Starting a History Blog - A Total Beginners Walkthrough

Elizabeth Hill-Scott, Communications Specialist + Blogger

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14 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Starting a History Blog - A Total Beginner Walkthrough

    • 2. Who is a History Blogger?

    • 3. Knowing Your Blogging Goals

    • 4. How to Find Your Niche

    • 5. Tips on Naming Your Blog

    • 6. Tips for Generating Content Ideas

    • 7. How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting

    • 8. Choosing a Blogging Platform and Theme

    • 9. Using the Best WordPress Plugins in Your Blog

    • 10. Using Practical Blog Design Features

    • 11. Using Visual Content in Your Blog

    • 12. A Quick Introduction to SEO

    • 13. Building Momentum - Sample Editorial Schedule

    • 14. Class Project and Final Thoughts


Project Description

Project Description

Decide on your blogging niche, and create the title for your first blog post.

Step 1: Decide on Your Blogging Niche. Complete the following actions in order to determine what your history blog will be about.

       Where is my anxiety is coming from about starting a blog?
Do you have too many ideas, no idea or you think it’s all been done before? Recognise this anxiety exists then really try to move it to one side and free your brain to be emptied of ideas in the next part. It’ll be worth it!

       Start a list of ideas for your blog – anything. Grab a piece of paper and quickly, instinctively write down the left-hand side all the ideas you have no matter how narrow, broad, varied or wacky. Keep going till you’ve truly exhausted your brain. 

       Mark your blog ideas out of five
Give each blog idea a mark out of 5 based on how excited you are about writing and talking to others about it. Then, discard anything you gave a 3 or below.

       Analyse the ideas you have left
What do you notice, can you group them by century, theme, monarch, location etc to give you a niche and a smaller list

       Think of your first five blog posts
Can you easily come up with rough content ideas for five posts? If you’re straining to think of them or your five post ideas bore you, scratch this niche area from the list. When you have five, delve into each one, narrow it down further or broaden it out to create the niche area for your blog.

       And finally, does it still excite you?
Yes? Get cracking with Step 2. No? Work through your list again until you find one.

Step 2: Create the title for your first blog post.

The second step in the project is to create the title for your first post. By the end of this step you will be able to finish this sentence. “My first blog post will be called {insert amazing title people can’t wait to read}” 

       What is my blog post about?
Sketch out the theme and points you want to make in your first post (write the full post if you need to before the next step).

       Is this post exciting to me? 
This is your first step, the first post on your new venture make it one your itching to research, draft and publish. If it’s not, pick another theme!

       What titles do I like?
Quickly jot down some titles for your post and choose your favourite to test

       What title will work for my post?
Check your title reflects what your readers will see (test it on someone if you need to), contains some keywords, isn’t too long and will make a succinct web address after your blog name e.g.

       Choose a first post title?
 Pick a title and move on to creating your blog (Remember good is better than perfect)

Be sure to share your final project with your classmates by answering the two statements below, so we can all spark the imagination and inspiration of others.

“The niche for my new history blog is {insert the blog niche you’ve decided on} and I can’t wait to get started!”

“My first blog post will be called {insert the title of your first post}”

If you go on to create a history blog (and I really hope you do) take a screenshot of your homepage and share it here too.

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