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Steem and Steemit for Beginners

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27 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. I just bought 10 BTC of this cryptocurrency and am planning to become a top user

    • 2. Community equals value

    • 3. Data showing why this altcoin might be the most undervalued

    • 4. #1 feature making this cryptocurrency a 100x longer term investment

    • 5. I can now pay myself and others for helping me without it costing me anything!

    • 6. Is compound interest the 8th wonder of the world?

    • 7. How much money is my investment likely to earn in 3 years?

    • 8. Every month I am planning to invest another $1000!

    • 9. Examples investing $100 a month to $10,000 a month

    • 10. You will not believe what I get paid to do now!

    • 11. Transfering the money incorrectly could lead to a total loss

    • 12. The biggest risk is losing the wallet password

    • 13. What if the price drops?

    • 14. Cashing out, taxes, and user adoption

    • 15. Account creation

    • 16. Buying in with fiat currency such as USD or Bitcoin

    • 17. Funding the wallet from an exchange

    • 18. How to start earning

    • 19. Being active daily to bring the highest return in money, learning, and networking

    • 20. 1,000 new users in 24 hours?

    • 21. Ending and transitioning out of existing activities to make time for this

    • 22. Ideas for how to stay active and add value

    • 23. Organic search traffic will be the tipping point into viral growth

    • 24. Alternative my first pre sale cryptocurrency investment

    • 25. How to buy during the pre sale

    • 26. Who told me about this cryptocurrency first?

    • 27. Would you join me?


About This Class

Discover the potential value of Steem, a cryptocurrency I was really excited about in June 2017.  Since filming this course, I sold all the Steem I bought and only make automatic posts every day after seeing the limitations in the community's ability to accurately reward good content.


