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Start a Sketchbook: Easy and Simple Line Drawings for Beginners

teacher avatar Madonna Guinn, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Project

    • 4. Uses of lines

    • 5. Line practice

    • 6. Leaves

    • 7. Thank you

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About This Class

Welcome to the class of Start a Sketchbook: Easy and Simple line drawings for beginners. In this class, you will learn to use line to outline your any subjects that you want to sketch, draw or paint. With line alone, you can create shape, textures, patterns and adding value to your drawings to create dimensions using shading techniques. All you need is a paper and pen. By the end of this class, we will make a project of leaves drawing that you can design in your own style.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madonna Guinn

Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Madonna! I am a Filipina Artist and Illustrator, a happy full-time Mom of one, and a walking wanderer based in Florida.  My big love for nature helps me to be creative in every way. I love to try to explore different kinds of media like watercolor, gouache, and pen. Most of my work is traditional so don't underestimate the power of your hands.

When I do not paint, you can find me in my garden digging sweet potatoes, or filming for my Youtube drawing channel. I really do believe that being passionate about art takes a lot of patience, effort, time, and allowing yourself to grow in your craft. If you are looking for support and a community that will help you inspired and bring the positive joy of learning, you are in the right place... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hi everyone. Madonna Minority. So Strayger, welcome to the glad of started catch brick using simple line drawings for Begin. It's in this class. You will learn to use lines, outline and how checks that you want this catch. Sure, our paint line alone. You can create shape. That's true batteries and I valued your drawings by using sharing. Thinks all you need is a paper and pen. By the end of the class, we will make a project like this leaves drawings that you can design intro in your own style. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pen and let's get started. 2. Tools and Materials: Hi. Welcome again to the glass where the tools internals. You will have seen a sketch. Burke in a pen for the ban will be using micro loans for three and four sketchbook. That's just a very affordable sketchbook from in it. So and great for a practice you can use in a sketchbook that July, can you? Brown told to. If you don't have a sketchbook, can use brand or a copy paper. And if you're already a, let's going out to the next video, and I'm excited to show you what can A project will make. Four. Dick lasts. 3. Project : for the glass project. We're going to draw its simple line or Italy absurdist, using your very own sketchbook and pen. And let's happen out in the next few. And this time I'm going to show you send samples of line joints that I drew, and Uihlein is important for your art and science. 4. Uses of lines: in this video, I'm going to show you that you can create one dimensional two and three dimensional subjects which just using lines. So before I enjoy painting, I kept sketchbook with me, only to make does and anything for my imaginations. I rarely use reference photo just from the actual subject that I see in front of me, and I will just tell from it and have to no eso do it. It is for a very relaxing way to explore with lines and boxing drawings but different cells , and it's very helpful because you're feeling your creativity. You will also ask why and why not. I know I should start with pencil, which I did before I drew with a pencil before. But then it's something that you can help with your self confidence, because you can always draw with it without thinking or what skin it if it's going perfect or not, and the fact that you can it raise it afterwards. So if you took my start a sketchbook finding your greater freedom class, you will know what it benefits and importance over having a sketch for good despite giving time for your art. So lines has many uses, and the 1st 1 is that you can use it for outlining your subjects. Yes, when you say outlined us the time to see or visualize a form off the southern effectual into draw sketch our paint. It's like this flowers and leaves their Drewes displaying flat trolling. Simple a stage figuring battles our belief. A lens are great because it gives Buber or yourself an idea that this object, it's a flower business leave or a tree without including data elements all part, like the collars and value. So one of the benefits to off lining your subject ISS that before you start to put any details, there's a great start to doing proportions or like a rough sketch similar with outlying you can use. Also lines to give figure are shapes to your object cars. Subtext. Let's stop into shape. If you have extra and movement or subject, you can give some life to your drawing its or illustrations. It's like this leaves that are true while watching the wind blowing in a different direction. Even though your drawing it's no realistic style. Don't be discouraged. May be ordered to six Dallas Dislike that or to seen some improvement in some respect by adding extra hours and betters large banquet different styles for your illustration. And Goncourt ate a limited arc that you can convey your emotions. It's arson orkest, and also it can tell war story about your art to. Besides, you can experiment and make more lines than until be afraid to make mistakes along the way . Last one. Yes, that you can use lying for giving you arts and realistic touch to it. Yes, Les means all adding value to your illustrations are designs and shading ISS used in drawing to create value and values a lightness and darkness off the area. And there are different kinds of shading that you can apply to your the signs. 