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Step by step guide on how to make great Thai dishes

teacher avatar Daniel Andersen

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (3h 6m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Fried Rice

    • 3. Ingredients -Fried Rice

    • 4. Cooking Fried rice

    • 5. Tom Yum

    • 6. Ingredients -Tom Yum

    • 7. Cooking Tom Yum

    • 8. Pad Thai

    • 9. Ingredients -Pad Thai

    • 10. Cooking Pad Thai

    • 11. Massaman

    • 12. Ingredients -Massaman

    • 13. Cooking Massaman

    • 14. Tofu wok

    • 15. Ingredients -Tofu wok

    • 16. Cooking Tofu wok

    • 17. Fried Bananas

    • 18. Cooking Fried bananas

    • 19. Pad Kra Pao

    • 20. Ingredients -Pad Kra Pao

    • 21. Cooking Pad Kra Pao

    • 22. Spring Roll

    • 23. Ingredients -Spring Roll

    • 24. Preparing Ingredients -Spring Roll

    • 25. Wrapping -Spring Roll

    • 26. Cooking Spring Roll

    • 27. Spring roll (Gỏi cuốn)

    • 28. Ingredients -(Gỏi cuốn)

    • 29. Wrapping -(Gỏi cuốn)

    • 30. Cooking (Gỏi cuốn)

    • 31. Sweet and Sour

    • 32. Ingredients -Sweet and Sour

    • 33. Cooking Sweet and Sour

    • 34. Kanom Jeeb

    • 35. Ingredients -Kanom Jeeb

    • 36. Wrapping -Kanom Jeeb

    • 37. Cooking Kanom Jeeb

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About This Class

-The dishes covered in this course are simple, delicious and easy to make. The course is aimed for home cooking, and to those who are not used to making Thai or asian dishes.

-This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to get cooking, and making yourself into a great cook in the process.

-The recipes in this course are meant for two people.

-You need access to an asian grocery store or a specialised grocery store. You will also need cooking pot, frying pan, cooking stove and cooking utensils.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Daniel.

Currently I am a higher executive officer at NAV or Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, where my colleagues and myself administer around a third of the national budget through difference benefits payouts. My main task is to be a case officer for NAV’s clients, by doing their case assessments and writing case resolutions such as approving or denying cases. I have been working in this position for about two years.

Prior to NAV, I have worked 7 years in bank and insurance sectors, such as DNB and Storebrand. I was a case officer in pension and insurance department.

As educational background, I have a Bachelor degree from Oslo community college and Master's degree in finance and economics from Norwegian School of Economics.

