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Step up your Instagram Game: Learn to create Gifs

Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's a GIF?

    • 3. GIF 1

    • 4. GIF 2

    • 5. GIF 3

    • 6. GIF 4

    • 7. GIF 5

    • 8. GIF 6

    • 9. GIF 7

    • 10. GIF 8

    • 11. GIF 9

    • 12. GIF 10

    • 13. Bonus

    • 14. Wrapping Up


About This Class


Been wanting to step up your social media game for a while? Well, this is the perfect class for you. 

  • Join in and learn to create quick, engaging and eye catching GIFs. GIFs are super versatile and tend to break the monotony while scrolling through any social media platform. These also tend to also get people to interact more with your creative and often lead to a higher CTA (Call-to-action or more swipe up/link clicks/more moolah in short)
  • There's also a bonus argument over how to pronounce GIF!
  • We would cover various steps in this class from understanding what a GIF is to finally making 10 different GIF's and exporting them in different file types for different platforms. As a bonus, we would also apply the reverse process and understand how we can break down an existing GIF into easily followable steps and hence re-create our favorite GIFS.
  • At the end of the class, you will walk away with various hacks to create your own GIFs, which is exactly what you have to do for your class project.
  • This is a class for all levels. While prior knowledge in Photoshop would be great, don't worry even if this is your first time using the software!

