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Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business, Market Your Services & Find New Clients

teacher avatar Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

43 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. What You'll Learn In This Course

    • 2. Why Start a Web Hosting Business

    • 3. 3 Things You'll Need to Succeed

    • 4. How You Will Make Money: Products, Services, Upgrades and Upsells (See Inside)

    • 5. The Tools You'll Need to Start a Hosting Business

    • 6. Section 2: What We're Going to Cover

    • 7. The Most Common Hosting Terminology and What It All Means

    • 8. What Type of Server Do You Need? - Exploring The 3 Options

    • 9. Linux vs Windows Hosting - Which One Should You Use?

    • 10. What Unlimited Hosting Really Means

    • 11. Section 3: What We're Going to Cover

    • 12. Why Use a Hosting Reseller Account

    • 13. 10 Features Your Hosting Reseller Company Must Have

    • 14. Tip for Testing Hosting Reseller Company Support

    • 15. Section 4: What We're Going to Cover

    • 16. What is WHMCS, Why You Need It and How to Get It

    • 17. Tour of Your Web Hosting Business Admin Control Panel

    • 18. Tour of Your Web Hosting Customer's Control Panel

    • 19. WHM vs WHMCS

    • 20. Section 5: What We're Going to Cover

    • 21. Setting Up Your Own Hosting Website to Sell From

    • 22. Where to Get a WordPress Theme Integrated With WHMCS For Cheap

    • 23. Customizing or Creating Your Own Template

    • 24. Additional Features You Can Use to Enhance Your Business

    • 25. Section 6: What We're Going to Cover

    • 26. The Challenges of Providing Customer Support to Your Hosting Customers

    • 27. How to Provide Comprehensive Customer Support

    • 28. Establishing Business Hours

    • 29. Setting Up a Support Team

    • 30. How to Continually Improve Your Customer Service

    • 31. How Your Customer Service Will Lose Your Customers or Help You Gain More

    • 32. Section 7: What We're Going to Cover

    • 33. Finding Your Market Share in This Competitive Market

    • 34. 3 Ways to Leveraging Other Platforms to Drive Customers

    • 35. 4 Ways to Encourage Customer Sign-Up With Incentives

    • 36. 2 Paid Marketing Strategies

    • 37. 2 Methods for Getting Organic Sales

    • 38. How to Keep The Customers You Already Have & Make More Money

    • 39. Deciding on a Marketing Strategy & Sticking With It

    • 40. 4 Other Ways to Gets Sales

    • 41. What to Do When You Aren't Getting Any More Customers

    • 42. High Sales and Low Sales - When to Expect Them

    • 43. Your Final Steps to Making Your Hosting Business a Reality

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About This Class

Did you know over 550 websites are created every minute? And every website needs a hosting account.

By creating a stand-alone web hosting business or by adding web hosting to your existing line of services (such as web design, for example), you can:

  • Build a recurring income
  • Work from home
  • Increase your income every month

Inside this course you'll learn:

  • Several ways to make money with a web hosting company
  • About hosting so you can explain it to your customers and help them select the best package to meet their needs
  • How you can automate your sales and payments
  • And most importantly, how to market your web hosting business to find new clients

By the end of this course you will know everything you need to start your own web hosting business and start generating monthly recurring income. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur


Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.