Jerry Banfield


1. I just bought 10 BTC of this cryptocurrency and am planning to become a top user: which crypto currency am I so excited about as of may 20th 2017 that I just made my biggest investment ever? 10 Bitcoin, which is about $20,000 now. I put that all into steam last night on bit Rex, and it actually is, went up about 500 to $1000 on bit Rex. Since I put it in 12 hours ago, I'm sharing this here with you so that you can buy it before I start relentlessly promoting it over and over all over the Internet. Just the way did with Desh. Except I hope steam has incredible long term value. I'm really excited about steam because it is a social media platform, which you might think, Oh God, another social media platform. Steam is really cool because it makes it easy and simple and transparent to earn money, not only posting on things but commenting as well. Now that is a gigantic leap ahead off other social media platforms that provides a clear reason to use steam, not Onley four individuals hoping to make money online, but for influencers who want to be able to monetize their influence like me, for example, when I invest my steam into what I'm going there, talk to you about shortly. It's when I power up my steam with steam power. I get huge voting power on steam or my vote counts for a lot because of my investment in the community. This makes it really attractive to investors. I'm so excited about steam because I'll show you it in action. Seeing is believing. Now look at this 900 these air new posts that people have made $900. This post is worth now. Technically, these air Peyton steam dollars, which actually by about two steam almost for a dollar right now. So this may actually be even worth more than that and then essentially earned you the other half in steam that you can power up. That gives you the ability to have a more influential vote. I'll explain more these details in minutes. For now. Simple terms. You see this post $924 posted six hours ago? Can you imagine making a post online that earned you $1000 almost in six hours? That's what's really cool about steam, and this is just the beginning. If steam or at the same level is Bitcoin in terms of market cap. If I show you the market cap on Bitcoin's 32 billion steam, by comparison, has about 10% of that. So if steam were at the market cap off Bitcoin you would need to add you would multiply by 100 to get to the market. Cap steam would payout creators and voters millions of dollars every single day. Now that is something that's absolutely incredible. That's something you would want to invest in early. I'm and to be able to earn a huge return on your initial investment already with just 100,000 user steam steam it dot com, where the Social Media website is hosted Behind steam. It has 100 plus 1000 users, and it already is paying out nearly $1000 for a post within six hours. But that's that's just one post. Look at all these other 1 800 for this, and these are all new posts now for May I post on Facebook? I put all these things in my blawg, and none of them make $500 or $300 or hardly anything unless I do something like cell of video course. This is really exciting because it provides a compelling reason for users not only to sign up, but you really want to bring your friends to. And that's what made Facebook we're signing up. You signed up on Facebook toe look up an ex girlfriend or ah, bold guy used to have a crush on or something, or maybe to see your kids. And then you are compelled to bring friends because bringing friends made your social media experience on Facebook more valuable steam offers that exact same opportunity. Now imagine this. You're making $100 a post on steam it you're gonna be telling all your friends about that. You're gonna be bringing your friends because your friends up voting your posts will help you bring mawr. Now, influencers like me, I can bring in probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of users to steam who then up vote my post to give me the ability to make thousands of dollars potentially on many of my post that I make. That's exciting now, on top of all that, in the short term, if you're just looking for a quick pump and dump, or you want to just make some quick money out of all the top currencies I've researched. Steam is one of the Onley ones that, actually in the middle of this gigantic crypto currency bubble, has not topped its market cap from before. The market cap is the total number available times the amount that it is worth. For example, Bitcoin has a market cap of over 30 billion currently because the prices of $1950 or so and then there's one points are there 16 million available supply so steam has not past. It's a market cap that it had a year ago. I think steam is ripe in the short term for a big pump and dump, so to speak, where investors on exchanges like Bit Rex go by a whole bunch of steam just to make some money and then sell it. Most of the currencies right now have been through a huge pump and dump phase recently, where investors have bought a ton of the currency and then started selling it to cash out their profits. Steam is one of the Onley top currencies that has not been through a huge pump and dump. Lately, I know the phrase is awful, but basically ah, huge wave of speculation and positivity Now. In the last few months, steam hez went up significantly. However, I think there's still more room to go up than down. That's why I went and purchased 10 Bitcoin last night off steam. And now, even just today, it's one up several $100. That's really exciting to me now the If you combine the short term potential with the long term potential, that's outstanding to me. Out of all these other currencies, none of them are that interactive to me to invest in right now because the prices are as high as they've ever been. Ah, general rule of investing. Now this. I'm no investor. I'm not a financial advisor, just a general rule of investing. I've learned you don't want to buy in the stuff when it's is high as this ever been. Now, sure, you could argue when Facebook was at $50 a share of the first time, it had never been hiring if you bought into it in up to 150 or something like that today. Now, sure, you can make money buying into things when they're up a Zayas possible. But where I've personally made the most money is buying things when they're not as high as they've been before. Steam is not as high as it's been before, and it's one of the Onley crypto currencies that air in the top that can say that right now , making for an outstanding short term and long term investment. In my opinion, on Lee, I have a master's degree in criminal in criminology, so I just play around with all these things online. I'm grateful that so I'm no financial professional. I got lucky. I was smart. However you want to put it, I put in 11,000 in the dash I sold. I made 75,000 and profit out of that. The one place I'm in choosing to put $20,000 is into steam. And then I put the rest in the bank to have a mortar balanced portfolio. Would you continue learning with me about why steam is amazing? Some of the features that I think makes team absolutely incredible ways to continue making steam by having steam and exactly how to get started buying steam right here in this course . Thank you for getting started. I hope this one first lecture makes it all worth it. And I'll continue sharing Maura with you in the course to make this even more valuable. Yeah. 2. Community equals value: where to me is clear proof of the value of steam. I'll show you this page right now, which is steam d dot com slash distribution. As you can see up on the upper left steam d dot com and then distribution. This shows the users that are currently signed up for steam and specifically steam it dot com account. That's 165,000 accounts of you can see down here. Now I just signed up for a steam it account myself on the recommendation of a friend, which I'll tell you more about in a minute. These accounts require both an email and a mobile phone verification, so these are much harder to create a fake account or bunch of duplicate accounts. And it's not attractive decree, fake or duplicate accounts, either. Whereas for Facebook, there's lots of advantages to doing that with steam. You want to essentially have all your eggs in one basket because you want your account to be as influential as possible. One influential account is worth a lot off Vache accounts essentially, and steam actually verifies each individual account before allowing sign up. It takes them a business day or so before you even get access to the website. There's 165,000 accounts like that. Not only that, but you can see the levels off the accounts and how many are active in the last 12 hours. For example, there's 4000 accounts active in the last 12 hours there, 6000 accounts active in the last 24 hours. Now that's really good. Data to me have those six plus 1000 daily users. Even on a weekend. It's Sunday. That's really good, and they're 16,000 active in the last seven days. These are the kind of metrics that give you a really good idea about the value of a website and these air fully transparent. Now, in the last 30 days 22,000 active accounts. That means this is in a very early stage, still, where there's relatively few active accounts compared to, say, the general population at the same time, this provides a clear indication of value in the community. And if you've got at least $5000 currently, the value of steam goes up and down significantly. If you've got, if you can get at least what is that? 482 steam. Currently, you can then be at this super user level, which, if you spend $500 to invest your at the super user level, and if you look at all accounts, there's only 2.5% of the whole website, if you by at least 500 steam and then you invest at the super user level. That's putting you in the top 3% of all years on the website. That's giving your votes. Ah, chance to be very influential. That means when you vote on a post your up vote helps whoever made the post earn money. Now that might not sound like much at first. Think about being able to help others earn money. When I make a pitch on my videos to say, Look, if you want to interact with me, sign up for a steam it dot com accountant comment on one of my posts. When I can up vote something the level I'm invested at, I have about 20,000 in today. That puts me up in the middle of the hero. In the superhero level, that means I'm in the top 1% of all users on the website without having even as soon as I transfer my steam over from an exchange. That means I get a very influential vote, which makes a very good sales pitch to get people to sign up. Why? If you post something that I like, I can essentially make you money by voting it up. If I vote something up, I believe, based on what I've read, it should be worth about 50 cents to a dollar in payout. For me to vote what you make up now, I only vote on so many things every day. But you see, the snowball effect of this is absolutely amazing. Not only that, but then I'm gonna show you so much more about this that makes all this exciting in terms of snowball effect. To me, this is one of the clearest indications of value. One of the reasons I sold my dash master known was the same reason I'm buying in esteem. Have value for an investment. You want users way. Why did Facebook pays billions of dollars for Instagram Because of the number of active users they have? This makes something that's not easily copied as well. There is, I've invested in one, which I'll talk about a little bit later. There's another website that has a similar concept to this that has an initial coin offering. And there's another currency, which also is trying to do the same thing In this particular market. Having users is something that can't be just duplicated. And this entire system is not something that could just easily be duplicated or adjusted to buy Facebook or existing social networks because their entire set up is based on essentially people interacting for free and then advertisers paying money. This set up is not something that can just be easily copied, and that makes it really valuable. Most of these other currencies are just a commodity in the sense that they're just something you might buy or sell something with their kind of just like money. But steam hasn't ah community, and to me, that's what makes it really valuable. This community and I would like to be claim my role in the community, and the amazing thing is, with steam you can just buy in. You can literally just pay your way into being one of them or influential users on the website now, the longer it's out, the more users there are, the less this will be an option. Currently, for $20,000 you can be one of the most influential users on the website. For $500 you can be one of the top 3% users on the website. For $50 you can be one of the top 10% of accounts now think about and then them longer your user, the mawr and more and more. You can essentially build your account's value just by using the website. How many places do you know where you could just It's that easy to just buy in on Facebook . I've spent $100,000 sure, I probably now I'm one of the top 1% accounts on Facebook. But I still have trouble making any money off of that where esteem you become a top 1% user . It becomes very easy then to help other people make money. And the more I'm able to help other people make money, it on Lee flows logically that I will receive the same in return. This is what's really exciting about steam. If they're FT. This many accounts have already signed up. This essentially, is the most difficult part of the process. If you look at most businesses and start ups getting the 1st 100,000 accounts signed up getting those first 5000 users who are active every day, that's the most challenging part from here. This is easy. It snowballs itself. This is why I'm so excited about steam. This is something the other crypto currencies can't just copy. They can't just add a feature like, for example, with Dash. There's new currencies like picks, for example, it essentially just copies and improves the basic features off dash, whereas steam. Even if you just copy the features of it, you can't just copy the users. That's why I'm really excited about this. That's what I think makes this an outstanding opportunity. That's why I've made the biggest investment off my life. Single in one thing in steam 3. Data showing why this altcoin might be the most undervalued: for steam. In my opinion as of May 22,017 the price is right today for steam, and that's why I've also invested so much right now. Even if the price goes down, that's fine. I will then continue buying Maurin Mawr Steam to level up my user account more and more on the website. What I think today, based on the date, I'm going to show you that the price is right today to get into steam. Now there's lots of other great currencies and lots of other opportunities to make money. I think steam offers some of the best potential today to actually get in and make money because of the price and the market cap and the value behind it. So let's I buy my own investment experience in the last 12 hours with steam, I put in about 9.9 Bitcoin. I'll show you the actual orders I've made. I'll show you everything in here because I believe in transparency. So I'll go minimized my face. Here them make some more room for this. So I've got 16,969 steam right now. You can see that right here in the upper right. That means if I look back at the user accounts I showed you before here and I take this one M v vest. So if I vest this amount of steam, that means I have a 40 level account which puts me in the top of the website, which that is an outstanding opportunity to me. So I've bought 16,969 steam and I'll scroll down and show you I paid for it. I paid between off three zeros to begin with and then 54 between 54 and 58 Bitcoin, My little bit of hesitation essentially in doing my research last night, buying a little bit. And I sold everything else I had to buy into steam there that the price went up significantly between there. So in the time in the 12 hours since I've bought it, the price has now risen up to 61 And that has given me I've got If I sold all of it today, if I take you to the value of my wallet if I sold it all right. Now, according to bit Rex, I've got about 10.5 Bitcoin and it was over 11 this morning. So this to me shows that there's an opportunity right now to grab steam because I think there's a huge upside to steam that hasn't been realized yet relative to some of these others. So that's exactly what I paid for steam. That's exactly how much I've bought. I'm grateful if I just cashed it out right now, I'd make something like $1000 or something like that in 12 hours, which I think is proof for the basic concept. But I think there's a lot more upside you might be viewing this, and the price might be significantly lower. Hire if the price is lower. I think that makes for an even Mawr attractive investment. I certainly would have been happy if the price was much lower when I bought in to give me even more steam. By then, the same user and I could have essentially been an even higher level user in the community with that much team. I'll show you also in these currencies on the top, something that stands out about steam. So one of the things that really sold me, I'm buying steam in particular, was the market cap off steam out of most all of these currencies here, there at the highest market cap they've ever been before. Bitcoin has never been this high. Ripple Ethereum, new economy movement, light coin dash. Ah, theory. Um, classic stellar lumens. These have all blown up their market cap. That means if you buy them, they're higher than they've ever been before. The amount of coin times, the price of the coin, it's higher than it's ever been before. And in my opinion, that's not a great investment, because you're essentially betting that it will go up even higher when if you're a high as you've ever been before, you're likely to come down from that. Now, if you look at the data, I'll just minimize my face here, toe. If you look at the data on steam, the market cap on steam is actually been significantly higher than it is right now. Now, by the time you see this, it may have changed. But the market cap currently on steam is 279 million. It's been up asshole high as 384 million. No, and that, to me, is a good indication off the potential. The price for per Bitcoin has been even higher than it is now. But Bitcoin was worth a lot less back then. Which, and so the price there were three. The price in terms of bit coin purse team has been assed high as 10 times what it is now. Bitcoin wasn't worth as much, and there weren't as many steam back then. But long story short, the market cap gives you a good idea of the amount available times the price Steam is one of the Onley currencies that has not topped its market cap already, which in my opinion, makes for an attractive investment opportunity that others will take a look at and take advantage of a swell. Now, by comparison, if you look at Bitcoin Bitcoin today is three is up to 32 billion. When it peaked before it was at 13 billion several years ago, Bitcoin is way over the top market cap it's ever been at. Now, if you look, some of these other currencies air much worse. If you look at Ripple, the highest market cap it had for most of its history was for a little bit higher than steam. 