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Gift? No, it's a Okay, So I just assumed that by starting three or four you have a higher seed off to action. So if you're looking for people cover baby steps in this class from Understanding Ward or Jeffress waiting intended for once on exporting them in different file types for different as a bonus, we would also applies The first percent on understand, probably could break down on existing Jim into easily following the steps and hence be paid off at the end of the class. You will walk away with major tax to create your job. This is a last four level knowledge in the shop would be no money. Even if this is your first time using this software as a bonus, I'm also including sources to save some time and helping you figured out the minimum duration on format. So 2. What's a GIF?: So what exactly are Jeffs? To put it super simply, they are moving images Jeff so invented in 1987 to compress ants and high quality pictures , another mostly used for me. What differentiates A J from a photo is the loop that is, there are several photos or several frames. Energy. This can be a closed loop, which means the first and last ream aren't related or open. That is the force in last room function as one. So if we were to put the fourth room after the last dream again, it would look like a continuation. So we would now be using for the shop to create our frames, which, when combined, will make a Jiff. 3. GIF 1: the guys. Let's get started. I'm gonna open a new document and 40 shop from file New Over here, I'm gonna have 7 55 103 4 pixels, which is ordered instagram story ideally looks like at 1 50 p p. I. And I'm gonna have the walking mood as RGB because we will be using this forward. We ucm biking when we have something that has to go for print. Just gonna hit, okay and all My art board is ready. Now, I'm gonna go to my layers panel, which could be access from windows less. We will also be using swatches on timeline. Now, I'm gonna make a new layer using the small Aiken below the shot. Good. Four. This is command J or controlled. Gee, once I do this, I'm gonna add a color to it. I'm just gonna pick a color from my sources partner and using the pain bucket, the shortcut for which is G. I'm just going to click on my art boto fill it with color. Similarly, I'm gonna make another Lee and fill it with another color from my swatches panel. How Jeffs normally whoa, Case that you clear different frames not keep repeating again and again. So by using two different color backgrounds, we would be creating two different creams for Rogers. Once again, I select my color. Go to less, make sure the correctly stoned on and then click on the screen. Now, just in case you're unhappy with the color and want to change it and don't see the color you want in your swatches panel, you can just double thick on the small. I can outside and change color just in case you see them in a different form. Your Web colors might be Don't on I normally before walking with my Web color Stone off, I'm just press OK, so my color changes on the tone. Now I'm just going to write my text. Don't talk offer. So when you select the T at the top of for the shop, you have a bar that come in which your find the weight of the find, such as boy 10 condensed Italie. The size of the formed on the color comes so over you. I want to write my texted white, so I'm going to just change the color, my double fiqi and I'm just going to click on my screen on right my text. Once I do this, I want to align it with center off my heart board. Now, one of the reasons I always have a background layer in my file is so that it is the size of our board and that's flogged. It cannot move phenomenally toe align my text or any object. I can always use my background layer as objections. Someone else like my fourth layer. Then I'm gonna select background using control. And as you will see this tiny, tiny align bar start coming on top and using these, I will align horizontally and vertically in the center. Once I do this, I'm now gonna go to Timeline. So window Timeline. And now I'm gonna create a frame animation. You might have an option for video animation. This where we're gonna be walking with frames. Now, The moment I clicked cream animation, The stymie Aiken comes in the boredom, which is your force frame for your job. Now, in order to make a Jiff, I need some contrast toe happen in my second dream. So I'm just gonna quickly zoom out using control minus a command minus and then I'm gonna take on the Eiken below to create a new frame. Now for my new frame. I want my second color that I had chosen. So I'm just gonna go on. Don't off my first leg. The I I can show us that the a particular is stoned on or not with thing. One frame animation is now. If you go to your force frame, it will revolt to the settings you had in your four stream. And if you go to the second dream, it will revolt with the settings you had during your second cream. So you can now duplicate this. Simply select both off them and then click on the new frame. Aiken below. Once I have my frame ready, I am now gonna change third duration so below You can see there seconds written under the tiny drop down arrow which you can choose toe Have how many seconds you want to select all your friends press control and then you can keep selecting each frame one by one. Now that this is done simply hit deeply. I can now, in case you want to keep seeing how the looping works, you can just go over there and from one's select forever. And this is it. Guys are forced. Jif is ready. So a quick summary off What All recovered in this lesson, We went toe photo shop made a new document made to lay through different colors on a tie or live, which has our text. We managed to align a text both horizontally unwarranted Klay using the ally in total indifference with the background. And then we went toe timeline on. Then we created frames. Each frame went beated makes a Jif on each frame have different properties while you're layers in the documents stay the same. You can experiment from frame to frame. Once you have your frames ready, you consider duration. You consider whether you want the Jeff to play once off forever on all you needed with hit