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Start with a color in PROCREATE - 3 Fun Challenges

teacher avatar Kicki Vibe, Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. GET READY

    • 3. CHALLENGE # 1 - DRAW A DOG




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About This Class


Set your creativity free in Procreate starting every challenge with a color. 

In this class I have 3 challenges for you, which will push you out of your comfort zone and hopefully you will enjoy new ways of creating and drawing fun and beautiful illustrations in Procreate.

Upload your work to the project gallery.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kicki Vibe

Artist & Illustrator


I´m a passionate art teacher, artist and lover of fun and crazy stuff and dark chocolate! I have conducted many workshops for youngsters and grown ups - and now I am also online here at skillshare. I paint, I make mixed media, litographs, draw with Posca markers, play with stencils and spray and use everything I´ll find in my many boxes :-)  My homepage is under construction - stay tuned. 

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1. INTRO : higher one. And welcome to this class. Start with a color in pro Great! My name is Kiki. I'm from Denmark. I'm an artist and illustrator and I really love the procreate. What you need for this class is, of course, an iPad and Evel pencil. Uh, this is just what you need. It's made for beginners or intermediate. So you just exactly know. And I need to know what you can do. The basic of procreate. That's the most important thing. What? This is that you make up different colors and procreate and then create From there. I'm also going to talk about inspiration, how to find the inspiration using Google or unethical pixel and an imported directly into appropriate. I made of three challenges for you to get going with S O. I hope that you will set your creativity free and make some fun and new stuff that you probably never made before. I don't know, but the 1st 1 is about a dog. So about cute dogs going to cute dogs. Tell us. Number two is about a character and a text that we can do directly and procreate. And Telus number three is a face and a sensory here. We need a little bit of extra time and to find inspiration and to do the fun and easy details, I hope you will jump into my class. I can't wait to see you. And I really wish that you would upload it to the Project gallery. 2. GET READY: So let's jump in and stop with the coloring. Procreate. Why don't want to do is to make some campuses. So you're ready to make these challengers I wanted to make inside you want. I just use the screen size, go back to my gallery, selected and duplicate. I do this four times So I have four cameras, is ready to drawn Yes, and then we are ready to jump right in to start with a cutter, Just make any color you want to. And don't think too much about this 1st 1 I'm you sing Jack Brush, you hear? And then I just go for green color and then that I go in with the next one this one I would like to make with blue color using new here I'm using the technical pin, then just make in kind of shape. I want to this and then used to fill it up. That's number two. So why go for chemist number three muting a yellow and I'll go for the Maher this time. And I like the marker because I like the way it's overlapping and making different fates like this just go crazy. Don't think too much about it. We're just starting with a car. And then we get to the nick stuff after then I do. Number four. We actually don't just need three, but I do for so I have something to choose. Truth. This one. I use the I go for the Fed. Muscle free crazy. That's it. We'll see you in the next section. 3. CHALLENGE # 1 - DRAW A DOG: Well, welcome to challenge number one. Draw a dog. So I hope you're ready to find some cute ones. So let's get going with our first chemists. And I am just using this one with the green spot on it. And then I would like to make nice background go for a new layer instead of the background . So I use a layer so I could put it on your knees and use Well, you should. I should have delivered down. Yes, just like this. And I think it's a little bit too dark, so I'm going to make it a little lighter like this. Yeah, we're getting there. Yeah, like this. So let's go and find some inspiration. The first place I like to go is pixel. You can down up it as an app. Or you could just go directly in the home page. It's ah, its three stock total photos available there. So where we just go ahead and write dogs and we'll get all these fun and cute dogs. They are so wonderful. Have this beagle here and you just download it? Yep. On your desktop, you can choose the original one. Normally, I choose to medium all this small, download it and put it on your desktop. I made an inspiration that sheet for you, so you could just like a pdf. So you in school, right head and import one of these docks if you need. Let's go back into our campus and the I just show you a good sign because you can just just drag up cool and have it on your right hand. So you split up the screen an integral would you can write whatever dog lying a right bulldog here and also do the beetle again or whatever you like. And then you can just drag this photo directly into your procreate canvas. I'll show you like this, then you imported, and then you make it bigger or you just puzzle it into the cameras in which way you just like to be in this class. I do, or the first challenge I do. It is very easy way. So we just used it directly. We don't we just use it until you can and try to make the lineups really easy. So we just go with this dog. I am underneath your line. Uh, what we need to do is take down capacity. This so where you can see it. You're lying. And not only the doc I choose a technical pen, the technical pen. I use that one. I like that. Well, you do lineups. And that would just show a little bit for the white one and then just tearaway. Now we just make the final lines on the boardwalk. And then it's time to take off the layer from Darkman. What, did you concede Your dog on the background. Now it's time to puzzle and find out. Where do we want our Dr B? So I just tried to rearrange it a bit. And when I'm done, I think I'm always done like this and make a little bit bigger. I like it to be not exactly in the middle of the green spot. I like it to be a little bit outside of it. If you are a new background color, you can just decide for another one like this like a blue one. We're just play around with a look, other colors you like, and then export them well, then just play rounds and then see you in the next section. 