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Steal My Sales Letter Copywriting Template That Will Help You Sell Anything

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Why I'm Teaching This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide

    • 2. Why Every Company On The Planet Wants Your Data

    • 3. Why Conversational Copywriting Is The Best Copywriting Style For This Day And Age

    • 4. Never Sell Features, Or The Product. Sell THIS Instead

    • 5. A Forbidden Copywriting Strategy I Learned Working IT For A Massive Company

    • 6. The Most Important Lesson From The Best Copywriter Who Ever Lived

    • 7. The Only Typography Lesson That You'll Ever Need (Graphic Designers Hate This)

    • 8. How To Tap Into Your End Users Without Even Asking Them

    • 9. The Biggest And Best Proven Collection Of Headlines, Subheadlines, And Bullets

    • 10. Why A Kindergarten Teacher Writes Inherently Better Copy Than The Experts

    • 11. How To Craft A Unique USP Even If You're Flat Broke And Inexperienced

    • 12. How To Go Forward While Knowing Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn a really cool sales letter template that works in absolutely any niche.

So if you're a teacher, author, product vendor, affiliate marketer, or any type of entrepreneur, definitely check this out!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Why I'm Teaching This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide: Welcome to lecture number one. Why I'm teaching this course and why you should watch every single slide. Are you annoyed because you just have no idea how to write a super fast and super easy sales letter? Would it be helpful for you if you could easily right sales letter after sales letter, using a dead simple template that was easy to use? Most importantly, what if you could create a sales letter in just a few minutes instead of spending years of your life struggling? So if you want to write to your first sales letter, you are going to love this. This is going to be, ah, high impact copyrighting course, so you can learn everything I've learned without bending over backwards and reading what 100? Copy writing books, and you won't have to waste your money publishing in advertising sales letters without having any practice. So if you've ever suffered from writer's block when trying to write a sales letter, you're going to love this so you can finally have the freedom. That's only possible when you know exactly what to write and why you should write it. This course is for you. If you want to sell your own products, affiliate products, network marketing products or if you just want a simple, bare bones copyrighting course that is built from experience. And if you're sick of having to pay stuck up copywriters thousands of dollars to write a letter for you instead of doing that, spend a few hours with me here and we will go over some of the most important sales copy lessons that I've learned. And they are all very simple for you to use. You're also going to get instant access to my sales template so you can use that to sell anything you want. So if you want to steal my sales letter template that will help you sell anything. And if you want the most important copyrighting lessons I've ever learned in a brief and pithy course, then you're going to love this because you probably realized by now that copyrighting is arguably the most important skill set you can have as an entrepreneur or any business person. Because remember this. It doesn't matter if you're giving away gold bricks. If you can't convey the value of what you have in a way that works, you'll never, ever give away a single gold brick. So that's why you should watch every single slide of this course so you can finally have the confidence to create your own sales letter without shelling out tens of thousands to some copy writing professional. In this course, you're going to learn everything you need to consistently and reliably, right? Awesome. Copy that. You will be proud off that your end users will love and your end users will buy the contents your pitching as a direct result of this course. The best part is that the way you're going to write copy is the easiest way and the fastest way to write copy. So there's no theory here. You're going to be writing your first sales letter using my template that is, battle tested in proven. All that's left is for you to take action. And as we learn alongside one another, remember that your time is well invested in the most important skill you can ever have, which is your ability to sell using the written word so you can finally change the world with your ideas, with fewer products with your services and you will never struggle, putting pen to paper ever again. I will see you in the next lecture, and I look forward to helping you change the world in your own way. 2. Why Every Company On The Planet Wants Your Data: Welcome to lecture number five. Why? Every company on the planet wants your data. Do you think that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube and linked in should pay their end users? They're making billions upon billions of dollars selling your information. Do you realize that? Do you realize that you are the product of these big websites? You are the product of Facebook. You are the product of Google. You are the product of linked in because they're essentially selling your data and they're selling access to you as a copywriter. You should be very aware of what's going on and in my opinion, things they're going to get Wilder and Wilder as time goes on because companies want your data. It is worth so much to advertisers. Your data is worth billions upon billions of dollars each and every year. Think about Microsoft Windows 10. I know for a fact that the privacy Microsoft Windows 10 offers you these days is down, right? Deplorable. Did you know, for example, that Windows 10 is the first operating system ever to ship with an advertisement? I d. Unless you specifically tell Microsoft to