play on your Jeff feels ready 4. GIF 2: Okay, So in this lesson, we would sort of be devising what we did in our reviews lesson. And we were created Instagram story for the flat steel. We will have a colored background on lightning balls across it on in one also stream. All the lightning balls will be told on under second. They would be tone off over here. In my document, I have a simple layer with the opens. Carlo and I have ah, lightning more. Now you might move one drink. How I got this, especially for people who do not know illustrator despite in Michael Big task. But don't worry. You can find all these PNG's from the Internet which are normally free and can be used. So, for example, I found this from this site. You could place this BNG in your file by going to file place embedded or simply dragging it to your foot to show fight. Now I'm gonna resize my lightning bolt to dough that hit command T or control T, which means transform. And then while you have shift dress, you can reduce the size or increase the site off your object. In this case, the one due to do so once you do that, you can make a duplicate off the sled. You can either drag down the layer and take it towards I don't Mueller. I can. Or you could also duplicated by just hitting command or control J. Once I have several of these, I'm just going to distribute them across my art board in case I want to change the position of this lightning bolt. And I'm not sure which layer it is. I can just hover my mouse in the top offer on rightly toe accent the list of players that are available at the point where I click normally it's a top play your after Now I'm just gonna add my text using T which in this case, would be flash sale. So guys novel, It's just a lie. No text in the same toe. Once I have my tech student, I'm just gonna skillet. Now, In this case, I'm gonna experiment a little with the colors sometimes to give it an extra effect. You can also make a duplicate off it in a different color and change the position a little like maybe move it slightly towards the right or left using your arrow keys to give the sense of a shadow. Now my friends are ready. Let's go ahead and make our Jeff. So first, I'm going to group all minus which I want. Don't off. Maybe I should also turn off the tech. So I'm gonna select my top layer on my bottom mostly while having shift pressed so that it selects all the lesson between. And I can just make a group using command G or controlled. Now that my group is ready, I'm gonna treat my force frame. So in my fourth stream, everything is stone on on in my second frame. I'm gonna simply don't off my group. So in case at this point, you felt that Hey, maybe I do want the text on you can simply go to your second frame, go inside the group, and then don't off all the lead you do not want. Now I'm just gonna make duplicates off off my frame, and then I'm gonna slick all of them. Once again, I will press, shift, select the force less select. Lastly, on all the less in the middle gets elected on their own on I'll just give them or duration now, Once this is done, let's explore Dodgers. The sooner we simply need to hodo file export safe. Now, over here, there are two things that we focus on. First is what option is selected favorites. Jeff J. Peg. Oh, PNG was the top left. You have four options. We normally either go for aeration offer an optimized shift. Now, you can see that as soon as the click original. And if you look at the bottom left, you will see that below. Chief, the side of the Jeffers given on have increased a lot in comparison to the optimize one. So whenever you make a Jiff, unless you need your for some social media where you need to push out of really high quality, that is when you go for original. Otherwise, I would recommend that you will for up to my size. Once you've seen this, just click on done on export your Jeff. Now let's just play it and see how it looks 5. GIF 3: So now this lesson is a slightly more complicated wash in off the fourth lesson that we did not issue Number one and we will be creating a swipe upside with the colors off the Sipe of sign changing. So I haven't instagram size file open and I'm just gonna quickly I don't black clear enough of this lesson. We will be building our own CYP up arrow so we would be using the shape tool in this. The shortcut for which is you, the shape you might look like a rectangle. In my case, it's that's quickly shape because I lost the custom shape tool. So now want to click on the rectangle? You will see all these several options, so we will be using the Ellipse store. So just go on the screen. Click ones haven't start moving your mouth to make him a little. Now, in order to make a perfect SoCal first thing, what you would do is to press oil to make sure you have a center point and bless shift to make sure you have a perfect So could I wanted to do that. The properties bar shows up the shortcut for which is been those properties now from here, you can either fill what a stroke to your so called. In case you guys want to explore a little more off the shape tool on the mental. I would recommend you check my class out on the same link for which is given below. I'm just gonna give this a small stroke in my color. Do this. I want to create my the best part about the shape tool on the custom shape to live that you have several options and arrows are one of them. So if you look at the top, bar the shape and there's a drop down menu from which you can choose which shape you in this gifts We want an adult, and we wonder I roto have a solid filled and we do not need a strong. So I will go to fill and make it a solid Phil. I'm to stroke and make it no stroke. Once this is done, I'm just gonna put my our own, the center off myself. So now I'm just gonna drew date my arrow while a have oil pressed on shift to make sure it rotate at 1980. So that a swipe of I don't with created I want to have these in place. I'm just gonna select both off thes hit control t or transform and reduce the site. Let me just quickly out my text. I'm tolerant and align it once They are always in my desired place I'm now gonna fill the inside off my cell called. So for this, I'm just gonna arrest, rise my SoCal and then using the magic one tool, I'm just gonna select the inside off the so So the moment something is selected, you can see this marching dot between that particular area is select. Now, I want to feel this with the color to do so. I'm just going to make a new left. So while I have, when you layer that area still selected and I'm just gonna open this group, which has some colors I had previously made Now I will make seven. So cools each of the so called having the skull. So now, to fill it with the particle of color, I will goto that square and using the eyedropper tool, the shorter for witches. I I'm gonna select that color and then using the pain back. It'll I just feel it. I'm just gonna make a duplicate of this layer. I don't select my second color. And Philip, So you might be wondering, I actually could also have done this when I was making my legs, and I could have given it off ill. So, yes, that resulted an option. But I also want to show you the order native for it. And I have all seven off my list selected. And now I'm just gonna quickly de color my text now. Time to me. God shift. So I'm just gonna quickly the name less. Sometimes it's easier when you have a layer screening. So, for example, you know that your four stream will have number one. Your second dream will have number two s set truck to really in them. Just double click on type. What? You want one press in tow? Once this is done, let's go ahead and create a free man. Imation. I am each frame. I'm gonna have just one layer one early, Tondo. - I'm not gonna select each of them and give them a duration. So yes, Guys, this is done. Now let's move on to the next lesson. 6. GIF 4: So, guys. Now let's begin with the next shift. In this case, I'm gonna make a square 1080 by 1080 pixels on. We're going to create a Jeff off repeating pictures later. We will also learn how to make we do out of this. I personally feel that this is a job that I use the most because it can be used to showcase off wide collection off anything it could be. Pictures of jewelry could be off the core could be off something. You selling off any artwork, Anything that you want. So imagine you're on Adi Corp each and want to create a post. Okay, TEM height about the article you publish and you want to use some of the pictures that are there in the article to showcase it. So over here I have a full off on slash pictures, which I'm just gonna jack and drop and do for the shop. So I'm gonna simply resize all of them by dragging one off the anchor points while having oil inch of breast all just to make sure the center point of the picture stays the same. While shift is to make sure that it widens like it increases or decreases in size proportionately menu. Drag several pictures in tow for to show you can re side each one of them on as soon as you press pinto the second picture come on its own and you can resize them At the moment you open layers. You can see that each of these have has been created on separately on its own. So making the shift is very, very easy. Someone quickly goto timeline and create my frames on each frame will be one picture. I'm just gonna select all of them using shift and change the duration sometimes while making you Jeff, you might not be very happy with the order you have. So in this case, you can simply drag one off your frames within the timeline told the desired location and then when you deeply, you will now have the order that you have in your timeline. So now we learned how to make up. We do out of this simply goto file Explorer Render video. You can set your location in this on for your size. I would idly add white you to have the documents side Sometimes when your document isn't higher picture, it tends to have a higher size. But if you're rendering your video, it will end up taking a lot more time. That's all this advice to say to that document size. I want to do that. You are readable. Begin to Riendeau and now we can just quickly go check it out. So now we have a video ready, which we can use for a Facebook post on instagram post off wherever we want. 7. GIF 5: next year. Just that we would be making would all be experimenting with Tex. So I'm gonna start with the simple Instagram stories size on either background to my layer using the bucket tool. Org. Once I do that, I'm just going to write my day and now align it using the background layer on center, align it from both my directions. So I'm gonna actually just close the timeline because it's getting a little distracting and I'm just going to reduce the size of my text. I'm just gonna hit commodity. And while I have olden shift press, I'm just going to reduce the size using that anchor point. Once the size is reduced, I'm gonna hit enter to make sure the change occurs. And then I'm going to reduce the opacity. So essentially we would be creating different dreams, and each frame the size on the opacity off attacks will keep increasing so that it looks like the Texas appearing out of nowhere. So let's at the opacity for the forced exterior at 15% and subsequently we will keep increasing it for my final layer. I'm just gonna have the site is really big. And the opacity at full 100%. So now that we have all a lesson place, let's create a free man, Imation. Just make sure that in each of the frame, only the layer that is needed is stoned on. I'm not gonna experiment a little with the duration to see what works for a particle allergic, you have to remember that for different gifts and for different effects, the duration will keep changing. So, yeah, that's it. That was a force text. A pic. Now let's will want to the next video. 