425 million. Today, Ripple is up to 13 billion. Now I know ripples got some great features. It has bank backing. That's great. But man, I don't want to invest when it's been when it's way, way, way, way, way higher than it's ever been before. That seems risky to me that just that it will go down a lot now. Same thing with the theory. Um ah, theory. Um, for a lot of the last year, the highest Ethereum had been No, it hadn't even cracked a 1,000,000,000 yet. And now theory ums up to 10 billion. That's 10 times higher. Again, it doesn't look like a good investment to me by comparison. Now, that doesn't mean it won't make some money. In my opinion, it just means there's more room toe lose than there is toe win. I could be wrong. There's things like Google stocks pretty much went straight up since the time is bought, but it's went up and down usually if you buy something at the highest it's ever been. In my opinion, you're taking the biggest risk doing that if you buy something and it's been higher in the past. There's a good opportunity, if you believe it's continuing, actually grow. For example, steam is certainly worth mawr as an entire market than it was last year. Therefore, the true value of it has went up at some point. The market cap will reflect that. Now, if you look new economy movements, same thing it the best it's done is something like 50 or so 1,000,000 all the sudden it's up to two billion as a market. That's wild to me. I again I am excited about new economy movement. But do I want to invest when it's at the top? No, Now light coin. This is a good example. Light coin hit its market cap. It was up to a $1,000,000,000 when Bitcoin and, like coin both spiked at the end of 2000 and 13 light coin was up to a $1,000,000,000 market cap. Now this is why this these other currencies aren't as attractive to me esteem to invest in . Now. Watch what happened a light coin after everyone pumped it up and got excited. Then it proceeded to drop down into a fraction 20 times less so a $1,000,000,000 market cap . It proceeded to drop down for over about a year here. It dropped down. If you divide by 20 the price was a dollar 67 from as high as $42. Now that's what happens with a big bubble now light coin. Today, the market cap is finally back up over what it was before. And that's why the market cap to me is a good indicator, because light coin at one point was a $1,000,000,000 market, and it has again reached it today, and it's reached it to the tune of $1.6 billion. To me, I like investing in things that have already had a huge market cap before, like light coin. Here to me is one of the more attractive investments. Currently, however, it's still up pretty high Now. If you look at Dash, for example, I just recently sold my dash this same issue with Dash Now Dash. It had been up to 50 million at one point when I bought into Dash over here. It was actually just a little bit higher of a market camp than it already been before, and then the market cap on dash went up something like 10 times, and then I've sold it because the likely trend is the same. All these called coins aren't sustainable. Many of these air just interchangeable. If you want an anonymous payment, there's not huge reasons why not to use Dash or Manero, for example. Each of them have up and downs, but they're kind of just a commodity in the sense that the community is not as much of an influence. The features are. And as new coins come out with features that are better than the existing ones, lots of these top corns are going to have the chance to be knocked out by newer competitors . So that's what to me if you look at these markets, Ah, Skip Ethereum Classic because it hasn't been around that long, stellar lumens. If you look at this one same thing here, the markets never been nearly as high. It's 1/2 1,000,000,000 today, and the market earlier had hardly ever even crossed over 20 1,000,000. So to me, this is what makes steam attractive. It's got a lot of up potential. I feel like it's undervalued compared to a lot of these other currencies, and it seems that other people are jumping on this right now, as well as other investors are looking all over and saying, Where can I put my money and make a profit? The higher the market cap gets on these other currencies, it continues to become more and more attractive to pull out of some of these other currencies in the try and jump in on one that could potentially get the very highest price increase. So I think steam today has a chance to have a big run on price, and that's why I bought into it, because I wanted to invest in it before all of the speculators come in and pour a whole bunch more money into it. And if the cost goes down, that's fine. I'm planning on putting thousands of dollars each month mawr into steam and continuing to promote steam and build my presence on steam. 4. #1 feature making this cryptocurrency a 100x longer term investment: what is the very best feature I think of steam that makes it outstanding for investment. The feature is called Steam Power. Now there's a 40 orders 44 page white paper here that explains this You're welcome to read . The whole thing is, I've read most of this white paper and reread several sections of it to make sure I understand it. I present this to you in a much shorter time Here. Basically, steam power allows you to vest your steam. In other words, to take the steam. You've want to power it up and to put it into a pool off similarly vested, empowered up steam. Now you might think, Well, why would I want to do that? What steam does as it produces more steam? Steam devotes 90% of the new steam produced goes back to our users in the pool. This beats a master node set up by a ton in dash, for example, and dash I bought into the dash master node because in dash, 45% off, the mining rewards from dash are paid out to master noteholders, which made for an outstanding return on investment because each week I would get paid about 1.8 dash, which at the current value is worth hundreds of dollars. Now esteem, it pays out 90% of the new steam created. That's double the same percentage in dash. It pays out 90% of the steam created back into users accounts who are steam powered, who have agreed to invest their steam in the future of steam and to essentially not withdraw it all at once. Now, the downside of steam power is that it takes you two years to withdraw your funds. This basically gives the steam community a foundation of capital that will not immediately be withdrawn. This rewards users who put their steam into this with the majority of steam created. This means that the majority of steam that's out there available to be traded on exchanges is a fraction off the total amount than that is held by users. This means there's not a lot of incentive or ability to all the sudden dump steam. Now, when you're looking at the prices of currencies going up and down, this is very good for stability. Now, sure, the traders on steam can power up the value of it. No don't use power up there. Juries confusing the traders can pump the value of steam up and down. So that literally I just refreshed my bit rex account and the value of my count went up point to Bitcoin in the time since I started this video into the time now so traders can pump the value of steam up and down. But this steam power means that if you buy your steam and hold it, you will keep getting mawr and mawr and more steam over time. And the earlier you buy in, the more compound interest sets in the steam that you've got from powering up gives you mawr steam to power up on. I believe I instead signs said I instead Einstein jury, edit this. No, this is the truth Straight out of my mouth. Einstein said something about compound interest being one of the eighth wonder of the world . If you really want to make money and you've read things like money, master the game and you've looked around and said, What can I do to consistently make ah good income using the money I have, you almost certainly have run into the idea of compound interest. Steam power provides an outstanding method for compound interest, with some of the similar limitations as the ability of a certificate of deposit or CD at the bank. Now the big difference with steam power and a certificate of deposit at the bank is this membership levels and activity. So when I dropped $20,000 into steam, I get an influential account on social media for that one that allows me to help other users make money. Now that's a really cool feature. What do I get when I give the bank a certificate of deposit? I don't get anything except a fairly certain promised that they'll give me back a relatively small amount of money versus what they've given me. Steam power means that I agree to essentially keep my steam and not withdraw it all at once . And in exchange, 90% of this I am invested in and getting 90% of the new steam produced collectively with everyone else who is powered up there steam. That's great news, because once you actually get a whole of a bunch of steam, all you really need to do is stick it into steam into your steam account. Power it up and then this should provide an ongoing capital on indefinitely. And if the value of steam goes up, this provides an exponential increase. Then if you power up your steam and the value of each team goes up, that is an amazing investment then. And that's what I look for the potential. I'm not investing 20,000 here because I'm hoping to make maybe 10 or 20,000. I'm investing 20,000 and steam because I want to make 200,000 $1,000,000. I want to make a huge return. I'm 30 Tuna. This is my retirement option. Essentially, this to me looks a really attractive for those exact features. Now, if you want to take money out once you've powered your steam up, you can just power down. For example, if you're a little short on cash, you can power down and start taking withdrawals out of your account each week. And then if you are, don't need the cash anymore. You can power back up and start getting back in on the rewards of being powered up that I've just described so makes it easy. If you have trouble saving and you find that you just put money in the bank, and if you invest in some other currencies liquid, you can just pull it out immediately, like I did with my dash master node. I, at the drop of a hat, decided to sell the whole thing, and they're immediately pulled it out. Steam power. If you've had trouble saving and you essentially want a system turn really good compound interest over time, you want a system where you can't just cashed your whole out account out at once where you can just take payments. This steam power system is, to me, a defining feature that when you combine it now individually, it's not anything super. But when you combine it with the user account level, when you combine it with earning money on the post, when you combine it with the current market value of it, this then to me starts to look like an investment that has 10 to 100 plus time. The potential off some of the other investments. That's why I'm so excited about it. And that's why I've shared what I think is the single best part of steam for being an investor. Steam power 5. I can now pay myself and others for helping me without it costing me anything!: One of the coolest features of steam is that once I've made this investment, I now I'm able to help other creators, including myself, earn money. Just buy up voting posts on the very first post. I up voted last night. My up vote was worth six dollars. Now that is absolutely incredible. My one vote. So that means I can essentially up vote my own posts for anywhere 5 to $10 a day. I cannot vote my own post. I can pay myself 5 to $10 a day just by voting up my own content. And that will also help it to get found by other people. Now, that is just an incredible feature. I'm going to show you how it works. Live here on a post. So I found this post really helpful today. So therefore, I want to up vote it. I'm literally going to click to pay the person that wrote it additional money. So it's got $15 in five cents in votes right now with this much steam as I have invested 17,000 steam power currently watch how much this person gets Now. I've already used up several votes. Last item and the votes reset every 24 hours or so to discourage just voting on a whole bunch of things, figuring that if you put a whole bunch of votes in than that'll do lower the value for everyone else, they don't want people just mass liking and mass voting. They want you to use your votes carefully. Now, if you you can also vote by percent and the more percent I vote essentially, the more I'm giving away of my ability to vote. So what do I want to do? Well, on my own postal vote 100% and then on other people's I've probably vote less. I don't have any my own post now, so I might as well vote and give this guy and up boat. So what I do, I'll click up, vote on it, and I will now vote up on it. That one vote. My one vote gave 85 cents in reward for this steam it guide. Now that, to me, is just amazing. My one little vote makes that much of a difference, and that is something that I can do. I can essentially give out 10 or $20 every day that I can continue to just vote on other people's posts. Now that is an amazing ability. I can go out and vote on any of these posts I can then make a clear sales pitch. Say, Hey, if you're following me and I see something helpful, you can go in the home team. I haven't hardly started following yet, but on the home feed, then if I've got friends I'm following, I can literally up vote my friends post that I like and get them paid every single day on steam it. Now that's an incredible reward for being able to invest. I it looks like based on the voting I've done in the 1st 24 hours, that I've currently got about 10 plus dollars I can vote with every day. That means three, almost $4000 a year. Currently, I can vote with now. How incredible is that I can give other people directly that make content that's helpful for me, and I can take a significant portion of that. When I create an article, I can vote that up. What better system? When I invest, I can literally pay myself and the more I continue to invest. The more I can continue to get paid, the more I can continue to get earned. This system just snowballs and snow balls like crazy. So I'm grateful today to have this to share with you. I'll show you a spread. She that puts all of this into amazing numbers. 6. Is compound interest the 8th wonder of the world?: Albert Einstein supposedly said that compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world . Those who understand it earn it and those who don't pay it. Compounding interest basically means that your interest earns interest. It's the opposite of what happens paying debt you essentially. If you don't pay your debt down, you can pay interest on the interest on your debt. When you're earning interest on interest, your money can grow really fast with steam. When you're powered up in steam power, you get about 2% a year interest on your steam power. Now that doesn't sound like much. You might say, I'll show you my spreadsheet. I'll show you all these numbers. So if a just on the interest alone, assuming the price stayed the same, I would make about. I invested 19,000 400 so dollars, which currently then earns about a dollar a day in interest Right now. Now that's not exciting at all. However, that might make me more money than putting into a certificate of deposit at the bank. If you put all these things, I'm showing you together, though you'll see there's something absolutely amazing that happens so steam power earns interest Now. If you read the right paper, the white paper explained, and much higher interest rate, you might see users from months ago talking about earning 1% interest. You may even see I'm if I missed editing it in this that I mentioned 1% somewhere else. Steam usedto have a 1% per day interest rate, but the problem was, they also had 100% yearly inflation rate as well. Now the yearly inflation rate is down to 9.5%. So that means there's Onley 9.5% more steam available than the year before. That means the price is not getting inflated that much. For example, in the early years of Bitcoin and many other currencies, they just mind a ton of the currency and gave it out all over the place, meaning that even if you bought a bunch in the beginning, they gave out so much more than what you had was worth much less unless you held onto it for a long time. So the steam inflation rate is set. The U. S government, for example, prints much more money than this, and the dollar still stays the same. So the steam inflation rate is set consistent at about 9.5% meaning that the price should actually go up relative to the U. S. Dollar over time. So let's look and do a little experiment. Let's say now the power of this is when you combine the steam price itself. So the steam prices, how much it costs and US dollars to buy one steam. So the steam power I've gotten here a powered up steam This first column is US dollars invested. The second columnist Steam Price. And then the third column over here is what I get. So the dollars invested, divided by the steam price equals esteem power. After I've powered it up, Then this is the interest, the steam power times Just long story short 52 thousands or so of a percent daily interest . And then this is the steam power, plus the interest. This is my new value in one day. Essentially is what I invest. And then the next day this is my starting value. Now, if I look at the steam price right now, I bought in at 1 13 the price a couple of days later is actually 1 17 So if the price goes up from 1 17 now, we've got something a lot different. I've got the price up here now. I instead off making just 2% interest. If you look, I've actually made from $19,000 invested. I have over $20,000 of steam today, so I've actually made about $700 in just one day. The steam price can fluctuate wildly, though, so some days it might go up. It could go down. A. So if it goes up to a then a dollar 20 which it's been up a Zayas a dollar 30 something lately. If it goes up to a dollar 20 then all the sudden I've made $1000 in just a few days. Now you might ask. Well, okay, what about over time? I would guess that the price of steam, especially with me promoting it, will steadily increase over time. And it may even decrease for a while, which provides a good opportunity to buy in. So let's say, every month the price of steam goes up 5%. I would say that's extremely conservative, and if I divide that in. I can actually make a little formula for this eso If I divide that in, If I want the steam price to go up 5% all I need to do is divide that 5% a month. So that's I think the steam price easily could go up 60% in one year. I think it's undervalued, but let's let's just say for the sake of argument, it goes up a little bit Over time. I'll show you what happens to the initial investment when combined with the compound interest, and then I'll show you. When you combine this with the curation rewards, it just gets crazy. 