turn that feature off, meaning each end user as in you has an advertising I d attached to their Microsoft account . What does that mean? That means that Microsoft is basically giving away their operating system for free in order to harvest your data. So copywriters, advertisers and marketers can better target to you in their advertising. If you read the terms of service for Microsoft Windows, you will find that they basically have free rein off all of your data. And it's not just Microsoft. It's every company These days. Everybody wants your information. Smart TVs wants to record your voice, and they want toe watch you so they know exactly what you will be more likely to buy. Privacy is at an all time low, and the reason for that is because your intimate life details are worth billions upon billions of dollars to marketers, and that makes the job of copy writing a 1,000,000 times easier. And I can prove it to you with a tiny example. Ask yourself this one question win is the best time to sell somebody a home security system . In other words, when will you have a 100% conversion rate selling a home security system? The answer is right after somebody gets their house burgled, I guarantee, with information copy writing becomes a 1,000,000 times easier. Ask yourself this. Could you have better luck selling a home security system when there is a rapist or a serial killer on the loose in your demographics hometown? That's the power of data, and copyrighting could be enhanced a 1,000,000 times over when you have such intimate details of your end users at your fingertips. That's why I had been ranting in previous lectures about why it's so important to know as much as you can about your end users. Because remember, knowledge used wisely is the most powerful of tools. It's more important than any copyrighting tactic ever. It's worth studying, and it is worth knowing. These days you can buy traffic from Facebook from Google from Microsoft, and the ways you can specify what type of end user you want is truly mind boggling. You can specify by income by age by where they live by their sex. If they're using a mobile phone, what their interests are and what they like on Facebook. That's why I beg you to get to know your end users better than anyone and if you do that, you're copyrighting. Results are suddenly through the roof, and information is truly the future of cooperating. And it's the future of advertising. So you may as well think about this stuff now, and that's all for this lecture. I hope I opened your eyes as to why your information is worth billions and why Facebook and Microsoft and Google are bending over backwards, getting your information and how you can take advantage of that to increase your conversion rates dramatically. By knowing your end users, I will see you in the next lecture. 3. Why Conversational Copywriting Is The Best Copywriting Style For This Day And Age: welcome to lecture number six. Why Conversational copyrighting is the best copyrighting style for this day and age. On average, people hate advertisements. People hate being sold to. However, people still love a good story. I do not think people are ever going to stop liking good stories. People are never going to hate a good conversation. That's why I honestly believe that the best and easiest way to write any type of copy is by having a natural, conversational tone and in a conversational style, just like how one presenting this course to you right now. I, for example, have sent over one million promotional emails to my permission based email newsletter, and 100% of my emails are written in the same style. I do not write like I'm selling anything. I write like I'm talking right now like I'm talking to you one on one, like I'm just having a conversation. I would advise for your copyrighting, whether it be a sales letter, an email newsletter, Ah, blawg post or absolutely anything being the same exact way that I'm talking right now and when you right this way, writing is so easy and your end users will eat it up. And remember, from lecture number four, the most important word in the English language for copywriters is the word you. Because in a conversation that's natural, you comes up very specifically. And for copywriters, it's the best way to speak directly to your end users in a conversation away. So this copyrighting method works for all mediums. It is 100% evergreen. Your end users will love it. It allows you to talk one on one to your end users and think about sending one million promotional emails. That, my friend, is a lot of email, and I had many people on my email newsletter for years upon years. So many of my end users read every single email that I send. Some of my end users click on every single link, and they have done so for years. That is proof that people love to be talked to one on one, and you do not have to sound like an advertisement in your copy rating. In fact, I submit to you that you should never, ever sounds like an advertisement. That's why I believe in conversational copyrighting. It's the only way I write anything be. It's, ah, Block Post a sales letter, a video sales letter or an email, and it's also very fast and effective and evergreen. It's very easy for me to insert a call to action in a conversational tone. For example, I can tell you right now to click this link to learn more about X y Z or I can tell you to visit my blawg mr computer science dot com to see my copy writing and writing style in action. And in this way you're not put off or disgusted by me being a salesman, and your guard is down when I talk to you and right to you in this way, that is the strategy I recommend you use when you implement the copyrighting templates I have provided in lecture number four. Just write like you're talking directly one on one to your paper doll or two, your avatar, And this is evidenced by the fact that I've had people on my email list for several years for some crazy reason. My end users never get sick of me, and by and large, my end users do not view