Steel wool photography | Thomas De Craene | Skillshare
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About This Class

I’m Thomas De Craene, I’m 16 and I live in Belgium. I’m a landscape and cityscape photographer and traveller. In this classes I will take you thru the different steps of creating this awesome pictures.
My work:

In this video:
Together we will create step by step this artistic pictures of steel wool. We will start by adjusting our settings in our DSlR or Compact camera. Later I will take you outside in the field and I will explain you how to take the shot step by step.

Want to see my example?






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Thomas De Craene


Thomas De Craene


I'm a young photographer (16) living in the East-Flanders of Belgium.

I'm now photographing for about one year and the biggest part of my portfolio is based on a trip that I did this summer to Scotland

Follow me on: Instagram, 500px and EyEem to see more

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