Stick to It: How to Maintain a Creative Practice staff pick badge

Amarilys Henderson, Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

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15 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Stick to It - trailer

    • 2. Why Tho?

    • 3. Crafting your challenge

    • 4. Establish your why

    • 5. Work from Who You Are

    • 6. Gather Your Tools

    • 7. Rally Your Tribe

    • 8. When You're Tired & Busy

    • 9. Maintaining Momentum

    • 10. The Finish Line!

    • 11. How to: Floral

    • 12. How to: Line Drawings + Drops

    • 13. How to: Faces in Watercolor

    • 14. How to: Non-objectives

    • 15. Get Pumped!

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About This Class


100 days of this... 365 of that... daily sketch... And pretty soon you're up to your head with hopes and out of breath for stamina! I get it. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Follow Amarilys' steps and thought process to set your goal and your momentum to a fine-tuned speed for success. 

In this unique class format, you'll listen to guided advice while watching a live work of {daily} art while learning...

  • How to craft your challenge or goal to suit you best for the long haul
  • What makes a goal stick
  • Practical tips for preparing yourself 
  • What to do on those days when you're busy, tired, or miss
  • How to re-energize your personal challenge after the halfway point
  • How to decide whether to do another challenge
  • And finally, you'll get a behind the scenes re-cap of the creation of the pieces created in watercolor, ink, and marker during the class

You'll finish this class encouraged and prepared to tackle that creative wish in your heart. 

Great for a 100 day challenge, sketchbook practice, or incorporating a regular creative routine into an already-busy life. 

Great things come from regular practices. They encourage creativity while affirming your commitment to your craft. 


See what students are saying:

This class explains how to create an art work challenge that caters to your needs, one that you can actually complete. Then it offers helpful strategies for sticking it out when the going gets tough. This is exactly what I've been looking for! There is no self-help rubbish here, no "new you in 10 easy steps." On the contrary, Amarylis' suggestions are down-to-earth practical, quite do-able, and truly inspirational. Thank you, Amarylis, for offering a class that is so very much needed, and far too long over-due! - Rochelle