Step 3: Art for beginners -Project the motif and make it stand out. | "Pop Art Diva" Mille Maj Egbo | Skillshare

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Step 3: Art for beginners -Project the motif and make it stand out.

teacher avatar "Pop Art Diva" Mille Maj Egbo, Danish artist teaching modern art :-)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. How to chose your motif

    • 2. Get the motif on your canvas - projecting

    • 3. How to make the motiv stand out

    • 4. Shadow techniques

    • 5. Last touch, making it perfect.

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About This Class

If you love to paint, play and explore possibilities on a canvas, then art with a projector is definitely for you.

It is both fun and exciting to play with the techniques I teach you here and they give you endless possibilities to create your own completely unique art.

Create amazing paintings with personal photos, motifs, messages or anything else that you can either sell or that you can give as a gift to family and friends. Who will love you for life and be deeply grateful.

The possibilities are endless in this universe that I want to take you into.


In this course you will learn:

  • to find the right motive for your background
  • to position your motif correctly and pay attention to detail
  • to pull your motif out of the father background so it becomes more vivid
  • to create shadows and life in your motif, in an easy way that everyone can participate in
  • To have a personal message or quote highlighted and adapted to the rest of your painting.

If you also want to learn how to make the background as I have used here, then you can see my course: Step 1: Creating Amazing Paintings: starting with the background.

In that course I'll will teach you how to paint this beautiful background.

All you need to attend this course is:

  • An IT projector or an old overhead projector
  • Motif - if you have no ideas, you can always find on the internet
  • Posca pen or another pen with acrylic paint
  • Paint - white/black
  • Paint brush
  • Canvas of your choice

That is all. You are now ready to create your own unique and amazing art - see you in there.

Just to show you another idea for your imagination - here is the same background with another motif - just for fun.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

"Pop Art Diva" Mille Maj Egbo

Danish artist teaching modern art :-)




Hello Beautiful Creative YOU! And welcome to my profile.
- I'm super glad you found your way in here :-)


Maybe you wanted for a long time, to get started with the painting but you've  told yourself that you do not have the right talent? You do, I know. Trust me...... Maybe you have wandered around between style types without really finding your expression in this world with a fantasillion possibilities. I help you find the special in you. Maybe you have been painting for many years but you got bored? You need a helping hand that supports and guides you in finding new inspiration, letting go of old habits and jumping into new artistic adventures. 

Nomather what the reason is for ... See full profile

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3. How to make the motiv stand out: Now I have to make the shadows and I do that with a very stiff old brush. It should be half drive paint so that I can scratch the shadows on. I do not know how to say that in English, but you will see it in a little while. I get some black and some white paint on my plate here so that I can turn my shadows along the way if I want to make sure most of the paint is dried off the brush before putting it on your canvas. We only want shadows here, not opaque paint. Startup place where it's not so important if it gets too dark. I do this so that I can sense how much color areas on the brush. You can also do this on a practice Canvas or on a piece of cardboard if you prefer. It's all about getting the paint off the brush. Along the way. It's a good idea to get in front of the projector so you can see what it looks like, even though it does not look very good right now, you just have to keep on working on it. It's just about getting the shadows done. It does not have to be perfect. When you master this technique, you can make so many other exciting paintings. Again, a standard front. And I think I probably made it just a little bit too dark. There's too much paint on the brush. So then I started to tone it a little light with the white paint. I work fast and let the brush do the work. I do not put any pressure on the brush at all. It just dances across the canvas. It takes some time to practice and to be a little bit sloppy and not worry too much about whether it will be perfect or not. I'll see you in the next video. 4. Shadow techniques: Before I continue to make the shadows are just fun to give it some more white and some places where I think it is missing to create more calm so that you better can see the shadows and the contrast now are just continue working with my shadows. As on the other side, I worked twice over the same place. If I think there is a lack of depth and contrast. Now I just carry on with my shadows until I'm satisfied with the expression I have created. 5. Last touch, making it perfect. : I've drawn a text that I have chosen the same way that I drew the angel. Just draw the outline of the text with the black Posca pen. And now I have to fill it in with some color and paint with black ink here, but it might not have been up like acrylic paint. You can use both. If you have the option of getting hold of a flute color or ink, and it's easier to paint with because it's more liquid than the acrylic paint and that flow better into the structure of the Canvas. I like that it looks handmade and with the farmer had chosen and not have to paint exactly within the lines. It's your painting. You can do with it except to what you want. That's the beauty of art. You should do what? And it looks cool. That's the beauty of painting your own are no rules. Just have fun. Play with your background and your taste. And make both yourself and others having with personal amazing and colorful paintings. With these techniques, you can make the most amazing paintings for family, friends and to sell if you want. I will come up with more movies over time, which we'll show you exactly how easily you can make your own art that really touches others. When you make art with the techniques or teacher, it is only your imagination that sets the limits. It's amazing what you can do with it. You can get some really cool results. This is only the beginning of what I can teach you if you are willing, if you want to join me on the journey, follow my profile so that you don't amaze future videos that teach you even more. Everyone can be here, even you, things that you are not created and who thank you. Cannot paint. You can, you just have to learn the right techniques? I'm here for you. So share your projects here on the page so others can be inspired by your paintings. See you, and I'm looking forward to seeing your projects. I have decided to draw a white line around my quote. The white line causes detect two step more into character. And at the same time It's moves THE, a little bit. In addition, it makes it takes pump out of the picture a little bit. It could also have been with the yellow, a green, a blue one, or a pink pen. It's totally up to you. I use a thin marker so that my clock gets pulled out of the background. Nothing else. If you do not already know posture, they must first be pressed so that the painting comes out into the tube. It can sometimes take a while to get it out. Now, RON, right in line, I could also have drawn as a shadow. So I only drew some of the sides or maybe on the top so they look like snow. Yes, there are many possibilities. The white band makes my job more visible and I think there is a greater connection between quote, an image as the white-collar is drag down. Now you just have to finish drawing. Remember to press more paint into your tip along the way so that the color is continuous. When your pen starts to run dry. It's not at all pink in the color. And made a few mistakes along the way. But you can easily fix that with the black color, so no one will notice. So don't panic if you make more mistakes, just carry on. Now I'm done with this painting. I'm looking forward to make more videos and teaching even more of my funny techniques. I've been painting for many, many years and I have developed a lot of techniques and I have had a lot of fun. I hope you will have just as much fun as I did this way or painting, have so many options and so many possibilities. And I really hope you enjoyed following me along the way. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects. I see you in my next video. Bye for now.