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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Brainstorm

    • 3. Creating the product

    • 4. Setting up your shop

    • 5. Closing

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About This Class

In this class we will walk through the basic steps of creating a online clothing store. from concept to implementation 

First we will discuss the brainstorm process with creating the ideal customer to sell to and thinking of what type of design you are going to use

Second I will show you where to outsource to get your design created and also where you can buy samples of your items and creating mockups

Lastly we will look at two places to setup your shop with little to no initial cost to place your items to begin selling.

If you followed this course I would love to see your shops below so drop links and share for everyone to see 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robert Johnson

Owner of Cre8ive Minds Clothing & Illustrator


Hello my name is Robert i'm a the owner and operator of Cre8ive Minds Clothing a streetwear brand focused on promoting a positive style to the youth. I have a background in graphic design, and photography of about 5+ years. When not working with the clothing line I also create illustrations and help with small brands to build their outreach

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1. Intro: It was long on, guys. Robert, creative on the order of online clothing brand created my clothing and the day I want to show you how you can have your own clothing brand with little to no money. This is actual general course from concept to actually have your own storefront online so you can get something to customers yourself. I'm I'm gonna have more classes coming down the line with more great with steps that you can use to actually to the back end of every day, setting up running products, you know, delivering and stuff like that. But like I say, this is just gonna be a general course showing you had actually go from concept to initialization with a lot of money as possible. All right, so let's get into it. 2. Brainstorm: I guess so. First and you were going to do is we're actually gonna have ah, concept or brainstorming session. And in this you want to be just free thinking of everything that you're doing. So you want to think about your target customer you want to think about is grainier as possible with them. So what do you like to shop at what time of day live along with the favorite food dish. You know, just as much as you can think about with and because these Airstreams things that I'm mentioning. But you want to kind of just be like in the mind of your ideal customer, you could make the perfect person that will buy your product. Who would it be and why you want to have these type of things set up. So another thing you want to do as well come with the name of your brand. If you don't have the name of your brand already, you can also come up with your designs. What type of designs you're going to do is going more graphic style with actual images in it. Are you gonna have more topography? Style was just wording phrases, things like that. Some popular phrases you want to come up with probably three or four strong designs when you're doing it. Brainstorming concept. At least I know a lot of people say that you gotta have 11 or 12 or so, and it's not really the case you can actually get started with. I can say three or four, even one. I've seen people have one great design that just flies off the shelf and ask the purpose of it. When your brain starts, you want a kind of daydream as much as possible. But you also want to be realistic with everything that you're doing so you can actually hit the ground running. And you want to have as much information in your brain storming sessions that you're doing during this brainstorming session. You kind of bounce it off for friends or family members may be online discussion group or something like that, and just kind of get get the ball rolling of the juices flowing in your head about what you actually want to have for your brand, the vision of it, the word and that you're going to be using. When you started doing your marketing, the colors, even of the stuff that you're going to put out so you can have the colors of clothing with the wording colors is going to be something is complementary to each other. You don't want to have things that clash just a lot of different things to want to think of in your brainstorming session to be a detail as possible here. So when you get later on down the line, it's a lot more smoothly with everything that you're doing. So, for instance, with my brand grade of minus clothing, it's actually a big men's clothing line. So with that, I thought about you know, the products that are making what are some of the struggle points when I'm putting on clothes for myself cause I'm also a big guy. What are some of the issues when I'm trying to buy products, you know, availability, things like that where I can actually have ah steady product that I can have put out my customers? You know, imaging when I'm doing that, the colors even that may not be or patterns for clothing that may not be flattering on big guys, as opposed to more fit or slim model that. You see, um, just kind of think about the different things you're gonna have for your brand in this brainstorming session here. You probably already done a lot of it before when you were daydreaming about it when you get to this point. But I guess they just do a double check on everything that you've done so far just to make sure that when you go and you're ready to implement, you're ready to smooth sailing it see this possible? All right, so now that we've done the brainstorming or conceptualization of actually trying to get your item with your products set up now we can go into the actual A generation or creation of the product itself, all right? 3. Creating the product: so for you guys to come with much as possible for your brand more specifically for your designs for your brand, as you could when you're doing your brain some your concepts sessions. So what we're going to talk about now is actually having your designs created, you know, making the creation of your products, your mock ups and everything else like that so you can actually get closer to having your storefront set up. So for creative design itself, you want to try to have some written out is run out as close as possible to what you can actually do. You don't have to be a great artist for this step. It's just something for either you or the designer that you hire to actually go off to get a feel for what you're trying to do for your design. Even if you can't draw out that much, you can actually try to use photos or references on your bring someone process. So you here you can actually have stuff done right. So, of course, if you are doing it by yourself, if you created your own designs, you can use stuff like photo shop or gimp affinity designer or things like that, I won't show in detail. Those steps here say this is more of a general course of everything, but I will have a design course that should be coming out in the future and the near future , actually about using photo shop specifically, because that's what I use for my brand. But I'll kind of touch bases on a few of the other products, and that is well that you can do if you created your own designs. But you guys should be able to do that on your own if you're thinking about taking that step. If not, I would recommend actually hiring a designer from a few different places, actually to right now, one of miss fiber dot com. Then another one is actually up work dot com. So I have the sites up for both of those, and I just kind of give you a brief walk through of what you can look for when you're trying to hire somebody from those two sites. All right, so the 1st 1 is gonna be fiber and this you can actually hire somebody for very inexpensive when you're trying to get your designs done. for everything. I've used them personally in the past for more of my copy stuff. When I have my website set up and I think it's pretty cool, it is pretty affordable. If you just started. Not if you don't have a lot of money for everything that you're doing that you can find somebody pretty cool. So, what you want to do when you go to fiber dot com, you can actually go to the graphics and design section, and here you can have local designs. You can have your logo for your business created here. You can have the illustrations for your designs done here as well, but right now you can have T shirts and merchandise. I'm gonna check this section, Um, and here you can see I would do elegant T shirt design within 24 hours just for this one guy with sweeties designs. So let's click. This guy said he's talking about So you have a basic set for 30 bucks. Then it says the basic design. No graphic PNG. So basically here is saying that it looked like more of a text days type thing with $30 basic set up. You can have commercial use with it. Give you one initial concept, high resolution for your images. You want to make sure you're doing this, You see here for the $30. Okay, that's good. He actually has a PNG 300 bps T shirt markup on and also the image with it. And when you're doing your mock ups wherever you hired to your mock ups, you want to make sure they're using 300 dp I as opposed to, like a 72 d p I. Because if you use in PNG using like a print on demand, which would get into a little bit Maurin this chapter, um, it can actually come out with a higher resolution or heart quality. And you don't have a lot of the picks elation when they're pretty things out. For a lot of companies actually requests to do with 300 dp I or high resolution or pictographic four. But I can't say for 30 bucks you can get yourself something that looks like it's probably text base for this guy, but search around on fire, but you can find a few different things. You have a few different packages. He has like a 30 of 50 and 60 buck package. I kind of dig in and ask him what the differences between those other two packages just to make sure that you're getting the best bang for your buck. You hire these guys and kind of search around here and have a few different designers that kind of thing, period games just to make sure you're getting the most I returned back for your buck in a situation. So another side that I mentioned to you guys is upward up work is pretty cool because you can actually have different creatives. Designers actually bid on your project that you're doing, so you can you can get a little bit mawr. I was a bang for buck again, but you can get a lot more in return of your investment for your money. The cool thing about this is they have job templates. Did you use You can do it from or in just a graphic design. You can actually do it for your marketing. Once you get into that portion, you can do it for your website. They can actually have a website building and if imitation, if you decide to go more custom around, but for this purpose were just using it for our graphic is I feel like I said this is more so trying to start it with