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1. Overview: Hi. Welcome to this video course in cooking Thai food, the delicious we recover in this costs are fried eyes. Tom Yum Part I must Mom. Ah, walk this off. Tofu. And lastly, a Thai dessert. Fried bananas as we're as these ordered vicious. 2. Fried Rice: right ice. Stir fry off. Cook rice. You can eat it by its center or with other dishes. This is a popular dish off some east and East s here. 3. Ingredients -Fried Rice: in this video, we will go over how to cook fry rise with shrimps. This video will show you how to cook for two people you need can corn every gram or 2.82 ounces pre cook character cut into small pieces. 40. Ground 1.41 ounces Peace 80 gram or 2.82 ounces so I sauce three. Table and spoon Were you on powder? It looks like this. You can buy it from Asian grocery store. She got one piece food pepper cooking away cooked rice 350 gram or 20.34 ounces Scanlon's for a decoration. Two units garlic for the test problems. 10 units on egg peel off the colic. Crush them with a night just press night over the college. Start cutting them to a small pieces as you can. Colleagues will make the fire eyes taste better. Scanlon's also cut them to us more pieces as you can. Scholars will be used US decorations to make the fire eyes more colorful. Also even add to the test 4. Cooking Fried rice: Keith off the frying pan. When the pan is hot at the cooking oil at colic, you add the colic first to set up the aroma and the taste. When the colic is getting the colon brown in color, it means it is ready. Also, no need to use too much away. About two tablespoons should be enough. We don't want the food to get toe. Really. The college is now starting to get the golden brown color even now, and the problems We had the problem first the cost. Otherwise, they will take longer to cook due to the rise that will be ending afterwards. Carrots. You should pre cook the cattle's beforehand. Peace. Most kettles and peace can be both taken. Any grocery store at corn. This is to add some color to the food keeps 30 of them. The problems are completely cooked by having a red coral. This one, for example, isn't ready yet. Soy sauce. Sure, fried rice is easy to make. Any time you have left over eyes, you can make fry rise out of it. Young powder. No other problems. That's nothing to be ready. EG. - When the pros are cooked at rice used to spatter us to easier mix the ingredients. If they arise, that climb up, break them up like this. - Remember to have a test regularly, - and there it is, fried rice. Top it off with skeletons, Pittsburgh and some decorations that. 5. Tom Yum: young. The Al Variations off, Tommy. Um, this course will go over, Tom. Now mystic soup with dreams and fish, Tom. Empire means the boiling process and yum means a spicy and swordfish. Tommy, um, is cooked with dreams or fish is the most famous soup among Thais. Oops, us in its name. It has a spicy and so test. I mean, ingredients are lemongrass Callen, goal in life. 6. Ingredients -Tom Yum: In this video, we will learn how to cook Tom Yum, which trims and fish even eat 10 pieces of shrimp. You can buy them from a record grocery store, 150 gram of court or 5.29 houses. Gone. Gone. These are both other Asian grocery store. These are good for Tommy Lime lime leaves. They come in packages from Asian grocery store. They have thought in the freezer. Also, we will need lemongrass. They're from Asian grocery store. They look like this one. Uncut tomatoes, about two units. Mushrooms, 250 gram or eight point anyone ounces balon. One pack about this size. They're from a record caution store. Celery can Corbyn up milk from an Asian grocery store. This ban is quite good because the middle is more concentrated. Toe one minute graham, so in 10.5 ounces to have a spoon off fish sauce divided from agent Grocery store. The bottom looks like this. One teaspoon of sugar. Essential for Tom Graham Is the shilla pissed? Buy it from an agent grocery store about one tablespoon when cutting lemongrass for Tommy. Um, you cut it the openly like this not too thin. This is how lemongrass should look like for Tanya. Live leaves. Tell them like this. Not too small pieces. Throw away the stems. We won't need them for Tanya. 