Step up your Instagram Game: Learn to create Gifs | Krittika Mittal | Skillshare

Step up your Instagram Game: Learn to create Gifs

Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's a GIF?

    • 3. GIF 1

    • 4. GIF 2

    • 5. GIF 3

    • 6. GIF 4

    • 7. GIF 5

    • 8. GIF 6

    • 9. GIF 7

    • 10. GIF 8

    • 11. GIF 9

    • 12. GIF 10

    • 13. Bonus

    • 14. Wrapping Up


About This Class


Been wanting to step up your social media game for a while? Well, this is the perfect class for you. 

  • Join in and learn to create quick, engaging and eye catching GIFs. GIFs are super versatile and tend to break the monotony while scrolling through any social media platform. These also tend to also get people to interact more with your creative and often lead to a higher CTA (Call-to-action or more swipe up/link clicks/more moolah in short)
  • There's also a bonus argument over how to pronounce GIF!
  • We would cover various steps in this class from understanding what a GIF is to finally making 10 different GIF's and exporting them in different file types for different platforms. As a bonus, we would also apply the reverse process and understand how we can break down an existing GIF into easily followable steps and hence re-create our favorite GIFS.
  • At the end of the class, you will walk away with various hacks to create your own GIFs, which is exactly what you have to do for your class project.
  • This is a class for all levels. While prior knowledge in Photoshop would be great, don't worry even if this is your first time using the software!

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