7. How much money is my investment likely to earn in 3 years?: what happens to this investment when the price of steam goes up, Steam has been as high as $4 and 30 cents before. So I'm going to start with is an ultra conservative example off three years, with the steam price increasing just 50% over that entire time? Because I thought my initial example. While you're going to complain about that all right, 50% over three years. That's very reasonable from the current price of a dollar. 13 cents. Given that the price can go up as much as it could go up a dollar in one day from speculation it's been is high as $4 before. There's no reason the average price can't be $2 for steam in three years. So here's what happens if the price of steam from today a dollar 13. Actually, it's keeps changing right while I make this right now. Now it's a dollar 22. Now it's a dollar 18. It goes back and forth. You see the price for this could go up to $10 or something. We'll cover that in a minute. So what happens to this initial 19,000 if the price goes up 50% over the period off three years. So I start with 19,400 in three years I have $35,000 that's on Lee. If the price is almost $2 and I don't put anything else in now, there's some much more amazing examples. I'll show you here of how this can work, but just in simplest terms, if you believe in steam based on what I've shared, I'm going to pump steam relentlessly, which I think that will help get the price up my efforts and other people's follow up from my efforts. I think that will drive the price up. I think steam could be as high as $10. Now, what if that happens? You obviously picture of a dozen grow. The price goes down would if it goes up to $10 in three years, which it absolutely could be. Now all I really need to do to do that I've put in 50% growth over five years and I've essentially put that in multiplying out. So what I'll do instead is multiplied by 1/2 percent of interest growth. Over here, I'll swap this formula out and see what happens. Let's see how high this goes while now that went a little out of control with it. So I'll put this down just a tad bit more. So how about we'll do this toe there? I'll try this formula and put it down. Let's get it. So it's at about $10 at the end here, so that later, let's say, $6 for love. Let's just say $6 on a steady growth from here in three years to $6 now steam is still relatively new. It's literally went up from a dollar 13 to $1. 22. Since I've been talking to you here and it was already $4 before, It's incredibly reasonable, given that they did inflation before and they're not doing inflation and all the currency excitement totally reasonable for it to be $6 for a steam in three years. Now look how much that's worth and I'll buy in bold this for the final value. That's my initial investment of $19,000 in three years. If the price of steam goes up to $6 for steam becomes worth 100 and $6000 with no further investment on my part. Now that's not even realistic because I'm going to continue to invest. Now, here's something absurd that happens. And I'm just going to put this in in simple terms for now to show you this is well, what this investment allows me to do is actually to continue investing in myself by liking my own content. So this essentially is an automatic $10 a day investment that I get without having actually put that in. Just by liking my own post, I give myself 10 more dollars a day between steam power and the steam dollars, which I can convert over to steam. Now, if I include that, this gets ridiculous. So if I put this in with having invested 10 more dollars a day and I'm not even going to account for the fact that as my account gets worth more my price of the postal worth more, this will be good enough without it. Now, look at this. If I come for the fact that I can like my own posts and the value of steam goes up assuming nothing else good happens, then the value of my investment goes up to $135,000. That's that is more than five times the return in three years. Now where else am I going to get that level of investment? Now here's the thing. What should actually happen is that my investment should continue to go up over time, the more my account becomes valuable. The mawr liking more people follow me. I should be able to make much more than $10 per day on my post. So what I will do here, I'll put in another quick formula. I'll go equals B two times. And then let's just say I get about I don't know what is a reasonable growth weight. I think a 1% per day growth rate is reasonable, so I should have done be three right here. Not be too so there. I think on average, my pulse should be worth 10% more day. Our 1% more day now that might get out of hand over 1000 days. Let's see how that yeah, now that that gets out of hand over 1000 days. But let's say in the beginning my pulse go up to about $20 then what I can do it simply reduce that. I can take that down. I can lower that down again. So let this to me is the most realistic example, so I can essentially hack that down so it doesn't get out of hand. So that's saying that then my post will grow much, much slower. So I think in three years, every so I should be able, like my own pulse to the tune of $55 a day. There's no reason. In three years of working on steam on average, my post shouldn't make $55 each. Now look at the investment, and I've tried to be conservative in many of these things, even up to this level, because the steam price could go to 10 or $20 esteem. My post could go to 100 or $200 each. Easily these, I think, are pretty conservative numbers in most aspects, according to the data I've seen. And that makes my investment in three years worth 10 times what it initially was. That gives me a gigantic influence on steam it dot com also and likely on anything that's built from it. That then allows me to start earning serious interest every day as well, even though 2% doesn't seem like much. If steam is worth $6 I'm getting one point some 16 a day, that means I'm getting close to $10 a day in interest at that point. So this is what I see the opportunity of steam in any of these factors that I've been a little conservative about, for example, the price increase if the price actually goes up even higher. So if the price goes up over time to, let's say the price, this should put the price to about $10 a day. If the price gets up to $10 in three years, completely reasonable, I could easily be looking at my investment being golf over $300,000. That is why I'm really excited about steam in terms of the numbers. What's most exciting about steam is the ability to build a community where people actually get rewarded for taking the time to read things and like the things that are the very best . That to me is the biggest opportunity here. Now, from a financial standpoint, this has huge potential, especially with me promoting it. I'd figure I do my part to get the value of steam up to $10 esteem. I easily should be getting 50 plus dollars a day. Now the mawr, The value of steam goes up, the more the rewards will be valuable that each creator, the more valuable steam is the more valuable getting steam is on a creator reward. So I think it's very possible I could be earning, ah, $1000 a post in three years as the value of steam goes up as I become more influential. And then if you put get numbers like that in, it just gets completely out of hand. So we're not even going to do that because this easily, if any of these systems are enhanced, this could just go crazy. Now I'll show you one more thing that could even make this go. Even Wilder 8. Every month I am planning to invest another $1000!: what I've shown so far assumed that that I wasn't going to put anything else in. Now that's not actually what I plan to do. What I plan to Dio is put about 30 more dollars a day averaged out to about $1000 a month in, so that makes it much different that way. If the price plummets one day, then I get a really good deal. Let's say the price takes a huge plunge. I can then essentially by a bunch more. And then when the price goes back up, I'll make great money off of that. This allows me to take advantage of the market going up and down. But for simplicity here, I'll just show it, putting the price in as it scales up to $10 for additional simplicity. I'm not going to count the content. Curation rewards because those are likely to snowball things out of calculation. Elrod, Ella Vince. That means it could get so good that calculating it would look ridiculous. Like if I'm making $1000 ah post and then $1000 a day getting reinvested, then the value would just be absurd at that point. So what I'll do instead of putting in the $10 for the content, Curation rewards what happens if I then continue investing on average like 900 1000 ish a month invested at $30 a day, My initials while the steam price on average continues to go up. So the by the end what happens with this? I've got something even with no content, Curation rewards figured in. If I put in 19,000 to start plus $30 a day, I've got something that's worth $300,000 it after three years now, how much have I invested total By this point, if I calculate, I will have put $52,000 in and I will have $307,000 I could take out along with a massive influence on the website, which should allow me to earn lots of content curation rewards. Now you might think. OK, well, Jerry, maybe I don't have $19,000 to start with. What if I want to start with less, I'll show you some examples, starting this out with less and then continuing to invest over time that I hope will be helpful for you 9. Examples investing $100 a month to $10,000 a month: Would you like me to go through some different examples now to show you how this whole system works with different amounts of money than whatever I'm putting him. I'll show you that right now to help you get an idea with the same spreadsheet. And then in the next video, I will give you won't be a video, but you'll build the download. This spreadsheets, you can play with it yourself. Now what if you want to start, just put 1000 a month in, and I say just that I couldn't have afforded that most of my life. So what if you want to start off and put $1000 in that will give you a steam account that's more influential than 90 plus percent of the accounts on the website that will allow you to do the whole cycle. I'm doing a voting my own content up earning. That will be plenty to start the snowball rolling. And if you keep putting 1000 a month in, how much do you think you're going tohave After three years? If you do the math real quick, it cost you a total investment of $36,000 now not counting any of the content. Curation rewards. Counting the price increase. I think it's likely to get to $10 in three years, given everything I know right now and my own investment in it. If you invest $1000 a month in three years, you'll have a steam account worth and you don't take any out and you don't even get any curation rewards. You have a steam it account worth $133,000 just by putting in $1000 a month. That's the magic of compound interest, plus investing in something early like steam before it gets to be mainstream. If something like this actually gets to be mainstream, the steam price could go. Something crazy could go to 20 $5100 for one steam. So I if you put in and it goes up to $10 then you're in really good shape. And if you put in ah, $100 So let's say you put in $100 you start off with $100 then you invest $3 a day. Let's look at that as an example instead, so if you just want to put ah $100 in. How much will you have in three years? If you put $100 in to begin and then $100 a month in which I've put in his $3 a day, you would have $13,000 in three years just by putting ah, $100 a month in now. To me, that would have been the best investment of my life. Up until the dash master node a few months ago, putting $100 a month in and having $13,000 in just three years. That's outstanding. And that's why I've shared this with you. Now, just putting $100 in will give you, um, or influential steam account than most users on the website. It will allow you to give yourself several cents every time you like your own post, which is more than most users conduce you on their own post. And if you're following me and we work together, there's no reason you couldn't earn probably a dollar a day on average for your content curation. So if you just figure that in real quick, if you put in 100 a month and you earn an average of a dollar a day. That's effectively a $4 investment. Then you've got $17,000 out of $100 a month in three years. You have $17,000 now. That's an outstanding investment opportunity, I think. No. Yes. Worst case scenario you could put in $100 a month. Esteem could completely crash and become worthless. Yes, you could have wasted so to speak, $3600 If, after three years you put in 100 a month at all of the sudden folded, sure that's possible. The idea with this is the potential gain is way higher than the potential loss You could lose $3600. Worst case scenario. Assuming you put in all the way right up till the end and then say, Let's say someone you lose your account or someone steals your account. Sure, you could lose $3600 if you never cashed out at all. The potential upside is $17,000 and it could actually be much higher than that, just putting in 100 a month. So I think this is an amazing opportunity told it will do another. I will do Ah higher example even let's say you bought in for $100,000 and you want to invest another $10,000 a month. Now let's say let's see how this adds up. Now, if you put in 100,000 to start, you would be one of the I think top, maybe 15 or 20 influential people on the website. I think you'd probably be able to give yourself anywhere from 20 to $100 a day in curation rewards. Your post would have the highest chance to go viral every single time. Now, look at this. If if this same scenario played out and you'd invested a total off 428,000 in If my math is correct on this, if I'm right about the value of steam after putting that much in, you would have turned in 400,000 to over $2 million. At which point you would also probably be one of, if not the number 12 top 10 users on the website able to probably earn thousands of dollars on every single post you make able to reach tons of people all over the world on steam it. Now that, to me, seems like an amazing investment at all different levels. Rather, you want to put in 100 a month and rather you want to do $3 a day. Or rather, I put in 20,000 almost to start. And I'm putting in 1000 Maura month. And if I can afford it, I'd like to put in 2000 month because the faster this builds, it just snowballs on top of itself. This is why this is so exciting. That data looks unbelievable for this. The opportunity is here today to invest in something that seems like it has an amazing potential for return Some of the very best things that could happen. Like if you look on some of these other currencies, they've went one up way more than steam. If you look at Ripple, for example, this has went a ripple used to be less than 1/2 so about 1/2 cent, and today it's 36 cents. In just a few months, it's one up to 36 cents. That's an increase in 70 times in value. Now the numbers just get ridiculous. If steam goes up 70 times in value. Let's just take a look and see what it looks like. If you put $100 in and the value goes up a lot, MAWR, then the numbers just get crazy. If it's actually $267 for a steam in three years, which is possible, that kind of growth has been seen on other currencies, and I'll be doing my part if it actually grows up that much. Your $100 a month in three years would be worth 100 and $73,000 to put in $100 a month. That is ridiculous. That's possible now. Sure, you could lose it. You could also get 170,000. I mean, that's crazy to me. And even if it's not that drastic and growth, let's put something just a little more pessimistic in there, even if the growth is really good. But it doesn't quite get up to that level. So let's put him put in a 1.3 there and go down and put in that Let's see how it looks $100 a month and the price goes up to $30 esteem. Ah, $100 a month at $30 esteem. In three years, you're looking at having $30,000. You're looking having a steam account that's worth a lot that's influential, and that can pay you out on every single post that you could cash out for $30,000 in three years with $100 a month. That looks a hell of a lot better to me than any retirement plan, and he stock to invest in any bonds that, to me, looks like the most lucrative investment. I am aware of anywhere, which is why I'm going in. I could be wrong, though I've shared some data, I think this exciting. I could be wrong. It could plummet, It could totally fall apart. And I website gay hacked. The world's full of possibilities, and I'm grateful I have the courage to go into something today knowing I could lose everything but knowing that I've got a lot more to gain than I have to lose 10. You will not believe what I get paid to do now!: Here's the most ridiculous and amazing thing about investing in steam. This is just hilarious. I'll show you exactly. I'm a paying myself to comment. Look, I just I made this comment before I voted it up in there. I just gave myself 32 cents by voting my comment up. Now I voted a bunch of times. I just gave another follower 25 cents for making a comment. So I start out here. Look, I vote my own comment up. Look, I just gave myself mawr. Just get I'm giving myself money voting my comments up. This is absurd. Look, now the Andre. Congratulations. Andre figured out just from my cryptic YouTube video yesterday steam and found my account and made a comment. Now, look, I vote my own comment up to reply to Andre. I get 25 cents for clicking a button I can pay myself. I'd make it. When I make a comment, I can pay myself for it. It's just absurd. It's ridiculous. This is so cool. Now, look, if I go over here, here's This is just an awesome example. So I've got I see the Andre made this comment very nice work by Andre Figuring out from my cryptic YouTube video. Now I voted his comment up. He now gets 25 cents for posting that comment, half of which is given to him and steam dollars, half of which powers his steam account up so he can beam or influential when he votes on comments. This is like a superpower that I can anywhere that I can just vote these comments up like this. My own comments. I can vote them all up my own post. I can vote them all up and anyone who's following me when I go over to the home feed. I've only followed a couple people right now, but anyone who's following me, who posted a new story I can vote up, and if it's one of my first votes on a new post, I can actually vote several dollars in. This is just crazy. This is so cool. This is way cooler than Facebook. This is incredible to