Startup Sales Hacks: Learn to Close More Sales in Less Time | Greg Remillard | Skillshare

Startup Sales Hacks: Learn to Close More Sales in Less Time

Greg Remillard, Founder, UnionPixel

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12 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Course introduction, why email is a better sales tool, how to write a sales email

      Class Intoduction.pdf
    • 2. How To Write A Sale Email Introduction

    • 3. Writing An Effective Sales Email

    • 4. Introduction to Lead Gen Hacks

    • 5. Finding a Company's Email Format

    • 6. Using Jigsaw and Linkedin to Find Targeted Prospects

    • 7. Setting Up Your CRM

      Capsule CRM Setup.pdf
    • 8. Yesware Installation and Template Creation

    • 9. Integrating Yesware with Capsule CRM

    • 10. Yesware Tracking

    • 11. Putting Your Process to Work

    • 12. Follow Up!


About This Class


Are you new to sales? Do you hate the thought of cold calling? Do you need to start creating sales for your product or service but have a limited amount of time to devote to selling? If any of these situations sound familiar this Skillshare class is for you.

Class Features

12 short, simple to follow video lessons
The course videos provide clear, step by step demonstrations on how to set up each part of your sales system. You want to reduce the learning curve, save time and avoid mistakes so watching videos of each step means:

  • You'll see exactly how to set up each piece of the system in a video demo
  • The voice-over provides deeper understanding of each step
  • You can watch these lessons repeatedly

Step by step lessons in PDF format
The PDF lessons give you a convenient way to follow along, keep them by your side as you set up your sales system. You want this to be easy so by following along with the PDFs you will:

  • Have a real world example at your fingertips
  • Be able to follow along and build your system quicker 
  • Have immediate answers to your questions

Sample sales email templates you can modify for your product or service
Get started immediately with tested and successful sales templates. You don't want to have to struggle writing and rewriting sales copy and potentially losing time and sales. Not having to write copy from scratch means:

  • You get a sales email template that is proven to work and has been used to generate millions of dollars in sales already
  • You save time by simply editing the templates to suit your product or service 
  • You get a tested and successful email subject line that people want to click on 

A list of the best online tools for creating a sales system
I've already done the research and tested dozens of tools and found the best tools at the best prices. You don't want to spend hours searching so what this feature means is you will:

  • Save money, time and frustration searching for the right tools
  • You can start selling right away
  • Start getting meetings and closing sales immediately

If you:

  • Are new to sales
  • Are a solopreneur with limited time
  • A startup with a limited marketing budget
  • Need to organize and track your sales efforts
  • Are looking for a way to sell more in less time

Then sign up for this course today! In less than 90 minutes you'll learn:

  • How to craft a compelling sales email (that will get opened)
  • How to set up a simple CRM system
  • How to find any company's email format
  • How to find targeted prospects to pursue
  • How to automate your sales process
  • How to track your sales activity
  • How to follow up
  • The best free or low cost online sales tools to use

At the end of the class you will have created a complete end-to-end sales process customized for your product or service and NO cold calling!

Sign up for this class today and start selling more tomorrow!