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Start a Podcast Today Free on with Sponsorships!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Start a Podcast Today Free on with Sponsorships!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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13 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Why Become a Podcaster? What is Podcasting? Where to Begin? How to Earn and Grow?

    • 2. Branding a Podcast for Lifetime Growth, Flexibility, and Consistency

    • 3. offers free podcast hosting and built in sponsorships!

    • 4. features are ideal for new podcasters and monetization

    • 5. Inside Anchor Sponsorships for Podcasters and Brands

    • 6. Switching Your Podcast to Anchor for Free Hosting, Automatic Distribution, and Easy Monetization

    • 7. New Podcast Episode Upload Tutorial with Midroll Sponsored Segment Ad Creation

    • 8. Anchor Sponsorships Explained for Active, Ended, and Ignored Campaigns

    • 9. Anchor Income Report for My First 3 Months Hosting on Anchor

    • 10. Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

    • 11. Best Podcasting Display for WordPress with Simple Podcast Press Plugin

    • 12. Skillshare Class project!

    • 13. A mindset for success going forward with a podcast!

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About This Class

Become a podcaster today on with free hosting, automatic sponsorships, mobile apps on iOS/Android for recording/editing, and one click distribution!  We begin with a look at why do a podcast and how to brand?  Next we dive into specifically using for our free hosting and how to make our podcast on there.  Then, we look at how to setup our sponsorships there and get the most plays on our episodes.  Finally, we review some strategies to build our initial listeners and keep going with our podcasting journey!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Why Become a Podcaster? What is Podcasting? Where to Begin? How to Earn and Grow?: Why do a podcast today? What is podcasting? A podcast is a audiophile. Basically, that's a really simple version of it. It's just on audio file that you can listen to on various platforms. For example, you can use Apple podcast via iTunes to listen a podcast you can use stitcher Spotify, Google play. You can go directly with RSS feet in the simplest sense of podcast is simply a collection of audio files you can listen to. The next question might think. OK, well, why would I want to put up audio files for people? Listen to? I personally love learning via listening to things. What's awesome about podcast is that they're available totally for free. If you are not up for unable to pay for something like an audiobook, membership on audible podcast can be an incredible resource toe. Learn and get inspired. I love listening to podcasts when I'm driving when I'm at the gym, when I have something to do like dishes when im walking my dogs. Podcasts are an awesome way toe learn, grow, build your talents get inspired. If you'd like toe offer some of that same kind of value than you might be interested in starting a podcast. What's nice is you can literally just pick your phone up with anchor Dot FM, use the APP podcast and even have built in sponsorships. It's super easy to do a podcast. Meanwhile, what I do with making video courses and all the elaborate business I have that takes a whole lot of set up. There's kind of ah, significant threshold to get started and make it easy and make it sound good. Make it look as good as I do. Podcasting is an easy way where you can communicate a message you'd like to share with the world, and it is easily share a ble once you get the audio file out there. Audiophiles air small. Ah, podcast is also perfect complement to a vlog if you've got a vlog you're already doing, or if you're already putting files up videos up on YouTube or on Facebook or somewhere else , you could very easily turn these into a podcast podcast, especially in places where bandwidth is a key consideration. Ah, podcast can be ideal for somebody to download and listen to all at once, where there is no reliable Internet available, whereas like on the way toe work or something where you don't want to use up a lot of bandwidth. Podcasts are a mish, so to speak. It's a unique opportunity to reach people and do some good. That's why I have 790 podcast episodes that I've done myself. Most of my podcast episodes Air simply taken directly from my videos. I grabbed the audio out of a video and stick it on a podcast for me. Personally, I got feedback that viewers tended to prefer to watch my videos versus doing a podcast that said, sometimes viewers or not in a position like driving toe work to watch a video and are willing to listen on a podcast. Ah, podcast is a great way. If you've got some message to share to just get it out there, you can literally record a video on your phone. Put that on Facebook, and then you could record essentially the same thing. If you want to. On audio, put that on a podcast, then you could cross promote them as well. If you've got people following you on Facebook who like your videos, that's very natural, then, for you to promote your own podcast. Podcasting is easier than ever today, with free hosting applications like Anchor DOT FM that you can use. And for that reason, I recommended because ah, podcast is also something you have a chance to earn money on pretty easily compared to other methods. For example, you can put a bunch of videos up on Facebook, and unless you're a brand page like I've got that earns ad revenue on ad breaks, you're not going to make anything on a podcast It when you get 100 people listening every one of your podcast episodes and you've got a new episode coming out every day. You can easily make hundreds of dollars a month just by podcasting, whereas you can put the same stuff on Facebook and get nothing or put it on YouTube and get next to nothing. Podcasting offers really good ad revenue, especially with anchor DOT FM has got built in sponsorships, and this means that you can actually earn a bit of money putting out what you're doing while helping people with whatever message you've got to share. This is how much I've earned in the 1st 3 months of switching Anchor DOT FM I put an episode out every day. I'm grateful there's about 100 people who listened every new episode I put out and that it gives me hundreds of dollars I can earn in a month. Right now, the ad revenue is a little temporarily low on anchor dot f m. However, I imagine it will go up a lot for my podcast. I love and enjoy doing it. I love filming videos and then having that available in just a audiophile because the video file is so big. And for me personally, I'm not available toe watch videos much of the time. A lot of how I consume is audiobooks and podcasts because I'm doing the dishes. I'm not. I've got a wife. I'm extremely grateful for two Children. I'm extremely grateful for a business. I'm extremely grateful for a membership and Alcoholics Anonymous. I go to a meeting every day. I'm extremely grateful for that, a body that young and healthy, and I'm very grateful for that. So I exercise it. Try and take a walk, at least and for an hour a day. Take my dog for a walk, spending time with my dog, do some stuff around the house. And where in that do I have time? I'm thankful for feeling good and not feeling tired, and I get eight hours of sleep a night. Where in that do I have time to sit around and watch videos? I have almost no time to sit around and watch videos, but I do have a lot of time. I could walk while walking my dogs any time I'm driving somewhere, I've gotten lots of times. I can stick a Bluetooth in and listen to our podcast or audiobook. Thus, podcasts or audiobooks are very effective ways to reach people and build a relationship and expand what you're already doing and monetize what you're already doing. That's why I have my podcast. That's why I've got this set up like that. That's why promote my podcast, too, because people might not be up for buying a video course for me or watching videos. But it's real super easy. Just log on watch, listen to a podcast episode, and from there maybe gets him. The listeners that do want to go to YouTube do want to buy a video course. It's a great way to just get started. I consisted of people ask what year? I've got a message of share. I want a podcast. A really easy way. Get started. Come, just use your iPhone, your android device. Film videos. Just talking. Upload that to Facebook. Record afterwards. Exact same audio. Upload that to a podcast. Have viewers across promotes on your podcast. Help people, your Facebook, even your personal profile. You don't even need a page to do this. You could just do it off your personal profile. You don't even need your own website like I've got. You could just do it off your personal profile. I hope I've effectively answered for you why? Podcasting is awesome, what you can do to actually get started with it. And, ah, what money is possible? You can make off of podcasting just with 100 people listening to a new episode every day. You don't need to have a fancy intro. My podcast episodes don't have any intro. I just start blah, blah, blah, lying at the beginning of episode I've gotten add that place and you can do really short episodes. You don't need to be windy like me. And two hours of video almost every single day you can just do a five minute podcast episode. Ah, five minute, Paul Little 235 minute