me as an advertisement. Also, consider this check out my blawg on Mr Computer science dot com, you will find that people share my blood posts like crazy. Sometimes my blood posts get shared 60 times on social Media. Do you think I get just a tad bit of free traffic when 60 people share my content on their massive social media followings? And did you see there what I just did? I inserted a nonchalant call to action during our conversation. I told you to check out Mr Computer science dot com. I think if you could disguise your advertisement as a natural piece of content in a conversational tone, be it a white paper, a sales letter, an email advertisement or a video sales letter. Not on Lee Will your conversations and your conversions be through the roof. But your end users will actually love the advertisement because they will not view it as an advertisement. They will view it and read it very naturally as a natural conversation occurs because ask yourself how many times you've been disgusted by a blatantly obvious advertisement. They're often hated and Luke, and they're shrouded in this belief. However, if you write in a simple and conversational tone, you can invoke trust. Your sales content will actually be read. And I think that's a major lesson to understand. And with that, I will see you in the next lecture. 4. Never Sell Features, Or The Product. Sell THIS Instead: welcome to lecture number eight. Never sell features or the product. Sell this. Instead, you'll notice that in my sales letter template, I do not spend much time talking about the features of the product or the product itself, which might sound crazy to you. Instead, the template talks about emotions. The template talks about the powerful emotions that's your end users have now, and the powerful emotions that the benefits will produce in the mind of your end user. This is because I believe in pillow talk, meaning you should always remember what's your demographic is worried about when they are sleeping? So ask yourself what keeps your end user demographic up at night. Speak to that person with those issues and your copyrighting conversions will skyrocket beyond your wildest dreams because you should always invoke emotions people buy because of emotions people buy when they feel good. People buy when you can provide to them benefits that do not exist to them. At this time, I remember I bought $1000 course over the Internet because the instructor just made me feel good. They invoked such a powerful emotion that I bought immediately. I brought out my wallet and enrolled in the $1000 course, and I felt great about my decision. People buy because it feels right because it feels good people by not because of fax, but because of emotion. Now, if you do not believe me, look at Rolls Royce. People spend well over $200,000 on Rolls Royce when they could easily spend 10% of that cost, and they could get a very reliable car. There is no doubt that you could get a car for $10,000 that is reliable, safe, and that could definitely get you to your destination. However, people still spend six figures and mawr on a car, not because of the practical use of the car. They could spend $1000 get a car that could bring them from A to B, so the practical use of a car is worth, let's say, $10,000. Maybe it's worth $20,000 but people still spend well over $200,000 on cars, not because of the practical facts of the matter, but because of how it makes them feel. People buy because they want emotional benefits. They want the status they want the prestige they want. The emotion that this vehicle provides the same is true for your end users. Whatever it is you're selling, they do not buy because of a fancy feature or a widget in your sales letter. They buy because they feel good about whatever it is you're offering. And they buy because they can imagine themselves enjoying the benefits that you have described in your sales letter and just a quick f. Y I. I am not saying that you should never describe your product at all in your sales letter, For example, look at some of the samples sales letters I provide in the last section of this course. Many of them go into great detail about the product, so it's OK. The briefly talk about features and benefits, but remember to make your main emphasis on emotions, what are your end users frustrated about? And what do they want? One of the main benefits that your end users would love toe have more than anything else. And what of the powerful emotions that those benefits are going to bring out? Those are great questions to ask, and I believe that by asking these questions and by addressing the emotional state of your end users that you're going to be 1000 times better off. And it's something for you to think about because people buy because of emotions, and with that said, I will see you in the next lecture. 5. A Forbidden Copywriting Strategy I Learned Working IT For A Massive Company: welcome to lecture number nine. A forbidding copyrighting strategy I learned working I t for one of the biggest organizations on the planet. This is something I've never talked about anywhere before. I have sent over one million promotional emails. I have written dozens upon dozens of sales letters and I have spent hours upon hours talking one on one with my end users. And I have never mentioned that I have worked for many years in a division within the United States Air Force that had a command and control portfolio well into the multi $1,000,000,000 mark. To make a long story short, I learned a ton working and servicing my end users and rest assured there were a lot of them. One copy writing lesson I learned working in the I T world for so long is that your end users have a problem. I've encountered a lot of sad pandas in my time in the I t world. Typically, when somebody comes to you for help when you are working, I t They're very stressed out. They're not coming to see you because they're happy. Okay. And in general, your end users are sad pandas. They are frustrated. They need something