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1. What You'll Learn In This Course: Welcome to this course on how to start your own Web hosting business together. We're gonna walk step by step through how you can start and grow your own Web hosting reseller business from home. So whether you're looking for a standalone business or you just wish to add Web hosting services to an existing Web design or similar business, this course is going to show you exactly how to make that happen. Here. You'll get a complete understanding of the hosting business, what you'll need to be successful and a step by step guide for how toe actually set it up. I encourage you to take the steps with me as you go through this course and start setting up your business that way. By the end of this course, you will have your own working business in order and you'll be ready to start accepting your first customers. So if you are interested in starting a hosting business, but you aren't sure where to start, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. So let's go ahead and get started 2. Why Start a Web Hosting Business: Since you're in this course, I know you're interested in starting a Web hosting business. So let me tell you, there are many good reasons to consider starting one for some. You may just want a new source of income or even just an extra source of income to supplement your current work. You may also just want to do this out of opportunity. If you have a Web design business, for example, you already have access to clients who you can easily up sell your hosting and services to . So it can be a win win situation for both you in your customers. On top of that, hosting businesses have recurring revenue, which means you you paid at the beginning of the month before you provide this service. The truth is, businesses with recurring revenue streams are worth more than businesses without recurring revenue streams. So if you are creating a business you believe you want to sell one day, including a recurring revenue stream is a smart move. Needless to say, Web hosting is a great residual income opportunity. If you have a quality business month after month, you'll be able to increase your income as your client number increases, and it's easy to keep customers on board if you follow what we talk about in this course. But above all, hosting is a growth industry, which means it's seen an upward trend, and this is your chance to grab a piece of the action. Tens of thousands of new personal and business accounts are created every week, So you want to make sure that you are setting yourself up to captures many of those customers as you can, and we're gonna talk a lot about capturing new clients in this course is well. 3. 3 Things You'll Need to Succeed: Now, of course, just like with any business, there are a lot of factors that will play into how successful you are. But there are two key areas that can really determine the success of a Web hosting reseller company. First is the quality of the company that you partner with. That is a company that you are going to purchase server space from in order to resell hosting. And don't worry, we're going to get into all of that in a bit. But your services can Onley be as good as the company you partner with, so you need to choose wisely. If you just go after the absolute cheapest price out there, you may not get the best service, so your service to your clients is going to reflect that. So you need to try to find a balance between a reasonable price and someone who is also going to provide you with a top level quality service and customer support. Second is going to be your communication with your customers, and how good that communication is is truly going to make a difference in your business. There are many times in the life of a hosting customer where you will need to communicate with them, whether that's by phone, email, support, ticket live, chat, etcetera. And you'll be communicating about everything from pre sale questions to account, set up support tickets if there's any issues. Or they have questions about how to set up different features and everything from that account cancellation. But regardless, your communication, both during good times and bad times, is what is going to make the difference. That is going to be the difference between what is going to get you new customers and also what is going to help you keep the customers that you already have. So you want to make sure that you are going to be prepared to handle these situations, and we'll look at this more in a bit. As I mentioned, there are some other factors you'll need to consider, and we'll look at those two. But focus on selecting the best partnering company you can and on providing not good, not great but exceptional customer service, and you'll excel at this 4. How You Will Make Money: Products, Services, Upgrades and Upsells (See Inside): Of course, when you start a Web hosting business, you want to make money off of Web hosting. But the good news is that there are lots of other products and services that you can sell from your Web hosting business to maximize the value of every single customer that you have . There's always upgrades, add ons and additional services that can be provided. Let's look at Go Daddy, for example. Now there are home page is always changing, so it may not look like this when you get there, but you'll see their advertising into main website email at the bottom. They're showing that they have professional email services. They have several products. Professional email there have their Web hosting. They have a Go Daddy pro program, which is trying to get Web designers to sign up so that they were for all of their customers to go Daddy. So they get more money. There's email, marketing services, and you'll notice every drop down here called all products. Now you'll see they have a lot of different products under domains websites. They have professional services. Whether you're looking to have your website designed, if you want to eat commerce design your logo design. They have hosting an SSL, which we'll talk about it a little bit later. Marketing tools, More email so you can see there. There are a lot of things that they do to up. Sell every customer and you'll notice that if you go through their shopping cart and you try to add, let's say, just the domain, they're going to try to up sell you on a number of services from Web hosting to getting a private registration and several other products. So as a hosting reseller, you can choose toe. Offer thes additional services to your customers from domain names, which is obviously a pretty easy up sell if you'll be offering SSL certificates. And if you don't know what that is, don't worry. We'll talk about that. You can offer email and even upgrading current hosting packages. If a customer's website needs change, you can upgrade them to the higher plan, and you can sell them on the benefits of that plan. Of course, if you were adding Web hosting to your current list of services, you can choose to bundle the services. So if, for example, you are offering Web design, you can offer hosting in the package. That way, it's pretty easy for you to get customers to sign up for your Web hosting When they sign up for your Web design service, you can offer marketing from search engine optimization or email marketing. You can offer for installation of the popular content management systems like WordPress or Jundullah. Often times we see additional website backups that are being offered plug in installations . There's just a whole host of things that you can dio different products in different services. So I encourage you to think outside of just Web hosting and just getting somebody on a $5.10 dollar, $20 month plan and see how you can really maximize how much money you get per customer by selling different products and services. 5. The Tools You'll Need to Start a Hosting Business: they're not many tools that you're going to need to start a Web hosting business. Of course, you're going to need your own website to sell from. If you already have a website that's great. You can try to integrate your Web hosting business directly into your current Web site. If you would like to relate your to services such as Web design and hosting, for example, you're also going to need a hosting reseller account. And this is what is going to allow you to sell hosting. On top of that, you're going to need a control panel where you can manage all of your customer accounts. You can add new accounts, collect payments and, if you choose the right one, this convey automated for you. You'll also need a customer support desk where customers can submit support tickets if they need help from you, or they need you to point them in the right direction and the support team to manage that desk. Now, don't get to worry. When I say support team, the support team can be you. If you're starting with a limited number of customers, there's no reason why you can provide the support to them. But if you really grow and expand this business, you may want to consider to add a virtual worker on who can offer email support to your customers or even phone support, and won't talk about that more in a bit. You'll also need a payment account or some sort of payment gateway in order to collect payments from customers. Now, although this is a little bit of a list the way this course is set up, I'm going to point you in the direction of certain resellers that have all of these tools in one. So that way you don't need to worry about each individual tool. And while you Congar oh, that route that could be the most expensive and the most time consuming, which we want to avoid in an upcoming lecture. We're gonna look at some different companies that offer all of these tools and one, and I'll help you to identify which are going to be the best companies and what you need to look for specifically in a company to make sure that you're getting the best deal and you're that you're getting all the tools you need to successfully run your Web hosting business 6. Section 2: What We're Going to Cover: in this section, we're going to cover a lot of information about hosting terminology and the differences between server types and hosting packages. Of course, if you're going to add Web hosting to your business, you're going to need to be familiar with this different terminology so you can correctly set up your business, and so you can help explain this terminology to your own customers as well. 7. The Most Common Hosting Terminology and What It All Means: I want to cover some of the most commonly used hosting terminology so you can understand the hosting packages we will be looking at. I also want you to understand this terminology so you'll be better able to answer customer questions, set up the right packages for your business and help customers select the right packages to meet their needs. So let's get started first. Let's look at band with Ban With refers to the amount of data transfer that is used on your site. Okay, so what does that mean? You ask every time a visitor comes to your site, files are uploaded or downloaded. He sent an email or other related action. This is all data transfer, and each hosting plan will limit the amount of bandwidth that you can use. You're also going to see disk space. This is how much space sure given destroy your website files, e mails and other information up time is another important one. This is the amount of uninterrupted time your website will be accessible. So, of course, you want that to be a high as possible. Most often you're going to see that companies are report a 99.7 or 99.9% up time. I'm always a little weary if a company says that they have 100% uptime because I don't really think that's possible. So if they report that, I do try to look at how they get that number because there's always going to be maintenance time errors happen. We're dealing with technology. After all. I don't think 100% uptime is ever going to re possible when you're dealing with the computer. I mentioned SSL certificate earlier in the course, and SSL stands for secure socket layer. And this is what causes a your L to be displayed as https instead of just h T T P. Because an SSL certificate is used to encrypt data such as credit card and personal information that's accepted on your website. So typically, if you will be accepting payments, you're