bring all these things together. This is a blogging platform that now it takes care of the most annoying thing in blogging. How to get paid. It makes it really simple, and you can see it's working for other people already. Look at this 1 $2000 for this post. This was posted yesterday. Can you imagine earning $2000 within 24 hours of posting? And it Z not the only person. These are all posts from different people earning hundreds of dollars. Now some of these have earned multiple. Some of these have been by the same people that these air just tons of people earning money , A posting on steam. If you go over the hot category, Look, this one has got $62 in 15 minutes. This 12 hours, it's gotten $216 then I can go over here and I really like the title of the Post. So it shows all these reasons why we haven't ran into alien life forms yet. Now, 53 minutes this guy just did, of opposed to $56. This is an incredible opportunity today. Which is why I'm telling you about it. To get in early on something like this and the earlier The more you earn, the more it just snowballs them or you invest the more you earn. This is crazy. Amazing. So thank you for learning about this with me. This is so cool. 11. Transfering the money incorrectly could lead to a total loss: thank you very much for continuing all the way into the risks section. I believe in full disclosure because what I'm showing you has huge potential risk. And I feel they need to be openly discussed put right in front of you so that you can see now what I've just been through is one of the big risks that you could have getting started . And I'll tell you exactly how to mitigate it. So what? I just did. I got a new transaction in my wallet here. I'm grateful I've sent all my steam successfully to my wallet. Now, one of the big risk is just messing up, sending your steam incorrectly to make sure you've got a system down pat. You follow the directions I give to make sure you stand the steam correctly. This also applies if you're buying Bitcoin or some other coin. Take initially, make the investment you need to send everything to the perfect address. Exactly. Is that supposed to be done? This is easy to test. Just do it on small transactions first. And if you're putting in a bunch of money like I am here with 20,000 what I did, I started with small transactions and continued to work my way up until I had absolute or nearly absolute confidence when I just sent on 9 $10,000 in one transaction I have was 99% sure I was doing it the right way. Just send on smaller transaction amounts, and then you can build upto higher and higher transaction amounts. That is one of the simplest risk you could before you even signed up for steam or right when you signed up. You can mess up sending things and you could lose your money that way, I hope showing you exactly how to buy and send it over to an exchange. If you need to buy somewhere else and then bring your steam on or by directly on the steam platform, I hope all of these air helpful to mitigate that risk for you. 12. The biggest risk is losing the wallet password: What is the next huge risk that I see with steam getting locked out of your own account? How stupid would I feel? I've probably felt this stupid before, but I was stupid. What I feel if I got locked out of my account with $20,000 esteem in it, especially if the steam was powered up and continued to be worth more and more. The password is no game. The password on a website like this is not like Facebook, where you can go in and reset your password if you lose it or bottom line. If you needed, you could walk into Facebook headquarters and get someone. Give them your government idea and get them to restore your account. This is a system where you lose access. You're done. That's it. You're not getting back in. It's all over. You need to make sure to have some system in place, a multi tiered system to keep not only the password safe, but also when you're in the wallet. These permissions need to be kept safe. Aziz. Well, these air keys that can be used if you lose your password. The keys can be used to restore your account you end in place of a password. These keys provide the opportunity to have another way to access your account. What I recommend is using something like last pass to keep password safe. I have that on my website. I've it A jury banfield dot com slash resource is I have a link to last pass on here. Secure online passwords on every device and a button to start free on it. This is what I used to secure my passwords. And that helps me Then, too. I don't have to remember every password, every website, my last past. The count has one password I can use is the master password and air five. For some reason. Lost access to that. I could get help getting that account restored. I think this is critical, because even for something just writing it down, you might lose it. I think there needs to be a multi tiered system with fail safe someplace. That also is not easy to hack. So this may require a comprehensive password audit a comprehensive look at your computer security system depending on how much you've gotten here now. Sure. If you don't care that much. You're starting an account where you're gonna put a few 100 in it. And while you wouldn't like to lose it, you do also not worth the effort to set that extra security up, I recommend take a long term view with this. If you start off with $100 I start up voting your posts and they get $5 teaching get really excited. It's much easier to set things up from the beginning in a way that works than it is to try and upgrade later on. Steam forces you to take this generated password when you sign up, which means if you're in the habit of just putting the same old eight letter password that you remember, and that's easy for people a guest, you're all of a sudden getting it handled this really long password, and you may not have a system set up, so I recommend have something you can use that is going to give you absolute confidence you will not lose access to the password. That, to me, is the biggest risk in this system based on my experience of life noticing. If someone's going to cause me a big problem, it's usually me and I see one of the worst things that could potentially happen in this whole system would be for me to lose access to my steam a come. So I'm even upgrading my own system to set up an additional backup above last pass to set up that way. I've got a two tiered system where Let's say something does happen to my last pass account . I can still get into my steam account if, say, I lost all the passwords and last pass. So I'm grateful today that I'm aware of this risk that way can consciously mitigate it going forward. And I hope I have given you the tools to consciously set up a system where you're not going to lose your password to steam it because you come choked me and jury, I lost my steam. It password $100,000. I hate, let's not Let's just not have that happen 13. What if the price drops?: Jerry. What if the price drops now? Yes, that could be a significant risk in the short term. I just dumped 20 grand, as you probably heard 80 times by now into this and sure the price could plummet, the whole crypto bubble could burst. The price could go down to about 10 cents for steam Token. And sure, I could essentially then have $2000 worth esteem. It could go down 90%. Something crazy could happen. It could go down 90% in a few days, and my 20,000 could turn into 2000. Now, the nice thing that mitigates the risk for this is having the steam powered up. If I was just holding on to this on an exchange, I would be almost certain to lose my money. And that's the clever part about steam. Steam is designed to take advantage of as a matter of the way the steam power system is set up off people just trading and not paying any attention. It's a end getting these big crypto bubbles. What happens is traders like me off who for up until recently had no idea of the unique features of steam and how much steam is printed every year printed. It's not really printed. Jerry. How much teams created every year, Jim traders Just buying and speculating this are essentially funding the system, and as soon as they by steam, more and more is printed, lowering it further and further in value. If you've got your steam stuck in steam power, you make so much on interest that even, let's say, in a year, let's say put in 20,000 and by the end of a year from now, the price for steam is 10 cents instead of a dollar 30 or whatever it is today, I'm lucky I bought it right before it took off. About 30%. Let's say the price is 10 cents in a year. I will have made so much from my steam power that I, even though the prices went down 90% I will still have about the same amount of values I started in as I showed you in that interest rate example, before 20,000 turns into 100,000 steam very quickly. In just 10 weeks, I will double my money and that means in 10 more weeks I'll double my money again. That means in 20 weeks I will have 80,000 steam and in another 20 weeks, and you keep doubling and doubling your money faster and faster. That's the miracles compound interest. So what happens in about a year? You have about eight ish times or so because the number weeks in here it's some maybe 8 to 10 times amount that you started with. This means even if the price plummets, you've still got the same amount. And if the price doesn't go that far downer, if there's a bubble on it, then you've got a chance to make massive profit. So I'm grateful today to realize that the price going down is actually planned for and expected in steam and that even if the price plummets, I'm still in a really good position. And in fact, if the price goes down a bunch, for example, if in 10 days it drops down to 10 cents, well, guess what? When I put 2000 in, I will double the amount of steam I have, and that will double the speed at which my steam doubles and steam power if the price plummets. I'm planning on putting mawr and Maurin, because whenever the price makes a return or goes back up some, I'll have a fortune then. So this gives me the peace of mind. It doesn't matter if the price goes down or up that much. I'm invested for the long term, and I've got outstanding rewards out of it by being able to vote my own post up and be influential on this website. So this is the beauty of the system. The ideal way to buy in might be to just buy in a little bit every day and then continue to buy in a little bit every day. That way, the price fluctuations. If it goes down, you can get it cheaper. If it goes up well, it's just up for a time. So I hope this is useful. If you're wondering, Jerry, Jerry, what if the price goes down with steam, having the price go down? If you're in steam, power is no big deal at all. You'll make so much more steam that even if the price plummets, you still will have your initial investment most likely 14. Cashing out, taxes, and user adoption: here are a few more what ifs just in case here, like me, and you really want to know the risk in depth. And you really want to get in those Well, what if? Well, what if? Well, what if here's a couple more what ifs? What if steam is a platform doesn't take off, then, yes, this could end up being a big waste of time and money. I might waste a bunch of time trying to get people to sign up on steam. Um, I waste a bunch of money having invested in it when it didn't go anywhere. Sure, if steam gets hacked or gets messed up for gets taken down or the users all revolt, there's lots of ways this could all go wrong. There's 165,000 users already, even though it's relatively new. But let's say it just doesn't hit that viral point. Let's just say the technology just doesn't work. It doesn't take off. Sure, steam tokens could become nearly worthless. Maybe the exchanges delist them and maybe some other website, like maybe Ethereum program. Some social media website collaborates to program it together and do the same thing. Sure, that could happen. From what I see, I am where I'm putting my money. I'm betting the odds are in favor of steam it working out really well, especially if I'm one of the influence or so to speak. Who gets you and everyone watching alongside you to come sign up? Then I think I personally have a big stake in Rather steam it successful or not. So I'm going to try to make it successful myself and to collaborate with you and everyone else to produce the same result. That still could happen. But that's a risk with anything. Anything you buy into could go downhill. You could buy a stock of some company that ends up going bankrupt and lose everything, so that's a common risks in nearly all investments. There are a couple of things which you just can't lose your money, but those are few and far between. Now, a few other things that could happen. You could just get sick of using steam it and think it's stupid. Or you could sign up and put your money on, and you could have some immediate cash need. If you're in steam power, it takes three months to power down, which means that you can't just cashed your money out right now. This money that I've gotten steam power, I can't just take this anymore and run it over the coin based, like I did with my dash master known when I wanted to sell my dash. Master. No. I sent a few dash payments to bit Rex. I cashed out a bit, Rex over the bits. Stamp wouldn't and then spent a $500 in fees unnecessarily there on Lee to discover I might as well withdraw it through coin base and then put that money. I had it back in my bank account in cash within four days of selling. Now steam. You need three months to pull the steam out, and then you still get steam. You need to either end up sending the steam to an exchange or using steam used mainly, you need to send the steam to an exchange, change it there, and then either be able to take it to us dollars or whatever currency you using. So it takes some time to cash out. You're not going to be able to just cash out right away once you power up your steam. And even if you want to make a little bit of a withdrawal, as far as I understand it, when you start powering down, you lose that compounding interest, I believe, Do you lose that? So if you want to just take a little withdrawal out, it slows down the amount of earnings you get so even just taking withdrawal out or two. But the nice thing is, you can easily just turn it back on C. I hit power down by accident. I thought it would like give you a confirmation. You either have to power it all down at once or not, so I have power down on it, and you can immediately turn it off. If you change your mind and decide I don't want to power down, you can immediately turn it back off. You could turn power down on for a few days if you just want to get a little payment out of it and then turn it back on its a lot better system than having something like IRA or depending on how it's set up or something like a certificate on CD. A certificate of deposit at a Bank it, but it does have its own limitations in terms of withdrawing it now for the taxes. Vic, tax situation also could be challenging. I personally, I don't believe I need to go credit steam every single day because of how this is set up. I believe whenever I attempt to withdraw the steam, then I need to essentially pay the tax on it. Now, someone else might disagree and say, every single day when you get that steam power, you need to sit there and calculate how much money it was worth that day. You see, I can't cash this out immediately, though this is not something liquid I can use in exchange for money, so to speak. So how I'm looking at this for taxes, that I don't have to pay tax unless I start powering this down and cashing this out. So the taxes could be a bit difficult for this to because it puts in money every single day , which then you can't really get access to it. So theoretically, some people might say why I need to pay tax every single time. It puts more steam power in my account, and therefore you could theoretically rack up a gigantic tax bill doing that because the steam power it puts in your account that day would essentially become a loss so the taxes could get complicated. With this. If you're in the US or somewhere else, I encourage you. Just consider that beforehand. I personally based on what I've read, I'm only gonna do tax with it if I have to cash out, At which point I would be paying capital gains on it for having made money on an investment unless I cashed it out for less than I lost it. So that's how I'm doing things. This is a analysis of the risks that I see. I hope these have been helpful for you to present thes risk to give you an honest look at the investment opportunity that I am involved in. Now 15. Account creation: Are you ready to buy in and join me on an adventure of a lifetime? Or maybe just another ordinary adventure, which is an adventure off the lifetime? Here's how you sign up. Steam it dot com. There's no affiliate link or anything like that. Just signing up on steam it dot com ste m I t dot com You sign up, you go over to It should look like this or something like that. You'll see the post with the money over here, then what you can do. You hit Sign up. Now, the first thing it'll ask you to do is set your account name, so make sure you set an account name you don't. I want to change. I recommend use your first and last name, especially because there's only 165,000 users. You should be able to get it. Use something that you're not going to want to change the rest of your life. I used it Jerry Banfield for mine because I hope that would be a good name for me to use for the rest of my life. Now you can pick some avatar name, you know, Hot Diva 86 Or why did that one come to my jury? I don't know. Masterful Poker player 82. You could pick something like that. I recommend. Pick something you can stick with forever. I recommend a personal name and not a company as well. Because companies come and don't go. Your name should be able to stick around no matter what. Once you pick an account name, you can see if it's available. For example, if you pick Jury Banfield, the account name is not available because I've got that. If you go ahead, continue then on something like Jerry B. Then the email you put in an email address and then after the email address, you need to put in your phone number also. So until you confirm your email and phone number, your account name won't be taken. I'm grateful someone didn't nab jury band Phil before I got to steam it. You're you're not that famous anyway. Okay, that's good. That's good. Bye. Account name was wide open. I could have taken Jerry B, but again, I brother have jury being filled. That's something that is matches the rest of my brand online. Once you create an account like that on steam it. Then you need to submit your email and phone number, then steam. It actually goes and And I'm saying steam steam is the currency steam it dot com is the website with the social media that I've presented in here and where you use the wallet and everything like that. When you sign up for steam, it dot com they actually go verify your account now. I signed up