Start the Morning with Joy & Energy - 5 minutes in the morning that change your life | Angela Mecking | Skillshare

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Start the Morning with Joy & Energy - 5 minutes in the morning that change your life

teacher avatar Angela Mecking, Happiness Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Teaser

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. 1. Energize for the Day

    • 4. 2. Raise your self esteem

    • 5. 3. Boost your Creativity

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About This Class

Do you also wake up in the morning and your thoughts start immediately? Do you get stressed when you think about what to do on this day, what challenges you will have to master? Stop right here and relax!  If you take only 3-4 minutes every morning to do these little exercises, you will go into the day in a completely different mood. See that your life will change. These 3 videos will show you some little, but effective exercises for more energy, self esteem and creativity. Ready to start your day with joy? Then go for it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angela Mecking

Happiness Coach


I am a Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Communication Consultant, Personal Trainer and Happiness Coach. I live in Cologne, Germany and teach seminars all around the World, eg. on the Canaries, in Greece and on Bali. I also give classes and workshops for private persons and companies in Berlin, Cologne and all over Germany. It is my goal to see people happy and healthy!

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1. Teaser: Hello. I'm Angela. I'm a yoga and laughter. You teacher, In this class you will get easy to do exercises. Released your energy in the morning to raise yourself this team and to get more creativity . The exercises in this cause Easy to do. You can do them then for yourself afterwards. And they all based on a method card laughter, yoga If you do laughter yoga, it has different effects. For example, you get more help, you get more concentration. You get into a better good mood. You can disrupt negative thoughts and get into a more positive way off. Thinking and acting left a yoga is practiced in companies, in hospitals, with Children, at schools with figures. So I teach laughter Yoga master trainer and teach it for 12 years now. And this is my first exclusive 1 to 1 training for you 2. Introduction: Hello, I'm Angela. I'm laughter your teacher. And like class. You will get some morning exercises to stop into the morning with a smile, with joy, with creativity and with more energy. And sometimes it's easier to change the way of thinking by doing something, and especially by laughing laughter. Yoga is a mix oh, exercises with laughing, clapping and reading and the clue about it, even if you don't feel like laughing in this moment, if you just do it. If you start laughing, your body will react because there is a direct connection between your kind of motion and your emotions. So if you laugh even if you pretend laughing, your brain will realize, Oh, she's in a good mood. He's in a good world, and your mood will change automatically without thinking anything. So why didn't you call it left a yoga. It's because we do breathing exercises also, and if we breathe deeply, we get more oxygen into our body in tow brain and we feel full off energy, so left your will. Waas developed by in the year off 1995 and he started with only five people in power, first telling jokes, then development exercises to love and no laughter. Yoga is an international movement in many countries and more than 100 countries all over the world. So this laughter your class will also be kind off international. Plus, because we do laughter yoga in many different languages and even left this only one language with which everybody understands. So in this class you will see three different videos. All those videos contain exercises which for morning but each video has a different go. So in the first video, you see exercises to enjoy yourself in the morning. In the second video, you see exercises to boost your self has to And in the third video, you see exercises for more creativity throughout the day. So all these exercises in the class I will show first and then you can join in and practice them every day, every morning on your own and you will see you will change your mind and he will change something in your life. So in in each video here will get inspiration to practice at home. And also I will ask you to give me your feet back. So I invite you now to give me your feet back and form off writing something down, sending a little after video, sending a little after order or whatever comes to mind. I look forward for your feet bag, and the best people will get special surprise, which will be the participation in my next life. So I'm looking forward to do this project with you. 3. 