bad. They are hurting. They are stressed out. They are in panic mode and they need for you to understand their problems. Your end users are emotional. They're stressed out. They are in pain. I've had end users storm into my office, very upset, giving me a litany of reasons why they need help fast, why they're in pain, why they need my attention and my sympathy. I would always say I understand you're upset that simple term made my end users. I know that I understood what they're going through, and I indeed understood the fact that they are upset. This was a psychological term that I cannot begin to specify how effective it was on a deep emotional level, because my end users needed me to understand that they were struggling. They wanted me to acknowledge their urgency, and the reason they were so upset is because they feared that I would not understand the urgency of their problem. The anticipation of the I t. Guy not hurrying up not understanding the necessity of their problem, was, quite frankly, often mawr than they could handle. And if you've ever worked in an organization where you've had trouble. Say, for example, that you were working on a document all day and for whatever reason, you forgot to save the document. So you put eight hours, or maybe six or seven hours of work into this document, and then it crashes. Five minutes later, your boss is knocking on your door saying, Hey, where's that report? So you're in panic mood. Okay? That's the urgency that your end users feel. And if you've ever worked for an organisation and relied upon the I T. Department to save your document, you understand the stress in trauma that many of your end users are experiencing. I cannot tell you how many times the freeze I understand you're upset, calmed their nerves and to put a smile on their face when their world wasn't otherwise crumbling before them. And I think that's the biggest lesson I've learned about copyrighting. It's more important than any of the classes I've taken. It's more important than any of the books I've read because your end users your demographic . If you select them carefully and wisely, they have major problems. They are in severe pain, and when you see someone in pain It is so easy to help them. They're overwhelmed. They're struggling. They need your help fast. They do not need gimmicks. They do not need a fancy copyrighting tactic. They do not need any BS. They do not need a list of features. What they really desire is for you to put out the fire with your words, offer them save quarter from the storm and, quite frankly, offer them solutions, offer them sympathy and empathy. Offer them a better emotional state, which they are, quite frankly, begging you for. If you could do that with your words and transition their problems into a solution that I'm so confident that your end users will eat out of your palms, they will read every last word of your sales letter, and they will thank you for it. I will see you in the next lecture where I talk about my favorites copywriter and, in my opinion, the best copywriter who ever lived. Look forward for that and I will see you in the next lecture 6. The Most Important Lesson From The Best Copywriter Who Ever Lived: Welcome to lecture number 10. The most important lesson from the best copywriter who ever lived. Eugene Schwartz is, in my opinion, the best copywriter who ever lived. In fact, I've noticed that other very famous copywriters often say that Eugene Schwartz is there. Feed it copywriter. I've read a tone of Eugene's ads, a ton of his content in pretty much all of his books. And one thing I can say is that the most important idea that Eugene ever taught, in my opinion, was that you need to tap into the mass desires off your end users and another way to look at this. Is that your end user demographic? They already exist, and they already have problems. So your mass audience, they already have mass desires. Your only job is the harness, their desire with your copy rating, so you essentially capture their desire with your copyrighting. You capture their problems, their fears, their wants, their desires with your words, and that is your only job. But you have to know their mass desires. So think of your audience like an ocean. One thing you'll notice about a notion is that sometimes it changes. Sometimes the coastline changes, the waves go up and down over the years. The coastline definitely moves. It might move a little, or it might move a lot. And the same is true with your demographic. Their experiences, their maturity, their knowledge and their experience is ultimately going to change. So you have to keep your finger on the pulse of your end users throughout the entire duration off your life as a copywriter. So find out, what's your mass audience wants so you can easily tap into their mass desires. And that's really win. Your copy rating will go to the next level when you are aware of what's your end. Users want on an intimate level. Your end users already have an existing problem. You never, ever have to invent desire, and you never, ever have to invent the problem. Never invents a problem. Never invent desire because your end users already exist. They are already suffering. Tap into that suffering with your words and harness their desire and transition that into a beautiful solution. Does that make sense? Because, in my opinion, it is probably the most importance Copyrighting lesson of all, at least the most important that I have thus far encountered. Remember problems already exist. All you have to do is harness. That's with your copyrighting. That is the job of your words. And that is the job of your copy rating. And that's all for this lecture. I believe that you could benefit tremendously from this tiny little idea. So in the future, remember to never invent desire only harness and tap into it because it already exists. I will see you in the next to lecture. 