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Steem Blockchain & Steemit Guide for Content Creators

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (3h 42m)
    • 1. o1 - why did i make this course, who i am on steemit

    • 2. o2 - a walk around the steemit website

    • 3. o3 - you want to build up steem power

    • 4. o4 - payments in a 6 day cycle

    • 5. o5 - creating posts with markdown

    • 6. o6 - being part of the community

    • 7. o7 - some people you should be following

    • 8. o8 - mac tools to make blogging easier

    • 9. o9 - setting up another steemit account

    • 10. 1o - webtools to check income and stats

    • 11. 11 - different ways to connect to the blockchain

    • 12. 12 - making animated gifs with gif brewery 3

    • 13. 13 - sending and using steem and sbd

    • 14. 14 - powering down your account

    • 15. 15 - apps that use steem

    • 16. 16 - witness the fitness

    • 17. 17 - my steemit legacy

    • 18. 18 - building that reputation

    • 19. 19 - 50/50 split steem or steem power

    • 20. 20 - steemit embeds and image optimizing

    • 21. 21 - using the market for newbies

    • 22. 22 - sending steem to blocktrades

    • 23. 23 - using on desktop (mac)

    • 24. 24 - cryptopay virtual wallets

    • 25. 25 - embedding youtube live embed

    • 26. 26 - decentralized versions of websites

    • 27. 27 - go to a steemfest event

    • 28. 28 - spamming, muting and flagging

    • 29. 29 - steemit chat and discords

    • 30. 30 - boosting your posts with bots

    • 31. 31 - show posts on wordpress

    • 32. 32 - smart media tokens

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About This Class


hey, everyone, a brand new course finally! it’s been a while, but I'm back! and I've got a great course to share with all you content creators out there, especially if you have been getting frustrated with youtube and the recent ad rules of what you can and cannot say, maybe it’s time to think about looking at all things decentralised including your blogging.


steemit for content creators is a relaxed, jump in anywhere course so you can learn about different elements of the platform. not only that i’ve tried to provide information on things outside of the platform, how to design graphics and host them, transferring funds in and out, ways to convert to bitcoin, physical credit cards and virtual credit card services if you decide to pull out your steem or steem dollars into other fiat currencies.

the course is well over 3hrs+ of content about steemit and like all my other courses i’m accepting any questions you have. it’s an amazing time to get onboard with steemit as the internet starts to move away from the current advertising models and put the power back in the hands of the content makers rather than the advertisers..

you should definitely take this course if. ..

- if you are frustrated with your current blog
- if you are a YouTuber and are fed up with the platform
- to learn about a live social blockchain that’s been running for 20 months
- want to earn money from blogging and curation
- are interested in building a more engaged community and audience
- you don’t want to pay to host a blog
- want to explore all things decentralisation
- want to put things on the internet that will have global legacy

