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Steemit - How To Get Your Blog Article Into The Hot & Trending Section. Watch As I Do This & Results

teacher avatar Mark Furniss, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Mentor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 14 How To Get Your Article Into The Hot Trending Page

    • 2. 15 Promo Bot Results

    • 3. 16 Resteem Service

    • 4. 17 Steemblast

    • 5. 18 Resteemable

    • 6. 19 Results So Far

    • 7. 20 Results

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About This Class

Do you want to become a professional blogger or content creator?

Have you always been interested in creating content but not sure how and where to begin?

Or are you on Steemit and want to know how to increase your blog reach and get more people upvoting your content?

If so then this Steemit Cryptocurrency Course is for You. __________________________________________________________________________

Welcome To Steemit - Complete Course To Getting Your Content Seen.

⇉ You will get instant access to over 20+ Lectures and 2+ hours of HD content with lifetime access.

⇉ Have a watch of the promo video to see exactly what you will learn in this course from an Instructor that is on Steemit and currently doing everything I share in this course with you.


In this complete course you will learn exactly how to get paid to blog, like people’s content, share videos and more.

Even if you have no experience this course will show you step by step how to………….

  • Set Up Your Steemit Account
  • Cover Steemit and Steem basics.
  • How To Create Content & Get Maximum Exposure To It.
  • Use Other Platforms that integrate with Steemit.
  • Understand the pay-out system and how to withdraw to your account.
  • How to use free tools to get your content shared more.
  • Exactly how I get my articles in the HOT & TRENDING section.
  • Much more revelled in this course. 

Whenever I find something new that is working well on Steemit or the other platforms we look at in this course I will be updating the course at no additional cost to yourself.

Finally, In addition to the Udemy money back guarantee, you have my personal guarantee that you will learn something new and exciting in this course that will take your Steemit game to the next level. 

Thank you very much for reading this description and considering my course.

I wish you the best of luck.

Take Care.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Furniss

Digital Marketer, Blogger, Mentor


First of all, thank you for checking out my biography.

I decided to use a picture from my wedding day as it is important that you get to know and see me a bit better before investing in my courses. (Also it is in black and white :-) )

I have been earning online for over 10 years.

In this time I have been involved with and ran.....

Several eCommerce sites generating over £1,000,000 in sales. (Big head I know, but people like numbers)

Affiliate marketing - Niche sites and also blogs.

Paid advertisements and also PPC networks.

I currently work from home and run my businesses which include.....

Niche Sites, several blogs, social media consultancy and investing.

Everything I teach about I am currently doing or hav... See full profile

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1. 14 How To Get Your Article Into The Hot Trending Page: Okay, welcome back. So I should say here, I'm just going ahead and uploaded this video here on two D to one minute ago. And at this moment, I'm obviously we've got no birds, no comment on its currently add nothing. So I'm going to show you exactly how you can go ahead and use the the over officer for the promotion, which we sparkle in the supposed sparkle in the earlier video. So, first of all, I'm going to click on here, and this is going to give us that you are a link copious. Let's just highlight nous. And then when you go back over to Steamboat Trucker, I'm gonna have a lock similar from box, which we can go ahead and use to get on over this one. Here. Currently, there's 100 and six steam that you can go ahead on and put into this. So if you just have a look on here, click on details again. As it currently stands, you would get 55.86% back. However, obviously as the time goes down, this will obviously change If we have a look on what it was in the last round two, it was 63% on the last answer. Some people in lush room got very lucky. Indeed. We appreciate s so let's just go ahead now on show you exactly how you go ahead and use it . So I'm gonna click on here. Send bid. So this is my steam account. This is the amount of steam back dollars and then you put the u R l hear something personal . You are here and then click check. I'm submit on. Then all that's happening here is it's earning a in steam connect. And then we're gonna go ahead and click, OK, which basically means we're gonna verify this transaction. So from my account to appreciate with the barrel of the first our video or ask alone's go ahead and promotes and cocker signing so that there is no being successful. So let's just have a look at this is the baht. It's the appreciator bought, and then expert is going to be in eight minutes. So let's just go back over here now and click on my wallet so you can see here. My esteem dollars is currently $7 in 81. If a school down here let me just refresh that, because what we'll see in our wallet is that five steam back dollars has gone out to appreciator. So if you wanted to go ahead and do this with never bought On, like so many people, that was like this one here, purse promoter will do it in separate himself. Just double check to make sure that that this plenty of them steam in a year and steam bath dollars available because you don't want to be going ahead and pin more to get less. So, like on this one here, it's currently got value. Are too much suggested bid of two that you wouldn't want to go into this one here and promote parts for $5? Could you be straight Where into a negative? So let's just go on. So this one here, post kamata click on Send It So looking at this one here, purse promotes that you can see here has got minimum bid. It's five steamboat dollars as it's smart steam and the appreciator purse promoter and smart steam thes of the more popular ones targeted. They have a higher pale as well, for just click on here should load up farmers now. So click on here. Send bid from the past on the marlins. Uh, and then click on check and submit. This is just what you see here. Just refreshing. So once this is finished with, I'm gonna go ahead and just come Family, uh, come firm son in a gun. It does this for every single transaction, by the way, sir. Don't Don't worry about it. For every time you go ahead and click, send big. You do have to go for this process. So there you go. There's no being successful. 2. 15 Promo Bot Results: Okay, so let's not go on. Have a look at some results so far. So first of all, this was 28 minutes ago and the current pending pelvis, $14.38 times. So let's go with the steam box. Truck and Havelock, sir. Appreciator. This one here. This was the fastball that we used to go ahead and from our past. So those actions and click on details this was this is the cord round. So we want to look at the last round, which is here when I scroll down and find my using that. So here, fan. I want sir. That's it. And five steam back dollars. And at the time of when I said that to him, five steamboat dollars was worth $17 fall to nonsense. Andi s on the payment. We're gonna go ahead and get $25.26 back, Asta curation rights. So were sent in five steam but dollars. And this is what we're gonna get back from that five esteemed about dollars based on the prices of when we sent this over to them for the steam back dollars on also esteem. So it's no go over to to steam supply, which will? Tyler on the Ascoli currently is saying I'm Stephen, but bed $14.38. So its government here. So I've already played around with these sliders, so don't really roll out. So the sliders already it's up to the great price. This is the potential rewards. $14. 38. And then here's a breakdown. So this on left hand side is what I'm gonna get back. And that's what's going to the curator's on this side, sir, far. So, as you can see, I'm currently going to get back 5.39 steam back dollars on 1.35 steam power. So a total of 24 dollars and 16 cents and I was so the article, it's and we're gonna get back $14. So that's why, like in the past video, when we spoke about this price here, not a pair too much attention to it. So in terms of the steam track or something intend of the box and the trackers at this one here, it's actually don't well, faras So we've actually got a return on our investment, if you like. So we're actually gonna be getting back $24 when we originally put in $17. So we're gonna begin this return back, and then obviously it's split out between steam about dollars and steam power. So at this moment in time, if this article wasn't bottom going to get any more awards and generate any more income forward, this here is what we would prepared from using the steam trying something from using the appreciator boats. So, as