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Stencils: How To Create and Cut Your Own Stencils

teacher avatar "Pop Art Diva" Mille Maj Egbo, Danish artist teaching modern art :-)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro til stencil kursus med engelsk tale

    • 2. Set up the alphabet in the font you like.

    • 3. Print out the letters and start cutting

    • 4. Free fonts = freedom

    • 5. Make stencils in any font you like

    • 6. Stencils klip 5 engelsk tale

    • 7. Now the funny part - playing with the stencil

    • 8. More rustic fonts - playing on with it.

    • 9. Reverse effect with the stencil

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About This Class


If you like to make your own art and you would like to be able to send a message, write personal notes or make personal gifts with art, then this class is for you.

How to make your own stencils and get the freedom to chose your own stencil designs.

In this course I will show you a lot of different options with stencils.

Everything from:

  • Setup in word
  • How to print and on what paper
  • Cutting your own stencils out
  • Repair stencils if they break
  • A LOT of ideas on how¬†to play with stencils and create cool effects.

When you finish this course, you will know how to make your own stencils with exactly the fonts you want to use.
You will learn how to take any font and make it coherent so you can use it again and again in your paintings.

It gives you a huge freedom to choose texts, words and quotes YOU want in your paintings :-)

The difference between buying stencils and making them yourself.

The cheap plastic stencils are fine. But if you want to write a message or put on a date on a personal painting, the letters are so close together, and you need to write one letter, vash it and dry it, then the next letter and so on. Then a quote might take you 3 days to make. 

In this course i teach you to do your own quotes, alphabets and words, in any font you like.

The plastic stencils with alphabet can be funny in the background as you see here.


But as you see here, one off my students here in Denmark, made her own stencils for this personal painting to her girlfriend. You can use them for dates, names, and a lot of other stuff :-)


Here is another example of a student of mine - she takes it to the next level. Stencils is for everyone. If you can manage a cutting knife, word and you know how to print from your computer - your good to go.


All you need is an text altering program, a printer, paper, a cutting knife and a cutting board.

I look forward to seeing your projects and what stencils you make under the project section.

Have fun with it...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

"Pop Art Diva" Mille Maj Egbo

Danish artist teaching modern art :-)




Hello Beautiful Creative YOU! And welcome to my profile.
- I'm super glad you found your way in here :-)


Maybe you wanted for a long time, to get started with the painting but you've  told yourself that you do not have the right talent? You do, I know. Trust me...... Maybe you have wandered around between style types without really finding your expression in this world with a fantasillion possibilities. I help you find the special in you. Maybe you have been painting for many years but you got bored? You need a helping hand that supports and guides you in finding new inspiration, letting go of old habits and jumping into new artistic adventures. 