remember, you can jump in ANYWHERE in this course, it's over 3hr+ of content and while i wanted to cut it down into separate bits i think the infomation is valuable for anyone getting into any kind of social blogging powered by a blockchain.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. o1 - why did i make this course, who i am on steemit: I really welcome to this course. I'm Phil Campbell at Team Humble on steam it dot com four slash at team Humble. I put this course together to help people who are coming to steam it for the first time, understand quite quickly, ramp up their education quite quickly. Has as how to the platform works. So I've been on it probably eight months now. Onda started off quite meekly, didn't quite know what I was doing. Treated it like a different like a usual block site I would or a Social media site on realized it was way, way, way more than that. It was, Once you start adding money to the equation and then you have your first payment and you start to realize all okay, there's an ecosystem here that I need to get involved with a soon as you get involved with that in the last year or last eight months, at least, the amount of connections on bond the ability to connect with like minded people has been really kind of eye opening to me, had kind of given up on the whole online forums and chat on YouTube. Troll comments steam it for me has been completely different. So I want to spread that out. And the reason why I want to do that is quite selfishly I want steam it to grow. I want steam it to scale because the more people, the more content creators, which kind of the niche that I feel like I'm in, the more content creators that around here, the more the platform is gonna benefit because you already have existing audiences and you also want to make a little bit of, ah, income stream. Wirat. It's another residual income stream coming in and you can absolutely do that on steam it. I know maybe quite a few of you have never looked a Cryptocurrency or you've seen Bitcoin and we've seen how volatile a is. Yes, I would say crypto in general seems to be very volatile across the board. All currencies crashed when Bitcoin crashes. But it is a very interesting idea this notion of value exchange using digital currency, which I absolutely love. Just this morning I had an email from Estonian content in turn, asking me to block on their medium blogged about the residency on a really keen on marrying the two together crypto currency. Maybe in Estonian coin with the residency digital nomads. That's kind of my back. All right, So what are the things that I want to say here, like to say, another income stream? The community? Let me tell you about a community. Quickly. Community esteem is awesome. I've never known such an empowering group of people. Just a couple of days ago, in fact, just yesterday we got donated one ticket to this steam it steam fest event that was like 285 steam. So it's about 222 euros. So not like chump change. It's like, literally saved us from buying a ticket. It's huge on, but I don't think I would have done that if I wasn't so involved in the community and got to know the people in this community of been so helpful. So if you are a content creator and you feel a bit disconnected from your audience, absolutely. You're gonna love steam it for that. What I want to say. Well, the you I might not be, as you expect from a social sites, so if you're used to Facebook or Twitter, it's not as polished is that they are going to polish it up the front end that you see on steam it is called condenser on. They are working on condensed. They've hired a bunch of developers. I'm expecting to see something new on the site within the next month. Hopefully, I'll be launched its theme fest to That's my kind of prediction. Uh, yeah. Like I said, I'm incredibly selfish. I want to see the content creators I absolutely love on YouTube. Come over here. That's the reason why I'm spending some mice. Theme. 60 steam at a time on 10 content creators. I'm gonna create their domain. Great. They're blogged their user name on here. What? You have to go through a process that set up which might be a stumbling block for some people. So I'm gonna do that. That's probably why you're watching this video now, once I've set up those accounts, then I will send you the this whole tutorial, these 32 32 little courses which you can step through any time you can jump into any of these. Any time whenever you have any questions. Yeah. My entry 0.8 months ago was very difficult. It was a lot of things happening. There was a lot of these things called Hard Fox. We just went through one called HF 19 twenties on the way, which is about on boarding on. We've been through spam walls and all kinds of things coming in a very interesting time in crypto because I see a lot of sites switching from the advertising model. I'm actually starting to see a bunch moving to kind of an in browser mining model for crypto currencies, which could get interesting really quick. I making another prediction that it will be on our phones, that we kind of do crypto money. Ah, just adapting to the platform in general that pays you a little something to share to comment on creation rewards is completely different from any other blogging platform you've been on. When was the last time your WordPress blawg paid you any money? Yeah, it's It's a mental shift to come over here and toe, earn steams theme power and to get those curation rewards and work out how to do power downs with steam. But you're gonna love it. Do stay around. You're gonna absolutely love it. That's it. I think for my introduction video. Like I said, I'm Phil Campbell at Bill Campbell on Twitter at Team Humble on steam it dot com I hope you enjoy these 32 courses just by 2. o2 - a walk around the steemit website: Okay, so I want to take a little bit of time to walk you round the platform a little bit. There's lots of videos out there on steam it that show you this. But I kind of want to do it from a content creators mindset to showing you the different areas of the site. Now you can quickly get get up and get started. So I'm gonna jump into this. I'm gonna kind of explain a little bit about the Blockchain as well. About how the Blockchain off steam it works. Same as a kind of the same as a Bitcoin ledger A Blockchain. You are posting your posts, your textual links everything via marked down into that Blockchain into that steam, it Blockchain you can access that steam Blockchain from many sites. It's not just on one side. If you imagine it like the front end is your website on the back end is a Blockchain and you can connect to that Blockchain from mobile applications from the main website steamy dot com or from busy dog. Isn't it awesome that whenever you start recording for the first time ever, a plane comes over in this direction when Normally they go the other way. All right, let's jump in. Okay, so here we are at the steamy dot com four slash acting normal, which is my profile page. Everybody gets a profile page on fairly easy. Teoh, go through. You have your user name atop your reputation. The reps score on the right. Inside is based on the history of votes received. The county's used to hide low quality content. And then you've got your followers. The amount of post you've done that also includes includes comments that you've done on how many people you're following. Then you can have the u R L location and dress on the u R l on when you when you actually joined. Then on your profile, you've got the block, which is your blog's. So think of it like a WordPress blogged. You've got all of your block posts exist on this page. So if you're gonna say to somebody I block on steam, it is that important into your only point to this you could do affording you are, l I guess, and bring people to hear. And then you've got a comments. Taba replies tab on a rewards tap so quickly Go through these. We don't need to spend too much time on them. You can see it got blocked post here. The title. The first line of that post is shown three amount of money that that's made If I click on it. Told you I'm going to get $1.74 in seven days. No, actually, going to get $1.71. I'm gonna get 50% of that. But I'll get into that a little later on, he conceded, left. That is a little arrow as well, which allows you to up vote that post. Now, most people don't vote their own post cause it's just not the done thing of just taking money out of the ward, Paul, and just saying my stuff is great. I'm gonna vote it up. But when you get over a certain level off steam, which don't panic will get into that bit later. You get this variable adjusted, which is just it's just how much you wanna vote something by. Basically you have a certain amount of power in the system and you build a crew that over time on you can up vote a post cause you like to a certain percentage off your steam voting power. Like I said, I'll get into that later on. Don't worry about it. For now. Next to it, it shows you the amount of votes has had. How many comments? It's sad when it was posted by me, obviously my account. So that's all the same here. And then the first hashtag, or the first time that you used is shown on the site here and also gives you a rep school. Now I can click through on this, and it will bring up that post as an overlay on the top of it, this is a poster Dale I post every single day to day. I'll just that we have, like a diary go back and forth on then the comments on the bottom, and then it gives you like a breakdown here of when it's gonna be paid out. So that's basically your block comments, the comments that have come in comments that you've made should I say on then replies of the replies back that people have put on your block posts on, then rewards. You've got curation rewards that gives you an idea of how much your rewards gonna bay and then author rewards as well as in there. Now we've also got wallet, which is one of the manger parts that you will use when you're on steam. You'll see at the top here I've gotta redeem rewards transferred to balance of 12 SPD that steam back dollars so you can roughly go that one steam back dollar is a $1. You can kind of go with that basic measurement. When's theme goes up above $1 then obviously say it's $1.5. Then you get you get on. It's 100 steam. You get $105 and you can you can export or send that money out that steam out to a currency converter, a crypto converts converter and convert that to a different currency, be it like on Bitcoin and then change it to fear. So this is really money financial money that you're earning for your blood posts or your content that you've created that normally goes on YouTube. You could put it on here and have a conversation around it with build up another community here, probably a better community that you would have on YouTube. Right? Then you got balances, permissions and password. So steam balance here. I've got quite a lot of steam that I've just put in here recently, cause I need 60 of it to create 60 accounts because I'm making sorry. 10 accounts for the first wave of people of the steam and five project. You've got steam power, which is the amount off. Um, how can I put this influence you have on the platforms? And the more steam power that you have, the more steam power that you accrue, the more chance that you get curation rewards on your posts. That means you get paid more money on your post. So if you've got a really high steam number, then obviously you're doing very well. You might want to put some money from Bitcoin into this or feet money. Or maybe your big youtuber and you get paid a couple of 1000 a month. You could easily put convert some money into steam on get more regular returns. If you're a daily poster on steam it, that's one way I look at it. Anyway, steam dollars. You earn steam dollars on posts on steam on post you get a 50 50 split, which I'm going to get into that as well. Later on. Savings, Any money that you've saved so you can put from steam to steam power into your savings. And if you notice on these drop downs, you can do a variety different functions, so I can transfer that steam to another persons them say you and your partner have an account, I can send you some money and it takes 3.5 seconds on. There's no charge. Which is an amazing part of steam is that we can send value financial bits of money around Book value I see is a value economy where you have a product you have a service on. I want to pay you not with PayPal or cash, but steam toe help you build up your steam power to get better. Curation rewards for the blood content that you post you could do transferred the savings here you could do a thing called powering up, which is to turn the steam that you have the liquid steam in your account to steam power so you could leave the steam in there and then take it out of some of the time, like withdraw it selling off. But I would recommend that you try and keeps the in power and build up that steam power because it's going to give you correct curation rewards, especially as a content creator, because you're gonna be here posting your YouTube or your original videos on. But if you're doing that regularly, then you gradually over time you will earn on those posts. So here you can also buy. You can buy steam. You can sell it when you can go to market again. I will get into those a little bit more like John. I just want to walk around the interface now. I realize this looks ultra confusing and there's lots of things to learn. But to be honest, just getting in on blogging. Getting started. Don't worry about the money side of things to start with. Give it a good four weeks. Four weeks, 45 weeks off, Blogging on getting into the community, talking to people. Please don't think of it just as a money machine. Think of it more as the potential to connect, Really connect with that remote audience of people are in your particular niche being content creators, district nomads, you know, whatever. Whatever your thing is that you do on the Internet, I'm sure that you can find a group of similar people doing stuff here. So the bottom gives you the estimated account. Value is like $1000 my accounts worth, which is not a lot. And then here's a a big thing about the Blockchain, which the Blockchain starts to reveal itself a little bit more now the bottom. So remember the front end off steam. It is called condenser. This is the interface. Yes, it's very basic compared to something like Twitter Facebook. But I do believe it's gonna be changed within the next month. That's why I'm doing this now to kind of get out there. So the bottom here, you've got history, and this is where the Blockchain of steam it kind of exposes itself. You can kind of see it. All of this is an open, transparent ledger off things that you've done on the platform. So when I transferred some money, when I got paid some money, when I got a tip from somebody when I claimed my rewards, you know, all of these things are sent some steam here, look to block trades to convert it into fear currency. This was the memo Coda had to use to send it to block. Trades will get into that later on. That's basically taking the funds out of steam, converted it into another Cryptocurrency and then getting into fear currency. So it's all open, all transparent messages, memos that you can send each other, which, by the way, I'll go pay. And I'll quickly show you how to do that transfer. You can put in another name so I can send something to my partner here to Dale on. I can put a small amount like that, and I can actually just send their memo and she'll get a push notification on her East team or she'll notice it. At some point I've sent her a message was kind of a call. It always send little messages or or tips, a little bit of money to each other to do a variety of things. So that page, I kind of sit on quite locks. It's an interesting data page to me about how well my accounts doing in the health of the account, if you like, and then settings. I'm not gonna go in settings because you got all the codes and everything in there. Actually, I could go into the 1st 1 I think I'm going to the first page here. Look the first page instead of going into wallets, because wallet is where all my codes are for logging in and posting. You have four different codes in there to be able to log in, allow certain levels of access to your accounts. Esteem, for instance, might need your posting key. You'll understand that when we get into, I'm happy to do want to one video of people wanting to learn different sections of the site , not a problem. Profile picture. Obviously, that's the picture at the top. The cover images, that background image, my display name actually going to change that umbrella to a capital T because I think that confuses a lot people and then about location and the more website you'll notice here when I update this it asking me for my logging I use last last past to be able to do that, do a little refresher on this. Just change. The umbrella to T just makes a little bit more readable All right, So let's go back to the block, Go back to block so you can see these are all my posts that I've done recently. You can kind of go back. And that's kind of the interface for for your own personal block, the actual overall interface of finding the discovery side of steam it if we click on home here Top left. Very simple again. All of these in the middle here are blocked posts or bloggers that I follow So on the home . But on the home button here, you've got five buns at the top of your home. New heartrending, promoted, thes Airil, different kind of posts. So home is the ones that I'm following new our brand new bloggers that just new post that might not be necessarily following them hot is ones that I do really well trending the ones that are, like do really well right now and then promoted our post that people have paid a little bit more money toe have pushed up. I tend not to use promoted a lot, but there is companies out there that want to be at the top of that list, so they use that kind of you to get that. So here's a bunch of different people. Got somebody here who's wrapped 53 64 70 58. The ones that are probably over 50 or 60 that probably been around on the platform for a while. So if you want to ask questions of certain people, you can easily jump in with these people and they'll give you some advice and you can see on the right inside. Here, you've got lots of tags and topics, the ones at the top of the most popular ones. So life photography steaming are introduce yourself. You're probably gonna want to write a or record even a video as your consecrated for introduce yourself about be probably one of your first post to part on the platform, and it tends to get a lot more people involved, a lot more people welcoming to the platform, and you'll probably do quite well from your initial first post. So do do do a introduction video introduction. Introduce yourself to the platform above. That life is a very popular character category. Photography is a popular one. Steam it and art. Now let me quickly show you how those air you. So if I click on this one, for instance, life, what you'll see is that the topic changed to steam. It dot com trending life on all the ones that have been posted recently in life. Appear here. So you've got life funny. CN Life, life travel These of this one says funny, but if I click through to it, you'll see that one of the tags life. So it's been included at some point. That's what these little little scroll down a little bit. Wow, it's a big post. You'll see here that these are kind of highlighted boxes. These are different tags that the person has put on the post. I know it's overwhelming. It is a lot to sort of take in. But if I quickly jump over to submit a story, this is where clear out my stories is a new one I'm doing. You put in the title title. This is where your hashtags go, says Tag. Up to five tax the first Jackie Jermaine category so it might be introduced your yourself. I think that's what iwas and then tag tag tag tag so you can have up to five tax those tags are very important because they can be found on the systems. I think of it like a CEO and Hashtags on Twitter or Facebook. Same kind of thing applies here quickly. Gonna show this. Probably gonna show this later on in the in the other videos. But you have three kind of ways that you can get paid on. Steam it. You've got power up 100% which means that your posts get steam power noise always noise in there when you want to record something power up 100% is steam power. You won't get any financial rewards to you in your account. You just get the ability to power up those posters means next time you post those curation rewards get bigger and bigger. Default is the 50 50 split, which basically means if you say got 100 dollars on your post, 50% of it would go into steam power, which you makes your curation rewards gulp. And 50 of it will go into steam back dollars, which are the ones that you can either take out and change your different currency or put back in and convert to steam and then power up into steam power. Remember, Steam power get you more curation awards than more steam power you have. And I I strongly recommend you to concentrate on building up steam power, at least in the 1st 6 months on. Don't if you don't have to or I won't suggest doing it. Don't take any funds out of steam. It for the 1st 6 months just really get used to platform. I know you're absolutely gonna love it, All right. I think that's it for the look of steam it Blockchain. There is a lot more to go into into fine detail, but that's basically looking around. If you're looking to discover certain people in your nature or the content, creators do research video overlooking the photography. Maybe in the contest section there's a money section writing the whole bunch of different categories and different writers and people of different calibers in there on. Just get involved. Just have a chat with him. If you have any questions, just jump in with them on. I'm sure we'll get back to you. If you have any questions for me about the platform, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video 3. o3 - you want to build up steem power: a copy. Now I realize video to was super intense and you probably watched it and gone. Whoa, what happened? I don't understand any of what he just said. Steam, steam, power, steam back dollars, votes. Ah, listen, I was exactly the same way as you eight months ago, and it probably took me a good six months of getting my head around this because this is kind of new, cutting edge stuff, like there's a lot of companies and places out there that doing Aiko's and making that old coins and saying they've got a Blockchain and yada yada, yada steam. It has been running for a year. Plus, it's got a quite big community on their 300,000 people on steam it on. It is daunting when you come in for the first time because it's kind of an abstract thing to be blogging on the Internet and get paid for it to be paid for content at all. I know probably a lot of the YouTube is that invite. You're used to getting paid for the amount of views on a video, but in recent times people have fallen out of love with YouTube. It's kind of like old dog trauma do new tricks. All the advertisers of jumped in there, and they're changing the way that they want the content that you make to be. And that's getting a lot of people annoyed. We're starting to move in the Kryptos feet sphere into decide decentralization websites. So we have a YouTube for video called De Chu. We have a soundcloud called D Sound, a decentralized version of Soundcloud. So we have platforms where you can freely post your videos on Do not worry about any regulations. Then you probably know Well, how do I get paid Him used to get in AdSense from, like YouTube from my videos. Well, that's where steam it the Blockchain this social payments esteem back dollars in the steam power comes into play. Now, I want to quickly get over to you that to get the most out of this platform, I feel that if you can, if you can not help it, don't take any of the curation rewards or any money out off the steam it platform. Just going to say that I don't see this is just like all income stream. I'm gonna jump on here because I can make money on that context money out and add it to my other money. And I combined Mawr converted to fear and buy more stuff and bloody blood blood. I wouldn't go that route. I really wouldn't because there's something incredibly powerful here on this platform, and that is its community and its it's minds, this hive mind on steam. It has some incredible crypto people, incredible media makers on just compassionate people who want to see change in the world and have the ability and skills to be able to change things a little bit here in that. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about steam power. I'm gonna jump over to the website and quickly show you steam power. So if I go to my wallet so I go up to my icon here at the top, you get all the different functions in your wallet. You can see here steam powers the second row across, and he says, influence tokens, which give you more control over post players, allow you to earn on curation rewards. Now there's two things that I understand easily. Hopefully, you'll understand easily to is that influence when you become appear to people, they come to your blog's the Read your content, the read your tweets of folio instagram stories because they see you as appear. They see that you are knowledgeable on that subject. Honestly, if they want to learn that subject, they want a mental. They're looking for somebody at the top of the chain. Who's doing that's the four ready? It's working for them. And in the same way, I guess blogging on steam is similar to that in that you may know something about crypto video editing or whatever it may be that you're good at. Maybe you do a video show on YouTube, and it's very popular. You're in that particular niche. Maybe it's filmmaking, for instance, or like one of the ones that really love at the moment is Indy travels like filming lots of other creatives and people who live in off grid eso. They've got very fine nation that could own that meet very easily. Now building up steam text time, you know, or a lot of ways that you can earn steam. You can just be writing posts and earned steam on those posts, or you could pay some money into steam, get converted to turn into steam power but basically takes Ah, a long time to build up Or it can take a long time to build up The more you have steam Now the more steam that you have Should I say the more you're gonna get, see rewards on your bog post Not my start out for the first couple of months that you're only getting pennies on your posts. Don't get too down. Heartened by that, it's a gradual T. It's like any community. You can't just rush in there and say hello, everybody. Like I mean, YouTube really is my videos and I'm gonna be popular straightaway. People have to get used to you like any friendship, any relationship. They have to know who you are, what you stand for, why you do it. What drives you, what do you what do you give back to our communities? Just like any kind of community. We don't want just people to just run in and take and then leave. That doesn't help anybody in the community. And I feel like steam is very much like a digital family, and everybody is connected to everybody else, so it effects everybody else in that change in the block. Jake, um, so steam power is the thing to concentrate. If you want something to concentrate on as a content creator coming to steam, you're already making your content on YouTube. You might be getting annoyed with the content on YouTube that you're not getting paid for their views on YouTube. What I would suggest is bring your videos in bed your videos on steam it, but also blogged around your content on hold conversations in your In the comments of that video, try and bring the people who are commenting on the YouTube videos across the steam it on. The reason for that is that over time, if those people become steamy ins as well, they will get curation rewards so they will get paid just to be part of your community. Which is kind of weird thing to consider. But just to give you an example, imagine having all of your followers on steam. It Huaral steam means as well they're all doing the same thing is you all have a certain amount of steam power curation rewards that basically you could do a Kickstarter for instance, and have this engaged community of people that are earning rewards and instead of them using money from their job or hard earned money from else. Whether they've managed to acquire, they can use it with the value stays within this economy so that people can pay you or your post can do really well. You could build up that steam power now eventually. Obviously, you're gonna want to take some of that money out, and you can do that by doing powering down, which powers down the estimated account value by 13 chunks so every every seven days for 13 weeks you get 1/13 off that you get. You get a slice of your money basically, and you can then transfer that out to a exchange and Internet interfered currency. Obviously, if you're doing really well on your post, you might want to just keep it in his curation rewards so that you get more money individually on each post and build up that account value. I strongly recommend that you try and invest your time on this platform building up the steam power column. That's the most important column I feel on this platform. That's it. for video three about building Got the steam power. Any questions you have about steam power fired A move to me. Put them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. I'm not an absolute expert on how the Blockchain completely works, but I do understand from my own perspective how they've worked for me over the last eight months. Feel free to ask me any questions. 