video. So I'm thinking about today, Get your friends, family listening to it. And bam, you've all of a sudden got something that could produce passive income for you. You've got something that could do some good in the world. That's why I'd start a podcast. That's how to do it. And I use Anchor Dot FM on my podcast to host it. It works really well. It's totally free. It's got built in sponsorships, and I've got a lot more videos in the course that air going into detail about that. 2. Branding a Podcast for Lifetime Growth, Flexibility, and Consistency: How do you pick a name for your podcast or change the name? If you've already got one? I do. All my branding is Jerry Banfield for my podcast. I've chosen to call it the jury Banfield to show, because then it's if I just put Jerry Banfield on my podcast. That's a little bit confusing. And when I put the Jerry Banfield's show on my podcast, then it makes sense. If you choose some other name, for there can be some benefits to that. But there's a big downside more than likely. Whatever you're doing now, in a year or two or three, or maybe even a few months, you won't want to do it anymore. For example, if you pick the hair styling as your topic and you do something like the hair styling show , what if you don't want to talk about hairstyling six months from now, it might be hard to imagine that you'd ever lose your passion for whatever it is you're doing today. What I've learned in 7.5 years of having a business online is I brand everything Jerry Banfield because then no matter what I do, I can continue under that That gives me consistency among all the different platforms. You go to Facebook, it's Jerry Banfield. You to Jerry Banfield, Twitter Jerry Banfield Twist. Jerry Banfield Website. Jerry Banfield Podcast. The Jury, Banfield's show that gives me the ability to just do everything Jerry being felled that way . Whatever I'm into, I can keep putting it up on my podcast and what I can say in earning ah, on my podcast in having a 74,000 places. Actually, just in the last three months since I've switched to Anchor Dot FM, I can say that you need consistency with your podcast. You work really hard to get listeners and is very easy. Lose listeners. And if you focus too much on your podcast on one specific subject, like nerdy gaming songs or something, what I'm saying, you don't want to do nerdy gaming songs anymore. You've just wasted all that effort. It can be nice to have a focused product. Sometimes. Generally, it's nice to just build something indefinitely and not have to change it. Thus, I just do the Jerry Banfield's show. There's lots of just like the Tim Ferriss show. This just like the other people the Tonight Show. There's a show. It's a good proven name that works for many people. You can do something like the Jerry Banfield experience that you could do something like Jerry Banfield daily. There's all kinds of ways you could bring it. I encourage you use your actual name in it, then you can brand everything on it. If you've got a website, then it's a very natural place. You can promote it. You can. Also, it's easy to get your friends to listen to something that specifically about whatever you're doing instead of what. If your friends aren't interested in nerdy gaming music, then even if you're doing nerdy gaming music on the Jerry Banfield show, then you can get people listen, the episodes they might like. But if you'd pick something that's so focused, it may be hard to get anyone to listen to it. It's good, especially in the beginning or the growth phase, which kind of is indefinitely. But before you've got a proven formula, it could be really good toe, have room for flexibility and not lose everything from that. When you pick a really specific topic and you change, you lose everything on that change. I have course, started the opposite. I branded things, not on Jerry being filled. In fact, the 1st 2.5 years or so my business. I just went around building company websites, branding on all these specific things. And what happened Every time I stopped doing something, I essentially wasted my time or whatever I was doing before. Since I've switched my branding to Jerry Benefield, it's been an amazing effect, as when I've got 656 Blawg Post 790 podcast episodes. It has this cumulative effect that is awesome, that I'm very grateful. In the last three months, 74,000 plays in my podcast. That's more than the first several years combined. I started. Of course I didn't. I didn't have this advice myself. I started to podcasts when I started, I started. One podcast was called Learned Love and another podcast with something business related, and I put both of these podcast together, which almost no one was listening to. I put both of these together into something. Jerry Banfield. The Jury Banfield show is the latest name, and I think it has been that before I put those together into the jury Banfield podcast. And then people started listening when no one wanted to alert Listen to my learned love podcast or my business podcast by itself, people understood that the one thing in common with every episode would be Jerry Banfield. Then I was able to put all my learned love episodes, which are still on the podcast, and I was able to put all my business stuff on the podcast. I put my music on the podcast. I put on my inspirational stuff. I just put everything in the podcast, and this way, listeners air able to just go through and see whatever you're interested in. There's stand up comedy. There's think tutorials. There's book reviews on it. There's music. There's of all kinds of stuff on my podcast. And that is why I'm able to get a lot of listeners is because everyone goes to the same place and it doesn't change over time. For this reason, I highly recommend brand your podcast after yourself, even if you can't imagine needing to change. Even if you've got a partner in mind, you're going to do a specific topic with what happens when you break up with that partner. What happens when you don't want to work together? You just ran out of ideas. If he's got the Jerry Banfield's show, you just press on. If you've made it something ultra specific, then you need to rebrand it, which is annoying, I'd know, and then you lose listeners every time you make big changes like that. I hope I've explained what I've learned in five or six years of having a podcast that I hope is useful for you today in your podcasting journey. 3. offers free podcast hosting and built in sponsorships!: have you been thinking about making a podcast? Or do you already have a podcast where you're paying for hosting and or can't accept sponsorships? If so, I'm very grateful today to share with you anchor dot FM, where we can not only start a free podcast. That means no charge to host it free forever. But it also has the ability to get sponsorships built in after years of paying collectively thousands of dollars to do a podcast where I never had even one sponsorship. Despite having hundreds of thousands of listens, I'm grateful I switched to Anchor dot FM. Well, I've already earned hundreds of dollars in the first couple of months, and I'm happy to see that this is available for podcasters regardless of your audience size . Currently, it's limited to the U. S. A. Although I understand they are planning to get it out there, do as many countries as possible. If you'd like to learn how to use anchor dot FM to start launch, build, grow and get sponsorships on your podcast. I imagine you will love this course here with me today. Thank you very much for getting started with your Jerry Van Field here showing you how to start a free podcast today on angkor dot FM 4. features are ideal for new podcasters and monetization: welcome to anchor dot f m. Their website says It's the best way to make your podcast, and so far I agree. After using anchor dot m m for several months to host my podcast, I'm grateful that after years of podcasting, I finally have a place with built in sponsorships and free hosting. Let's take a look at some of the basic anchor dot FM features again. The website is anchor DOT FM. The awesome part about this is if you don't have some podcasting set up like I do where I've got a podcaster microphone, I've got a perfect set up to do a podcast. You don't even need to have that. You can actually use something like your iPhone or your android phone to do a podcast. There's an anchor app on the APP store and on Google play, where you can even record directly with your phone. Thus, it gives you the chance to start. A podcast is long as you've got a phone. That's an awesome feature of it, which I don't use, but I imagine it appeals. Teoh people normal people don't have a full filming studio at home. Here are some of the best features on anchor, which I awkwardly try and zoom in on here. Let's see if we can get this are here ago. Anchors Best features. You've got unlimited free hosting. You don't have to get charged to host your podcast, which is nice, because after spending thousands of dollars on my podcast toasting, I can say it's really nice to not have to pay for it. You can easily make your podcast available everywhere, like Google Podcast Spotify Apple Podcast with just one click. It's very easy to do that. You can monetize your podcast with built in sponsorships. This is a primary feature that sold me on anchor Dot FM because after years of podcasting, I had no sponsorships, not four lack of trying or being available. It's the platform I used. You had to all build it in, and working out