Step By Step Method To Write Your Skillshare Course Promo Video Script In 5 Minutes | Raj Kumar Reddy | Skillshare

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Step By Step Method To Write Your Skillshare Course Promo Video Script In 5 Minutes

teacher avatar Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at | Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Why Enroll Now?

    • 2. Step-1

    • 3. Step-2

    • 4. Step-3

    • 5. Step-4

    • 6. Step-5

    • 7. Step-6

    • 8. Case Study: How I Wrote Script For Promo Video Of This Course In 5 Min

    • 9. What's Next?

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About This Class


Do You Need More Enrolments?It Takes A Lot Of Effort and Time to Create Great Skillshare Courses. And it’s really annoying to not get any enrolments after investing so much.

I Started Teaching on Skillshare four months back. I used to invest so much of time and effort to create best courses. But no matter how great my courses where I used to get very little enrolments and make very less money.

Later I Realized the Reason for Not Getting enrollments is not having a great promo video.

So I learned everything there is to make a great promo video and created one.And After I started using the promo videos at the start of every skillshare course my enrollments started increasing enormously.

Now I want to pass on this method of how to create great skillshare promo videos to you.

Imagine how much money you can earn if all your courses get hundreds of enrolments.You can make thousands of dollars every month.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • Six step method to write the script for your Skillshare promo video in five minutes.
  • Learn secrets about how to make a great promo video.
  • Bonus: You’ll Also See this method in action using a real example

Are You Ready? Take Action and Enroll.Learn This six-step method and make the process of creating your promo videos better and easier.There Is Amazing Information Can’t Wait to See You inside. Enroll Now.

