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Steemit 101 - The Social Network That Pays You

Dragos Roua, Story teller, geek and ultrarunner.

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5 Videos (44m)
    • Steemit 101 Introduction

    • Steemit 101 What Is Steemit

    • Steemit 101 Where Is The Money Coming From

    • Steemit 101 What Are Witnesses

    • Steemit 101 Security on the Steemit ecosystem


About This Class is a blockchain-based social network. While still in beta, the project attracted a significant user base and it grew fast.

Although on the surface it looks just like a "normal" social network, like reddit or twitter, under the hood things are way more complicated.

As a matter of fact, Steemit has quite of a learning curve. Not only because it's blockchain based (how data is saved and retrieved is completely different here) but also because it generates rewards for people posting, rewards paid in a cryptocurrency called STEEM. Which obviously rises all kind of questions:

  • where does the money comes from?
  • is this revenue predictable?
  • what is the difference between posting and curation rewards?
  • what are witnesses?
  • why do you have to vote for witnesses?
  • what is Delegated Proof of Stake?

and so on.

This class aims at answering to all these questions and, on top of that, it gives a few hints about how to stay safe and protect your account.

A certain familiarity with the blockchain technology is required. Watching my other course, Blockchain 101, could be beneficial.





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Dragos Roua

Story teller, geek and ultrarunner.

Hello, I'm Dragos Roua. I'm a geek, a story teller and an ultra-runner. Kind of a mixed bag, if you think about it.

I learned to code in high school and then worked as a journalist for a few years, until I realized programming pays better. I even started my own online publishing company and sold it 9 years after. Then I became a digital nomad, freelancing, working from coffee shops or coworking spaces and exploring new and exciting technologies.

So I've been involved wit...

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