manually didn't have any solution where a big advertiser could come in and put sponsorships automatically on a bunch of smaller podcasts. Anchor Dot FM does have that built in, and I will go through how to do that. You get monetized based on plays, and I've earned hundreds of dollars in the first couple months It's awesome. You can even podcast with friends. The podcast creation tool is great. You can record even on your mobile application, and you can see easily how many people are listening to your podcast all in one interface. If I like this quote from Fred Bloomberg, which I literally I'm just reading for the first time. If you're looking to start a part guest, you don't even know where to start. Anchor is what you need to download and where you need to start. It's literally that easy. Anchor gave me my start. I'm forever grateful. You've also got that anchor. I really like your app. It's made it so easy for me to podcast another one. Thank you for making easy to distribute and create a process. Ah, podcast. Yes, I second that all the way. Let's take a little bit deeper. Look at anchors features right here. Unlimited hosting is to democratize audio. That makes a lot of sense to make it so anyone can just put up a podcast instead of having to pay for. There's no storage limit, no trial period. No credit card needed, no strings attached. If you're not familiar with RSS, that's good, because on the last podcasting platform I had to use, I needed to do all of these submissions to my podcast. Anchor handles all that for you. It makes it really easy. If you've already got it set up, it's pretty easy to convert over to anchor. Also, the best part about anchors. You can monetize that your podcast, both with anchor sponsorships and with the listener support. There's a direct support button where you can hit a button like start getting paid to podcast or support your podcaster. If you're wondering, do you start out with sponsorships? Yes, when I very first started immediately on the platform, I had to sponsorships available. I'm still consistently earning money from sponsorship. So if you're wondering well, if I get started to have to wait for sponsorships, probably not. You should be able to start and immediately have sponsorships available. That's of course, depending on advertiser income. And how many other people are podcasting? It's cool. I have not used this, but you can podcast with friends. The analytics are very straightforward and better than the last platform I used. It shows you how many plays you've got, how many place for episode. How many plays each episode has and the overall podcast place. It's awesome that you can record anywhere because you might have idea for a really good podcast episode and be on the goal with the anchor app. You can record that way. I have not done that so far, but it doesn't mean I won't if you're just starting out. This means you've probably got a pretty good quality microphone in your iPhone or your android phone already. And therefore you can save the trouble of buying thousands of dollars of audio equipment like I've got that I'm recording on and you can make a podcast that sounds good without having to spend any money. And that is also awesome. The episode builder is very effective in anchor dot FM. I will go through exactly how to use that. You have editing tools on Anchor DOT FM, where you can split the audio up. You can bring in your different little sound segments or music you can put in a sponsorship . The editing tools are awesome. You don't need to have your own audio editing software to do a podcast on anchor, which is really cool because on the last hosting I used you had to upload a ready to go audio father weren't audio editing tools. There's also creation tools. We can even take voice messages, and I haven't tried this yet, but that sounds like something cool that you can do with them. I guess you can even add music. You can do video transcription, which I've got a different system, so I don't do that. But it's It's When I did try it, it came up right away with the transcription, which was really cool. If you're wondering, can I switch to anchor if I've already got a podcast? Yes, I switched to anchor pretty easily, using their import tool. Just make sure sign up and get started switching. It might take a few days to get everything pointed back over, but it does work really good. I'm grateful you I are learning about anchor with me, and I hope this has been a useful overview of Anchor dot FM's features for podcasting. 5. Inside Anchor Sponsorships for Podcasters and Brands: How do sponsorships work on free podcast hosting anchor dot f m If you're a podcaster, sponsorships on anchor dot f m are awesome because they're built directly in. You literally upload your audio. You hit ads sponsored segment, and you likely will already have sponsors that are immediately monetizing your podcast. I've already earned hundreds of dollars in the first couple months of putting my podcast on anchor Dot FM and I had sponsors immediately waiting for me as soon as I signed in. Now this is subject to availability based on how much sponsors or advertisers brands are spending on anchor dot FM relative Dominy podcasters there are. Well, what I'll Do is go through the basics of anchor sponsorships first for podcasters than a quick mentioned for brands, although it all it all works together. Their part I love about acre dot FM is that it makes sponsorship on podcasting. Super easy. If you're podcaster, you have access when you're on anchor dot FM to just add what's called a sponsored segment in to your episode. This means advertisers can put out a large ad budget, and then it goes out to many different podcasters without each podcaster having to work something specific out with the sponsor. That is really nice, just like how it works on YouTube. Just put your videos up and it's all automated. That's how it works on anchor dot FM. Also, if your brand you can just pick certain types of podcasts or you have choices as far you can reach out to individual podcasters, or you can just kind of let at me one advertise with you as a brand. You've got a huge potential reach on anchor Dot FM because so many new podcasts are getting started. In fact, it seems that as of February 2000 and 19 there's a shortage of sponsors and brands on Anchor Dot FM because the system works so well that there's so many new podcasters that have joined that the budgets being spent from advertisers and sponsors are actually lower. There's not enough compared to how many listeners and how many podcasters there are. I imagine at any point that could turn and the rates could be really competitive as advertisers see that podcast advertising is awesome. Why is podcast advertising awesome? Because podcast advertising, if you watch the little how it works you meet your sponsor, it just shows up that you've got a sponsor option available. You meet your sponsor and then you record your message and you get paid. What I love about podcast advertising is it's recorded in your own voice on my podcast, any sponsor, when I see a sponsor come up, I If I decide to accept that sponsor recording ad for that sponsor and then it's recorded in my voice, I personally Emma, picky about who I will allow the sponsor my podcast, if I do not know Brand on familiar, whether I go research it and look at it. And if I'm not using it or I don't care about it, I don't think it's worth promoting. I'm not going to record add in my own voice pitching for some brand that I don't care about . I haven't bought from, and I don't do anything with because in my mind that is not a good fit for my listeners. What I love on my sponsors that anchor DOT FM actually offers its own sponsorship. This is perfect for me because on my podcast, for you ever listen to what you will hear. An ad four anchor DOT FM that's sponsored by Anchor Dot FM. This gives me the flexibility to record in my own voice and say it exactly how are mean it , and that is kind of pretty close to native advertising. Instead of having some spokesperson for the brand or some paid actor come on like on TV in a podcast, you get your message presented by the actual podcaster, which, in terms of being a listener, is much more powerful, then seeing some generic TV ad Warren actors being portrayed. And no one from the brand actually is there or even eyes presenting it. No one, for example, from the TV show you're watching is they're actually pitching for the brand. Sometimes they work things like that on TV. But usually it's not same thing on YouTube. You just watching you two bads. Very rarely. Ever do you see the person who's actually on the YouTube channel. Actually, then on the ad. That's why I love podcast advertising, because when you hear me on the podcast and then you hear the sponsored message delivered by me, I think that's really powerful. I listen to Tim Ferris's podcast, and I still remember some of the sponsors on there because Tim delivered them in his own voice and that stuck with me. And I have expressed interest in advertising on anchor dot f. I am also. Now, if you're thinking about becoming a sponsor on anchor DOT FM, I'm not sure what they're looking for. But I did use the get in touch option. I requested something like up to $50,000 advertising budget, and they didn't even reply to me. I am not sure what's going on with that, but I guess they're still fairly new and working on getting the sponsors in. I'm very interested in trying podcast advertising because the