Start an Affiliate website with wix

Sergey Kasimov, Online Teacher

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9 Videos (45m)
    • Welcome to the class

    • Start an Affiliate website with wix

    • Getting started with website construction

    • Create a website tutorial no coding (Part I)

    • Create a website tutorial no coding (Part II)

    • Picking a domain name

    • GoDaddy: Masking your domain name

    • GoDaddy: Save 25% hack

    • Finished product website example


About This Class

Create a website in 1 hours with Wix: No coding required

This course been designed to teach you how to create a stunning professional looking website without using any coding with Wix. Unlike other courses on this topic this one been designed to teach you how to create a website for very specific use for affiliate marketing and how to do it in the fastest time possible with is less then one hour. 

This course will teach you the basics you need in order to create a website fast. Keep in mind this course is a smaller version of the complete course on how to create a Udemy Affiliate website unofficial course. 


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I like the information I got from this class. But I would like to suggest to the teacher, if you don't mind, kindly reduce your expression, "itself". It's quite annoying hearing these words repeatedly. I can't concentrate on the class because I keep hearing this word. Just a suggestion by the way and the class is informative.





Sergey Kasimov

Online Teacher

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