7. The Only Typography Lesson That You'll Ever Need (Graphic Designers Hate This): Welcome to Election number 13 the Onley typography lesson that you will ever need. Graphic designers get this wrong every single time. There's a book called Obvious Adams. In my opinion, it's one of the best books ever written for advertisers copy writers and marketers in general, and it's a very short to read. It's pretty much out of print as far as I know, so you can get it free and you can probably find a free PdF if you do a Google search, and I absolutely recommend giving it a read obvious. Adams teaches that simplicity is far more valuable than anything else when making sales. Fancy, expensive copywriters ultimately got smashed by the simplicity of obvious Adams, who everyone used to laugh at because he was not considered to be the best marketer on the block. However, his copyrighting and his marketing totally vanquished the big, expensive and fancy copywriters, and the lesson here is that simplicity always wins the simple things in life work. If you want something more complicated, then spends time knowing your end users mawr than anyone else. That is where the fruits of your labor will truly pay off. The same is true with typography and graphic design, simplicity works the best. The best selling sales copy, in my opinion, is simple. Test times New Roman fought with blue or red headline with just simple black fought nothing fancy words sell typography does not sell, and I believe in simplicity during 99.99% of situations. In fact, I would say that read ability is the Onley variable that matters with regards to your typography. So make your copyrighting sales letters very easy to read. It's important that your copyrighting not only be easy to read, but it has to seem easy to read, so it has to look very gentle to the I. So that could mean having a clear white background with black times, new Roman font and very large read headlines. If you've skipped ahead to the last section of this course and you've looked at my copy writing sales letters in the last section, I would say that that is very effective. Typography read headlines with a large font and then small black font for their paragraphs . One thing that you should never do is have a sales letter that looks intimidating so never make your sales letter look intimidating, as in Never make your sales letter like a block of text like is going to require effort to read. That's going to scare your end users away more than anything else. So try to make your sales letter easy to read, like it looks easy to read and so that it is actually easy to read. If you can accomplish that by using fancy graphics, I say Awesome. Do that. Use fancy graphics as long as it looks very easy to read. If you can better accomplish that by using white background with absolutely no graphics and a simple black text with the red fonts for the headlines, then I say do that. So you have options. The only the most important thing. I'm not going to say the only thing that matters, but the most important thing is that it looks easy to read and that it is easy to read. There's a common sling on the Internet known as T. L. D R. Have you ever heard that before? T L D R means too long didn't read, and a few bore your end users. You will get a big fat T L. D R. Because your end users will never read your content. So make your copy writing in all of your sales letters easy on the eye. That's the best typography lesson I could ever give you. Make sure that you have many small paragraphs as opposed. Toe a very big wall of text. Make sure that your headlines and sub headlines break up big blocks of text because your end users are scared of big blocks of text because it looks like a chore to read. That's yet another reason why conversational copyrighting works like a charm, because natural conversations have many small paragraphs instead of a huge wall of text. If you're ever worried about how to create your sales letter, it is so easy these days you can use a free HTML editor or you can use WordPress and just use a simple design template. You can simply google free HTML editors, and there are dozens of them that will let you use a What you see is what you get editor to create very simple looking sales letters. My advice is to use WordPress because it's easier than an HTML editor, and there are so many templates out there these days that you can use. If you want examples of what I use, visit Mr Computer science dot com and check out my products button. I use a product called Thrive Content Builder, which has dozens upon dozens of sales letter templates that you can use, and they handle all of the design for you. I have plenty of simple design templates that I use, and they are all 100% very simple, and they are all created within WordPress. And in the last section of this course. In the resource is pdf. I am going to include a link to thrive content builder because, in my opinion, it's the best page builder. And I say that confidently because I've used pretty much all of the sales page builders for WordPress and I think thrive content Builder is the best one, and here's my promise to you. If you are technically savvy enough to watch this course, then you are easily savvy enough to install WordPress and to install thrive content builder and to use their sales letter templates that take graphic design out of the equation because they handle everything for you. The main thing here is to make your copy 100% easy to read. That's the only thing I'm saying here. If you can accomplish that with graphics or with no graphics, then you're in good shape. And before I forget, if you ever want to use graphics images for your sales letters, use picks obey dot com and I'm also going to include a link to that site in the pdf resource is section in the last section. Now there's a very important to reason, I say, to use picks obey. And that's because they adhere to the CC zero licensing program. And C C zero basically means that you can use their images and you never have to leave attribution and you never have to ask for their permission. And you never have to bother being frustrated about