Start selling your illustrations/ first steps, digitize, prep and upload. | Melissa Conde | Skillshare

Start selling your illustrations/ first steps, digitize, prep and upload.

Melissa Conde, Artist, illustrator

Start selling your illustrations/ first steps, digitize, prep and upload.

Melissa Conde, Artist, illustrator

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What you need

    • 3. Summerface prep

    • 4. Let´s start selling

    • 5. Final Thoughts

    • 6. Bonus - pencil signature

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About This Class

"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" (Lao Tsu)

This is a beginner's class for who has been painting as a hobby and are now wondering about taking it to a new level, having a side hustle, starting your creative business or even if you just want to make a social media post with your artwork and see it stand out and get more likes.

 I know it could be overwhelming just thinking about it so I made a simple and basic as straight forward as I could to get you on your way. Here is a bite-size class to get you started.

Lets clean and prep your Illustration/artwork whatever you have made and would love to see in a product such as a bag, pin, sticker, notebook, t-shirts, phone cases Framed artprints... and so on.

You do not need previous photoshop knowledge or experience for we will be using basic and super easy tools to do this I assure you you got this!

I shall walk you through prepping and uploading your very first artwork onto Redbubble. ( I chose Redbubble cause it has cool stuff and it's super user friendly)

It's a great place to start and then you can go on to opening many more online P.O.D (print on demand ) sites shops on your own.

Let´s get you on the path of success!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melissa Conde

Artist, illustrator



A warm welcome to you.

If you like watercolor botanicals and fashion illustrations, you´re in the right place.

I'm Melissa Conde and I believe in art made from the heart.

I am a Brazilian artist, instructor, and illustrator. 

I work with watercolors on paper, I am always looking forward to learning new and beautiful things to pass on my experience, my passion.



Let´s make art together!





