Starting a History Blog - A Total Beginners Walkthrough

Elizabeth Hill-Scott, Communications Specialist + Blogger

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14 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Starting a History Blog - A Total Beginner Walkthrough

    • 2. Who is a History Blogger?

    • 3. Knowing Your Blogging Goals

    • 4. How to Find Your Niche

    • 5. Tips on Naming Your Blog

    • 6. Tips for Generating Content Ideas

    • 7. How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting

    • 8. Choosing a Blogging Platform and Theme

    • 9. Using the Best WordPress Plugins in Your Blog

    • 10. Using Practical Blog Design Features

    • 11. Using Visual Content in Your Blog

    • 12. A Quick Introduction to SEO

    • 13. Building Momentum - Sample Editorial Schedule

    • 14. Class Project and Final Thoughts


About This Class

About This Class

Have you ever wanted to turn your passion for history into a history blog but then didn’t begin? Maybe you didn’t know what blogging niche to start in? Maybe you were put off by the ‘technical’ side of SEO, domain names and blog theme design, And, maybe last time you tried, it all just got very overwhelming very quickly and life took over. Yet, the thought of being a history blogger will not go away! 

If you’re an absolute beginner, aspiring history blogger join Elizabeth Hill-Scott, communications specialist, educator and blogger, through a step by step walkthrough of the process you need to follow and decisions you need to make along the way to start your own history blog.

At this point, all you need is a love of history and a willingness to explore your passion and ideas. 

What you’ll learn

Who a History Blogger is. 
Let’s bust some myths about people who blog about history!

Setting Your Blogging Goals. 
How to be clear, and realistic, about what you want from your blog to stop you wasting time and opportunities. 

Deciding Your Blogging Niche. 
The subject of history is gigantic. You’ll learn simple techniques to help you navigate through what your blog will be about.

Naming Your Blog. 
What’s in a name? Well, erm quite a lot really. You’ll learn three approaches to naming your blog and the tests it needs to pass for both humans and spiders.

Tips for Generating Blog post ideas. 
A quick-fire top ten list of post ideas, to keep you going for months, all specific to producing great history content people will love to read.

Getting a Domain Name and Hosting for Your Blog. 
How to understand the jargon, costs, and options available so you can make a decision on both.

Choosing a Blogging Platform and Theme. 
Sometimes it’s not the writing part that stops us. Here’s how to not let Wordpress confuse you and a checklist to work through when choosing a theme.

Essential Blog Design Features. 
It’s not the glamorous stuff, but here’s how not to skip the basics for your blog like a bio, profile image, navigation, security, data protection, contact forms, and back-ups.

Using Visual Content in Your Blog. 
Discover the benefits of using images and video in your blog posts and some starter ideas even if you don’t want to be on camera (yet!)

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation. 
Be confident about the SE & O in SEO. Learn the strategy and tactics to help get your blog found online from the first word you write.

Building Momentum with an Editorial Calendar.  
Take a walkthrough of a simple Editorial Calendar to help you organise your ideas and time.

How to Use Social Media in Your Blog. 
Decide how social media can work for you and not swamp you. Discover the plugins I use to encourage shares, pins and follows from my posts.