Saturday night for an account, and they verified my account by Sunday afternoon, so it worked pretty quickly. But it may take 24 48 plus hours to get your account verified. Once your accounts verified, then they set a password for you. You need to use that password they set for you. It's a really long you really need to copy and paste it. Use that password they set for you. And then the next thing you need to do is go over to your account, go to the wallet tab on your accounts. Oh, my big head's in the way. You go over to the wallet tab in your account, grabbed the wallet tab, Then you need to go out to permissions, right? away Goto permissions. Copy your public and your private keys so that you can back up your account. That way, if you lose access, just say something. You lose the password. If you've got those keys backed up also, he should be able to use those to get back into your account if there's an issue make. But just first of all, don't plan on set up a system that not lose your password, but then take those keys out of there as well and have them there. Once you've got the permissions done than everything else, it's not straightforward. Your you had to google this a bunch. You can learn how to do everything else. Those are the essentials that you need. You need this account set up before it's even worth buying in on the steam. You want to make sure you've got an account Now I actually purchased all the steam on an exchange before I even had a verified account. I started filming this course before I had my account, but now, as you can see him in the middle of it and it's working out good enough for today 16. Buying in with fiat currency such as USD or Bitcoin: once you've got your account created in your wallet ready to go or fear like me. If you already haven't exchanged accountant somewhere else, the basic prerequisite you need is something you can trade using an exchange account. If you have one into what we esteem. There we go. I have a coin based account. Coin base is the main way that I get my U. S. Dollars changed into Bitcoin. And I also have the option to change into ethereum and light coin. So what I've been doing, I buy Bitcoin on coin based. And then once I've got the Bitcoin on coin based, I can easily fund my wallet. There's this button up here that says by steam or steam power on the upper right. So if you've got an account with coin base or if you have Bitcoin anywhere else, that easiest way you can do this is just hit by steam or steam power over here, and then it will give you this interface. And if you don't even want to put it in esteem, you can sti skip straight to steam power, which is where you get the interest and your vested. Then it will give you a deposit address. So all I need to do to buy it straight off coin base, for example, I've got, like, 13,000 on coin based in my U S. Dollar wallet. Right now, all I need to do would be to go in, use the buy option, and I could just dump all my money in there if I wanted. Then all I need to do after that is go to the sender. The request field paste, the Bitcoin address in here. So it gives me this address here. I copy this address. I can then pace the address in their delete the spaces, and then right there, all I need to do would be to send Bitcoin straight to that address, and then it would appear in my counter steam power. Now, I'm not actually going to do that for the sake of accounting simplicity. Right now, I've just got transactions from bit Rex and PLO knicks, and that's enough. So if I want, I can calculate how much it'll actually get me to see what my exchange rate is. So, for example, if I want to do one Bitcoin that's going to give me 1556 Steam power today. So file I have enough, I think in my account for maybe, like six Bitcoin If I brought all the rest of if I just pulled everything out of Polonia out of coin based in I could get about 9300 or so more steam power in my account if I sent Bitcoin in. So all you have to do is make the deposit and it'll put that straight in there. That, to me, is one of the easiest ways to do it. If you want to use coin based, would you please go to the jury? Banfield? The resource is Page I've got on my website at jerry banfield dot com slash resource is. And if you scroll down, I've got a link to coin base. If you don't already have coined based, would you use my coin base linked to sign up? Because they give me $10 when you sign up. And more importantly, they give you $10. When you fund your wallet with $100 they'll give you $10 in Bitcoin is there. Thank you. That means if you want to buy into this. For $100 you can put 100 on coin based. They'll give you 10 more dollars. You can take that $110 put it in invested in steam power. And then you can get started with an account that's more valuable than the majority of user accounts available on the steam. It isn't that amazing. I think that's pretty cool if you're interested in having, um or influential account right from the beginning. So I'm grateful. Coin based makes this so easy to buy in like this. And if you don't have coined based available in your area bits, stamp is really good, especially if you're in Europe. It seems they've got a good system for you Payments. You can also use bid. Finex. Although they've been having some problems with Fiat currency withdrawals, I think it still is working good to make deposits and make a purchase. Their bit rex dot com is working on getting there's Fiat currency trading set up Polonia Axe. You pretty much have to have another currency to get started trading there, and you also can even use wall of coins if you just have cash, let's say you have $200 in cash and you want to turn that into steam. You could use wall of coins to buy Bitcoin on. Buy with cash. By making a deposit. You have to check whether this available in your area or not, but you can check if Wall of Coins is available for you. You can then take the direct address given you don't even have to have a Bitcoin wallet. To do this. You could take this address directly from here from steamer steam power and by your take that deposit address, put it in on wall of coins and deposit cash directly into a bank account and get the Bitcoin sense straight to that address, which would then turn it into steam immediately. Now that's a really cool way to do it. So these air some different ways to get a whole of either Bitcoin that you can use or what I did. I actually went on. I took my Bitcoin and just actually bought it because that's how I get the best exchange rate. For example, if I wanted to buy at whatever the market is on here, if I want the very best exchange rate. I think the best option is to actually just go buy in on the market. So if I look over here and I want the very best exchange rate I can then put in this order over here I can put in one Bitcoin and I can see that I actually get maybe 50 mawr steam than if I use the direct conversion system that's offered through steam power. So if you send Bitcoins straight in this way, they will take a significant amount of steam as a convenience fee. So if I put all of my Bitcoin into an exchange and then I bought I I bought about 10 Bitcoin, as you probably heard 80 times now on bit Rex and then I just directly withdrew it. So the in order to do that, you'll need me to show you how to withdraw steam that you have somewhere else, like an exchange onto steam it dot com 17. Funding the wallet from an exchange: Once you've bought your steam on an exchange, how do you withdraw it and get it into your steam wallet? This was a scary step for me and one that took some researching, which I hope to save you a lot of time and energy. All you need to do once you've got in your account, you just click on your profile up here you go over the wallet while you'll see is this view I've been teaching in the wallet view and you go into balances. And now you've got steam, which is this is what you want to increase by just buying these on exchange. And then what you do is you power the steam. You get in here up to start earning the interest. What you need to do is go to this permissions tab over here. Now I can't go toe because it shows you my private keys. So what I'll do over here is show you a screenshot from it with the keys deleted. Now, this is what it looks like when I do the keys on it. So as you can see over here while I'm having fun moving my face around in the lower left. There's a key called a memo. And the memo is the one you need to copy. The memo is the one that the exchange or if you're using shape, shift is going toe Want to know about. So you use the memo right here. You use this memo out of here to send, and then that's under permission. So if I tap back over here, you click on permissions. In order to get to that tab, you use the memo, you grab the memo key the whole thing. Make sure you copy it, right. Make sure you start with a small amount. Now, I have already sent a bunch of small test amounts, so I hope I don't screw the last amount up here for it be a 8008 or a $9000 of five Bitcoin mistake which actually be $10,000 today to be a $10,000 mistake for me to screw sending this up. Now, I've sent several times. I've done this correctly on smaller amounts five or six times before this and I'm kind of lazy. I don't want to sit there and have to run through sending it $1000 at a time. Eight times. I'd rather just do it once. So you put the memo in here. Exactly Is from before. And then what you do? You go grab your account name. You do not use the at symbol. You put your account name when it asks for account. You put that account name in there. You put the memo address in there, and then you hit withdrawal. So I recommend start on a small amount, Gets your system down. Exactly. And then if you've got a bunch, you can then slowly scale that up, as I've done. Does. This is how you withdraw. And it's extremely fast. At least I'm using bit Rex and I used Polonia Axe. Also, it's extremely fast. I literally did one just minutes before filming a video and it came in right in the middle of it. This is an all automated, extremely fast process, depending on how you've got things set up. So if you withdrawn PLO Knicks and bit Rex, both of these same fields memo account and the number of steam pay attention, a transaction fee as well. And that's how you get your steam off of an exchange into your steam wallet 18. How to start earning: Are you ready to start earning now that you have everything you need to know? Well, jury, I had to Google legate things. Not everything. Okay, Well, hopefully was easier for you than it was for me. I had to google a lot of stuff. So I've tried to make this easier for you and more fun. If you're ready to go now, how do you start earning? Here's how you start earning. It's really simple. So what I do? I'm in my under here. I go to my wallet and I've got my steam. So I've got 7900 something steam Here I go over and click power up. I can click power up on that and then right away I'm able to start earning. So I'll go in here, I'm gonna power up. And now I have to put my entire balance in here also have to go. Once I click the power off button, I have to go pull my password over here. So I take my password and put that in. And now you can see I'm powered up over here. I'm now have 17,000 181 steam that has been powered up in here, which I'm really excited about. And now that I've got my steam powered up in here, I'm ready to go. I've got my steam earning 1% interest daily. And from here, it's just a matter off being a member of the community and pretty much doing all the rest of the work. So this is how I get started. This is how I give myself a fantastic head. Start looking at the steam wells dot com. I'm grateful that this much if you want to invest this much this enough to be in the top 500 especially with people cashing out. So I'm ready to start earning steam, and I'm very excited to have this opportunity to share with you. 19. Being active daily to bring the highest return in money, learning, and networking: to make this a really good investment. I think it's all founded upon staying active in the community. Staying active in the community means following other people reading other people's posts. It means interacting, reading comments, and most of us already have busy lives full of other things to do first. That, to me, is to see that this community has massive value for me participating in it not just in money, but in making deeper connections with others in being able to see things that are relevant to me based on what other people have voted to be the best when you have essentially limited voting dollars, every time I vote, I get to give out less money, which encourages me to first vote on my own things and then continue to spend my votes voting on the things I care about the most. Because the more I vote, the more by voting power drops down. Now it continues to go up also, So if I take a day off that goes back up to 100% and the more I vote, then it goes down to me being an active community members, the real opportunity I've showed you spreadsheets. I've showed you risks. I've showed you how to get started to me coming on to steam it dot com every day. That seems to be the biggest opportunity. No matter how much money you've invested with, the more money you invest, the bigger the opportunity being. Now, if you look at you, look at the active users. To me, the very most valuable community members are the ones who are active on a daily basis. I'm sold on steam it because there's 6500 accounts active in the last 24 hours, 16,000 accounts active in the last seven days when you're looking to get users, that's one of the very hardest things to do. Nd anything you might look at and think that I've done great online. It all comes down to the exact same thing. So if I go over to my analytics here, if I have the basically the same kind of data. So if you look at on my YouTube channel, I've got thousands of users active every day as well. Watching videos with me every day and steam has that going for it also steam as thousands of users every day reading through, and not to mention users who aren't signed in. This is one of the very best things I see in steam. It is the ability to get a continuing ongoing reward when I post something on Facebook. If people don't read it right away, then it's pretty much worthless on steam it. People can continue reading things just like when you have a blawg and the more you're active them or you continue to get rewarded, you'll notice out of the 166,000 accounts that the highest influencers on here tend to be more active proportionally. So a lot of the accounts that aren't as active are the new ones that are worth less than $5 . But if you look at the active accounts, the users that are most invested are also much more active. For example, there's on Lee three hundreds of a percent of these legendary $500,000 plus accounts. But you'll see they're much more represented in activity over the last seven days, and if you look in the last 24 hours way overrepresented same thing with accounts at these levels, that means that users who really are excited are invested in active on a daily basis. That's really good data. So what I'll do is give you some suggestions for how to make the most of steam at any level in here to make your investment worth it. To make the time and money you put in the steam, it really give you a great return, not just in money, but also in terms of discussions, connection, learning and growth. 20. 1,000 new users in 24 hours?: the steam communities growing fast, making now an ideal time to join him. If you compare this to things like Facebook or to instagram YouTube Twitter, if you compare this the best time to join in on a community's right, when it's new, you have all the advantages going forward. It's easier for you to build more followers over time, and the more followers you have, it's easier to keep having even more followers. And the more people that joined the website I have to start from. Zero continues to put you in a bigger and bigger advantage. In the 24 hours less than 24 hours since I've made this, I've got over 1000 more new accounts that I've tracked using steam d dot com slash distribution. If you look back, maybe it's just about 1000 might be 900 if you look yesterday. There are 165,000 accounts on some of the earlier lectures in this class, and now there's 166,400 accounts. Steam, I think, is hitting its viral curve where it's about to just take off, especially as I promoted, and some or influence or start getting on and looking at it and saying Wow as an influence or this is an outstanding opportunity to join in on. And if you're following someone and you enjoy what they create, this is also a great opportunity to connect and interact with them and get paid by that influencer, for example. Now there's very little reason to follow influencers on other websites. Like, I think I followed Tim Ferriss or something on Twitter, and what good does that do? I can't connect with them, I can add tweet him. But he didn't respond to any of my ad tweets. He's got too many followers as new people that you might want to get a whole love get into steam. Then it'll often be easier than ever to interact with them, meaning the earlier You get to be a user earlier, your figure out when a new user of interest joins, and then you can be one of the first people interact with them. Interacting with me has been pretty difficult for most people online. However, if you look at this comment survive, Bubble just made, he got ahold of me very easily because I just hopped on steam, and there's very little competition. Essentially now the more people follow me and then I'm following them or it will get difficult to reach me directly. But the beauty of steam is the best comments will get brought to my attention as you vote up comments including you, Vote your own up and other people's up. And then if I like a comment, it gets up there to everyone's attention. So steam is growing fast, meaning this a great time to join it. Facebook, by comparison, has a 1,000,000,000 users today. I was one of the first several 100,000 users on Facebook as well, and that's given me the ability to teach all these classes that have been here with you today. Just getting in and being one of the first users on Facebook gave me incredible opportunities. Now I missed that opportunity with YouTube and it's taken me six years to build up a channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If I would have jumped on YouTube right away, I'd probably have, like 50 million subscribers by now. When the earlier you get in on something like this. The earlier it is Teoh, give you Huge results. So I'm really excited to share this with you today, and I'll share some tips next on what you can do to actually make time for this. 21. Ending and transitioning out of existing activities to make time for this: I've been working up to something with you here to essentially show what the value is off steam and why it's worth the time now. The problem you're likely to hit. If you're like me, you've probably got enough to do. You probably aren't suffering from not having enough to do, especially by being enrolled in this course. I'm betting you're probably airing on the side of having too many different options. There's so many things you could be doing. That's the situation I'm in today. I have. I'm grateful I have this Facebook group. It has 934 members in it today there, and I just opened it up Teoh members without charging anything. Within the last month, I read 18,000 followers on Instagram AH 100,000 followers on Twitter, hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube. My problem is there's too many different opportunities for me and this seems to be the problem. Once you start working online, they're initially gets to be this thing that hardly anyone wants you to do anything and then you quickly hit this threshold. We're all of a sudden there's too many things to Dio you've got too many different clients or too many different projects or too many different things you'd like to dio. And for me today, it's about clearing out the things that aren't worth my time and the substituting, replacing things that are worth my time with something that's even more valuable toe every person who's involved. This means I'm not infinite. I realized that when I take on steam it that what I really need to dio in taking on steam it, I need to cut things to make time for steam it. I can't just go in on steam it and keep doing Facebook and keep doing Instagram and keep pulling with my Twitter and making all the videos on YouTube and then allowing other ways for people to contact me. What am I doing to make time for steam? It? What I'm going to do is make steam it the place to communicate with me, the one place where I consistently read comments the one place where I'm open to following and following back in, getting to hear what you have to say. The one place where I am consistently interactive. So what does this mean? Well, for better and worse, this Jerry Banfield and Friends Phrasebook group I have. I'm going to delete this group. You might think that's got 1000 members. And it that's crazy. Why would you delete the group? What I've learned is that if I really want to invest in something new, I need to close the door on whatever I was doing before I deleted my mail chimp list with 6000 subscribers on it. A couple of months ago, I deleted my entire teachable school with something like 30 or 40 classes on it. You might think that's insane. You just deleted these things that we're making you money that were working. Yes, I did. I deleted them to make space for things that are better. I deleted them to make room to improve. And now I'm teaching on Think of IQ is where I've created and uploaded this originally, although it will be available, I think, on skill sharing, maybe other places. It's available for private label rights to my partners as well. I deleted those things and I made room to do better, so I'm going to do this. Facebook Group is currently where I spend my primary attention in terms of interacting with followers. I have given up reading the YouTube comments already because there's too many of them, for better or worse, there YouTube comments. I'll just show you it's easier to show you. I've got. I go down the analytics here. I'm very grateful for this. And yet at the same time, it's limiting 5857 comments in one in 28 days on YouTube. I don't have time to read all the YouTube comments and provide a thoughtful response on Twitter, the same thing when people interact with me. I don't make any time to provide a response on Instagram. Same thing and my Facebook group. I have been making anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day to interact with members there , and what I'm going to do is delete my Facebook group. I'm also going to put limit Twitter toe automatic post so I won't actually write anything for Twitter. I will simply post automatically my post if I can figure out how to do it from steam it directly on Twitter on my contact page. I've been telling people contact me on a live stream, but I'm going and join my mastermind group. What I'm going to do on my contact page is switched my contact page down to steam. It is the way to contact me. Then I'll have ah option for a phone call and which will be very expensive. And then I'll have a mailing address as well. That way, I'll limit my contact options than on Instagram. I won't bother putting any more posts up on instagram on my new YouTube videos. I'll say, if you want a thoughtful response for me, please comment on steam it because this is where I actually read comments. Therefore on YouTube. All consistently start pitching. Steam it. So from YouTube from my website from Twitter will have automatic postive, zap, zap. You're gonna handle it, Instagram. I just won't do and I'm going to withdraw my time and energy from Facebook. I don't use Facebook already as a social media platform outside of life, streaming my own content. I will then Onley live stream content on Facebook. I won't actually read or look at any poster comments on Facebook the same thing. There are essentially funnel all of my traffic over to steam it. And then if someone's commenting on steam, and I know they're a one of my 1000 followers, so to speak, which I'm betting you are. Also, there's this idea in marketing. You don't need to just reach the whole world. You need to have 1000 people that are really excited, 1000 people who love what you do and are enthusiastic and who will support what you do, no matter what it is. If in music terms, 1000 people who buy every single album and Don online video course terms 1000 people who will buy most every course you release. What I know is that the 1000 people following me online, which I'm guessing you're one, will go take the time to sign up on steam. It and those 1000 people I want to interact with. It's hard to tell on all the comments and all these other places who is one of those 1000 people but steam it will give me the chance to focus on the 1000 people and steam. It provides amazing scalability as well what will happen as I continue as I cut all these other areas. Then my steam it following and I say steam it because the websites called steam it dot com , but it's all under steam the currency. But this is steam it dot com My steam it dot com, following as it continues to grow, will then allow me to interact with the people whose comments are voted up the most. So this way I can keep up with my comments pretty easily. YouTube has a similar feature, but this will allow me to look at the replies people of made and then the comments for other people have voted up the most. I will be able to see first. So even if there's a huge following on steam and the steam it system is set up to allow all of the followers collectively together to decide what I specifically need to read, and then when I see a comment as I've done on this one and I put my vote on it, then I can actually pay the followers for making the best comments. Now that's an amazing system to me, but I can't use it without cutting, So I'm cutting. I'm gonna and now what I'm going to do is do a transition time, so I'm not just going to delete my Facebook group without telling anyone or stop posting on Instagram or Twitter. What I'm going to do is start essentially the messy process of transition, which I've done lots of times. I will start transitioning in my Facebook group saying, Look, thank you for joining the group. Please go over to steam it. I'm going to delete this group on make a group deletion date, which maybe it'll be in June or something. I'll make a date that I'm deleting the group to give people time, maybe a month or so, to get over on to steam it. And if there's initial resistance, I'll give time. I'll make even classes and then what I'll do is I'll delete the group and transition everything else over. Then, on YouTube for a month, I'll make the same pitch and then keep making and on YouTube going forward, I'll change the links on YouTube that send people on my Facebook group and I'll change the links around on my website. I'll send everyone over to steam it and I'll send them specifically to a post on steam it explaining all of this so I'll make a post on steam in explaining all of this. I'll send everyone that post on steam it explaining all of this, which then that will be able to get organic traffic, which then might be able to get shared on the Web site. So what I'm doing, I'm not just taking on something new and lowering the value of everything else. I'm deleting time consuming things from my life. And, yes, I'm willing to lose followers this way. I'm likely hundreds of people likely will say. You know what, Jerry? I signed up. I did all this on Facebook. I'm I'm not gonna take the time to sign up for steam it. And in that case, I will give those relationships up in favor of paying attention to the relationships on. Steam it on Instagram. I'll just stop posting. I won't have anything to say anymore on Instagram Twitter all automated. So you'll see. I'll take out And then for all my course discussions in all of my video courses of a video lecture. And they're saying, if you want to comment, if you want to interact, please go to steam it and sign up there that well, have one place to do. All of my interaction online and then it's just a huge positive feedback loop from there. What I've done in a lot of my life and business has been so scattered I couldn't focus and steam. It finally gives me a really good place to focus my energy, also posting my block. What I've been doing is posting my blawg on my website. But I'm also going to switch to that up and start posting my blawg on steam it first and then I'll have it duplicated on my website as well. So I realized there's not infinite time. I can't just take out on things. So I'm deleting things in restructuring my business, to make time for steam it and to allow you and the people watching alongside you to invest in steam it with me just by becoming a user and then interacting with me. There 22. Ideas for how to stay active and add value: Here's something really cool about steam that is absolutely hilarious, and I'm grateful I'll give a shout out to Craig Grant here. Craig Grant shared my song Raygun Train by Jerry beautifully put the video up. This is all he posted. He made a post just like this on his steam it a cow. And then he earned a dollar. Yes, he earned a dollar by posting my video on Steve. And apparently it says only 19 views on this. But how cool is that? Like he shared my video, my music video, which I mean, it's not even like a big deal, and it got a dollar involved. So that, to me, is an example of how cool steam it is. You can even share things like videos that others have created that you've enjoyed. And then, literally, he put a YouTube video up and he gets a dollar from that, and he gets to promote himself and build new followers with steam. It just has outstanding potential like this, where you know there's rules that you want to be aware of. You don't want to just copy someone else's content, but you can literally just embed someone's YouTube video put a little bit of information like, Hey, this really helped me start at this point in the video and you can literally get paid for sharing someone else's creative work on there. Now, that is an amazing opportunity to me. I hope this is given you excitement about being active in the steam it community and the chance to build a following toe, make money just by sharing things on social media in a very simple way. What you do to do that is you just go to submit a story. You put a title, write your story, and there you tag it and then you post. You can also select your reward payout over here. If you are down under my head over here, you can select your payout. You can even decline Payout if you want. I don't see why you do that. You can even power up all of your steam so that all of it goes straight to powering up, especially in the beginning. I will probably be powering up all of my rewards to build my amount of steam as fast as possible instead of taking it in steam dollars. So this is how you stay active on steam? Not just that. But then you can comment like I'll do here. I'll show you how I go comment over here. I can just say quickly, Thank you. Or I can say, Craig, thank you very much for sharing my music video here. This is how easy it is to stay actives all I do. I hit post now and then. Now, look, now, this is just ridiculous, so I'll just go up, vote my own comment on here. Look, I just gave myself 26 cents. Teoh make that comment so I mean, this is so is every absurdly cool. And then I can upload Craig's post over here now, he doesn't actually get any money on it because you only get money the 1st 7 days after some things made. So he posted this last month, so he doesn't get anything on it. So once you've made something, you get seven days essentially to be funded, but at the same time, you can see I found this post. I found it a month later after he actually made it. So getting found is an amazing opportunity. And that, to me, really puts all of this together is the ability to get found long after you've made the post. This is much different from other social media platforms. 23. Organic search traffic will be the tipping point into viral growth: with my background in Internet marketing and online advertising. What really excites me about steam it in staying active. The very best opportunity I see is organic traffic. This is something most other social networks offer almost nothing off. Let's look at Facebook when I make a post unfazed book. If you don't see it and interactive with it within the first few hours, that's it. Look, I'll even show you my Facebook page. I've got millions of likes on my Facebook page over here, and if you don't see my post right after I post it, that's it. It's done. It's not going to show up. And if I stop going alive and doing videos on Facebook, I will get almost nothing. Now this post reached 6000 people, and this post 31,000 now, the almost all of that is within the 1st 24 hours. Facebook is almost useless for organic search traffic. Now I think that makes Facebook very vulnerable because it doesn't play nice with Google. And while all there's the excitement surrounds Facebook, Google really has a huge grip on the Internet. Between all the Google domains and YouTube, Google is the gateway for getting people to find you and ultimately everything that has worked really well for me, online involves organic traffic. What is organic traffic mean? That means you find me when you need me. That means when you're looking for something you find May I would bet that you're here because you found me when you needed me. Now the difference between finding me when you need me and me showing up in your news feed with Facebook ads, that's a big difference. Ultimately, the I warship Organic traffic YouTube search is a great example of organic traffic. Let me show you my YouTube search traffic. This currently is the biggest asset I have in my business. 177,000 views on YouTube from people searching for the kind of videos I've made in the last 28 days. That is seven or 800 a day. That is incredible. When you combine that I've got 17,000 clicks straight to my website within the last 28 days . But also YouTube has a similar amount to my website that also shows up in Google search. Now Facebook takes in almost no advantage of search traffic. Sure Facebook has permanent links. But these in the group, for example, when I post something in the group, if the group members don't immediately interact with it, I've essentially wasted my time on Instagram. Very similar properties. I post a photo, and as soon as those likes air done, it's pretty much over similar on Twitter. If I post a tweet and no one cares about it, that's it. It's done after that. Now, when I post on my blawg, it can get. And when I post on YouTube, I can bring in organic search traffic. For years afterwards, I had a guy paid 100 $99 to talk to me for an hour. Yesterday, he saw one of my videos does at least a year, maybe even two years old on YouTube. That's the value of organic traffic. He saw it the day before yesterday. He immediately booked the call and talked with me yesterday. That's how amazing organic traffic is. Most current social media platforms don't do anything with organic search traffic. Now steam it. How did I find this post? I actually searched for myself on steam. It and I found this by searching for Jerry banned film, and this is just a little example. I found a bunch of other post, some of which I've uploaded and commented on that were helpful for me. I found them in Google. Now, that's why steam it has a ton of long term value. And that's what virtually guarantees these user account numbers going up and up and up right now. While there's 166,000 accounts for every actual account that signed up on steam and there's probably at least 10 people who have come through and seen a post on steam it and who don't have an accountant just looked at it now, organic traffic comes from ranking an entire website up, so the beauty of steam it is as it grows, it will continue to get mawr and more valuable content on it. If you look in the trending page, this is a good idea of what the most valuable content currently is on it, and the more of these things get shared on other places. The more back links come into steam it the more the entire website will continue to rise not just in actual users but in organic search traffic. A rising tide lifts all boats. The more users that come into steam it, the more esteem it will continue to rise. In Google. Search steam, it is still relatively new, being relatively new, and Google works against you. Google doesn't like to give new websites search traffic because from its point of view, that's risky. Google loves giving search traffic to its own Web sites, like YouTube and older websites, which are established like YouTube. But like my website now has been up for three years. Google has more confident sending users to my website. Now that's been up three years. Steam is still relatively new and a steam continues to grow. Steams organic search presence is going to grow. Now Let me give you an example. I will show you how powerful this is on Google. Let's look at Google and here's an example I did with a call yesterday S O. Course. So this is AB store optimization course. Now look at thes search results on Google. When you search on Google, scroll down below the ads. There's a website eso course dot com. There's another app radar, but then look down at the rest of these. These are all our several, these air you timmy dot com courses. But what if I search for? Actually, of course. Let's let's look for a hacking course And guess what? You'll seal. Actually, you see the hacking, Of course, that I created right here in partnership with ERM um, this hacking course and then this other one that I partnered with to get up here. Also, these two courses are number one on Google. Now, what is the How does this happen? If I just put a course out on my own website, I'm gonna have almost no chance at being able to rank