Step By Step Guide How To Build A Six Figure, Passive Online Income With Kindle

Steven Smith, Internet Marketer

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10 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Why Publish on Kindle

    • What is Kindle

    • Choosing Your Niche

    • Non-Fiction vs Fiction

    • Books That Sell

    • Getting Content For Your Book

    • Formatting Your Book

    • Publishing Your Book

    • Marketing Your Book

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Why Kindle Is The Best Way To Get To A Passive, Six Figure Online Income…

  • There are no pre-requisites holding you back from getting started
  • You don’t need any prior online marketing experience to get big results with Kindle
  • You can have your first book up on Kindle earning you money within a matter of days
  • Kindle is big and getting bigger… NOW is the time to get started and create an income that can continue to pay you for many years to come
  • It’s very easy to get to a very nice six figure, passive income within just a few short months…

So, if Kindle is so easy, why isn’t everyone making a massive six figure income?

To Succeed With Kindle, You Must Consider Things Like…

  • Finding the right market to focus on…
  • Deciding what your books will be about…
  • Getting your book formatted correctly so that you can get it into the Kindle marketplace easily
  • Getting people to see your books and improving their visibility in the Kindle marketplace
  • How to scale up to a strong six figure income as quickly as possible…

Inside This Step-By-Step Guide, You’ll Discover…

  • How to get started with Kindle even if you’ve never made a penny online before…
  • Why NOW is the best time ever to get started and position yourself to make money for months and year in the future simple work that you do today…
  • How to choose the perfect niche to focus on when you’re getting started with Kindle
  • Why just any niche will not work, and the niches that you should NEVER focus on if you want to make the most money possible with Kindle
  • The things you must include in your book to interest your readers and make sure your book gets accepted into the Kindle marketplace
  • Don’t want to write your books? That’s not a problem… you’ll discover how to easily and affordably outsource the creation of your books…
  • The easy way to get content for your books… when you follow this simple blueprint, you’ll have your first book up within days
  • The Kindle Format 8 and why it’s important that you become an expert at this…
  • How to create your book’s listing and cover image for the maximum exposure and sales on Kindle
  • Why pricing is one of the biggest factors to your success and failure on Kindle… you’ll discover the pricing strategy that works the best and what you should avoid…
  • How to successfully market your Kindle book for increased traffic, attention, and more sales
  • Plus, a whole lot more…





Steven Smith

Internet Marketer

Learn how to publish on kindle, generate targeted traffic and make passive income with my classes.