4. CHALLENGE #2 - A CHARACTER & TEXT: so welcome to challenge number two a character, and it takes So let's find our next cameras that we like to draw on. And I just choose this you little scribble anything and what I do first and in this case is I choose a background. I would like a little bit more contrast this time. So I cool for another one. Yes. Then I'm ready with the background. So now I'm done with the background, and I would like to make the yellow one a bit more salad. So you see our intel brush and make it more yellow and just, you know, I just play around. This is, um it has to be a fun character. It's not gonna be any specific inspiration or anything is just gonna do whatever feels right. So just have fun. In this case, I would like to make him hat, so make a new layer and I go for a hat with this brush, and I make a pale pink it and then just take it from there and, um, have fun while you do it. - So I'm done with the first character, and I would like to draw one more so I would like to have a character looking at this little man. So you know the same deal. You just make another layer and then make up another character. I used the pink as I like it, and this time I tell us myself to try to model my character with them and a razor, and I don't know, it's just, like fun deal to make a big splash of color and then using razor to to find out what kind of shape you want. So I just do like this. And, uh, yeah, let's see how it goes And for the final touch before we had text. I like to add some spray paint, so let's ah, go for for that you don't have to do it, but I just show here how we do it. So I choose the spray paint this butter or the flicks flicks like flicks the most. And then I used another color a darker or lighter. So you add some contrast. So I go for the latter color at first like this, it just like like it kind of just splash it on and and I would like also to use a darker color. So let's find a darker color. Another contrast like this and just she flush it away. Don't do it too small. Yeah, so? So we're ready to add some text. This is a fun feature and pro grade. You press the plus. Yeah, and then that text. And then you write whatever you you want, you can edit the star later on, so just write whatever you want. A friendly or maybe state kind. Then I edit the style so you can look at the in the left side. You can You can look at this different fronts. Yeah, and then I like this one. Korea new. And then find the color you like. Yeah, I like this. Peel pink almost like his his head. And then you can drag it around. Well, the best fit. And then, actually, you're done well, so you and make section 5. CHALLENGE #3 - A FACE & AN ACCESSORY: So let's dive in to challenge number three. It's going to be a face and an accessory. So let's see what we can use for this. And I'll pick the blue one this time The blue figure. And I just try to look at it simply and final what it looks like to me Looks like almost like a hat. So, sort, it's something you went in here STAIs thing. So I go for that. So, uh, drag up my Google and I ride woman with het just to get my inspiration. I'm not really fun of these ladies, so I write I would like to go for something else. So, um, let be ride, um, a woman with chairman. So let's find someone. I could go with that. Oh, yeah. Let's see. I like this one with a red background, So let's pick. Okay? And you just drag her directly into procreate. This is so neat. You can just do that. Yes. At first we just ah, like to find Ah, nice background for her. Mm. So with her here puzzler a little bit, put her up in the left corner and, uh yeah, like that and then I'll pick the background that I like. So create a new layer and then pick color Meus. Well, I did it again. So of course you put the layer underneath your motive and you put her on top of it. Yeah, it's like that. And then, of course, you can just sketch directly now from now. But if you wanted to make it very easy, you congee Just drag her directly into the peace and find out how she goes with this turban and and then make a line out. So you have the the correct composition. That's a very easy way to do it like this. So I just truffle her in at maker a little bit bigger. I had, and now it's time to sketch her up. So we have to make it outline of her face. Eso What we can do is pick the pencil and then we have to get ah capacity down for her. So it's easier to see your outline like this. So you just make very rough outline of her face may be your earrings and then I just take it from there. - So now we don't with the sketching part, so it's time to creating new layer, and then I'll go for the skin. So I like to fill out the skilled skin color. So I just do a line line out of the and it's very important, not legal any holes or open spaces. So you don't fill out the whole peace. Oh, your so you can do it in small parts. Just remember that your lines must meet up, and we can do like this with the hat and the neck and so forth. And then you just fit it up like this. Now we have to get on with the details. So we take the positive down for the the skin layer so we can see the sketching underneath . And then, um, I build up a shadow just underneath her chin like this. And then I just fitted out with it a little darker tone. Banned the skin like this. Yeah. Now it's time to make a new layer and making outline of her nose and they use the same color s a use for the shade. Yeah. I didn't come up right. A try again. Oh, yeah. I think I got enough. And then I go for lips. I guess you a fine line lineup and colored them in small parts. Then I find another more light pink and to the area inside the lips. Like this? Yes, And then I put the many with Chairman up on top so I can see how it goes. So would get the sketching on again so I can see where met and then I go for the glasses. Let's see how it goes and not time to dress her up. So we are. I want to make a dress now, so I create a new layer. Then I grabbed the blue from her chairman and then I do the outline. So it was time to get some sun structure and on the dress. So I'll pick the with glaze. And then I go for, uh at darker blue, and I put the layer on Alfa Lock so I could just sponge it all over with the the wet place . So I'll make it a little bit bigger brush. And then I just pushed like this. So let's go for the turban and then I do the feel like as well, and try to sponge a little bit as well. He doesn't seem to work. All right, I need two more contrast, so I'll go for the for another style with this one. So let's grab a lighter color. And then I use this platter, which is a spray paint, and then a jeez, put a little better lighter splatter on this one. And now let's go for the technical pen and do the eyebrows just a little bit up here and now it's time for the details because he was made very the loose way. So I use, um, your razor to share from her, have a little bit. And, um, well, that's a way you can do it if you you want to do very loose. In the beginning, the last thing I want to do is to shine of the background a bit, So I used my old time favourite water flakes. It's a part of the water color sick. It looks like this, and I used a tone docker that the background itself. And then I just lashed around because I like displeasure around. That's that's how it goes. Well, one little detail. I just want to make the lips a little bit more shiny, so why add little detail to lips. And then that's about it For now. Well done. You made it so far. See you in the next section. 6. CLASS PROJECT & THE IPAD DANCE: Well, you made it so far. Thank you very much for joining my class. Now it's time for you to upload your project to the Project gallery. You can upload just one of the challenges or all three. As you wish. And also I would like for you to upload it to social media if you want you and then used the hashtag stop with the color in procreate. I cannot wait to see you out there and well, I hope you had fun. See next time.