8. GIF 6: it's guys for this. Chief, we would be working with text again and let me just write my text, which in this case, would be giveaway. You cannot see it because the color is white and I will just make it black by using control T I will increase the size and now I'm gonna add an hour to stroke. Tow it now. The way to do it is that you can go to the tiny affects button which is in the leg ban on from Hill. We will just add stroke. Let me just move this site. So now you can see that there's a take black stroke that has come outside this the moment I change color. You can see what stroke is now. I can also quickly change the color in this case, off the stroke outside. I personally don't like this soul. Maybe. Oh, blue. And the sort of gives an effect. Like your text has a blue. You can also created Jif like this by your text. Like the other stroke is changing. But that is not what we're doing in the so I'm just gonna being the stroke color black. That is the same color as the text so that the text looks a lot Bordeaux and tickle. So we have various options for a stroke where we can have a stroke inside towards the centre order would sit outside. Once we do that, we're just gonna convert it into a smart object and then we will just raise it. That way, the stroke becomes a part off our text. So now the next step is to have each of our letters in individual is so I'm just gonna use my lasso tool and draw a small SoCal around my the moment Lupus completed. You can see this marching doored and which means the area within this marching daughter and is selected. You can now, rightly and simply to live I A card on your letter will cut and become a new layer on its own. In case you know, very comfortable with the lasso tool. You can also use the polling in lasso tool, which gives you a little more control. I'm now gonna cut each of my letters and then keep a singing into individual less. So every time you cutting out to a little, go back to your original giveaway. Lay cut out the letter in that and then do live via cut. I'm just going to quickly play around and put my letters up on down to create a little more variation. Once I have all my layers in place, I'm gonna select all of them on group them. So now I have a group off all my letters in which each letter is an individual left. Now, I'm just gonna duplicate this using command V or Control J. Now, in my second room, I will go and I will start rotating each of my letter or little so as another press control T on Goto corner, The stein is so close. Thing appears through which I can rotate my alphabet a little in guessing, warned to rotate each of them by a fixed number. You can still like each little. And towards the top there is a small bar where you can enter the angry one. In this case, say, I want toe rotate each of them back minus five. I'm just gonna enter that value for each of my letter. All this best endo after you have rotated your object. Now that this system I'm gonna create yet another duplicate off this group on. Do the same once. All right, three groups are ready, which will now with the frames from my job. I will now begin making my Jeff. I'm just gonna select all of them given duration on him. So here I have a funky dancing Jeff in which my Littles are dancing around. Horrible. They are only rotating in one direction. Now, what if I wanted to get back to its original position instead of making it again? I can simply duplicate by slight to and put it after my slide four so that it becomes a close look. So now my letters are done singing board directions, but are coming back to its original position. So, guys, this is how you create a Jiff in which your text seems to dance around or squiggly little. So now let's move. Want one next video? 9. GIF 7: So, guys, let's move on to one next year. This is slightly time consuming, but honestly, this is one of my favorite just on It's just a lot of fun. So we would be using a lot of shape tool in this on particularly the polygon shaped toe. So over here I have a simple 19 to 0 by 1080 frame where I have a simple text written I'm now just gonna hit you to access my shape to on click on the screen I wanna have a hooligan tool selected on a hit on the screen. This option shows up in front of me where I can choose the world, Hide a number of sites that I want my shape tohave In this case, since we're making an equilateral triangle, the width and height would stay the same on the number of sides would be three. I'm just gonna quickly idol, Phil. Once this system, I'm just gonna hit commodity on passing shift, reduced the size off my object, which in this case of the triangle, you can also make this shift using so crews or squid, please, on any Cokie shape that you want Once I have my shape in place, I'm gonna quickly make some copies of this using commander or control J on in this case and says the triangle. I'm just gonna change the direction of military. Now I'm gonna give the beating on spreading these triangles all across my art board. Once I have all my triangles in place and I'm happy with how they look, I'm just gonna group them once again. Select your force layer on while having shift. Presto. Like your last layer on growth them using command G or controlled G. Now, once I have my group ready, I'm just going to duplicate this group to create different friends from my chips on in each group. I will change the location or the direction off my triangle to create some movement. Now that all three off my groups are ready. I'm just gonna don't own timeline from window Timeline on Create my frames. Each frame will have one group. I can see that into off my friends. The location of one particular triangle has not changed, so I will goto either off them right click, select my layer like select the particular triangle. That's location. It's to be change, and I will quickly do that. So here you go, guys on extra first. Ready. So now let's move on to the next video. 10. GIF 8: Okay, so now we're gonna make a Jiff for the Grady. It for this lesson. I'm just going to write my text. I wanted someplace. I'm just going to give it some stroke to make. It's like he take up. I want my text tohave, slightly distorted edges. So to do that, I'm gonna goto filled Oh, distort and report. So is asking if I want to convert my text to a smart object? Yes. And now I'm gonna give it a slight amount after. If this feels like Lord, you can just double click on Ripple on Edited So minus 30 seems to be much better now I'm just gonna rest to raise my lips. So now my text is accessorized on Now I'm just another great into it. I'm going to take a new layer and I'm gonna go to the pain bucket tool and select the other option, which is grating. Now you have to accept ingredients that are preloaded in your four to show. So we're gonna choose the red and green one on Taubate Obedient. Simply put a line across your art board in the