Step-by-step guide to creating a compelling Product Vision (Intermediate) | Vasco Duarte | Skillshare

Step-by-step guide to creating a compelling Product Vision (Intermediate)

Vasco Duarte, Agile Coach, CEO, Business Strategist

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8 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Introduction - Step-by-step guide to creating a compelling Product Vision

    • Module 1 - Prepare the Vision workshop

    • Module 2 - Customer profile

    • Module 3 - Customer needs

    • Module 4 - Focus Areas

    • Module 5 - Customer language

    • Module 6 - Top 3 business metrics

    • Module 7 - Facilitator guide


About This Class

A step-by-step guide to crystalize your idea and hit your market with the right product. The hard part is translating a fuzzy idea into a Vision first, and then a backlog that a development team can deliver on. 

If you have a great idea, but someone else needs to work on it (you are not alone!), then this course is for you. CEO, CTO, founder or Product Manager, you need to learn and master this skill if you want others to deliver on YOUR Vision.

In this course we cover the following topics: 

  • How to align product stakeholders with the product team
  • How to create collaboration between product team and stakeholders
  • How to make the idea of the product crystal clear to everyone
  • What is a Vision, how to translate it into concrete actionable ideas
  • How to learn to think like your customer

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Vasco Duarte

Agile Coach, CEO, Business Strategist

I've worked as a Developer, Project Manager, Director, Agile Coach and Scrum Master. I've seen enough project failures to last a lifetime. So now I focus on helping others avoid the mistakes I made.

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