little to no money as possible. So this is gonna be a cheaper alternative, then actually hiring somebody for fledge. But you may get a little better of a quality being going through fiber. The best thing about up work is that you can actually have been show actual work that they've done in the past for something like this to kind of get a feel for it, you can have a lot more back and forth dialogue with the actual designer. The creative is gonna be a little bit more than going fiber, but you kind of get a lot more with it if you're going this way as well. So you can just post a job here and in here. It'll kind of give you a step by step, walk through of what you're actually trying to get done. So here you consider creating job post will continue, and then it'll let you personalize job posting everything else from here. You can enter the name for it. You can put it in the job category. So for you probably do something. A T shirt designer, things like that. You just put it out, and then people will start actually bidding going. You get e mails back about everything that you want done. Excuse me, and you can go from there. And I think that would be a pretty good way of actually getting the mock ups and designs done. Once you have your mock ups done, Then what you can do is why you're doing this. You can actually start ordering samples for the items that you thought about in your brainstorming process. So if you say okay, I want to have t shirts. I wanna have sweater. So I wanna have hats for the stuff that I'm doing with my brand. Then you can start looking around to see about whole 71 The site that I saw withhold something when I first started up with actually this T shirt, coal cellar. So here and you actually have your T shirts and everything at more of a wholesale price. So of course, you know when you buy from actual store that you paying a markup for a premium on it because of their time in your investment. Everything else here will teach. Your whole seller is more of a no frills. Hey, this is what we have Is that items that we have. This is a supply we have you can buy from one 2000 if you want. So this item and it's pretty cool. They have pretty good shipping. You can actually go through the Postal Service as opposed to doing more of, like, a ups if you want to and save a little bit more money as well, just for instance. So for my when I started actually have more of a higher quality brand. I didn't want a plane. Just regular cotton T shirt gets rough and itchy. Like I say what my big man issues. I found that we had more of low quality in our clothing. So that was one thing I thought about my brainstorming process. I want to have more of the rings fun, kind and softer. That's more adorable. And things like that and T shirt hosted a has this bell. A canvas is a pretty good brand for T shirts. You'll see here they have stuff starting at six bucks per shirt. Um, for ladies, you got $33 a shirt, a little bit over $3 a shirt. Things like that. They have the different sizes. You can look, so we'll just click this three of one. So 3 86 for a T shirt. It's pretty cool, especially when you consider your pant like 20 bucks. If you go to this door maybe like 10 or 15 bucks for a plain T shirt, you can get it here wholesale and you'll be good to go So they actually have up the forex for this brand. You see, they have the multiple college you can choose from and things like that. They have reviews on this site like, say, this T shirt wholesaler, and I think they're pretty good with the whole selling of the extra wide, Um, so you can have polo shirts. They have tank tops, ladies, you see at the top they have different things. Hats like I mentioned before, if you wanted to hats. We have, like the beings to have the dad caps that are coming back in our baseball caps. They have more fitted caps and things like that, and you can You can look through here on this site and you can see you know, what are you have the available at your disposable when you're trying to make your items. So while you're getting your graph he's done, You're getting your sample set up and you know Okay, this is the field I had. You can actually put it through a watch to see how it works for your customer and go from there. So I guess you have your samples. And let's say you have you designed back now, So you still can't one of his better canvas for my stuff. How do I go from there? All right, so now you're doing mock ups, okay? And I know just stay with me. You're doing your mock ups for your shirts or for your items, and you don't know where to go after their. So here's two sites that I actually used for mine. That could be pretty good for you as well. So the 1st 1 is going to be spread shirt, so spread shirt is a pretty cool site because you can actually have your storefront and your designs in the same place. Thea other option that I use a big cartel and print full. So with those two guys, it's more of, Ah, juncture with everything else. But here it's all in one and you can get what you need. Sit up and go from there. So when you go to spread shirt you can see here you could do create custom products. You can go to clothing for T shirts, pretty sweaters, long sleeves. And this is more of like I said before, you're brainstorming. You know what you're looking for? You get in here, you have men, women. Even if you're doing like accessories, you have hats, caps, buttons, phone cases, things like that. It's pretty cool site. The 2nd 1 is big cartel. That would be caught. You excuse me? What I forgot to mention was pressure is that you only pay once they buy an