Steemit 101 - The Social Network That Pays You

Dragos Roua, Story teller, geek and ultrarunner.

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5 Videos (44m)
    • Steemit 101 Introduction

    • Steemit 101 What Is Steemit

    • Steemit 101 Where Is The Money Coming From

    • Steemit 101 What Are Witnesses

    • Steemit 101 Security on the Steemit ecosystem


About This Class is a blockchain-based social network. While still in beta, the project attracted a significant user base and it grew fast.

Although on the surface it looks just like a "normal" social network, like reddit or twitter, under the hood things are way more complicated.

As a matter of fact, Steemit has quite of a learning curve. Not only because it's blockchain based (how data is saved and retrieved is completely different here) but also because it generates rewards for people posting, rewards paid in a cryptocurrency called STEEM. Which obviously rises all kind of questions:

  • where does the money comes from?
  • is this revenue predictable?
  • what is the difference between posting and curation rewards?
  • what are witnesses?
  • why do you have to vote for witnesses?
  • what is Delegated Proof of Stake?

and so on.

This class aims at answering to all these questions and, on top of that, it gives a few hints about how to stay safe and protect your account.

A certain familiarity with the blockchain technology is required. Watching my other course, Blockchain 101, could be beneficial.

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This was a perfect length for understand how Steemit works. I'm looking forward to joining the community and seeing more of your tutorials! Thanks Dragos
No emotions, just pure theory and answering the question 'how...?' it actually works. Really good, because - short and fast course for getting acquainted with Steemit 'architecture'. Thanks Dragos!
Another brilliant course, thank you !!
Antony Northcutt

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Dragos Roua

Story teller, geek and ultrarunner.

Hello, I'm Dragos Roua. I'm a geek, a story teller and an ultra-runner. Kind of a mixed bag, if you think about it.

I learned to code in high school and then worked as a journalist for a few years, until I realized programming pays better. I even started my own online publishing company and sold it 9 years after. Then I became a digital nomad, freelancing, working from coffee shops or coworking spaces and exploring new and exciting technologies.

So I've been involved wit...

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