additional value is that the podcaster themselves gets to know you. What better way for me to reach out to a bunch of other podcasters and get other podcasters ? No, I am then be a sponsor on their podcast. If you get to reach as a sponsor, both the quote influencer as the podcaster and the audience. That is a really effective combination, because then you have that interaction effect where the influencer and their audience can talk back and forth about the sponsor, for example, on my podcast, maybe someone someday might say, Hey, gee area, you were sponsored by this. That's cool. Did you know I do this with them? We'll know. Then we have a conversation about it and that word of mouth marketing is some of the best you can hope for in marketing and advertising online. Thus, I love the anchor dot FM sponsorships, if you are considering. If you want to try podcasting advertising, you can submit the form and see if you actually get a reply. And if you are hoping to get your plays monetized on your podcast, anchor DOT FM does have their own sponsorship. Which to me, that's my favorite sponsor on the podcast because it most naturally fits in and is most appropriate from my listeners, who might be thinking of starting their own podcast. And, well, it's in completely natural. So I appreciate you learning about sponsorships on anchor dot f m with me, and I hope this is useful for you to look inside the world. A bit of anchor sponsorships 6. Switching Your Podcast to Anchor for Free Hosting, Automatic Distribution, and Easy Monetization: are you interested in switching your podcast toe anchor dot FM like I did, the process was pretty straightforward for me. Even though I was not able to use the automatic switching that anchor DOT FM makes available because my podcast host the old one required you manually email them the new feed . What you can do to see if you can switch your podcast here, you just type in the name of your podcast or you paste in your R s s feed. In some cases, you will be able to automatically switch it. Some of the other podcasting providers anchor has set it up so you can automatically get that done straight through them. Others, like the one I was using before you will need to actually email them. Anchor makes it super easy. You just email them the new feed your new anchor feed to direct it to. And what happens is your old host will direct it to anchor DOT FM. What you do need to know about this process is if you have over 300 podcast episodes already, you're probably like, really, who has I had, like, 500 or 600 episodes when I switched to Anchor DOT FM. I still actually need to use my old host to host those old ones because anchor dot FM Onley imports 300 episodes, although it does seem to keep more than 300 after you've imported it and start putting on new episodes. But if you're going to import, just know that up front Anchor says that powers one in three of all new podcast created in the world. If you're thinking well, why would I want to switch its unlimited free hosting and distribution, which is really nice? The uploading tools are awesome. You can even take voicemails from fans, but the key thing is monetization options you won't find anywhere else. That's the main reason I switched toe Anchor Dot FM as well as the free hosting. But cause, after years of spending thousands on my podcast to host it and having not won sponsorship despite hundreds of thousands of downloads off my podcast anchor dot FM, I've already earned a few 100 on it, which I'll go further into in the course here. What you do when you switch to anchor DOT FM, you just import toe anchor. What you do is Put your RSS feed in and anchor DOT FM goes and downloads all of your episodes to up to 300 episodes to anchor DOT FM. Once you've got those episodes and anchor, then you redirect your old feet. That means wherever your old feed was. You get it pointed at your new anchor fees so that when the algorithms go through your feed at the point when you switch to anchor it then points over to your new anchor hosting instead of the other one. That's it. Once you get your feed switched over, you've got your episodes. An anchor now for me. I still pay for my old hosting in case people want to listen to those old episodes. The funny thing is, I'm actually having anchor Dot FM ads are playing on the some of my episodes that were like 700 episodes ago, so I'm not sure about how it works with the 300 episodes, but there is, ah, 300 episode limit on it. If you've got questions about switching, is anchor really free? Yes, it's free because here's how the anchor business model works. What anchor does As you can see, it takes a percentage of the advertiser revenue, which is actually pretty small, They charge advertisers say 100% of the cost. Then this podcaster gets 70% which is significantly higher than other places you would have the same arrangement with. Like YouTube. This gives anchor the 30% of all advertiser budgets, which that's a good income. It's then able to do all the podcast hosting for free and makes the money for itself. That way, the more sponsors, the more podcasters anchor DOT FM gets, then they make their money out of the podcasting cut. You retain all the ownership to your episodes, anchor automatically submit your RSS feed toe all the platforms, which is really nice on my old host. I had to do all of these manual steps before it, but fortunately, anchors got it set up. It even distributes to Spotify, which is really nice. Google podcast apple podcast. You just put it in anchor and it does the distribution. If you've already got it on these platforms, Anchor also will sink that up for you, and any you art on it will distribute it to the other ones. My podcast was already on apple podcast already on Google podcasts. It was not on Spotify, but anchor dot FM got it on Spotify while it just pulled my existing podcast from apple podcast Google Podcast and put it all in there. You can also, if you've already got the feed you are l for, say, your apple podcasts like I didn't You want to just stick it in there? You can do that as well. If you change your mind about switching toe anchor, you can import your episodes. It doesn't impact your RSS feed the switch. Onley happens once you get the RSS feed redirected. Your podcast doesn't have to be available all down at all during the podcast. What you do is you have your old host and as you get all the episodes on anchor and then as soon as you redirect anchor, has it hosted Su? There never needs to be any downtime on your podcast. When you're switching, you can upload your own finished audio directly to anchor. You don't need to create and edit it on anchor, but you can do that if you want to. These are the basics of switching a podcast to anchor dot FM you just get started by putting your podcaster RSS feed I have switched to or three months ago. Now, it has been an awesome experience for me on anchor dot FM. I'm very grateful this platform is available for me now, and that's why I'm telling you about it. 7. New Podcast Episode Upload Tutorial with Midroll Sponsored Segment Ad Creation: How do we upload a new podcast episode on anchor dot FM? Let's take a look at this right now. Once you're signed in, you just click on the top click New episode. I recommend to actually go through the episode builder as well. Instead of just doing it on the main dashboard page. What you can do is click Got it. Then I just need to drag an or click to upload. So we're gonna click to upload here, going to go over to Mac and what I've got is an ah dot Wow, have file. You can also use an MP three on this case. I'm to use a lab file. I'm uploading this. Now it's processing. I'll do all this in real time to show you how it works. This is a nice little four minute episode talking about my dog passed away. It's a nice little four minute up. So talking about how my dog died, uh, so you can also hit the record. But I can't believe I just said so. Really. I never say that you can hit the record button to record audio right now from your microphone as well. You can add messages, you can put previous audio. For example, if you've got a little jingle you do at the beginning, you can use your library. You can also do transitions. I can't be bothered with any of that. The only thing I do is go over here and hit this. Add a sponsored segment. This allows me to play, adds that Give me money on my podcast, which is nice. On the downside, some of the sponsors don't accept your ads. If you don't have a mineral, add what I've shown you right here is a pre roll ad. This is at the very beginning when someone tries to listen your episode. The ad will play before the episode. Now, if you stick it at the end, you can see it, says adds. Won't play here. You don't even get to have a post roll ad because apparently advertisers are on the fact that you just probably turned a podcast off. When you do that, The secret to making a mid roll ad is what you do. You click on the audio file you submitted, assuming you just have your whole podcast in one audio file. If you got transitions in a much audio files. You might not need to do this, but if, like me, I just record stuff straight. All that jury band feel straight never chased that. What? I just split into multiple segments. He would a base at split into multiple segments. What I do now is I find a spot to split where I am quiet for a little bit. So I listen to my podcast episode. I should have recorded this with your cast, like reach out like No, I'm so sorry. It's weird