item. Okay, so he will put that inside your pricing for your clothing or your items that you're selling . So, for instance, if you're making a T shirt and they charge 15 bucks that you, you know, pad that into your prices, CEO said, OK, we'll charge 25 from item and they'll take the 15 from that 25 you get the return profit. The cool thing about this is you don't have to have actual overhead. You know, have a product that you're holding on too much of something sales, and it's kind of like you can you can have more directed fire with the online states, and I think that's pretty cool. All right, so second sight, a cartel big cartel is pretty cool because they allow you to be more hands on with your product. If you don't want to have, like, a print on demand, and it's pretty cool, because the pricing here you see now they have free where you can have up to five products on your site with one image of the product. They have 25 products for 10 bucks right person use right now and then with 25 product thing, you can have 25 images per product. So when you're doing your mock ups when you're doing your, um, you're excuse me images and everything like that, you could next level five here to give a customer looking feel about how they could use the item, what the animal looked like. It in more detail, shots and things like that. That's pretty cool. And when you use Big Cartel, if you want to do also a print on demand, you can use this site, which is practical. So a prayerful they're pretty cool because they'll do the print on demand with shipping their returns. If anybody has an issue with products draft and you can see that they have pricing as well . That's kind of similar to spread shirt, but it's more in the background of everything else. So your big cartel will be your main site. They go to, and you can put, like your custody or l and everything else on it if you want to. And then from there, boom, you have your bank. Your print's cool. That we're prayerful as well is that you could do my cups generator here as well. So they have all shirts were just going to your, for instance, and do Bella campus and those with the pricing for just like you seen on spread shirt. You see the colors here. You can actually upload files, get at text to it. If you don't have, uh, graphic found, he just want to make something with quick text use. Clip art things like that. And it's critical for both from those who actually have them and tender so you can be more hands on Big Cartel to be more hands off with spread shirt, and it's a pretty cool balance toe. Having your bid to see you could focus some more of your marketing things in the background instead of worrying about printing something up. You know where it comes through. All right, so now that we actually have your mock ups and everything else done, then we can go into the last step, which would be having sites that all right. 4. Setting up your shop: All right. So we we went through. We've got our graphic design done for my design. We've gotten that back. Hopefully by now you've had our samples for that, Debbie playing on selling, we put those through the test groups in the quality of it. We're pretty satisfied with all of that. We have our mock ups done what we made for the actual product or the items so we can put it up to the site. So now let's actually make the site. So here I actually have big cartel for my site. And I see that now. So as you see here, creative minds clothing, I want the big Cartel and I'm using my mention before the $10 plan so I could be more customer. My website. It allows me to add a custom Gorell to my page allows me to get mawr customizes for as editing, decide itself coding, and you don't have to be good but calling with the cartel, which is a pretty cool part of it. But you can buy templates. You can have the custom simplest to it, or they also have teams won their site that you can use for your website and to make it look pretty cool. So let's just play one of things here will try. Let's go through a few, actually, let's try. Operate. Yeah, it's pretty cool, but I like the writing on this one. So let's try differently. We'll try. That's right, Ranger to arrange is about I like that. I cook. So, ranger here, you can have your items up for sale. People come here, they can see. Okay, my pricing for they conceal. Okay, Shot. Now they click that go here. You could be more detail. What you're actually admit you're selling, You know things like that Here you can have your product. Images can have up to five with a lot of the $10 plan. That's pretty cool. So you have everything you like. Once you pick a theme that you like, you can actually go to the customized tap. You can add your logo for your header. You can have a welcome image. You can add the background on some of the actual themes. You can add a slideshow to the page, so they just had, like, you know, your product images kind of in use in the wild. If you will be pretty cool for the custom to see that you can add your colors if you know about the actual Brandon kid, if you made a Brandon kit for your brand, and if not, I'll have another video coming out showing about branding kit. What you use that forward marketing with the fonts to using. When you put your marketing stuff out the type of images that you go for, the wording, you know, phrases just different things in the branding kit you could use. One of them is colors. Like I said before, this is more of a general course, just showing you had actually get from concept to implementation. So once you get it set up and initialize, you can then go back and