going to need an SSL certificate. Along with that SSL certificate, you're going to need a dedicated I P address that is always required. If you need an SSL certificate toe instead of sharing an I P address with others, you will have one dedicated i p address for your website customers who have a lot of website traffic or are just very large in nature, should get a dedicated I p as well add on domains. You may or may not have noticed that some hosting plans will allow you to host most of all websites on the same plan. These additional websites are referred to as add on domains, and they will share. The resource is available on that particular plan, so a basic plan may offer you certain ban with and dis space. But you are only allowed to host one website. On that package. You can upgrade to a higher package that may give you a little bit more room. And let's say they allow you to host 10 domains on that Web site. But all of those 10 websites will share. The resource is for the package that you select now. Parked domains is additional domains that will be redirected and pull up a website. So, for instance, if your website owner and you purchased the dot com and the dot net version of your domain names so nobody else can grab it, you can have the park domain be the dot net domain and have that point to your dot com website and the next lecture. We're going to continue this talk a bit and look at the different types of servers you'll be faced with. So you understand the differences and which one is best for you. If you have any questions about any of this terminology, or if there's any other terminology you want to talk about, don't hesitate to start a new discussion and I'll talk to you more about it. 8. What Type of Server Do You Need? - Exploring The 3 Options: As you may or may not know already, there are different types of Web hosting available, and as a reseller you need to understand these differences. So you can one. Select the best hosting reseller package for your business, and to be able to help your customers select the best package you offer for their business , we're going to look at the different types of accounts, which are based on the server you'll be selecting, and a server is just like a big computer. It's where all the website files are stored. First you have a dedicated or managed hosting, so a dedicated or managed server is, ah, hosting account that gives you full access to the entire server you are not sharing. Resource is with anyone else, and you are on Lee limited by the room available on that server. The's packages cost a bit more, but because you're getting more room and more resource is because of it. If you're starting out with a lot of customers already, this may be where you want to start. Otherwise, this may be where you end up once you grow your company next year of a reseller account. If you're just getting started with the hosting business. This is typically a good place to start. With the reseller account, you are essentially renting and a lot of amount of space on a particular server from the hosting Reseller company. You can then repackage this space in these resource is and resell it to your customers under your own business name. This is the cheapest option to go with, but it will give you the least amount of resource is. But again, if you're not starting out with any clients or ah lot of clients, this is going to be completely sufficient for what you need, and you can easily upgrade to the other packages as your business grows. Lastly, you have VPs hosting, which stands for Virtual Private Server, and it allows you to rent a separated piece of the server where each piece of the server acts like its own individual server. This is the middle ground between a reseller account and a dedicated server, so it's not as expensive as a dedicated server. But there's typically more flexibility with a VPs hosting account than with the reseller account. So if you have some clients to start with, maybe if your started with 2025 customers, you may want to go ahead and bypass the reseller account and start with the VPs hosting. But again, this is going to depend on the company you go with, and the amount of resource is that they're giving you with the package you purchase. So if you're starting from scratch, start with the reseller package and you can always upgrade to a larger package as your business grows. So you're not spending more before you're getting that income from your customers. 9. Linux vs Windows Hosting - Which One Should You Use?: most people get stuck when they're presented with both a linen in a Windows hosting package . So I want to break down the differences between the two so that you can better explain this to your customers and so that you can also choose whether or not you want to offer both options or just one, since one will primarily fit the majority of your customers. Let's start with Lennox. Lennox is a free, open source operating system, and it's used by the majority of shared hosting companies out there. It's also typically the more used option, so if you're in doubt about which option to use go the Lennox route. But unlike clinics, a Windows server runs with the Windows operating system. Obviously, it also typically costs a bit more, but it is necessary if the website that you are running uses windows features. So if you are running a website that is based on A S P, for example, then you will want to use a Windows hosting package. But if you're using the more commonly used applications or content management systems like word price in June, HLA then you can go ahead and use linen. The Lennox operating system runs on PHP and my sequel so you'll be able to run the majority of your sites with a Lennix server. But like I said, if you're unsure which one to go with, go with Lennox because nine times out of 10 that is the one that you will use. 10. What Unlimited Hosting Really Means: I want to take a minute to talk about when hosting plans claim toe offer unlimited resource is and what that actually means, that you have a better understanding. Let's look at the host gator hosting packages. For an example. They offer three plans. The first plan. You can host a single website on this plan, and then they claim to offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. As you move up, you'll see that they continue to offer unlimited this space and ban with. But you can host as many websites as you would like on this single plan. But let's take a look at what happens when you click on Unlimited. You do receive a notice. So I'm not at all implying that Host Skater is is saying something that is not true. But it's true. Within a certain limit, there's always going to be ah, limit. There's only so much that a server can have, but again, because you will be offering shared hosting, which means your customers will be renting a small piece of the server that you're renting . There's only so many resource is available for everyone, so you cannot have one or two customers dominate. All of the resource is and there's none left for everyone else. You'll notice here when they talk about this space and bandwidth. They say that they do require all customers to be fully compliant with their terms of service and utilize this space and ban within the normal operation of a personal or small business website. So basically what they're saying here is that these packages are typically going to be for personal or small business websites. That means these air not for huge traffic websites or websites that have an enormous amount of data on them. This is for smaller websites and I've used these host Gator plans myself. I've hosted numerous websites on one plan and I have not run into an issue. I have a lot of a space still available because these air typically not gigantic websites that I'm running. They tend to be smaller websites. They will let you know if you ever run into an issue so that you can figure out what to do . So if you have a customer who comes to you and they have a high traffic web site, they may want to look at a dedicated server or a virtual private server, as we previously talked about that will give them more resource is to match their particular website. For the most part, you'll probably be working with small business websites, and so these plans will be fine. But it's good for you to know what the limit really is when you see unlimited Web hosting a special when you're looking at reseller packages. 11. Section 3: What We're Going to Cover: Now that you have a better understanding of hosting, it's time to select the Web hosting reseller company you'd like to work with. But why would you want to set up a hosting reseller account? And when you're looking a different companies, how do you select the best one? You'll find that out in this section. 12. Why Use a Hosting Reseller Account: When starting the hosting business, you have the choice of purchasing AH, hosting reseller account or creating your own hosting business from scratch. Let's look at the differences to help you determine which one is the best for you. Let's start with building your business from scratch. You have to have a lot of capital in order to do this because you have to be able to purchase servers, you have to pay staff to manage those servers, and that can become pretty costly. So if you have money and you're prepared to do this, you know how to actually manage servers than this may be. The route you want to take. You have more control. You will, of course, have toe. Have a knowledge and expertise in managing these servers because you have to be able to present your customers of the quality service. Keep your servers up and running because this is going to affect people's livelihood. If their sites are going down, they're not going to stay with you. This is also good if you have a lot of customers in place now, on the other hand, you can choose a reseller account, and this is probably going to be the best bet If you want to get started very quickly, you have a limited number of customers, and you don't want to spend a lot of money to get started. This is really a great way, a great, low cost way. Should I say to get started with your own Web hosting business? You only have to purchase your Web hosting reseller package and maybe a couple of other things around your website if you don't have experience and setting that up. But you really can do that for around $100 at the most. If you're going to hire other people to help you create your website, you can still do it low cost like that if you're gonna do it yourself even lower. No technical experience is required with a reseller account. You don't have to know anything about managing servers how to do any of the administrative responsibilities that come along with that. Nothing. You can leave all that technical stuff of setting up and managing the servers to the experts. This also typically does not require you to purchase a licence for a billing and client management software, so if you create your own business, and you're gonna need to purchase that license. Ah, lot of times, though, as you'll see later in this course, the reseller account is going to include that license for you so that you can automate your billing. You can automate the sign ups for your packages. So again, if you're just getting started, you have little to no customers. And you want a really low cost way of getting into this business. I recommend that you go with the reseller account, which is exactly what we're gonna look at how to dio in this course. 13. 