cause it's I'm so accepting about my guess. Okay? The dog, you know, I'm not. It doesn't hurt that much. Well, I guess we heard a lot. Was my dog bit my daughter that that there was a ton of hurt, and it's kind of like our idea of her died a year ago when when the dog better daughter year goal are our idea of her diet a year ago? All right, so I just pick a spot. It's like one minute in I hit split here on its and you got a click it a few times sometimes for to work. Then you hit saving split. And is that the absolute perfect place. Put transition. I don't know, but it's going in right there now. I split the episode up. I've got part one and part two. Now I've got part one and two. We drag sponsor segment right over here and then right in the middle of talking about my dog dying. This is interrupted by I'm grateful for a sponsorship by Anchor Dot FM or whatever. The current sponsor is the idea being that you get the beginning off the episode before you actually here in ad. Then here's the mid roll ad that plays for 30 to 45 seconds, and then the episode continues here. This is where sponsors like to add to be along with at the beginning, because the listeners interested in has a good shot of actually hearing the ad. I could add another sponsor segment. If I wanted to. I could put to right in the middle. I guess I could put one at the beginning, but split it eight more times. I could have more ads in the show. I've had to show itself. You just removed as we don't need that many ads since there we go. So now I've got these split like this, and then I hit save episode, and this takes me into the next step off. Uploading where I want a description and episode, name and image, along with having the ability to schedule for later and published everywhere. Let's go through each of these quick. So what I'll do first is it upload a custom image, a port, a nice image of my dog up here. And for some reason it's rotated over. And that's just great. So we're gonna see if we can rotate this over really quickly here, and it opens correctly for some reason in the other one will just rotate it around, see if it will. Dave and I don't know why. Anchor does the dead don't know. That's why I did that. But I rotated it around, saved it again. And now Bam, There's a picture of my dog Peaches. We love her, and I did have a good cry over her the other night. Despite how it sounded the beginning. The episode. It sounded like you don't even carry dog. I love my dog. Grief is a funny animal. You never know when you're gonna get it. What I've got now is I've got the image up now. I just need the I need the title of it, and I need a description. And I just realized that I have this information in with my video editor over here, and I forgot to pull the table up beforehand. So here we are. We go into here, grab. I've already got this written out. I grab the file I've got Now, this is great for collaborating is you've got air tables. Really Give collaborate. So I grabbed my title over here, and for some reason, you gotta gun control there now paste a while. That was a square. I didn't know you could make a square rule like that. They're so I got I got the episode name. We're going to control Tab. Go back over here. Grab the happy off of here. Like up here. Controlled tab. But go down here and click paste. I've got a little episode description I've got a link to because who wouldn't want to play video games with me after here? And how I talk about my dog Die there in the They're my podcasts. I've got I've got eyes, Fiqh. I've got the description here. A nice little simple explanation that I've got the links that are relevant to where this was created. And I imagine James, my video editor, and he actually upload the podcasts. I'm making this four James so he can see how I do it. He'll probably edit the links for future ones down here for the podcast specifically. But I've got my links in here since I pasted it in from Air Table. You also can paste in from Microsoft Word. It will automatically put your links and otherwise you may get annoyed if you just type the description in here new manual after link it, uh, once you've got all that done, I nd if you're wondering, do you really need to do a custom image? Yes, it's really do it good to do a custom images. Let me show you why it's good to do a custom image. Because when you get your automation set up, which you want to promote, your podcast really should be automated. When you get your podcasts automatically set up correctly. What you can do is have an image tweet great with the image from your podcast episode. Otherwise you're going to get the same stupid generic image over and over again. Don't do that. You want to get the most engagement in the news feed. So what you can see here is my last podcast episode went out automatically, and then it pulls the thumbnail I used on here. So please do put a different unique image every time encouraged people to click on your podcast and a different title and a different description for search engine optimization. All that good stuff. Now, finally, you've got the last options. You can save this as a draft if you just upload 10 at once. But if you mind as well, at least just go ahead and schedule it. And normally what I've done is scheduled my podcast episodes to release at the same time every day. I'm just transitioning having James do these for me. Thank you very much, James. It saves me all this. I've just shown you here. So what I'm going to do now? Simon published an episode in six days. Oh, my God. My listeners just must be going crazy. He's like, they're like, Oh, you didn't publish episode for six days, and it's about your dog dying. I'm done following your dumb podcast. I have published episode and once I had published episode, it goes out live from there. And now I've got it all set up. I've got I've got the links, I got the picture, I got the description. I got the episode broken up with a sponsorship spot in I go back to my dashboard I go to my dashboard over here and I go over to my dashboard. I wait forever for ankle dot FM to load and I can see that the episode is released and the monetization is correct And here it is. So I've got episode through it. Now, if you've got a lot of episodes that always committed Episode 300 then you'll see the new episode here. If you messed route anything up, mess anything up, You can go back in here and hit at it details and change things like that and you can go back to the dashboard to fix it. Thank you very much for learning how to upload your episode on anchor dot FM. How to put a mid roll sponsored segment in the middle of it using one audio file and the importance of going through and putting a unique a male on everyone filling out that title and description and public case in Whoa! That was great, wasn't it? Yes. It what? Oh, my God. 8. Anchor Sponsorships Explained for Active, Ended, and Ignored Campaigns: How does the sponsorships tab work on Anchor Dot FM? I hope explaining this is useful for you because I got really annoyed and confused with this and once customer support responded. Now I understand it makes sense. While the interface currently does not explain the things I'm about to share with you, it does reflect that they go on what happens on anchor dot FM sponsorships. When you go in to your sponsorships to your money tab, you'll see three different tabs you'll see active, you'll see ended and you'll see ignored. Ignored sponsorships are the ones you've decided. You don't want to record four or ones you just haven't recorded for and haven't done anything for. If you have the option to record for a sponsor and that you don't use it, that will be an ignored or if you haven't done anything that will be ignored or if you pause something that's active. For example, I polished my FLIPBOARD campaign after a while, Then it went into the ignored tab. Also on the ended tab, you will have sponsorships that are over and on the active tab. You will have ones that are playing now. There is a little quirky thing where, even though the anchor sponsorship says it's ended, it does continue toe actually give me a little bit of ad revenue. That ad doesn't play every single time, and in fact it seems like it's playing about 20% of the time. But it still does do a little bit of income. Right now, it seems to be on anchor. They're a little short on brands and advertisers, at least for my particular podcast. Whereas when I signed up, Flipboard, an anchor immediately had sponsorships on my podcast. What happens? The sponsors have certain terms that are worked out with Anchor DOT FM. The campaigns that the sponsor runs have start and end dates now on the anchor interface. Currently, this was not made clear anywhere, and all the sudden you just have sponsorships that end. And of course, if you're like me, you think, Oh my God, did I get banned or what happened? Or this is something personal, but it's really not. The sponsors have their own campaigns, and the interface currently doesn't show you the start and end dates. What happens all of a sudden you're podcasting. One day you're making money or like this is great on the promote by podcast. Then you're sponsorships. Just end for no reason. You start earning almost nothing. You think? Well, this is stupid. Why did that happen? You email support about it, feel like me and then support says, Oh, these each have end dates. The only way you know this is if you actually check the emails you get from anchor DOT FM, which I didn't do. Obviously, the