whether or not you have rights to their program. Because a CC zero license is the most lenient license allowable by law, which is why I recommend if you want to use fancy graphics or fancy images, use picks. Obey dot com more about typography. Do not use a special font that your end users will have a hard time reading my honest belief and my experience dictates that simple, clean typography and clearly worded templates are all you need because no one, your end user, is ultimately mawr important than any design skills and making your sales copy easy to read ISMM or important than anything because you can have the best message on the planet. What if your sales letter looks like a mess, and if it looks difficult to read, your message will be lost in the ugly text and ugly graphics. Also, remember that you can always split test your different designs. So maybe you have one sales letter that's very graphic intensive, and you have another sales letter that is very light on graphics. Use both of those sales letters to see which one your end users like the best, and that's the cool part. You could easily split test the two of those pages to see which one gets more sales. And that's the final lesson here. It's always important to never take my word or anyone else's word for granted. It's always a genius idea to create variations of your own and then see for yourself which one's your end. Users like the best at the end of the day have confidence in your own ability to connect with your end. Users have confidence that you know your end user demographic so much that all you need is a clear font and a sales letter that looks easy to read. And with that, I will see you in the next lecture. I hope you're having fun with this course. Please let me know if you're having fun and please let me know if you have any questions at all. I will see you in the next lecture. 8. How To Tap Into Your End Users Without Even Asking Them: Welcome to lecture number 14. How to tap into your End user psychographic without getting on the phone, polling or even asking them directly. Now. I previously mentioned amazon dot com and why it's so important to tap into your end users . And the reason I think this is so cool is because 10 years ago this was never ever possible . You basically have mawr information at your fingertips than the best copywriters who ever lived had. So doesn't that give you confidence to know that all these tools that they never had that you can now possess for free and one of the best resource is online? Is Amazon because Amazon is a big deal, not because they sell more digital products than anyone on the planet and not because they sell more physical products than any other American retailer? No, The reason why Amazon is so valuable and precious is because your end users you're demographic, are using Amazon like crazy, and they are reviewing products in your niche, regardless of what niche you are in. When I talk about psycho graphics, I mean how your end user thinks, how they talk, how they right and how they respond to different products in your marketplace. You can literally type in any product and any niche, and get hundreds upon hundreds of verified reviews from riel paying customers in your target demographic. These reviews will let you tap into the psychology of your end user. When you do that, you'll know exactly how your demographic talks. You'll know exactly what they deem to be credible advice, and you will know exactly what's missing in their lives and what's missing in their products. So spend time researching on Amazon searching for products that your demographic buys. Spend a lot of time reading the reviews that they right, read the positive reviews, read the negative reviews. What's Do they love? What do they hate? No, the psychology of your demographic intimately by studying this content and it will pay off in spades, not just for your copyrighting, but for every single thing that you ever do in marketing and in business. Now, I promised not to spend too much time talking about a Mazon for a second time, but I believe you can learn and benefit a ton just by reading positive and negative reviews from people in your target market. arguably negative reviews give you a better outlook because you can know instantly what improvements you can make and what's lacking in the eyes of your target demographic, which can really produce opportunities for you to realize. And with that said, it's important to be a proficient spy. And that's all for now. I will see you in the next lecture, and if you ever have any questions or just like the brainstorm with me one on one, just leave me a message. You will be shocked at how fast I reply personally, and that being said, I will see you in the next lecture. 9. The Biggest And Best Proven Collection Of Headlines, Subheadlines, And Bullets: Welcome to Lecture number 15 the biggest and best proving collection of headlines. Sub headlines and bullets for absolutely zero cost magazines dot com is the best resource for headlines, sub headlines and the bullets. This one copyrighting swipe file is a gold mine for a few reasons. First, remember that these days print advertising, meaning physical magazines in the physical newspapers. They are hurting because so many people don't buy them anymore. So many people read stuff online nowadays, and you you are proof of that. You are proof that you consume online digital media. As a result, something truly fascinating has occurred. Mawr and Mawr people have stopped paying for physical magazines. As a result of that, the magazine copywriters have gotten mawr and Mawr competitive, meaning the people writing magazine headlines these days are the best on the planet because if they slack off in their jobs, magazine publishers are going to lose even mawr coverage. They're going to sell even less copies, and they are going to go out of business. So the magazine publishers are forced to hire the best copywriters money can buy, so there are a few ways you can take a look at what's working