1. Energize for the Day: Do you know those mornings when you still don't feel like getting a pure dumping? Your head starts negative thinking and circled What happens today? In this case, the best way is toe stop thinking and that action. The exercise is the good mood. Morning stretching. You can do this standing. Or you can also sit on a chair if you like. Just sit on your bed and then you breathe in deeply. You take one up with, uh and then both. Okay. No, you do it together with me. Stand. Breathe. Oh, yeah. Oh, Booth. Uh, come down again, legs and feel your body right now. Do you feel friends? Second exercise is the allure. Fill up your day with joy on energy, so I shouldn't first. Then we do. Together we breathe in, taking our arms up and say hello Swing. Okay. Now you do it together with me. You can stand. You can also sit and then you take your arms up with Hello. Okay, relax. Stand. Feel your body now. No exercise, which is the power reading? Power leaving helps you through the challenges off the day. If you have some important challenge today, you can do this exercise to prepare yourself. So now I just got And should you first you start taking your calls to this and then you go breathing Take your arms with you. Take one leg. Yeah. Then I saw the other side to take the arms and take the other leg. Yeah, And now you can do it with me. So stand Take your arms to the side Stop breathing in, Think one. Yeah, I'm still beside breeze and take the other leg. Yeah, And that one more time we do it saying, yes, you could do it In whatever language you like. Take the arms to the side, Breathe and okay, Take the arms to the side. Breathe in. Yeah, Real X stands still and few your body now Do you feel the difference now? After this exercise? After all the exercises, If you want to feel really difference, then pick one things exercises seven days and then feel the difference and reported to us. Thank you. Bye bye 4. 2. Raise your self esteem: I'm an angel. I laughter you're getting And today I want to show you free morning exercises Toe, raise yourself as a team. Do you know those days when you feel like Oh, I won't manage the day and go into negative thoughts? Your thoughts and your body posture are connected. So if you want to disrupt thoughts like this, you can change your body posture by doing so. Exercise and becoming active. So is the appreciation exercise. So who in your life appreciates you? How many times does your boss or your family appreciate you? So we start appreciating our Selves. So when you breathe in, you raise one and clap on the shoulder with smile, laughter. Okay, take the other breathing in on the other shoulder's mining thing. Take both trustem and shoot. Smiling. Laughing. Okay, Now you do this exercise with me together, so we start raising one breathing in. Okay, Raise the other breathing in the show and release both ST ng in stretching. Take them over across. Okay, If you do, you feel now and the next exercise is information. So take your hands together and see if you can find your personal information for yourself . Maybe something you need for this day you can say something like I'm healthy and unique. I will take now the example. I'm wonderful. So I take sure your first I take my hands together. I say I wonderful and please in taking the breathe, taking the arms to this and a second time we take the information. I am wonderful breathing in. No, I read a thing. Now you do it with me again. Put your hands together. I think I'll say your information. Stop breathing in taking the ends up breathing out to this. Say the information. Stop breathing in. Read out laughing. Okay. Thanks. Your buddy. How you feel now is the Reformation clapping exercise. So now we clip into our hands and then we take an information again Whatever you need for the day. So we clap in the following way saying Very good, good, wonderful. Very good. Very good. Wonderful. And this we can also do in different languages. Off course there would. - I know. Okay. Really, Lex. And feel how you feel now after those exercises, can you feel any change? Change one of those exercises and do this exercise every morning for seven days and then report the difference to me. Thanks enough And bye bye 5. 3. Boost your Creativity: Angela. I loved your teacher, and now I want to show you three exercises for morning to boost your creativity. Do you know those moments when you need New Year's and you're thinking and thinking and thinking and no idea is coming to your head? Then it's good to go into mood off kind of childlike playfulness because Children always created, they don't think too much, they just act. So first. Exercise is also kind of thing. So you start swinging only with your upper body, your take your arms. He starts playing like a child, your arms, and go more and more into swinging. And then you start laughing like Children laugh. Okay, now we do it again. Together. You do it with me, start swinging from the upper body, and then we take the child line. Laughter. Okay, relax. Feel your body. Feel if you feel the difference now the creativity ball. So we take our hands and we imagine really laugh into our fist. This, and with this laughter we form a kind of ball, and then we start playing and laughing and playing with a ball from one hand. Whatever you like playing through it like a boom. Catch it again. Okay, relax. Stand. Fear the difference. Now your body, You can't think anymore. Your mind has a black out and you need new ideas. You imagine they are all around too. Like apples on a tree. Hang up the grab an idea stretch. And, uh And now you do it with me together. You're gonna happen. Ideas, ideas everywhere Where you know, you can spread these ideas again. Hey, relax. Just stand still and feel the difference after Bill's exercises. And if you want to feel really different analysts and do this exercise every morning for seven days for one week and then afterwards report the difference. Thank you. Bye bye.