high. But you to me dot com is working on the same principle. That steam is You have a bunch of users putting a bunch. Of course, is on you know me dot com and then the entire website you to me dot com ranks really good. I used to teach on you to me dot com, and I got banned from their uh, you can watch out their videos for reference on that, and I created this course and this is an outstanding example of how this works now, when you to me was knew it wasn't hardly getting any search traffic, but the more users that attracted now when you put a good course up on you, to me, it will dominate Google because you know me as an entirely hype a drink. What's going to keep happening with steam? The more users sign up for steam, the more great poster are on steam. The more people like me start publishing my blawg first on steam the entire steam it dot com domain is going to continue to rise and rise and rise. Now this presents a really good long term opportunity. This means when you take the time to submit a story, whereas if you take that time to write this post out on Facebook, if people don't see it within the first few days, you're usually done. No one's gonna hardly see it. It won't go viral. What this allows you to dio You can keep putting your time and energy into steam, and it will continue to grow and grow and grow. As more people find your post through organic search traffic and as the entire steam it website rises, you'll be able to have the power to take first place on competitive search terms by writing a new post on a subject because steam it dot com will be so powerful in ranking in Google. This is what's happened with you know me or you need to do on you. To me has published a course to give voice, um, free coupons and you can beat anyone else who's trying to put a course up on their own website or on some other website. Now that didn't happen overnight is taking you to me six years to build into that steam. It is in the first year, and I think in two or 34 years blogging on steam, it will be one of the most attractive places in the world. The blawg for Google organic search traffic, the absolute gold mine in blogging, the absolute gold mine and social media that Facebook's totally missing out on. Give this another year to. I think there will be millions of users on steam and I think the Google Organic Search traffic will produce the tipping point for steam it that the tipping point will come when there's so much Google organic search traffic that it continues to feed the user sign up on the Web site so fast that that's where the viral growth will come from, just as it has on my YouTube channel. My YouTube search traffic comes in so fast that now my, I have so many subscribers on YouTube that all I need to do is make a new video. And I can pretty much take I can show up towards the top on a subject I make a new video in if I don't have to essentially compete with any other channels like mine. And this is a huge snowball effect, the more videos I do, the more organic traffic I get and it just goes mawr mawr more. This to me is absolutely an outstanding feature. And steam, if nothing else, is sold you as I'm sold on this, the organic search traffic and the snowball effect of that is going to be gigantic for steam. And I'm thank you very much for making it all the way into here. I hope this has been useful for you. 24. Alternative my first pre sale cryptocurrency investment: which initial coin offering am I also invested in. This is a coin that is not available on any market yet to be traded. It's one more. I'm connected with the founder of the company whose launching it directly through a friend . This is called the superior Coin. I am grateful I have 1.3 million superior coin. This is the other investment I've made, and this differs significantly from the steam investment because steam is one mainstream, so to speak. As you can see, it's one of the top crypto currencies. It's number 11 currently in market camp. Whereas this superior coin is a brand new coin, it also has something that I like a lot. It's somewhat of a social media job. Founded coin. This website is called Crowd if i dot com and what is basically happening is that this will be the currency of an existing website which is already working to essentially pay me and allow me to pay other users to do the same kinds of things that I might do otherwise. For example, I recently created a task to have people share. I had a task where I want share my complete business set up on here, and then I basically just pay users to share a page on my website. I'm really excited about thes currencies, which integrate social media or social sharing environment with a environment of a crypto currency. In order to get the superior coin the only way you convey by it. Currently you go through and that you buy directly off the superior coin dot com. It's a pre sale. There's 300 million coin available total 300 million coins available total, and that means I've got about 1/2 percent off all the coin to begin with. If you'd like to get some superior coin, this might be a good one to just put a little bit into and then not even think about it or put a little bit into. And if it actually gets approved and traded on some major exchanges, the price right now is less than one cent per coin. And as a good opportunity, I would say to go up to maybe five or 10 cents just on speculation alone. That would still give it if you calculate 300 million by at 10% per coin. So at 10 times increase over what it is now would still give it a relatively small market share in the world of all crypto currencies. So even going up five or 10 times would still put it down here. It wouldn't even make it a huge heavy hitter. So I think this is a good one toe put a little bit into and then just leave it. I'm connected with the founder, Michael Q. Todd, through my friend Michelle's your odd, and I'm grateful that I made an investment. I was one of the first people to make an investment in superior coin, and I'm excited to see how superior coin does going forward. I presented this right at the beginning toe offer an alternative to show that, yes, there is a world full of other options, and these air two distinctly different investment approaches. One embedding on steam is to bet on something that, in my mind, is proven already and then to betting on superior coin is something that is quite unproven . It's brand new. They're still just getting it set up, and to me, this gives me the chance to have the highest return on my investment. Thank you for starting out with this with me. I'm so excited. These are my two crypto currency investments. I've made that. I'm really excited about to share here with you. 25. How to buy during the pre sale: What's the on leeway currently to buy Superior coin? One of the challenges with a crypto currency that's so new it hasn't exchanges yet, is how do you actually get a hold of it? The way toe hold it currently is to have a wallet on crowd. If i club dot com, you can sign up. I signed up for crowd of fly dot com, so it's just crowd. And then if I crowd i f y dot com, you can sign up there using Twitter, and then once you sign up there, there's a link that says Pre sale. Now you can find it. Right now it's on the tweets side, so it's over here on the right side, and then it has a link to the superior coin dot com over here. Once you've signed up using your Twitter account, and then you get access to ah, three different balances you have available crowd. If I points, you have available superior coin and then you have available Bitcoin balance What you can do once you've signed up for a crowd. If i club dot com account, then you can go over to the superior coin you can put in your Twitter user name. And then that is how you're connected with crowd. If I So, for example, if I wanted to put in my purchase here, I've already invested enough to get 1.3 million off the crowd off the superior coin, so I don't need any more at this point. So I've got the Twitter user name here. And then let's say if you want to buy 1.3 million and have the same number of coin as I do , where is that? They're so then that would be a five Bitcoin investment or a $10,000. So you don't need necessarily. Or maybe you do to put in that much. Maybe you just like to have a little bit in case it goes up a lot. You could put in something like $100 here, which would be 1/5 of a Bitcoin about $100. For that, you get 13,000 superior coin. If you wanted to say 10,000 you could get that for $81 then if by chance this one gets on an exchange and goes up five or 10 times, you could turn your initial investment as I'm hoping to do into a much larger number. So if it gets on there and the speculators traded and pump it up one day, then you might be able to make a huge profit on um, it Currently it's so early on that the superior coin wallet is not ready to go. So this is something you don't want to be looking to just buy and sell real quick. But if you look at the website, if you like the website, if you read some of get to know some of the people in here, it seems like this is a good group of people who are making this crypto currency the payment method available on their website which can then be earned by completing tasks on the website. I think this is an outstanding opportunity, which is why I've invested in it, and I'm excited to share this with you today. 26. Who told me about this cryptocurrency first?: How did I get involved with steam? I hope this story if you believe in destiny, if you believe in guidance by the universe or if you just like seeing coincidences if you want a connection on the spiritual level, even if you want to see what almost to me looks like a little divine intervention. If you want to see how I was guided into joining steam, I think you'll love this. Robert. My friend invited me to steam it. Now he sent me this one little text. Join steam it. You'll thank me later, man. He wasn't lying. Now who is Robert? What history do I have with Robert? Well, this is robber on steaming. Robert was joined in April 2017 and when Robert told me about steam it the price waas on April 21st the price was 23 cents. If I'd have joined when Robert told me, I would have four times as much steam right now for the same amount of money invested. Now who is Robert Robert? His main business is I showed you the website wall of coins before this is Robert's website . This is what Robert does. Robert has been in the middle of the crypto currency world since the beginning. He's traded and done his whole world like my world is teaching Internet marketing. Roberts World is crypto currencies. This is what he does. And Robert got me into Bitcoin back in 2000 and 13. He told me about it. He said, This is gonna be big. I'm working on what he now has up wall of coins where you can buy and sell with cash into a bank account in some countries. Robert turned me on to Bitcoin. Then what? It Robert turned me on to next. Robert told God and through my friend Albert, who I connected the two of them. Albert now works with Robert and does the marketing for Robert Albert, who works with Robert. So Robert via Albert got me all excited about Dash in December 2016 when the price was $10 for a dash. That's how I ended up getting in and making the dash investment through Roberts involvement with the dash community. Now, as the dash community exploded, I sold my master know the reason I have $20,000 to put into steam and out of 75,000 profit from an initial investment of 11,000 sold at about 87,000 and then $1000 or so in fees. I have this to invest because Robert turned me on to dash and because I had enough to buy Dash because of Robert turning me on the Bitcoin, which then took on a life of its own for me, trading all coins and getting enough then 21,000 to invest in Dash. So Robert started this whole ball rolling for me, and the Robert told me about Dash and then not a coincidence. Robert told me about steam it. Robert is in the middle of the crypt, a world he has built a website to buy and sell. That a innovator way ahead of other ways that you can get a hold of Bitcoin in terms of you . Go make a deposit in cash, Get your Bitcoin sent almost right away. He also as dash on there. Robert is a leader innovator in the Cryptocurrency space, and he's told me about three different currencies Bitcoin, death and now steam. Now to me, you might think, Well, that's just a coincidence to me. I pray to be of service every day I look and I find that the universe gives me exactly what I asked for. And I started looking for an alternative to invest in Dash as I got Mawr and Mawr unsatisfied being a member of the dash community. And right about this time, Robert sends me the link. Now, as is typical in my life, I did not do anything about it right away. One of the exceptions to this is Dash Dash was one of the only things I absolutely jumped on with both feet. As soon as Albert started talking about it, I went in on it. Steam it again. It cost. I could have four times as much steam. But what I've learned is that I have to forgive myself. I jumped on it when I did, and I will continue to invest. And if the price drops, I'll keep grabbing Mawr and Mawr. You see, you work with what you've got. When I realized that Robert had texted me and told me about steam and when I researched it , I thought, Wow, this is everything put together. The universe is guiding me. Exactly which currency to invest in. Now I find when I try and just look how to learn and do things that doesn't go very well. But when I listen to people who have mawr experience than me who are heavily invested in the crypto world, then for that it tends to work it and I get the same thing in all other aspects off my life . So I thought you'd appreciate this is how I actually got into steam it. Robert referred me over to steam it Robert helped me to earn was essential. Roberts involvement with Dash got me $75,000 in profit in four months. Roberts involvement with Bitcoin got all kinds of go. At first it wasn't. I lost some money $5000. But as times went on, I've got all these tutorials now that have been the single best growth in my YouTube channel in the last six months. All of these great things. Robert has just delivered me each of these right when I needed them, and I'm grateful today I'm starting to be a better listener when the universe guides me in a certain direction. So I'm grateful today that I got in on steam, even though I could have bought it. As soon as Robert told me about it, I wasn't ready to sell my dash, Master node. So I'm grateful today I took the leap of faith in on steam. And I hope if you're like me and you appreciate the divine planning of the universe, you might think that's not a coincidence. That he just got this message from Robert, is it? And you might think, What a load of crap. Why'd you put this in the course? Well, I love you. Either way. I hope you like this. 27. Would you join me?: thank you very much for finishing this class. Will you take action now you can see by what I just showed you. If I would have taken action right away when I was guided four times more than today. When I read money, Master the game. Tony Robbins made a great point and he said, You know, it doesn't matter what you know. It matters what you do. And that he hoped the book would be helpful for me in doing something with what he told me not just learning about it, but doing something. I'm asking you here. I'm being vulnerable. I'm going on a limb. I'm saying, Will you take some kind of action? That's what makes this course worthwhile. If you just taking this course and don't do anything with it, it's not really worth anything. You are already one of the few people has made it all the way through the end. You're in a perfect position to take action. Will you take action in following me? Would you follow me on steam so that I may connect and interact with you? Unveiled a deeper relationship with you there. Will you buy some steam today? Even if it's just maybe a dollar or $10 or $100 will you buy some steam and level your account up a little higher than the average user? I would suggest $100 is a very good amount. According to the Steam D distribution that will put you in the top if you have more than a $50 of steam actually in your account, that will put you in the top 10 to 15% of all accounts on steam it That means all of your votes, Count Fillmore. That means it's much easier for you to build and build and build if you want to be in the top 3%. If you invest a 500 plus dollars that will put you right away in the top 3%. I know a lot of things you could buy for $500. I know very few of them that will give you top 3% influence on a website like this, and I'm really excited about and that also have the potential double triple, maybe even 10 or 20 times your initial investment going forward through the years. Will you take some kind of action today based on this class. Follow me, make a post on steam. It's sign up for an account comment on one of my posts or someone else's post Invest whatever it is. I don't know exactly what would be best for you today. I don't know what would make you the very happiest I can guess. Based on me when I take action, that's when I feel good. I take action in making this class today. Was it scary to drop almost $20,000 into steam? A. Hell, yes, it was scary. I was quite nerve wracked as I sent my 1st 100 steam overthink, realizing if I messed this up, I could lose $100. And as I kept getting it right, I got real nervous sending over $10,000 or so of steam for my very last Oh, funding off my wallet when I initially set this up. It's nerve racking, but it's fun, and life is so fun taking action, even if you don't even do anything with it. Maybe invest $500 you forget about it and you come back in a few years. It's worth 1000. You have a great story, but I think if you take some action, you'll unlock a magic in your life. Would you join me in making steam it the next big social network, the one that finally knocks Facebook out of dominance, the one that helps bring bloggers together to actually earn money? Ah, place where we can all help each other, learn and grow fast, tive faster and more effectively, Then using the websites we've been using. I've been very frustrated with Facebook. As a user, I think it's nearly useless in terms of helping me learn and grow. I've found very similar results with most other social networks. I'm hoping this one will help me not only make money but learn and grow that I will get content. That's really helpful to me. When I go the trending category, when I see what my followers have posted, then I can learn something that's really useful. Instead of seeing a picture that doesn't that just makes me miss someone on Facebook, Thank you very much for finning saying this class, I love you. I'm so excited you got all the way to the end. Probably only 5% of the people here with you Got all the way to the end. You're already in the top 5%. Would you like to join me in the top? 5% on steam toe Help each other to grow toe learn toe Love to make an amazing life together Ah, future that were excited about