10 Features Your Hosting Reseller Company Must Have: it's important to carefully evaluate the hosting reseller company you work with to make sure they meet your needs your client needs and are a good company to do business with. Remember your own Web hosting company. Will Onley be as good as the company you work with? So as you start evaluating different companies, you'll see they will all share with you all the great features they offer. It's no surprise they're trying to sell, You said they may all sound great at first, and many of them are, but many of them are not. So let's talk about which features the hosting reseller company absolutely must offer so that you can make sure that you pick a company that is going to at least have all of these options for you. First, if a company has 24 73 65 customer support, that is very helpful because that means no matter what time of day or night, you will be able to get in touch with them. This allows you to set your own business hours, and no matter what time you choose for your hours to be, the company will be available to you next do you want to look for a framework, support and easy install? So, for example, if you will be working with a lot of WORDPRESS websites, you want to make sure that they have the one click install that customers always want. You want to make sure that they can host the most common content management systems out there. What backup options do they have? Do they automatically create backups for you? So that way of anything would happen to one of your customer sites you'll have a backup to go off of. You also want to check to make sure their software is up to date. Some of them will at least keep the most up to date software, while others will allow you to choose which software to run on your server, which is nice. But some of them will, for example, run the last version of PHP, and while that may work for a lot of sites, it may not work with the newest site, So you want to make sure that they're running the latest software. You also want to look at up time. How much time are their servers actually up and running? Most are going to tell you 99.9% of the time. So you want to make sure that their websites are going to stay up because again, if if your customers websites are constantly going down or running into issues because of hosting, they're not going to stay with you. So it's a very important. You also want to look for a company that has white label services, meaning that your customers will not know in any way that you are reselling. You're hosting services. You should be able to have your own website. You should be able to bill under your name and even your name servers, which your customers will use to connect their website to your hosting accounts, can have your domain name, so the name service will not be under the reseller company name or that will blow your whole operation. Everyone will know that you are every cellar. A client control panel is important. Clients need to be ableto log in access scripts, their email etcetera. You need for each and every individual client to have their own control panel that they can log into. You do not want tohave. Customers have to contact you to set up a new email address to install a script. And you do that from one dashboard that they cannot access, Not a good idea. You also want W h M. C s integration where you can create your own packages. Customers can purchase domains. You can handle your billing. You can handle your support desk all from this one control panel that is very, very important. And the top companies out there are already gonna have this integrated into your package. So you want to keep an eye out for that and a lot of them that already have that integration come with an enema count, which is going to allow you to purchase domain names for your clients or have them do so on your website. So if you'd like a good starting point, I'm going to share with you some reseller companies that have all of these features in the next lecture. So you can either use them or you can use them as examples. When you go out to find your reseller account, 14. Tip for Testing Hosting Reseller Company Support: I always recommend that when you're selecting a company, even if they say they have support around the clock that you test them out, give them a phone call, email them, jump on their live chat and do so on different days, meaning weekdays, weekends in the morning and the afternoon late at night and see what the response time is and see the quality of the responses that you get, because again their customer service to you is going to affect your customer service to your clients. 15. Section 4: What We're Going to Cover: in this section. We're going to look at what w h M. C s is and why you should use it in your web hosting business. We're also going to take a closer look at it so you can see how it works. This is where things really start to get fun, so get ready. 16. What is WHMCS, Why You Need It and How to Get It: W H M C s stands for Web host manager Complete solution And that's exactly what it is. This automates everything in your hosting business. Customers will have their own control panel. They can purchase domain names, hosting accounts. You can automate payments. You can integrate this into your website so that you do not have to directly set up hosting packages, purchase domain names and other products for your customers. They will be able to do that directly on your website and you can integrate it so that it matches the design of your website. You can build them automatically so as their domain names are going to expire, they're hosting. A package is going to expire. They can automatically be renewed and you don't have to go in and worry about the payments . You can also set this up so that if they do not pay or their payment does not go through, that their account can be suspended automatically until they update their payment. You can also charge in different currencies, which is really nice, is well so really, this is just gonna automate everything in your business. So I really feel that this is an essential tool for you because it allows you to be hands off asses much as possible and concentrate on other aspects of your business that are so important to your success. Which is your marketing, of course, in handling your customer service so you'll be able to automate everything else from your welcome e mails when someone registers the actual hosting domain name registration and other products, payments and even account suspension, as I mentioned. Most importantly, this gives clients their own control panel that they can access to handle their own accounts, that they don't have to contact you for everything. So, as you can see, this will walk through everything in your hosting business that you and a customer need to do. They can contact you for presales questions. They can actually place the order themselves. They'll have their own control panel where they can manage their account. You will have one control panel where you can manage all of your account. You can see your revenue. You can see what payments need to be addressed. There's also a built in ticket system so that you can handle all your customer questions in that same dashboard and staying on top of it. It's a really, really, really powerful tool, and like I mentioned, this is going to be integrated into most of the top companies out there. So when you purchase a reseller account, the license for this software should be already included in that price. 17. Tour of Your Web Hosting Business Admin Control Panel: Now let's take a look at the W. H. M. C s admin control panel, and this is where you are going to be able to manage your entire business. You'll be able to manage everything from billing where you create your packages, your support tickets and on and on. So this is a general idea of what your dashboard is going to look like again. This is gonna be customized a little bit to your website based on the template that you have integrated. But you can see over here that there are a variety of options across the top for you to use . Here you'll be able to get a full list of your client. So if you or your support team gets a support ticket, you'll easily be able to jump in to a particular client. And here you'll receive a full overview of everything about this particular client. All of their information. What products do they have? What e mails have they recently received in case they're following up on one? You'll also notice here, on the right hand side, you'll be ableto open a new support ticket. So if one of your virtual team members is in contact with your customer, and they agreed to open a support ticket for them. For someone in another department, they'll be able to do all of that here from the back end. They can also activate them as an affiliate. They can go and they can see which particular products and services they have. And if they need to do anything to manage those products and services, you'll be able to do all of that right here from the back end. Another area to pay attention to is billing and quotes. Here you'll be able to create a new quote if you will be providing additional services to your hosting company. If you'll be offering websites or theme installation or website maintenance, anything that you want to do, you be able to provide a quote for that here or if you'll be bundling services or customizing any type of quote for the customer. You can choose to do that from your W HMCS control panel now under support. This is something you want to customize. You'll see that there's a knowledge base that we've talked about the support tickets announcements that you consent to your customers. So this is where you'll be able to customize all of that under reports you have an income forecast so you can get an idea of what your income is going to look like month after month . Based on the rate that you are acquiring clients. You also be able to get a report of new customers so you'll be able to see very easily how maney new sign ups you've had. How many orders have been placed. So this is really great, especially if you'll be sending out some promotions. You'll be able to see which ones have been most effective as well. Another one that I like under reports is ticket feedback scores. You ask them to rate your level of service. You'll be able to go back and see your ravings in here. So this is another way to work on continually improving your customer service, but you'll see on the left hand side here, you have a whole host of reports that you can pull from that are very helpful for growing your business and really seeing what's happening in your business now under set up. This is where you're going to want to spend some time initially as this is where you'll be able to set up all your products, your services. If if you'll be offering certain bundles, all of that is here. You can see you can go down to products and services, and you'll see this is some packages that have already been set up. But here at the top, you can create a new group of services. You can create a new product. You can duplicate a product if you just want to edit some parts of it and offer it as a new package. But under set up, you'll also be able to do things like create a new payment gateway. Determine which currency you're going to sell in under support. This is where you can select to have different support departments, so this can make you look a little bit bigger than you are. Or if you do, in fact have, let's say, different. Virtual workers who won will handle billing. One will handle technical support, etcetera. This is where you consent the different departments and decide what is going to happen when someone submits a ticket to a particular department. So as you can see, this is a very comprehensive control panel, where you are going to be able to manage absolutely everything that you need in your Web hosting business. 