Starting a QA tester career, what do you need | Winston Castillo | Skillshare

Starting a QA tester career, what do you need

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

Starting a QA tester career, what do you need

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro and Backgrounds

    • 2. Backgrounds and Skills

    • 3. Last Thoughts

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About This Class

Most of my students always ask me, what is the background a tester need, it seems essential to start from this question.

Testers come from many backgrounds. You can be an engineer, a teacher, a student or a software user. No matter your background, you can start testing a software product.

Meet Your Teacher

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Intro and Backgrounds: Hi. I am glad to meet you again. My name is Winston Castillo. I had been working as a software engineer for more than 10 years on. Now you start working us a quality assurance tester. Four years ago today I am going to share with you. Fight at Spitz. Usual happy mind If you are thinking of a story in your career as a so for mister and we'll let you know the backgrounds and skill and have its usual hot to start in this industry that thing off this class, you should be able to answer your first problem as a so for tester. And you will be ready to start learning more complex techniques usual had to use in your daily job. The exciting part is you should not be in this industry for so long to understand my class on what I had seen in order time and had been working as a mentor. Everyone can take a software product if you don't believe me. Join my 10 minute class on fighting out with me. Most of my students with ask me what's the background at Destiny? It seems essential to start from this question this there come from many backgrounds? You can be an engineer. A teacher at student early. So for you, sir No mother, Your background. You can start testing a so four product. We The testers are the bears Bunch. But what we agree Tester, think differently. So everything about quality assurance is thinking like a tester. How do we think differently? We see other perspectives than developers. Don't some say we are negative thinkers? Others say we are to use the problems in waste they never suspect user will do. All that you need is an complete understanding off the so for product from business logic. In order to start testing, we perform a mental job. It means everything is in our head on again. And she will be totally different from the developers thinking otherwise. You won't catch the horse and box anger product 2. Backgrounds and Skills: product, you have to think about how to find and not to avoid in that's the March important ability you have to develop to be successful every day. You have to use some time to read and understand anything you will review for testing. That is no order requirement. A so tester you have to think in a scenarios and write down in documents where you will provide exceptions. The preconditions steps to reproduce the scenarios on despite the results. But whether the skills that you have to perform this job curate jesters had one of the most important jobs in the entire development process from finding box to ensure the M problem is easy to use world or Tim eyes and compatible with a battery off devices. Quality Assurance tester has at the first branch off responsibilities in the team. These responsibilities required more than just basic knowledge off the concepts, which, of course, you have to use sometimes to memorize and learn them. We also require a set of skills for insolence, attention to detail to the ability toe analytical and methodical in reporting on pretty dicey box. In this part, I had to say you're not going to be the person who decides what has to be done and when, but you are in charged to provide the complete and accurate information off all your fighting's here. I will elaborate on some off the best qualifications and skills at Tester. Engineer should have considered these skills the essentials for carrying out a create at your navel and successful. Q A Testing onder standard off yourself for problem When I started class, I told you the background here is not the most important. It means you don't need to be a master premier to be a successful. Q. A tester is not essential protester to have detailed current knowledge. I don't think for tester to be programmers, it's a hardest year to get good at as a tester. Understanding how the software works and sometimes house it's developed gives you a significant at pan touch in finding on fits in box. But you are not going to be the person who would fits them. But understanding yourself for probable it's an important skill, But Judah necessarily need to be honest reared, probably great analytical skills, quality assurance. Testing is more about that just finding box. It's also about analyzing box to deter mine, which are the most important, which are the least important and which required the greatest amount off attention. This is where great analytical skills come into the picture. Tester can identify box as more than just single pieces, but as part off a whole are the best position and work out what needs to be prioritized to create a great application. Discipline curate testing. It's a pretty process, and it's easy for Curie Tester to lose focus after analysing and reporting on the hum breath test off the day. Since so much of cure testing its repetition tester need to be disciplined and able to focus in a somewhat do environment. It takes a great deal off time to discovered box, especially when you're testing an application on hundreds. Are thou send off hard work and suffer combinations in stand results? Are raid and great tester need to be disciplined enough toe work far beyond the bare minimum communications skills, many people think of testing as a solitary or a small team process that that's involved a great deal of communication with other stakeholders. Reality Q A in bowls, a love of communication with the project's major stakeholders on demands, great communications and frustration. The skills fitting box can be costly and cure tester need to be able to clearly explain the risks involved in not fitting about on the benefits of fits in it. They need to be able to stay the reasoning behind a decision that could delay, release and convince other state holders of its importance in a way, que is a safe stuff instead, on sale is a problem. Instead of selling a product, your tester and managers need to sell the importance of Fitzsimmons above before release. Since Q testing generates more bad news than good. 70 Importance off revisions Fits is to a stakeholders can be a real challenge. Even the best cure a tester means backs. No tester is perfect. And while the most thorough convention and you're testing process will find must box, it won't catch the old 3. Last Thoughts: no worries. Practice makes perfect on. That's the best part off the quality assurance job. Developing all this kills a tester has it is not accomplished a role. Instead, it is necessary to go over and over into the same processes with the understanding off the product at the things you can improve each time. No, you know what is security tested? Engineer? And now I got a challenge to you. Yeah, I just want to prove your tester thinking, Let's see, you are using a so for application and it asks you for I use her name on a password playing mean the registration is free. You want to set in, but it's not signing bottom for your understanding is they're using their face correctly implemented Graduate answered in the comments. And yet the answer is new. That's all for today's class. Were you able to answer the questions successfully? If so, you are ready to condemn, you know, learning about your testing in my profile. There are love off classes about testing on learning programming. I had to warn you, most of them are about concepts on. Sometimes they could be a little boring, but I encourage you to stay a nerve. Those concepts before moving to those classes where you will discover deeper than needs. You have to apply in these industry. Don't forget to review my classes and give me your comments. I hope to see you again in other BD als by