try to mold it into your perfect baby a child for the world to see . But you want to get something out there. Just actually start trying to sell. Start trying to make revenue from it, and that's what discourses for. So back to what I was saying. You have the welcome header. You have your your subhead. As you can add to it. You can actually add pages if you find us a page you don't have in the template that you want to happen. It would just come across the top where they can reach for, like, products contact. They want confirmation. Also down had the bottom you can see for me. I have more a custom site. So I have my look books that you can go to have the F A Q section for me. You want to join teams things like that on, then once you're good with that, you can actually go here to advance, say, with $10 program. At least you could go to advance. You can add your different customized themes that you may have bought, and it's pretty cool. So once you have all that you click, save for this purpose on 9 11 could save. That would mess up my whole site that have set up. But once you have that set up, then you can go here to the products tab. And we didn't the products half on the actual main part of Big Cartel. You can actually add a product. So once we had a product here, this is what you put the name. You put the pricing into it the description of the product. You can add categories for it. If you want to. You can add the options is for as the sizing and the prices for the sizing. If you want to customize surprising. So excuse me with the main pricing at the top. If you add something there, everything's you add in the option section would be that price. I know for a lot of brands, they charge more for larger sizes. So here's what you can actually tweet the price for once you actually add your product over here. Like I said before, with this $10 program, you can have five images. So this is where you add your images. Here, you just click the plus item, and then you add the picture that you want. You can select all five at one time. If you want. Um, you can add shipping. So if you know the shipping two different, contradictory shipping to different countries, you can actually had that here. If you know shipping for, you know, in the States that here as well you can have different options so you can have more like okay ups or USPS or FedEx. DHL I believe with another one that you use. You can have that there want you everything's click. Let's say and save your product for you, for this senses I'm not going to because I already have my privates here, so I'll just open up. Let's say this guy here. So you see as the name for the pricing of it description I have for attacks a category, the status of its active you can have hidden, sold out coming soon. If you just want to have something that people to see, you could put a coming soon tag on it. And that way, when they go to your site, they clink, they can't click, sale or shop. It only just be a coming soon. For you know, that something you want to. You can do that, you know, exercising. And this is why was something you before you can actually change the prices for? If you want to, you can do the item as far as the options for the sizing you can have. The shipping didn't give you the product. You are ill for the actual things. That's pretty cool. If you wanna have asserting name in the Euro for that team. That's pretty cool. And to give you the previous right here. So for minus greater closing that time slash products slash educated Dashti, that's what. Um, once you have the product, you have multiples and different colors you can actually do here and do copy product. You can change the color and stuff up. It'll copy everything. You just you know, the new images for the other thing that you have won it. I'd say this is big Cartel is pretty cool. It's pretty easy to get started with it. Another thing. You to shop If I haven't you shopping five from mine because I could say with the pricing, If you try to do something for as little as possible for what you can actually doing Big Cartel it's pretty good for the amount of what your pain. Another thing, and being cartel that you can do is you can see if I can find it. Do you have access? You can add on to it, and they can integrate a few different things. So you have, like marketing promotion APS. You have shopping field maps, and this is what you would use your print full So I say you click print ful. It will tell you here you can get started with everything set up. It showed you actually videos of setting up. They caught out to print full now, which is pretty cool. And then once you have that, I'll show you now imprint for you. Go to print for you Set up your account and being inside of there have dashboard so you can see the foul library. So you put your designs and stuff appear for fouls. Uh, which tags and everything else that designs you got back from your graphic designer. Excuse me and then with stores and see, I have my creative mind store and in here it'll have everything seat. So what she created and you're a big cartel site once you link the two together. So then from there, it just the process of going in. And actually Edinger adding to the warehouse. So, for instance, we'll try with the culture t here so we'll just add that to the warehouse and I'll give you everything said about that. Put the titles If you have ah skew, you can add that to it as well. With the retail prices, and it'll sink like a safe from big Cartel All of this information and they just edit as needed. And then you can say, you know, product is packaged. If