4. o4 - payments in a 6 day cycle: okay. So steam it does pay out in a five day cycle. That's kind of rare, because normally, like AdSense, Google AdSense, you'd build open, accrue over time. And then maybe every you said a certain amount of money save $100 or £100 on. Then they send you a digital kind of transfer check to your bank account. Where of you've seen your AdSense The thing with steam it is that it happens every six days , every five or six days, and I'm gonna show you a bunch of tools Now that I check on a daily basis to work out how much collectively my post have been doing on also, when I can expect those payments to go into my steam it profile page and then I can turn it into steam. Steam power, do what I want with it. I'm gonna jump over and show you that on my desktop. So, um, some of the tools that I use get rid of this this summer. Tools are used off steam now, Andi, steam supply. Now these are great tools have been built by people in the community. So steam now dot com gives you a bit of an overview about your whole account so you can see here. Got my user name, Tells you my reputation, told you how much steam I'm holding, how much my steam power is and how much my 100% vote is worth. Now remember, I talked about vote in terms of that slider you can see here that by adjusting this slider gives you an idea of how much you are going toe up. Vote somebody's post buying as you build up your steam power. This total will go higher. So there's some people on this platform that by just one vote on your post, you can end up like $50 or $100 you can see in my daily rewards. Curation, author Curation yesterday offer yesterday not been doing a lot of commenting on other people's post recently because I've been very busy on the right hand side, you can select between light and dark on the user name. Now it gives you 33 boxes here. I've got the latest votes that I've had on my post, so you can see these are people that are voting my stuff. The latest create curation rewards the latest offer rewards, and then the most important one, I think, is the one at the bottom, which is latest posts. Now you can see here these air on my latest posts on you can see the amount of funds that each one of those post is bringing in. So I kind of scroll down to the bottom here and you can see that the total here in six days time that there's $82 off total pending author rewards. Now, that means that there's going to be $82 coming into my account. So on my profile page, you'll see this rewards atop thes the SPD and the S P value will appear here. So 80 to $82 they simply means that it will be split 50 50. Then you probably thinking, Well, why is it gonna be 50 50? And I'm going to kind of get into that a little bit? So if you remember on the writing a post, there was three options 50 50 parry out 100% steam power up or no payout at all. So the 50 50 payout is very smart ability. I think off steam that when you do a blow post 50% off, anything that you earn on it will be earned as steam power or steam. Yes, steam power. Now that steam power is what you need. Teoh. Build up your curation rewards. So the mawr that you blogged, the more you build it up. So it's kind of your investment into the platform, the platform paying you back for being involved. The other 50% of it is steamed back dollars. Find that as like cash your money that you would have in your pockets. So it's a 50 50 split if I do ah, $100 post, I get $50 in steam, about dollars and $50 in steam power. Now I can take that steam dollars if I want and change in exchange, turn into currency and take the money, which, but probably be about £30 UK. Something like that, or I can get some more steam and then do a process called Powering Up, which takes that steam and turns it into steam power. Now I understand you're confused with all the steam, steam, power and steam dollars I was completely perplexed by. It's a whole new way of looking at things in terms of value and money in exchange. And it's super weird until you do your first payout and you managed to turn steam into another currency and then buy something with it's like, Wow, I just earned, like, digital money for making content and taking part, which is one of the super wonderful things about Cryptocurrency on this live riel Blockchain of steam it. All right, so well, as I got caught off that the five day cycles. So I jump back into this other app that steam. Now give me a rough idea. I look at this app pretty much this website every single day by great steamy in Penguin Pablo gives me a rough idea of what I can expect on my account in the next six days. Another one that I use is a great one by another great one on using steam supply. So what I do is put in team humble at the top and then click on. Look up on what this does is it goes away and finds out when you're gonna be paid so similar to the other one that it gives you a breakdown. But what I like about this is gives you a lot mawr detail content inside Social Insight gives you the value off steam back dollars right now in USD on how much one steam is tells me my current account value, my potential rewards is gonna be $70. And you can see the discrepancy between this one of $82.70 dollars. And I found that, actually, when I click through on some of these posts by click hovering over and clicking on some of these values here actually higher I'm not sure when it references or if it Texas was on average. But you can see here is broken down by this $25. If you imagine 25 steamboats steam back dollars, this is gonna be coming through in the next 24 hours. So in two hours, we're gonna get this in three hours, we're gonna get that, and that's all going to sit my account until I press this button Redeem rewards, which will then put the steam back dollars here in this column and then the steam into this column at the top, and then I could do various things with it. So I can power up variety things like that. So these tools are very, very useful for getting your head around. Steam it on a daily basis, Not just from a perspective of how much money to those post make, like what money and we're gonna make but more to do with building up that curation rewards . I know in six days time that I can power of my steam power. I've also got enough steam to be able to build to set up 10 different steam accounts there . Six steam each for me to set up an account you can get a free account on steam has to be created on that has a cost to create it that currently 16 meters set up for 10 content creators. I need 60 steaming my cat to do that. So that's my kind of my own money that I've earned on the platform from blogging and people curating and commenting on my post instead of me taking it out on spending it. I'm actually using it to bring more people into the site. So that's one of the reasons why I built this course out as I wanted to bring more content creators to the platform, and steam has been so kind to me in the last eight months. It makes sense for me to use some of this value. Keep some of these value in house by creating Maura counts on bringing you and your audiences to the platform. So that's kind of some of the tools I use. You can go basically on a fact that the payout, if you want to call it that, is a six day turnaround. So if you're a very popular youtuber, you come to the platform, you build up your steam power, you can expect that any of those payments. If you do want to take those funds out of your account, they turn around in six days, not a month, not building up to a ceiling and then get paid out by AdSense every six days. And I think that's a really attractive part off steam. It 5. o5 - creating posts with markdown: Okay, so one of the ways that you write your block posts is in a format called Mark down. So if you've ever used hate email, it's basically a structure very similar to hate email, and it's really easy to pick up. In fact, you can find some great applications to be able to do the writing that you would normally do and have all the mark door marked down done for you in the background. If you like, you can just literally copy and paste and drop that into steam, and it does all the things for you. It is very easy to get up to speed with mark down. Don't be scared by it. You don't have to write in code. You can just highlight a zoo would in a normal text editor, like bold italic on it will just translate that when you copy and paste it across to the platform. Would you absolutely love about steam? It's I'm gonna jump across the to my screen and show you a few services what is marked down on some examples and also some quick macron's that I've got built on my machine using a application called Text Expander for Mac, which enables me to do things like at my my graphics, my footer and things very quickly. All right, we'll stop by that. You'll live to the screen. Okay, so this is the submit a story. So if we got a steaming dot com for social admit or if you go to the top here where it says submit story, this is what you're presented with so you can see put title in the top. You can write out your story here. This is my first blogging and you see you get a preview at the bottom. Next it says at the bottom here, insert images by dragging and dropping so you can drag and drop them over to this field here, and it will automatically upload those images to steam it. Images on host those images in a cloud for you. I actually host my images using a app called Cloud App. So I've got, like, an image here. I could just cap it, copy the direct link, drop this link in like that and then you'll see when I But I don't even have to pressure turn. It's just refreshed at the bottom. You can see it's pulled out image from the cloud on. That's basically a piece of text with an image dropped in easily. Then we put a tax on. Then if I wanted to, I could just click post, and then that is posted onto the steam. It Blockchain now This is where it gets a little bit interesting I need to tell you about this is that posts on the steam? It Blockchain can be edited up to seven days. After seven days, they are permanently attached to the steam it Blockchain. That means that you cannot go in and correct or change or update those blood posts. You have seven days for that for you to go into alter, to change, to do some very amendments to that block. After that, it's permanently added to the steamy Blockchain. The steam it Blockchain is a Blockchain ledger that is distributed on many computers around the world. So it's a decentralized platform. There's not one server in a world with just one copy of steamy on it. Imagine a Excel spreadsheet for, for instance, a massive Big Excel ledger that is stored on, say, 100 or 200 computes around the world each one of those ledges is being updated with this record. And after seven days, it's locked him, right. So mark down, mark down. You could do things like put a dash across like this. They go a little line underneath it. You could dio bold so to these, makes it bolt for scroll down a little bit. Actually, actually, put these a top so you can get rid of this image you can see. So these are just commands that I'm using. You can do a hash. You can do a hash text that puts ah H one. You do hate to like this, which is a little bit smaller. You can do hate three similar like that. So it's very simple. Markdown language. Now, if you've never heard of Mark down before, we do a little search for marked down on Google, you can find a whole library documentation here on daring five or one of my favorite blog's where I originally learned from John Gruber about mark down. So it's a text the hate email conversion tool for Web writers, so it makes sense to use it for writing block posts. So if you follow this, there's various like instructions about the different commands you can see here you've got the basics are here so you can jump straight through and get away the information about the tags. Or you can just go across to something like Bear writer for the Mac. Andi. It's a flexible writing app for creating notes on Do you could do this completely on the go for iPhone iPad. Mac. So this is it running on the Mac. This is on your iPhone iPad to keep it all in sync, and you can see that on here. There's various different colors and display that's actually using markdown text so you can do normal textbook. It also supports markdowns. If I get rid of this, get rid of that. See myself? This is, for instance, bear with something I wrote this morning for Dale. So if I create a new one, you see a top says, Hey, each one that's gonna be my title. I can actually click that, and I don't have to put in those hashes. I could just select which one I want. This is the title, and then I could just block here. I could put my image and again like that. It doesn't alter resolve it here. But when I copy and paste it across to esteem, it resolves it. I've got these cool little macron's that I've settled with Texas funder, so I could just do hash boom, And it just puts in all of my photo automatically so you can speed up the process of actually writing a blood post out, which is kind of cool. So don't be scared by Mark down. Very easy to do for one of put like a line across just three dashes. 123 line done. You could pick this stuff up really easily. There's APS for PC and Mac on. Markdown is supported in that little editor. So for jump back, Teoh, steam it. It's supported in this little editors. If you copy and paste any marked down in here, it will sort it out. You do mark down tables if you go to the table generator his one I made earlier by Dio generate. Then it creates the the code I need for mark down. If the copy to clipboard and then go to here, you'll see it puts a table really, really simple. Teoh, right? A block post out. You don't need to write in mark down. You can just go in there, put a title and put some text in dragon dropping image across. But if you really want to refine the look of it, maybe have tables, maybe of columns, maybe have a header and a footer make it really look nice and polished, then learning. Learning markdown is definitely the way to go. Ondas Plenty of tutorials on the Web to learn mark down. If you have any issues with that formatting issues, embedding videos and things like that, just get in touch and I will help you out. 6. o6 - being part of the community: YouTube is notorious for having a serious amount of trolls on on the comments. Now. Admittedly, I've looked at a lot of the YouTube is that I brought on. You get a lot of great comments as well, but I found in the last decade of being on different platforms so far, steam. It has been the best in terms off friendliness, compassion, willingness to engage, take part, suggest things. They've just been amazing. It didn't always work out like that, though. And I want to explain why and how you should approach being in the community as a content creator, somebody who's making content regular important out there, put it onto YouTube, put it into some decentralized website and then putting it as a bob post here on Steve. So when I first got on steam, I kind of was in that same headspace of what you normally do when you're into social, which is amplification. Push, push, push! Which was like Follow me on Twitter. Go here, go to Instagram. This is my courses. What idea is a link to the course? You know, I kind of carried on doing what I've always done for the last, like six years, which I think his comes a product off trying to break through the white noise, trying to be noticed, trying to promote stuff, trying to amplify stuff. And that's just not the way things are on the steamer steam. It is very much a block shore like a block host, but also there's a whole side of it that, you know, the Blockchain getting paid for those Coast posts getting paid for that curation been able to comment on somebody's post and get a little bit of money towards you, like commenting and engaging with that community actually values somebody use part of the community. Same way that steam power, the more that you aggregate steam powered them all. That gives you curation rewards in the community, which basically means that you could potentially earn more on your block post. So I had to change shift my thinking a lot. The first couple of months, I really wasn't do very volatile. I just I kept on just pushing, stood up stuff up like a used to on my old WordPress blog's just kind of push, push push, and I wasn't really doing the engagement side of things. I wasn't commenting. I wasn't searching around for people on the platform I wasn't looking for. People were in my knee. She into video into photography to cinema graphs, things that I was into. And so I kind of left steam it for a couple of months, maybe two or three months. It didn't have that instant payoff, which I think a lot of people expect from sites. And it's probably the reason why a lot of people haven't stayed in the first place or don't we don't have a retention thing of they come in, never look around. If you post it doesn't go anywhere, they tend to leave it. A lot of these of the sites Twitter and Facebook have that what's called first mover advantage, that your people are there, the communities there. So you know you're talking to your followers, your friends that are on there. So it took a long while and I went away, and I actually came back and I was just like, You know what? I'm just gonna block here. Contempt photos just gonna comment about my day to day life. The problems that I have is a freelancer and gradually, over time I started to hear the voices in the community. I started following people who were over, like 50 or 60 rep because they've been around for a while. That's seen it all. Another thing that I have seen that you shouldn't do. You should try and move away from and try and mute and don't get into flagging wars. But try mute. Those people that do it is that you'll find that sometimes your post will just go somebody or palm it comment and say, Great Post really liked it. And you can tell that there's a lot of automated bots just liking stuff to try and get some most curation rewards. What can I say? You can't really change them. You could mute them. You could send a message back and ask them. That's kind of what I do. I say, you know, did you really enjoy it? Did you really read it? You know, you posted this like 20 seconds after I posted it, So being part of any community is about involvements a two way street. Is that engagement off putting stuff out, but that also listening to what people have to say back to you or acting or what people say about you. One of the best things that I've done on the platform that really was awesome from a perspective of I felt like I got to know the people behind The blog's was making a collaboration video, and that's because I like to video Eddie. I like to put things together in video. And so I got in touch with, Ah, a bunch of people sent them a message, added them in the comments and said, Would you mind putting video in on? I was looking enough to get some of the bigger whales to take part, and because the bigger whales part some other people came along on. All I did is saved up some steam and paid the one steam per line of video just one line per person. Onda that posted really well. People loved it. People of the output video from it, and it kind of got me a little bit of a name off like filters, video editing and gifts and animation and stuff. Very mind I Moughniyah reputation 60 After eight months, I should probably be high than that, you know, put more work into it, but it's a two way street. It's not push, push, push and it's not like your WordPress blawg. And it's not like a Twitter Micro update. It's definitely not a status update on Facebook or a picture of you eating a meal on the Instagram. It might be a picture from Instagram that you've put onto your steam it block and they had a conversation around the X y and Zed off that particular photo. Why took it what you took it with? What camera? Why, like that camera? Another camera? You know, it's We hear this word all the time giving back value. Well, I feel that when I'm sharing my day to day with other people who are either just come out of work or been made redundant, and they're looking to retrain re skill, be a freelance of work digital work remotely, I don't mean the kind of dream of that lifestyle of living completely remotely off the grid and do work. But I mean that realistic stuff I share that every single day me and and L have a kind of diary public diary that goes back each day we write to each other. She writes to me at night so I can read in the morning. I write in the morning. So when she wakes up, she can read it, and it's just finding your flow with it, you know, engaged with the community. Find people that do stuff that you enjoy. Do a search through the tags, the video photography life Blawg. Introduce yourself. If you're looking to find new people, have just arrived like self. Go to the introduce yourself tag. Yeah, that's that's all I really wanted to say. There's probably more to sound the community side of things, but I think that gives you a bit of a rounding to it. Take some time, you know, like don't expect this. Just work. Give this at least three or six months treated like S E O for a website. Right. Give it, Give it six months. Listen, listen. Listen to a bit of engaging do stuff that you normally do put stuff on YouTube, but then also right post about it at night. What you went through behind the scenes, what was involved, what was the problems, what would have fixed it? Because that's the stuff that I want to read because as a content creator. I want to speed that up. I want to optimize that process, so All right, I'll catch up with you in the next clip. 7. o7 - some people you should be following: Okay, so this list obviously is not concrete, as in the hundreds of people that I probably follow about 400 people. And I would say maybe 1/4 of them are daily posters or regular posters, and they are across the board. Now. I'm going to miss people off. Don't be offended, Please. If you follow me on steam, it don't be offended that you didn't make this list. This was just a quick fire Go through my news feed this morning of, like, 2025 people that I follow and the reason why I follow them on. Just to show you that the depth and spread off different people on this community sometimes instagram and reddit and Facebook, You can have thousands of people that you followed or they follow you. But you don't really feel this engagement going on with those people. I think that the figures like 150 people that you can really actually keeping your brain at one time and process. So this this is just to give you a nice idea, a spread of what kind of people are here on the steam it. So let me just jump across to my desktop, so I need to do a few things. Just give me a second boom. All of the new high high Sierra backdrops. Gorgeous. All right, so I'm just gonna go through these. I've got, like, 25 tabs up in the reason why I follow him. So Exile is a guy from the Netherlands. I follow him because I love his video show. He does like a little vlog. Pretty much every day. He's really invested in steam It He bought theme, I think, for $4 when it was really, really high. But he got 90,000 steam now, which she's accounts worth $124,000. Got to North $1,002,300 in steam dollars there. He's a very sharp s cute guy that his girlfriend, I think, via the Internet. But like me and Dale, does these little video blog's great guy. I'd love to meet him. Hope he's going to steam first. Musharraf is going to invest Not, But I do watch and read his stuff. Very interesting stuff. Very clear headed person. I love the Dutch anyway, so it's a guaranteed win. Next one is Kalen Art. The reason why I want you to follow knr is I feel like she won off the purest or pure artists on this platform is also also awfully of food, which I should have put in this list which are probably part of the end. You know, she got 5000 followers. You don't nearly 10,000 posts. She's ah, 73 rep. She's putting stuff at all the time. Massive account on steam, a lot of steam gets paid a quite a lot of rewards on each of her posts, engages with the community, has a lot of comments on her work. Onda Just a great all round kind of creative person. I realized if I do this for each person, this is gonna be about 20 minutes. I need to really route through this steam health at steam health that we want to pay you to be healthy. These a quiet kind of cool. So every day you get little updates to say, you know, take a minute out to do meditation on. Then when you've done it, you put in the comments that you did it on. You can kind of win various bits of money, bits of steam for taking part. But also, I just love the aspect of it about taking time out as a big toe work. Even as a blogger to take care of your health. I can't find that kind of cute ex I've already done. Um, Joseph de la Liga de Diego, or as Joe Three potatoes I know are probably just pronouncing them complete running. Really? Sorry. You learn how to do Java script reports of a bunch of episodes about that which is really cool. Garden of Eden, which is ever love. And Sarah Miller on Quinn. Taker Clinica. Great bunch of people they live sustainably on this place called the Garden of Eden. I'm not sure whereabouts in the world is somewhere in America on dime Super excited to meet these guys at steam. Festive is gonna be Hog City on. But I'm gonna be out and learn a lot from these guys. They do a brilliant blogged. The high report there. They've got loads of followers I've just seen. It's in Arlington, Texas. Andi. Yeah, they're gonna be It's invested. So have you kind of like off the grid? Kind of. A lot of people would probably put this in kind of like alternative lifestyle, But I just think they're normal people. My kind of people, I guess instead of just being in the 95 workers in what you call it cubicle life. That's what I was thinking about right next. One. Karen Sue Studios just come across Karen recently because you want one of the tickets to steam Fest two on. She's a Yogi, and she, uh, she's really positive, upbeat person on. She just acro yoga and just showing your different styles of different people that are using the platform. If you thought, well, I couldn't be that kind of person I couldn't block. What could I blogged about? Just trying to give you a bunch of different people here that you can go on? Look at. Just have a look at the URL on each one of these pages. Gonna bring it up. Craig's an interesting, wrong Craig Grant you have to follow. He's well into Bitcoin crypto investors actually doing courses. He's part 32 of this course, one of the final parts until I do two more of it about how he set up this kind of BCC school, which is Bitcoin cash school, where he's kind of teaching people and they become part of his line on the bit Connect, which is an investment service of Bitcoin Onda. He's living the dream Man is living the dream. He's 75. Rep. He posts videos every day, little YouTube videos of his life, what is up to and these thoughts. And he's willing to open up and share those thoughts as well. And he did some great videos. Definite watch a definite person to watch First Big Whale that I followed. Rep. 76. Here on steam is pepper pepper took a part in the first collaboration. Video always watches stuff I always find incredibly authentic, very detailed, and he's willing to be open and transparent about his life. I kind of like that about blogging on steam. It feels a lot more genuine than most places that you read on the Web. A growed agro is, ah, a 70 rep. But really, really high up in terms of reputation on the platform has got some great stuff that he puts out. He's got a bunch of different projects. Minnow support is obviously the most popular one piece of bullets and liberty Onda really like this banner? Actually, I've never seen this battery for It's really nice. Thousands of followers loaded posts on active member of the community. A lot to share about platform really involved with steam, it surpassing Google. He just did. Ah, they just did. Shouldn't say I don't if it's a he or she Your boy Terry, your boy Terry. I didn't know I didn't know the name. That's one of the thing about steam. It is. You don't often know the names of person behind it. So I'm sure that's theme festival B o humble team mambo instead of like filth. So I'll have to, like, stop telling people my name Or do I? Maybe I just have to be my avatar, Um, surpassing Google. Did something really, really call it a day? Which is? He asked People who are you? And it set off this like viral flurry of people posting Andi. Everybody, everybody would win, you know, like the did a post to the untalented for people who don't feel talented but want to block . I think it really motivated a lot of people to start. I think a lot people who were just sitting there beyond the keyboard, ready to post. But like, what do I post? I'm worried about, you know, being analyzed and evaluated, if you like on. But he just, you know, put his hand out and said, Kind of like, You know, tell me about yourself What is it that makes you? You and I love that about steam. It is a whole bunch of these things that kind of just bubbled to the surface, and it means that the people who signed up and didn't know what to dio I didn't had to engage, could get started. King's crown follow King's crown because he's got a whole bunch of great curation and stuff about crypto Lily Divine is a new one that I followed because she's a cannabis connoisseur . That was the one reason why I followed. I thought, like, yeah, I could get down with that Jerry Bamfield Jerry Bamfield is like a marketing YouTube Facebook genius. He's now got 15,000 followers on this platform to 2900 posts. Onda. He's a force of nature man. Like anything that Jerry gets into, he's just like, full into it. As you can see, here is accounts worth 120,000 steam 88 thousands theme on the platform You didn't invest from selling his dash master node and put all that money into steam it on. He's done a hell of a lot for this platform, and sometimes I think, is a genius. Sometimes I think he's crazy. Sometimes I'm just like Jerry without the world, Without you in the world, it will be a different story. So Jerry Baffles definitely want to follow either punk, which is Kevin Wong at Kevin Wong Post. Um, incredibly thought provoking, technological forward thinking ideas love to follow his stuff. Another guy started following one of the very first ones, actually, because he has a website called Steam dot Supply, which we get into later on about checking your balance is when you're gonna get paid out, Things like that. He posts them really, really cool stuff. Like he is definitely a daily driver from a I always check his stuff on a daily basis. I suggest you do the same dress calm pronounces is using that avatar drove Drago wrote Rose Drega Roa So d r a g o s. Are you a Another one I follow is ICO. Dash Alex Just stuff about sustainable building lifestyle promoter. Really nice, positive, upbeat guy. A lot to share, a lot of thought provoking stuff there if you're looking about to an alternative lifestyle . Penguin Pablo Also, I followed him because of steam. Now another site very similar to this theme that supply. These are tools I'm going to get into later on a brilliant, brilliant stuff that puts out the biggest thing that I look at this. The four is the daily steams. That's report, which tells me how many people are blogging in the retention, How many new users, things like that. It's really nice to have, like a barometer of what's going on on steam it. Playful food, Playful foodie. I read her block occasionally, no, every single day, but she's very much like, Hey, I want a lifestyle blogger but like a really authentic person who's just probably waking up making a coffee, get online and just words coming down. Put it on, Teoh put it onto steam it. So there's a little bit for everybody here. That's the point of getting across Quinn a cup. I kind of mentioned Emily Around is part off the Garden of Eden Group. Sorry, I've only had one coffee this morning. Definitely somebody to follow up. Firepower is the next, while a guy from India definitely can't wait to meet this guy he set up. Or at least did the U R L for steam it chapel. There's so much more here in the community has been giving away free tickets for Steam Fest two and has been around a very long time since July 2016. I think the start was around July, so it's been good about 20 months. Theme. It's for saying it's been going for 20 months and it's got, like, 350,000 users, probably more now. It's definitely ramping up in the right direction. Obviously, Ned, I say, obviously you won't know who that is. Net is. One of the co founders just recently has been posted some amazing stuff about social. The social media tokens I think they call Social media might go that wrong. Uh, not so smart media tokens. My bad my bad small media tokens on his account is crazy because it's it's worth like $5 million. As one of the co founders, one of the benefits of having quite a lot of steam power got over 10,000 followers on there . Any posts, all stuff about behind the scenes. Andi, I do know coming up to steam, festive and after it there's gonna be a lot more stuff coming out, I'm sure and re steamed on that's account. I'll be interested to see where steam is gonna go after Steve. Best to actually, obviously my other half daily o d A Y l E o If you want to follow along with daily Post to each other and mine is at at team humble another guy because this first wave is content creators. Another guy that I followed because of what number of things really technology and just you know who years in terms of how he posts eyes acid Yo, at ASIO. He's just started doing twitch streaming, and I know a bunch of people do YouTube alive, and things like that definitely follow this guy on twitch followers. Some of this stuff I tuned into one of his shows he didn't over all of my posts was bumped it up for like, $4 all the way up to like 45 $50 which was crazy. Andi. That's what I was trying to get out of my previous videos like it's all about the engagement here is all about taking part on. I love the fact that he's got a show on twitch about stream steam or just things about Steve video games as well on. It's definitely something I'm moving towards. What's I get another machine Finally on. I'm sorry. Five mess missed loads of people out, which I know I have. Don't be offended and insulted. I just want to rapidly get this out, and I'm sure this is about 10 minutes Already Final is surfer Marley Somali joined July 2016. She nearly got 3000 followers. She always posts really creative, upbeat. They feel very much like agency written that high quality Onda. She just really I can't wait to meet surfer Molly as a bunch of other people. That's the festive. It's gonna be the biggest hug fest. People don't forget. Like under arm stuff, washes and stuff like this is gonna be a lot going on. All right, that's it for me today. I just wanted to share those people with you. That was like How long? 30 minutes. I'm sorry. And if a mr Out Like I said, I'm so sorry. But if you follow any of those people, just pause the video. Each one of those things. Follow those, like 25 30 people a guarantee. In your news feed, you can have some really interesting posts on a daily basis. 8. o8 - mac tools to make blogging easier: Okay, so I want to get into some applications. I run on the Mac that make the whole process of using, um, steam a lot faster, A lot easier for me when it comes to blogging. Now this is the normal way that you blogged on. Steam it. You go to steam it. I think it's submit yet forced National Mr Hated email when you're logged in or submit a story The top title story Dragon Drop images across. Put some tags. Click on which one of the reward you want Power up Default 50 50 split will decline Payout . Click post and you're done. However, I wanted to have it a bit more efficient. I wanted to be able to keep hold of those notes. I didn't have any issues with my connection where I was typing away, and then I lost everything. Had that with lots of other blogging platforms before. So a family application called Bear Bear Dash writer, now is it? It is a paid solution and I think is about £1.50 a month if you go by month by month, but it works everywhere, works on your desktop. IPad iPhone on it keeps it all in sync. Using iCloud so means I can work on posts and take my time over them. Put the links in for images and things like that, which, by the way, I'll quickly get into this jump for a little bit. I use this application cloud app, get cloud up again. It is a paid application, but I use it because I can't make movies and gifts and it blows him straight. The cloud and I could just, like, literally copy and paste that link straight into the document. It just gives me that link assume is blown in, which I find really easy on. You can even get cloud app on your mobile phone so you could take photos on your photo real and then upload them while you're mobile and then embed them onto your post. Okay, so we quickly looked at cloud up. Like I say, you probably have the solutions out there that are free. I found this to be a really solid product over the years. If you go to a little drop down on top, E C could make a movie a gift. Just take a photo. Let me just take a screenshot for how that works. Actually, let's just say I want to take a copy of this page use. This is an image I could just highlight that you'll hear a CIA sound in the background says Upload fail cause I'm logged off at the moment, uploaded to the Web. And then it will give me a U R l for the link to that fire, which then I can drop in to create a post or whatever I want to do with. I'm also gonna run text expander in the background. Just shrink that down. Text expander is a great way off creating text macro. So if you want to have things in your head or your foot up or you want have custom graphics or custom layout like a blocker lined left or block, arrive right instead of remain remembering that html tags, you can kind of put all that into text expanded. So, for instance, if I wanted to put my foot into here, I just have to do pottery hash on then. Sorry I missed it. Vega, just like that, we go back until you all this did. It is because I'm off line. You want to see all the images do pasta rehash. You see, it pulls all my text in on all those images will be port brought down from the web. I'm just not connected to the world at the minute because I'm really get rid of all the programs on the machines are dedicate all the time to recording. Um, so yeah, that's bear, which is really, really good. Cloud up is great for taking images and videos and attaching them up. Text expander works everywhere on the desktop on IOS so you can type little shortcut codes to put your head is in. Your foot is in and you can spend a lot of time pretty not off making faster just speeds up your blogging No end another couple of text editors to mention mark down and it is again, these are paid solutions. But if you're gonna be blogging a lot on steam, it I guarantee you, after a couple of months, then things would have paid for themselves anyway, one that is really nice. Is carrot on its 29 bucks. So it's roughly what, like 20 quit something like that. It's got a whole bunch of stuff in there if your programmer or if you're used to kind of like auto completion of things, this has got you covered for everything for in lie rendering off mass solutions to multiple selections. Syntax tables add Rose re sizing. Really, really nice. I've got used to using Bear, but I would also probably use this at some point in the future just to have a backup. And if you don't want to pay for either of these, there is a new one. I've just come across by. I can't remember the guy or the person who passed it on to me, but type poorer the Iot truly minimal. Martin Editor. It's completely free distraction, distraction, free, seamless life Preview to get preview exactly what's gonna happen with that text. So you got links and bold text that you can see here. Similar powerful images, headers, links, tables, code friends is mathematics. I thought that was kind of interesting, the mathematics showing you the equations of previews like that, but it just kind of call if you're doing into maths as a whole bunch of stuff on it's free . So these are some tools that I would recommend that if you're gonna get into using it full time to check them out. Especially Bear Bear is one of my favorite ones that use on a daily how that was useful. Sorry if it was a little bit scattered all over the place, but I'm trying to get these down to, like, 56 minutes. Now, if you have any questions about mark down, edit text, expander, bear carrot, any of those. Absolutely one over. Just give me a message. Sent me a message, put it in the comments, and we'll get back to you and help you out. 9. o9 - setting up another steemit account: Okay, so we're gonna look at creating another steam it account. Now, if you've come in on this course because I sent you the link that I've already created your account for, You've already set that up, so you won't have to go through that. If you're watching this and you've not signed up to steam it yet, you will have to go and create account on account on steam it. So let me quickly jump over to my desktop and I will show you on different ways that you can set up an account for your already have one. So let me just jump over. So when you sign up on steam, it you don't get to steam it dot com on the top right hand corner. You've got sign up. When you go through the whole sign up process, you get two pages like this, which is you have to put in your country code and your phone number on you might not want to do that. You might not want to sign up on add your phone number. And even when you do go through that, you might get a message that says this. You sign it request is being processed, and you'll receive an email from when it's ready. Sign ups COMTECH. Up to seven days. He can wait up to a week before your account is activated, but normally they get your account done in a day or two. The reason for this or I don't know, necessarily the reason presented. Verification Validation off the account is not just a spammer account, but there's a bunch of things that you won't know about steaming or probably know about. Block change in general is that a lot of them are recently coded, as in steam it at at the date of October 2017 is 20 months old, has been lots of revisions and updates to the code. When that happens is called a hard fork. So the hard fox happened when lots of people get together in the community, mainly the developers. I want to adjust various bits of the code because either it's bogey or it could be more efficient or they want to help the platform scale more. So we're currently on HF 19. That means has been 19 hard fox since steam it started 20 months ago on the next hard fought. Hey, Jeff, 20 is about on boarding is about bringing people on faster. Now. The reason why they haven't brought H F 22 the four hasn't launched here is because they've been working on the infrastructure behind the scenes, making sure it's more stable to be able to deal with lots more people. There's about 370,000 people on steam it in 20 months already on the platform as off October 2017. So obviously getting to 500,000 get into a 1,000,000 go. Beyond that. The infrastructure needs to be out of cope with it. So it's been back and forth as all hard forks are between the developers. Should we do this should return this on. Should we make this this? It's a debatable process, with lots of people witnesses that come together on to make a decision on this, that they had more about the top tier off steam, if you like, in terms of decision making on Lycos, lonely bloggers and content creators, which have an import as well in terms of promoting and marketing the platform itself. That's what you can expect to see. You can expect to see on boarding be a lot faster in Haiti of 20 Hopefully, but right now you have to wait a couple of days to get your account validated. Now. Like I said, if you are a course creator, you will already have an account. That's because one of the things that you can do is that you can create accounts. And so I've created Obviously got my team humble account. But I've also created team video on Team Audio. Now you'll notice on these that on the steam power it says, six. What's a bit more than six steam now? Obviously, I have some from somewhere. I'm not quite sure what, but I basically set this account up, and it cost me six theme to do it. And the six theme came from my team. Humble account on goes into this new account, so I've not really used this. I'm not really use his team audio account yet. I've got a team video account on I'm posting decentralized videos across to their because I don't want it to be in my feed in team humble. One of things I can do is I can re steam them across as and when I want to do that. So I'm kind of keeping my decentralized video on my audio separate from those of their accounts. Anyway, this video is about setting up another account, so I apologize. But I wanted to go into the background to all of that, because I think it's valuable. This might not even be an issue. Now, once, if you're watching this video after October 2017 hard for 20 miles acted on. We might have just got that validation process down to a few hours or even instantaneously . Just getting a link in the email and setting up there's a few ways to set up a steam account A separate to that on day one of those ways is anonymously. So if we go to a non dot steamed up network, you can actually pay 0.0 for Bitcoin or 0.3 light coin on. You can pay with Bitcoin actually tense theme or 0.3 lights time so you can put in a user name you want, and then you can do by a walk through this whole process. So this basically means you can create a completely anonymous account on it's not. You don't have to worry about your email address, phone number or anything like that. You can just set up an account. They deal with all of that stuff for you in complete privacy. And then they send you log in details on a pretty much sure that you can change those looking details afterwards. At least that's what I would expect that happened. It looks like they've also got this on the Tor Network as well at the bottom here. This to head and services. If you wanna do this not through a Web browser book, like through a tor browser on the under nettle dark net or whatever you wanna call it. So there is an anonymous way. So if you're dealing with very, very sensitive information content distribution and you don't want any attachment to it, you can do that. You can set up an anonymous theme account so you could be completely anonymous or as anonymous as your connection and your connection to the Web allows. The way I do it, however, is using this great service from a guy on steam. It called almost dash digital eyes. You are out of the bomb here at almost dash digital on it costs six theme. Now you have to have a steam it account to start. So obviously the people who don't have a steam account, you're gonna have to wait those few days or seven days for it to get validated. What I've done is I've created tens theme accounts on I paid out six theme. So 60 steam in total for the 10 accounts out of my own money out of my own earnings from blogging curation on stuff like that on the steamer platform. I've done that to remove that frustration layer of wanting to get steam. Seen all these videos going? Yeah, this sounds called. Wanna get blogging and then not be announced getting platform there and then would want everything like instantaneously now. So I've set them up. I've sent you the details. Obviously, I want you to go in there and change those details. I'm not gonna use them securely put in a password. Manager on Built built this court out on this engagement and this on boarding out so that I come to you with an email, give you log in details and you get started. So Maybe you want to create another account on top of the one that you've already got for something similar to the way I've done it, which is having a separate account for decentralized video on a central account for decentralized audio just makes it less messy on my main feed. So we wait where we do this is your putting your creator account. So that would be team humble. And then this is where it gets a little bit. Maybe difficult for newbies is that you've got a bunch of keys inside of your settings panel inside of your steam, it existing you count and just follow the instructions here. You need to find your active key on that active key. When you put that in here, it enabled this website to transfer that six theme into this new account and set it up. So we're gonna put a new account name. So that would be team video, for instance, On then new account password. Make sure that you save this account password. Do not lose it. Put it somewhere securely. Use some kind of password manager like last passel dash line, something like that on. Then it literally takes 10 20 seconds as long as you've got six theme in your account. So make sure that you've got some steam in this top section here in your account. So the account that I provided for you content creators out there, you gradually, over time of blogging on the platform, you will build up steam. And when you have, like 16 in there, you can create another account. So once you've built up this theme, then obviously you can set up multiple accounts. Like I said, very easy to do. Make sure that you keep a copy of that password. Don't forget, obviously, to check which account you're logged into, you can do that by going to the top here, So I just double checked with that when you're logging in that you're using the right user name and right password for that account on a log out when you finished doing commenting and replying and things like that on the account of the wise things and get confusing quite quickly. But the process of setting up account is super easy. I prefer this one by almost distal on account cost six theme. And then that six team goes into that account on could be used, probably to make another account, actually, from from out of there into another county, keep on creating accounts with that six theme. After that, I realized that was kind of intense, But setting up an account really is easy. Once you start to understand steam, steam powered, steam back dollars. That's the hardest bit for me to get your head around very early on. But if you actually just get in there and learn how to use Mark down and the blogging side of things and actually just start writing, posting pictures, putting videos up there, if you're already a content creator, you do that as part of your process cycle. Anyway, if you do that for three months or six months and then look at the money side of it than all of this stuff gets a little bit easier because you can start to work out how much you've earned, how much is coming in from curation rewards using stuff like steam now or steam supply toe work out How much your poster actually making All right, I'll see you in the next clip 10. 1o - webtools to check income and stats: okay for video 10 which is talked to check income and account details. I kind of do this on a daily basis. The 1st 1 to use this theme now on DSO that seemed to come And if you see, gives you the breakdown off your rep on the amount of steam you have on all the details that you would have on your account on your wallet. Page Paul in a nice, neat display. And then on the right on this side, you've got your settings. You have to put your user name in there and then underneath that your seats has knows. Now you'll if you've been on steam recently in the last month or so, you'll notice it's been down a few times because of DOT attacks, he could actually select on that drop down from different nodes. So if a certain notice down, which sometimes esteem deduct steam, it dot com is down. You can slip when these other nodes and still get updates on your account. In terms of your latest vote curation awards and things like that, So has a nice little tip to change that. If you're not getting any day to come up. So the main group off stats that I look at is the bottom one here, which is the latest posts, and you can see that it gives you a breakdown of each post in terms of the earnings. Andi, uh, when that payouts gonna be so within six days, this total amount is going to be coming in for my or three wars. Now that this doesn't actually tell me if that is 50 50 split or if it's gonna be 100% steam or anything like that. So what I use is another cycle steam supply, which is made by dry. I can never pronounce his name. Right. Geragos. Rua drugs. Rua Sounds like some kind of mystical name from Lord of the Rings. But like he's got, you should definitely follow him on his blogger. And also Adam is a witness. But steam dot supply you put your use name in a top, gives you your account value, everything that you would get in steam. Now, apart from this revenue chart at the bottom, which is where it comes into its own because it breaks it down into SPD. So if you did a 50 50 split so half it as steam back dollars for then 50% of its theme power or just straight steam power. So if you're a brand new content creator here on steam, which brews in New York, this is Episode 10 of the 30 part course. Then you'll be wanting to build a pure steam power because the steam power is what's going to give you curation rewards over time. So you can see here that I've got SPD and steam powered different colors means in three days time I'm gonna get this reasonably big power, which is like 35 dollars equivalent if you like, And that's gonna be in three days time so you can get a rough idea using these tools as to when things gonna happen on the steam platform. Also, this child at the top here it tells me that the majority off my earnings are coming from posts and not from comments. So when I see this, I tend to realize that I've not been commenting very much on steam it, and so probably I will go around digging around through some of the people that I follow and see what we've been posting about recently. And if it's interesting to me, or if I can provide any feedback or actually have any insights on it, then I jump into the comments. And obviously I get paid curation rewards for that. So those two sites in my main go to drivers the steam now and steam supply, but some other good ones that you might want to use as a content created to find more information about your account. So let's quickly jump into those. 1st 1 is steamed up Casper fred dot com, which is a steam APS collection. He's actually got this free downloadable from Get Hub steam tag search. So it's an ability to search through the whole esteem it really easily for certain tags and present it in a nice grid view. The one on Steams main website is not very you. I friendly. I find where is This is a nicer version if you like, and he's made that open source now so you can get that I'm getting up. Another one is a mentions tool. So if you ever, like, think what I just don't know if anybody's talking about May or mentioning about me or a missing comments again. The steam it website could be a little bit overbearing, or you can miss things through. It doesn't give you notifications, so steam mystery dot com. It's a steams mentioned tall, and you also get a block export Explorer and, ah, a tag and title analyzer now as well. But that gives you a list of all of the articles, all of the comments where you were mentioned on steam it. So that could be useful if your brand new user wondering how to get into conversations with people again. If you're looking for anything on steam, it ask steam dot com is really good because they index the whole of the site, which I think is better than the Google search. All right, next to that steam dollar dot com that gives you the rial steam dollar price as off like, right now, this is a useful tool to bail toe workout. Say, I've got 100 steam I can drop in best in price. Click on that and you'll jump through and then I can put in steam on Bit Tracks right now is one of four. Stephen politics is 10 for that there kind of keeping it in unison. Now that used to be completely different. Used to have one more expensive than the other. Find out who your MVP's on steam. M V P. If you put in your use the name that will tell you, uh, the whales or the ones that the bigger users that have been on for a period of time, how strong their voters and who's voting on your stuff. This might be useful to actually engage with those users to help up voting of your stuff, but also distribution of your stuff if they re steam it or, if they comment on it, up or up, vote it. Sometimes their voter are really powerful, so you can see it's giving my stats on my last 60 posts got 1934 votes from 464 unique voters, which resulted in $226 payout. And then it gives you a really nice breakdown and you can see here who my Wales are, so you can see that for hover of these. I've got Talim, the Jola files on acid, Yo MSP creative, but you can kind of see who you're um, your MVP's are. And you could see my most loyal player with 58 votes is daily for every day voting, probably. All right, so two more left while actually just one more left, cause I don't really need to go into this my account page. But this one's a really nice one. That just on version two of this is steam tracked dot com, which have got these beautiful graphs that gives you an idea of the votes of this month and last seven days. An average. If you want that kind of Google analytics, look at your account. It's really, really nice. You can see, like the earnings graph here you can see like I've not been commenting for the last seven days, So there's been a dip. So this month, $136 up by $7 last seven days, or by $26 on the average of all your posts. So if you're blogging for maybe two or three months on steaming, you think and I that I don't have a clue if I'm doing well, not or if things are dipping or what I'm writing is being has only residents. People are interested in this is a good way looking at it. All right, that's it for Episode 10. I'll catch up to you in episode live on. 11. 11 - different ways to connect to the blockchain: so, unfortunately, steam. It has been getting a bunch off what's called D. D. O s attacks DOS attacks recently. Other last month or so. Andi. Obviously, it looks bad for the brand's theme it dot com, but it also must be a little bit scary for new users or people trying to get on trying to do posts and finding that they lose the postal. They can't comment. I wanted to do this episode about multiple ways that you can connect to the steam it Blockchain because they're too independent things. You have the website, the front end of steam it dot com, which runs a piece of software called Condenser, which basically pulls back the posts. The view. The way that you're looking at my screen now, which is Stephen dot combat team Humble. You're looking at my blood post, but they've been pulled from the steam it Blockchain. Now there's a great little application at this. U R l here at the top at Get cub the Iot Steam Dash service and it tells you this little bunch of service. Now there's a lot more steam it service in this, but whenever you see something with the numbers at the side of its and these top four ones are trying to get in sync. That's the block size off the steam it Blockchain. Right now you can see them getting in sync. You can see at the bottom that the last two servers are offline so they may maybe getting dust attacked or they will be just down for whatever reason. And throughout the day, the service go online and offline. And this affects the loading off your post because the actual website is an independent entity in its own right. So it sits on a Web server and it connects to the Blockchain pulls the information back from the Blockchain. Now, if the nodes off that Blockchain are being attacked or dots attacked, then obviously can't pull back the information from the Blockchain or if the websites being does attacked, then the decide doesn't come up at all. Now, one of the really interesting and powerful things of the steam it Blockchain on any Blockchain technology is that there's multiple ways to connect to those Blockchain, so it doesn't necessarily have to rely on one website. So I quickly want to show you this website you probably heard about it already. If you've had problems logging on to steam it dot com in the last couple of weeks, last couple of months or if you ever have any problems with it, another cycle busy dot org's. And it's another developer in the steamer ecosystem that built their interpretation off. What the steam it for intention looked like. Now all your posts are identical. Everything to do with your your blawg and you're logging and everything. It's all the same. It's just that it's using a different for Intend to connect to the Blockchain. So what tends to happen is if you have issues with steamy dot com. Resolving, say that the website doesn't come up where you can go to your block page. Then you can go over the busy same U R l If you're just pull this across there, you can see its steam. It dot com at Team Humble. Same is this busy dog Acti mumble. So the euro is the same. It's just the first. Earl of the site is different, and you'll see that all your posts are pulled from the Blockchain. So as long as these block chains, one of these block changes up on the steam services up, then it will connect to one of those notes and pull back your block post. Now, where the problems happen is if any of those notes are down or they're trying to catch up or they're not in sync or even if they're offline. That effects when you go to do your posts. So if you're adding a post and you click the post button, you might lose the whole post because it can't post that to the Blockchain because the block changed in the up. That's why I always suggest using something like an offline editor like Bear. That's how we do most of my stuff. Then you don't lose your post, which is a huge, huge thing. But if you spend an hour two hours on a book post and you lose it, that's not necessarily a fault, per se off the website. I guess in some ways people will see it like that. But it's just a an additional check for you to do. There's a lot off DOS attacks and people always constantly trying tell websites down, always trying to disrupt innovative technology. So do be aware of that most of time. I would say for last eight months, I've not really had that many problems with steam it, but now it's getting bigger, is getting more media coverage. It's getting a lot of interesting from from different people and sometimes the wrong kind of people who want it to be held back while their service is, you know, accelerated forward if you like. So that's one site that you can use. If steam it dot com is down, you can use busy dog on then. If this doesn't work busy, they're all there's 1/3 1 that you can use called beat at dot chain BB dot com On this is presented Mawr in a forum kind of style, but it's still connecting to the Blockchain. So you just connect, like using the sign in It will say, Be careful, this is beater software and then when you proceed it actually for your your posting Kate, your private key and you can log in with that. What I would say is used something like a VPN. I have a VPN running here, and I really like these guys of er, pr VPN very good, very cheap Onda very fast VPN connection. I would always use some kind of security whenever you're connecting or adding in your private key for anybody. So that's three. That's That's three sites, like Amusing. The original Steam it site theme Busy the Orc sites All the forums at BT Jack. Chain BB dot com. You can at least put up your post on any of those three websites. Another way. Final way of doing it is there isn't a pout, their mobile app, and we're still waiting for the steam official app. But there's one called E Steam out there. Personally, it's not for May I find the interface a little bit confusing, a little bit unfinished. It's not very smooth. The experience is not as good as I wish it. Waas. I've got used to different maps on instagram and things like that. It is great to install it to get the notifications and push updates, and whenever you get a receive a payment or whatever, you received a memo. It's nice to get the notifications for that, but I don't really use it for posting. But one of the nice things about esteem is that you can set one of these different service . So if one of the service goes down, but one of them is reliable and stays up or you've noticed that it stays up, then you can change that in the steam application. So most of time it will go to the master steam note. But if that nodes down, you can go in there, change it, save it in a note pad on your iPhone or your android device, and then you can just copy and paste in and still get onto steam even if one of the master services down. So that's kind of useful for that. And you get that for IOS or East Team. Andi, I recommend you checking those out. 12. 12 - making animated gifs with gif brewery 3: Okay, so I'm gonna take this little head of animation that I've made in keynote on. It's only like eight different layers, just animated, probably taken a couple of hours to put it all together. But what I do is have made this opinion keynote, and I need to convert this from a movie movie file to a gift. The reason for that is that you can't display a video on the front page of steam. It doesn't natively allow you to upload a video. You can upload something to YouTube and put the your Ellen, and it will resolve it and embedded. But you can't just upload a MP 45 or a movie file or any other movie file like that in that format on just embedded on the page. So I'm going to do is ah, normally I'd go into export to quick time, and then I put the former as custom. So I've worked out that roughly the width off a image or a movie is about 840 pixels. That's what it looks like on the steam it dot com website. When you click on a post, it brings the overlay up on that's normally the width of it. Now that may change in the future future, but right now, that's what it set out. So what I've done with this is have created the file size at 16 80 double the 8 14 There's a reason for that, and I'll get into that once we get into the GIF animator. Now, you'll notice if you press tab here, automatically change the pixel size off the height to be in line with the whip. So we're gonna go with six hundreds of 16 80 by 600 and then if you've got any, then I intend to go to the Apple progress for for for. You don't need to, but and it creates massive files. But I'd rather have a quality master file and then convert that to a gift. I've already done that. It takes quite a while to do that little in code. You can see here that the file sizes 1.5 gig, and it's quite it's quite big, and it goes for 45 seconds, and obviously we don't want the animation to go for 45 seconds. We want to find a better way of doing it so I'm using this piece of software called Gift burry three, which is free now because it got acquired by Giffey cats. Giffey cat is very similar to giffey in the sense that you can still free images free animated GIFs upon their service and you can do resize cut video set desired frame rate add color filters, multiple captions, overlay images, all the usual stuff that you find him all these gift animators. So I'm gonna quickly do this. It's really, really quick. Once you get used to this, if I go to open video and then if I go down to steam first movie, you can see I've got a massive clip here. Now I don't want it to be this wide. So if we got a recital, the top gonna put in 8 40 on that string, sit down to exactly the size of the head of that I want. Now you can see here the bottom is a timeline on I don't want 45 seconds. I only want maybe 10 seconds of it and for it to loop back around again. So all I do is I scrubbed forward on the thing until I get to the point where I know all the animations have actually ran. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna maybe do that about Let's do eight seconds and then I'm gonna click on set end. And what that does is I've got the green marker. Click on that. That's the start. Click on the red marker. That's the end. I just want these eight seconds of this 42 2nd clip. So then I click on settings, and I select the loot type as a palindrome. What this does it goes forward and back, forward and back. It just bounces back and forwards, and it just makes the gift a little bit smoother now. Also, what I do here is I optimize the gift colors for 64 because I don't need to have 256 shades of color. That just adds to the file size at the download time for somebody on mobile. So you want to try and optimize your gifts is as much as possible. On the 10 seconds is really what you should be aiming for that I just click on, create what it does. It goes away and analyzes the individual frames off the GIF. Andi, It does color optimization on that, and it works out how big that's gonna be. So as you can see here, this is far too fast for me to run. It's just running back and forth really, really quickly, But it also gives you how big that file size is gonna be. So 3.4 make isn't too bad. But you want, obviously try and get the lower as possible, you can see is a bit of greatness in the pictures there, and you can see that the frames is very, very fast. So you might want to slow that speed down or actually calculate the frame count. But that's really all you have to do once you've saved it out. I normally save that file that maybe to my pictures like that, and then I simply just go to my pictures folder, grab that picture, drag it to my cloud app, which is at the top here on that uploads it into the cloud, and it gives me the girl which I can then paste so you can see here it's going up to the web. You can tinker around with this as much as you want in terms of these settings of here, the color count the frames per second to find that that ideal sweet spot that you're happy with once it's uploaded into the clouds running a little bit slow. Here it goes to do, do, do do do you'll hear it go Bing And that will say that the fall is a bloated Andi. If I click on copy direct link, then I have the direct link to that GIF so I can place return and here you will go to the your out, and that's where it is in the cloud. Quickly, go to post. Drop that into my comment field into my body field Cherry. Sorry of my post, and then that will pull back this gift from the cloud and use that inside of my post. Just like that. Really quite simple to do Onda. Once you get into a momentum of these, you'll find out this super easy to make these rapidly and just store them for use later on 13. 13 - sending and using steem and sbd: Okay, So in this episode, what I'm gonna do is briefly described, I guess, some of the ideas of sending and receiving money in and out off steam. So I just borrowed a little bit of steam off at day. Leo on do a little bit of steam dollar because I actually cashed out. If you get onto this lead lead you down here, you can see that I actually cashed out 172 s p d. That was after selling my steam into steam dollars. And it's this theme dollars which you can you can actually transfer out Steam Austin dollars. But I I converted it into steam dollars, which I got ended up getting more four. So as a bit of an example, I wanted to show you what you would do if you collect steam on what you would do if you got steam dollars. Now steam like it says here, tradable tokens that could be transferred anywhere at any time. So there's things that you can do from this drop down menu. I can send that to another person so I can transfer that steam to somebody else by just having their account and put in the amount in there. Put a little memo. I can transfer that to savings, which makes that steam secure. That goes into this bit here, and you've got, like, steam and steam dollars that way the savings. It takes an extra three days for that's theme to come back out to go into this theme field . So it's another nice little security feature as well, not just a savings account. I can power that up. So this figure here will linger into this figure, which is steam power, which gives you more influence on the platform, so that allows you to get paid out higher on post pay out on bond like it says here only on curation rewards. The higher this theme is, the more chance that your posts will get our higher payouts. So that's the main goal. When you're unearthly steam user, I'm still very like minnow, like really under a thousands theme. But some people would like 50,100 thousands theme that are making, on average, 40 or $50 on a post or a lot more, and then taking all these factors into account. Actually, the steam, steam, power steam dollars it gives you an estimate account valley of all of things to do with your account. So I'm just under $1000 here in terms of the the worth of my account. And the more steam that you take out all the more steam dollars that you you take out of the system. Obviously that account value drops. So another thing would be you could buy more steam. You could sell more steam. And there's a marketplace as well. I'm gonna quickly jump across to the marketplace, actually jump ahead a little bit here. So this is what the marketplace looks like. I kind of go on this price here. So the minute steam is very, very cheaper under a dollar. You see, a lot of people are buying high than they are selling. If you wanted, for instance, for Meteo by steam, I could use the five SPD the steam back dollars that I've got click here and it tells me that I'm going to get nearly six theme back. So I could actually by steam back dollars or take money from my steam back dollars account converted into steam, and then I could I could power up power of that steam onto my steam. Steam power also on the side, on the right. Inside, you can sell steam as well. Now, this is a good way to go on the marketplace and sell and trade steam or steam power about what I tend to use a lot. If I'm taking, for instance, this steam out of the system or maybe steam back dollars. I don't tend to take out the steam back dollars as and when The Movil. So when I create a post, I can decide if I'm going to get paid 50 50 on that post. When I do that, I get 50% paid in steam dollars, the SPD and 50% in steam. And then it's up to me what I want to do with it now. I would recommend anybody for six months or 12 months on steam to try and keep steam inside the system as much as possible and wherever possible, do like 100% steam posts on. Then that builds up York influence on the platform, but also your curation rewards on. Actually, you want to be building this number. Oppa's well, which is your rep number. The number on the the endears The represent reputation score is based on the history of votes received by the counting is used to hide low quality content. So the higher up in the reputation you are, the higher up that you're you're gonna be on the platform, get noticed, which then has the effect off more money going onto your posts. So what I tend to do when I've so I've powered down recently Certain you can see it's gonna happen in the five days. What power Dowd does is every 13 weeks, it gives you a slice of your overall total of the steam power that you've got. So I roughly probably every seven days at the moment because we're going to steam fest and I'm using some of my steam to get there. I'll get about 60 or 70 steam going to this steam, uh, row here and then I can sell that steam. Or I can tell that steam and converted steam dollars, or I can go to a great site which called block trades us, which actually, if you go to here and do sell, it will go jump. We'll jump straight through to block trades and fill out a lot of various details, but block trades is an exchange where I can exchange a crypto currency for another Cryptocurrency. So in this case, I want to be able to click on this drop down select steam or steam dollar, and then I'm gonna put in, for instance five got five steam right now. And if I just click on that and then changed this one on the right inside to Bitcoin because I want to receive in Bitcoin uh, let's try five on his own Do 505 steam that member not just do 50 Stephen a ago. So I'm gonna say I'm gonna sell 50. Steam is gonna tell me the estimated amount of Bitcoin that I'm going to get it if I highlight this. Copy that he was a great little site called prev dot com force sbtc to USD, and it will give me a pretty much real time What I'm gonna get. So for 50 steam, you can see I'm gonna get $39 USD. So that's the Bitcoin to US dollar transaction. So what I'm doing is taking my steam out, taking it to block trades on the way this works is you putting your Bitcoin wallet see might have big pay. Or you might have x this wallet or you might have crypto pay. You would use your Bitcoin address in here. And when you put your Bitcoin address in it will tell you it's a valid address and then you have to put when you click on get deposit address, it comes up with a memo field and then you copy that memo field and go over to back over to here, and then all you would do is transfer to block trades the amount so it's gonna be like the maximum are click on here, could be the maximum. And then this memo field is this field that you got from block trades. So what's happening here is I'm sending my steam to a steam account called Block Trades Block Trades. See sees that I've done that transaction with my memo on it and then automatically trades that from steam toe whatever currency have selected in this case. Bitcoin. So that's the way that you get the steam, the money out off the steam, it system on. I have not really gone through with it because these air to two small amounts. Five steam and $5 is really not a lot at all. But I wanted to have something. The account just give you a demonstration of what you would do to get that out. So yeah, the other three. There are three main sites that I use. If I'm removing steam, it value. But I want to go the opposite way. I can also, if I've got either USD or Bitcoin, I can then also do this for steam. So if I want to get some steam power, for instance, if I put in, say, one Bitcoin, that's going to give me 5774 steam power. Andi, that's going to be quite a lot of curation. Steam powered on the count. I mean, I've only got 1000 now, So if I just put in one Bitcoin which Bitcoins what worth now is about one? Bitcoin is $6000. So it's about 4.5 £1000 right now. So for 4.5 grand, I can get nearly 5000 nearly 6000 steam power which really helping curation rewards. I kind also see steam it as a really nice piggy bank, if you like. Of where? Aiken Store. Take my fear currency and put it into digital cash. So hopefully that gives you love of an explanation off sending steam roasting back dollars if you really want more explanation into steam steam power, steam dollars. There is so many other people that really go deep dive into the technical aspects of it. But all I can say to you as a new user, as a content creator on the platform, usual your of the channels as revenue income. I don't rely on steam it to be a revenue revenue income for at least 12 to 18 months, trying just post for steam power. Build that steam power opposed to 1000 steam. Get that account value over 1000 before even stop messing about with taking steam l or anything like that. If you have got Fiat currency knocking about and you want to invest in a platform, then you something like block trades by by some steam and then upgrade that to steam power on that will help with your curation rewards. When you post things on this platform like like your YouTube videos on things like that, all right, that's all I want to show you on this episode. I'll see in the next one 14. 14 - powering down your account: Okay, Part 14. We're gonna look at powering down, which actually has just frustrate the hell out of me because I had five days to wait on my power down. I've actually actually just forced it to seven days by resetting something. So I'm gonna go over that just to show you so that you don't make the same mistake and cycle through dang sight of it like I did. So the second cut column here which says Steam power. Ah, you'll see that I've got 877 steam here now, as a content created to the platform. Really? For the 1st 6 months, you a longer You really want to be keeping this this theme power as high as possible? Because that's your influence. Influence of tokens, curation rewards. The higher this number is, the more chance you're going to get earnings on your block posts. So powering down is pretty much a no no on the platform because you're kind of wanting to keep the liquidity off steam in the system and in your account gives you so much presence on the platforms. If you click on right click. Sorry. Left click. Here. You get dropped down, power down by council. Power down. So if I scroll down a little, but you can see the next power down is scheduled to happen in seven days. That was five days. I made a mistake of doing this. I'm gonna show you what I did. I clicked on power down, and this is a relatively new feature Is that you can adjust this slider to say how much of your steam you want A power down. Now, when you power that down, Say, I selected, uh, 500 exactly which aren't on if you can even talk that in the present, we come top in and then selected power down. What it does is, if you're already powering down, it resets that counter back to seven days to be super careful with that. Um, maybe you don't want to do the whole power down now. After seven days, you don't get this full amount of 877 steam, which is my maximum the minute you get 1/13 of it. So every 13 weeks, I think it works out that if you left it running up to 13 which you say you get a part of what is outstanding in your steam account. So it's a way off taking bits of your steam power out into steam on. Then you can do what you want with it at that stage, turn into steam dollars or even take it to an exchange like block trades and transfer it to a feat currency. But be really careful about this powder and ball if you do it all the way to the right. It says leaving less than five steam in your account is not recommended and can leave your county unusable state. So hardly suggest not doing that. But like I said, it just sends you 1/13 off that steam. So, for instance, I would probably get around 70 steam in seven days time, which just lately I've needed to be powering down quite a lot because I have bills to pay. And I'm actually using crypto to pay for everyday bits in my life rather than just being an investor and sitting on it, waiting for it to make me more money. I just don't have It's one of my income streams as being a blogger on, but that was one of the promises of the platform really was to come here and get paid financial rewards for doing posts. Onda getting pay outs on those posts rather keep it in there would rather be building on this steam curation awards because the more I got in here, the more rewards I'm going to get. And obviously that's going to snowball. But it's just the situation I'm in right now. Hardly recommend that you're a content creator. Like I said, leave that money in their leave that steam power now as long as you can. And if you can also power up from the steam dollars when the price of steam is quite low. So I use a little tracker called Coin Kick on the Mac, and it loads up here in the trade bar. You see the moments theme is 0.87 Fires very cheap under a dollar hardly recommend that whenever you see under a dollar that you grab as much as you can afford. And when I say that as much as you can afford money that you are able to lose because obviously crypto is very volatile. All right, that's it for this episode season 15. 15 - apps that use steem: Okay, Chapter 15 We're gonna quickly have a look at things that plug into the steam. It Blockchain. Yeah, there's lots of different Web services that you can connect to via the steam it Blockchain . But there's only a few that I know off that you can do that via your mobile. And I think that's gonna be one of the big areas in the next six months. That steam really needs to address. And it was one of the things they mentioned it steam fest to this year that they are releasing a wallet in December for both IOS on Android. I think it's gonna be a big plus because most people who are used to the mobile phone life they live their digital life through their mobile phone through Facebook and Twitter and all of the different social networks. It makes sense to have a wallet or some kind of balance in an application on their phone. So they might not be writers that maybe readers may be stalkers, but having a wallet, having some funds in there, I would've thought would be one way for people to get into the steamer ecosystem by having a balance of off steam in there, being able to physically see that they've got a value of it on for us as theme Ian's have been on the platform for a year or more, then obviously, being able to get to balance has been up to send and transfer. That kind of puts it into your day to day kind of lifestyle of arts and you some steam. Or maybe you're gonna work with somebody or if we were at the conference, this U S team first to maybe somebody could've sent me some steam, like was sent them some steam as a tip or donation or something on having an app as well on your phone. Really nice built to get notifications when you receive or send or transfer or do a power down, which I'm presuming, is one of the features that will be in that wallet. So that's coming out in December 2017. If you're watching this before, after or if you're just time traveling, that's fine. That works to, um, all right, so the first I want to tell you about it is only a few right now. There's probably a couple of miss than if I have missed some and you are an existing steam Ian do tell me in the coins off of the post off this episode. And if you are just a content creator coming across, don't be scared. The fact that there isn't a lot off APS for the steam it Blockchain remember the steam it Blockchain is only 20 months old is actually one of the fastest, if not the fastest Blockchain in the world right now, as off today of November 2017 on de So ramping up the scalability of it, making sure it's stable, making sure they can walk DOS attacks has been high on their agenda. Getting all these additional absence stuff is starting to slowly roll out now, and they're bringing more developers to the platform as well, with other initiatives to be able to pay people to take part in developing this software. So 1st 1 I want to tell you about is obviously taking steam with you on the go on. The best application for that right now is East Team. For me, it's a little bit confusing in some areas. I think it could be tidied up a little bit nicer I would love to see something like Busy the Orc, which is another way of connecting to the steam. It Blockchain do a mobile version. I think the thing busy that all would make a really good level application. I've never tried busy or dog on the mobile. Imagine it looks kind of nice because it's nicely formatted, kind of relevant to the standards that most people are used to when viewing a social media site. But steam it e steam is pretty close on dumb. If you want to do some blogging on the go, few are considering being a steamy, unwanted right. You don't have to write daily, but obviously a lot of people do her on that. This is one way of doing it, and it works very similar in the way that Facebook would work, I guess, in terms of the layer of the menus, not as cleaners polished on dumb exact as the Facebook Mobile that but that's because the mobile app has been iterated like 10 15 20 times in the last couple of years. But do give that go, you can send the earnings to it, the earnings to other users. You can share your stories, pictures, thoughts, inspiration, travel tips, all that sort of stuff on, like some of these customer reviews down here a little bit boggy, bit intuitive on the navigation kind of feels like somebody's gone. I need a mobile app will throw everything in there. And some of the men used just the formatting of them scares me a little bit. And I think from a user experience that could be a whole like, um, they need to outreach other people to kind of fix those those books and errors up if you like the next one which I have used. But then they got pulled from the store. If you actually go to the iTunes store, you get the item you requested is not currently available in the U. S. Store but is available in the Belarusan store. So, like if you live in Belarus, you assorted to get steep shot. I think the reason why it got pulled is because office the steam it with their Blockchain and and Bitcoin and cryptographic payments, Apple is probably just, like, literally said, no, not doing that. You can't distribute it. Some kind of money component in the background going on here. And obviously that kind of flags up all kind of things to gambling and or the way of stuff that Apple doing there will world Walled Garden to protect its users on. I kind of understand that I'd rather have that than the method of free full for anybody on the Android Google play store. All right, so steep shot that I owe problem that rewards people for sharing their lives on visual experience. So basically, what they're trying to do is build on instagram for cryptography and use this steam it Blockchain to be able to pay you for those posts. And when I initially downloaded it, apart from it being bugged because obviously version one, probably one or two people working on it, not a team of engineers. I think we've got really used to these APS just working and being efficient on good on battery and things like that. But that takes a long time. Takes a long time to make mobile applications efficient, fast conservative on the back tree. When you have a developer ruse like throwing bits of code together from the developer pages over on on the steam, you know it's going to take a probably five or 10 iterations This for it to be super solid and super good compared to something on instagram. But bear in mind every picture you've ever posted on Instagram, you've never been paid for so you can download this from the absolute If you're in the Bellary someone if you've already got it way before they did submitted a new version of this and it got it got shut down, then you should still be able to use it. I think you can use it. Some Google play on Android, and I think there's a problem next. It doesn't have the extra checks, but one thing that they have done to make sure that people can still use this is you can actually use this on the web. And I've tried using this from a mobile phone as well. So if you got a alfa dot steep shocked that I owe you can actually go in and create post there on the click Upload. A picture actually works from your photo library on your mobile phone. It's a bit clunky, and it's not mobile. Optimized won't take them long to optimize this, but you can upload a picture Instagram style to your account. I suggest you get up a separate account instead of just having pictures on TV accounts. Because if you're writing blood Post and then it's just a picture with no text that kind of throws your block freed out of whack. So I would suggest setting up a separate account. Just follow one of my episodes before list to set up another account. But those are the ones that connect to the steam. It Blockchain so bad this in mind, this is a bit of ah, head cultural behavioral shift is that you know the Blockchain. When the websites, like steamy dot com occasionally go down or something falls over, the Blockchain is still there. The Blockchain is still running is still being sink across many different platforms around the world. Many different service around the world and different applications can connect into that Blockchain to get your post your details, you off other people's votes on your balances. So this is gonna be a rapidly expanded on area in the next 6 to 12 months, especially now that people are getting paid for their work on open source, which they weren't before. Yeah, that's it. I wanted to just tell your future collapse that if you're definitely just a mobile, users don't have a laptop. You can still do steam. You still post on steam. You still vote. You still follow along using these applications. 16. 16 - witness the fitness: all rights for this episode. I want to do a little bit of an overview about witnesses, and I'm not gonna go into too much depth because there's more technical references on Steam it on. Duh. I couldn't go into absolute detail with it anyway, but I want to give you an overview of it because it's pretty much how steam it works. It's kind of how all these nodes off the steam it Blockchain work together. So it's a very simple graphic of how systems used to work is that we used to have service in centralized locations. So we're talking like banking and, um, local councils that all of their service in more location people connect to it. Then you would have distributed versions of that on there. Nowadays we have decentralized, so we have copies off the block chain in different places on different service around the world, and they're all interconnected together. But they're decentralized in nature. So what is a steam witness? So a witness best explained, actually, by Jerry Bamfield. There's a bunch of other posts on it, but Jerry really consolidated everything together about witness when he decided to become a witness as well, and he had no experience of using a bun to using Lennox to actually get a copy off the Blockchain. Often running, you actually have to download a copy of the Blockchain to a server. Instance and then the blocks of that, which is basically your posts, are added to that Blockchain in real time. The more servers we have in a distributed sense, the more witnesses we have. So to give you an example, here's what a a map off seed nose looks like and you can see that there's a bunch of seeds online here and you can also see the locations got a bunch of Jim ones here, American 11 in the Netherlands on these old provided by these particular steam. Ian's here on the right. Now we've probably got about 30 of these steam seed nodes, which basically is copies of the Blockchain, and they're all getting in sync. And if one of these went off line, then you be able to get to another decentralized copy of the Blockchain on another server. So we need to run these to keep the Blockchain online is a copy of the Blockchain Somewhere in the world and judging my this map, you've got one in a lot of different countries around the world. You can also see there's a bunch of offline ones as well. There's different kinds of witness knows you could be a seat, received a note or you can be a full witness, which requires more resources, more server resources. So I would suggest doing a search for how to be a witness. If you're a content creator, chances are you're always on the go. Your day today is setting up the sharp doing video recording, editing, posting color corrections, doing all your social media promotion side of things. Chances are you don't either have the resources to pay for the server requirements of witness or you're just mainly interested to know how witnesses work. So that's what this course and this episode is about, really is to give you a bit of background as to how it Blockchain functions behind the scenes, so hardly recommend doing the search for launches theme witness today. If you want to read a bit of background about house theme, the Blockchain works, and how about all the notes work together and there's also another one which has been around for a year by P. Funk, which is a full steam. It uses a guide to steam witnesses, which gives you the basics about the Blockchain itself, about producing blocks in 63 2nd rounds 2021 blocks per round of the target of three seconds between each block. Now you don't need to understand this straight away, But if you do a bit of research on D parts, which is the delegated proof of stake, then you can work out how steam it works. He uses this thing called a consensus mechanism, which is really interesting but also mind blowing in the wind. It actually works. So decentralisation is key to the way that the Blockchain works. Now we have an ability here on steam it to vote for witnesses. Now witnesses are people running copies of these seed nodes or or full nodes witnesses. And if you go to steam it dot com forward slash this little dash in them witnesses, you can see the top 50 witnesses out there now. Each one of these witnesses has been around for a while, and people are up voting voting on that witness because they trust that witness that trust that steamy in to be always on top of their server, making sure it's got the latest updates. Make it making sure it's available as good up time that they have the latest, that blocks that are in sync and the ones that more consistent doing that, the more higher up the witness voting they get. So anybody in the top 10 is earning money for being a witness. So if I go over to one of these posts here, I think it was this one you can see in the top 20. Witnesses earn around 300 to $600 a day in the steam power, with steam prices at $1 while the rest of witnesses in the top 100 of the ability to earn 100 to $3000 a month, depending on the price of steam. So this is obviously profitable in a certain way for people running service. Now, very mind that you also have costs with running the service. So if you're running a server with a certain specifications on it, those those commander price so one of the server hosts that you can use is perfect PR I ve x and you can find the perfect that I owe again. This is give you a rough idea of how much a witness would cost. You would probably need this 110 to $210 anywhere around that amount per month to run a server for a full witness Node on. Steam it. So you gotta work outfits. A worth it for you to dabbling with this if you know how to run servers, you've already got existing server cloud instances up there and you know how to manage them . Then this might be something that you want to play with in terms of working out how the steam it Blockchain works and making a bit of income. But if you're a content created, you're probably not gonna be wanting to run an instance. But I still would look into it because this is fundamentally how the Blockchain works on steam it on. It's why we have one of the fastest block chains in the world with all of these different nodes and and see notes feeding into the overall framework off. What a Blockchain looks like. So the more more of these we have, the more stable the platform becomes on also how fast these are as well. You could put up a server. You could bring it from home, but you would probably wouldn't be out of sync the blocks fast enough. The faster you ever connection to the Net, the faster that that sinking can happen. So a lot of these witnesses were in the top 10. They've got really good specifications on their server. They've got a lot of memory on their server. Like, for instance, Jerry's here has got 64. Gig of Ram needs a lot of RAM to be able to stall the Blockchain in RAM memory. And then it's also got that gigabit connection to the Net, which means that the updating of the Blockchain happens very quickly. So you know, there's a lot of information out there that you can find. Don't forget to go to the witnesses page of Vote for some of these people that you know in the community. Whenever you set up a witness, you have to put a steam it post together to say that you're launching your witness and why people should vote for you, and it's pretty much on a trust based acknowledgement. So if you know somebody has been blogging for a year, they Renee a full full note or receded node. Then you're voting on them as a person to maintain that version off the block, chain that version, being in sync with all the other versions. And that could be a full time job in itself, because you have to maintain when there's a new update off that Blockchain software, which is called Steam D. And right now it's not multi threaded, but they're working on it being multi threaded, so it uses a lot resources on a server. So it is, ah, balancing act between the cost of maintaining for the community, being part of community, doing your bit for the community by maintaining part of the Blockchain. If all the parts of those service went down, then obviously your server would be needed to be able to maintain people being able to post on pull information back from the Blockchain. So very detailed information confined on Blockchain. That one I told you about from P Funk is probably the best place to start. It's been around for years, got everything in there you could probably I need to know about the delegation. Proof of stake. Andi, I would say Look into the witnesses stuff because that's what keeps the Blockchain going. So we may only use its content creators to post text on video and YouTube videos and things like that. But actually, without these witnesses, without these service running, we would probably have a lot more downtime. So don't forget to vote on these witnesses. Onda, check out some of these guys if you're thinking of running on yourself. If you've got established after three or six months as a content creator, or you've already gotten existing audience on YouTube and you're bringing those people across the out breath, better comments on steam it or you want to build an audience on steam it, then I would recommend that you, from your steam power your steam funds to launch a witness on. There's plenty of people on steam it that can help you with that. If you're not Texas reminded All right, I'll see in laps absorbed 17. 