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Step By Step Watercolour English Rose

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. English Rose Garden

    • 3. Getting Ready with Art Supplies

    • 4. Colour Swatches

    • 5. Basic Shapes

    • 6. Wrapping Comma Strokes

    • 7. Layering the the inner petals

    • 8. Step by step Side English Rose

    • 9. Step by step Frontal English Rose

    • 10. English Roses Demo Part 1

    • 11. English Rose Demo Part 2

    • 12. English Rose Demo Part 3

    • 13. English Rose Demo Part 4

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About This Class

This is a basic to intermediate class as I will teach basic loose English Roses for you to practice and proceed to more intermediate techniques.

I will discuss art supplies, colour swatches, colours mixing, wet on wet and wet on dry layering to create the beautiful folds of the English Roses.

And, I will be teaching 2 step by step paintings of the side and frontal roses and end with demonstrations of English Roses wreath.

Hope you will join my Watercolour English Rose with Round Brush

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Esther Peck, daughter of a great to floor of what color? I'm so excited to be back teaching what the color again after my gosh flowers. Just last week, today's classes from basic to intermediate and I will teach you this beautiful, delicate English roses. We were discussed about color mixing basic ships, pins and suitable peoples in this class. Also, I would go through the basic strokes shapes to bring the depth for the roses, and I will teach them step by step and we'll give you two pdf files to download, and you can print them for references. And I really hope that you were paying this beautiful English roses and joined my class Hope to see you here. 2. English Rose Garden : Hi. I'm glad that we are here today. I'm going to show you my English. Rosa Scott. I have been learning how to paint English roses for a long time. It's not very easy flower, but what I'm going to teach today, I will try to simplify the steps and the strokes because the pain that complicated English rule site This is a lot of advance technique and you need a very Qin Kai to learn how to differentiate the foes. So whatever I'm really teach today is going something easier. Something like this. So this is what I have learned over the years. So I tried different based on pain. This is something that I did recently together with my pupils. And of course, so you can see that I tried my practice is that I didn't truly how to create the deck. And some of these uh yeah, the debt over here. I will talk a lot more about leering and debts in my classes. Later for beginners. I will be happy that you can create something like this. There is imposed jokes, but it is show that is English Rose and Jesus. So there's impulse, stroke or in my book, Lashing Broom, which is now available at amazon dot com. Something that these very simple strips that I did not kind offer Lay it over. These are my step by step. We just appeared in my book and you can see that you show a few times. So this is the final one That show in my book. And also, I threat different colors. Yeah, the all in G range. You should add pain. English rose peonies. Yeah, they make quite a good composition. And this I need to improve. And so I keep improving on my strokes. And I depend that and this one. So I tried the proper one, which I'm quite happy. And this one, I haven't really seen this ship, but sometimes I work my painting this way. I live it there for a long time, and I come back to it. I should add on more to this minute district. Yeah, I'm quite happy with this piece. Actually, I like the colors nature for peace and some of these practices. So this is also in my book, Russian Bloom. It appeared there on you can see that I really have a lot of practices. The reason why I have returned to teach English well with those because, as I say, it's not a very easy rose to learn. And that's why I'm thinking off how to teach them in a more effective way. Yeah, So I really loved this one because of the cars. This is a lighter pink, and I have another one in the more muted cuteness. And if you think that this looks familiar years it appear on my book a guy toefl or what? The color. But you can see that the colors for a book we can You something. So like even though I like like color like this, I have it a bit darker, stronger color to go with. Yeah, And so I have step by step. How the pain English rose in my book I got to Flora What color and some simple see also which is all these actual early year This book Not much, but flash and boom has a lot more. And also I painted this some cyclone Oh, this piece Are he really liked it a lot? I was referring to enter Booky from a photograph, So I painted this and I really like the layering, you know, off this and it takes a lot observation toe. Be able to do this. So in our class, we can really teach this that much. And this is one of my earliest painting, which I just found it on, huh? Yeah, of course. You can see the difference a lot off leering, which this is the one that I learned on my own. Yes. So I I hope that you will come back for my next class, which I will be touching on pins that we use brushes and pay post and And we were guessed that so I hope to see you real soon. 3. Getting Ready with Art Supplies: Becker Bean. And for to this class we are discussing about the materials that we need for painting English roses as English roses has very pretty colors. We'll be discussing about colors that we're using for today. I will be using Shinhan Professional, Payton's and some of the colors that I have are here, which I will work on the swat just later. So pains and switches that I have done earlier for my workshop some time ago and I'll be using of three brushes, actually, depending I might be just using one. Only I'm using Princeton next to number eight rounds and six Princeton Heritage in round two for the details. Sometimes I may just use one brush only, so it depends. I advise for number two so that if you come manage with the round tip off the or six you can use a to toe work on your details. But sometimes I myself work on just one brush, and I work on very basic payments that that only I usually just leave my colors this way. Yes, so I have three toe mix. But usually when I mix on here, I like to use an extra plate toe makes my car list because here might get too messy. So with this, you'll be more comfortable to do you're mixing. And besides that, we always them by without necking. But at home, I suggest that you use direct so you would be true ing away so much a paper. And, of course, I mitt to just off water. One job. The bigger one is for washing my brushes to get rid off the pin, and another job is just for clean water. And this time you saw suggested the use of pet because of you can use the people to pick up water toe onto your pain whenever you're mixing it, or to activate it again so that you don't have to keep washing your brushes. And OK, the papers I'm using I'm using for practice. It's a new range of paper that I got from my suppliers, its cost by light and it's 50% content. So that thing is small economical for me to use, and actually, I suggest that for practices, you something that small comical because you don't want to go straight into your expensive paper. Yes, so I have them cut it up And for my demo peas I were used actors again once again if you have been following me for my classes are always used at just g 100 gram and 100% cotton for hinting my actual painting. So that much for the material. So I hope you get ready This you need not to be this bread. But you need round brushes. So I know that all of you should have round brushes and this class should be depicted for you to join me. I hope to see you later. 4. Colour Swatches: It's good to be back so far to this class will be talking about the colors that we're using for painting the English rose. So this the colors that I have used using this range and this one is not so vibrant because I intentionally mix it to give it like to Hugh and this one I actually have a brighter colors. You see the other break ping here. So they're all using Shinhan. What a color pain. So let me go through with you. The comments that I use, I use permanent yellow light. That's what mixing and women and Hugh, right Rose coming, then raped most probably is for mixing brown Rick this one Kobach brew many for my Cobham Brewer mainly for my feel of flowers on a kept man green but cannot bring the service very bright. So I think I have a mix it and turn it. Ah Reese, some brown yet to get that color. But if you have set bring, you can just get set going to pin that? Yeah. So any green that is similar to what I have mixed. Okay. Yeah. Coming And green dip is also quite right. I probably have other Enbrau rate, which we were. Do this. Watch us later to test up. And I don't have this yellow green. So I come out with this yellow green from at philosophy and, uh, bright violet, It's this one. Um, okay, I'm not sure now if I'll be using bright violet, but it will be just them by and permanent violent. But mostly I'll be using this range for my flowers. And this this view are kind of like musk que brow is may need to mix the green. So this archive off must for me, Unless you want toe pain. Proper English world was this clear? So let's put this a site as I'll be discussing review about color mixing and my pellets are here. I have arranged them this way over here. The colors until yellow onto here and for the bruise. And the greens are due here in a purple. So I need an extra one for my Bryn Sienna here. Okay, so let's work on this as I already have the color. So I'm not going toe show you again. This one very break. It's almost like opera Rose that most of us have it from either brand like means in Newton , which I used to use quite a lot. And so I think up rows or so full Hoban pins this bright roses so is very bright. Unless I want a very bright English rose. Then I will kick to this. If I didn't want it to be that bright. I was at a tinge of yellow, too, and I would get this. It's actually a little bit too much my team of color. So something like this you. So I think most of time I used this color. So if your palate is getting like to Messi, in this case of don't let it become so dirty because it's very difficult to work before 30 Palin. So all the time when I have a class, I tell my students, keep the appellate queen. The tree must be clean so that when you are painting and when you're mixing colors your colors who turned out, uh, very clean like this Even here the corner the student is so we need to actually clean it off. Yeah, so I think now, uh, we should be more reading. I think this color is very nice for my peelings, Which a lot off them at this color I want to discuss more about colors because I find it. Carlos is very important. So let me just not here for you so that you can get that color. You don't know how to get it. I always tell my student that you need to write down. Oh, this 654 is bright Rick and it's very close to opera. Rose Bright Rose own is cooperate Rose and this is some your low light. I think most colors are very similar. So this press these give you this? Okay, mainly these colors. As I said So this this and this one is my orangey color. If I were to use the women a hue by myself again, it is very breakfast. Let's work here. Yeah, it's really too strong. And I don't know everything that I wanted social. So I'm going to lighten it again. With this, you'll be surprised by lightning legally for Peru's I actually get something very pretty is very like So I'm going toe show you not here for you. Interesting, right to see how these two colors. So women in Hue, which is five to a. As I said, all these colors are close. Any minute he will look the street. Yeah, except for some vibrancy in they will look very close and opera roles. But I think this one is. It's not express off broad rules. So I like this. And these the edges quite similar. But we will look at it later and you will see that my palates will always be the Rose. Karlis will be around here and I will just pick up any of this color. And I realized that I didn't use a lot off the rig up here because I think it is too strong a permanent retreat. Okay, lets see this. I didn't This is too too strong. Unless I have been lighter. I have a lighter value to this. If not, it is actually very bright. Yes. So if you want to paint a bookie, you can actually just so have a few Karlis. I'm going to mix the green better soon. So this is my okay again? I think I'll makes you again. My captain in green. I feel that is a bit too bright. Yes, So I'm gonna mix it so I am going to use a bit tough of Valencia. If you have been CNN or any brown, you can't you just at a little bit too big. See the transformation cover just a bit. Okay, So this my kidney in green which I think is really to green for my life being so on net some brown to peace, coming it coming to the year. So because yeah, it looks like it's definitely I'm mixing a little bit too much now, so yeah, I'm getting the color now. This green This is the green that I'm getting. Yeah, this green the city I hope all of you who are joining this class already know how to paint the leaves. If not, I may have toe go true a little bit on this year, or you can actually refer to my other classes. So I got the green, but off course you can, actually just half one color so you can see that I have other colors like this. So I must have in some re So let me show you. So this is theater lighter color All this later. Cover in a bit off Off your off your rose color So the green plus a bit of Rick. So let me mix Thies to show So this is the color that we have earlier on class A bit off the Rick color You get this so again we should that cut down in case forget So this one is 569 Technion green And this is the the Brown that I have 668 And I got this safe color. Yeah, and this one is the mixture. So this is a mixed green plus a light value of read And you get this So we have at least some We have colors for our primary leaves and we have colors for our world shadow leaves which are here the lights of one and this one later when we're painting with just discussed , like maybe a lighter hue off these plus green. Yeah. So basically we have most of the colors that one now, So don't get ready. Your pains any brand would do. It's just that for today's class I'm using Shinhan. I hope you will get ready with these pins and we come back for all of basic strokes. See you 5. Basic Shapes: So for today's class, we're going to work on the basic washes like this. So this is the step one, and we have to get used to how the work on this So we'll remember about the Carless for this is very, very like. So I didn't want you toe over work on this and yellow Very, very light. Just get some my water. Okay, so it has to be there. Very like, even sometimes I talk about like, it's still it's too strong. So let me at somewhere here at the corner, the corner here because my brushes a lot off pig. Now, if you're not familiar bitter, Yeah, you can see that there's a very light. So So this is my least stroke. You should email stories like this one to I hope you're familiar with this is still very strong, actually. So I need to write on is still quite strong. I mean, so one very, very like washing. So a very someone I'm holding my brush quite low. Yes, you can see 12 There is a like, still holding a lot. What? So something right? This I have a doctor here first so that this is the center and I have one. This is my first, and then I have one. If you are very familiar, we open flowers. I'll be very happy. So what we're working on is something that this one part off this one buttons is like about four or five years. OK, so But usually I walk around like, yeah, full. It may not be as agreed, the same sizes. And don't be worried about this. What arm? Because it will at a lot of interest with in factor like this. I actually had a bit of different Carlos I mentioned about washes, right. I actually want you to be very comfortable thesis washers before you move onto the next step. Yeah. So what's that? Like these? The first time is a tree. So something like this first. Okay, lets what? One more term one the real lights. You can create some shaped like these one, but again is getting a little bit too that I don't really want it. We saw that to they still like. I'm not sure he can see me thing. You can see, right. Okay. So Okay. This one is still a 50% cotton paper It's not on actual 100% contents, or sometimes you get this. So are you from the live with? This is like a open flower like that. So you see this one? I have tree. So something like that, Bruce. Okay. I'm showing you, like, two times everything. So we bet you just using this, okay? It's like these, Chris. Well, when you're doing that that you said, you said when you are painting at hard year, it is a 10 stop when your whole lower it is a ticker stroke. So I'm going to book on this to show you this one. Okay. I wanted it to relight again. It go around here, I'm ripping up the roads now, so but one row is not enough. So I'm adding on a ticker one. And I hope that you know about that. The English roses. The petters is just a any other roses. They wrecked round and round. Okay, so it looked like offenders in it. Basically, when I teach the course, I said, these are like a French toe. So right now I have a friend go round. But we all know that the outer patters off the English roses are actually bigger outside here. And if you I need to point up all these Yeah, we're not even working on a B C because it's very complicated. So we have it pick up right now. We're We're just practicing on all this base extra. I'm not as a krish teaching you how to go into it Yet later on, I will look into Henry will work a few terms because this is not easy progress. I've bean emphasizing a few tons very light again. It will be good to look like, but we keep the center. So you know, the important thing is to have this part here Cento and have the ping spread up. So for this class, I will let you toe kill this something like that. After that, you get on some more colors. The one site first. And remember what I told you about here. You can just here you in a bit more. Join up. We are just having a simple English rose and we can have it. It's do very light the colors. Good thing. Is that right? Are you comfortable that this now less work on a little bit more? One more here. You can work with me together now. I'm in practicing and watch most of the time. When I'm in that class, alter the student toe, watch me first, and then they will go back to the city to practice. So now, after you have watched what I have done here, maybe if you have already got ready, you can practice together with me. So we talk about the dot key, we try to keep the center bit smaller. So if you need a guy, just use a pencil, guys. So just keep it about these. Maybe not too big. Maybe something like that, so that the pet owners can miss out is quite interesting. So remember I mentioned that you can move in. We saw a little bit strong, but never my like, done it again. You can move in. If you're working on these, you move in, right? But sometimes students say that they easier for them to move up. You know what I'm talking about? In and out. So I'm keeping this yet. Really a bit smaller. You see that? My stroke is not as at three very round. Sometimes I have a ton like that That's how we make it look interesting again. Kick to this point. So I have this. I have these already. And, um because we know that English roses has a love for here. So I'm moving this because we have ah, got right. So we're moving in some more. I hope you are following me at this point. Yeah, and we talk about this stroke, so we are going to join it up. Kristin, not that I'm actually wrapping them up quite loosely, that the stocks is not totally around so that it will look more natural. And we also want it toe have a bigger Pachter, remember? And is repping is repping can have It s biggest Jesus. So that thing can be bigger, Kate. Right now it is due wet, actually. So I'm adding in all this. Certainly. Duck, go. Just show the full key. Mrs. Said it a bit bright. I need to book on it. Yeah, we have a very basic English rose. Now, this is the practice that I would like you to work on before we move on to a more complicated one. So I hope that your practice on these steps and this here from here to here. Practice on this and you have the watch again if you don't quite understand. Because I cannot be kept painting the same thing. So it is like this before we finally book on this. So just, uh, maybe just a week kept again, like this kind of stroke will be like this, actually press and movie. And because this is the inner I want a ducker mom. Grady. And so I just on for here more Grady in. Yeah. So it is actually still possible for me to work on the greedy int. Even it is dry. Yeah, so, like this, if I want to work on a little bit darker, I still can't get on. Well, if you get what I mean, it is not very difficult, but to pay a very nice one, it is actually quite difficult. OK, But I'm not gonna discourage you if you can pay something like that like this. I'm actually very happy. And so come back again. We're doing even more 6. Wrapping Comma Strokes : Hi. Read that you're back. I hope you have done all these practices which have taught in my earlier process on how to get started. And it requires a quite a bit off practices on wash iss. Yes. So, as I said, these are some off the practices that at this point that you should already know something like that so that we can work on about the repping pep person outside. Early on, I just work on something like this and I didn't really point up on the repping pep toes. So we need to move on to these repping pep tres over here to create something like this. So that work on this it looks quite daunting. That term, if we work step by step and stood by struck, it shouldn't be that bad. So back to our Carla's again, I mixed them in small bed. Just so remember, I talk about, uh, having very liked tone First, all these are very light. So if we ever did than this, we talk about the outer Petr. So Cento So this is like my at dot here, and I mentioned it. If this is out and this is the inner one we, Nick. Ah, higher value off pain toe. Bring this out about that. That appear. So that's how I create this. But Petr and okay, let's also work on toe. Show you how? Just a note on this, the overlapping. But I will have it like this. I don't touch them first. You see that? They're very close. That girl again. You need to keep adding on. If you see that the color has get lighter. Yeah, And then over here again, the ripping something like this. And here again. Now I just have them over. Let ready, then just working on the over election so that you have a better idea. Found this Petr should look like and b and not just for me. I will nit to have more. So again, you see that you need more heading on the debt a few times because the color will get lighter. It will kind of threw up. When I'm doing the demo, we will talk a bit more. Yeah, so here, Because right now I'm not painting the full English rose yet. I'm just showing you how the outdoor patios here. We're just practicing on this first something like this so that when we are creating the fool English Rose, you won't know how to work on this. So is a lot off layering, actually. Let's say I want to have one more here. But maybe it is not as big in this case. You see that I have a small low one. Most of the time, I was referring to some flowers that I'm looking at. And every flower is different, so the repping will be different. So this one has a very big one. See this one? Very subtle. I want to focus on the center and because my other flowers are surrounding it. I don't have to focus so much on my out early year after English. Most so even for this, I have them quite close together. So there you go. I have this and perhaps I will work together. This I think I will work on the and not, uh, not a one here, Will. You spent my number if you didn't notice the off switch to numbers six years now. Okay. So keep the center good. Keep the center in. If you have already practice from from inside, come out your stroke or from outside, it will be very good. So I have four for these strokes that irregular. You can see that they're not exactly the same because that will make more natural looking in Greece, Rose, as I said, this English roast in it a very keen night for you too. Take not so Okay, I'm going to remember I mention about joining them up. They're not totally a circle, so don't paint a circle. They like this other full. So again painting in and again Let me explain that this is not botanical painting off English Rose. This is just a decorative way. And it's a easier way to teach most off you students who are still new to painting. So if I were to teach a more if I would teach Amapa tenneco, but it will be more difficult. So I'm just teaching you about how creating these petals and bringing this in that one will be more in the intermediate class or even a band's classes. So be sure. I think majority off the students are not ready yet. So So you see, I'm creating these. I don't corn. Yeah. So remember I had the just Now I talk about this, so I better get back to DC. Ready? Yes. So I had the stroke and I need toe on. You were noticed it the part that I have the most color here. And from the center Go up. Yeah, if you have a reference will be good. Some of you are very fortunate. You can even have English roses in your garden on my Singapore is very hot for us Toe even see English roses. And they're pretty expensive tohave so repping. And I don't think I have a tree Sing a real one. Perhaps ones are poison me. Yes. So I see a lot from photograph. And they are really so amazing, so beautiful that I just want to pin them. Okay, so you see my repping pet those already right? But this other parts that I want to on for the debt. As I said, when my in which roses are squashed the one another like this I actually kind of have more chances The world keep it simple. Keep it simple. Ready the that you just keep repping around. It's really very beautiful at this creation. So I have smaller one outside And so this is what I'm teaching for. Today's class learned about the repping, So I hope you were practiced This from here to here. Remember, the two things that I emphasize is our depth. And I was dead for here. Has to come up two important points that we need to see if here I have it a bit more, I will just bring in. So you would look so obvious. And here I need toe make it doctor again. As I say, I hope that you can get a real reference. It's a lot easier to study from there. Yeah, so that's all for this lesson. And I hope you'll come back again for my next class, which I'll be talking about how to layer over the Cento. And after that, I will book on a site English Rose and finally we will end with a demo. Okay, See you soon. 7. Layering the the inner petals : Hi. We'll come back. So for this class, we're going toe. Look on the layering, the insight off the English roses. I have prepared my pains and I'm just going to walk over here. But I will work on one. That is, from start to the end. It will be better to work. You bet on the layering and sometimes when it is dry. So this one when it is dry, it may not be as natural. This one. We have some, so it may be a bit natural. Do so I'm using this kind of strokes again. But sometimes it turned this week, and sometimes it turned this week. So you see that guy? Sometimes I pull in, and sometimes that cool. And remember, talk about that, that I have to use a bit of the Rose Meadow. I'm bringing that out already. And also I mentioned the center off the rose has to be duck. And this site here, the outer Petr here. He has to be that curb so that you can get the that. So be bet on the Gaitan. And can you see the rep the ripping off the petal? I'm sure you could see right. Although just now I when I was painting this, I didn't point up. Only point up for lease. And this I leave this this way first. And then I moved to here. Okay, So as I mentioned, it will be good to have a reference. So if you have my book, you can use the reference. But if you have your photograph for reference, it will be good. Or so So basically, there's a lot of folks in sight. So what it be and a small one, I just can't. Chris and the colors are all here. So what we want to achieve here is that stroke sometime. Have a higher value off the ping, sometimes have a like value, so it will look very natural this way. So in order to work off that, you may have to practice that again. Here. This one is, like so sometimes like these terms sometimes be No. Sometimes, Yeah, well, this week and more. That girl. Yes. So let's let me go back to here adding on the layering and the over election. Well, the election off the outside pet those. Yeah, So I do a little bit off a manual blending, which are often talk in my classes that we can't expect the pain toe flow when it has dry ready. So this one will work better when it is wet like this. But again, if I want to activate it again, I can too. So this is cold. Read on dry. I bet on some of colors and with the water. And if I need some more, docker it on. So this is a lot Doctor Kitty. So back to here. Ok? I mentioned earlier about the center I wanted Dr So what? It is still wet. I could spread it up. Very rail. The pain would just kind of flu. See, these are the part that I have touch So here earlier on I have touched on So it floor very well. So we are getting the English rose quite nicely and I actually wanted to be very natural. So you have to choose like which part toe on it's a bit hard to tell you, except that I want here to be done and flew up here to be slightly lighter. And the center here I wanted to be duck. So again I show you a reference off a painting that I really like. It is that here and over here and randomly I have some part doctors so you can see this. One, 234 Roughly like 4 to 5 in between here the squash peppers. They're all very tightly very tight. The patters of the re tightly red one Inada. So this home he looks like this one. Very bright cutters. So I have these And let me add onto these again years Sometimes that's a lot off leering. That's really a lot of layering that you have to get on. So just touch the part that you wanted to be. Tucker Just touch lightly and the color would just come up. So I work on these things Now I look on this. They're all the same color now, So this is very ghosts. I'm using this Stucker one. Yeah, rules Meda, because the petals are repping round in nada. So you see, earlier on, I have this month and I would just can't keep it. Uh, yeah, so it looks very interesting with many, many lay years. You can see the different sheets off Kim. So we are working on the layering and you see that? I mentioned that we need many different shifts so that you will look more natural for the phone referring back to my other pieces. I even have brown here. Let's see if I nicked a brown toe on. But I did mention that you would be better if you have a reference door. But if you Dylan you can refer to mine and off the class. I would definitely have something for you to refer to. This four done Some off the voice remain here as highlight. But you don't have to keep the white. You're so because some pieces I have no quiet like this even for these. If you want to have a tin off light, let me see. Hello, major snakes. You cannot take place over our public. Teach this in my last there. More class? Yes. Sometimes we like a grace off colors only really? At a love interest of the peace in self just white like this We have some. We have some someone Karlis. So I hope you work for bet and practice on these until this back. And then the next class I will be teaching is all site English Rose. So I see you real soon 8. Step by step Side English Rose: glad you're back again. And for this class, we are working on the site. English Rose. Actually, the site English Rose is a little bit more than a cut to comprehend. So I'm going to teach you really step by step. It would be something like this. So I'm looking step by step. Step one is something They're similar as how I thought in my puny. So a lot of you would like to learn my pew knees. I thought this way. Have a higher value off your paint, and then you just pull up. So this is your step one. I will have to go by step by step, as I see. So now, fact to step one again. I re bits that one again, which is very common if you have joined my class before. Yeah, you know that I always have to repeat my Step one again for step two. So you have a step too. And I would like you toe draw in all this repping But the wrapping is a little bit different from less my pure knees one. So they rep this way too. And I pull up this pain and I had more that to these mouth? I on here again Because I want here to be Ducker. Yeah. So insight off these We wait for this dude driver. Anyway, I on here. So this is my Step two and step three, because the insight off the English roses thesis repping So now we are actually working on just one side of me. I'm not sure you understand about this site. English rule, things I'm talking about. He's just at one anger, and I go back to the step that I have done earlier. So I just kind of have rips. Yeah. Tried to rep in a different angle kiddies on refugees way trying to simplify all these because it's not easy if you are new to painting. But you want to pain pretty flowers. I believe so. We have to lay you on a more that begin. Okay, so that is my step to read. And I believe you will know my step, but it's my step full up. I may have to be on your Step six. Yes. So I better give a bit more space. So I start with ease. High pigment. So after watching a few times, you will know how to get started as they rebuilt again. This is also how I pain my pure knees key What this one is dry your eye on. Maybe I work on this number just showing you the create off the different wrapping. I'm adding water to create this mayor and after I finish I on more pin here for the debt. As I said, if you have joined my classes, this will be their familiar another layer like this one. As you practice more people get more and more natural I'm working on my totem a year, actually. So for this top layer I own here again So I'm not sure if you can see the layering now I think is quite obvious right to show the repping So now I go to step five When we finish, I will give you Ah, print off thesis. So in pdf form, you can produce up to refer to the step by step off English site English rose, which is the first time I'm teaching in this Meta said Vice that it's not in my book. This one My boat only had the friend one and a friend month or so I will give you a step by step. Later on, we will work on one again and it's gonna be more comprehensive with this sign and friend one and find maybe you end with then more peace. So I wouldn't say this class is for beginners. Rather is quite intermediate, rather creating the year again. It takes a little bit off skill for thes but with practice you should be able to do this. See, when it's trying is quite natural. I love to get on a bit more for here. OK, I think you said that it dry. I'm trying to create the full here. It's a little bit different for Puritans close, but not that close. Yeah, because I'm adding on. Okay, some here. OK, this site pureness is usually just after the two men, one on one. So it's not the men flower. Still, they are not the men flowers, so I don't have to worry that much about this, but still, I think it's a good technique to learn because of his different anger. The flora reefer looks better and okay after that, right? This is the so okay. Still wet I night in one toe head on that, too, because he keeps spreading still. I'm going to rep it up already. Right. But this week, very similar to pure me. You have joy, my pureness class. I think you'll be delighted that this actually similar because pureness an English rose that you're quite similar in some way. I will have this part off the at those like these, and I would get on. I'm adding on the depth again because the color spread. Oh, quit for us. Sometimes I want to add on the pool to give some different sheets So they go, if a mess check. I think here not so dry, but I can work a little bit. I were used number six because that number six you will not hold so much water as the number custom. Eight brush is definitely a bigger And Homa. What about this one? I, because I'm adding on the details. I would just walk together five and six together. It's still quite ripped, so it's here. We have to continue to keep giving that debt, - showing the depth every time you wash, make sure that you doesn't have too much water or else you may Atwater and damage your piece. So I'm just adding on Morley years. But I did mention that because the site English is not your men for our house is a little bit complicated to pain. Yeah. So a good thing is that it's not your mean flower. You mean for our is the front one. So now I'm giving that to here. So I have finished the site English Rose. Let me just on a more depth to it. More that always make it stand up better. Yeah. Okay. So I hope you're practice Dese. Also this site English rose early on. What? We have done this and this. Okay. And I will see you back again with the step by step Branta in Greece rules. See you soon. 9. Step by step Frontal English Rose: welcome back. And I hope you have practised a site English roses. Because today I'm going to teach you the step by step frontal English roses which earlier on in my previous classes I have thought in steps already. But now I'm putting them all together so you can watch them together in this class. So first that we talk about very like washes in my very first class like washes. If you find it is to that, still you can remove the pain. Once I could be done. I think my rose is going to be quite big because the center s o. B So remember I mentioned that they will not be very regular. They are different ship because we want toe book on one day. The ship very irregular because of the squash. Is this and these? So I just put my simple just nearby. So before I move on, we talk about the light washers and at the same time, I think he will be good for you to bring up the center and create some off this lying. So I just washed make it. Lights are working. I think I break it into more steps away. Step one. Then move out to step to again so that the full is like that. And I am I about the center. The center cannot be close together. Everyone the center. I keep it so that when I drop in when they drop in, it was Brett up. See, he was sprint up. Okay, so I'm adding in this line because off the faux off the headers and then I mentioned that I'm going to wrap it up because this is the center, a direct view off the English rose. But now I'm wrapping up and remember about when practicing, I tell you that it looks like all right, I hope you are recalling ready because I don't know. When was it that you pick? You watch these sessions. It might be Today might be like a week ago that you watch my earlier classes because one good thing about online classes that you can actually just continue from there. And Okay, this is my step two and I talk about the this sea stroke, but with a very sharp and on the sea stroke. And also I have us another process just to talk about the repping off the better. Okay, I hope you didn't skip any custom. Every class is important so that you were built up the skill and technique cause sometimes I know that student wants to will quickly learned everything. But if you skip on, classic robbery may not be able to has up everything. I'm adding in a bit off yellow Italy now for some interest. You So So we have the ripping petal. We can get on some. Yeah, depending on how you look at it. You may 1, some here. Sometimes the outside pepper is very big. I have it very big. We get on the center game. You are not just that. The center is really at on many, many times and I want to create some stroke here. I probably have to work it here on my step tree. So step tree means back to step one again. Very light color. Yeah, If I find it, I have it to that. I just like that. It may not be one stroke. You noticed I'm painting a few strokes. Create these. This one is self can be open flower. Do you notice that? That's why this is not the basic Plus the basic class will be loose flora which actually I caught it in my loose ponies class. I thought about all the strokes. So and in my what, Akala, Cherry blossom cuss. I thought about this loose. Had both continue to keep adding on. Yeah, he didn't. But now I'm just showing you because you have to edit. Why Just do wet. Then you can get display off the soft look. You will get something more you need to show the full and then we will wrap it up because this the center off the English Rose remember about the repping lines? Oh, this one looks at offend Every time I look at it looks a coffin. I mean, at this point, look a cadfem. But if you have a pinned nicely issued and look like a friend, I removed out and then I rep it again. And I have a much bigger off the better. And now I at on the over here the same. But I'm working on it to show again. There's a little bit too, Brett. So let me mix. Actually, it's nice to have different colors built in, or injury keep adding on for that day for Step three, ever like you toe on the debt in the center here and even for the Petters Center. Hubie on right now, maybe the outdoor Petr. I'm giving it more. That and more. Shit. Sometimes you can get in a bit off your green color. Yes. In this case, I add a little bit off the papo. This paper I'm using, it's not a 50% caught 10 paper. This one is the his heart is working for also 100% cartel. And this one is just 100% cotton people. So So you see that stop Very well. I own the center. You get so lost that four. I'm adding now because it's easier to work on many spent on. So we need not be like Step one, the step to these that treaties. But I'm just showing you when you pain here, you can't treat together book on this. I'm keeping the center real smallest up, and I just pitch in the full and at the same time you on the day I'm using Rose Meadow for the Doctor Khanna. So you can see that that I'm sure And I on a bit off brown to the center for more and looking on this part again because now I'm working everything together. Remember the wrapping strokes. Close it up first and then you will have the ripping Strope here less can be because do can have lost and then I get on. Just think Not that all these try to leave Get so that they're not in the mess if you get them, he was sure repping muscle. This is very similar to how I teach the roses. So because my roses so have so strong. So if you have attended some of my classes before, I'm sure is a lot easier for you here. The color here looks, everything is spending. So I'm really in some blue. You will look more interesting for the shadow. Something like a proper tinge. Let me see. Ok, maybe here also on a slight tinge offer Blue Samos here I use a real proof or the shadow I'm going to add in a bit more using the tip of my brush any Yeah, so and here so on, because the 100% contempt but a soft your P is a good people. But it is up your pain and you will see that sometimes you use very strong color. It's still kind of disappear, but the non cotton paper doesn't assault. And then sometimes you see that the pin got stuck somewhere and not moving. So I'm adding in this epistle because the pain has disappeared, as I mentioned for the debt. And I think we have quite a comprehensive one really here for the English Rose and I only had to be forced actually. So I hope you're practice on these steps and we'll end with a demo piece, so see you real soon. 10. English Roses Demo Part 1: This is the last class and it will be a full demo off. How I painted English Rose. I will not be explaining that much, I hope A Stasis toe last class and it's a demo. I hope that you have already watched my previous collapsed, which I have already taught you how to pin all these. So that's why I'm not explaining much and even the colors I have explained earlier year. I'm just creating some folds and this I mentioned I will keep adding on to the center for that. Sometimes you get geese and you can clean off. You get blocks of water. You can just get on the pain where we want it to be. Tucker to create a shadow The fools had a lot of shadows, so there's lots of lay years. This is the ripping, the pep toast. It has a lot of reps. Sometimes you get extra ping Not to worry. Just continue. He s a In this class. You find something that you want to ask me. You cannot repose it in the discussion group. So, um yeah, you will try to check frequently. Okay. I need to wait for it to dry before I lay you on. Or else it will get a little bit untidy. I want to really bring on more full for this one. I in some yellow because I want my painting. Two looks more likely we for additional greasing, which I mentioned in my earlier class, I will be showing you some of these glace ists. 11. English Rose Demo Part 2: Okay, so I have finish one. So I will try to have another one here. That would be, uh, mall squeezing to one another. Yeah. Okay. So probably stuck here. This one, I have four. So that's a full here. You see, I'm creating a lot off different. She's a pink. Yeah. You need to create that to show something like this. Different sheets off ping. And then I'm creating this full here. I'm trying to have more false very interesting to pay this English rose because actually, it is not that easy to pain, but I will say is interesting to pain because it really take the a lot of practice. Iss m. I see. So I hope student wouldn't get disappointed if you can get like this for your first try. I mean, I have show you my first try before and at the point. I was already very happy to me. It looks very nice. So we will keep improving even for us. That okay first that you may not get this yet. I didn't even have different sitting. You were reached. You assume I Because when I first got this English rose, I really want to encourage you that now we will, slowly and steadily. We were reached in my previous lessons. I didn't really mention that, but not that you actually need to dock. Can hear some pattern. So I ducked in this because not every full well look very clear because there be shaped that he So I glaze over in my class. I mentioned that they are not as likely very, very round because if they are squashed, you need to take not off that you saw And I'm using a bit also pope for in this demo there some part of my printing may not really exactly as what I've taught. But you also need to take note that I'm actually painting them according to what I see now . But in teaching, we want to go by step by step. Easier right now. I went toe in some sheets here and there. I keep adding on the deck. I wanted to see here some day coming out. I'm back to here because you can paint them when they're very wet. Early on, it was very right here, and I keep adding on, so it wasn't very effective, but when it is dry and you get on, it will be more effective. We will stay if it is wet. The pin were bleak and spread. And, uh, you see that your your pain right here. So this one was sure. Very deep. One. I explained the ready that you panicked close together, save your problem off having how to lay it and in my other class about flower composition which I really hope that all of you can go there toe watch that plus because the class really teach how to compose a painting. 12. English Rose Demo Part 3: then now I will move to my one, which is the site. Pure needs thing. Somewhere here would do. I think I have this a little bit too low. Yes. So I clean this off the blank you has had been. It's okay to be a big blur here and then I on some fools, these other fools, if I want more that I need to get on more colors. Yeah, but I will wait for these to dry before I work on she. So this site, English roses tuck nicely in between these two, which I told you that was save you a lot problem toe on more flowers. Right. So this composition is there, receive just tree of this. I'm going to wrap it up. Is here the Pettus can on some month that begin when the pain is that it was bleak. And then you can show more full. And I didn't mention about this brew again. All of them should have blue shading. Yeah, it's quite dry reading so I can work on it Vector getting some shaky. And I'm almost finished with the English rose. The center is important to get on, but just don't overdo it because it will look really at the fisher. If you overdo that 13. English Rose Demo Part 4: I need to at some shading over here. So I getting Bruce Amanda and a bit off brute. Okay, now I'm ready for the for the primary leaves. I'm going to use a darker color. I don't really know how this English rose should look like, but I'm just painting the usual big strong because this is not botanical painting. So it's something like a bouquet. We can always use different leaves toe on any my Laura composition class. I talk about how I will have my flowers first, I will pay my frog first, and then I will work on my primary leaves. So I hope you will go to that class to learn more about flora composition. So have my primary primary leaves. Basically, you see probably lives an hour in secondary leaves. Pitcher. Ever use a slightly brighter color kept name green memories. So it's bright. This is cutting and bring this is blast this color. I wouldn't want so much of cutting him green, too, because overpowered this painting able to bright. So maybe just a few of it. I didn't mention that one of very light color that I at least pink a little bit Tedo. I love this color is so pretty. So this English rose a color that I've chosen for today is, I would say, is very bright. It's a little bit muted here I have, even though the colors that use are very bright. But I have mixed it to get muted colors. Um, I thought in my color swatches class. Hey, this, of course shadow leaves in quite a bit of share duties. There's some space here, so I'm creating some Mothman some bitter greens. I would like to perhaps have a few more off these dropping flowers, so my usual it was, but perhaps one more you. I teach this in my puny class online. Oh, in person class. I would like to let me see a few like there's something, like perhaps some Berries. - It's a quite a big, very to her hips. - So we are almost finishing with this English rose because I'm painting a Reese, so I just want to make it. I want to make it more complete reef leaves and beef filler flowers. Even there is to fill up and the ovary basic. Oh, but on technique, I decided to have a big blue to mention that colors from to go with my shadow because my shadow has some blue. Okay, When we have finished painting, we need to look at it as a whole. And now I feel that I need to in K. I like to use my brush to draw in the main vein off the leaf because I feel that the lines will be more controllable. You can use a number to brush. As I mentioned in the beginning of the class. If that is easier for you to control the beans for the Leafs if you want to let filler leaves and feel of flowers I have a class or so in another book shop. So look out for case. So I have finished painting these and I hope you enjoy this lesson. Do pin the English Rose Reef and post your painting. So I hope that you would join my other classes too. And I hope to see you very soon.