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Start your Arabic conversation and introduce yourself in Arabic

teacher avatar Radwa Obayd, Professional online Arabic teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My name

    • 3. What's your name

    • 4. What do you do?

    • 5. My job

    • 6. Where are you from?

    • 7. My country

    • 8. How old are you?

    • 9. Numbers HD

    • 10. Are you Married?

    • 11. Do you speak Arabic?

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About This Class

In this class Start your Arabic conversation and introduce yourself in Arabic you will start speaking Arabic right away, asking questions and introducing yourself in full Arabic sentences.

You will learn:

How to say your name ( my name is ...)

Ask someone about his name.

Say your age.

Learn Arabic Numbers from 1-99 in a simple 10 min video

Ask someone about his/her age.

Saying your job in Arabic.

Asking someone about his/her job.

Saying I am married or not (male and female)

Asking are you married for male and female.

Saying I speak Arabic or your language.

Saying I don't speak Arabic

Asking someone (male or female) Do you speak Arabic?.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Radwa Obayd

Professional online Arabic teacher


Hello, I'm Radwa,

the founder of

I am a professional online Arabic teacher. Well trained and have experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers. My big goal is to teach Arabic to millions of people, I have been teaching Arabic since 2006 for all students levels and ages starting 5+.

I have a BA in Arabic language and a graduate in Education. I am specialized in teaching Arabic as a foreign language for children and adults at any level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). I am certified with degrees in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Cairo University - faculty of Dar Al Uloom. and I am also certified in teaching Arabic as a foreign/second language from the Institute of Educational Studies - Cairo University.

