Startup PR: Getting Press on a Tight Budget | Erica Swallow | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. A Concise Value-Driven Message

    • 3. Know What Is Newsworthy

    • 4. Offer Up Unique Data

    • 5. Under the Journalist's Coverage Area

    • 6. Know the Lingo

    • 7. Send Awesome Emails

    • 8. Tweet It Up

    • 9. Behold the Power of Reverse Pitching

    • 10. Final Tips for Success

    • 11. Wrap-up and Feedback Session


About This Class

Join me for an overview of public relations strategies to interact with journalists and ultimately gain press for your startup.

What You'll Learn

  • Concise Message and Pitch. You'll learn how to craft a concise, value-driven message to explain what your startup does.
  • Know What is News. You'll learn to supply writers with interesting, relevant news when it arises.
  • Unique Data. If your company has gathered proprietary information that tells a compelling story, pitch it.
  • Emailing Etiquette. I will provide you with some of my best practices for engaging with journalists via email.
  • Build an Effective Press Kit. Putting together all that you've learned, you will create a full-on Press Kit!

What You'll Make

After taking this course, students should understand the basics of engaging the press and be on their way to coverage. Students will walk away with a tangible accomplishment: A press kit, complete with a one-sentence pitch, an email pitch, and referential assets for interested journalists.

This class also includes a number of case studies from recent pitches that I have received from fledgling startups. In other words: real life dos and don'ts! I take you on a behind-the-scenes look at how I was pitched and how each pitch panned out.





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Erica Swallow

Tech journalist, digital strategist, lover of life

Erica Swallow is a status quo wrecker and founder of Southern Swallow digital strategy consultancy. She works with corporate, startup, and public sector clients to communicate their visions effectively on the web.

Alongside her consulting work, Erica is passionate about discovering and telling stories worth knowing through her writings in Forbes, Fortune, andThe Wall Street Journal, among other publications. A sucker for good ideas, she also makes it a point to share and consume good c...

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