for headlines magazines dot com will allow you to check out a boatload of headlines that are proven to convert, and they are written by absolute copyrighting geniuses, and you can learn so much from studying magazine covers. It is, in my opinion, one of the best swiped files on the planet, and it's free so you can study headlines, sub headlines, bullets, points, typography and every other copyrighting lesson. That's gold to your overall experience. Another thing you should do is used Google image Search and being image search for magazine covers. And in the last section of this copyrighting course, be sure to check out the copyrighting resource is pdf guide that I've included because in that pdf I include a simple link that lets you search Google and being for awesome images. And I also include links that point directly to the top selling sales pages that are happening right now in your marketplace. So definitely check out that PDF Resource guide In the last section of this course, there's an infinite wealth of images you can search for on Google and being, and you can literally compile a list of magazines in your niche and then search for the best selling magazines and study those headlines. It's a great copyrighting brainstorm idea, and it is something that will be around forever for your picking. So take a few minutes in browse magazines dot com. Take a few minutes brainstorming what magazines are in your niche and also do a few Google image searches and a few being surgeons. This is the biggest swipe file on the planet. And like I said about amazon dot com just 10 years ago, this was not possible. So I think it's really, really cool for you as a copywriter. And if you ever get tongue tied, or if you're suffering from writer's block or you just want a brainstorm, what the hardest copywriters air righting. This is a great place to start, and it's something for you to think about. I will see you in the next lecture 10. Why A Kindergarten Teacher Writes Inherently Better Copy Than The Experts: welcome to lecture number 17. Why a kindergarten teacher writes inherently better copy than the experts. I have an ugly tendency to over complicate my rating. Never, ever follow in my footsteps. Okay, make your copyrighting so simple that 1/3 grader could easily follow along. Never use complicated words. I like this quote from Mark between, he said. I never write policeman because I can get the same money for cop. So never try to sound advanced or smart and never be long for the sake of being long. Never make your readers use a dictionary to understand what you're saying. Think, for example, about the best selling books of all time on Amazon Kindle, you will find that the majority of them are written at the third grade level. You're not going to find many advanced physics books or technical writing manuals on the Top sellers list because people do not want to read complicated technical writing jargon. They want very easy, simple and clean content to read because, quite frankly, it's easier to read that content. And one author I always point out as an example, is Bill O'Reilly. Have you ever seen his best sellers? He has many best sellers now. Love him or hate him. He's a very successful author, and his books, they're very easy to read. He's one of the most successful nonfiction writers of our time, and he writes at the third grade level so that everyone can easily understand his content. And I have to admit his content is a pleasure to read because it's so easy to read. And that is why a kindergarten teacher can write better copy than a copyrighting guru because a kindergarten teacher knows that their students are oftentimes emotional. Maybe they're mad that they want their snacks. That's a kindergarten teacher. And that's why they write in a genius fashion. Because a kindergarten teacher has a very simple demographic, they do not overestimate their demographic. They write very simply for their end users. They clearly defined their ideas, they write, invoking emotions that a kindergartner could easily understand. I believe that these ideas, when used in conjunction with the copyrighting templates provided in this course, will make it so you can easily and effortlessly craft infinite quantities of sales letters that you'll never even break a sweat writing them and your end users will love it because they won't have to break a sweat reading it either. And that's something very important for you to consider, and I will see you in the next lecture. 11. How To Craft A Unique USP Even If You're Flat Broke And Inexperienced: Welcome to lecture number 18. How to craft a USP that sells. Even if you are flat broke and inexperienced, I draw your attention to the copy ready template that I have provided to you in lecture number four. Crafting a USP can be as easy as relating to the frustration of your end users. For example, pretend that you're rating a sales letter on how to grow ripe, plump, bright red tomatoes. Your USP might be simply stating that you understand how frustrating it can be growing tomatoes that are actually ripe, bright, red, juicy and delicious. You could simply state that you've spent years of your life struggling with the bland's pink tomatoes that never had the flavor that your grandmother's tomatoes had. And you've spent years of your life studying and researching, trying to determine how to grow red plump, delicious tomatoes. Maybe you've embarrassed yourself serving tomatoes that looked and tasted terribly, and you said never again. Maybe your wife or your husband or your grandchildren spit out your old tomatoes because they looked and tasted horribly. You ruined your lunch and your time with your family because your tomatoes were absolutely shameful. So your USP is that you understand the frustrations of your end users. You understand their pain, what they're going through and you you got through it so you do not have to be the world's biggest expert. You can have an awesome and effective U. S P by being a total failure. And from that failure you studied and you worked nonstop to develop a solution. In the process, you are impressing your end users and empathizing with them. All you have to do is properly invoke the emotions of your end. Users relate and tell your end users that you understand their plight and then simply relate that to how you discovered the solution. So you do not have to be the biggest guru on the planet to craft an awesome and effective USP. In fact, it's often advantageous to not be the world's biggest guru because I honestly believe in today's state of copyrighting. People are sick and tired of experts. Look at the political polls if you don't believe me. People are not voting for the typical politicians. People are sick and tired of experts. People want something fresh. They want something new in that is what you provide to them by properly conveying to them that you are not the world's biggest expert at growing red ripe, delicious tomatoes. However, you came from nothing. You studied like a maniac in order to finally crack the code to growing delicious tomatoes that you can finally be proud of. And the purpose of your copy is to just relate that information So your end users understand that you have something that's worth knowing again. Remember to never lie about this. It's important that you in your products that you're selling are truthful. Otherwise, you are breaking the law, and you're also putting the entire reputation of your business of your products and your role as a copywriter at risk. Actually, I should say you're putting them at stake and no pun intended since we're talking about tomatoes. In any event, I hope this makes sense, and I will see you in the next lecture 12. How To Go Forward While Knowing Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves: welcome to lecture number 19 Summary. How to know your market plates so well that your copy becomes second nature. The first thing I want to do is let you know that I am so grateful that you studied alongside myself and that you enjoyed the course. I hope you had fun with the course. My goal was never to turn you into the world's biggest copywriter. Instead, my only intention is to help you sell your stuff. That is my only goal. So you can write your 1st 2nd and third sales letter with confidence, with ease and with style. In the real world of copyrighting, you're going to find that the top paid copywriters, they focus on one area of expertise, and the reason for that is because the more you know your marketplace and the more you know your end users, the better your copy will be because you will know your end users so well that nobody can even come close to your writing. And when you know your market so intimately, everything else is so much easier. That's why I'm so pleased about this course because ultimately, the more time you spend in your marketplace the easier everything we talked about becomes. So when I talk about building instant report and prestige, it's because ultimately your goal should be to know your end user and your demographic so well that you communicate in a way that bonds within in clicks with them. When you combine all of the tactics and all of the strategy, we've gone over in this course with your commitment to study your marketplace and when you combine all of this with the simplicity off the copyrighting templates I have provided in lecture numbers. Four. I know you're going to have a blast writing your copy, and that is the final lesson. I would like to teach that when you have fun writing your copy. I know for a fact that your end users will have fun reading your copy. Not just any end user. I'm talking about your paper doll. You're 20% your avatar, and when you have a blast and when you crack a smile writing your copy, your end users are going to connect with it so much now, just a fair word of warning. The opposite is also true if you're ever stressed out, locked up pence and feeling like a cranky curmudgeon. Your copy writing is going toe absolutely suck, so gets in a good mood. And let your knowledge and passion for your marketplace flow easily with the template provided. And this really has to do with knowing your end users. If you're not having fun writing your copy, nobody will ever have fun reading your copy. If you were bored, your end users will be bored, and that is a fact. So, know what turns them on. Know everything you possibly can about them? No, what they watch and how they talk. Know what keeps them up at night and know what they secretly desire? No, what they read, what they see and who they want to be like. No, they're mass desires. And then use your words to ride that current. That's why it's so important for you to specialize in your market and for you to study your end. Users like your life was on the line. That's why copyrighting specializations exist, and I'm not trying to teach you how to be a professional copywriter. Instead, my main goal is to teach you how to be your own copywriter, which I think is infinitely more valuable. It's more fun, and it's what I desire for you to become. So you can sell your own stuff or sell a colleague stuff. Or maybe you're an affiliate marketer or a network marketer. This will enable you to sell pretty much whatever you want. And at the end of the day, sales are what makes the world go round. However, to make sales, you have to know your end users and you will have fun doing it, which is the most important thing. I thank you so much for taking this course with me. And if you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly and let me know if you had fun taking this course. Because if you don't have fun, it doesn't matter how much money you make. Thanks again and I will see you around. This has been Mike D. Vincent and I'm signing off for the final time. Be sure to check out the bonuses, and the resource is PdF and the three sales letter examples in the next section because you will enjoy those. And again, this has been Mike D. Vincent and I'm signing off for the final time. Thank you so much. You rock