I would be glad to help you reac... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course, starts your basic at a big conversation and introduce yourself in Arabic. In this course, you will learn how to ask basic at a big questions, and you don't have to say your name, your age, your country. I'm so excited to see you speak in Arabic, and that will be your project at the end of the course. I can't wait to know about you and see you at the end of the course, introducing yourself in Arabic. 2. My name : a solemn are like Oh, my name is Rod warmer. It's me, Aragua. Oh my. You will learn how to say your name in Arabic. So if your name is for example, call it, you will say it's me holiday. If your name is Nicole, you will say it's me, Nicole. If your name is John, you will say it's me, John. So what is me? It means name. And this year E at the end means my so it's my name. And then you say your name. There are no helping verbs in Arabic. You just say is me and then you say your name. So it's mere agua. Now it's your turn to say your name. 3. What's your name: Now let's learn how to ask What's your name in Arabic? So you know I need this. You say, What's your name in general, you ask a man or a woman and you say the same question. What's your name? But in Arabic, you have to be more specific. So if you were asking a man, you'll say Miss smoke A. If you're asking a woman, you will say mass Muecke Man means what it's more name and then the care or key. These are pronounced and the differences in the vowel care or key. So if you were asking a man, you will say mass moca mess. Muka Miss Muka, Miss Mocha. If you were asking a woman, what's your name? You will say Mess smoky, less Mookie. So if you're asking a man, you'll say mass moca If you're asking a woman. Mets Mookie 4. What do you do?: now let's ask Met the family. What do you do? My there down men. May That means what? And the difference between method and mayor is that what comes after Mare is a noun always . And what comes after Mata is a verb. So if you say may that that means the next word is a verb. So Metha family may their family What do you do? Maybe a Thomann. If you're asking a woman, may their family in May. Their Hamelin. What do you do? Maybe Tom Allene, Maybe Tom A. May the family lean. 5. My job: now to say your job. You say an air means I am. You remember There are no helping verbs in Eric, you say. And there and then you say your job An air, for example. Me and air More dilemma. I'm a teacher. Female teacher. Moral dilemma. If you're a teacher and your mail, you say an air more limb only. Why lim Moral dilemma? Well, another job, maybe Dr Bob for a man. Bobby. Back for a woman. Bobby for a man, Bobby. Back for a woman. Another job, maybe. Engineer. Morahan this mohandes for a man. Muhanad visa for a woman. If you're a student, you don't have a job. If you were students, you see any for lib? If you're a man and then pull in Libya if you're a woman So Pulip Boy Libre students Bobby , we'll be back. Dr. Well, I Limb more Lima Teacher More horrendous! Mohammed Issa Engineer An air ball, Bebe and a more limb and more horrendous and al polyp. I'm student. An air ball Bieber and a moral dilemma. And there for labor and a Mohammad Issa 6. Where are you from?: Let's ask where are you from? So for a man, you say menina and there and that means you ente you for a man anti you for a woman. So if I want to ask where are you from? I'll say men from Dana mean hyena men means from China Means where men hyena from where? Okay, Menina anta anta for a man. Menina Ente. Where are you from? I mean Anna Ente for a woman, you'll say men in a empty I mean, I know anti. I mean, I know ente. I mean, I know anti. 7. My country: I am from Egypt, so an air. I am men from Mrs Egypt and I am in this and AM in mist so you can say N m in If you're from America, you'll say N m in America. If you're from London, you'll say And I am in London, you say France and am in France or and I'm in foreign said, If you're from Morocco, you'll say an M in Alma Rip Annam in America and I'm in filling the Blake so and I mean I am from and then you say your country. 8. How old are you?: Let's ask How old are you? Gum? All middle cat Come our little care Kim means how much our middle age and then care the pronoun for a man Camera little ca Let's ask a woman How old are you, Cam Are middle key The pronoun key Remember for woman Come all middle key Gamow Middle get camel Middle key Come our own little care Come all, miroki 9. Numbers HD: Salam alaikum everyone. Welcome to another Arabic looms video. In this video you will learn Arabic numbers from 1 to 99 in a very easy way. First of all, we will divide the numbers into four sections. The first section will be from 1 to 10. Second section will be from 11 to 19. 3rd 1 will be 2030 40 and the last one will be what's between 20 and 30. And so armed tail 90. Ready? Let's start with the first section from 1 to 10. Where where if men, If man a little bit comes plums. See that sub said some in? Yeah, them in. Yeah, he's peace. Cash. Cash. Okay, Now the second section will be from 11 to 19 and they will all end with the word mash up. I had the A shop. I had the ash. If there if they are shot Bad shot. Come set the ASHA Come set that I shot. See that? That I shot? See that shop? I said that I shot? He said that I shall Great. Now the third section which is 2030 40 and so on. I should are there out of their rooms from soon them. And so let's suppose I just want to make sure you are following me here, starting from three till mine. You'll notice that they are somehow similar to 13 till 19. Here's what I mean. For example, Kelefa, which means free, is similar to a Natasha. We just added ASHA, it's better. But we just added Russia and it's somehow similar. 2 30 which is who you know its way. Just added food. Okay, so let's recap out of that bad. I should that would. Clumsy, Klum said. I'll shut. Come soon. See Seba, Sabotage Bone Sam and Noon he saw decide mash up the wound. Congratulations. Now you know most of the numbers. The final step now is to learn what's between 20 and 30 30 and 40 and so on. Numbers from 1 to 9. Plus where the letter, Where which means? And plus 2030 40 50 for example. From 1 to 9, we choose way ahead, plus where so it's where head where and then I should So we're head where I shouldn't one means 21. Okay, let's turn 22 If man where I should isha way The June 33 if Nan where our value? That's 42 Hamsa. Where said the only way that 75 Hassan a easy right now you know all the numbers rates. 10. Are you Married?: Let's ask Are you married? So I'm going to ask a man. Hello. Are you and the pronoun you for a man hadn't end there. What does a winch? Are you married? Hadn't impact which has a witch again? Hello. And that mood as a witch mood As a witch, I'm going to ask a woman. Are you married? Halle NT would is a widget, Helly Anti Buddha as a widget. How did NT mood as a window moot as a widow? Okay, again handle end up would as a window handle anti mood as a widget. Of course, the answer will be either now or layer because I asked with hand So handle ente mood as a witch. Nam? Yes. And there because a wedge Hello, aunty Mood as a widget, ma'am An air mood as a Widjaja If the answer is no had a and that mood as a witch No layer less to would as a region held nt mood as a Widjaja layer less to mood as a widget 10 again Hello anthem with as a witch No, I'm enamel Does a witch hell anthem with as a witch may less time with as a region hell. Anti mood as a widget, nam and am with as a witch hell and team, which has a Widger nay, less to mood as a widget 10. 11. Do you speak Arabic?: heavy that the had the through a lot of the year. Do you speak Arabic? Hell, do you? That they had their fuel speak that the had that fool that I had the through Holly, that they had their through, that the had death to a lot of eu. Do you speak Arabic? That's it. From asking a man. If I'm asking a woman, I will say hell that the had the Sena A lot of you. Well, you can say health data had a fina a little Florencia French help get the had Athena Alea Espana Spanish. You say hell that I had that through for a man for asking a man handled that. I had the FINA if you're asking a woman So the question Helen that I had this to a lot of year hell, that the had Delfina a lot of year for a woman. So the answer for hell, The question that starts with hell. The answer will be either Nam. Yes or let No, that's the answer now. Yes, at the ha detto. A lot of beer now I speak Arabic. Layer no Les at a had the through Al Arabiya. I don't speak Arabic so help that I had that to a lot of beer, numb at the had. That's a lot of media or layer. Lay out the had. That's a lot of you. Hello that had a FINA a lot. Rabia asking a woman now at the head that's toe a lot Rabia. I speak Arabic. Layer layer had that to a lot of you.