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Statistical Modeling for Data science- Distribution

teacher avatar Gulab Chand Tejwani, 20 Year experienced

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Disrete continuos

    • 3. Distribution

    • 4. Skewness

    • 5. Kurtosis

    • 6. Standard deviation

    • 7. Mean Median Mode Range

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About This Class

On the off chance that you are going for a profession as a Data Scientist or Business Analyst at that point looking over your statistics abilities is something you have to do.

In any case, it's only difficult to begin... Learning/re-adapting ALL of details just appears like an overwhelming undertaking.

That is precisely why we have made this course!

Here you will rapidly get the significant details learning for a Data Scientist or Analyst.

This isn't simply one more exhausting course on details.

This course is exceptionally pragmatic.

I have particularly included true models of business difficulties to demonstrate to you how you could apply this learning to help YOUR vocation.

In the meantime you will ace points, for example, dispersions, the z-test, the Central Limit Theorem, theory testing, certainty interims, measurable criticalness and some more!

So what are you sitting tight for?

Select now and enable your profession!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gulab Chand Tejwani

20 Year experienced


Gulab Chand Tejwani  is an independent consultant.He is a Project Management professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has more then 11 years of experience in Microsoft technologies like,SharePoint,Sql server and Cloud Computing.He has also worked as technical project manager..

