Startup Metrics: Aligning Goals with Action and Data

Trevor Owens, CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

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About This Class

Most new products fail... not because the team didn’t have enough drive, money, or talent - it’s because these resources were not invested in constantly learning and acting to create an addictive drug for their customers. Sadly, only after 2 years later, did they realize they were climbing up the wrong tree.

Think about it, have you ever experienced any of these symptoms?

  • You had your best month yet, but struggle to replicate your success because you can’t pinpoint it’s cause
  • You find yourself trying to convince customers they need you over and over again
  • You had your worst month in sales but don’t know why or what happened
  • You try over and over to identify and focus on what really matters

I was there too. My ambitions slowly turned into my demise, until I figured out how to align my team around the right actions.

We all know that in order to optimize anything, we’ve got to measure it. The secret is measuring what matters to quickly understand what’s working and why.

So how can one class teach you what to focus on when there’s so many different types of products in so many different stages, “what if my product is already awesome and I want to focus on growing?” or “what if I just have an idea?”

All successful products go through three stages:

  • Pre-Product Validation
  • Product Building
  • Scale

The three modules in this class, correlate precisely with each stage. We’ll show you the different types so you’ll know which metric is the one metric that matters for you.  

Even if you’re not currently working on a product, metrics replace uncertainty with a framework to align your goals with action and results.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did - start using the right metrics now, because what gets measured, gets done!

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Trevor Owens

CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

Trevor is an entrepreneur and thought leader on Lean Startup methodologies. He's the Founder & CEO of Lean Startup Machine, an innovation training & software company that has helped thousands of startup founders and individuals from organizations including Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit, and others, start hundreds of new businesses across six continents.

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