18. Tour of Your Web Hosting Customer's Control Panel: now that you know a little bit more about W h M C s. Let's take a look at what it actually looks like in this video. Want to take a look at what the client dashboard looks like? So you could be familiar with what your customers are going to see now. This is just a general install of W H M. C s as you integrated template. It is going to look a lot prettier, and it's going to look a lot more like your website. So when your customer logs in, this is what they're going to see. They'll see any notices that you have posted here. They'll be able to register for new services, such as purchasing a new domain. If they've started a support ticket, they'll be able to follow up here and see where it's at. They'll also be able to view their invoices. And if there's anything that needs to be paid and from the top, they'll be able to access everything you would from your own hosting service. They can order new services. They'll be able to see here what services they have. They'll be able to order new services. They'll be able to purchase a domain or manager existing domains, they'll be able to handle all of their billing and you'll see here my quote. So if you have offered them a quote for additional work such as template integration website, set up S CEO, whatever else, if you choose to add the quotes into here, they'll be able to see this all from one dashboard as well. Again, they'll have their tickets, they can open and ticket. And if you choose to have an affiliate program, which is part of W H M. C. S. In case you would like it, you'll be ableto have them activate that here so that they can begin advertising your program as well. 19. WHM vs WHMCS: as you start setting up your website and you start looking for themes and plug ins and try to figure out how to get this set up, you may notice some host are offering W, h M and C panel, while others say they offer W H M. C s integration. Now, while those looks similar those air not the same type of software. So I want you to understand the difference. So you know which one you need to pick. Of course, you know that I'm already advocating for W h M. C s. The reason is because this is a billing software. This is what is going to automate your business. This allows you to go in and manage all of your orders. All of your Web hosting clients, the different hosting packages that you have your support tickets, etcetera. Now, on the other hand, wh M and C panel is a software that is going to allow you to manage a website and a Web server. This is what is going to give your customers their own individual control panel so that they can manage their domains and their hosting account instead of their own website. Now W H M C s will interact with W H M. And it does this in order to create accounts when a customer signs up for your Web hosting service. And like I said, this is what is going to give them their own control panel. And but W HMCS is what is going toe automatically bill your customers every month for their hosting, and it's also going to suspend their account if they don't pay or if their payment does not go through. So as you can see, these are two different Softwares, but they can look very similar, so make sure that you're selecting a host that offers W H. M. C s integration and you'll be set. 20. Section 5: What We're Going to Cover: I'm guessing you're probably convinced you want to add W h M C s into your website. But how do you go about doing that? Your website is obviously going to be a very important part of your business. So in this section, I want to share with you the tools you can use to set up your Web hosting reseller website . Well, look at themes and plug ins you can use and even how to customize your own template if you know how. Plus resource is for having the work done for you very inexpensively if you don't want to do it yourself. 21. Setting Up Your Own Hosting Website to Sell From: of course, to sell your Web hosting services, you're going to need your own website. So there's a few things that you'll need to do to set this up correctly. The first thing that you should do is create your website. And to do that, I would suggest starting with a WordPress installation. And if you're unsure how to do that, I have a free step by step tutorial on how to set up a ward press website with no coding. You can walk through all of the videos here completely for free. That'll teach you exactly how to do that. Next, you're going to need to select the theme that you're going to use and go ahead and install that in toward press so you can begin editing the look and feel of your website. Next, you're going toe. Want to set up your reseller hosting account and make sure again that you're choosing a company that already has w hmcs integrated into your package so that you will have that after you have set up your reseller hosting account. Now you're going to want to integrate WordPress with W h M C s so that the to talk to each other, and you can automate your business to get the two to talk. There is a plug in called W HMCS Bridge, and this is the plug in that is going to allow you to integrate your website seamlessly. But I recommend going with the pro because you're going to get a lot of added functionality . It's going to give you some short codes that you can simply just copy and paste on this specific pages. So when you're setting up your website, it's gonna be a lot easier to Dio, especially if you're not familiar with coding. It's also going to allow your customers just a sign on once and to be able to access all of your site, they're gonna be able to order your hosting plans if you want to be able to offer different languages. This will allow you to do that, too, and is also, as it says here, going to give you pretty links. So if you want to have your client area be your domain name dot com slash client area versus this other funny well, that's not very user friendly. It's not easy to set out to your customers that is going to allow you to do that as well. So just to have a more professional look and feel you can go the pro version. But the free version always works if you're just getting started, and that's what fits your budget now optionally, you can use this other plug in called W H M Press, and this is just going to help you make the front end of your website a little prettier. It's going to help you make it look like some of the top companies out there. The styles that layout you can put your hosting packages, nice pricing tables. Ah, it just allows you to display everything in an a nicer look. So it's something that's worth looking at. But again, Like I said, this is just optional is not something that you have tohave. So those with a few steps that you're going to need to take to set up your Web hosting website 22. Where to Get a WordPress Theme Integrated With WHMCS For Cheap: if you already have an existing website. If you're arming other services, for example, and you would like to integrate the W. H. M. C s software directly into your existing website so that you have a seamless look and feel you can do so pretty cheaply. There's a couple places online where you can go, and they will help integrate your website with this software. The first is on the W. H. M. C s Services page. They offer starting at about $35 for them to integrate your current design with their software. There's also another Web site called W HMCS integration dot com, and they're starting at $25. They will integrate this script with your Web design so you can go through here. Take a look at what they offer. Look at the designs, look what they're able to do and get in touch with them. If this is something that you don't want to do yourself or you want to have it done quickly , this is a good way to go about it. 23. Customizing or Creating Your Own Template: Now, if you are a developer and you know how to code and you want to be able to customize your website on your own W HMCS does provide you with thorough documentation but exactly how to create a custom template and also had a customized w h of CS toe match your website. So I'll include this link. But this is where you can go to read more about how to fully integrate your design with W h . M. C s. If you already know how to code and would like to handle this yourself. 24. Additional Features You Can Use to Enhance Your Business: W H M C s also has some additional add ons that you can choose to purchase on top of the original package. I haven't used any of these personally, but I can see where a number of these would be really been officials. I wanted to point them out in cases is something that would interest you. How many of these air? Pretty affordable they have project management. So if you want a tool that you can integrate to handle all of your projects like if you are offering Web design services, for example, you can manage all of your projects from here, and you can communicate with your team. Here is well, if you want to be able to manage your hosting business on the go. So if you're constantly out and about and you want to be able to answer support tickets and be ableto see what's going on in your business, you can do that through their APA's. Well, the licensing add on, I think, is something that most people are not going to use. It allows you to license and distribute your own applications, but you can also choose toe have customizable packages. So if you want your customers to be able to go in and set different packages based on what their needs are. This will allow you to do that. But for most people, I think having standard packages is what's going to work best for your customers. You also can choose to purchase live chat and visitor tracking. So if you want to be able to chat with a new potential customer that comes to your site or you want to have a virtual team member that does that for you, this isn't add on that you can purchase so that you can stay in touch with these different customers, and you can help turn your visitors into customers. So if you would like to consider any of thes add on applications, just visit this site and you can read more about it and find out more about their pricing as well. 25. Section 6: What We're Going to Cover: if you have taken any of my other courses, you know, I always emphasize just how important the quality of your customer service is. And in a Web hosting business, it's no different here. We'll talk about how to provide comprehensive and quality customer support to your customers without getting overwhelmed. How you can continually improve your customer service, build a support team and established business out worst. 26. The Challenges of Providing Customer Support to Your Hosting Customers: as we've already discussed. Providing great customer service to your hosting customers throughout the sales cycle is critical to your business success. At the same time, providing customer support can really be a challenge. You'll be dealing with customers who aren't very tech savvy. They do not understand hosting lingo, and all of that can be time consuming for you. So what do you need to do to provide this customer service and overcome some of these challenges? First, you need to decide who is going to provide support to your customers. In the beginning, this might just be you, and that is fine. You may also want to hire a virtual worker who will be able to go in an answer questioned on your behalf, or who will be able to accept phone calls that that's how you will be providing in service . Some people choose to provide customer service themselves at first and also higher virtual worker. That way, one of them can work an earlier shift during the day, while the other one works the shift at night. Let's say, for example, if you're going to choose to provide round the clock support or at least extended hours again. That's not something enough to require. But that's one way that you can set it up, regardless of who you hire. Or even if you are doing this yourself, you want to make sure that you educate your support team very well. They must understand hosting terminology. They must be able to look at a customer's website or customers needs and help them to select the best package. And they also need to be able to know how do they go about addressing issues as customers bring them up? Sometimes the what. Sometimes the best way to educate your support team is to make sure that you're as educated as possible. You are going in. You're answering the support tickets. You are finding out what customers questions are so that you could figure out what the answers are and then train your team to answer questions in a certain way. If you are using a support team, I suggest that you test them out on a regular basis by jumping on your live chat, submitting a ticket as a potential customer or even as a fake customer, and ask them questions, see how they respond. See how helpful they are that way. You know what level of service your customers are getting. This is also again, where I talked about looking very closely at the reseller company you're working with. What documentation do they offer? Do they have an extensive documentation library that you'll be able to consult if your customers have questions? What kind of support do they offer you? And that's where I mentioned testing out your reseller company, test out their level of customer service, contact them during the weekend, contact them during the week days at different times during the day and see what level of support you get. That way, if you have a customer asking you a question and you're stuck, you have a place to reach out, and you know that you'll get an answer quickly. And, as I also mentioned before, post as much documentation as you can their videos