use it in cricketers last way she needed en, pdf mean PNG to keep it to help, to be easier to manipulate, we're now I'm going to work on, um, maybe a different type of sticker sheets. So this is one type of sticker sheet that you can create. Um, of course, is all hand drawn. I've never actually used a text, so that is this. You have your name, your social media and your your ill So we're going to actually start importing stickers. So I'm ago in my gallery and I'm a go into my shop singles See what I could find? Let me look at my doodles. Mm. And I've already released the side on too much. I feel weird about Sharon ease. So I'm a go ahead, and I am going to use the share layers. Since this is a shared layer, See, I am going to pinch export him as p and G fells, and I'm going to share them in my own images on my iPad. And so we're going to go back into our sticker sheet and I'm a zoom out again so you can see and so we're going to import. So we go to add and we go insert photo. And here is the 1st 1 and then we're gonna do it again. There's another one. Do it again. No project photo insert photo. When was that? Already. So we have these three, and as you can see, they are in layers here. And so for this one, I guess you can say if you don't want to close to the top, you needed space him out the right way. I actually didn't mean to pull it down, but these woodies and then this one, I guess I can wine. This is well. And then the slice of pizza there were. So you now have through stickers. Essentially now, the one thing that you may want to do is to help with crooked designs Place. If you are exporting to click a design space, you may want to add a layer under each one. And in that layer, since we're working on the pizza, select the white and select the round brush or whatever brush you enjoy painting with or outlining with and zoo man. Look, not that much and go around it. There's not well drawn, that's better and then fill it in. So now you have you have a A, um, what do they call it? A bleed. So you have a bleed for your stickers now. And so what this would do is that it'll tell cricket that when you go there that I don't want you to cut around the shape. I want you to cut around the white shape. That way, it won't cut into the stickers if it does, miss Cut. It will cut around this white space. So we're gonna do that for everyone. You cover well, use both fingers and smush them together, and therefore it creates emerges them together. So we're gonna do the box next. Like I said, if you hold, hold the shape, it will create a shape. So I want to expand a year ago. And there we go. I want to evenly distribute the white. And so now we're going to do it again, emerging it down. And we're just going to create more space between the Ron pizza in the box pizza. And now we're gonna do the pizza slice. No, there would know whatever going for. I don't know what I held down on that one. Okay. See if I can Mm. Okay. So, you know, I can bear I haven't found a perfect way in which to do this. I'm like I say, I'm still going in, but I don't know, for some reason is very therapeutic. Okay, so that's the best is going to get. No, it's not OK. This better. That's better. This slightly better. Okay, so now the were furnace moose teas together, so Now we have our sticker outlines. Now, if you want to create a cluster of smaller ones, you can. Well, no, you can't duplicate dip the cage duplicate, and you can just work on all three of these, making a smaller and you can flip them horizontally to and they can manipulate them easier . I think that's fine right there. And then I want to just make this a little bit closer. So you now have a sticker sheet. Essentially, let me bring back the white background or Missy. So do not mind the yellow background, although I have seen some people do colored backgrounds with their stickers on top. However you want to, it is up to you. So this is essentially a sticker sheet so you can go here and you can go to share, and you can export it as a J pick. As easy as it looks. Now, you can export as a J pick if you want to have a white. If you don't wanna have the sticker paper colored, you take the background off you exported as a PNG. Now, once you've exported it as a PNG, it will have the transparent background. But also what you want to do before you do that before we get ahead of myself. So you have this part If you do not, if you want that cut or if you wanted to be easier to cut, you need to have a white background added to it. So sadly, we're gonna have to do some modifications. So pull this down a little bit. This needs to go further down and we're going to. So I'm gonna Smer to these two together and I've been to was under still have my white. So we're going to create another layer up here, and this layer will actually be below everything. So we're going to draw another line, but we're going to choose the monoline brush or whatever Brush draws a straight line, for you matter Fact. No, we don't have to draw the line. We still have our line here, Not that line. Did I delete that no year ago, Oscar fused so you can select it. And then you can hit feel layer and to make it better, since you could still see the black lines on it just elected and then re color over it in what and So now that you have that here, you can do this. No, no, you can't. Then you can do this and they will completely cover the top. Now, would you? Could do is duplicate and move it on down, moving on down. So there we go. So now you have your finished thicker sheet, and this is transparent on Lee because you want cricket to recognize the white outlines. You want cricket to know that this is where this is a full shape. Do not cut anything inside of with ease, therefore shapes. So if you taking my cricket design class, you know what the's outlines me Now you can do the very same thing. You could turn the out. You can not have outlined anything, and you're going important into silhouettes studio. You can create your own because I'm still a studio. You have more freedom or what you want to cut and what you don't want to cut. So now that you have this finish sticker sheet, which I think it's amazing looking, you are now ready to go to production. You and I'm ready to print and cut this, whether in Silla studio or cricket design space or any other program in which you cut stickers or you get even, um, print and cut this and hand cut it however you want to do it. This is yours to play with. But this is how easy it is to create a sticker sheet and procreate. So with that being said, I thank you all so much for joining me for this fourth class here on my skill share platform. And like I said, if you have any questions or if I went too fast or if I didn't explain in depth, please let me know by leaving a review and I will be sure to either modify some things at extras to the class or I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks so much. See you the next class by