7. Cooking Tom Yum: start by heating up this, too water about 200 grams, 7.5 houses. She looked pissed. This makes Tom Yum tastes better. One paper spoon. Like this lemongrass. They go in first because once cooked, they will set a smell for the rest. Off the ingredients. Gallon gone, lime leaps. You tear them up like this, you need to tear them apart to get the smell balloon. She got tomatoes. They put tomatoes as one off the first ingredients because we want them to be totally bald . Rent hunt in the water is boiled when the water and tomatoes thought boiling at each sauce . Start with one tablespoon first, just in case it gets too salty for you. And it is not something that you can have the rest of the fish sauce mushrooms well until on the ingredients starts boiling. Remember to test regularly when the ingredients are boiled and the cold. The tip here is trying not to break up the court. This is to avoid getting the fishy smell. Close the lid and when, until on the ingredients. That boy, when the court is ready at the ships, also don't stir them tow. Avoid creating the fishy smell. The reasons we had the ships after the court is because the court takes longer to cook than the shrimps. Jim's get cooked faster, but it's not a big mistake if you have them at the same time at the table school off fish sauce. Lastly, we will add coconut milk. This type off, Tommy, um, is called Tom Young. Thick soup across the league went until the ingredients are boy, when everything is cooked at line, - this is called tech soup. Tom Yum with dreams and fish at the celery and it like this. You can use a scarcer toe. Cut the silvery and the premium is now ready there. Techsoup, Tommy, Amish Dreams and Fish. You did it with the rights. 8. Pad Thai: But I fry Rise Newtons. It is one off Thailand's national dishes. It is quite popular at Thai restaurants and three to renders in Pilon. 9. Ingredients -Pad Thai: in this video, we will be cooking part time. You will need Jordan's on Asian grocery store Should have them The nice Newman's are what you need. You will need to most of the migrants, so they look like this. 260 acre, 8.1 ounces, measured in moist conditions. Sweet reddish from a nation grocery store. 45 from one point giving the houses peanuts kind them. Using a blender. 25 from zero point idiot palaces to fool. Buy it from an Asian grocery store. 51.76 ounces. Their difference. Wedding's off. Tofu Salt ones are the best for this dish. Two. Eggs problems tend units. Bean sprouts, bodies from most grocery stores. Here's how much you want, but my source. About three tablespoons sugar, 1.5 tablespoons So I saw us two tablespoons. It looks like this. We've been quickly go over on help from Western immigrants. In some brands, the liberals win. Come in abundance. Just release the bend around them, but put the noodles into the water, some working it completely. Let it stay for five minutes. After five minutes, Netherlands will be soft and ready 10. Cooking Pad Thai: he's up there cooking pan, cooking away about 2.5 favorite sports Tofu. They take longer to cook and sure, go in. First, we will get the tofu toe a golden brown color before we add water. In credence, they should take about one minute. Perhaps I can be quite healthy, depending on what you have. Ingredients. Keep stirring the tofu to avoid getting burned pro. Keep stirring until the problems get toe a reddish color. This should take about one minute. Give you fry their process for too long didn't get tough in the picture. The parents are getting a reddish color. Also, the tofu is getting cold. Brown color. Oh, sweet radish Rice , Newlands Lower down the heat. Just a little party is popular dish. Multi people. It's easy to cook and to eat. This dish originated from Thailand. It is a flavorful dish part. I sauce. Lower the heat. We are using readymade part I sauce for convenience. Potatoes is made off Tom Marine fish sauce, palm sugar and colic she got. You can add more sugar if you prefer more sweetness, though you would get sweet flavor from the source as well. EG, make an open space in the middle of the cooking pan. Cover the egg bid in the roots. The second Aikman be added later. Test the food. The source should take care off most of the flavor, but if you need more flavor at more shoe corn and soy sauce, so I sauce at 11 water to soften the noodles a little more a us before make room in the middle of the cooking pan. 40 egg. Increase the heat. A little toe Fried egg is quite famous in Thailand. When you are in Thailand, you need to try part time. Pros are usually used for party. Pork is also good, but best off problems. Bean sprouts. You can turn off the heat now. Also, add some spring onions. Foreign decorations. There you can eat potato with cucumber kind of peanuts line. Just screed it on the food. Spring onions, cilantro, dry, chilly. You can buy it from an ancient grocery store at some decoration. Like these candles here 11. Massaman: must have one. The dish is made using muscle curry. The curry is consisted off spices that are not very usual in Thai dishes like cardamom, cinnamon and star anise. The dish is most common with chicken. Also, beef, lamb and mutton can answer API used less common is pork, the dishes eaten with rice. 12. Ingredients -Massaman: this video will show you how to cook. Muscleman. You can buy the Messman Curry at Asian Food Store. You need about one tablespoon off the curry, one potato and 300 gram off. She can order what 