Start making books! Basic, soft-cover bookbinding structures

Kat From MeowMeowKapow, Hello, friends!

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction: What are we doing here?

    • 2. Toolkit: What tools you'll need for this class

    • 3. How to fold perfectly - the accordion book

    • 4. Maze book - mastering the zig zag

    • 5. Slot and Tab book!

    • 6. Single pamphlet stitch book - our first time sewing

    • 7. Japanese stab binding - beautiful and decorative stitches

    • 8. We did it!! Congratulations!!

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About This Class

This course is going to run you through some basic bookbinding techniques so we can make simple, soft-cover books together.  We’ll talk about the tools you need and where to find them, some simple no-sew books like the maze book and a slot and tab book, and we’ll learn some basic bookbinding stitches such as the pamphlet stitch, and Japanese stab-binding.  Each lesson will focus on just one bookbinding method so you can easily revisit the particular method you’d like a refresher on, and all of the tools needed for any of these books will be listed in the basic toolkit video, so you’ll know exactly what you need in order to be prepared.

This course is ideal for anyone, including beginners and children above the age of 7, and all the skills and tools you’ll need are presented in a way that allow the growth from the first book to the last seem logical.

If you're looking for a good place to start, tools-wise, here's a decent set of bookbinding tools that fit well with this course!  Some of the tools are not EXACTLY what I use, but should be suitable (For instance, I often use a regular craft/xacto knife while working but this kit includes a slightly different but still excellent knife).  HOWEVER.  It does not include a metal ruler and I highly recommend purchasing, specifically, a metal ruler.

Here's a set of metal rulers in different sizes that should be very helpful!   

This exacto knife set comes with multiple replacement blades and is more sturdy than the knife in the previously mentioned kit

The black paper trimmer I use to make cutting paper easier is here:

And here's a self-healing cutting mat to use as a work surface if you don't already have one!

A note of encouragement!  I've gotten a bit of feedback about the slot and tab book; that it seems to be the most difficult of the structures demonstrated to really understand.  HOWEVER, the feedback has also been that if you can master the slot and tab book, literally every other structure in the course will feel easy to tackle in comparison.  If you're feeling lost on this book, it may be okay to skip to next one in the class-I don't want you to feel overwhelmed by it!  This should be fun, not frustrating!

If you'd like to follow me on social media, or check out the video for the book that sent me down this whole skillshare path, you can find all of my links here: