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11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. A Concise Value-Driven Message

    • 3. Know What Is Newsworthy

    • 4. Offer Up Unique Data

    • 5. Under the Journalist's Coverage Area

    • 6. Know the Lingo

    • 7. Send Awesome Emails

    • 8. Tweet It Up

    • 9. Behold the Power of Reverse Pitching

    • 10. Final Tips for Success

    • 11. Wrap-up and Feedback Session

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55 of 59 students recommend this class
Excellent course Erica. Concise, to the point and fantastic delivery.
Octavio R.

Always keep learning

Common sense tips for newbies in PR.
It's a really great insights from a startup journalist. Definitely a new knowledge for me who is going to build a startup. Thanks Erica!
Erica is a "bona fide homo sapiens" (I'm not a comment spammer. Just extracting an actual quote from the class) - and that's what makes her class super awesome.