10.50 and houses lime. Hold a tablespoon peanuts about toe teaspoon one onion. Show card. One tablespoon off sugar salt you need about how, uh, teaspoon of salt coconut milk about home off the can. You can buy it from Asian store for chicken. You used the shaking breath. The pieces don't need to be to potato. You just cut it like this on your A company like this. 13. Cooking Massaman: start my heating up in the coconut milk at the curry. - When the ingredients start boiling, lower the heat. There will be some splashes, so be careful of that at the chicken. - At the potatoes. Stir them all up. Increase the heat. A little onion. Add a little water to make the initial plastic sugar. Some stop me Harper A teaspoon at peanuts Lime usually test the food and at more line if needed. When it in the chicken is cooked and potatoes are boiled, you can check the potato by sticking the four into it. If the potato assault that it is ready. But she can need to be completely cooked for this one. It's office with her, A tablespoon of line. You can lower the heat and let it our boy and there is This dish is eaten with rice, and that's it for this video. Thank you for washing 14. Tofu wok: so full walk our record numbers. Walk with tofu, Jackie mushrooms and dangers give the extra flavor. 15. Ingredients -Tofu wok: we will be cooking a walk dish with tofu. Business is for people who prefer not to eat meat. Tofu will be the meat replacement. You will need tofu. You can find it in an Asian grocery store or a specialized grocery store around 250 grand. Hit point. Everyone houses dry, she turkey mushroom. Buy it from a nation grocery store. You need to have them sort in water one night before cooking. About five units. Carrot one. Did it. Ginger One unit we need to peel off its skin first. Long Bean. For the test. Buy it Filmon Asian Grocery store. They're good for giving more flavor in walk dishes. Property Car about Certify Crime. 2.64 ounces in cut condition. Baby corn five units scallion for decoration. Sugar toe teaspoons so I sauce 1.5 tablespoon. If you want a Megan soy sauce, look for this word. Here it is pronounced J and means vacant and what happened? Onion or Kalugin it. This kind of soy sauce with also keep a darker color to the food. You can also use this soy sauce. This soy sauce gives out a lighter collected of food. It also has the word J. It's option on which you prefer sesame oil not necessary, but it gives a nice aromatic dish. Buy it from an ancient groceries thought we will start by cutting up the ginger in half. You need to peel off its skin first. Just run a life along the surface off the ginger, removing the skin. If you leave the skin on its been, affect the test off the dish. I'm not a have. It is more difficult to peel off the skin from ginger. The surface isn't as flat as the carrot or cucumber. Next, we will cut the ginger, cut it into small pieces often as you can, and cut those pieces up again to a smaller pieces. That's more or less you can. You can add more or less danger than one unit it is up to. You do the same on the outer hull. - Next on the mushrooms. They should be soaked in water one night before cooking. Cut a little into the side of this time. Miss them is hard in texture and not good for dish. You can throw that stem aware. Cut the rest into 10 pieces Dustin, as you can cut away, understand through the stem away that she talking mushrooms are important for this dish. You keep out quite a distinct aroma. Same a stinker. You can use more or less than five units. Remember to soak them in water one night before cooking, assuming you only have access to the right version off the mushrooms. Baby corn just cut in half on the long side, on the longer ones, cut first on the short side. Then on the long side, long beans cut to small pieces at the short side. Have you got coming home on the long side? Scoop out the nuts and the seats. Throw the nurse in the seats away. We will only used off on the paprika. What is nish? Cut into pieces on the loss side and then cut them again to a smaller pieces. Scanlon's. They will be used for decorations, cut to small pieces, the same as the lone beans. Tofel cut them into thin slices, cutting the slices into pieces. Order can cut the slices in half and cut his heart into dices. 16. Cooking Tofu wok: heat up the pen and the cooking. Where about two tablespoons. When the cooking oil starts heating up at the tofu, minuto forgets toe a colon. Blow coral like this and resistor. Bruce starts with ginger and mushrooms. Stir them together. Sugar, soy sauce. Keep stirring. You can add more soy cells if needed, depending on your preference. Add a little water to keep the dish from drying out, but at baby corn, long beans and carrots, this tree vegetables takes some time to cook, so just keep story and a little water at political to give color to the dish. If the dish looks dry, just at more water, - a little more water. Yeah, more soy cells here, but it's up to your preference system. Eat where? For external flavor. Lastly. Scallops for decorations. They're tofu book with finger and mushrooms. It should look like this when finished toe for work with tinker mushrooms and rigid rules. No, this is a big price 17. Fried Bananas: fried when on us. Ah, fruit fitter in a popular research served with ice cream or with cream and with Sarah. 18. Cooking Fried bananas: hi. In this video, we would be making fried bananas, but I desert eaten with ice cream. We will be using 60 grams off floor, toe pointed them, announces 50 grams off desiccated coconut, 1.26 ounces. You can buy it from any groceries thought 50 gram offset from a seats, one points in its eggs, ounces from any grocery store. 60 gram option guard two point anyone else's baking powder one teaspoon modern about 80 from two point any two ounces frying oil for deep frying but not know you shouldn't be too ripe. An election for the skin and should also be a little green, which would make them banana mixed better with the floor and syrup. You eat the dish with ice cream and said, even start mixing floor. Leszek it difficult. This is to keep the dish Country picture, says someone. Seats from the aroma. Should God baking powder. You can mix the ingredients in which ever order you like what good? It's not mixing. Keep mixing. If the mixture is too thick or too dry, just add more water. Don't get the mission to be to liquid like mixture should look like this we have added coconut and say some receipts, those who gave a country texture, as well as giving a nice aroma. Now we will be preparing the bananas. Take off the skin return years, but under that have similar consistent at this not too ripe. Cut in three parts. Cut those parts in half the long side. Put the bananas into the make sure we really let the baking powder inside the mission to work for about five minutes. Mix the pieces well into the picture. The mixture should be covered, the pieces completely. We will fry the pieces later. Preparing the fragging oy. Use oil that is suitable for a deep frying. Use the amount so that it really covered bananas. Use the highest level of your store to eat up the oil. We can lower the heat when we start frying the bananas. The order will be ready. Now you can check it by dripping some of the picture into the oil. If the mission presence, then the wish will be ready and we can start frying the bananas. Scoop up a piece. Make sure the mixture of state covers in the piece put it into the oil another one. Put on the pieces into the oil. Remember to make sure the mixture covers the pieces. - Let the pieces fry India way, turning them around or questionably lower the heat toe a medium. No need to happy that makes of him. Keep turning them. Otherwise, the pieces will get stuck to the punch. - Keep the heat medium to low. Keep frying the pieces until they started getting the golden color. The frying process should take about five minutes. When the pieces get a corn corn or it means they are ready, - another one ready. You can also add more sesame seeds into the mixture to get better aroma in foreign look, you're slight sesame seeds, not the dark. Once death, fried bananas can be eaten with ice cream and served like syrup. Should be used with research. Pour the syrup. Order bananas there. Leftover frying oil from the research from to be threw away in the sink. You can usually use the same frying or one more time filled out on the left over party girls and let it cool down. Put it into a plastic container when you have used the twice you control it away in the garbage by putting it inside a soda bottle. If you have a large amount of boy, you should take it to a man by recycling station. That except used event. 19. Pad Kra Pao: I got home a popular stir fry dish with better. It is considered a fast food in Thailand. 20. Ingredients -Pad Kra Pao: we will be making part capital a stir fry dish with basic. You can use guided or pieces off beef. What point? 250 grams. Eight point anyone. Houses shouldn't about five pieces, but it's up to you how spicy you want the dish to be. Garlic two pieces, so the sauce. Common Asian grocery store. Two tablespoons oyster sauce from an Asian grocery store to have in sports. She got to these boots when john powder half a teaspoon, buy it from a nation grocery store. Busan Michael. Our grocery store should happen. They look like this, or, if you can't find them, US regular stores. You can buy a powder version off the basis cooking. They start by pounding garlic. Using mortar and pestle, you can buy a mortar and pestle from an Asian grocery store. Some pharmacies also said a smaller version off these. If you can't find a mortar and pestle, you can instead cut the colleagues with life to a small pieces as you can. Shealy. How spicy you need. It's up to you. Same as the college. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, just cut officially to a small pieces as you can using a more, um, better bring out the aroma from the evidence. The ingredients will look like this after some pounding. They're like this. 21. Cooking Pad Kra Pao: he's up in the cooking pan when the pain is hot at cooking, where about 2 to 3 tablespoons and the meat Keep the heat on it in high so the meat cooks faster. We've introduced the heat again. Once the meat is about to be well done now you can reduce the heat at the ingredients. Let me pound it earlier. - Put cuffs. How is aware? No tiene dish, usually eaten with fried egg. Always the south soy sauce. Parka power is a drive by dish. No need to add water into the dish she got. When young product, which will keep testing the food and at more flavor to your liking, reduce the heat at Beasant. The more you read, the more aroma you will get. Give you by about one part about the size off the one in the video. That should be enough for cooking the dish twice. Keep studying. Best lives can be both from any grocery store. If you think it's too dry, just add a little water dead. It is Park a pro or stir fried dish is busy. A real nor dish in Thailand setups with rice and Friday 22. Spring Roll: spring rule, a Chinese appetizer, Wheat for rapper filled with buildings consisting off credit meet, record troubles and seasoning. 23. Ingredients -Spring Roll: we will be making spring roll a Chinese appetizer. We we need spring roll wrapper. We are using 250 millimeters size off prepper catfish, leaving us half of a unit. Carol cried it. Beef. We're Miss Italy among being nutrients from a nation grocery store pepper. So I saw this two tablespoons off soy sauce. She got one tablespoon garlic, three units bouagnon powder, one teaspoon. Start by shedding the cattles. You can use a crater to do that. Use this ivy is the larger holes when shedding here in the cattle's first start, shedding with the narrow end on the character, she had 10 days. Only a little carrot left don't shed horizontally, only a vertical. What is. Sometimes we will give you shorter shifts up carols. You want longer chance for this dish. We will use three units off carrots, but it's also up to your preference. When there is only a little piece left. You can't just throw it away. Next. One. Use larger size kettles because they are easier to shed. There we will only use half on the cabbage, so cut it in half. Now cut the cabbage toe a small pieces as you can throw away pieces that don't look so good. It's very up to your preference how much cabbage we want in the dish. Also, if you prefer not to eat meat, you can leave the meat out and only use Vega tubes. No utterance. There are different brands you can use any off now, as long as it's wormy. Saintly monk beat nutrients. You need to soak the noodles first for about 2 to 3 minutes. They are suited for non fried dishes, about 2 to 3 minutes in water. When it's heated, it didn't the rooms were in salt. Spread the new rules out a little. 24. Preparing Ingredients -Spring Roll: he stopped the pan at cooking away, about two tablespoons that Gallic to set up the aroma. - Once the colic get toe a golden brown color at the meat, keep the kind of meat from balling up, or it will be difficult to wrap the spring roll wrapper. Break the bonds with the spatula. Use high heat until the meat is cooked. - Once the meat is getting well done, there will be liquid released from the meat. We will need to remove the liquid authorized. The liquid will soak the spring rolls. They moved the quit by tilting the frying pan, showing the meat toe one side and let the liquid getter on the other side take a spoon and scoop out the more liquid you remove, the better. Reduce the heat. Tabish. Increase the heat. Carol. Keep stirring until the regrettable get thinner. Inside. She got when young powder. So I saw Pitchbook. Once the making Evans have shown inside at the new prince, use a ski sore toe, cut the nutrients before putting them in the pan. Mix them well together. Cooling down the ingredients by having them in a strainer went off. They are less hot 25. Wrapping -Spring Roll: spring roll wrappers. They are usually frozen, so let them tore off. Defrost for about an hour before starting using them P adults for each piece. - One rapper is for one spring roll. We will be using about 15 to 20 pieces. Place the rapper so that one off the corners points toward you. The feeling will be placed up the corner school. The feeling on the wrapper. Take the corner rapid over the feeling. Press the feeling towards you in the room Stop of the meeting off the ramp for the Cy Corners over the fender. Run the rest off the wrapper. Don't correctly. One off the corners will stick out. Use water as grew and grew that corner onto the Spring group. So pressman off the corners to point to what you place the filler over the corner. Keep the fielder together. Don't let it spread out round the corner over the filler. Push to tighten the rules well and stop at the mirror for in the Cy corners over the filler . Wrong the rest off the wrapper. One corner sticks out, blew it with water. The rest of the widow will only be showing how to roll the spin girl. You can skip if you want 26. Cooking Spring Roll: Now we will deep fry the spring rolls. You would need oil for deep frying. Heat up the oil to see if the way is hot. Just homer your hand above the oil toe. Feel there is any heat coming from the oil. Put one spring roll into the oil to also check. If the oil is hot enough, reduce the heat. Once did way host put in the rest. If the oil isn't hot, the spring rolls will start holding the away, making them less crispy. Keep turning them around. - Increase the heat, but just not too high heat. The deep frying process takes about five minutes. The feeling is already cooked. The deep frying process is just to make the rappers crispy. - Have some papers on a plate for absorbing. The oil will be placed. The Sprinkles. - This one is ready. - Let over. Spring rolls can be stored in the freezer. There. Spring rooms is with Beckett trippers like a camper, little sleeves and carrots. Spring roll should be eaten with a sweet she D source. Speaking. Roles of this size can be eaten by hands 27. Spring roll (Gỏi cuốn): some literally on Vietnamese appetizer. It's a kind off fresh spring roll rice paper wrapper filled with a mixture of vegetables and meat. Common ingredients are shame chicken and make it a bruise usually eaten with Western source . 28. Ingredients -(Gỏi cuốn): we will be making known fry type off spring roll. Also called someone Rory. You will need rice paper from an Asian grocery store business from any grocery store. Cucumbers, carrot, pre cooked shrimp, crab sticks from any grocery store. Let us leaps. You can also use Chinese cabbage. Sh is up to your preference. Or let met from two eggs. We will be preparing the ingredients Pierre off the carrot, cut in half on the long side. Then cut those half up to US teen pieces as you can. Standing on the long side, one piece of a cake roll. Cool, calm, but cut off a piece on the long side. Cut that piece into smaller pieces. Also on the long side, no need to appear on the skin. Off the cucumber. It's up to you. How many pieces of cucumber you want in each. Now we have both cucumber and cannot pieces. Next is the omelet for the omelet in half. Do it twice, then cut into small pieces. This time, on the short side, you can also use fish instead of omen. Salman works best, but not mackerel due to the fishy smell. Or you can combine both homeless and Osama 29. Wrapping -(Gỏi cuốn): next is to wrapping the spring rolls. Take the rice paper. These are quite fresher, so be careful. Not so. Break them so it in cold water. Place it flat. Place the letters lives on the rice paper On the closest to you. How much of the lettuce leaves is up to you or let on the lips dreams up to you. How many gym you want? Crab sticks. Cool, calm. But now for the wrapping, take one off the edge and the rapid over the feeling wrong. The repertory center I stopped and for the bottom ish toward the center and then the rule. Keep the top of the spring roll open. Next one sort. The rapper like to sleeps on the edge of the rapper Catch Colbert. Oh, minute. Drink crab sticks, basil leaves. Wrap the paper over the feeling Stop at the center full in one off the Agere's keep rolling. The rest of the video will show you how to read the rest of the spring rolls. You can skip this part if you want to go 30. Cooking (Gỏi cuốn): there. Rice Paper speaker eaten with horse in sauce A sauce consisted off fermented soybean paste on Asian grocery store shall have it. Just have the source in a bold you can eat with your hands or you distillates. Just apply the source over the spring roar. Cut it to bite size pieces. 31. Sweet and Sour: sweet and solar of fried fish with sweet and salty taste pie apple, lemon and tomato paste give the taste and color. 32. Ingredients -Sweet and Sour: this video will show you how to make sweet. Also with park, you can also use chicken or shrimps. We will be using 200 crumb or a 7.5 houses of pork. A coupon book, one unit offspring. Orania Lemon happened. You didn't publicar. You can mix up the coral off breath, green and yellow. This video will use red and green ones. Hope up his corner. Tomato one unit Orania, Harvard Unit Baby Corn They come in cans pi happen also from a can. One. Ring off pineapple tomato paste on important ingredient for this dish. Oyster sauce. One tablespoon When John pulled out a teaspoon to Kevin spoons up Chicago soy sauce. One tablespoon cut over the fret. Check for bones and they removed them. Cut to small pieces. Cut on the short side, not on the long side. Cutting on the long side makes the meat to be tough. As mentioned, You can also use dreams or chicken on your cut in half. Cut away this time, or the core cut on the short side. Not too big pieces cut again, this time on the long side. Pineapple cut to small pieces, but not too tiny baby corn cut to small pieces. This this is more heavy on rickety suburbs. Property car cut in half. Cut out the seats. Cut the Africa to tiny pieces by first cut on the long side. Then, on the short side, you can use more different color off poppy car or single color. Coming home. Take out the seats. Cut to tiny pieces. Tomato cut in half. Cut it to small pieces. - Cucumbers only half a cucumber. Cut the skin off first, cut to tiny pieces. - Spring onion. Also cut it to smaller pieces. These are the wicked happens for sweet and so. Pineapple, tomato, cucumber, paprika, baby corn, spring onion and onion lemon. Just press out the juice. No seats. You can also just squeeze the lemon during the cooking process. 33. Cooking Sweet and Sour: heats up the pen at cookie, where about two tablespoons at the meat. One state where it is hoped. Keep stirring on high heat until the meat is well done. - Reduce the heat once the meat is getting well done. Soy sauce. Oyster sauce When John powder show card, - tomato paste record troubles will be the last ones in If you are using camp pie apple at the juice from the can about three tablespoons. Otherwise, you supporter, increase the heat lemon juice at union First, reduce the heat, baby Corn publicar Hi happen. The longer you cook the pie, upper, the better. The test will be at more water or juice if the consistent seems Toby too thick at tomatoes, - Camembert , spring onion, even at more liquid here, remember to keep testing the food. More lemon juice here, there sweet and so eaten with rice. 34. Kanom Jeeb: Colome T Esteemed Time tumbling, Adopted from China Popular mission Pie lamb kind of mean snacks. It means please kind off folding. The feeling is usually pork and shrimp. 35. Ingredients -Kanom Jeeb: for Cannot Keep you will need Want on past right from an Asian grocery store. Cried it. Meat shrimps. When john powder the package looks like this, it's to somebody or pretty. Fried garlic cooking or soy sauce, pepper and spring onions. Mix the credit meat. Missed the shrimps. Use fresh roll shrimps. Remove the tails. Cut them so that they are cried it. Take your time and trying them. Mix in the credit meat, so I saw us. 1.5 tablespoons bridge on powder 1.5 teaspoons Pittsburgh Hard a teaspoon since the meat away. One paper spoon Cut up the spring onions. Toe a small pieces as you can mix them with the meat. Spring onions together with sesame where will give out the aroma to the dish. If you don't have fresh spring onions, you can also use body once makes them back together using a spoon 36. Wrapping -Kanom Jeeb: scoop the feeling over toe, the rapper and the wrap around the feeling. So scoop over the feeling. Take a corner or to the opposite corner, wrapping the feeling. Then take the order two corners toe touched at the center. Clench your fist so it creates a whole and placed the rapper in it. Spread the corners out so that the feeling is visible filling on the wrapper. You can also just take one corner to the authors I and put the wrapper into your fist. Spread out the corners. Sort of feeling is visible flat in the bottom so that it can be placed on the plane. The rest off the widow will be showing how to grab. You can skip it if you want to. 37. Cooking Kanom Jeeb: we will steam the dish without using a steamer. Take a cooking pot, find a plastic contender to find the right amount of water to use. Place the container into the pot, feeling the pot with water. Press the container to the bottom off the pot, and when you see that the water rises to meet mint off the contender, that means you have enough water in the pot. Have some cooking. Where into a bowl we will did candle deep into it to prevent it from sticking to the plastic container. Get the can empty and place it in tow The contender way up the water. Reduce the heat and place the container with the condom tea into the pot across the league . Let it steam for about 7 to 10 minutes. After 7 to 10 minutes. Open the lid. Take out the contender. Be careful off the heat. Take the cannoli deep out off the contender. The Reppert should be soft. The feeling should be firm and well done. A numpty is even with sweet chili sauce. You're also apply some fry colleague onto the county. Mix it with the cooking away, take the fry colic about two teaspoons into a bowl, pour some cooking oil into the board and mix them together. There. Can I keep eaten with vegetables and sweet she resource. Take the fry colic and pour it over the condom. Keep.