direction in which you want your Gideon Toby . Since I took a diagonal line. That is how my radiant Haskell you can similarly make a horizontal credence or any other direction. You want absolute double click on my grade in and from Hill. I could change the colors. So this tiny squares on the border we can use these to change our colors. In this case, I want to give a night sunset creating. So I'm gonna just give my color while I'm gonna make this a pink and I'm gonna make this an orange. Once I do this, I'm just gonna apply my grade into a new layer. Now I'm gonna create a clipping mask on top off my text. So the way to do that is to go to their create clipping mask a majority so I can try playing with it. I'm moving it up and down. I'm also gonna injuries the brightness to make it look a little more popular. So whichever lay how you have used to create a clipping Must you can area, Trajan anyway, So there you go. I'm happy with this. Once this system, I'm gonna wake a duplicate off my ingredient, and I'm just gonna flip it and I'm gonna create a clipping mask again sighs you can see in both my less My radiant is opposite a nominal creator Chiefs. So, guys, we have agreed Yunjie if ready. 11. GIF 9: no moving. I want to be my 1080 art board idly, if you want to post the hoist on video on your instagram See, this is the correct size for that. So now, guys, for this video, we're going to use a different kind of point which has in line option within it. So, you know, have once have different rates such as bold, italic, etcetera. You have certain forms which also have an option off in line. So this tiny line you see in the middle of your tests at a scholar in life So this is completely empty on a few. Take another color on If you write the text in a solid color below word, you can see it through your letter. So over here, as you can see, I have used the foreign Citrus got so you can see my phone and you can look at this time. Now I have created three layers, one which is the in line one, which is solid B on one. We just all in yellow. So as you can see, this is what I will be using for my Jeff. But I also want to add some stars to this. So in order to do that, I'm gonna go to my shape tool. I'm gonna go to my publican tool and click on over here when I have my number of sites for I'm gonna do start as an option. In this case, you can make a started as many sites as you want. I'm just gonna shift this leg up, and now I'm going to make duplicates off it and skill them. So like my through this lesson, I'm not gonna make duplicate groups off the stars and keep criticizing them. Once this is done, let's go make our Jeff. So over here, I'm going to use to animations in one case, my stars of linking on in the second case, my in line text issuing. So I'm just gonna quickly make my friends on. Let's simply once again, like in the previous lesson, in case you feel that one element does not look that different. In another slight, we can go and edit on any single one of them 12. GIF 10: Okay. Finally, I would make a just over here, you see, called Feed it in with coffee beans on with eats line. You see, all the coffee wins disappearing with the first stream. I don't go see in the background. And as you can see coffee deserted. Then I don't be injuries off all my coffee beans and then place them in such a way that the came in on top of the coffee. Now, once again, I did this Jeff in reverse, that is I first had the coffee written and then we'd eats light. I started removing the beans. Now, in this case, I did not make separate groups for its slide. Instead, I was walking in frame by frame. So my first dream was creative. Then I switched off coffee and I went to my second frame. And then I slowly started moving my beans. So for example, in this I want to move this bean. I will go animal select and I will start moving in. So, in each of my friends, I progressively started moving my beans outside the screen to show the an effect of disappearing in case you want to make it the other way down or you need to do is reverse the order. Not this 11 can come off 12 then can come after that. And so one. In case you still want to see your time lapse of how this is I'm including a video off that would stop very and 13. Bonus: the guys has a bonus video for you. We now learn how to reverse Ingenio chips. So, for example, your scrolling through and you say CEO Giaffone jiffy with you quite like. But you're not show how to make on your own. We can reverse injury. So over here that this particular hard Jeffries I really like. So I'm just gonna quickly save this. So open it in a new tab, right? Click on those same image as and say we don't your computer once you do that simply right, click on it and open it fit for the shop. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop now, as soon as you do. Each of the layers which constituted Jeff, opened as a separately with nearly a span. So I'm just gonna under background. You can see this last clearly on. There you go. So that is my gift one. So that is my free one. Now, having seen this, if I want to create something similar with, say, so, cools or triangles, I convey Italy do this. And now if I also want to check the duration, I can go to the timeline on also see what the duration off each dream is to be able to replicate this exactly. We can also choose to repeat the process for slightly complicated Jeffs such as this. Once again, I'm going to repeat the process and save the image on open it with photo shop. Now, this is quite a complicated Jeff. It has 34 layers. But once again, if I go through and study each layer, I can easily see how they made it and I can make something similar. 14. Wrapping Up: and I thank you so much for taking the knocks. If you like the class, I would love people take up. I understand. If you have any notes, simply talk to me on the commune defection. Don't forget to upload your project using the your project up. Over here there are some attached files which other associate for your reference And in case you like the class and want to stay in the loop about what new classes have uploaded, simply hit the follow button. So that's it, guys, it's a lab. I hope you like the US, my Lord of chips for your social media.