Nomather what the reason is for ... See full profile

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1. Intro til stencil kursus med engelsk tale: Hi there and welcome to this course instances. In this course I will teach you how to set up your own stencils in your text editing program. I'll teach you how to make your own alphabets, tensors, and cool words in all types of funds. Once you've made your first answer, I'll give you some super cool ideas on how to make your own rustic texts, quotes, birthdays, or other personal messages that you can use in your personal paintings. I want to encourage you to start with a single word or two and then uploaded for feedback during projects. I have deliberately not made templates you can use as I want you to find a font that you really like. Remember that I'm always here to help you through so that you get success with your project. The other thing that you need to make your own amazing stencils is it takes processing program that Brenda and I have a cutting mat and some thick paper. I prefer paper that has a coding. It means that the paper does not absorb as much paint. But otherwise, the many thin coats of paint you will use over time will happen. The paper I have ever been stencils I use ten years after I made them. They take some time to make, but they are definitely worthy of it. I look forward to seeing your projects and cools tensors. Bye for now. 2. Set up the alphabet in the font you like.: Hi there. In this clip, I'll show you how you can make your own stencils with the fonts tensile, the fund stencil is made to be cut out. I will show you later how you can easily use other fonts as well. Here I just used the program word, but you can use other word processing programs as well. The stencil font is usually in all of the programs, start by selecting stances on the funds minus at the top as I have been using it recently. But otherwise you will find it Andres under Layout, isolate landscape paper so I can see how much base my letters are using of the page. I'm sorry, The program is a little older and it's in Danish, but I'm sure you understand the idea behind it. Now select the size of later and make it a little bigger than type that into a mock data and then play with the size. Now just write the rest of the alphabet and then we can adjust the size later. Some lead us are larger than others. For example, we have a 0 in Denmark if you have lead us that are larger than the others, just let them have one side to themselves and list it can be two next to each other. When you have to lead us in the size you want, you just print them out. I print on a slightly thicker paper that has a coating on it. This means that the paper does not bulge of the paint. Not that is a problem because if you use the layers of paint, the paper will get thicker with time and they will last for a very long time. You can also give them thin coat of spray lacquer, but I've never done that. It's a big job to make them, but they also last for a long time and you save a lot of money by doing it yourself. And you also have the freedom to choose the size and the font type you like to use. 3. Print out the letters and start cutting: Now I've printed out my letters. These are a little bigger than the ones you saw me setup before. It's a good idea to have several sizes. A cut off some of the excess paper on the side. But I do not cut off at top or the bottom as the distance is the same. It will help me in the future when I have to use them in terms of making things then straight. For example, when you need to use them to make text, you can put masking tape on your subject and then put the letters in a straight line. Therefore, the distance at the bottom must always be the same. So never caught anything off here. Here I have some that are a little smaller. There is a lot of excess paper at the bottom. I could have set my margin in the word processing program, but I forgot. Therefore, I have to measure it up before I cut the bottom of so I'm sure that they all have the same centimeters to the H. I start by cutting out my letters while I have some paper to hold onto, I will not cut off the excess paper until later. Now you need to start coding. I use a regular cutting knife. You need to find one that you think fits well in your hand because you need to use it for a very long time, then you just start to make the job a little easier on yourself. You can choose to use a rule of the long straight sides. One of metal is preferable because caught into it, but I like the transparent one so that I can see where I place it. Whatever you choose. A great help. Now I finished cutting out all of my letters and now I'll trim off the edges are used paper code for that. If you do not have a paper cutter, you can just use your ruler again. It will work just fine. Now just trim up the sides. You don't meet the same distance on each side of the letter. It doesn't matter. It's only in the bottom that it's important. 4. Free fonts = freedom: In this tinsel I imagined that I'm going to paint with some children. Therefore, I have chosen to use the word What's up. But of course, you can choose anything you like. It's totally up to you when you do your own stencils. That's the cool part of this. Once you have selected your text, find out what your setup should be like. I would like this density to be on an A4 page. You can then choose whether it should be a single line or whether you want to lines. In this case, I choose two lines, choose to fill up the page. Now you need to choose which one you want to use. You should probably not choose one that is touristic as it will be very difficult to cut it out. I choose simple ones, but again, I have the freedom to choose whatever I like. So if you are very good with the knife, of course, you can choose one that is difficult. But if you're not, choose a simple one, if we just look at the front stencil again, then you can see that there's a passage The makes it stick together when it is cut out. If you just look at a regular font, then you can see that the hole in the middle will fall off when we cut up the black. Therefore, we need to make a bridge so that the middle does not fall out. I'll show you this one I just found the font that I want to use. Now, go explore your different fonts on your computer. By the way, I have downloaded a lot of free fonts to my computer. You just google Free Fonts, download them and install them. There are so many possibilities. And the more you download, the more freedom you have to choose. And you can really make some very cool stuff. So just try to Google free fonts and then see what you can find and download and install it. Now I've chosen this font, since I have to use it for children. I think it's very suitable. Non gone to print it out on paper that is 160 to 200 grams. You need to try out your printer to see what it will print on. Some can take thicker paper than others. The thicker the better hand. If you can find paper with a coating that will be even better. 