1st 1 is hatching for hatching used straight lines, the same directions. That's what it's cars from tour. This applied to add value toe one or more directions. Acela's as follows. The shape off the surface are form. Next. One is cross hatching. It's like an hatching eggs at the deadline cross over each other. Then the next one, it's random lions that we use lines in different directions to create value. Next, the stippling by creating dogs, you give your drawing some realistic touch to it. And the last one is inquires Incident Penn itself, us ink to add more value. And that said for me, Frank, you this all the lines and application I hope you learn something and I'm excited for you to apply for your brother. 5. Line practice: hi there a while ago with this guy's about different applications and uses of lines. Now I'm going to show you the basic lines that you can use for your illustrations. Joins are the science that I'm going to use my number three micron pen. So there are different kinds of lines. And let's start for spin a straight lines or you break the lights. Next day I got a line. You can also do Horace on the lines. I just wasn't sure to you the way. Hold your pen can give or can affect away. They're sold off. You're dropping off your line. So when I'm holding the pen, I used my first finger. It'll leave my pen So I am more control and I have a stronger hole that Ben compare. I am just living or this doing my two fingers to hold a pen and for the last one iss the 600 lines. So this lines are very helpful and especially Eve, you will in your lives to be straight or stable. Next, you can breakfast rowing with shapes. Yes, before I bought a regular notebook, no, really close. This sketch began. I just feel out different kinds of shaves. There, I imagine, is a try to draw them. Mr. Random Shapes ISS A good exercise, too. Breakfast your position and this type of exercise has got to remind me when, um, imagine or try to remember when you were distorting to write her name. It's gotta like drawing. It's like a form off another 100 writing. But I say this stuff because you're starting with lines, right? It's gonna like fundamentalist in the writings, so it's kind of like connected to it shatter. And the more you practice with lines some more. You will know this that the lines where you've been drawing like months ago or a year ago. Now you're doing it more straighter, and you hold Ben better and have more position in your more confident in Jolie and Ben or making different kinds of lines directly pen. So I'll see you in the next video, and this time I'm excited to show you how to draw some leaves. Our symbol leaves with just using lines directly, using the makeup in 6. Leaves : Yeah, I had strolling time, and today we're going to show you how to bring some movement to your lying court, and we're going to draw some simple leaves using your Panin paper. She learned to this drawings. I'm going to use a reference photo, and I personally took this picture and feel afraid to use city if you like. I'm going to start way this time. Yes, Avoid some straight lines. Imagine it's windy. Not starting, very, really. Just enough for the leaves this way. That's my first tip. Yeah, make it curve as possible. And for the 2nd 1 Yeah, bring your leaves in a different direction and angle to as well as the sounds like it's dancing like some abuse are subtle ways leading to each other, for example, and for it it direct it. Make sure that you have variety of sizes. Not all lives are on the scene sizes and really brace. Um, interesting. Your illustrations are drawings. Just relax your hands. Make sure that you're in comfortable position or you're sitting properly while you're Joey Son. Leaves are kind of here or in the back part of drawings. That's kind of make up the composition off the illustrations. What is dropping? Intermarriage me off like a bouquet because it's gonna spread out. Since leaves are really organic and shaves, you don't have to stress about you. It should be really perfect as to reference. Sometimes they used terra friends just to use the shades of it. You don't really have to copy exact shape by applying your oil artistic style to it or your own drawings. It will be more easier for you to express how you feel or how you want to illustrate or draw a subject. Don't be afraid to draw directly Ben and the practice you will make beef brokers from your drawings are art. So because yourself in drawing, accepting that you were going to make mistakes along the way and believe in yourself that your were going to make a progress now that we're dying making the outline and believes it's time now to draw the beans, you can be creative in this point. If you wanted to sign the leaves instead of putting veins is really after you. But for me, I'm going to put veins just usual lines. Notice that the veins is going to the direction or to the shape also. Oh, the leaves. So, for example, if my leave and sideways are going to the laughed or phasing, I also saw make the lines. Hello, curvy are a wavy to follow the direction or the form off the leaves. Imagine if just all the beans are straight. Maybe a sense over in first thing. So agrees away usual wavy lines to express our show or even indicated that this, like it's movie ISS person flow to the Joey. And they said, we're done with our simple leagues line drawing. 7. Thank you: Thank you so much for enrolling, watching to class. I hope you enjoy learning how to use lines. The next time you sketch or draw your masterpieces, just believe in yourself that you can do it. Have a great day. Is happy trolling?