Startup Sales Hacks: Learn to Close More Sales in Less Time

Greg Remillard, Founder, UnionPixel

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12 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Course introduction, why email is a better sales tool, how to write a sales email

      Class Intoduction.pdf
    • 2. How To Write A Sale Email Introduction

    • 3. Writing An Effective Sales Email

    • 4. Introduction to Lead Gen Hacks

    • 5. Finding a Company's Email Format

    • 6. Using Jigsaw and Linkedin to Find Targeted Prospects

    • 7. Setting Up Your CRM

      Capsule CRM Setup.pdf
    • 8. Yesware Installation and Template Creation

    • 9. Integrating Yesware with Capsule CRM

    • 10. Yesware Tracking

    • 11. Putting Your Process to Work

    • 12. Follow Up!


Project Description

Create A Simple Prospecting & Sales Workflow And Start Selling!

Introduction to Sales Hacks; Why Email is A Better Sales Tool

  1. Prepare to Write a Sales Email

    In this unit I introduce the course and talk about why email is such an effective sales tool. I'll also take you through the 5 step sales workflow you'll be learning in this course.

    In the attached PDF you will find all of the steps for writing your sales email. Follow the steps in the video and PDF to create your own cold sales email, and post it in the project gallery for feedback!

Writing An Effective Sales Email

  1. Write A Sales Email For Your Business

    Use the lessons in the video and the attached sales email from UnionPixel to create your own sales email. Write a basic, generic version of the email and also write a version that is tailored to a specific prospect. 

  2. Share A Draft of Your Email!

    Share a draft of your sales email with the class. Get feedback from myself and fellow students. Be sure to give feedback as well!

Lead Generation Hacks

  1. Define your target market and prospects

    Prospecting starts with knowing what you're looking for. Make a list of your:

    1. Target Markets
    2. Target Companies
    3. Prospect Titles e.g. Director of Marketing, Chief Technology Officer, etc. 
  2. Find A Company's Email Format

    Use the methods taught in the video to find one of your target company's email format. Remember email formats are typically standard across entire companies e.g.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Step 1. Visit the company's website and check out the Contact page. If you can't find a company email address look on their news page. 
    Step 2. On the News page check out their press releases. Typically the PR person at the company will include their email address so the press can contact them. Now you've found the company's email format!

  3. Find Targeted Prospects with Jigsaw and Linkedin

    The steps to finding targeted prospects with Jigsaw and Linkedin are described in the video lesson and in the PDF in the Additional Resources section of this unit. 

    Search for prospects on then drill down in that company on Linkedin to find more targeted prospects. Here's how: 

    Step 1. On search by job title and company name e.g. "buyer, Toys R Us" 

    Step 2. Scan through the search results to find a good prospect then cilck their name to see their Jigsaw "business card". 

    Step 3. Click from the prospect's Jigsaw page to their profile on Linkedin. 

    Step 4. If the prospect should be pursued, record their name in a spreadsheet. 

    Step 5. Check out the prospect's "People Also Viewed" section of their Linkedin page. Find more prospects and repeat the process. 

  4. What Are Your Target Markets?

    Share with the class your target market, perfect company and your perfect prospect. Also share your experience finding a company's email address format and any tips or hacks you've developed yourself!

Setting Up Your Online Sales Tools

  1. Set up your CRM program

    I use Capsule CRM for my business and that is what I'm demonstrating in this course. There are several good, cloud-based and low cost CRMs on the market if you find you don't like CapsuleCRM. 

    Step 1. Open your Capsule account at I use the $12 per month edition. It comes with a 30 day trial. 

    Step 2. Start adding contacts to Capsule. You can either add contacts one by one or import contacts from a csv file or vcards. 

    Step 3. Add details to your Capsule contacts. 

  2. Set Up Yesware and Add An Email Template

    I use Yesware to manage and automate my sales emails. Yesware is a Gmail extension and the centerpiece of my sales system. You can easily add Yesware to your Gmail account, either personal or business, by visiting I use the $5 per month "Plus" account which is perfect for my business since I'm the only sales person. 

    Follow the steps in the video and PDF to see how easy it is to get this part of your system set up. 

  3. Integrate Capsule & Yesware

    By integrating Capsule and Yesware you will be able to Bcc Capsule on emails you send to prospects that have a record in Capsule. If the prospect does not have an existing record in Capsule and you Bcc the Capsule email drop box a new record will be created for you. 

  4. Share Your Set Up!

    Post screenshots of your Yesware and Capsule CRM set ups and integrations. Also post questions you have about the setting up these tools and offer any tips you may have learned along the way. 

    If you are using an alternative CRM, share what kind you are using and how you've worked it into your email sales system. 

Putting Your Process to Work

  1. Start sending sales emails!

    Now that have your system set up it's time to start sending sales emails. Follow along with the video as I go through the process to send a batch of sales emails. 

    All of the steps are outlined in the attached PDF. 

  2. Share Your Experiences!

    Share your experience sending sales emails with the rest of the class.

    How many emails did you send?

    Was the process easy to follow?

    How many of your emails were opened?

    Any responses? 

    Any problems with the system or any of the tools? 

The Secret Sauce in Sales

  1. Create a Follow Up System

    Use the tools you've set up to create your own system of following up. Capsule CRM, Yesware and Boomerang all provide reminders to help you follow up with your prospects. 

    Discover which reminder option works best for you by testing all three. Maybe it's a combination of methods but the key is be sure you have a system in place to be reminded to follow up and you send follow up emails. 

  2. Share Your Follow Up System!

    Share the follow up system you created with the class. Which reminder  option did you find best? If you created a new follow up email template share it with the class. 

Additional Resources

  • The steps to finding a company's email address format and finding targeted prospects are included in the PDF. 

Student Projects