Statistics: Master Permutations and Combinations (Solved Questions)

Shubham Kalra, Major in Economics, Founder at Eduspred

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4 Videos (33m)
    • Question 1 - Always start with the condition, if any!

    • Question 2 - What if there are 2 conditions?

    • Question 3 - Anagrams

    • Question 4 - Permutations


About This Class

This course will help you in brushing up your understanding of Permutations and Combinations through solved questons.

Many a times even if we read the university recommended book throughly and understand all the basics well, we still get stuck while solving questions. One of the reasons for this is the lack of execution of thought process and lack of knowledge of some basics tips and tricks. And that's what the purpose of this course is. These questions have been solved in a manner to help you build your though process.  

I understand that some of you like the 'quick formula way' of solving questions, however, if you understand the logic well, then you won't stumble if you forget the formula or if the question has been changed in a tricky manner. 

I haven't covered any concepts in these videos but only questions. So, its recommended that you first go through the concepts on your own and then come back to practice these questions. 

Let's get started. 






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Shubham Kalra

Major in Economics, Founder at Eduspred

Shubham Kalra has a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and has worked as a Business Analyst in HSBC - one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world.

He has done research projects in Education and Infrastructure Sector in India involving field work and analysis of data. He holds a diploma in Financial Planning and has good understanding of Risk Management concepts and Financial Instruments as well.

He loves teaching and has been tea...

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