or online tutorials to help customers walk through what they need to do to handle different aspects of their hosting account. This is really going to save you a lot of time, and it can save customers from being frustrated. If they don't want to have to call you, they don't want to have to wait to the next business day or they don't want to will have to wait for an email response. So as you can see, there are a number of things you need to think about when providing support to your hosting customers. It really can be a challenge, as people will have a lot of questions. But as you grow a new build your documentation, you can really help point your customers to this documentation. But you have to be prepared to handle that one on one customer interaction as well. 27. How to Provide Comprehensive Customer Support: now there's so many ways that you can provide good, comprehensive customer service, but I encourage you to start out by only offering maybe just two or three support options because you don't want to spread yourself so thin that the quality of your customer support starts to suffer. So on. Lee, take on what you can handle, and then you can slowly add on more as you start to perfect one system or as your team grows and you're able to have your team step in and help you so on. Lee, offer what you can do well. You're better off offering less options and doing those really, really well than offering a whole bunch of options and not being able toe. Provide quality customer support. I've already talked about the importance of posting documentation online, whether that's articles or video tutorials, so that you can help customers who don't want to get in contact with you who want a quick answer, or it just eliminates that need for them to get in touch with you so you could put this is just articles. You could create a YouTube channel. You can create an F A Q section or even a searchable knowledge base on your website. You can also choose if you have enough active users to create a form, and you can create different threads in the form about different topics. And you can allow customers to go in and ask questions. And that way, when they do, others can see if they have a similar question. What the answer is so they can get help. That way, of course, an email support through helped ask or direct email support ticket. Whatever you want to call it, however you want to set it up is also a good way to provide customer support. And that's what a lot of hosting customers are used to doing. Now. If you wanna get a little bit more one on one, you can allow them to call you. And you could also even consider using live chat. There are many hosting companies that don't prefer phone calls. They don't prefer live chat. They want their customers to email them, or they want them to use the documentation that they've put online. Another option is if you don't really want to provide phone support or live chat. But you know some customers are going toe. Want to use that? You can either accept those phone calls yourself. Bring on a virtual team worker to accept those phone calls or to handle live chat for you. But you can offer those as a premium support package so you can use that as an upgrade for customers. They can either purchase additional support, or they can purchase the higher level package that includes phone support or live chat support. So that way you're getting paid for your time or you're being paid for the time of your virtual worker. There are many ways to provide this customer service, but again, select a couple of these and focus on what you can do best and where you know you can provide exceptional customer service. 28. Establishing Business Hours: many big hosting companies offer support around the clock and as a new hosting business, that's going to be really difficult to dio, or at least really expensive to dio. But you don't have to do that, so don't feel that you need to offer support around the clock. There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting business hours, even officious 9 to 5 or 9 to 6. Or even if you want as expand that out a little bit. There's nothing wrong with doing that. All businesses have business hours. Even if you contact some of those big hosting companies during nontraditional hours, you'll notice that some of their departments are closed so you might not be able to contact billing. For example, at 10 o'clock at night, they're gonna tell you to contact them again the next day. Just make sure that you post your hours. You let customers know what to expect so that they're not frustrated if they're expecting a return call or return email in an hour. But it's outside your outwards as long as they know what to expect. Customers are more understanding. You can also let them know what your average response time is. If they post in a form if they send you a trouble ticket or if they leave you a voicemail, for example, you can always start with less hours and increase the hours as your business grows. A swell as it mentioned, you can provide support during the day, and you can always hire someone toe work after hours for you, so you can always hire somebody who lives in a different time zone. That way they can work those later hours to provide after our support, no matter what hours you select work with the hosting reseller company, who offers that 24 73 65 customer support hours so that you can choose your hours. And even if you change them, you know that you'll have the support of your hosting reseller company. 29. Setting Up a Support Team: As you grow your business, you may want to expand your team to help with support. It's easy to commit to doing it all yourself, especially in the beginning, but you have to balance pain for help versus becoming overworked and overwhelmed. That is not a good way to start off your business. It's not a good way to set up your business. You're gonna need to concentrate on marketing the other services that you provide and the Ministry of responsibilities of your business. So sometimes it does not hurt to bring in a virtual worker. It can be a turn off because you feel like you're gonna have to put more money out. But more times than not, you're going to get all of your money back, plus some, and it's gonna help you toe ultimately grow your business. So if you're looking for someone who can help you provide email support or who conduce live , chat or even handle phone calls from your customers, there are a lot of virtual worker websites out there that you can use. I would suggest just starting with oh desk, for example, look for the ones who have already provided top customer service. Based on all the reviews and their rating, you can get a really good idea of how someone works before you even get in touch with them . Then go ahead and start reaching out to some of these freelancers and get on Skype. Do actual video chat with them. That way you can really get a better idea of their level of service and their knowledge, and you can interview them to make sure they're a good fit for your business. Once you have them on board, train them, make sure they understand hosting. Make sure they can answer the most commonly asked questions. Make sure they will be able to reach out to your reseller company for help if they need to have them study, test their knowledge and continually check on them to make sure they're providing that top level customer support. 30. How to Continually Improve Your Customer Service: no matter how good you think your customer services, there is probably room for improvement. Something can always be a little better. And let's face it, things change and you need to adapt. On top of that, the minute you stop focusing on customer service because you think everything is great is the moment things will start to go wrong. So how can you continually check to see how happier customers are and improve your customer service first, just listen. You listen to your customers. They're going to tell you whether it's directly or indirectly how you're doing, so make sure you and your team are always listening and looking for signs for both good and bad experiences. You can turn good customers into a word of mouth refers and possibly even affiliates. If you will be having an affiliate program, they may also be happy to give you a testimonial or leave a review for them, So take advantage of that. You can also be there during a customer's bad experience. Toe helped turn it into a positive experience for them, and you can turn some of your unhappiest customers into your happiest customers just based on the level of customer support you provide during a problem. So ask for feedback during the beginning of the sales cycle after the sale, and even when customers cancel their accounts, always find out what you can do better and make changes based on the feedback you receive. 31. How Your Customer Service Will Lose Your Customers or Help You Gain More: I've touched on customer service a number of times already. But I really want to emphasize this here because the quality of your customer service is one of the biggest factors that will determine if you will succeed or fail in this business . When getting started, you are focusing on so many different aspects of the business. You have your website design and W HMCS integration to think about. You're hosting packages, your pricing, marketing, accounting, team training, documentation and, on top of all of that, your customer service. Your customer service isn't just about providing good documentation are pointing a new customer to the right package. It's about how you had no issues when they arise. Are you there for them when they have a question when their site goes down or gets hacked, how do you respond and how quickly do you handle it? You have to be able to reassure your customer in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Your ability to reassure your customer and to be there for them when they need it most is what is going to truly help you keep your customers long term. And it's also what is going to get them to tell others about you. So above all of your other duties, you must put customer service at the very top of your priority list. 32. Section 7: What We're Going to Cover: At this point, you have a good understanding of Web hosting. You've set up your Web hosting website to sell from, and you're prepared to start accepting customers. Well, that's very exciting. This is where you're going to start asking, Where do I find customers? And that's exactly what we're going to discuss in this section. 33. Finding Your Market Share in This Competitive Market: sometimes fear sets in when we want to start a new business, there's always someone who has more experience, offers a great product or service or just seems to be on top of their game. While I do believe it's important to know what your competition offers and does, I recommend you look at the competition in a particular way. It's easy to focus on what they seem to have that you don't but instead focus on gaps in their service or what you could offer with the difference been. There is always a way to offer a better service. Ah, better value. Ah, better product or even just better customer service. What can you take that the other company does well and do even better, or just do a little differently? It's okay to be different and do what others aren't doing or won't do. You can also focus on a particular target audience or niche to serve versus serving. Everyone imagine you own a pet grooming business, for example, and when you go to set up a website, you come across to hosting companies. One is your standard hosting company that serves everybody, and the second is a hosting company that serves pet service companies. Which one? Would you be more likely to go with the second option? Of course, even if it costs a little more, you'll also have an easier time figuring out where to market your services and how to structure your marketing materials. When you focus on serving a particular niche, this will make your marketing life tremendously easier, and it will also help convert a lot more of your leads into sales. 34. 