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Start Your Successful Coupon Business Today

Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Start Your Successful Coupon Business Today

Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

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21 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Who Can Learn From This Course?

    • 4. Who Can Learn From This Course?

    • 5. Choose A Brand Name For Your Business

    • 6. Buy Domain & Setup Hosting For Coupon Business

    • 7. Install Wordpress CMS

    • 8. Setup Your Coupon Website Properly

    • 9. Import Demo Content (Little Trick To Get Approval)

    • 10. Right Time To Apply For Affiliate Network

    • 11. List Of Popular Affiliate Networks That You Can Apply

    • 12. Add A Store In Your Website

    • 13. How To Publish Discount Offer / Coupon Code

    • 14. ShopsShare: Create Store & Publish Coupon Codes

    • 15. Configure Website Settings For Best Performance

    • 16. Add AMP Support To Accelerate Speed For Mobile Visitors

    • 17. Optimize Website Images To Boost Up Speed

    • 18. (VERY IMPORTANT) Submit Your Website To Google Search Console

    • 19. Backlink Strategy: For Higher Rank & To Get Search Engines Traffic

    • 20. Social Media Marketing Strategy

    • 21. Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want to make money passively?

Do you want to set up your business online?

If 'YES' then you are in the right place! In this Coupon Business course, you will learn everything about coupon business. This is completely Newbie Friendly Course to Start Coupons Business  & hopefully, you will able to make 3-4 Figure Income Per Month! Learn Step-By-Step Process To Create An Amazing Coupon / Discount Offer Website & Start Making Money Passively.

The Internet has changed the way of shopping. Before it without seeing a product,  people don’t buy a product online but now everyone wants to do online shopping from trusted platforms while sitting at home. In this course, you will learn how to Start a coupons business. The process is very simple and easy to understand. When a person wants to get a discount on Online Shopping of their favorite brand, they go to search engines and find coupon codes or discount code for that specific brand or store. And we will provide them coupon codes or discount codes, so he will apply that and get discount and we will get the commission on each sale as we referred a client to the Store.

At first, we choose our business name then after purchasing the domain and hosting, we will set up our coupon website. Then apply on your very first Affiliate Network without getting rejected. Then we enter into the world of Coupons Business & Get Practical Knowledge of Million Dollar Market Online! This business is Really like a win-win situation for everyone. You just need to follow the Steps and keep joining new Stores to get a commission on each sale.