5. Make stencils in any font you like: Now I have my printed stencil. If I start cutting out the black Mao than the bubble in the middle will fall out. That's why we need to build some bridges, just like you see in the stencil font, will need the lead us to be coherent and you can do that in many different ways. I prefer to do it inside at the edge as I think that looks the nicest, if you like it better in a different way, you can do that. I use a white marker as the background is white. This way, I won't be confused when I start cutting it out. If you are printing out on a different color of paper, for instance, yellow, then you can use a yellow marble, blue paper, blue marker and so on. Remember, when you start cutting out, it is only the black you need to cut away. I will I will show you later if you make a mistake how to fix it. Now just cut along the black edges. With this technique, you have the, you have the ability to make alphabet stencils in all the fonts you like, just like the alphabet we made in the fonts denser. It gives you huge freedom to choose what you want in the future. It takes a lot of work, but you will be happy with these tensions for many years to come. I still use mine on my courses in 2021, and they were made in 2012. They are still perfect and very usable. So a lot of work, but it's worth the effort. 6. Stencils klip 5 engelsk tale: Now in this video, I want to show you how you can use a stencil and do a lot of fun things with it. You can use it in the backgrounds of your paintings or as a message in your paintings, the possibilities are endless. Here I will first show you how to make a worn and rustic texts. First, we need to have some paint on the kitchen sponge. Be sure to death most of the paint off again, so that is semi dry otherwise, the paint can easily get under your steams. Better to dab with the semi dry sponge many times, then a very wet sponge once to prevent this from happening. Now start dabbing at that many times in very layers. When we make rustic text, it does not have to be perfect. It is meant to look more and you can achieve this in this way. Later on, I will show you how you could do it the other way around. As you can see now the color does not cover completely. You can play with it and give it more paint some places unless elsewhere, I give it more than I would normally do because I want to show you later on how you can make it even more rustic with the reverse effect. Now proceed until it looks like you would like it to. I would recommend you though, to see the rest of the course before you start. That way you get a better idea of the different options you have with this technique. Make sure that the flaps do not lift when you Dep, you may want to use a non-permanent glue spray on the back of your stencils. If you want to avoid this. This way, it would be stuck in all the vulnerable places as well. This is a very nice tool and I use it a lot on all of my stencils, especially if I need to mix tenses on my walls, are used as non-permanent blue spray. It's a great tool. If you don't think your age is a sharp enough, then you can use a black pen with acrylic paint in it. Then you can put your pencil on your painting again. Make sure you put it the exact same. Make sure you put it the exact same place. And then you can draw the age that way your edges will be sharper. Another way you can use your senses, draw with your pen around the edge. That way you just get the outline of your leader. You cannot do this with the Expensive plastic stencils you buy because the pain from your pen will run under the stencil. The paper absorbs the paint, and therefore it is another adventures to make your own stanzas. So in addition to saving a lot of money on expensive stencils, you have both the advantage that you can choose exactly which patterns funds a quote you want, as well as the advantage of being able to use distances for many more purposes. 7. Now the funny part - playing with the stencil: Okay, Let's repair this. I put a piece of masking tape over the place I want to repair. This is the alternative to throwing it out and starting all over again. I put two pieces of tape on to make sure that it will last. Many might say that it would be easier to buy a cheap plastic stencils and save the time and energy you put into making your own. But if you take an alphabet stencil in plastic, for example, the letters are very close together and you have to constantly clean it if you want to make your own words, it often splash around with the paint underneath, and they're generally very difficult to use. This way you only use a piece of paper, some ink from the printer, and the time it took to cut it, then you can easily throw them away when you need something new. This is also one of the things I love about making my own dances. This and the freedom to choose the words that I want. Now it's as good as new and it can be used again. If you by accident ruined one of your own dentures, you can easily repair this the same way. Just put the tape on one side and then the other. And then you caught around while it has good at NYU and it can go for another few years. 8. More rustic fonts - playing on with it.: Now I'll show you how to make your letters even more rustic. First, I take a C-shaped spectra. We need to use the underside of it. So it's important that it has an angle. Then I'd take my background color as here is white. If I had painted green first, I would have taken the same green color to create this effect. Just be sure that the color you make this effect with is opaque. Because otherwise you will be able to see the black through and it will not look good. Remember, you can make this effect in your background or us and final effect, a scratch a little bit with the chip. And it is random where I hit with my spatula. Make sure you get the edges of your letters broken so that it looks like the paint has fallen off here. Finally, do not scrape the paint over as you paint will be too thin and it will not cover the black and it will not give the illusion of where on the edge. Remember to let your spatula do the work for you. If you think you're getting too much paint on, you can scratch some of it off again or take a sponge or a wet cloth to wipe it off. You can also, once it dries, it's dried, put your stencil back on and that with a little black paint. You can keep doing this effect back and forth. 9. Reverse effect with the stencil: Another funny effect I want to show you is the reverse effect. Once you have depth somewhere at the end, the paint is still wet on your stencil. You can turn it over and press the remaining colors of. It's a super bold effect that you can use in mixed media paintings or as a bolt background effect. It just makes it more fun that it might be mirrored. Now want to turn my stencil around and get the paint on the back. A good coat of paint is needed so that it does not have the time to dry. Do not bother to make it look nice right now. I just dab the paint on randomly. Or you can also make this effect when you have used spray paint. So now I turned my stencil over and then I take a clean piece of paper from which you make the pressure. Then you can make a higher pressure and you won't get paint on your fingers. And you will also get a very nice impression. Make sure suppress well and all over sudden you get all the paint off the paper. This will also make the whole word emerge. Just noticed that we have an imprint from the taper previous repaired our stencil with. This is a free effect which I think is really cool. Don't worry about getting paint of both sides of your stencil. It just makes it most different and thus better to use in the future.