Step By Step: Mens Makeup for Photography and Film | Nicolett Electra | Skillshare

Step By Step: Mens Makeup for Photography and Film

Nicolett Electra, Photographer and Makeup Artist

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About This Class

In this course we go over the importance of Mens makeup in film and video as well as go over a step by step of how to get this flawless mens makeup look. Includes an overview of products that will be needed as well as both photos and video of before and after appearances.





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Nicolett Electra

Photographer and Makeup Artist

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nicolett. Ive been a photographer for a little over 4 years now and have experience in a variety of fields within it from events to portraits and everything in between! I picked up Makeup Artistry as a side venture to assist with models but now has become such a major component of my work in allowing the ability to style my models exactly as I envisioned.

My motto for success? Tomorrow is Today, so lets get working!

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