Be my instabuddy  @melissaconde_designs 


Also on 

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1. Intro: Hi, welcome. My name is Melissa, and today I'm going to take you through your very first steps on selling your artworks as art prints and products online. In order to do that, we're going to clean them up and pat them on Photoshop. You do not need any previous knowledge on Photoshop. Because we're going to be using only the very necessary and basic tools to achieve our goals. Then we're going to upload it to. 2. What you need: What you need for this class, three things. A piece of art work from a flower to a fashion illustration, whatever you have there, to a camera or scanner. If you don't have a scanner, you can use your phone camera to bring in your artwork. And there's also the camps can app which is free and easy to use. And last but not least, Photoshop. If you don't already have it, you can get a free trial on And we're all set. Joined me in the next video. 3. Summerface prep: Now that you have brought in your artwork to a computer, open Photoshop. Click on File, Open. Choose the illustration you want to work with, and click open. Now, you will choose the lasso tool here on the left bar. And you will go around it gently, but quickly. And select the image you want to take to your new document that will create right now. So close the lines, click on control C, control n, and this box will appear. You want to change it to interests so you can have an idea of your new document. The bigger the file, the more products you can put your illustration on. So I'm going to go with nine. By 13. You can go to much bigger or you will lose printing quality. So click OK. Here's our new document control V to paste the image. Control T. Hold the Shift key to change the size without distorting it. Once you're happy with placement, click, enter, and Control L. Here you see the bars. I always take them a little bit to the right to adjust. The tones control you, you will have the hue saturation and lightness. You can play around with that. I take off the lightness a little bit so you can see exactly the part we will want to get rid of. Click on the magic wand. You will click on the magic bonds, select the part you want to extract and click on delete. Click on Control plus sign to zoom in and control minus to zoom out. And have an idea of what you did if you like it. Click Control D to Deselect and go on. Doing the same thing around the parts you want to delete. Magic wand, delete, control D to Deselect. Once you've done that, you can use the eraser tool to take out the parts that you don't like. Click on the eraser tool left bracket for smaller eraser, right bracket for a bigger one. And go around erasing the parts that you wish to get rid of. Don't overdo it because you have a watercolor illustration, you will want to keep that watercolors tile. And so go slowly. And this is also the time to erase and take out parts that you don't like. Modify your drawing in any way that you wish. Take your time. If you do something you regret, you just click on Control Z and you take a step back. So go on and do that. Really get in there with the control plus sign to zoom in and check out what you are doing. Take a good close look. Now I'm almost done here. I will use the stamp to to correct this part of the drawing of the glasses. I don't like select this time tool here on the left. You will click on out to select the part you want to repeat. And over the part you want to go over. So the sign, that's what you'll be repeating. When you go over the parts you want to modify. Again. If you do overdo it, you click on Control Z to take a step back. So take your time and correct the parts that you wish to modify. Okay, little part here. So get the magic wand. Click delete. And I'm happy with this result. I just click on Control you to make some final adjustments and see what I really wanted to look like. Now, Saturation wise. Last thing you get the Lasso Tool, go around once more. And you will click on select, modify, and feather. Radius of two is okay. So what this does is smooth out the edges of the painting. So it doesn't look so much as it is glued to the surface. You will apply your illustration on final touches here and they're really take your time to zoom in. You don't wanna have to go back here and do that again. So now go to File and open or burn the signal pencil signature you learn to place. You will open it. Go with the Lasso Tool around it, make it darker if you have to control our click OK. And with the lasso tool, you go around it, selected, and then you click on Control C. Go back to your document, control V to paste it, Control T to move it around and resize it. This is in the case of you're doing selling an art movement. I use this bed, so signature for selling art prints and making social media posts. I usually don't use it for the other products. So if you're not, if you're using this illustration to make all kinds of products, I would say no signature. There on the right, you have clicked on the I to take out the background file save as PNG. Because PNG is the one that will give you no background. Name it to dusk dark saved on the desktop. Click OK. We're done here dying in the next video. 4. Let´s start selling: Okay, now let's go to red and start the fun part. Click on cellular art. Scroll down in USE this button starts selling. This will take you to your form artist sign-up. Just follow the instructions. My name is already taken because my account is already there. And upload your profile image. Choose a name. And click here when you're all done and add new artwork. This is my favorite part. Click on upload new artwork. Choose the image you just work with in the class. Open and wait for it to upload. While you're waiting, you can fill out the information here on the right, give it a title, tags. It usually stops a little bit ninety-five percent uploading. I don't know why with just for a moment and you fill out these information as best as you can. I'm going to go real basic here so you don't waste a lot of time, but you should describe it as best as you can. Once you're done with that, you will scroll down and see that the product previews I already with their image on them. You see when it's green is C may moaned and, and it's lit up and disabled. So you can pick and choose the images you want your products on. Now I want you to really take your time here and edit the products like this one you can choose on all of them. The size of the image, background, color, and click on apply change. Let's see. I want to sell a scarf, but they image, it's too small or it doesn't look so good. So I'm going to make a repeat pattern with it. So we have this option here off-grid. And you can choose the size of the repeat pattern with this handle here, up and down. Once you're happy with it, you can choose a background color clicking here, and scroll down and apply changes. You'll see that now you have a pattern scarf. If you like it, click on enabled and go on doing that to each product you want to sell with this image on your shop. I ask you to take your time here because you want to have quality products at look good and reflect the image of who you are. Like. For example, I love socks, so I usually try to make socks. I think they look really cute and I would buy them. Tried to choose. The images and the products that you would like to buy back bags. I like also. And I think it makes a good image for marketing my shop, which we'll go over just a moment. So once you've done that with all the products you want on your shop. Here you select up to two descriptions. And I'm gonna go ahead and click on my collection. You don't have that yet, but I'll show you in a moment. There's no nudity and I own the rights to sell this product. So when I click on Save, this means my product is being published, processing complete. And now I will have here the images that will show up in my shop. Also. These are the images I'm going to use to promote my shop on social media. So you see these three dots here on the right. Click on those click Download Images. And you will have the mockups from product to use when you're promoting your shop on social media. Click on this arrow here that you will download. It would be on your download folder. Choose all the products you think you might use when you're advertising your shop. If there's something you don't like the way the project looks, you can always come back here, click on edit. And it will take you back to the page where we were editing and choosing our product. You can disable the ones you don't like. Edit. Again. Just keep in mind when you do, when you're done here, scroll down and this box here will be unchecked. So check that again. Save 4K again. And now you have your product the way you want. It says here might take up to 15 minutes to appear on your shop. And you can click here, viewers sharp. And sometimes it goes right away and there it is, our summer face on CMS print. Now you can go on and start making lots of new work to put up on your shop pre-sale. It's free. Now if you want to make a collection, you click on the icon. Managed portfolio. You will choose the work you want to make a collection. Click on the work collections. Name a collection I already have here, fashion illustration. So I click on that ad and it will show up here on top of my shop, my collections. This is a way for people to see right up there and choose the ones they like. Now here you click on share and your link will be copied and you can just paste it on your social. 5. Final Thoughts: Please take a moment to make our project session of the class and upload mock-up image of your products from red bubble. Or if you just made a social media post with your art? Both before and after we clean that impacted on Photoshop. I can't wait to see your work. Thank you so much for taking this class. Don't forget to market. You're shocked by posting on social media and directing people to the shop link on your bio. And if you want to know more about red bubble analytics and how to make your shop appear everywhere. I suggest you take this viewshed class called sell a ton of stuff on red bubble. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you in my other classes too. Thank you so much. Bye. 6. Bonus - pencil signature: That's grabbed burn h b2 or a to B for pencil and make signatures. Make a few of them. So you have some to choose from and take a picture or scan it in. File, open, open your picture or scan. Grabbed the lasso tool as we did before. Same thing. Choose one of them or all of them. I won't to choose this one. Control C to copy control, and to make a new document. Click OK and control V to paste it. Control L to adjust the tones. Make it a little darker. Click okay. Grab this time we're going to use the magic eraser. Click on the eraser tool and choose the Magic Eraser. You click once and the background will disappear. So zoom in control plus to get really in there and take out the other parts you wish to eliminate. Be careful. And if you take more than you wish for, just control Z to take a step back. Now click on the i here on the right and you'll see the background is completely removed. I want to make less saturated so control you. So it looks more like a pencil. And save as file Save As we will choose PNG because we want no backround. Name it, name it Pencil signature and save it to my desktop. Click OK. And you There you have it, your pencil signature when you use your, when you clean up your artwork, you just click Place. Choose that file, put the last well-rounded copy and paste it on your illustration. Now you have a pencil signature you can use on your social media posts on your illustrations whenever you see fit.