you can see, this is just one of the ways to go ahead and try and get your article into the trend in section along with the purse, along with the read steam services on a couple of different ways. I'm gonna show you in the next video how you can go ahead and reach more people for free. So let's just go ahead and have a look in the trend in section for some of the different tongues. I give all this post. So this person, I put it in the steam it categories let's click on him and see if we've actually got in the hot section for this. So how in steam? It looks it, Yeah, there we asked you can see here We're hot and we're hot And deception here the steam it section I also put it into the crew toe Was it Cryptocurrency Crips out. Believe it was just crypt. So we'll scroll down, find critter. There it is. I'm looking for hot in this section. Yeah, right at the top Hot encrypt that we are And I also puts it in the news category. So, as you can see already just by going ahead. So surf out with views 10 esteem back dollars to the box services And that could manage to get us in the hot section on crypto. So a lot more people are gonna be going ahead and see in this here and once the roof steam services kicking as well. And then a couple of the free, different re steam 70 which I'll show you in the next video. You're gonna you're gonna see this number here, go open. We're also going to see the votes go up and hopefully we're also going to see our comments go up as well, sir. As you can see, by going ahead and using the steamboat tracker on also the re steam services, it's a really great way to go ahead and get more. People will connect your content on what will also do it If we just quickly go over to mind block, we'll have a look up my followers at this moment in time on. Then we'll have a look at their tomorrow just to see if we do indeed, go ahead and get some more followers on. My accounts are currently we are on. Don't worry about this. It is just loaded whenever the pages loaded up, it always shows no followers for a reason unless everyone's run them assault following me in the space of 30 minutes. 360 free followers. So we'll have a look at this number in the mind as well and see how this is doing, sir. That's it for this video. And in the next one, I will go ahead and show you a couple of different services that you can use for free to go ahead and get your rascal re seemed to different accounts 3. 16 Resteem Service: Okay, so next we're gonna go ahead and have a look at some re steam services. So there's one. There's one here that I use regularly. Huber. For you are you can see it's a week is giving me a weekly loyalty bonus field in its service. And basically what? These services, They were there. Go ahead and restrain your rascals, all of that followers. So, I mean, you can see here that this year is what people have sent to my account. So this one here from big Well here certainly 0.1 to go ahead and promote my parts. With him, he will restatements. Was 15,000 followers he guaranteed to a minimum of 75 or bus. Now you do get this all the time. I mean, you just show you my income Here. You can see here's one here, There's one. There's one over. This one here is Hugo for you. Then we've got big well and the honest like you just get them all the time. No, over the Paschal problems have played around with tested him. And there's only till that currently really go ahead and use. The 1st 1 is This one here called Hot Topic on the 2nd 1 is not human. 12. Sorry is Fugard for you here, as you can see. So an honest go ahead and get these guys are girls to go ahead and re seamless to that. Follow it. It's really simple. You would just school appear on you, would go here to steam dollars, some of them to accept steam. But the majority are staying dollars ill. It will tell you on that urge. So you just click on here and then click on transfer and then you would put in that they're using them so you can see here Cuba for you would just click on here The amount. So this one here is there a 10.5 state but dollars and then the member This is the girl to the article that you won't be steaming. So this he was the u R l to the ass clown steam at which links her. That's well, video on day tubes. Just click on the next Okay, sign and on a mistress takes a second and then it will go off. And then what will happen is you go for you will get this here? Is there a 0.5 steam back dollars with the member, which is the article man. And then he goes ahead, Are she goes ahead and re seems after all of that followers on then from that, you don't get more people looking at your article or your video, and you do indeed get moral virtue, get comments and also fingers crossed. You don't get followers as well. So that was Hugo for you. Didn't have one. Would you like to? You did well, which is a hot topic. And it's the same process. Except with this one here, you would transfer one steam back color. And if you just click on here, you can see it here. This one, he would re seem to 18,000 followers the guarantee a minimum of 45 overseas. So by using using these re steam services, it's another where along reviews in the box Other here, all of these with using these and also these re steam services, you pretty much guarantee and that guarantee and that you're going to get in the hot section at the very least and then once you in the hot section, this is where people come in and looking to try and go ahead and catch trending article before they become really popular and go into the trend in section. So that's it for this video and I shall see you in the next. 4. 