Thank You

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at | Digital Marketer


I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

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1. Why Enroll Now?: do you need more enrollments? It takes a lot of effort and time to create great skill shape courses on gets really annoying toe, nor get any enrollments. After investing so much, I started teasing or skills for months back. I used to invest so much off my time and effort to create the best courses. But no matter how great, because this way I used to get very little enrollments Later, I learned the reason for not getting any enrollments. Is normed having a great promo video? So I learned everything there is to know about creating a great promo video on. When I started using the rules, I learned to create promo videos. My enrollment started to increase greatly, and I want to teach you the same. Imagine how much money you can earn If all your go says great hundreds off enrollments, you can easily make thousands of dollars every month by enrolling in this course, you're going to learn the sixth step Method the rate script for your skill chip promo videos in less than five minutes. Andi secrets about what makes a great promo video, and as a bonus, you will see the 60 of metal in action using aerial example. So are you ready? Take action on in Rhode. Lend this six step method and make the process off rating script for you. Skill. Chico's promo videos. Better and easier. There is amazing information aired. Convert to see you inside in roll. No, thank you. 2. Step-1: Thank you so much for enrolling in this course, Grace. I promise you, by end of this course, you will be able to write killer Skip for all your skill share promo videos, which will help you to get more enrollments. On the best part, I will teach you a middle visual. Take only five minutes toe, write the script, just follow the steps I'm going to give you on your promo. Skip will be ready in five minutes. Let's get started. That is amazing. Information ahead. The Red Script for promo video. We're going to use the sixth step Cooperating Method Introduced by Ray Edwards. This mother is remembered by acronym Pastor. Pashto is the best cooperating formula I have ever Ireland in my cooperating career. This rule makes it easier to write any copy. I can't stay in off the greatness off this formula. Leg stand graded roads for introducing this formula on get started. So what? This pastor pastor is an acronym for B For problem or pain A for amplify ISS for story and solution, Defour transformation and testimonials or for offer on our for response. Let's see each off this step in didn't on also learn how to use them to write or skills a promo video script. So the first step be for problem off pain. The first thing you do? No before creating any copy or sales, Skip is your customers. Although their problems pains and needs. We need to do the same for our skill ship courses, too, so that we can use that knowledge to middle with those students. Mirroring can be done by asking questions or making statements that will make your prospects feel, Oh God, who does this guy know, Miss Oval? Because these statements or the questions you ask exactly, mirror with the prospects problem Spain's and needs. So the trick to create instant connection with your students and make them listen to you is to middle them solid. See some examples for skills courses. Christians. Are you stuck writing headlines? Are you still trying to market in always? Are you curious about learning? Distill marketing. How long has it been since you are not getting any traffic on your website? Are you looking for the just straight mentor to market your new clothes When you ask this kind of oppression Studio students, they instantly connected to you and think, Oh, I need toe. No answer for these questions and the fun movie to start your skills. A promo video by statements There are mainly two types of statements you can make the start off your promo video, these ads based fax, for example. These increases, so is that attention span off humans is 8.25 seconds, which is lesser than a goldfish. You can use this fact when you're eating it cause a boat grabbing uses attention. For example, when you're teaching because about headlines or subject lines, the second way to make statements are by stating the facts you absorb. For example, you probably noticed your premium enrollments Golden recently the instructors whose enrollments gone down well in Stanley Connect With You. So to summarize this step, you need to know about your audience on ask a question or make a statement to middle them 3. Step-2: so the second step is amplified. You have Millard your prospects. Feelings? No, they're pulled into a promo video to learn more. So the second step you need to do is to amplify the problems you have noticed earlier. This is to create an impression that their problems are pains are really severe on. They need to be sold. No. Are there ways? Definitely do Very bad circumstances. Whatever the problem off pain you identified, use a magnifying glass to show it to your audience on India's on urgency to solve them, For example, let's say I want to create a possible told locomotive killer business names Andi I identified. The main problem is that the high three agencies just to come off it business names and many off the prospects are not able to pay those high fees. So this is a problem. So see how I amplified this problem. I write this list. Names are really important there. The first things your customers will notice to come up with business names. Professional agencies might charge upto $80,000. See a amplified this problem by introducing the high in place. It vetoes in dollars. One more example. You're teaching a course about hold great headlines so you can amplify the problem like this. It's really tough to come up with great content. It takes a lot off your time and effort to read great articles on radio courses, and nobody will read your articles or take your courses if they have bad headlines. See, I created a need to improve their headlands on induced urgency. So let's move on to the next step. See you in the next video. We will see all the other steps. Thank you. 4. Step-3: great going is you already learned the 1st 2 steps off the sixth step mentor. The first step is to identify the problem. On the second step is toe amplify it? No, Let's warm to the third step story and solution. The introduced the problem and amplified it. No, it's time to tell a story about off. You have sold the problem using the solution. You're going to teach them so clear Disability. An example. Course. Hold a great great headlines. So the story starts like this village checking my Google Analytics dashboard after running my block foramen, I noticed that none of may contend is converting on my phone the reason for this East bad headlines. So I started learning everything there is to write great Headlands and started applying them. Didn't go. I saw my block traffic triple within a month. No mood. Then 50 does induce per month. See this story even sentence the connection you created at the start and the people can relate to you more. No, no, you told the story. And to get more conversions, they need to improve the headlands. So let's move