emails tell you the end dates for the sponsor campaigns. For example, flipboard. Once I got the customers, 40 male went back and read it. I found that it said it ended on January 16th or something like that. 2019. Then the anchor sponsorship send. It ended in February. Something So of course, as long as my money was consistently going up, I didn't bother Check this tab. But as soon as I checked this tab, they were both ended. I thought something must have went wrong, but really the flipboard one ended first. The anchor one kept playing. Then when the anchor one ended, I had nothing active than I actually noticed it. If you're on the sponsorship tab and you have any emails where you can see the campaign end dates. This can help you plan ahead. If you see a sponsor's campaigns on Lee going to run, Ah, few days mawr than you are currently available to run it, you could ask yourself, Is it really worth even recording and add and putting this on? You can also choose based on CPM, which sponsor you want to record for. Or you could choose on end date as well, potentially what you've got, though in the sponsorships tab, you've only got campaigns that are active, that air fully correctly running that you've recorded for and that are active. Campaigns can end at any time, and I imagine campaigns could even theoretically resume or you'll get another one. That's when you have nothing active. It's important as soon as you get email that you've got a new sponsor to go. Decide if you want to record for that sponsor and then you want at least one active sponsor on there. If I'd have realised that the FLIPBOARD one was ending so soon, I might have left that on longer instead of pausing it. If you've got a couple of sponsors active it will play the highest CPM ad by default because then anchor earns the most money that way. However, if you want to switch up the sponsorships for your listeners, you might want to consider the campaign end date. In addition to the CPM, you might want to play one that's going to end sooner and have some variety on your sponsorships. Or maybe not. I hope this is helpful for you. If you're wondering about this sponsorship tab, you're wondering why you've got ended sponsorships here like I was. And you're wondering why you don't have any active ones right now. I haven't got any emails since the FLIPBOARD sponsorship with anything new, but I imagine there will be some coming in the future. And then I'll probably have 10 active sponsorships on it once and be like Feaster famine, right? Thank you for watching out this youthful 9. Anchor Income Report for My First 3 Months Hosting on Anchor: How much money have I made? Podcasting on anchor dot FM. Within the 1st 3 months off switching. This is the data for you. You can take a look at it. You can see 74,080 plays, $172 in my wallet. But actually, I took some kind of small pale. So the total number I've actually earned all time is 183. What I didn't do read $188 and 73 cents. That's the all time amount I've earned in three months. So that's, like $60 a month, which you might think sounds pretty good. Let's take a look at the CPM. The cost. Per Listen, I don't know. I said CPM just his regard half what I say. This what I did to get this data. Let's show you this data here. I divided as I took $188. Whatever this number waas jury sucks. I did $188.73 and I divided it by 74,080. This gives you the amount I'm getting. Per listen. That means what every time one person listens to my podcast. I get about 1/4 of a cent, which means when 10 people listen, my podcast, I get 2.5 cents. Ah, 100 people. Listen, I get 25 cents 1000 people Listen, I get $2.54 55 cents. Thus, you can see my average CPM on anchor. DOT FM is about $2.50. Now sponsors on anchor dot FM have been paying significantly more. There's been a shortage of actual plays available on sponsorships recently, which is drastically lowered. The income I earned since the beginning, when I first started on anchor, I was earning somewhere like 7 to $10 CPM. But now a lot of my plays air not monetize just because the advertisers I don't have the budget to monetize every play versus how many place there are available. If you're thinking that you could make a load of money, podcasting, take a look at this One person listening is worth 1/4 of a cent right now. Now this number could go up to a zoo. Muchas one or two cents for you, but still, this is a kind of money. You're looking at podcasting I've been podcasting for since last five or six years, at least. And as you can imagine 74,000 plays in the last three months. That's a lot of plays on my podcast, and you might look at $172 being a relatively small you would expect compared to that many plays, depending on your expectations. Still, anchor DOT FM has a lot of potential, especially if you can get regular listeners. What you are seeing is not that I've got a huge fan base that's listening to like crazy. Where you can see is there's about 100 93.3. According to the data, people who listen toe every single episode. Thus, you don't need to build a massive following of people online. You really just need ah 100 people that listen toe every episode and you put out an episode every single day and you literally will have the same income. Or maybe even more. Anchor gets the sponsorships paying better than me. That sounds pretty manageable. Don't you think you could with the anchor mobile app, you can record it episode. There's no reason you couldn't do one real quick every day. If you really are serious about podcasting, I put out a podcast episode almost every day on my podcast and about 100 or a couple 100 people listen to every single episode. I make one of the best tools I have for that on my website, which I was not prepared to even talk about this. But we'll go right over here. One of the best tools I have for this. I've got a podcast player right on my website. And most of my plays come from this podcast player right on my websites. If you look down, the majority of my plays are coming straight off my website because I've got this simple podcast press player right on the home page of my WordPress website. Because what better way to introduce people? What I do then. Hey, just show you what I've got. Podcast episodes, video courses. I've got blogged posts, etcetera. This way. It's really quick and easy for somebody. Click and start listening. Another factor that's reduced the income I've got is I do mid roll ads. Some of the higher advertisers require mid roll spots, which means your ad does not play directly at the beginning of an episode, but it plays between episode content. What I do is I start my episode out with about a minute or so of me actually talking about whatever I'm blah, blah, blah you talking that blah, blah, blah. And then after about a minute, I switched to ah, pitch for an advertiser. Then I go back to the blah, blah, blah I was talking about in my podcast. This reduces the amount of ad revenue I get because I don't put an ad also at the very beginning, off my podcast. I think it's annoying when you're trying to listen to something, you immediately get an ad right at the beginning of it. When I started out on my anchor dot FM podcast, I just very easy and automatically put ads on, and they all showed up right at the front. That's how you get the highest two CPM and last you've got a mid roll advertiser that's working really good, and you've got a high percentage of people listening to the ad break. You can do something like you could just do your intro music that's the same on every episode, then you could split right there and drop a podcast. Add in right after that, and then you can have a very good shot it earning the highest income from that. But I can't be bothered with a stupid intro, either, because I like to just get straight to the point. I want you to listen to me, talk about whatever I've got to say right away, without playing around with music or anything else. Let's just get right into it. Thus, it is possible to earn significantly higher, I'd say to earn even five or 10 times as much as I've earned podcasting, and all you need to aim for is Can you find 100 people that will listen to everyone? Your podcast episodes? You certainly should be able to. Let's talk to your mom, your dad if he's alive or your mom. She's live. My dad's not anymore. My mom's live list up, but my mom doesn't listen. My podcast. About example. Let's talk to your friends, your family members, the year If you go to like a recovery group like I do a every day, talk to a A. People talk to people at your church. Do you go there, Talk to people at your school, your work. There's no reason you can't find 100 people list near podcast every day. There's no reason you can't earn better than I'm earning on my podcast with not putting an ad until a minute or two in. And with the current ad revenue shortage, you can find 100 people, listen to an episode, and then once you found 100 people, when you actually do a good job in your podcast, people will probably share and tell other people. And you literally can build a podcast and do great just by putting an episode up every day , finding 100 people that will listen to it, and you can see the kind of income you make from this, I imagine if this helpful, you'll be dying to join the listeners on my podcast today, which has lots of good stuff like this for you. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope it's useful 10. Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook: what's the most basic and effective way to a start promoting your podcast? One thing you can do it that I did that started giving me a solid foundation on my podcast was to go through my Facebook friends and message friends, I thought would be interested in listening to my podcast. This allowed me to build that foundation, which then keeps listeners coming back, which gets my podcast off the ground I to find the right friends. What I would do is I would go through the news feed. I'd click just on the Facebook news feed. I see which of my friends were actively posting on Facebook, and I'd send my friend a thoughtful message like, Hey, I saw, based on what you were talking about, reference something specifically, you might be interested in listening to my podcast in this episode. I talk about that the MAWR thoughtful. You can make your messages the higher rate of conversion you get when you send a message and someone actually listens. I did some more generic messages. Also, that did get some people will listen, but it also got me some friend recalls. Remove ALS, which is fine if someone can't be asked to listen to my podcast. We're not really friends on Facebook, are we? Therefore recommend the starting place to promote your your podcast is to just use your Facebook profile. Whatever social media you're on use what you already have use the relationships you already have are a great place to ask for help. And even if someone doesn't want to listen themselves, your mom might not want to listen your podcast. But she might have a friend. That or another family member to recommend. Often even the rejections you get when you make a very specific ask can help direct you in the right place. I'm amazed how maney people's listen to my podcast just from sharing it consistently on Facebook, even to the point where I shared some things in my podcast. I forgot that so many of my friends and family were paying attention to my podcast after I had asked so many to go listen to it. I shared some things that really offended people on my podcast and provide very clear proof that when you go through it, start with your friends and family, especially on Facebook or via text message. Then you've got that initial foundation, and once you've got the initial foundation, it is pretty easy to build up. Once you've got the initial foundation, all you really need is AH, 100 people watching every episode to earn a decent income on your podcast, you can literally build that foundation with your friends and family and your communities that you're already a part of. So start with that. Don't expect people you don't know to come listen to your podcasts, asked people. You already known. If you're making a podcast that you don't want your friends and family listen to, you might think twice about that because I've seen that the hard way you make stuff you don't. I think your friends and family should listen to even tell at the beginning episode of your friends or family might not want to listen to this, and people listen to it anyway. I encourage doing and everything on your podcast that you're proud to share with your friends and family, even if they might potentially get offended at one thing or another. If you do something that you can't stand to share with any of your friends or family or coworkers, it's really hard to promote your podcast. And if you can't promote your prod cast and have people listening to it, there's really no point in doing it. If unless you just enjoy it so much that you don't care if anyone listens in that case that then maybe you've got something. If you just want to do it and you're not interested in ever checking the earnings or the list Lear's, you just want to do it to do it, then go. For most of the time, it's some kind of collaborative matter. I do my podcast because I love doing it and because I love knowing people listen to it and it helps people. If it's just me doing it well, I don't need to do a podcast. I just sit here and listen to myself Talk right? Really? If you're doing a podcast, it's got to be some consideration about people listening to it. And if you can't ask the people you already know to listen to it, it's certainly ridiculous to expect you're going to try other strategies to get people actually listen to it, but possible anyway, That's something I hope useful for you and getting started with promoting your podcast 11. Best Podcasting Display for WordPress with Simple Podcast Press Plugin: I'm so excited. Toe Have a solution If you are on WordPress and you've got a podcast and you're trying to display your podcast so people can easily play it on your website. This has been an annoyance for me. For the entire five plus years, I've had my podcast. I finally got a really good solution here for you. Wordpress. Podcasting. Beautifully. Let's take a look at this. I just set this up on my website this morning. I'm so excited about it when you go to Jerry bare field dot com slash podcast. Now, instead of the formerly ugly I frame awkward looking set up I've had for years now. You've got this beautiful player on here, and it captures the audio so quick you capture the audio right here. It immediately starts playing, you scroll down. Put another episode on it immediately. Start playing. I've got 700 episodes anyone can easily scroll through and just immediately hit one of these on here. It's amazing. And the sponsorship I didn't even know it was working on these old episodes. It's awesome. It is awesome. This podcast player is so good. Not only that, but it works. Really. well on mobile. Try looking at jerry banfield dot com slash podcast directly on your mobile device and you will see the podcast player looks beautiful on mobile, and what's really nice on mobile is that has all these links to share. For example, you can see there's links to share or not just to share. There's a link to share you can the share button for Facebook, Google or Twitter? There's links to go straight to the places people actually listen to. Podcasts like iTunes, stitcher, Spotify, Google play. I don't know what clamor is on android subscription. You can even pop a new window, download it and there's even a button toe. Leave a review. All these buttons are customizable. This whole experience is customizable. Not only that, but you can import all of the episodes. Have them publish automatically as a new post on your WordPress website and then guess what ? If you use Twitter like I do and you've got an automatic set up like I do for new posts on your WordPress website, then you can have posts come through it from the podcast off your website. As a big, beautiful post like this, I'm showing a recent one that I've done. This is how my WordPress blawg looks automatically have simply set this up throughs. Appier, I believe, is how are set it up with sappier. So you get zapped here, set up with WordPress to publish your new post. You get this podcast player set up and look now on my home page, I've even got the same thing. And when you combine that with the hosting, I've got on anchor depth F m. I'm earning $15 CPM. That means 1.5 cents per podcast play where the sponsorship is triggered meaningful. After paying for podcast hosting for unit years, I'm actually now earning money, which is why making a big push to promote my podcast. This is such a beautiful set up. I've got it now on the top of my home page because when you come to find out about me, I want you to immediately start listening to my podcast. A podcast is a great thing to get people in the habit of listening to because it's available on mobile devices. On the go. I love listening to podcast while I'm walking my dogs driving while I'm at the gym and traveling, especially then you've got the podcast player set up. Once you have this here, people easily get into it. And if you've got ah, blogged or ah, footer like this, it has a beautiful little folder display widget. This is pretty much how it looks on a mobile device where you can scroll through it. You can click this button and minimize the player. You can have it show like this per episode, or you can have it show like this on the player. It is so nice. And I've got a link. You asking? Okay, Well, what do you use to do this? This is a review of the simple podcast press player, which I am so excited about. I just got it installed of literally a few minutes ago and immediately. I'm just doing a video on a podcast episode about this because mana, this has been a pain in the But I also spent some time researching alternatives. This is all I need is there's a more complicated and fancy looking podcast player, but really simple is good. This is super simple. And if people want mawr options, they can, and they already listen on iTunes or stitcher Spotify. Then they already know how to go there and do that. If you are on my website or if you're in the description on this is a video podcast, we please use my link ful simple podcast press player because I get a 30% commission. In theory, I just set all this up this morning, so it says I get a 30% commission. I just bought this for $67. I am opening it up now to show you exactly the sales page on it is called Simple Podcast. Press It, I imagine, is going to help me boost my downloads. Subscribers and email list a ton. Now, I'm not actually using the email list Feature on it because, as you can see, I've already got the active campaign feature right below Jerry being filled dot com slash podcasts. But there is also and built in email collection system, which might be really nice for you if