3 Ways to Leveraging Other Platforms to Drive Customers: We've talked about the importance of your own Web hosting website and it's of course, going to be the base for all of your sales. So it's important that you have a very professional website and it's set up to automate your sales. But now with that set up, the question is, how do I get new customers? And that's what we're gonna look at in these lectures. The good news is that there are so many ways, both free and paid, that you can drive traffic to your website to really start getting sales. One of the first things that you can do, especially if your new company you wanna share a new service is getting press, and this can come in a variety of forms. You can do things like if you are serving a local geographical area or your business is just based in one specific location, then you can reach out to local press because is because it is so much easier to get local press than it is to say get national press. And most people think this is a lot harder than they than it really is, so they just don't even try so don't overlook that as an option. There are also places online, like Help a reporter out dot com, where you can get in touch with different reporters who are looking for stories. And if your niche matches their story, they may pick it up there. Also, tons of websites online that allow you to Smit press releases, and you can get your service or your business talked about all over the Web by submitting a press release again. That's another underutilized method for driving traffic in getting sales now, as you probably already know, because your consumer of different products and services yourself most people and I'm talking over 85% of consumers are going to look at online reviews before they make a purchase, and that is huge. So how is your website getting reviewed, or is it getting reviewed at all on third party sites? Go out and see where other Web hosts are getting reviewed and try to get reviews on those sites as well. Pick a couple platforms and ask your customers to review will you there as well. This is really going to help build confidence for new potential customers. This is going to be even more important if you are building a standalone Web hosting company and not just adding hosting to your existing line of services. You can also create an affiliate program, which you can do directly within W H M C s, which is really great. And this is going to be like having a whole team of marketers that you don't have to pay until they actually make you a sale. So when you have customers who really love what you do, you can encourage them to sign up for your affiliate program so they can go promote your work. That's one less thing you have to dio, and you can get more money because of it. Another really easy way is to look for resource or partner pages that other companies have and get listed on those. So some software companies, for example, have a perks page Resource page partner page, whatever they call it, where they list discounts to different services. And they say those air their partners and this creates a win win situation. The customers of that software that website are excited because they found a deal from that website. Now you're gonna be excited of course, because that's going to drive new customers to you. New leads to you, so look for places that are in your niche and see if you can get listed on their resource page to help drive new sales. 35. 4 Ways to Encourage Customer Sign-Up With Incentives: Let's face it. Customers love to get good deals. They're more likely to buy something when they see it's a great deal. And they're also more likely to share it with others as well, because they feel like they're getting more value from something than what they're actually paying. That is why so many businesses use deals and incentives to grow their customer list. So there are a number of ways that you can do this one way, which you may actually be surprised, is using classified ads that this could be on popular sites like Craigslist, eBay, classifieds, back page gum tree and the list goes on. If you're going to use these websites toe, advertise your hosting business, you want to do things like promote free trials, free giveaways, even if it's just an informational giveaway, because that is what is going to attract most people away from the classified site to your site. If you're just going to say Come sign up for hosting, here's my general charge. I doubt you're going to get signed Them so really uses as a way to promote your giveaways and free trials, coupons and discounts get your first month free or get your first month for a dollar 50% off your first month. However, you want a word it. Those are the types of discounts that you can promote to new customers to entice them to sign up. There are a lot of coupon sites out there, so if you create specific coupons and coupon codes, go out to coupon sites and submit your coupons. People are constantly scouring these sites for any deals that they confined. These could be huge traffic drivers for you. Another way to entice customers to sign up is by providing an incentive. You can offer this as a bonus for signing up. So let's say if you sign up for your first month of hosting with us or you sign up for a one year package with us, we will include a free website template and e book on how to do X, y Z or some other give away. So add to the value of the package that you're offering them by giving them something that they're not expecting that, but at the same time would be very valuable to them. So this is typically going to be something that is more targeted to your audience and not something Justus General. This could be a really good way to really just push people into the sale if they're on the edge and they're not sure whether they're gonna buy or not. Also, think about how you can create a package that would entice customers who already have existing hosting to switch to your hosting company. That could be you offer to beat their price for the next six months by 10%. 20% Let's say or let's say you offer to transfer their domain and website for free, or you can do one of those and including one of the incentives we just talked about. So think about how some of these and car insurance is. Do it. You know, one of the popular one says, if you sign up with us, it only takes X number of minutes to do so, and you can save 15% or 10% 20% off of your current rate. So that encourages people to call them because they think that they're going to save money and they want to find out how much they can so think about how some of these other companies that aren't necessarily in the hosting industry are enticing customers who already have an existing product or service to switch to their company to get the same product or service and incorporate that into your business. 36. 2 Paid Marketing Strategies: If you're looking for instant results or you're looking to get in front of a lot more people as quickly as you can, it's just easier to spend a little bit of money. And oftentimes we hesitate to spend money because we're not sure that we're going to get it back. But you can do this very inexpensively, so there's not a lot of risk, and more often than not, you're gonna at least make your money back. But this sometimes is what you may need to do. Like I said, to get in front of people quickly and to help just jump start your sales. One of the things that you can do is go to websites that already have an existing audience that you want to target and get on their website. One of the easiest ways to do that is by purchasing and add. So there's websites like buy sell ads dot com, where you can purchase advertising space on these websites. Let's say that you are going to be working with a lot of companies that provide pet services. Whether these air pet stores, pet groomers, dog walkers, etcetera, you can look for pets or dogs in the B s. A marketplace. Whatever you would like to search for and you can see B. S A is going to give you a whole list of websites where you may be interested in purchasing advertising. You're going to see some have in a huge amount of traffic, while others have a lot less. Some of the prices are going to be very expensive, and some of them are going to be very inexpensive. So it's just a matter of looking through and seeing what is going to fit for you. So if I look at pets, I see they have rant pets, which has five point 1,000,005 5.0.5 million monthly impressions. You're dealing just not going to need to get in front of that many people. You can look for a website that has a lot less so it can be a lot cheaper but still drive you results. If we go down, we see for 42,000 monthly impressions here I see 11,000 monthly impressions. So let's see, we go to pet health and they have a 300 by 2 50 bottom center advertising slot for a dollar 50 per 1000 impressions, so that's pretty inexpensive. But it is in the bottom center, all right. We also have pit bulls dot org's Let's look at this. Now you have a 1 25 by 1 25 right sidebar slot, where you can pay $35 for 30 days and you can get 40,000 approximately impressions during that time. So that's a lot of impressions for 35 bucks is pretty cheap, so we can go to the website and we can see if we feel that this is really going to be the audience, that we want a target. If we scroll down, we can see here. This is the advertising slot where our advertisement would go, and then you can decide whether or not you think this is a fit for you. If not, you can look through some of these other ones. You could do a more specific search, such as dogs or dog groomers, and see what comes up there as well. Another option you have is purchasing pay per click ads, which are these ads here on the right hand side, for example, of Google. So when people search for a specific term, your website can come up now. This is also where niche comes in. You'll see I've typed in top Web hosting now. I don't know how much these people are paying. It's likely going to be very expensive because this is just a generic term. Or even if I just search for Web hosting, you'll see that these are probably gonna be very expensive. It's probably be pretty expensive for you to compete with the very generic term like that. So think about what long term key word you can use. That way you have a lot less competition, which means the amount you are going to pay per click is going to be tremendously less so. If you want to say Web hosting for dentist, for example, you can see that there's nothing specific right now. To dentists, that likely means this is going to be cheaper for you to go for the same thing. If you are going to be optimizing your website, you may not want to go for Web hosting as one of your main keywords. You may want to look for some of those easier keywords to rank for to help drive some more traffic 37. 2 Methods for Getting Organic Sales: Let's talk about how you can get organic sales, and these were the sales that you can get more naturally now. I know you've heard of both of these, but people often underestimate just how powerful these two methods are, so they try to look for other methods. But don't overlook these. The first is word of mouth. Word of mouth is so powerful for any type of business you do and again bringing that customer service back in here. If you're providing the excellent customer service, people are naturally going to talk about you, but sometimes they might not think about it. So don't be afraid to ask them to talk about it or even provide incentives such as a referral program or even the affiliate program that we talked about encourage them to talk about your program. Next is search engine optimization. Don't forget to optimize your hosting website so that you can drive more traffic through search engines. I could be one of the biggest drivers of traffic, and once your website is properly optimized and it's starting to pull in search engine traffic, your business can on Lee grow, you're gonna just continuously get that traffic to your site, which is really going to be important. So do not underestimate thes two common marketing methods as they can be huge, powerful ways to drive more customers to your website. 