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the course on Stylistics. I'm Dembele Solanki and I'm a postgraduate, incompetent application I have hunted with fightin our language. Later signs with machine learning the SPL arable Remember currently I'm a booking at Pregnant Conservancy as it did a scientist and election off satis sticks. In this course, we are going to talk about basic toe in that off statistics and said six modeling for later signs. So what a status thinks statistics is the signs off data. It allows the collection analysis understanding on presentation off the data. Next is by the use statistics as statistics is a piece off information from us, some off a population. It's the opposite off a para Amido. If you know something about 10% off people, that's a sadistic stoop. Animated are all the information on all the information is really noon. That's why we were lying to says next, these men BU status stinks. Statistics had within the study off money order difference such as Madison economics, physiology on marketing. So one of the things in this course in this course of our focus on majorly on stylistic for later signs by the end of this course, you will be a good hands on things like this script and continues unavailable numbers. This division a normal distribution. Schoon is Korda's Is Sunday division mean 1,000,000,000? More on many more upcoming topics. This course is going to be updated frequently. So, guys, let's start the journey of statistics. 2. Disrete continuos: Hello. I am nimble and I'm a day. Doesn't this article Conservancy here? We're doing lots of stuffs in data science and machine. Lanie as the on low. The dozens can be a Jew without statistics. Even my favorite topic is statistics in this video, I'm going toe. Did you some basic fundamentals off statistics? Let's start with random variable number, district and unbearable number and continues random variable number. First of all, we are going to talk about random variable number. Our number one number is a numerical. Values are Limburger description, or you can say numerical details. Off outcomes often experiment or an observation. For example, if if liber coins so possible outcomes will be either head or day here, we can say that the possible outcomes will be random numbers. Now, if you are going to flip a coin but deeper times than are put will become random peacetime . Same in the case. Off dies when we throw their does, output can leave anything between one do. Six numbers in random variable numbers were having two categories, which is district and, um, variables on continuous random variables. Now let's jump on description available numbers district, random variables having the fixed value. We can count the numbers so they are accountable. Distributed them variables. I'm nothing in between and arranges Miss that this good numbers are not in any ranges, for example, purchasing the tickets. So tickets are the countable, but they are not in any ranges. Same is number of family members, tax messages, books so they are accountable. But they are not in any ranges on the values of district is fixed. Let's take example off the street number, as we can see in the picture that are four members in the family, which is fixed on. We can also count the family members, but the honored in an ear INGE like 4.5 to 6.7 members in the family. Another example. Love number of Syrians in the classroom so they are accountable and not containing any range. This is example of final exam. Well, why processors getting the Adri 29% sarin getting the bigger and so on. Now let's jump on next category continues random variable numbers. It takes on an uncomfortable T in final number of possible outcomes. We can measure the outcomes on it contains a values between the Rangers. It means that you can make that the outcomes on continues numbers are in range is like 10 to 20 5200 time temperature and high at the example off continues and memorable numbers. For example, the height of the family members is the continues random variable numbers because it can be an It is like 4 to 5 foot 6 to 7 feet and so on. Here, you can say that hides off. All the family members are always fix number offense. Okay, let's take another example of continuous random variable number. This example is sells off different employees in the company, as is showing the picture. The salary can be anything between dollars $9500.10,500. So some off employees can get dollars 9500 or dollars, 9600 or dollars, 10,000 and so on. Ensure the script numbers are the fakes. Numbers count table, and they are not in any ranges. On the other side continues. Random numbers are infinite timbers. We can only me there. The outcomes on it is in the range. Okay, so that's it. Soon the next segment still then have a sadistic 3. Distribution: Hello, friends. Welcome to us. Today we are going to talk about most important interesting topic in sadistic is distribution on normal distribution that start fasting is what is distribution. Distribution is the mathematical function and outcomes off statistical experiment, with its probably occurrence, means that the particular number is how many times occurs. Or you can also say that the frequency off the number four easy to understand. Let's example off distribution. Suppose we have one coin on with people kind to times here. When you flip is an experiment on coin on the outcomes can be both the head are boarded it or either one time head or one time tail. So based on experiment might be the number of heads that was seen to coin flips. I think you understand what is distribution right? So night stopping is normal distribution. Is this subpart off distribution? Normal distribution is the most important distribution for describing the continuous random variable numbers, and you all know what is continuous random variable number, so they are in front of numbers. The containing some ranges on begin means that the outcomes So Ben V used armor distribution it's using which there are a number of bills are high. Janowicz off the people that scores all scientific measurements on so on. Normal distribution is look like a bunch of Norma. Go on. You can also call caution distribution. This is actually water. Normal distribution is look like no mako we can see in the picture. The normal distribution is the best Shopko here. The deferred value off meaning zero on the different value off san delivers and is one. Let's understand the properties off normal distribution. A normal distribution is differentiated by two parameters. One is mean on the second is standard division. The mean began more R equals in normal distribution. The mean offered distribution can be an in numerical. You means sometimes value of meanings. Negative value are zero or sometime positively total area under the girl is positive. One. If the standard is in its month than the normal decision will be dollar. If the standard division is larger than the normal, distribution will be flatter and white. Miss Dad, the value of standard division in small that time the normal distribution looked like dollar on the value of Sandra Division is larger, so that time the normal distribution is looked like flatter and wider. Normal distribution is somatic with comical to left of the mean community. Midge off right off the mean somatic means 1/2 is like an image off at the half in a mirror . Next is normal. Distribution graph are normal, probably graph in this graph. The standardized meaning zero on Sunday division is one. The value of mean to positive one is 34.1% is same as the value off mean to negative. One is 34.1. Puzzle is so indicated area between minus one to positive 1 68.2 means the addition off minus one by lose 34.1 on positive value. 34.1. The final observation is 68.2 passengers on minus 1 to 1 before Standard Division is one, same as the value of minus tutto. His negative side. 13.6 positive on positives I heard in 0.6%. So total area between minus student, too is 95.4% days. ABS iteration on minus student toe. Standard division is to same thing in minus 3 to 3. The observation is 99.7% is and see. Mays, minus 4 to 4 area, continues the 99.9% less on Sunday Vision is three. As we discuss, about 68.3% days contained. The one center division, 95.4% days. Contains the truth under division 99.7. Contains the treats under the reason, as we discussed the ABO 68.3% days convincing one. Sander division, 95.4% days. Contains the two standard division 99.7% days. Convincing three center division now the next is how to cover the standard normal go. So standard normal distribution is finding the problem, the off its value off the mean This is the formula for finding the starter. Normal distribution is Zach equals two X minus mute of our best under division. Where is that is the Sanders School? Assad School X is the value of normal and invariable. New is a mean off normal distribution, and Sandra Division is Sandra Division off a normal distribution. The problem. It is associated with ranges off value off that can be found in an exact distribution table . Whatever we find, the value off Zach distribution. We have to find the probably off that value in a self distribution table or their probability table you can easily find, and downloads are distribution table in Google. Let's have a look how local exact distribution table This is the Czar distribution labor here. Well, how to parts off values? One is negative. Well, you on 2nd 1 is positive value. So depends on your side value that you find business. ZESCO formula on finances off sand value. You have to find the probably off that value in these are table. If your answer is negative number, then find the problem in negative table on. If your answer is positive number, then find the problem in positive level. Let's back to the point they can find normal distribution in three ways. Pasties when sad verbal listen or request would given value. Second release. Zach will be open to given values on Taliban Is that will be greater than or equals two. Given value. Let's take example of Sander normal distribution Here. The problem is find the probably if Zachary's in the window between minus 0.50 on 1.24 so faster fawn. We're going to find the probably off both number minus 0.50 on 1.25 ins are distribution table. Yeah, the problem is, find the probably is Zellous in the Inderal, but doing minus 0.50 on one point. Really far. So, first of all, we are going to find the probably off both number minus 0.50 on 1.25 inside distribution paper. The value minus 0.50 is negative. Well, so we have to find it's probably in negative table on one point. 25 is the positive value. So for that, we have to find the value minus 250.50 is negative. Well, so we have to find it's probably in negative. David. This is negative people for find the probably off minus 0.50 for that select. The rule minus zero point file on column is 0.0.0, and it's probably is 0.3085 Same. The value for 1.25 is positive value, so we find the problems in positive table for that select 01 point to and say that the column 1.0.5 we got the problem is 0.89 double four after find the probably off both numbers as per the rule, we supplied the high probably minus low probability after the cattle herding regard. The final, probably off minus 0.50 and 1.25 is Point fired for nine as a showing. The graph. This is minus 0.50 and this is 1.25 on the guard. The problem did between two numbers that is, border on. This is the age gap between two numbers. Let's take another example here. Find probably obtaining aside value off at least one point of the eight. So fasting you have to find the probably off 1.58 into czar. Probably table. They found a value off 1.58 is fine. Nine for 29 Insert distribution table. The value 1.58 is the area under the car is one means this 11 58 is crossing the one. So that's why you have to subtract the probably minus one and find the guard. Probably is the value 1.58 is total area under the cow is one. It missed that one point from the eighties, crossing the one. So that's why you have to separate the probably minus one, and the guard A final probably is 0.5071 Remember, when your number is greater than the one are crossing the one that time, you have to subtract your probably with one. As we show in the graph reported area off 1.58 it's probably okay, and that's it. I hope you'll understand soon. The night segment will then have a set of states. 4. Skewness: hello and welcome back type. Solve ships. There are two types of ships. One is spurious, and second, when the school does is today, we are going to talk about skew knees. Schooners means the one deal is longer than the another. It's also gone a somatic distribution because they don't show anise sematary. Now what's the meaning of sematary? Somatic means 1/2 of the distribution is the middle image off the other half distribution. As we all know, normal distribution is a somatic distribution on the heels are exactly the same. There are two types off Souness. One is left school distribution on 2nd 1 is a rights group distribution. Let's talk about Lescure distribution in this distribution, the long tail is going to the left side. It's also called negative secure distribution because the long bill is going to the negative direction. As we can see in the graph, the long tail is going to the left side means the later direction here the sequence off mean 1,000,000 more are the fix from the left side. Based on this rules, you can say that means always Liz anymore. 1,000,000 is always listen, the more on mostly meaningless. And the 1,000,000 for example, this is the example of household income. In this graph, the longer is going to the left side may instantly reflection here. The more is 99.9% is moving is 99.5 percenters on the meanness, 50 off of different personalities. Now let's talk about second type of skin. Is is right skewed distribution. In this distribution, the long bill is going to the right side. It's also gone. Was it obscure distribution? Because the longer it is going to the positive side in this graph, the Longueville is going to the right side on the sequins off, more 1,000,000 meat are the fix from the right. Say so you can say that mean is always greater than the more 1,000,000 is always great in anymore. On mostly means garden and the 1,000,000 Let's take an example. This is the example off earthquake, mainly due. This is the history ground on the long tail is going to the right side for your easy to understand. Let's cumber them. Let's your distribution rights secured loose Revision and sematary. The lesser graph is the left skewed distribution in this graph the long bill is going to the left side on the sequins off, more 1,000,000 mean are the face. Send a graph. Is normal distribution all somatic distribution In this graph, more 1,000,000 mean are equal. That I'd said off the graph is right skewed distribution. In this graph, the Dale is going to the right side and the sequins off more 1,000,000 me are the fix from daytime. I hope you understand. Soon the next segment do then have a statistics. 5. Kurtosis: Hello and welcome by really are going to talk about Second type of shape is good doses. So are the school doses. Here we are having to values one is positive value on 2nd 1 is negative value a positive A lieutenant Sudan, you have heavy days. Means lord off leader in your deals are negative elements that you have light is it means that visual leader in your deals. So based on this dual use, you can say that this happiness all lightness in their days usually means that your data looks flatter or last flooding. The graph is far. Gordo's is this standard normal distribution has a produces all three. This is the example off. Positive value means have it is on negative value means light beers graph Here. The left side graph is negative graph on rights. A graph is the positive in less a graph having the lightings are nor tails. So that's why you can call. This is negative. Gordo's is in the right, sir. Graph having the heavy days. It missed that. A lot of data in the days. That is why you can call positive. Gordo's is there are three Caligari off your doses. One is massive. 42nd 1 is left. Djokovic on thoroughness Plateau would be Let's talk about my security. Massive Ortega seem like to the normal distribution Onda. Massive building distributions have access. School does is off. Zero. This is the graph off Massa party, which just looked like similar to the normal distribution. Now second categories left a worldly I left. According distribution is one that has Who does this greater than a massacre distribution in the laptop. Kordic distribution. The tales are flatter on Have you than the normal distribution. The prefix off lacto means skinny. One of the most well known example off laptop coated distribution is 70 distribution that live in seeing the night Steptoe lacked a verdict. Distributions have positive excess core doses. Now let's jump on car category is black Tickle Dig distribution. Blatty Critic Distributions. How short? Ill? On very thin pale compared to the normal distribution, The perfect off Vladimir's broad on it is mean. Toby described a short and very brown looking thing. Plant Eagle Take distributions. How negative Excess school doses here. The example off. Plati quoted distribution on left local dig distribution left side of the graph having the Nortel's are very proud looking thing, so that's why you can call It is negative. Are practical dick distribution on the right side of the graph contain. Have your sales missed that Nordoff data in the day? So that is why you can call positive or laptop coated distribution. I hope you understand. Cool does is and it's types soon. The nice Legman do then have a seven states. 6. Standard deviation: Hello and welcome back. Today we are going to talk about center division. Standard Division is a measure of how much you order ties. Pray out. It means that it shows you how much your did I spread out around the mean or average as we can see in the graph? It does it. How may Zeman's for a group? I'll spread out from the average So then be used under division According to the real life you're normally industry Knowing the Population Sander division because of a population contains all the values were industry in. So therefore you will normally completed the populace insanity vision If one is you have and about pollution. And 2nd 1 is you have a sample off a larger population. Dozen more for a Sander division is the Greek Letter Sigma looked like this. There are two parts off Sandra. Division one is standard division for population and 2nd 1 is Standard division for December. We really discuss about population and sample in the next chapter. This is this Impala population Sander division on. This is the symbol off symbols under division. So next is hard to find the Saturday division, as we all know there are two types of center. Division one is population and 2nd 1 example. So this is a formula for populations under division. The formula is sanity vision equal toe under some off X minus. New WAAS going behind by end where Sandra Live isn't a quarto population center