17 - my steemit legacy: So for part 17 I want to give you a bit of a background as to the legacy of why I got started here on steam. It you've probably been through some of the other episodes and we're getting kind of halfway now. You might have jumped into this before any other video, and I thought, Well, why is steam it for me as a YouTube as a content creator? Maybe you put stuff together on video as well. What other places on the Web and why should I get into a social Blockchain? It was quite difficult to come on a block on steam it for one particular reason. And that waas that had kind of written off blogging, microblogging, social media, being doing social stuff, sharing story, pictures, video, all the tools that we have with these mobile applications for well over a decade, it have kind of got a bit old bit long in the tooth. Never really got the social connection that it promised us when we heard of Web 2.0. Web 3.0 is gonna be this amazing unification. Unification of engagement between human beings never really reached that potential, and I still think we scratched the surface with social media. The market has moved in. As the famous at Garvey would say. They came in and kind of killed it like marketers do. Facebook did the same. Facebook bought Instagram. Every community that I've joined has either been acquired within two or three years, and they've moved on on mainly around money may mainly around acquisition and financial incentives off building an audience and then selling it off, making some money, spinning it, flipping it. So that is difficult for people coming into computers for the first time, we every year around December in the U. K. We have 100,000 people join the Internet for the very first time on Facebook might be the one thing that they go to first of all because their family members, their cousins, relatives are all on their and that becomes their world. That becomes their Internet. So I've been kind of despondent to get involved with any other blogging platform until steam it came along on. The reason for that was obviously, the financial rewards incentives was, you know, I'm going to spend a bit of time here, and if I make a couple of books on it. That's a couple of books more than I had on any other social platform for the last decade. It was kind of an unwritten promise about Social that at some point micro payments would be in the mix. And that's what got me excited as a somebody who likes to make video, somebody who likes to make period like anything. Audio video textual interviewing. That was kind of my vibe. I've always been into making stuff, and I think a lot of us now are content creators, even if we know it will not. If you look at the way the world's going in terms of basic income and the jobs being replaced by I, not all of them, there's gonna be sections of society where there's 10 or 11 different jobs are always gonna be done by humans. But there's a lot of automation going on in the world. So what human beings do, and I feel like steam it, the blogging, the payments for it, the time sensitive we turned up and we took part. The validation of is this person a human being or no, I feel that exists already on steam it as this decentralized way off, checking out. Is there a person behind the words? That's kind of what pulled me back into steam it into social blogging. Blogging had become a bit of a chore. WordPress is kind of 80% admin and 20% blogging, and I really wanted to change that because it felt frustrating. And it was a really difficult entry point to get started blogging every day when I was challenged by update a new plugging or add this or I've added this, a new version of the plug ins come out and broke my whole site, and we don't realize the damage that that does in terms off. You know, you have an idea. You have a concept you have something to write about and then boom the platforms down and don't get me wrong steam. It is at times recently in the last few months where it's been down from DOS attacks, but you can still write off line and upload it later on. With WordPress, it felt like I was not productive. I wasn't productive. It also any microblogging social platform that use has to be has to have an ease of use. It has to have like a away that I can use it without being frustrated. So that was a big thing for me as well, because it's a very simple editor. You can upload your pictures by dragging and dropping for most people have never blocked before who want a blogger for free and don't want to pay any money out for hosting, then steam. It can do that. I was invited to steam it by a good friend of mine. I've known over a decade on different platforms from Steam It Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. And that was at Lloyd Davis. And if it wasn't for Lloyd, then I probably would have looked at steam it so it It's interesting how those social connections kind of permeate and run through the different social networks when people do move on to different places. And if it wasn't for Lloyd, I probably would have looked at it in debt because I do appreciate who Lloyd is and what he's done for various communities with his bar camp. Sonny's Andi is Total Club in London, and so for me it was a natural given to look a little bit deeper than the surface because obviously, was something that he was passionate about and he thought was gonna go to where the instant mistake that I made when I first got on steam, it was to use it like every other social network that I've ever used, which was to just go. Hi, I'm here. I'm here. Blast, Blast, blast! That was a big no no on the platform. And you've got that straight away because you were getting note votes. No comments, no traction. It just felt very much like a tumble, a blogger or any other social network. When we've kind of been tuned to look for likes and votes, that gives us some kind of like social validation. So that was a huge thing to realize that this was really there was people behind the scenes and really, it was about making those social connections, like finding your nature, but people that you could gel with that you get on with that you had similar hobbies. Onda actually debate that stuff. It wasn't just like a hollow zone on. The only reason why I can reinforce that now is that I've been to one of the steam fest which I wanted to go to last year. Andi, meeting the people behind the avatars on finding that they were actually more lovely in person, might have just let me. I only saw one part of their character that was huge, and I think I would recommend that anybody get into anything digital when it's decentralized. Especially is that get to know the people behind the blog's Don't just take it on face value investor time to get to know the people behind it, because within what AI coming onboard anyway, it's going to change the way we interact and communicate with you each other, especially job wise across the world. I feel like you can do that more esteem it than any other platform because of the decentralized nature of it. Because when you submit that text to the Blockchain, it's not just in one centralized place. It's on hundreds of service around the world. So to look at this kind of in an ambient context, you know, there is a copy of what your thoughts are at some point in the world on a service somewhere , and I feel in the next 5 10 years with a I coming on board, they're gonna be tapping into block change to cross reference that information to validate . Were you in a certain place at a certain time? Were you in Portugal? Did you make this social connection? Did they follow you? And that will just all happen automatically Cross reference costing from block change. The exchange of value from one Bitcoin to detachable on debt will be l toe workout from that, the kind of road map that you've taken on. I think that's the most exciting thing for me about Blockchain and social blogging is that we Not only is it an open public ledger, but we're gonna be up to start to see the interconnects in between, and we won't even have to do the work for it. It will just be able to, like, bring all that information up. So think of it like a TV station which is following like, somebody steps stolen a car for, like, half an hour an hour. And they it changed television in that it went from news or shows straight to this, like there's a chasing progress. It was like this massive switch to this attention switch. The attention switched to There's something happening right now and you know it's a tense situation. It has an end result. I think we're gonna start to see that a lot. Maura's people make their own brands. Their own portals will become individual TV stations in around right, which will then cross reference all these different block change as well. So you build to have real time overlays and notifications of you know, the person I'm talking to in an interview I've known for two years. He's wrote this many post I wrote this money post would communicate to each other on all of this stuff will be ai driven overlays on screen cross reference. And the more that you put out there into these platforms, I believe will have more resonance on the things that you want to do on the Web. So if you're a content creator, which is the whole reason why I made this course, you know that super valuable that people who cross reference your legacy where you started when you started, rather than just jumping into the platform and just doing it for the financial rewards that , like legacy of being on for 5 10 years actually hasn't a lot of value. That's what you're paying when you hire somebody in real life for a job is that you're paying for the experience, you know, just painful for the job. Another thing was, you know, share what you know and share that often. Writing daily is something that I really enjoy to do. I did start off on a website called 750 words dot com, which was just writing stuff that never actually get shown to anybody. It's just some. It's just a way to get the gear's going in your brain. And from a content creators point of view, I know that you're probably charging batteries the night before getting on kit ready, checking the weather, having breakfast on the go, getting out there, getting the shot, getting home in nearly afternoon or in the evening, pulling that content off your cameras or U. S. D cards. Andi putting it into your editor and getting edited because you have a time crunch, you have a process that you need to do before that gets on YouTube, which then obviously gets the views, and that makes you the AdSense. So I would say a similar thing to that, but bring them over to steam it from a blogging perspective. Tell me about the background. Tell me what's wrong with the devices. Why did you pick that camera manufacturer over another candidate camera manufacturer. What problems we have with batteries? Did you find a certain brand? Wasn't very good. All of that stuff existing on a social Blockchain means that slowly it relatively bit by bit where communicating at disdain. Our problems are issues which hopefully gets back to the manufacturers and gets them changing the way that they make their products. You have to look at Apple to see how they changed their profile. When it comes to greening their products of the last 20 years, leave comments, communicate. Don't drive by YouTube in bed toast. Don't just put up your YouTube post, then come over here. Don't write very much and took the embed up because you know you're gonna get financial reward here. That doesn't help anybody apart from you from a financial perspective. And it actually sets sets the president that you're only here on the platform to make money on. Actually, I would say to you that you've got more chance over the long term, long term as a long tail approach to make a bigger idea of content creation apart from just army and put stuff on YouTube and make money, the way that you make money is going to be important in the future. And the legacy of how you made that money is equally as important. Also, finally, I want to put in here. If you have the opportunity to do so, go to a steam fest. There's gonna be a steam faster. Version three steam three on. I'm having a guess. I'm gonna put this out there now in November 2017 that it will probably be in America. Maybe in Austin, Texas, where the H Q is hope this little episode was useful. This is kind of my legacy backstory of our I see steam it and how you fit into it 18. 18 - building that reputation: so another important part off steam. It is your reputation. So in Episode 18 I kind of wanna cover over a few post that already talk about reputation on wide building that up. He is going to give you more rewards, financial rewards. But also, you're gonna get more comments, more visibility from your post, and it takes a while to actually build up. So I'm just gonna jump over to this little browser here. This is a great post from Arcangel Arcangel six, and his reputation is 62 has been on the platform for quite a while. If you scroll down this page like says here, there's two things that what his reputation for indicate that shows you how trusted are appreciated by the community you are. Is it'll that that prevents user with low reputation toe home of the users? There is a whole explanation in terms of massacres, everything to do with the Blockchain with any block. Cheney's mathematically based, and it gives you a really overview here about how difficult or how, how much it takes the level up to the next level. So, going from 60 to 70 for instance, it's 10 times harder each iteration from 60 61 62 onwards. On what those? What is involved with trying to build up your reputation, So there's already a lot of great information already out there. Suggestion. Look at that is one great post another one is how it calculated by seven Wilson. He's also a 62 reputation. I got kind of go on reputation of people around 60 to 70 have been on the platform for quite while, Onda. This tells you how the reputation score is calculated and finally, 18 steps you should follow to increase your reps. Score. Now. I don't agree with all of these steps, but there is some stuff in here that you can cherry pick, which is useful. What I will say is that if you're putting out high quality content on a daily basis and by high quality, obviously that's subjected to your audience. If you're putting effort into your research, if you're spending time on your graphics, if you're doing a very good cook on your video quality wise audio wise. If you're spending the time to produce what is seen as a quality of bitter video compared Toa one, which will be distorted or blurry or sound terrible, very difficult toe watch Now, at first that the first couple of months it may feel like nobody's watching. Nobody's reading numbers are voting on what I would suggest for a reputation. Point of view is fine people on the platform that doing similar stuff to you. There is a little search button, a top right on the site you can see here. I just click on that and that will take you through to an internal Google search on the platform. Now I think the whole search system could be improved. But if you're looking for safe video, you could do a search for video on the site and you'll find a bunch of things here introducing video, my new trading video, Siri's decentralized video platform, and you can start to find things that you're interested in. That would probably be one of the first ports of call. That I would do is to try and find people who are in a similar needs to me and start having a conversation with those people, and by conversation I would even ask them the question. What worked for you? What was the the struggle point for you to get your content. Teoh be seen. How did you end up with that? A curation Rewards. Did you see like there was a period of time where your reputation didn't move up? Did you do something specific? People do contests. I did a collaborative video that seemed to work really well. That brought me in Curation Rewards for the Post, but also like it got people involved. And it did something that I've been wanting to see on social media and video for a long time, which is collaboration. I really thought you two would be the first place to do this. Twitch has kind of become more collaborative because it has raids now where people are watching a live stream. They finished their life stream after 56 hours and then they go raid somebody else's channel way. Send lots of traffic to that channel. I kind of feel like which is more doing collaborative than YouTube is. But my my idea was it to try and get people from around the world to expose who they are behind the account. By getting a piece of video. Andi, I want expend expand on that in 2018. And from a content creators perspective, if more of you content creators are over here from YouTube video, wherever you have your content on the Web, then there's more likely more of my people toe work together on collaborative projects moving forward. So but that's one of the things about reputation I've discovered in the last eight months. So it's not that easy to track your reputation on the steam it platform itself. So what I tend to use is another website called steam d dot com. So you just put in your your Ella's. If you're on steam it dot com that same kind of euro styling at and your user name to my steam d dot com four slash ac team. Humble and you can see here on the left. Inside you get a lot of data. Now what you're looking at here is all of your entries that are happening on the block chain, and it goes down into infinite detail here. So it tells you the reputation that you're at. I told you how maney, how old your account. It says 30 moons now, but it's literally over a year old now and tells you how much voting power you have left on voting people's posts. How much bandwidth is remaining? You probably won't worry about bandwidth. We did have a problem with that that needed to be changed in the steamy Blockchain. But that's if you're posting quite a lot in that band with goes down because you have to use a certain amount of the Blockchain a set amount of steam to be able to post of the Blockchain that create. You need to set amount of bandwidth to do that. On the right hand side, you can see all of the things that's happening from my user account on the Blockchain. So curation awards that are being paid rewards that are going out when people have replied to a comment. Tech Tech has just replied three minutes ago when somebody voted something in mind when somebody else's replied, Voting, auto, voting some toast and it gives you a whole bunch of information here on the left on site. If you really want a deep dive into the steam, it Blockchain. But I use this purposely just to check out the reputation. So why do you need a high reputation? Well, most of the time. High reputation means more exposure and more potential to curation rewards because you are appearing higher up on some of those feeds. If you are low down in just signing up, you start off normally about reputation 25 then slowly you build up from engaging, commenting probably about four or five different factors that you need to take in consideration. My bottom line with reputation is consistent outpour about your particular niche. High quality images, video audio, Spend time on, curating it. You'll you'll see good rewards. I am very kind of throw away with a lot of my blogging. I kind of use it as a yellow post it note. But if you are a content creator has already got their branding locked down. The styling knocked down. You've spent money on high quality equipment, your transition to a platform I steam. It will be a lot easier because there's an expectation of a kind of quality off a post these days across the Web, and when people see it automatically know what quality looks like, you should get a lot of followers really fast, so it's a good idea to maybe actual community on YouTube to come across the steam. It, maybe they can set up esteem account on, actually carry the conversation on on the steam it platform, rather on YouTube. Another thing that should say about reputation is that you're probably going to get a lot better advice from steam IANS, who are over 65 70 reputation because one that shows that they are communicating on getting a lot of comments or shows shows their legacy that they've been on the platform for a long time. So if you are new to the platform as a content creator and you find a lot of the content creator who has a high reputation over 60 65 70 chances are they've already been through a lot of things that you're concerned about. So it's a good idea to reach out for those people. What do you do? A search on the website? Have a look for those high reputation scoring people because they probably have a bunch of the answers that you're looking for. That's if this episode hope that was useful. Do check out those post do a search for reputation. I will try and put those into the comments on the platform of choice but skill share you to meet or on steamy follow along at team video for the other video courses you feel seeing them yet. 19. 19 - 50/50 split steem or steem power: Let's look at 50 50. Payout versus 100% steam power. Why would you do one posting? Type over another. So have kind of put a few little pages up here when you go to post a post on steam it. So you go to the submit dot html page. You've got this little rewards dropped down and got three options. Parable default, which is 50 50 and decline payment. Now, obviously it sits on a default 50 50. You're probably thinking, What the hell does that mean? 50 50? What? What is steam? Steam power? Have tried to explain that a little bit earlier on in the course of go and dig that out. Also, you can search for steam, steam, power, delegation, a whole bunch of different things about the steam it Blockchain and how it works. And you can drill down into infinite detail if you're a mathematician or a lot more brainier than may. But from a basic content creators point of view 50 50 split basically means you get 50% steam power and 50% steam back dollars. Now, you're probably when you start, want to build up your steam power because that number, which is here. This number here, the steam power are influenced tokens for curation on the platform, so that gives you control over your post payouts and allows you to earn on curation rewards . And the curation rewards is when you comment on other people's stuff on, other people can up vote that comment if it resonates with them or if they think it was a good comment. People can also down vote those comments if they thought it was a bad or rude or whatever comment that they didn't like and we could even have a slider setting on that now so people might not fully agreeable partly disagree. So that's the way that you can get financial incentives from the platform by having more steam power. There's two different reasons why you would post with 100% 100% steam Power means that if you get a lot of people are voting commenting curation, you get some whales, vote your post. If that payout then happened seven days later, you will get 100% steam power, which will reflect in this second column Arts esteem power. If you go for 50 50 split, then you'll get half of that amount. So say your posters $100. You will get 50% of that in steam power and 50% of that in steam back dollars. You can do all kinds of stuff with steam about dollars. You can either leave it in your account, put it into savings, go and put it onto the market by more steam. Power up that steam. There's lots of different little bits in there, which at first you'll be confused about because you won't see that on any other social media platform. On That's the bits that take the longest that learned I found. And I'm still learning things about steam and steam power now, after a year being on the platform. So don't let it put you off. Just do your usual thing as a content creator of blogging on the platform, I would recommend for the 1st 3 or six months that you just 100% steam power. Unless you are not convinced that this platform is genuine. Maybe then do some 50 50 split ones. Get that steam back dollar. You can send that to a exchange on, then when you send it to an exchange, you can send it to Bitcoin or whatever you want. Maybe it's a fear currency. And once you've got that feet currency in your hand at in 80 and then you can actually understand that this is not just a fake site. Pretending to give out money actually is physical, real life money that you can use. So I tend to alternate between doing the full steam power on the steam back dollars, depending on what level off. My account has theme power because I have been powering down a lot, especially for the 1st 2 to buy tickets for that and to send money back to day on that day . Leo to try and offset some of our bills for hotels and flights and things like that. One of the good things that I will say about seem fast. It has a thing called a T or F fund, which is a travel fund, which anybody who submits their booking passes gets a bit of money back when they go to steam first. So all of these little things add up toe reinforcing. Why you would be involved will be a community member with steam it and I think it's important to understand when you're blogging on this platform, what kind of influence you can have by having steam, power or steam back dollars. I tend to see steam back dollars AZM or of a more of the fear kind of money, like having money in a bank account was, that seems steam power is kind of my investment in the platform on my voice reach within the platform to give you a frame of reference when I've had a particularly good couple of months on Steam it. Andi, I've gone into typical filled treat mode, and I want to buy something on Amazon to kind of validate or verify my time. I put into blogging on the platform every day. I don't Barry's power downs, which is give me, like, 60 or 70 steam. I've taken that steam, sold it to something like block trades, which I'll quickly show. This is block trades. Andi, I All I have to do is put in like the 70 steam and then on the right hand side, I select Bitcoin. I'm gonna go into this in another episode later on, and then I work out this figure of Bitcoin that I'm gonna get. And how much dollars that's gonna be at this stage is, Well, I put in my receive address. So the Bitcoin address is actually my crypto pay account. And then from my crypto pay, I can send that directly to Amazon fire because it is a normal visa account so I can buy a top of Amazon top up on the account. So when I buy something from Amazon, it just takes it from the top up card or the gift card rather than a financial thing. So that's kind of Ah, a nice way of getting things sent out of Amazon. Especially have got Amazon prime from either having a previous job or you pay for it for a year. I know you can pay for it monthly now if you have a Twitter account. But if you paid for a year and you just find yourself jobless, then you can still all the bits of food from Amazon. So if you haven't trouble with bank accounts or things like that going through bankruptcy or whatever it may be, you can still be able to order something to an address. And even if you don't live somewhere you can have that delivered to a post office. So I know this sounds crazy, but you might have a situation. So it where you're homeless or you're off grid or you're living in a van or you're living in the back of somewhere on you're still gonna be able to have access to have food as well . Personal target. I think that all content creators coming from you keyboard Amazon should do is head for a figure of around 3000 to 5000. Steam on the platform, going roughly on figures that I've seen on other people's accounts have been on the platform for a year. There follow account in their steam power. A lot of people who have a reputation off 60 65 70 and 3000 steam in their account tend to get regular curation rewards of around 20 to $30 per post. So if you're putting out regular content on a daily basis, maybe twice a day high quality pictures, high quality video, your content creator, after all, So you probably got that all locked down on YouTube. You just not get in good payouts on YouTube. Wanna come across the steam it and have a better immunity conversation here rather than on YouTube. Then I would start to aim in the initial phases of your account for the 1st 6 to 12 months to build that up to around two or 3000 steam. Now that might mean investing your own money into it as well. Bringing two million from other resources are the savings, but I kind of treats theme it as a bit of a savings account myself, anyway, has been proven battle tested over the last 20 months. It is an upper running Blockchain. It's not like a psycho for a supposed product that's not been built yet. It's actually got over 400,000 users on there, and people are signing up to every day it works, and that's the one thing about it that I really love. That steam is that you're the blogging perspective of this totally shift when you have to think about well, do I want 100% steam or door, 50% payouts that I want to take money out of this system and it actually makes you think about the value off money in general and where you fit into that scheme as a content created because that's gonna be a bigger conversation. Moving forward is what makes a content creator, you know, Is it the speed of delivery? What makes a journalist? And I guess we're all becoming, like, kind of many journalists on this platform. Hopefully that somewhere in all that craziness, there was some explanation of the 50 50 split. Like I said, if you are new Content Creator, I would hardly suggest doing 100% steam pyre for at least 3 to 6 months to really get the benefit of steam it 20. 