Startup PR: Architect a PR Campaign, Launch Without an Agency

Elliot Tomaeno, Founder at Astrsk PR

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    • The Pitch (expanded)


About This Class

Launching and scaling a startup is time-consuming and expensive. The last thing you want to do is incur another expense...but you need PR, right? Maybe not. Maybe you can actually do it yourself - but you probably need a plan and some general rules of thumb.

In this class, you'll build that plan and figure how to start executing on it. I will walk you through the ins-and-outs of the startup PR landscape, as well as help you build your very own tagline, value prop, and pitch strategy that you can put into practice without hiring an expensive PR agency. 

Some specific things I'll cover in this class:

  • Whether your startup is ready for PR and what PR can actually do for your bottom-line
  • Basic elements of a startup PR strategy
  • How to tell your company’s story (within the context of the current technology/media landscape) 
  • What free tools you can use to conduct your startups PR just like big agencies
  • How to write an email that appeals to the media
  • What professional tactics you can employ to rise above the noise
  • How to build your very own actionable plan for your startup's PR and communications.


The creator of my favorite project submission will receive a personal PR consultation from me! Make sure to give it your all and stay active in the class, and you get free agency time!

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Elliot's class offered some really powerful templates and resources for startup PR. I actually got a lot more out of the class than I expected which was great. Since then, I've been able to put all of these tools to use and really build out a solid PR strategy for my startup. Definitely a class worth taking for any entrepreneur looking to get the right press for their company.
Holley Murchison

Communication Strategist & Education Consultant

Excellent content, especially the review portion. This is exactly what I needed to approach PR more confidently as a startup company. Having my campaign read and reviewed with honest feedback is quite valuable and much appreciated!





Elliot Tomaeno

Founder at Astrsk PR

Elliot Tomaeno is obsessed with consumer technology companies and startups. He's founder and president of Astrsk, a boutique PR agency based in New York and San Francisco that caters to early-stage startups. He has worked with both later stage technology companies such as Facebook and Conduit as well as emerging startups such as BandPage, Yext, Karma, Grand St., Aviary, Material Wrld, dot429, Firespotter Labs (Nosh and NoshList), Delver (acquired by Sears) and Skillshare. 


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