Step By Step Course On How To Setup A VPS And Host A Website On It - Learn More Now | Jay Martin | Skillshare

Step By Step Course On How To Setup A VPS And Host A Website On It - Learn More Now

Jay Martin, One Man Band. Digital Media Specialist

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10 Videos (30m)
    • Intro

    • Picking A VPS

    • Buying A VPS

    • SSH Client

    • Installing Webhost Part 1

    • Installing Webhost Part 2

    • Installing Webscripts Part 1

    • Installing Webscripts Part 2

    • How to Host A Website

    • Installing Wordpress


About This Class

I am making this class for a complete newbie to follow on how to run a website on a VPS.There are lot of people who are slaves to shared hosting because it is more convenient (easy to manage) and cheap ($2-3). The disadvantages for using shared hosting for any kind of site are huge, but I will only mention the most important ones:

  • Slow website loading speed
  • Shared IP
  • Not enough resources and lack of control

You are very limited with the resources and if you have sudden spikes of visitors your site might go down or suspended for overusing resources. Also the lack of controls, some application need you to install files in the actual server that your shared hosting will certainly not allow.

The benefits of your own VPS hosting are:

  • Speed
  • You own dedicated IP
  • Full control over everything
  • I can't even compare how much more resources you will have VS shared as the difference is huge.

So in this course which literally every newbie can follow I will be going over... 

  • Buying a VPS
  • Installing an OS
  • SSH client
  • The installation of a Web Hosting  Panel
  • Installing a file manager and web scripts installer (wordpress, joomla, etc.)
  • How to host a website





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Jay Martin

One Man Band. Digital Media Specialist

I started off as a Payroll Analyst and was put on unemployment, so after hearing the phrase "You can make money while you sleep" I turned to the internet. After I struggled for what felt like forever, something finally clicked. Since then I've generated Over 5 figures and am quickly aiming to hit 6 figures and beyond with digital marketing.

So Join Me as I teach and inspire entrepreneurs and curious onlookers to help them move forward in business and in life.

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