17 Steemblast: Okay, so next I'm gonna show you a couple of free re steam services you can use. So the fastball is this foot here. It's called Steam Blast, Doc. Cough on. Blanca mentioned the previous video. Don't river. All of these different services in new barrels. I'm going into a follow these interim appealing for you, which is, uh, bottom for this video. And if you can't find it below the bottom of this video, then just go ahead and send me a message and Armel saw form out for you. So if you go back here, so we're grab your copy. I don't wanna go to steam blast dot com. And you just past you, You are well in here, and then click on the last off, and then it's just gonna two seconds a lot up, And then it will open up in a new page where he offers you the option to go ahead and donor net. If you wanted to economically go ahead and donate, you can drag and directed. You can drag this up to whatever you like. I'm not gonna donate this time because I donated on the last article Bar did. However, this is totally optionally. Don't have to donor. It just helps them. Meant in the server an increase their voting power. So it's entirely up to you. If you want to go ahead and Ondo Nets, then I tend to donate to them once every three or four articles. Just help this this service step because it is a good service and the do re steam 12 that followers. So again you get your content in front of my people. So, Teoh, finish on here. You just close our mother, and then we are done on Mark. So let me now, just go and have a look on there on here. Sorry. Let me just go over here and just trust We'll go ahead and found our currency. If indeed it had actually being shared with all of the followers. And unity is normally done. We're within a couple of minutes. So just click on here State blast. You know this one here? Steam blast Storm glass wasn't it was nearly over an Amazon for us. I know we haven't let me go back. We don't want to go on about cadavers in because I Mazin definitely won't be share enough just yet, So let's go back here. Click on Steam Blust and all being well, our article should be on that a ***. So it's on steam blast every steam that their followers 5. 18 Resteemable: okay. And then the next Greece ever going to look, is this one here called Reese T Mobile unit here shows you exactly how it went. So you take any steam? It You are l You were a raise that get in So west the hedge T T P s. Are you sure that here, this bit here. So you just remove this year. Let's go back up here and then type Ari. What type, Ari. All right, and then click. Enter. So ari steamy dot com this past year. Click answer again. The same as thes steam box truck out on here. You can see again. You can go ahead on offer donation on DSanders. But I mentioned lost video. I don't go ahead and donate for every single time I use this service. So let me just click on close, and then we'll go with their account here. The Reese T Mobile. It comes up. Click on here and then all being well, a radical should feature on the Borg feed as well. Sir. Let's just have a look at this yet. There you go. So? So if someone's actually distribute that service straight afterwards, so just drive this down for you. So you're going to see here? This is the ask all from Marburger on there actually reached theme in this too. 2929 followers. So again, by using this free service here on the of the pots Sorry, he was in this free service here on the over service that we should in the last video were actually going to be reaching over 3000 different people on the statement platform on this service here on the one with all time last video, the book Free and the buffalo as you've seen the buffalo quick and they're really simple to do so every time you go ahead and share, ask on steam it that I don't recommend that you go ahead and use birth for these services. And again, these both of their sense that will stop the steam blast on the re steam it the above Indeed, PdF for you. So that's it for this video. And I shall see you in the next 6. 19 Results So Far: Okay, so let's just do a quick recap on my rectum. Sir. Class, I'm going ahead and created a video on Day two and post on D Tube. And then that has obviously shared it from D to Bonds s steamer. We have then gone over to the steamboat trucker here, and we've used a couple of the box on here to go ahead and promote a rascal were then used steam Blast Onda also re steam a vault. And then we're also sent it off to Hugh humor for you, which is an another re steam service. No, sir. Far because of how much we've actually spent on here. We're not actually going to go ahead and get in a trend inception because, as we mentioned in an earlier video, you need to be having a pendant Palin deception of over $100 a lot of us and a lot of comment. If I wanted to go ahead and get the ascot in deception, then I would just go into this the steamed bok tracker on. Then I would just go through all these different box here and go ahead and get over what's from these and payoffs from leaves to go ahead and pushes open from $2025 where we currently are now into the 100 $100 plus section. To go ahead and get into the trend in section so predominates would appear in this section here it's all bears their own this figure here and obviously the old versus what? That I mean the verse, the efforts that you could have 1000 look box. But if the pending pale isn't over $100 then you're not gonna appear anywhere near the train inception. However, let's just click on here, so we'll call it only trend inception and news. And I've gone through okay and had a look. But we're not on here because I'm sleep. We're not any of these amounts on here. As you can see, 464 136. Scroll down a little favor. You can see all of these Pepsi at the role Well, over $100 expected, pal. So ana, exact ical if not going to appear in the trendy inception. However I do know it will be in the hot sections like Music Hall. I see. So you can see here. We're currently in spot number two on the on the news tag said this turkey in the news hot would currently place at number two if we're going to have a look in a different section. So that's gon have a looking that's looking to steam it, see where we are on that one. Yeah, so they were were in this one here on the This is the tax steamer. So we're currently in position currently in position number seven on their on For every time I've put into this at school, and I know for a fact I will be in the hot section. And it's against that trend interaction, obviously obviously to go but here and paying more balls to go ahead and get more overt on their, However, let's just go back over to the actual blood person and see exactly what the current pending payout is from the opus. And then what we'll do is we'll go ahead and stop this video for today, and then I'll come back to this video tomorrow and we'll continue tomorrow. So as it currently stands, this article here, which we did another has got pending pals of $25. 