Start your business: 5 free things you can do today | Karen Cherry | Skillshare

Start your business: 5 free things you can do today

Karen Cherry, Microbusiness Magic

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Pay attention!

    • 3. Do the math

    • 4. Start collecting

    • 5. Your online time

    • 6. Become a sponge

    • 7. Next steps


About This Class

Are you thinking of starting your own business?  

This class explains 5 free things that you can start doing today that will make your journey to business:

Faster, Easier and More Successful.

Learn how to:

  • Spot opportunities
  • Identify and practice skills you will need
  • Choose the best tools
  • Investigate ideas
  • Avoid common pitfalls

This course contains hands-on, practical advice from a successful small business owner.

Includes a downloadable worksheet. 





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Karen Cherry

Microbusiness Magic

Hello, I'm Karen, nice to "meet" you! 

I own and operate a successful food safety information micro-business as well as working for a larger food certification company AND raising 2 beautiful teenagers in Sydney, Australia. 

My business has provided me with so many opportunities; I have been able to completely re-imagine my future, learned hundreds of new skills, travelled, met new people and have had loads of fun.

I want that for you too! 

I am...

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