38. How to Keep The Customers You Already Have & Make More Money: with any business. The best way to make money is by increasing the amount of revenue you get per customer. It costs more time and money to get new customers than it does to make money from existing customers. So how do you do that with a Web hosting business? First is the offer up cells, and this can be in a number of ways. First, you can up so your customers on services you can offer to install the latest content management system you can offer them for ah, full Web design package, search engine optimization, Internet marketing or other related services. You can also offer toe up, sell even their hosting plan. You can educate them on the benefits of upgrading to your next level plan. Whether this is going to help speed up their site, whether this is going to give them a better deal. And if your customers say no or they don't jump on a particular up cell, don't be afraid to rephrase your offer and just put it in different words so you can offer a one month plan versus a six month plan versus a one year plan at different pricing. Don't be afraid to say Buy one, get one free versus 50% off. You can try different ways to up sell your services or toe, offer different services or packages products and just use different words to sell it. You may be surprised what works and what doesn't work. You may have the same offer just written out differently, and one can drive tremendously more sales than the other. You'll also notice in your own hosting company probably that there are other products and services that they may use in their business. And this can be some of the services we talked about earlier on from SSL certificates and dedicated I PS etcetera, that customers may not even know that they need or why they may need those. You can also promote affiliate products as well. You may notice that in the dashboard of your own hosting company that they point you two different services. And while it looks like something they may offer themselves, they're often referring you to 1/3 party and they will get a commission on that and one of the best things that you can do to really build customer loyalty to keep them as a part of your business. And to continue to drive more sales is to keep in touch with your customers whether you're doing this by sending out announcements, sending out tutorials, adding a new feature. And you can do this by sending out newsletters promoting what you're doing or education material on social media accounts, reaching out to them and asking if there's anything you can do to help reaching out to them and asking how things were going, sending them a survey trying to get some feedback. So what are some of the things that you can share? You can share announcements, new features that you just released or are working on. If there's going to be any upcoming maintenance that they need to be aware of our service announcements, whatever you need to do to keep customers in the loop about what's going on now, why this is important and how this can increase sales is because this can drive work without specifically asking for it, and it also keeps him engaged with your company. Sometimes you may not know what products or services your customers need. You just think you do, and so you market that particular product or service. But if you start sending out general information announcements, new features, etcetera, oftentimes you'll be surprised how many customers will respond to you. And they will ask for a website update, or they will ask for your help. And that is where you'll be able to step in and charge them for whatever it is that they have on their mind and whatever their needs are. So make sure when you are outlining your marketing plan that you incorporate away to continually make money from your current list of customers and not Onley, focus on how you can acquire new ones. 39. Deciding on a Marketing Strategy & Sticking With It: as you'll see, some of these will be much easier to do if you focus on a geographical location and or a specific niche. However, however you decide to market your services, pick a plan and stick to it. Consistency is key. Don't give up if your marketing efforts don't work the very first time I'm here to tell you your 1st 10 customers or so will be the hardest for you to get your new it. This you're starting from scratch, so push and push hard to get your 1st 50 or so customers. From there, you can leverage word of mouth and that can truly multiply your business when you get to this number and follow what we've discussed in this course. So don't give up before you truly get started and give yourself a chance to succeed. 40. 4 Other Ways to Gets Sales: now, if you're adding hosting to an existing line of services such as Web design, for example, an easy way to encourage your customers to sign up for your hosting from your other services is to go ahead and included in a package so you can say package A for $500. Let's say, includes Web hosting your Web design, etcetera. You could even say it includes three months or six months of free Web hosting to encourage them, and then they'll be very excited about that. And then you automatically just start being built after that. Three months, six months or just even the. After that first month, however, it is that you set it up. But when people want a package and then they see they already have hosting thrown in there , it's one less thing that they worry about. They really don't think about that decision too much. They tend to just go for it because it's a package typically with packages. You can't pull things out so that they may not question it. If you are providing Web design services, this can be a great way to sell other packages. So, for example, if you want to sell a monthly website maintenance package. You can say I will provide X number of hours of website updates and this costs also includes hosting, so that will encourage them to not only sign up for your hosting, but they may upgrade to your monthly maintenance package because all of that is included in one. You can also get bloggers to sponsor your website now. What you can do is you can approach a blogger who serves your niche and offer to do something like host their website for free in exchange for them doing a write up in review of your website in your service on their website, or also for them to just place an ad on their website. So if you do not have the money to buy some of the ads that we discussed previously, this is a good way for you to get free advertising space. And you may just have to give them a free package or a free deal. Or you can even reach out to bloggers and say, I sense I serve your niche. I'm willing to give them a discount. Was this something that you be interested in sharing with your readers and see if they'll send out that special discount to their readers. And lastly, where you can think about is how can you go and get in front of people who don't even know what hosting is and educate them on it and encourage them to sign up for your service? Because the truth is, everybody knows what a website is. Most people know how they can benefit from a website, but that does not mean that they understand domain names and hosting. So how can you get in front of those people within your niche to educate them about what that is, why having a good host is important? What features a host has, and these are people you may be able to up sell in a lot of ways. You may be able Teoh, obviously offer them your domain name and hosting registration services, and you can also add in your website design and other services for them as well. But this is just another angle for you to go at versus just people who already know they need hosting on are seeking out those services 41. What to Do When You Aren't Getting Any More Customers: At some point in your business, you're going to reach a plateau. Your sales will level out. You won't necessarily experience a loss of customers, but you won't experience a lot of growth either, and you may find yourself stuck wondering what to do next. Sales were continually increasing, so why have things leveled out now? This is typically an indication of when you need to switch things up a bit. It's time to introduce a new product, a new service or new feature. You can then use this in your marketing to drive new sales if your audience isn't responding to your base line of products or services. If you don't have or want to introduce a new product service or feature, revisit your marketing message and make it different or make it stronger. Think about the different marketing strategies we've discussed for finding new customer and also up selling your current customers. How can you change your marketing strategy to B'more enticing or more exciting for them? 42. High Sales and Low Sales - When to Expect Them: your sales are going to fluctuate at different times of the year and where your customers are from, is going to determine at what time of the year you'll experience high sales or low sales. A company serving US based customers is going to experience this differently than in companies serving customers in India, for example. So let me give you an example of this. Let's look at a company serving primarily US based customers now. Some of this will be true for other areas or countries, but some will differ, and you'll see why. So let's look at this example company that serves primarily US based customers. January through March is when you will be able to expect the highest number of sales why people are acting on their New Year's resolutions. It's a brand new year. They're geared up. They're ready to start being productive. Whether their goal is a new online business or boosting their current business, they are often going to need Web hosting, and this is going to drive, Ah, lot of sales for you following this early year. In the spring time, we're going to move into the summer months, which is the June through August. Time frame, those air gonna be the slowest months for sales. The weather is very nice. People are spending more time outside, their spending more time with family and friends, and they're going on vacation. Their mind is in a different place than business. So that is going to reduce the number of sales that you get during those months following the summer. We move into September through November, and those are generally good months for sales. A swell because people are just coming back from vacation. They're ready to start being productive again, and they're geared up now at the end of November and moving into December. Things really start to slow down. And this is probably the December time frame when you will experience the least number of sales of the entire year, because in the end of November you have Thanksgiving. A few weeks later, you have Christmas followed by a week or so later, you have the new year. This is where everyone shuts down. They start focusing on the holidays. They start focusing on the family centred activities, and they completely forget about business. And they think, well, January's right around the corner and I'll be ready to start working on my new goal in the new year. So these months the slowest months of the year are when you want to do things like getting ready for your first quarter, when you will experience the highest number of sales use this time to get your promotions ready, get your support team lined up to make sure that you can get as many sales as you possibly can during that first quarter. So as you can see, depending on where you are, this time frame is going to fluctuate. But if you stop to think about when you have major events, whether these air holidays, large sporting events, kids being out of school, you will be able tow more accurately. Determine when you can experience higher sales and lower sales in your location so that you can expect it. You won't be as alarmed, and that way you can use that time instead of being in panic mode to focus on getting ready for the coming months, when sales are really going to take off 43. Your Final Steps to Making Your Hosting Business a Reality: congratulations on making it all the way through this course. I hope you've learned a lot and are ready to start setting up your hosting website and use all of the marketing strategies we've covered to start getting your first customers. As with any business, you're not going to succeed unless you take action. But I can't do that for you. I am here though. Toe Help Answer your questions as you start getting your business set up. So please don't hesitate to start a new discussion. If you find there's anything else you feel you need to know, just ask. I know this is something you can achieve if you follow what we've covered in this course. And most importantly, you stick with it. Your success is up to you, so don't delay getting started.