on to the footsteps 5. Step-4: people don't buy stuff. They buy transformation re adverts. So don't sell people this stuff. Sell them the transformation, the transformation your product is goingto bring into their lives. Let's see an example. Let's continue with the same example goes Ho took a move it killer headlines. You can help them to visualize their success like this. Imagine if you can get all your content rid you releasing millions of views on your block on. Be able to make thousands of dollars every month on you will also be ableto bill. Your customers list much faster than anything before. See, I help them to visualize their success in terms off the increased views on detentions. Off dollars. They're going to make one more example. Hold on. Come over with killer business names. After this course, you will be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on be able to come up with killer names for your business. See, I can help them to visualize their success off, saving tens off thousands of dollars. Testimonials. People don't believe you easily because there are too many in posters on Internet. Denny. A valid proof to believe you, so provide them the proofs or real life examples. Household transformation can be at you. For example, if you're teasing because home to triple your traffic, show them the scream shorts off analytics off your people traffic. One more example hope to come up with killer business names for these kind of courses. You can show them some of the business names you have generated. So that's all aboard the footstep gets. Let's more onto the fifth step. 6. Step-5: you have identified your students problems, amplified them and provide them a solution on help them to visualize the transformation they're going to get once they enroll in this course. No, you're going to describe them exactly what they are going toe learn in your coast. So start with disappeared ing in this course you're going to live on list out all the things they're going to learn as bullet points. Let's see an example. Course hope to come of it. Killer business names For this course you can read in. This goes, you're going to learn, Tell dims that made a great business name. Six minutes Took a move it business names Find bonus four pills that will help you to come up with hundreds of business names within minutes. See hokey. And the offer is in this step. You need to provide a clear picture about what your students are going to receive once they enroll in this course on no village to the last step 7. Step-6: response. This is the last of where you ask your students for a response. Off course. The response you want from them is to enroll in your courses. Ask them to enroll. Don't be Say some people don't do things unless they are said to do so. So some of the call to action statements you can use at the end of your promo videos are Are you ready? Action on in road. If you don't take action and enroll in this course, your results will remain same on bios. You do act at once and a little No, on it last. You can add this to sentence to increase the impact. There is amazing information ahead. Convert to see you inside. Thank you for enrolling. So these are the six steps you need to follow one after the other to come up with a kill. A script for your skill Chicos. To make things more clear in the next video, I'll show you ho aero script for diploma video off this course so soon in the next video case where you will witness the live action. Thank you 8. Case Study: How I Wrote Script For Promo Video Of This Course In 5 Min: let me show you how very discreet for this promo video. The first thing I do is open my note pad on divided the note pad into six parts based on the form level and people problem in pain. If for amplify and solution. This four story in solution de for transformation and testimonials. Awful, awful and awful response. So all I need to do no esto fill the each blank. So the first thing problem in pain. So what are the problems he will have Because of having no promo video or a bad promo video thing? The main problem will be decreased. Enrollments on your need will be to get more enrollments. So I'm going to start my promo video with asking the same question. Really more enrollments? No, I'm going to amplify the problem off nor getting any enrollments. I will fill that banquet. It takes a lot off a foot and timeto great dilated skills your courses on and it's really annoying. Do not get any enrollments after investing so much as they amplified the problem. Now I'm going to tell a personal story to get more connected with the students. The story I'm going to rate would be. I started teaching on skills four months back. I used to enlist so much off time and effort to create based casus. But no matter how great my courses were a user to get fertility enrollments and make very less money later. Ideal is the reason for not getting enrollments is not having a great promo video. So I learned everything there is to make a great promo video and created one. And after I started using the promo videos at the start off, every skill Chicos my enrollments And if I want to pass on this middle off hold agreed, great skills, a promo videos to you. So this is my story. The next blank I'm going to fill its transformation and testimonials. Now I'm going toe. Help them visualize their success by making a gentle mission statement. Imagine homers money you can earn If all your courses get hundreds off enrollments, you can make thousands off dollars every month. So that is my transformation statement. I see. No, I need to prove it. The testimony is I just a screenshot off my increased enrollments while reading my promo videos. So that's going to be May testimonial. So let's more onto the offer in the office section and going to insert some bullet points about way should they take this course. So I'm going to read in this course you will learn six step Mentor to write script for your skill ship. Remove video in five minutes. Learn the secrets about ho to make a great promo video on the bonus. You'll also see the metal in action using a really example. So that's all about my offer. Gays. No, I'm moving dough. The response section I'm going to read. Are you ready to take action on enroll? Learn the six stepmother and make the process off creating your promo videos, but are easier. There is amazing information ahead. Convert to see you inside in Rollo Si. This is a script I wrote. No, I can create slights based on this script easily on Come up with Mike Killebrew video In very little time. I hope you load this matter. Thank you. 9. What's Next?: most of the people don't make it till here. You definitely deserve a pat on your back. You can know, right? Skip for your skill ship promo videos in five minutes, which will increase your enrollments enormously. So I want to wish you all the best for all the amazing process you're going to create on skill ship. It's great to be a part off skills. A community. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me and honored to be your instructor. As the reviews are, the integral part off the success off any skill Chicos, if you can please stay 10 seconds off your time to review this course positively, it will help me to create more amazing courses. Thank you. See you in the next course.