division, this is symbol for some off new means population mean on and means number of schools in sample. And this is the formula for sample Standard division. The formula is a sequel to Underworld, some off X minus expert, while school the right by end, minus one well as equal to sample standard a vision this and what is for someone expire Mint Sample me and End means number of schools, in example. Here, the other steps will find the standard Division one Find the means. Two. For Israeli the wine. Find the square off. It's the sense to the mean three Sunday values from step to four, divided by the number off data points. Five. Take the square rules that's speak an example. Here. The problem is find the standard division off six through three on one. So for solving this problem, we have to go with given steps. First step is find the mean here formula for the mean is some off all numbers divide greater the elements business. This formula, our mean is three. Step two is find the square off distance from East Data point to the mean the farm realize X minus mu Waske wet. Here are ex wells are six do three on one. So we have to subtract each value of the acts with the mean on find the squares. And finally, we found the answer for the easily the points off the eggs 74 5 in this put the founded up in the formula and find the Center division for Malays Standard Division equal to undershoot some off X minus mu walls squared, divided by end. So we're putting the values in this formula. Andi According to set three some the squares off the distance. Based on step three, we found the values is under 3.5 in step four. Divide by the number off a data points on the values is under 3.5. In the last step, we found the square root off 3.5 is 1.87 on 1.87 is the Center division. I hope you understand this under division soon. The next segment then have a statistics. 7. Mean Median Mode Range: Hello and welcome back. Today we're going to talk about me. 1,000,000 more, Andi rage. So let's talk about the mean what is mean? The meaning is comfortable. Already, all of the numbers in the data together Oh, on and dividing by the Navalny men's containing the data set that's the mystical mean refers to the mean or average that is used to being at the centre tendency or give it up. It doesn't deter. Mined by early, all the leader points in a population on that, dividing the total by the number off points. And finally, the resulting number is known as the mean Are the Hours the meanest, most common down for calculating the means off a statistical distribution here, the formula for the mean is Xmas equal. Do some off X do y, where some o X means there's some offense on and and these the mud off big. Let's take an example of the mean here the leaders that is true. 59354 on seven and the total number of humans in the day. Gaza is seven to the meanings in Quito, some off, all the time, divided by total elements. Finally, your mean is phone No, let's talk about the median. The median over the desert is dependent on whether the number of islands in the biggest are is all or even first of all, you have to reorder than the doesn't from this more less value with the largest, will you. It means that the media and the first to the middle value in a desert when the values er are is in order off lightly do from smallest to the largest. For you, it isn't number, which is exactly in the middle, so that the steam percentage off the right number are a bow on the percentage at below the 1,000,000. Okay, Now, if in the murder of elements are arm, then the median is the diamonds in the middle of the leader. If the number of elements are even then the 1,000,000 is average of the to mid incomes. They're the formulas for ornaments and even of us formula for the art number is Megan is equal. You endless one do right by end on and before Mullah for the even Number is and divide by through plus on developer do plus one divided by group. Let's take an example, off even numbers here the legacy that is true. 5935 and four. So, first of all, we have to arrange them into ascending order. Here, the middle lose are four and five. Support this values in the formula for the even numbers. And finally, our 1,000,000 is 4.5. Let's take another example of 1,000,000 for the animals. Here they does that is blue 59354 and seven Most of all a. Rinse them into ascending order. Here we can easily identified that the middle value is so finally you answer It seems for the both side one is this site and second resume formula site. Yeah, the median is five. Let's jump on. The next topic is more so. What is more? The more for today does that is the element that occurs the most often. It is not uncommon for a data set to have more than one more. You can also call frequency or the number in simple words. How many times in number is repeated in the data? Sir, this happens when you are more elements occur with equal frequency in the letters are are there doesn't with two wars is called by morning, and indeed that's a good three. Mourns is called Dry Mortar. Let's take an example off. Single more here the late as there is a new 59354 answer. So in this data at this final bodies repeated two times. So the more is fight another example guarded by mortar. Here the legacy is through five through 354 ends of it. Here, the number two on fire are the repeated my people times. So here you and I are the Moores. Nice example for the dry mortar. Here they're the lesser is through five through 754 and seven. In this data set, the number who fired on seven are rebuilding my different times so that you fight and seven adding Moore's for the prime orderly, does it? Okay, Now let's talk about the ring. Arrange for the desert is the difference between the largest value on the smallest value containing your data set. First thing is, you're the leader size from smallest value to the largest one, and then something the postal you in on the last element, it means that high use value minus Lewis value Let's take an example of buildings. Hear their data said is true. 59354 and seven First he is R is the rate as it in descending order on then range is equal to maximum value Minus me. Remember, you hear the maximum value is nine on minimum value is to now nine minus two is equal to seven. So the range court this leaders that is seven. I hope you understand soon the next Eichmann and then have a sad state.