Stencils on Skateboards: Customize Your Own Board

Leitha Matz, Maker

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Customize a Skateboard

    • 2. Preparing an Old Board

    • 3. Create Your Design

    • 4. Finishing The Board

    • 5. Test Ride


Project Description

In this class, I'm going to show you how to print on a more challenging surface. Skateboards have a bit of curve to them, so we're going to make good use of masking tape to define the areas of the surface.

Things you'll need to renovate an old skateboard:

  • Old skateboard (You can find these at yard sales. I found mine by the trash.)
  • 2-3 sheets rough-grit sandpaper (200 is good) OR a power sander
  • Outdoor space to work
  • Spray Paint & Clear Coat (I used one paint color, but you may want more.)

You can also just buy a blank deck and start from there. So whether you've prepared an old board or are ready to use a new board, you will need:

  • Your Design (You may want to print it multiple times if you have several layers.)
  • Masking Tape/Painter's Tape
  • Sharp Exacto Knife/Utility Knife/Razorblade
  • Newspaper/Scrap Paper (for protecting your work surface)
  • Paint for Your Design (your choice on how many colors you want)

I'm using my board as a skateboard rather than hanging it on the wall, so I finished it off with fresh grip tape, trucks and wheels.

If you don't already have these supplies, you'll need trucks and wheels. Check your local skate shop. These things usually come as a kit, and if you talk to the employees, they should be able to hook you up with the right wheels for your board you have and the way you want to use it:

Wheel Kit:

  • 4 wheels (Use all the same type/size... don't mix-and-match.)
  • 8 bearings
  • 4 speed washers/spacers

Truck Kit:

  • 2 x Riser Pads (These go under the trucks)
  • 8 x Nylon Locknuts
  • 8, 2" Philips Screws
  • 8 Axel Washers
  • 4 Axel Nuts

You'll also need a Philips-head screwdriver and a skate tool or a crescent wrench/pliers.

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