it is or not with print for what you can do, you can actually have your product mate and sent to the warehouse, and they can ship up for you as well. Or they could do all the printing and everything from their site. So I think that's pretty cool. So that's just what being cartel imprint full if you want to do it that way, is pretty simple on the other way, like I missed you before. Spread shirt. So let's go into here. One spray shirt. You have the designs uploaded. You do one of two ways you can have it where your designs you there in the marketplace for people to buy the design itself, and they can put it on whatever Adam they want to. Or you could actually have your own storefront where you can actually sell stuff from. So here we just visit this shot just, for instance, in the show, your designs and this guy. So let's just click underground. So for that then show the people of the different items that they can add it to. And when you're putting your design up here, you can see how much you want to make from people buying your design itself. So with that, they'll add that onto the price that they charge for their items. Not, say both of these air. Good, because it's no exchanging of hands of money. So everything comes from when they purchase the NATS. When you know the company, get their money and you just get the profit or anything else from it. So that's pretty cool. And they have a few different options on spread shirt, which is pretty dope. If you're going for a larger size, I would recommend Big Cartel because, like I say, you're more hands on with Big Cartel. But what you can do with it, you can actually have Ah, like a whole cell from the T shirt wholesaler I saw earlier. You can have those items and they just print them up if you want to. It's a little more costly if you do it that way, but I mean, I find if you're if you're doing something that's more custom, then big cartel is good if you just wanna have item that could be so. The expression is also good for that, and it's pretty cool, so you can have a different color options that you want to do when you set up your your site with spread shirt and things like that. You can be pretty custom with the spread shirt side as well. So, for instance, will go to edit and allow you to so designs that you're gonna have won their page settings . You can do the start page header product list. Page details a T shirt designer that they can actually go through and design their own shirts when they picked your design. It's pretty cool stuff. You can do a spread shirt. It's pretty in depth as well as what you can do so we can do US CEO and everything else from here. Um, when I say this is more of a general, so I'm just going over basic things of what you could do with the site to get up and actually start selling from the job. So it's pretty good. So once you have these 21 of these to set up and you're ready to go. You can actually start sharing Social Media Page and you can start your friends know Hey, this is my Eurail. The one thing was pressure. You can add a custom. Urawa's well to your spread shirts site. It's a little bit more with it. But you know, if you want to have something that's custom like that is pretty cool for your marketing and everything else, I think that's pretty dope. 5. Closing: but yeah, that's it. So I think it's pretty cool. What? You could do a both of these guys and hopefully you guys found this a little helpful with trying to get it set up. You may have had an idea in your head and everything else with what you want to do, but he just couldn't figure out. OK, what's the first step? So, like I said before we did, we actually did the concept. We did the brainstorming, which is coming up with the name for coming up with that customers coming up with everything about the brain a baby that we can think of. Now just get the ball rolling and get everything going from there. We actually went. We found ourselves a designer for me, the fiber so they can actually make the design for us. We got samples from T shirt, whole cellar where we can actually test the product. See, I was gonna wear when our customers is where it gets You fit iss on these ourselves. If you want to have people that you actually can you try this product out for me? You That's pretty cool. And then once we got that done. We got my cups done through the spread shirt or through print full. We can actually have the mike up there uploaded to try site. And now we actually have a full, fully functioning site that people can go to and actually by Adam from. So hopefully you guys were able to get stuff done. You have something set up. If you do, please let me see it down below. So the class project, if you want, just put down below your actual your real see your website so I can check it out. You know, I would love to see what you guys have done. If you have any questions, of course, you can also leave it down below and just let me know if this was up before you guys were not like I said, I wanna have more courses coming through in the future. That's going to be more grain on some of these things. That for instance, if you decide to make design yourself, I have a course showing you can do that in photo shop. If you decide once you get into your marketing, you know the type of thing with that I want to help with coming up with your branding and your marketing stuff, your promotional material, things like that. Because anything else you may need help with, Like I say, just let me know down below. Hopefully, I have, of course, coming for you guys. Want it pretty soon. All right, Thanks. Yeah.