you scroll down here, there's got some sales copy, and you can get fancy with it and put in exact buttons to click on it. The cost of it. I bought the $67 option. You get it for one website, you get the 2.0 podcast player Auto updating podcast lists playlist, clickable time stamps, Auto published to a WordPress Worldwide iTunes reviews. You can even put a widget in on your website to put your podcast reviews on in any widgets space. There's a U R L short inner 1-click tweeted bols. Use it on your website. There's a private Facebook community, which I don't know anything about. You get a year of updates and support, and the instant download all of the set up was super easy on my website. All I needed to do with Pull my iTunes u R L stick it in and start playing around with the settings. You might want to see the settings for this. So what we'll do, we'll go into the jury banfield dot com dashboard. Right now we'll go over to simple press. Simple podcast press. You do need to make sure to get your license. Make sure to get your license activated. Make sure you get that license code that it gives you on the check out screen and activated because you need to go into your settings and activate that license code in order to see the dashboard. I'm showing you right now. So you will not see this if you have not went in and activated the dashboard through your settings what you can do once you've got this, open these air, the settings you can automatically publish New post. You need to set up an author and a tag for this. If you want the new post, then you've got all kinds of podcast player settings. You can choose different kinds of player, different colors. You can choose your cover are you can have it automatically play podcast. I'm not doing that because I intend to advertise some on Google, and I believe that is something you can't have his auto play on it. I also don't like things that are auto played. I find it annoying, so I'm not going to put any of that. You can choose things like volume control button, so I'm actually going to show a volume control buttons on mine, and you've got the option to disable the link. The powered by length you want. Then what you can see here. You've got all kinds of buttons you can put in theirs on iTunes Link stitcher I custom put in a Spotify one. There's a Google Place. Share it, clamor, subscribe on android download. Then you got several more custom buttons you can add in. For example, if your podcast is on ur friends website, you can put that custom button in on there. You can put, say, if you've got coaching, you could put a link to your coaching straight underneath your podcast. I might even put a link or two to my books or to my Facebook page or something like that. You can put an opt in box directly below the player. You can change your share settings up if you'd like to. You've got some advanced weeks and then you can import. What you do is you just hit save changes, then it saves all the changes on there. So if I go back to jerry bamfield dot com, you will now see, I've got a nice little volume control button on here, and there is even a nice little place speed on here because some people say I talk too slow , at which I think it's nice to talk slower if you've got people whose English is not the first language, a significant percentage listening and for people really want Soak it in. But if and because you always just click and speed me up to two X, and I've been talking pretty fast for this one, so that might be really fast if you put it on to X. Now I'm loving this. I'm so grateful to have this to show for you. After years of messing around with I frames and trying to just do things for free. This $67 makes it beautiful. Rather, it's on my home page. Or rather, it's on jury banfield dot com slash podcasts. It is really useful. It says it's trusted by over 1000 podcasters worldwide, and you've got the single license for $67. There's a frequently asked questions and yes, if you're wondering, do I have WordPress? 5.0, on my website. Yes, I've got WordPress five porno. It works with the newest version of WordPress. If you like to get the simple podcast press, we please use my link because the author of it, it is willing to give me 30% of the sale as there thank you for saying, Hey, Jerry, we appreciate you sharing something that you loved and bought because you needed it. And then you just told everyone about it because you were so excited. And we leave the possibility opening for collaborating on income. Thank you very much for watching this on YouTube or listening to this on my podcast or reading it as a block post on my block. I do a new episode every single day on my vlog on YouTube, which then I put the audio on my podcast. Aziz, we've talked about the podcast here and then that's transcribed into a blawg post. Because I love you. You're awesome. And I'm happy to be of service to you here every day. If you found this useful, I trust you will leave a like on it and or use that link whenever you want to buy it. Alright, I'm done. I will see you on another episode 12. Skillshare Class project!: thank you for taking this class on skill share. I'm skill share way of a class project. Help you participate and get connected as a result of your learning. Will you please share a link to your podcast in the class project in skill share And let us know if this is currently on anchor dot FM or if you plan on putting it somewhere else because this will help us get connected with you to see your podcast. And then you are also accountable for your results from taking the course. Thank you very much for starting this class on skill share. We hope you love it and enjoy it. 13. A mindset for success going forward with a podcast!: thank you very much from making it all the way to the end of the class. We've given you a complete outlook at wide do podcasting all the way through how to brained your podcast, how to get it set up on anchor dot f m all the steps to take on anchor dot FM to get it started and give yourself a chance to grow, then a few different strategies to promote your podcast in order to help you to then earn income from it and be able to keep doing it as well as the help people experience the value you're creating on your podcast. Ultimately, if you want to keep doing something, you do need to do it because you love it, regardless of how many people are listening or how much income you're making. I teach because I love it and it makes income. That's the ideal scenario if you just want the money from it and of course, won't work. But if you love doing it and it makes money that's ideal, sometimes and often you may need to just do it because you love it a long time before it makes money. If you ultimately want as many people listening as possible. It's a question of how can I give you the most as the listener on the podcast. The same is for me in this class. How can I give you the very most in this class that you've got all the way here to the end is a sign that you've really loved and enjoyed this as you can see video courses, that can be a great opportunity to also get people listening to your podcast, as can audiobooks, blawg posts. You might need to make media and different formats in order to promote your podcast going forward. It's a question of how much am I willing to give? How may I help? How may serve and what can I give on my podcast that'll make a difference in your life today. That's something we don't ever get past either. It's often not as simple is picking a certain niche in sticking with it for most of us, what if you pick a niche and no one listens, then you change. I hope that this is inspiring for you today to give your podcast to try and to remain flexible. Podcasting might not be for you. Something else might be better suited for you. Everyone is not going to build an audience big enough to even earn a little bit of part time income, let alone full and come on, Podcasting. My podcasting income is barely even considerable within the bigger system of my business. I love doing my podcast. I love that you can just go listen to my podcast easily for free. That's why I keep doing it. Even though technically, if you count the amount of money, it takes me to pay a friend to upload the episodes to my podcast, it doesn't hardly make any money at all. I like knowing that you have the chance to listen to my podcast. I like the ability to help other people to promote. Right now, I'm promoting one of my favorite musicians that I listen to the E. T. C kid every damn on band camp, and it's kind of hard to find his music anywhere else unless you pay for it. I worked out a deal with him to put a song of his every day on my podcast. He makes a Nen tire album five days a week on his life twitch. So you'll see if you check my podcast that I'm putting out a tely sta half a mile up the soldier, his music with my intro and I'm asked to go listen and follow him. I'm twitching, subscribed like I do on band camp. Thus, for going forward with podcasting, it's constant innovation. How do you help someone and often the income this be the last thing that actually comes in from it? That said, when you do a great job, it can be a great hobby or maybe even a full time income opportunity. Thank you for finishing this course. I'm grateful for all the time you spent here. If you found this helpful, you please leave a positive review, Amit, because then you will feel good helping more people get the same experience you had him. When you feel that way, you will do good