20 - steemit embeds and image optimizing: in this episode, we are going to look a little bit about optimizing images, applications you can download on, then also looking a few different ways to embed certain things into the editor on steam it not all embeds work on some don't work in the way that you would expect. So I'm just gonna jump in and show you a few of those red. And now this is the normal submit page that you get on steam it going to show you three particular sites. So we've got soundcloud got YouTube video with the YouTube on vimeo is quite straightforward. You just copy the you are Out bank done. Here we go again. Bang done underneath. You can see it. Just load them in. But it's a little bit different with Soundcloud. You can't copy the u R L because this is what happens when you do that. It just puts it in as a link. So what you have to do for sound crowd, you have to click on this share, which goes through to in bed, and then you collect the code here and you'll notice that you can't select the different embed types that soundcloud has which is a bit of a shame, because I'd really like to use the skinny kind of soundcloud player that put a top of a post while somebody's reading it. But you can't do that. You're gonna get rid of this, going to show you something else as well. So if I embed that in you see, you get the I frame, you also see that it's not the full length. So what I've found is that you have have to have something before it, like from text, and then it sort of scales it out to fit. I really like the skinny one rather than this kind of big in bed kind of text over the whole of the browser in a post on A rather like to use some of those different in beds from sound crab. But what it needs is an update on the front end. If you're a developer, go over to get hope will go over to Utah, appeared the I O on submit toe. Have those embeds white listed on the front end of steam. It, which is called condenser, so enables us to use different embeds inside of our text box inside of where we put our mark time marked down and really like to be able to use some of those other different embeds from sound crab. Those are the three that I wanted to show you. There is a bunch of other ones that is probably a list of different in beds that you can use somewhere. I'm not sure whether it is, but if you dig around in the condenser, get get hub, I'm sure you'll find him tools I want to show you this is a free app. Sometimes I've had an issue uploading an image to steam it where it's just put a blank image on the way we found to get rid of that. To stop that problem on why it happens is because you might have used additional third party app to add filters and things on it, which kind of messes it up for some reason. So what you can do is you can remove or what's called a meta information from that image file, which gets rid of the problem. Andi enables you to upload that picture as you originally wanted. Another at all. That I think is really useful is tiny PNG and you can also do J pegs here as well. Shrink down the images that you put up. If you took in your images straight off your digital camera on dragging and dropping them, steam it. They're still gonna be the same big size that you've taken off your cameras. File size is going to like three or 4000 pixels wide on the file sizes. It probably be about three or 45 Meg. They take a long time to download on the mobile. So try and trim down on optimize your images for you upload on batch lots of images to say , like a gallery post on a block post and if you can shrink them down to 8 40 pixels wide because when you click on a post on steam it, for instance, that's the whip that you get on the pop up that comes up where you read the block post. Another thing I would hardly suggest is get opt image. This is one that I've come across this morning. I really like the idea behind this that if you only want to do 24 or so images a day, then you can use the free edition or you can buy full version for nine bucks, which I think is really cool. This does everything that tiny being PNG does, but it does it offline. So maybe if you're traveling on a plane or a train, you got a connection. This is ideal for getting all your images ready before you get to post before you get to where you're going. Get on Internet post on Finally another one that I've seen this morning I used have a great app called teeny Tokyo, which it bought in 2015 which developers seems to have pulled from the APP store. I spent money on it. I think it's like 499 I think of our money's worth out of it, but I'm still a little bit agreed that only lasted two years on that. I've got no kind of recourse, failed to get our money back and buy this land toe one, which looks identical but a little bit more cuter and sexier than the tiny Tokyo. But this is like 499599 If you're doing a lot of photography blawg heavy stuff, then this is probably a tool to definitely download if you have a Mac and then another one that I've seen online is one called Image I X Sandbox, which I havent tested these last few. Actually, I've not tested and played them myself, but they Atlanta one looks like it's been well thought out just because of the user interface attempt to go on user interface over everything rather than command line these days. But this looks pretty good as well. There's a limit and 25 meg on this one to drag and drop, or you can actually enter an image. You are L. If it's somewhere on the Web and shrink it down. Using this on you can do to re sizing compositing, water marking image operation, masking all kinds of things With this. Hopefully, these tools will help you make your video and images a lot more optimized on and make it easier for your pipeline, your productivity in sticking up block post. I'll see you in the next episode 21. 21 - using the market for newbies: so I just want to quickly go over something for the market. I'm getting to the end of this course now, and I really want to rapidly get these into short parts into under five minutes. So this is what the transfer or wallet view looks like on your account. Steam it dot com forward slash at your user name Forced last transfers You can see in the top line. I've got steam in there, but from a power down that I've just done, you got your steam power steam dollars and then any savings you've got on your estimated account value Now, at this point, if I click on this steam, for instance, and then click market, you can do that for steam. You can do that for steam dollars and then steam at the top. We got a market. This is what you're presented with, which is, I presume, what a normal market trader would be looking at in terms of the by orders of sell orders and trade history. I only look at this from a very simplistic point of view. If I see that the price of steam is under a dollar, I tend to transfer my steam into steam power and then boost up the curation rewards. If I see steam at a very high price that I tend to try and keep on eye on that to see if it's moving up regularly on, then move steam back dollars and sell steam back dollars to get more steam to either send out to a exchange or return interfered. So I tend to come over here. And if I've got available money in my account, I can just click on that and it will fill in the field. I'm gonna I'm gonna do that just so you can see where it fills in. But if I put in here ah, 100 SPD, then what would normally happen? If I had that amount, it would tell me how much steamer could get at this price appear, which is 0.94 in a moment on. That's a simple as I get. All I follow from this page is, whenever I put a buy or sell by steam or self steam, you'll see that the trade history on the right and say side here in the top column will come up with your transaction and then it takes anywhere between normally 3.5 seconds for that trade actually happen on for to be fulfilled when it is fulfilled. You go to your wallet again and you'll see that the amount has moved from your steam dollars into your steam balance of the top here and then. From there you can do something like going to block trades and send it on. So if you follow the next episode, I think that's Episode 22. Then you'll see me sending some funds out. Two block trades to dash. I'm gonna use Dash because Bitcoins really high price to exchange at the moment, I'll explain that in the next episode. 22. 22 - sending steem to blocktrades: Okay. Episode 22 we're going to send out some steam today Could be steam or steam back dollars, but we're gonna send some steam to block trades. But trades is the exchange that I used to be able to get steam out off the system into a another Cryptocurrency. So block trades dot Buzz Orbach trades Doctor U S. And then you have to box is very simple. I would suggest getting account here, having a log in here so that you can track all of your pending in completed transactions you've done. We got a column here where I'm going to send in steam. Andi, normally, I would get Bitcoin, But just lately it's been really super expensive with the network fee. So I'm just going to show you that I'm not gonna go through it. But I'm gonna show you that I've got 69 steam here that I want to take out. This is from a power down that I've just done. I put the 69 in there, tells me that's how much Bitcoin I'm going to get back now. What I do is I have another website that I go to, which is this one, which is p all e p r double e v dot com for such btc to USD. And then I copy that Bitcoin amount in here, and it tells me I'm gonna get 50 to USD, so I kind of just do that as a bit of a double check to make sure that I'm getting decent rate for that steam. You can have a look at the steam price ever this thing at the top called Coin Tick on that kind of look at the price tracked the price here a minute. It's just under a dollar, so I probably wouldn't recommend exchanging or sending money out off the system at this time. But I'm just going through the process because actually, those funds to pay a hosting bill went hosting Bill for three months anyway, so I'm gonna pull it out. So what I would normally do is put my Bitcoin address in here. So I'm gonna go to my scratch Exodus wallet, which is just like a bunch of small, um, gambles. If you like investments in different, this one's got, like, $10 in it. Gonna get my receive address. Which is this for Margaret going wallet. Gonna put it in here and you'll see it says Address is valid. So that's what you want to be able to see. You want to make sure that the Bitcoin address is valid. I always double check the 1st 4 characters in the last four characters just to triple check , I guess, because it's already done. The double check of the address is valid. Then click on deposit address. Now, at this stage, it's gonna come up, and it's going to tell me that I need to send money from this account. So if I send this theme transfer to block trades and then the amount But if we go back, you can see in this Red Written here says East Deposit will incur a fixed fee, which at the moment is 10 steam. So you're losing tens Theme. If I'm gonna be sending 67 69 I'm only going to get 50 nine's thing because off the Bitcoin transaction rate at the moment, So that's super super expensive, so I kind of don't want to do that. So what I'm gonna do today isn't gonna actually use my dash address. Whichever Goto wallet and go down to dash, receive Grab my receive for Dash. I'm going to say again, steam and then on here, Dash, putting my dash address on Click on Deposit and you'll see that this time I get a transaction cost off. 0.48 Steam incredibly low, incredibly flashed. Fast transfers. Now at that point is gonna be in that wallet and that I can do all this stuff with it. So I have it in a digital sense. Ideally, I want to be able to send that to my host provider, but they don't support crypto just yet. It's just a way of getting finances from out of steam into an exchange and then into a digital wallet. I could send it directly if the company did support crypto currency, director them and then not incur, incur any more charges when I sent that out off my Exodus wallet. But at least I know I've got it in a wallet that I can use on. Guy could always send that to like a mobile wallet, which makes sending and donating to people through something like cheddar really easy. All right, so let me grab this memo because we need this memo Field on. We're sending this money from my steam account transfer. Two block trades. So Block trades has a baht account on steam it that whenever you send some money to it. So I'm gonna send this. It does something with it. Now, if you don't put a month a memo in here, then it's just sending money to that block trades account. And it will probably bounce that money straight back to your account because it doesn't know what to do with it. At least I presume that's what it does. I've never tried not doing this without a memo. Now, if I put the memo field in here, what this does is it knows the address where I'm sending that to to go back to here. I've put the address here. Deposit address. What the block trades bought is going to do is gonna look at the exchange rate off this theme I'm sending and give me the equivalent in dash and send it to my dash wallet. So if I hit, submit here, it's gonna ask me for my password again. And then it's gonna go through the process of sending that steam out Now this stage, you get into a little bit of a panic if it's the first time you've done it, because you're like Oh my God, most teams got months ago. If you scroll down, you can see here on the history. This is all public, By the way, everybody can see this transfer. 60. Did you hear that in the background? That was the money of Dash being received, like super super quick. No messing about, you see, received a few seconds ago. No authentication, no double checking or anything like that. It's straight into my account, and it's gone straight up so you can see 72.25. Dash is now in the account. So super, super fast. No messing around with Dash Bitcoin is a little bit slower on, obviously, at this point as well. I can exchange that when the price comes on for the mining of the Bitcoin. But getting back to this you can see this histories on the public key chain. Everybody can see this. This is one of the benefits off Blockchain technology is that you can see everything that I do financially, and it's all public, and it's all open so you can see literally. One minute ago, I transferred that to block trades and within 30 seconds, the block trade. Bott had done all the calculations, worked out the exchange rate, sent it to my Bitcoin wallet and did all the transactions. If I scroll down here, see, a little red markets has completed, you can see my input amount was 69 steam. That was the amount of dash up. Got it sent to this Bitcoin wallet. And then even I can click on this transaction, I d. And that's everything to do with that transaction. And that is public for everybody to see. They can see I did that. Feel sending money between people. You can send them this page and say, Hey, have sent the money. This is where it's being authorized or confirmed and you can see here it says Block high one confirmation. So with Dash, it seems that I only need one confirmation for my Exodus wallet to accept that as the payment has gone through and completed. So I know that was a lot of information to take in a very short space of time. But that's kind of how easy it is to send transactions from this theme. It Blockchain 23. 23 - using on desktop (mac): okay. Following on from the previous episode, I quickly want to show you around. Exodus. It was one of my first desktop wallets that I'd come across that made sense to me in terms of OS X. APS for Mac. Because it's pretty, it's easy to use. It's very simple interface on If you're getting into crypto for the first time, especially steam, you will probably go down a decentralized Blockchain rabbit hole really, really quickly, and you'll be probably thinking, Well, where do I put this stuff? How does it work compared to a bank? You know how to check my balance, says How do I send it to different places? And I would recommend playing with a little bit of scratch money. That is money that you can't that you're not worried about losing. Start small. Maybe do a little bit of investment. $10.20 dollars Here and there. Andi start following the trends off watching some of these big currency kryptos and and the social media that goes on behind it, because you can really learn a lot about how platform is shaping up. Because a lot of these things are in Alfa or beater. They're not even fully fledged products yet They're not integrated into usual payment systems like Visa, but they are slowly being more accepted into be commonplace. And I believe by 2019 2020 that crypto currency will be one of the de facto ways that we can pay for things. So you're really, really getting in on the early days of this stuff and has already been people doing this for three or four years. When they bought Bitcoin for $9 a Bitcoin, it's worth 7000 now. Just think about that for a second. Let that kind of percolate in your brain about how much money that these people are sitting on in these digital wallets. So let's have a quick look on the left hand side. You can see here, got portfolio, wallet, exchange back up. Along the bottom is the balances crypto balances that I have in these different accounts. Obviously, I haven't got a lot on this on this scratch wallet and give you an idea off how it looks. And you can see that this kind of round pie chart at the top is the spread of where the money is in the crypto wallet. So on the left, we select wallet. These are the different wallets. From here, I can send money or I can receive money. You get the QR codes so you can scan that on the screen if you wanted to. Or you could actually just copy down that you are all got different buttons underneath. Copy your big print this address, email this address on view on the Blockchain so you could send it to somebody which is your receive address for your Bitcoin. That means that somebody can send money to you and you've got a different one of these for each one of your accounts, you'll notice that the address is slightly different for something like Ethereum. Together, you can see it starts with zero X so and it's a lot longer, Earl. Not all of these are a unified system. They're different. They're formatted in different ways. This one, Aragon is based on a DRC 20. A theory in token. So that's why it looks similar address there, but on again for Gollum as well. All right, so next these exchanges is one of the most powerful ways. I think in Exodus to get between different currencies. For instance, if I wanted to exchange some dash for some E os, these three buttons are great because I can say it the whole amount of dash that I have half of it, or the minimum out that I can send without getting, you know, too many charges. You notice the red thing that's just come up. That said, the exchange minimum is this. That's because the price of Dash has just changed while I was doing it. So if I got about 1/2 you see that disappears. If I spent $35 off my dash right now, I would get $34 off us and you can see I'm gonna get 18 e OS tokens for that $35. And then I just click on exchange, and it would do that. The way it does that is. It uses 1/3 party service that's integrated into Exodus called shape shift. The Ohio and shape shift is a way of transferring money between different crypto types, types of coin, so really straightforward, not very complicated. To understand. You're and transfer something, that's something. You just go in here and do this and then after a couple of minutes, depending on the platform on three the network traffic. You will get your coins pretty much instantaneously unless you'd using Bitcoin, and it can take up to well, sometimes it can take up to an hour. Sometimes it can take 72 hours dependant if people are kind of buying bit going cash or something crazy is happening with Bitcoin, which sounds like every day these days. One important thing I would say. If you do start using this and start storing crypto on your desktop, remember that you are not immune Teoh malware or viruses or things like that. Be very on top of that stuff because you don't want to lose some of your funds out of this crypto wallet. And I would recommend that you go through this process of doing the backup, which is getting a email back up off the 12 words that you need to be able to restore this wallet. So if your hard drive crashes or your machine gets infected and you just have problems with the machine in general, make sure that you have that toe a word phase because that balance that I've got here, $135. I can restore that onto another machine completely different machine on Get on my funds back because all it does is restore the wallet addresses for each one of these wallets on my secure code. Make sure you're on top of all this stuff. If you're not doing backups on your machine already, then you need to start doing this stuff. This is really money. You can feel a little bit like it's magic money at times, but that that is $135 that I could lose if there was a problem in my machine. Also, have a dig around in the settings you can activate different crypto coins. Exodus doesn't support all of the crypto coins that be really messy interface. If they did, they do have a second version, which is not supported, called Eden, that has a bunch of other crypto coins that are not in the main application. But you can turn it on and off by just selecting him and you'll notice it added them in. I can and turn off the ones that don't have any balances on, and that's really it's very, very straightforward. that is designed that way because it just want to confuse people any more than they are about Cryptocurrency. So check that out. That's exodus at Exodus I O 24. 24 - cryptopay virtual wallets: So Episode 24 we're going to take a look at how we deal with money in terms of credit cards . A. T. M's things like that. One of the services that I use is crypto pay. Dr. Me. They're based in London on they service quite a few places in the world. I do international sending of cards. Andi. I found them to be really reliable, and I've used them a little bit. Not a lot, but a little bit You can see here. I've got a virtual G B card of used £266 on that £1000 limit on that card. They are changing the regulations. This isn't ever moving environment, with the regulators of each country deciding on how much you can have without verifying your account, your account and things like that. So do look into it before ordering the card to make sure it does what it needs to do in the country where you are. So in the previous episode, I was talking about how to save some your steam converted from steam into a different currency, like Daschle Bitcoin. Install that into a local desktop wallet. Now this is a website wallet iss of sorts. But you can also link it to a physical card or a virtual credit card, which is really a powerful feature of this because it used to be that to get a credit card , you would have to have an address. So if you're a digital, no matter who's moving around or if you're homeless, for whatever reason or in between, the dress is getting hold off. Any kind of banking system could be quite difficult, so having a crypto banking card is kind of useful. Now you can get a plastic physical card so you can see that here on the order of crypto pay card, you got plastic cards, which you can get ones in GBP, euro and USD. Same is the virtual cards, and you can pay £15 to get that physical card. Now that means you're getting a prepaid plastic card that you can load up from inside of your counter. I'll show you that in a minute, but it's £15 the card, and if you want that anywhere in the world with the places that they consent to, there's a £50 express will avoid world wide delivery fee for that on. Then there's a monthly service fee to actually have that card of a pound, which isn't a lot money. It all really, or the bit that I use. And I think this is more powerful, especially for people spending krypton. Trying to divvy up into parts is to get virtual cards. The virtual cards are £2.50. They have a monthly service fever pound on. I've got one of each one of those. So I've got a Euro Carter, a U. S D. Card and a GBP card, which basically means I can have virtual credit cards, added Teoh various accounts. So, for instance, I can use it on Amazon. I can use it for gift card top ups. And this is one of the main ways at the moment that I use crypto pay. So I pull out the money, send it to this bit, pay a Bitcoin address at the top here. This is how I send money into it. By clicking on this, it gives me the Bitcoin address. Or I can just scan the QR code on. I send my money from my Exodus wallet straight into my crypt up a Bitcoin account, which is here. And then once that money has been verified, you get an email to say that's been received, and it gives you the balance in your local currency that you set. So, like you, GDP is here, and then you have to go through a process of loading that card. So you're taking the money from your online account, which is your Bitcoin account to your Bitcoin wallet inside a crypto pay. And then you're loading that card like your virtual GBP card here and because I've already got those details over on Amazon as a gift called top up Account, as in, I've already assigned a credit card with the inside of Amazon. It means that it's just a simple, simple load of that card with the money that I need. And then I just grabbed to the gift card and put in the amount like 2030. Whatever amount I've sent across so very simple system to use only four little areas. The accounts the transfers descend on the referrals very simple site to use, and also, if you're interested, they also went for a Aiko recently, which I think pretty much was funded, if not completely funded. They had 15 million euros raised on the Bitcoin stock brokerage, which they're building in relationship with the crypto paid card. So there are pretty concrete business moving forward over the next couple of years. So if you're looking for a really good exchange Onda payment gateway while it exchanged and these are the guys to definitely check out. And that's one of the ways that I checked, take steam into another Cryptocurrency and then into the usual everyday life Fiat currency , taking it out of an a T M. 25. 25 - embedding youtube live embed: So I wanted to do a super quick video about using YouTube in beds on one of the things about the YouTube in bed that you would put in steam. It is. There's a difference between the IRL off a currently active life event on one that's been scheduled, and it seems to me that for some reason when you try and in bed something that's running live on YouTube, that it doesn't work in steam it. For some reason, I get, like, an unknown error. So the way I found to get around this is to create a new event before you're going to do your life streaming. So if you know you're gonna be streaming tomorrow night at six o'clock like I put in here, then you can schedule the event to start tomorrow at that time and you get another screen like this that show you a girl at the top. Andi. If you click on Playoff this page, it's as live in 29 hours and then a user consent reminder. So I think this is a better way off setting yourself up for success in terms of having people turn up audience wise in the post the next day. I've not found a way where you can just in bed the girl and it works. I don't know why. Maybe something to do with the way that YouTube deals with Livestream invents. Or if it's something to do with steamy, I'm not quite sure which, which of the reasons is. But if you copy this on, drop that into a post, you'll see that it brings up the in bed for the scheduled program on it says live in 29 hours. So what you can do now is you can just go ahead and write the rest of your post on. Then tell people in the post that you know you put this open tomorrow, you'll be live streaming to get them. Come back to this post now why this is powerful. It gives them a bit of a heads up, but they can also click on that button to get a reminder with the Google account. So on YouTube, or if they've got notifications turned on, they will get a notification top right in the browser. Even if you don't have a browser ruling as a system notification to let them know that you have started live streaming, so even if they forget to come to your live stream because they signed up for it like today and it's on tomorrow, then they'll get a push notification. But now you can write your whole post all the people that you got scheduled to be interviewed, maybe people on discord people in other channels that you've got lined up on. It just means you can get this out of the way before you actually start doing their life stuff. You don't want to be like spinning lows, different plates at same time. Now the reason why I bought this out bought this up for content creators is that no, that lot of content creators are doing kind of stand up live streams. That is, you're just firing them up and then hoping that the audience turns up. And while that works to a certain degree of people who you can catch on Twitter and Facebook and some of these other channels who are actively on there all the time, there's probably a bunch of audience that would like to tune in. But immediacy is not their thing that I wanted to jump in there straight way. So I feel like this works really well on steam because it gives people a good time to get adjusted for it. But also, I think this is super valuable for the comments kind of thing, because your reputation on steam, it will increase rapidly. If there is a lot of conversation happening on a block post, that is one thing that I've discovered over the last year is if you are getting a lot of engagement, a lot of traffic as comments, then that helps your reputation moving up on the system of somebody who's appear to a lot of people. So instead of having those throwaway comments in the chat box on YouTube, why not get people commenting while you're on the live video into your comments field, say any questions that anybody has put them below in this theme, it post. Even if they're on the YouTube site, get them directed over to your to your blood post rather than in the chap, because it's very difficult as a streamer to see everybody using the YouTube chap. But also you don't get anything uniquely about that user. They may come and drive by and you may watch the video, and then they're gone and you have no two way connection with that person. Whereas if they comment in the comments feel on steam it, you can follow him through to that block, and if they're not signed upon, steam it, then they can't comment. So one of the things you can do in your life stream is maybe give away five or 10 accounts and set them up in real time while you're doing the live stream. So it's a really nice way of on boarding other content creators or part of your audience. And I think I've already explained about fundraising and patri on in other places. Imagine if your audience didn't have to use their hold in cash but actually could accumulate steam from their comments and up voting on their own accounts on. Then gradually, they would be cashing out that money into their bank accounts. So effectively the steam ecosystem, your community members or no, actually having to dip into their own pockets. It all comes from the ecosystems. A really nice little idea for your life streams out there who keep in touch with your community on a regular basis. 26. 26 - decentralized versions of websites: So is a content creator. Most of you will know off YouTube and Soundcloud. There are destinations to put out a video content on our audio content on. But in recent months and in fact, starting early last year in 2016 we we're already hearing mutters from the community, the content creators saying that things were happening from an Arab perspective that we're getting some of their content blocked. We're also starting to see some problems with Soundcloud. In terms of are they gonna go bust or not? So if you're looking to be a content creator, you wanna have a bit of a solid base on the Internet that you can build up that traffic, that engagement, people know that they can find you on those platforms. Um, here we have, ah, little blood piece from September the 13th. How YouTube is using censureship to choose advertisers over content creators. And obviously this has just got worse and worse and worse over the last year. And also things like soundcloud has one last chance to actually monetize. That's the biggest problem is actually making it pay. So what happens when those platforms disappear? You after like transition your audience from YouTube on transition those people from Soundcloud and build up that kind of trust again on another platform. Is that platform going to do the same thing? Well, luckily for us in the decentralized world, off steam it. We already have a couple of solutions that are out there that cover the YouTube group and also covered the audio group, and they're called D Sound and D tube de tube. Here, D Doc Tube is a kind of mock off YouTube if you like, but it's built in a decentralized way. That means that you're uploading your videos toe what's called an I P FS network, which is a brand new technology, which is kind of a decentralized distribution network across various hosts, very various seed hosts around the world. That could be anything or words of 203 104 100 nodes around the world that are serving up a copy of your video file when you upload it to that network. Now, this one, particularly D tube, is linked to steam it. So all these little payments that you see here or steam it payments. So if I go through to my team video accounts, and you'll notice that I'm using a separate steam. It account for my videos, my decentralized videos that are bloating on. The reason for that was just purely for my own perspective of security. I didn't want to put that on team humble because it's a different kind of audience following along with Brooke Posts, and I wanted to upload them to a separate account so that I could actually re steam them than they would appear under my account. So they're not on the foot, not physically on the account, but they're They're terrible in the news feed for that account. But it also allows people that are only interest in the videos to follow this account, so you can see that it started off quite slowly with the first couple, Of course, is not making any money whatsoever. And then gradually, as I've started to build it up, you got ones here that are like $1. And then we got another 1 $ dollars on the return 12 days ago, 2.76 so it's slowly building up on. I think it's that consistency thing if you were sort of new on YouTube and you built it up 2 150,000 people that just comes from regularly putting content out, doing as quality of as you can. Andi. I've just been putting them on D tube and YouTube at the same time because I'm building up to do a course on skill share new to me. So you get thought. It is very easy to just get yourself a steam account. You can also see on the left hand side here, people who are subscribed to your video feed go to the top here and upload very simple to kind of how YouTube works, but it's slightly different when it comes to images. You drag and drop your video file here. Then this will appear on the left. Inside, you take a snap like an image snap of where you want the reference thumbnail to bay and then save that back to you your computer, and then upload. That picture is kind of a strange little process, but it's straightforward enough. And then you put your title in description and your tags. And if you've already signed in with your steam account, so this is team video. If I jump over with my team, video blogged, you'll see that it just all it does is it takes the title description and tags on it. Put some hair looks, theme it for content created Number 20. That's my recent one, which have recovered to my channel again. You can see it's here, this recent one Onda it just puts it on over here, just puts the title. It puts a D tube image and link through. And then I've also edited this. Afterwards there's a teacher. If I click on that, they'll take me through to the actual D to video what you could do that you see jumped through and you've got a D to bureau here at the top with my team video channel name in there. And then it streams this down and they're working on different processes to actually do this via Web torrent as well to speed up the actual playback of that video playing back in the browser so very cool because it's kind of moving away from YouTube. But I think that's a big thing for people who are getting disenfranchised with the advertisers. If you call a specific niche of content that you're getting crushed for on YouTube they don't want. They don't want your content, all free speech all. Maybe it's some kind of political leaning that you have to the left or right that you can pretty much put, um, that free speech content up on on de tube on. There's no centralization. There's no advertises that are gonna Chris. You're or knock those videos off. So that's detailed. The video side of things. Andi, I've created another one for audio, so I have a decentralized for video audio. I recommend you do something similar, have separate accounts because that way you can manage and control those a little a little bit better quickly going to show you d sounds same kind of ah perspective as d tube d sound the audio. You just select your sound file. So recommends here wave or MP three, and then you just fill in everything like you would do on soundcloud drag and drop your cover. Put a sound title, choose a sound type all the usual stuff, and then this all blows it to a decentralized platform. If I just jump across the team audio, you can see the 1st 100 here. If I click through, there's a link to the actual file. So if you click on this, it will take you through to the D Sound file. So here's what it looks like. It would normally look like this on Soundcloud, very similar to sound clouds layout, and you just click on play at the bottom of People can play it. I've also embedded because soundcloud still up the version on Soundcloud so people can listen to it in the comments. That's a wonderful feature of steam. It is that if you are putting audio up on the Web, you could just reply with an audio comment in the comments field so that two services are already out there. D sound and D to There's gonna be more decentralized platforms coming over the next six months next 12 months, and I'm sure there's gonna be more applications. Mobile applications bolted on top of that as well 27. 