Start a Creative Passive Income Business - for Free! In 7 Days or Less. | Jules Tillman | Skillshare

Start a Creative Passive Income Business - for Free! In 7 Days or Less.

Jules Tillman, artist | creative coach | infp

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7 Videos (20m)
    • Welcome to "Start a Creative Passive Income Business"

    • What is Passive Income?

    • Step One

    • Step Two

    • Step Three

    • Create Your Product Listings

    • My Final Tips and Your Class project

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About This Class

If you've been on the Internet long enough, you have probably heard of "passive income". But you may be wondering...

What is that, exactly? And how do you make it?

Well, that's what this short but informative class is all about: starting a creative online business that generates passive income for you! So that you can work from your sofa or by the pool - really anywhere you can have a laptop and WIFI... And make money while you sleep or play! 

This class is for creative people (artists, writers, bloggers, crafters, etc.) who need to know the basics of starting their own online business, for free! This is a system you can use to work full-time for yourself, or do it as a side hustle after your 9 to 5 job, or when the kids are sleeping or in school! 

I know people using these types of ideas who pay their car notes with the extra income, and others who travel the world full-time from their creative passive income. Of course, I can't guarantee any income... But the possibilities are really limitless! 






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Jules Tillman

artist | creative coach | infp

I'm an artist (or, as I like to say, a "creative explorer"), and a creative business coach for introverts. I've been helping other artists and creatives start and grow their businesses online since 2014. I started Creating Beautifully out of a passion for creativity and making. I actually owned two separate businesses before I started Creating Beautifully: one that focused on the maker side ( and one that focused on the art side ( With Creating Be...

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