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Step By Step Guide To Danish Pastry

Thomas Charles Mathiassen, A Culinary Project

Step By Step Guide To Danish Pastry

Thomas Charles Mathiassen, A Culinary Project

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12 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro and recipe

    • 2. Add ingredients to the mixing bowl

    • 3. Mix the dough, and ferment the dough over night

    • 4. Prepare the butter for lamination

    • 5. Prepare for lamination and first book fold

    • 6. Book fold nr 2

    • 7. 3rd and last book fold

    • 8. Roll down the finished danish dough

    • 9. Divide the Danish pastrys and prepare for shaping and filling

    • 10. Shape the danish pastry

    • 11. Egg wash and prepare the danish pastry for baking

    • 12. Finish the Danish pastry with your favorite topping

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About This Class

Step By Step Guide To Danish Pastry.

In this class, Master baker Karolis will teach you how to mix and hand laminate a Danish pastry dough from scratch.

Creating these, layered flakey pastries can be a bit off a challenge, but they are well worth the effort.

This Danish Pastry recipe is guaranteed , to impress family and friends.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Thomas Charles Mathiassen

A Culinary Project


I have always been crazy about bread since i was a kid, my earliest bread memory was when my mother would send me to the local bakery Langhoff's bakery in Silkeborg, Denmark to pick up a freshly baked bloomer, wrapped in a piece of paper.

My mother would cut some thick slices, of the bloomer a generous layer of butter and fresh strawberry jam, i was the happiest kid in the world, to me it was magic.

When i was around 11-12 years old, i would deliver newspapers on bike in the morning before i went to school, and at the end of my route i would knock on the backdoor to the local bakery, and have a chat with the baker, exchange a fresh newspaper with a fresh Danish pastry and one day he asked me if i wanted to come and work in the bakery, to help out a bit with the cleaning of... See full profile

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1. Intro and recipe: big allies is Carol. Listen, this is Charles good food. And today we're gonna show you how to make Danish pastries. Here's the ingredients are gonna need for the data. Space Street 500 off. Cold water. 250 ml. That's five x 50 grams of fresh yeast. One key told 440 grounds. Flower to 100 grams of sugar, 20 ground assault. 2. Add ingredients to the mixing bowl: So we're gonna stop with wet ingredients. 500 250. And that'll make five X logics. One kilo for 40 flower, 9%. You don't it too. Too tough. Yeast. Early in real cookie sugar, 100 reps lost salt, 20 rooms. 3. Mix the dough, and ferment the dough over night: So put this on your mix up. You don't have a mixed set. You can bring it together with your hands. If you do, then it's less work for you. You want hook attachment on a slow speed about? I thought Okay, this is your finish. Just a soon as it comes together. Don't know what makes it. It's ready. So those finished. Take it up. We'll spray with Greece. Breaks has stick. Comes out easier. So clean, cool so and to the fridge for tomorrow. 4. Prepare the butter for lamination: so two blocks off 250 grams of butter. Salt it from off label minimum 82 per cent fat. Otherwise you bother. We're just going to the door and you get no less. Let's go compartment paper, place it. Just little the middle light. You make a great time. This will be the shape. You finish your muttering, do you take off the sound and then they could speed it up. - Now put your butter in the fridge and leave it to cool for 30 minutes. 5. Prepare for lamination and first book fold: you Sprinkle now? You know, from Fridge. It's nice and cold. I just want flattened out. No, just so this fits the bottle fits right in the middle. And we're gonna cover the one with the You can check. So we're gonna close it and turn it this way again. A bit more. Now, just help us. The movement just helps you when you roll out, the dough doesn't stick to table and we begin. So we're gonna do this three times consecutively. I'm gonna do three single book faults and I'll show you what they are. A single book, fold in the most big, and this is important. Turn it and you're gonna roll it this well again. Now cover your dough. We cling film and leave it to rest for 10 minutes before you start this second fault. 6. Book fold nr 2: If the door was too tough, you might want to leave it for the door to relax and continue the process. - So second book fall Funen. So again, very one more fold this way. 7. 3rd and last book fold: a bit more. So now you feel it's a lot more tougher, too, Tellqvist. And you can't leave. It's rest for five minutes. Should be much easier sticking. - So last fall, Bill So and now we're gonna rest it in the fridge for 10 15 minutes. I just want wrapping cling to so it doesn't dry up. 8. Roll down the finished danish dough : Now you roll down your Danish pastry. No, - If it sticks, just keep adding flour more. So this is finished, though, and should measure take a ruler measure out and it should be 70 centimeters by 45. 9. Divide the Danish pastrys and prepare for shaping and filling: So this is finished, though, And should measure take a ruler measure out and it should be 70 centimeters by 45. And I'm gonna use pastry cutters if you don't have one. We can always issues gorilla, but these are just so much easier. And it's measured. 11 centime is my 11. So you get a nice squid. - So we're gonna make three different products. We can do eight. Eight Spangdahlem a chocolate in the eight with savory. We're gonna make somewhat sorry that tomorrow the same reef. 10. Shape the danish pastry: So will a star would spend our It's a classic old school Danish pastry with marzipan or almond cream. When I use only team today equal amounts of butter sugar off moment ground only. So you start right. We'll feel nice dollars in the middle. Think so? So now we're gonna close it Each cooler in the middle, President. - So now we're gonna make the chocolate. Once custom, you can buy Ready made a nice in the middle and the chocolate. You can use any chocolate you like. I like to use 50 50%. 55 You can use dog. You feel like white. You'll want to experiment. I get in the middle now. We're gonna close it. Just press it down. So you close like so so lost. One is the savory one. You can do whatever you like Tomatoes. What's the right investment? - My squeeze and then embezzle. So we're just gonna close one corner to the other, Get my stays. Nos So you want to put these on a baking tray? They covered them with a tea towel and late proof for two hours or until it stumbling. Size 11. Egg wash and prepare the danish pastry for baking: these two hours and approval or room temperature, you see the double size. Just watch them whole leg. We have a gentle because it's quite soft. Now. - If you want, you just put music. It's over. So the chocolate at some chopped hazelnuts you can use a woman's. You can use whatever you like academia, cashews up to just feeling that hazing flames and he wants. Then this Panella. You just create a deeper oh custard so and savory. Just gonna use some mixed tops. And that's ready to make 200 degrees 10 to 15 minutes until Golden Brown, depending on your men, So have a look and see when his golden it's ready. 12. Finish the Danish pastry with your favorite topping: you see the layers opened up a bit, which is gonna finish him off. I'm gonna put more chocolate the chocolate, because there's not enough chocolate. Of course. Uh, just melt some chocolate in the microwave just recently over, like a lot. You just did the whole thing. And being the chocolate coal spandau, I'm just gonna put some icing. It's just water. Nice action. - It's the same where he's ready. So one go free. Different pastries guaranteed to pressure. Found me. Uh, christmassy Still where you name it. It's, uh, nice and crunchy. Oh, this is like pizza. Danish against prosperity Ivory. Well, that's just money still.