27 - go to a steemfest event: so I wanted to create a video today, this episode about steam Fest on The reason why I've thrown this into the middle of the content creators course is I think it's valuable for any steamy in not just a content creator to go to a steam fest. I remember last year 2016 I'd signed up what I thought was three or four weeks before Steam fest, but actually tracking it back and after this theme fest and finding out it was 365 days since I signed up, I think was actually only a week that I missed steam Fest one, which was based in the Netherlands, and I could have flown from England for £40 from Birmingham Airport. So I was really miffed that I'd missed that very, very first inaugural steam fest because I think anything that you know the first of anything is normally kind of an exciting chapter in anything platform or event wise eso super myth that I didn't make those initial connections. Andi, obviously over the last year have kind of been watching the platform tryingto interact with people I thought I would get on with and which niches that should be part off on the usual stuff that you do when you get on steam it because if you're coming from a WordPress blood or any other kind of block, you really don't know where to start with. Steam it. I know I made a lot mistakes in the beginning, posting broadcasting stuff out like I have courses on, you know, me. And of course it's on steam it skill share on not getting any feedback whatsoever. I really didn't know how to use a platform that incentivised you with financial rewards and gave you rewards for curation actually being engaged in taking part in the community. So I knew this year I had to go to steam fast to Andi. I didn't know how is gonna do that. I didn't have the finances to do it. Luckily, working together with my partner day Leo on steam it, we managed to find the resources to go. We got some TRM funds back from the emergency travel from, but it wasn't a lot because it was a lot more people that went a lot more people booked in the last one week before we all flew out. But we want a ticket, Onda. We paid for the event with ass theme, which is theme that we didn't have a year ago. So that was kind of weird in itself. I've never I've never been to a conference or an event that wasn't paid by a digital agency that was working for So whenever I've got to South by Southwest, I've had a platinum or premium ticket and I've had that on on the book Off on agency has sent me to go. So this was kind of weird that my engagement and involvement with the platform has helped me aggregate steam, steam powered and an account value on me and a Leo powered down money so that we could pay for one of the tickets because we wouldn't want to the other tickets. So that was interesting in itself, because we didn't really take stock of the impact of that until we got back on. What we realized when we got back is that we've had a week in Portugal that obviously we have to pay for off, around back and still are paying back and probably will be in 2018 for flights and hotel. We've got a good hotel instead of going in the hostel. Andi, I just wanted to explain a little bit. Why? I think it was completely valuable and I would do it again tomorrow at the drop of a hat and move mountains. Teoh go to stay. Invest too on The first thing is that although we paid the minimum, I think it was 333. Steam or some somewhere on that figure may be a little bit less, actually, because the steam price was doing well at the time for the ticket cost for the two or three days that we were at the event at the steam fest, you know, we were Ferried around in transportation on ferries, on coaches. Not fair is that would be interesting if it was fair is we have unlimited food, unlimited beer. I think I drank more double Bach, Portuguese. Why bottle beer than I ever will in my whole life in the space of three or four days on everything event wise, You know, I feel like I've done a disservice in some ways, and that's why I'm I'm looking forward. Toa hopefully having the funds next year to pay for a bigger ticket, or at least give somebody the benefit of going with a free ticket, like holding a competition because I got so much value about being present around all these different characters of people. These don't decentralized people from different backgrounds and that all the different reasons while they're on the platform where capitalists, you're just in there for investing money so they can make more money. We had people from creative sector. We have people from, you know, artistry. We have musicians. Andi, the one unification of this was steam. Andi, I don't think I've ever been to another conference where we had such eclectic, different ways of looking at life and different hobbies that we had in life. And yet we have this unifying crypto currency that was bringing us all together on. I've been to many conferences and events, and I've got to say this one is really up there, if not the top one that I've been to in the last decade. And so because of that, I would heartily recommend that whenever you see anything to do with the invest going, check out steam first dot com. Get on the mailing list over there. If you really want a validation of what this is, and why should I be bothered with it? Just spend one year, 12 months on the steam it platform, go to a steam first and then tell me about it afterwards on. I guarantee you that you will have more value out of blogging here on steam it for one year than any WordPress blogged that you've ever installed. And you'll get so much out of meeting those people as well, even if you're an introvert and your no a person who goes to events or conferences. Just spend some time blogging over on the platform for the next 6 to 12 months and then had to esteem first. You'll get so much adamant, all right. That's if that this episode I will catch you in the next one, by the way, also want to shout out full time Geek has just delegated 15 k of steam power to this project, or at least in my account at Team Humble, and I'll be using that to promote up the team videos to get more exposure on. Did I just want to say a big thank you to that guy because it's validation and verification like that from the Blockchain people on the block chain that make doing this stuff worthwhile. 28. 28 - spamming, muting and flagging: So I've titled this spamming, spamming, muting and flagging wars. So I wanted to cover this very, very quickly, probably under a couple of minutes. Like every other social network out there, there is issues in terms off spamming flagging on muting off users. So I kind of want to go over those three points really, really quickly, just like on any other platform. There is spammers on here that just set up accounts on, then put up a single photo on say, follow me back. I follow you up, voted. You know they have bots running that as soon as you post something, you get a post or comment in your comments. Feed underneath your post and it can be a little bit annoying. There is, ah, whole initiative or series of initiatives happening on steam it all of the time. I know that it used AI for a lot of their firewall stuff, so I'm hoping that I I kind of trickles down to maybe on spam side and blocking of spam and spam accounts and bought accounts. Steam it in the last year has had periods of time where there has been really, really bad periods off spam on. Do you know we've had to have people in the community. You have done sterling work and spent a lot of hours per day trying to find the sources of these often bought networks off accounts that all spamming, and they're doing great work on the platform. But it is something that exists, and it might be something that you come across as you're using the platform. Another thing that I will say is that you can mute somebody you can actually click on mute , and then you don't get anything of what they post, and you don't get anything of what they post. So that's kind of useful. It still exists. Other people can still see it in the comments field, but you don't see it, and it kind of diffuses it better than getting into some kind of flame war kind of blocking people or voting down their stuff. I find it just easier that if you're getting into an engagement somebody that is going somewhere, you don't want it to go. That's probably just easier on both of you if you just meet that conversation or mute that users so that you don't see those updates and your feet, and then finally, the flagging walls. So there was this big, massive thing happening a few months back, where a couple of really, really big Wales, who have, you know, certain opinions about mainly people who work, who don't work and come onto the platform and just expect rewards on it. They were flagging down lots of other accounts and people that they didn't like in the community. And I think that's something that happens on all social networks. It could happen any time. Onda. It is just one of those things that happens from having a decentralized network of people who everybody has an opinion on the network on. Some people have more power, some or steam power than other people, which allows them to do more powerful things on the platform. So all I'm saying is that put out your best work, put your best content If you're going to get into a debate, A conversation with somebody might be better to do off chain rather than being on a Blockchain. I don't know if we really want to be Just storing all of our gripes on a Blockchain might be a good idea to set up a steam it dot chat account and direct message those people and trying to alleviate those things face to face fire, video chat. Maybe I would suggest appear in using that. But these things do exist on the platform. It isn't this just utopian vision of, you know, everybody's riding on white unicorns and everybody's getting paid in steam it. There is issues and problems on the platform, just like any of the social platform. 29. 29 - steemit chat and discords: all right for Episode 29. What I want to do is quickly show you a few of the places outside of steam it where you can contact people on the 1st 1 I want to bring up is steaming doc chat. If you go to steam it, doctor, it's the Web version off a piece of software called Rocket Chap. Now you can download the application for Windows and Mac and have it as a separate standalone app or you have to Do is put in steam it Dr Chat inside a rocket shot and it loaded up independent of having the browser open so you can actually have. That's a standalone app. Just load that every morning you'll find that there's a whole bunch of people in there. You can actually search on their names, so you'll see. I've got a bunch of direct messages here for people who have contacted for the collaborative video, so you can often find a bunch of people just by their user name on steam it just by doing the searching here. So, for instance, if I want to find, say, Daniel, 82 you can see that it comes up here that I can click through and speak to Daniel there. So that's that's really straightforward. If you need to contact somebody outside of the chats or you don't want to leave a message or comment on their on their block posts, and you can use steam it chat for that. Another popular way on, By the way, that was through rocket Shot. Like I said, you can download the application, just putting steam it dot chap and get to the same place. Another popular application is discord. Now discord is an app, mainly originally for gamers to be able Teoh talk to each other while they're playing games . So it's a very low Layton see very good audio codex so that you get very good quality. So I think of it like Skype, but designed really optimized for gamers so that it doesn't take up too much CPU cycles on the machine, and it started to grow its own communities. Really like trying to corner the market is looking at all the other things that are out there, things like slack, for instance, or sleep, and it's really trying to go for that. Only one package of getting everybody together for images and texts. There's all the in line image playback, so it's doesn't just post a link, actually shows you the image of the video. So really nice system. And as far as I know, it's free unless you go for the Nitro package, which gives you better servers and a few of the benefits as well. But the way I find people on discord is if you just go to steam it, do a search for discord in the top right corner on the search panel, you'll find so many different just to search discord. You'll see all of these different service here on the right. Inside a popular one is the PAL network, the piece of abundance see, and liberty. Andi, just let me show you my discord here. Where is it? I find it. So just make this full size. You can see here. I've got a whole bunch of different channels here on the left. Inside, we've created one for ourselves team humble steam gigs, which is for people looking to do remote working the peace Abundance, the Liberty Steam Art Minnow booster estimate. Talk, steam, speak and go last crypto steam trail and steam venue. So there's a whole bunch of different places that you can go on chatter. People find out ideas, promote your stuff, Um, on contact people, basically through all the channels, apart from steam itself. So that's it. Really. I just wanted to give you a bit of an overview about how you contact all the people. One last thing I will say that just come out recently is a great little at by the at Block Brothers called Steam. If I and Steam if I is a IOS app, much sure if it's for Android. Yeah, I think it's just IOS, and it's grateful getting instant notifications. So if you want something in between a full on chat with somebody, we just want to follow somebody and see when they comment. And then when the reply, Then it's perfect for that because it gives you the push notifications in IOS instead of being sat in a chat channel all day. All right, I'll see you in the next episode. 30. 30 - boosting your posts with bots: Episode 30 This episode is about using bots on steam it to up vote will promote your content on a kind of both sides of the fence opinion on it. Really, cause I don't use them very often are initially did when I first got on to steam it just to have a play and see how it worked. Try and get used to the idea of sending transfers to another account, and also, it's nice to see your post go open and get votes on it and get additional money. But at the time doing some research, you start to hear you know, things being said in the community. So you start see post like Don't use vote selling box used at promoted instead of bottling up votes when you burn money. Don't use a vote box or a problem because content that the community did not vote for some people is great, because they can promote their great content that they worked hard to do. And then you've got bots like Rondo, whale belly rub and services like Minnow Booster, which actually is part off a plug in is kind of used to promote host. If I got to one of my post here. They've actually got embedded into their into their program. You see, here the bottom is another bottom called boost. If I click on that, that will come up and say Boost with mineral booster. And I know there's a lot of people using this on using some of the SPD so you can use state making use just you SPD, and that gets sent to Mina booster. And then they have a group of people that voted promoted. Now, the thing with that is that every time you're sending some money out of your account, you're loading somebody else's account with steam or steam back dollars and obviously helping that account to get bigger. So something like Mineral booster, for instance, Um, let's just have a look at the stats. They have got 6723 followers with 51,000 posts, and yet they're not following anybody. So they're up vote at 96% open. The top here because we've got the plug in installed is $41 for a 96% vote. Now, the way a lot of these bots work is that if you read through them the details. You send them some money and then it's a bit of a gamble. Is, too, when you catch the baht at the right time and it gives you an up vote of a certain amount of money. So you put some money in and you get a certain amount back. That doesn't necessarily mean if you send 20 SPD that you're going to get 20 dollars off votes. So some of these are a bit of a gamble, but also getting into that kind of headspace for a minute. What it would really trying to do when we're sending some of our own earnings that we've learned on our posts, maybe from just organic traffic and we're sending it to somebody else. To then up, though, are other stuff. How does that affect the rewards Paul as a whole. So I've kind of turned off against going for voting bots because I agree with people out there that organic content should rise their top naturally. And obviously some people that were coming onto the platform very early on you're not getting seen because a lot of the higher ranking people that one's with reputation have been on for a year or two years. There high up, and they're getting big curation rewards because their wallet that steam power, for instance, here, like Mina boosters, steam power is 127,000 steam, and their account is 139,000 so they have a lot of curation power on the platform. If you get to that block, even if they just do a blawg on the platform, they're getting somewhere around $100 per each one of their block post, which is a hell of a lot of amount of money. But they're doing that because they're curation. Will rewards are so high. So, for instance, here $109 it's been voted by 888 people. So that's that's a a big network of people that they could reach out to toe up, vote their own posts. So I'm not calling anybody out, particularly here. It's just that there is services that exist out there. Jerry Bamfield has done a massive job. If you can't, I can't read through the whole of Jerry's post cause it's so damn light long. But if you really want to go deep on this topic. Do research for boost posts on steam, and you can see he's written a hell of a lot of stuff about up voting bots and how they work on duh, how they make money and all the different robots that are out there. And he's even got like, this esteem Vote Bob Tracker for Go Here, which tracks all off the bots on how much you can expect to get from each one of them. If you really want to go into that detail and find out that information, that's it for this episode, I'll catch it within the next one. 31. 31 - show posts on wordpress: Now, chances are, as a content creator, you've probably got a WordPress site or a squarespace site. This is concentrating really on WordPress, and you might be finding it difficult to make the transition from WordPress because you have WordPress for years and you pay for your hosting. But you're really interested in blogging on steam, and you probably thinking, Well, why kind of combine the two? So I wanted to give you a quick couple of minute run through off these plug ins and how they work and how you can expect it to see the content. So if you do a search for show your steam, it post on your WordPress site on steam it, you'll find this blogged by Tony dot Jennings on steam it. He just threw a quick walk through. And you can see on this little image here that he's got on image and then the title and a little bit of copy underneath, which is pulled from his block post. If you click on this, it doesn't go to WordPress. It actually goes straight into estimate post so he gets the benefit off any NES CEO or any Google juice that he's got on his WordPress blogger. Up to now, he's now able to transition across the steam it and then slowly over time, you could probably just do a five or three forward off your website completely to steam it . I'm presuming that in the future, in the next 6 to 12 months of recording this in November 2017 we can expect steam to look a lot different. You'll be able to customize it on. I'm sure that it will look just as good as a modern day template layout. WordPress site. So there is a couple of plug ins. Andi, they're quite easy to install. One of them, I would recommend, is the guys over at WordPress Dash tips. They have a steam it feed for WordPress, which is kind of cool. You can get like a feed, a little widget off, different of your posting your images from your from your steam account and put that onto your WordPress blog's. Or maybe you've got a a couple of sites that you just used purely for traffic generation. Maybe it's images or video that you're just given away for free or courses or tutorials. Yuk unbolt it in on the right hand side in a widget ball and just have people come in that way. There's also a great WordPress program by re crypto at re crypto on steam. It's on its own version 1.5 as off a month ago. On this enables you to do a whole bunch of things in terms of you eye on the front end and really go deep diving between your WordPress installation and steam it so you can actually displayed him on the front end. Andi is actively working on this. I would definitely recommend checking this one out first before all the other ones and also why you're doing this wordpress stuff. It might be an idea to investigate the coin hive stuff, which is basically a JavaScript library that you can put on your website, which will mine to, um, a Nero account. So while people are on your WordPress site, maybe they're reading stuff existing content that's on your site. Then in the background, you can also be mining from the Nero. So if you get quite a lot of people traffic to your site, just throw up a notification to tell people that you're using a small percentage of their CPU, and over time that can kind of build up. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it without telling people, but it's a nice little thing to play with if you're looking to do something with your with your existing WordPress site. So that's Ah WordPress theme 1.5 Very easy to settle. Plug in free plug in a swell, definitely suggest donating or delegating some steam to these coders because often times they do it free of charge on also check out at WordPress Dash tips as well. 32. 32 - smart media tokens: So the final part of the course really is to discuss the next evolution of what's gonna happen with steam with S m t this smart media tokens and how they're gonna work. So I just want to give you a few examples of how major sites could maybe plug these things in to create a community on an economy off people actually getting paid for their their comments, their posts, that all boats, their engagement in a platform or a conversation. So you got sites like Reddit and be amazing. Give something like Reddit used SMT plugged in, plugged in to actually create their own token on the steam. It Blockchain places like the Washington Post you're seeing there using more advertising than over here at the top, ever on the right. Inside. There are also suffering because they're getting squeezed out by attention. Economy applications, mainly mobile applications, things like Instagram and Facebook. Things like telegraph are starting to have pay walls where you have to pay to read their content. Same with Forbes. Massive big banner here at the top of Forbes, also, New York Times, Off Post and numerous other news outlets. New sites on the Web. So what are s empties? So smart Media tokens A new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community based on battle tested Blockchain technology. So steam as a platform has been out as of November 2017. As for 20 months. So it's been iterated on We're on Hard Fork 19. There has been a back to, you know, those back and forth between the community over that period of time. On it has been battle tested. So the next iteration off steam is these smart media tokens. So you can find all this information in a 70 dot steamed Ohio. But if we scroll down to this bit, this will probably make a little bit more sense. So this is how it's gonna look. Something similar to this is that you will create your own token. So, for instance, if you are a van life bugger or a cookery show, or maybe even just a gamer, you can create your own tokens symbol. And then what you're doing is you can select the rewards curve on that the amount of tokens so you can kind of see this is kind of like a personal I CEO, but for your own community. And then you can create a certain amount off fundraising details there when it's going to start when it's gonna close. How much steam your trauma raised for that community? What's the maximum amount and how that should be delegated with the people who are on board with that I CEO. So I CEOs are in a bit of a gray area right now in terms of what they're being classified as. But in terms off using smart media tokens as a community builder, this really reinforces steam as the underlying Cryptocurrency because as we create tokens using this SMT set up, people have to buy into steam. They have to buy steam. The price of theme will go up on. You'll see a lot of people trading and sending money back and forth, voting people's comments inside of your community. Now it's gonna take probably six months from now for this to actually happen. But his some examples at the bottom here off, for instance, content publishers content publisher like Read, it already has a bunch of content. You can see here like let's take these top posts out of thousands and eight votes each. One of these people has not made any money at all from their comment. Now, if you had a smart media token, you could have a comments field underneath a little bit like discuss. If you know what discusses, I'm just gonna do a search for discuss so you can see it's actually a Voltan at on chat to help build your audience. You can do things like social sharing. It has been around for a very long time. On it's like a little chap box comments. You log in with whatever social platform you've got again, you don't get paid for it. So it might be discus employees using smart media tokens as well, and builds a community around their own token. Maybe they'll call it the I s Que or something like that, but ultimately be powered by steam. So imagine you've got your own blawg with your own content from your YouTube show on there . You could bolt in this little block underneath your content, and then people in that community could actually then vote each other to be rewarded for that comment or that engagement or the feedback all the blood post so you're raising capital by selling tokens, but you're also catalyzing on that all Thomas Growth scroll down a little bit as well forums. Like I said, the Reddit, if ready, employed this and just rolled it out. Just think of the amount of people that would have access to all hear about steam because of it. On they can connect through a unification process of using steam connect so they don't have to have Facebook or Twitter. They can just get themselves esteem account, which is going to be an easy thing to do from how HF 20 with velocity. Because we're gonna be able to mind accounts and give those accounts away after they've been created on the Blockchain. So that's kind of really exciting for me. Um, multiple token support. So foreign business wants to integrate token, but wants to focus on growing their community rather than technical and security issues of hosting decrypt a wallet. They issue an SMT and integrated into the website using steam connect so that handles all of the wallet and transfer capabilities just by logging in using steam. Connect another example again, a comments would yet this one's for a fashion blawg This model also creates a business opportunity for developers who want to build the next generation off crypto enable disc discus like companies so they'll be companies that would be generated out of this. That will just be like discuss that have different features over different providers again . His example. I set out at the beginning off our slash finance. That could be a thread on reddit sub community moderation and managers imagine Europe moderator for a specific topic inside a forum. So does Reddit Subreddit. If a website integrations s empties, then they topic moderator can launch these tokens to empower subscribers of that topic. So it might be that you're tryingto right. Raise money for an event or a local church or you're trying to roll out funds for on area. For instance, is a project in Detroit for rolling out mobilizing WiFi? Maybe you want to write raise money to be able to deploy that in another section of town. So smt they're incredibly powerful. They're not fully fledged. Yet I would suggest watching the video would net hey super excited about it. But he wants also people in the cryptography sphere to feedback on it and If you really are technically minded, there is a massive 40 or 50 page plus white paper about what they're trying to achieve with smart media tokens. But this is the exciting bit for me in terms of a content publisher, because in 60 torments, Time will be able to roll out our own kind of little media empire, if you like, with our own token. And it might be for a particular project that we're trying to launch might be one of those projects that you've always wanted to do with your life and be able to, like get that groundswell of followers that you already have on your steam account and convert them into a community. All right, that's it for the course. Have you enjoyed it? Do feedback. Any comments? You have any questions I love to hear from you.