32. We've got 12 or bursts and three comments on. We're currently on 363 followers. So that's enough for this video. The next Delia will go ahead, and Hubble Car group, depending Powell Harmony of boats were on comments. And if indeed, we have gained Mart followers. So that's in the first video. Thank you very much for watching on National See you in the next fall. 7. 20 Results: Hello, everyone. And welcome back. So we know Buck into this at school here, So I'm gonna scroll down now and have a look how we are doing so just scroll over here first. This is what we ended last night on. So at 363 followers, the price to be paid out was $25. That's two on. We had 12 or much, sir. Now let's just go ahead and have a look warily. Until now. So when I want to 31 31 and we was on 25. 32. That's pretty much got nearly $6. Yeah. Which point wants to go in there and then we'll be $5.6 dollars up since last night were now sitting on 70 bar vote and last night was on 12 on. Finally, we had 363 followers last night. So just go here and have a look at the log and see well, wrong. So we was on 363 followers on went on 367 followers from the ask loaded yesterday. I've gone ahead and got four new followers on my profile and steam it, which is awesome. And if we just quickly have a look, So the current pending power is 31 30. Now, if we go with steam, supply will have a look how much we're actually going to get pat out. So I've already again played around with these. So the potential reward it's morning time is 31 31. And as you can see here, we're actually going toe get paired out $51 under faulty three cents. So, as you can say, it merely is worthwhile going ahead on using the steam box and also the steam re steam services on the free re steam services. Because no only were going ahead and we're getting more overt on a rascal. We're also getting more followers, but we're actually getting our article in the hot section, which is getting more of but on their farmers, which is increase in this pale. And like I mentioned in the last video, if we'd wanted to go ahead and get in the trending section, I want to go ahead and get on the trend in section then we couldn't spend mom on it, has boots this to take it from the hot section of Into the trend in section because usually when the trend in section to get into the trend in section you do needs have a lava but on the ulcer Ah, hi Dependent Pale on. We'll go into a couple of these articles on here. Size. You can see here, this one here $953. But if you just click on here and we'll scroll down to the ask A when this large up and guarantee every single article izing the trend in section uses the paired promotion box. So there we go. So this is the ask a lot. This person he has done, we just scroll down. It's an article about the up down steamer. There's not a lot of content in there, so we just got here. Click on bucks. As you can see, purse promoter Smart Steam told me. Well, Boomer on probable booster. All of these here, all indeed services on the the promotion bots, and it's the same for every article in their trending category. In order to go ahead and get in this category in the trending category, you just need to increase the amount that your pain to the box to go ahead and promote your pass to get into here and like, set some people like that the promotion. But some people don't. I passed my I do because I look at this as similar to Facebook's on Facebook when I'm promoting person on there and sharing from my different Boggs in order to get my ass cold on my Facebook person from our people. I have Sapir for that privilege, and it's exactly this them on steam and order to go ahead and get my article in the hot section and in front of my people. Then I used the box to go ahead and get in in here and then what he found. Obviously you going to start getting more people coming over to your blogger and following you on, then other in time. All being well, that's build up a following on statement where you don't need to go and use these former bots and re steam services to go ahead and get more people looking at your content. But for the time being, it's just it's just the way of Mactan er first. Now it's entirely up to you. You don't have to use these incentive. How much you end up getting is a payout and a reward. It completely depends. I mean, let me just go ahead and show you a couple of articles where I haven't paid for him to be promoted and shared on the steam mask off on the nowhere that the nowhere near the amount suppose that we have here, sir. I'll just scroll down and found a couple just to give you a couple of examples on here. Uh, this one here three tool to use on D tube and steamer. This article I will not promote this. Hence the lower power of $6.24 this one taken, say, 28 cents. So he's got 100 to avert. So this is being averted by a lot of people on the platform. But this is being bad. People without a lot of steam power to go ahead and increase this year. So this this one here wasn't promoted. This one here wasn't prevented. This one here was promoted again, not promoted, promoted. So, overall, in conclusion, I personally use that promotion services. I think they're a great way to go ahead and get more mark. People looking in concept on also get followers. So that's it for this video. Thank you very much. And I shall see you in the next war.