So join me on the other side and let’s start applying all these strategies to Start Coupons Business Today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: welcome to the new course. Is that your successful coupon business today? The purpose of this course is to give you the knowledge that you can work with 1 to 2 hours daily and eastern making money online. Internet has changed. The oil are shopping when a person want to get discount on online shopping on their favorite advent, they go toe in the search engine like Google and find coupon course. Our discount code for that specific brand are the store who will provide them coupon course or this concourse. So there they will apply that and get discount and off course. We will get commission on each sale as Syria for client Today store. These business is really like a win win situation for everyone. You just need to follow the steps and keep joining nearly stores to get commission on each sale. At first we choose our business name, and then, after a partisan domain and hosting, we will set up our coupon website, then airplay on our very fast affiliate network without getting rejected. Then we enter into the wild off coupon business and get practical knowledge off $1,000,000 market online. Also, you learn about sergeant in optimization to get high rank in Google. And as a result, who you'll get Lars off targeted visitor in order offset or your great exact same upset that you can see on the screen Right now, I am doing coupon business for past one year and Eastern now. And by doing it, um, athlete on Yucatan Link Sha in this month, I make around $1100 not only enemy affiliate, I also make big amount of money from other athlete networks as well. So what it a wording for? Take these course now, take action and make real money. 2. Introduction: her words of guys. Welcome to the ultimate coupon business scores. The purpose of this course is to give you the knowledge that how to set up online business . And then you can work party, too, for two minutes by day. And he started making money online before, into deeper into details. I want to ask one question. Have you ever heard about coupon codes, promo course or discount court or something like that in online or offline? Most probably, yes, because now it is. It is the most popular way to increase conversion. Ultimately, it is a win win situation because people nears, unlike discount coupon courts for their patches, and you give them the solution by studying coupon business. 3. Who Can Learn From This Course?: Now the question is, who can learn from these scores? Actually, if you're new, be all already doing business online, then you can be stirred. Coupon business. It is a part time business, so you don't need to work all their long. It is very easy to run and manage coupon business. At first you need to just set up a website and then apply for a few different coupon provider Web sex and then share discount coupon courts in your upside. Is there simple and very profitable business model on you learned everything off this coupon business in these scores. 4. Who Can Learn From This Course?: Now you can ask me that how hard this coupon business is. Actually, if you focus on what I'm going to teach you, then believe me, it will be easy as 123 Because I did you is the Battisti from the very beginning toe end. So you don't need to worry about it even to a years old kit. Can Easter this business today? 5. Choose A Brand Name For Your Business: so actually to study global business. At first we have to buy a dooming and hosting now before by domain, I said is still to choose a brand domain brand name is actually your business name. Our human said. You have said name. So it is important that you choose ai Catchy brand name because short, attractive domain name people can easily remember. Now let me show you how you can find good brand dooming name now to find brand domain name in Google. I just in place such learn dumb in search on here, they can see a or said which you are released, learned omens ash dot com In total, they say to find a great available domain name for your oil said in seconds. That means in the czar's box if I tap and key. But this adjust me available brand domain name That's awesome and other Super Cool said, is Shopify Shopify Business name Janitor. If I click on this leading Shopify dot com slash tools slash business Hype in name hype and janitor just like land German Search this purse said also also generate business name for our business. Just simply put you Prefect Q. and here. Now let's there in large dimensions such books. If I pulled a keyword like Let's there coupon, then effect leak on such box Now here you can see loss off available business Name. Jack Coupon Wild White Capon Anti Coupon team Coupon Macro Coupon Invest Man Coupon Now let's there. If you promote investment related products, then you can use this brand name investment coupon are. If you promote Tim yielded coupon in your set and then you can choose thes brand name Team Coupon Legacy Groupon Pilot coupon I like this name by Lord Coupon. Now if I such coupon in this judge box that had, he can see the generate loss off different type off business name. Groupon Rabbit dubbed a coupon coupon Moon Coupon Creeks I scoop on extra. Now let's say if I dived in deals, then here you can see lots of different domain Business name, batter deals, deals slip dears Falcon. True deer's actually from thes name. You can choose your prefect business name. I like this domain name pilot coupon. Now, if I click on this name here, you can see George come coming. Is he still available? That means we can easily by this pilot Groupon dot com Domain Now if we want opacity thes domain name, pilot coupon dot com Then you may go, these guys said Go daddy dot com Now if I copy this QR by the coupon and based GTO, then here you can see pilot coupon dot com thes Germany's available, and the storming cost is 11 point in end Allah. And every year you have to renew these dominant and three new cost will be 14.9 in dolla and in below. Here you can see a bunch of different other domains who different extent shells. Pilot coupons dot com pilot coupon dot in four by the coupon dot online Luca teas You can buy these pilots Groupon dot on linda Mean Onley is 0.9 in dolla, but you dumb in the new cost will be $49.99. Here you can see a bunch of different type off domain names with different extensions. The ember. In order to get best position inside result and to get argon traffic we need to register domain in dot com are in dart are all indoor net extension. I always prefer dot com domain. If dot com domain is not available than you can try dart arc or dot net extension based domain, you know a next lecture will purchase our brand domain name and hosting plan to set up our set. 6. Buy Domain & Setup Hosting For Coupon Business: now in this letter, will you learn? How is it we can purchase our preferred domain and hosting to host our website? So we talked any further, did others. It started Now to buy a domain and hosting my most favorite have said is named Chip for You are released, named chip dot com to host our or said at first we need to purchase hosting. Now. If I click on this hosting option here, you can see it there providing and different type off hosting. But for our coupon business, we need shared hosting. This is cheap and easy to use and easy to set up. And here you can see the are putting three different packages. Number one is Scylla to $10.80 per month. The seller, plus its most popular $4.80 per month and filler business is $8.80 per month in the cellar package. Here, you can see we can set up up to trio of sex 20 GB esses did. This is spares us, our UK Data center and on method bandwidth. So far, our one business, the seller package, is perfect. Now to buy this one, I just simply select at two. Card on in the step hair you can see there told us to select any of dis option. If we want to purchase domain name from thes named Chip said than just simply choose purchase a domain name. If you want to get a free dart website extension dumbing, then choose this option on if you have it. Another account with named Chip and went to Canada. These dominant with these hosting, then choose the turn one are if you already purchased you domain from different resistant than choose this fourth option. Now I want to purchase our domain name from Name Chip. That's why I choose purchased a new domain. And in this domain name bus, I just simply tight pilot Groupon dot com And after entering pilot coupon dot com here, you can see these domain name is available. Now, if you want to purchase these domain name for one year, then here you can see it costs $8.80 Par mont and renew Cost will be $10.9. Now I just simply select acne domain to chart. And now I click on Continue now in shopping child here you can see our our happy You don't mean the decision for one year. It pointed dollars. Who is God, which is free for forever and hosting for one month from these drug domino? I just simply choose one year because I want to purchase these hosting for one year. And after that one year I just simply renew this hosting service again. Look at this. For one year patches for 12 months I have to pay Onley $15.44 for fast year on, the new cost will be tightly $0.80. So hosting package are Justin bleachers one year. Then just simply press gone from order now to create a new account. Just simply put you the name this to my dad might use the name. My preferred is a name. