Step By Step Method To Write Your Skillshare Course Promo Video Script In 5 Minutes | Raj Kumar Reddy | Skillshare

Step By Step Method To Write Your Skillshare Course Promo Video Script In 5 Minutes

Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at | Digital Marketer

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    • Case Study: How I Wrote Script For Promo Video Of This Course In 5 Min

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About This Class


Do You Need More Enrolments?It Takes A Lot Of Effort and Time to Create Great Skillshare Courses. And it’s really annoying to not get any enrolments after investing so much.

I Started Teaching on Skillshare four months back. I used to invest so much of time and effort to create best courses. But no matter how great my courses where I used to get very little enrolments and make very less money.

Later I Realized the Reason for Not Getting enrollments is not having a great promo video.

So I learned everything there is to make a great promo video and created one.And After I started using the promo videos at the start of every skillshare course my enrollments started increasing enormously.

Now I want to pass on this method of how to create great skillshare promo videos to you.

Imagine how much money you can earn if all your courses get hundreds of enrolments.You can make thousands of dollars every month.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • Six step method to write the script for your Skillshare promo video in five minutes.
  • Learn secrets about how to make a great promo video.
  • Bonus: You’ll Also See this method in action using a real example

Are You Ready? Take Action and Enroll.Learn This six-step method and make the process of creating your promo videos better and easier.There Is Amazing Information Can’t Wait to See You inside. Enroll Now.

Thank You





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Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at | Digital Marketer

I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me ...

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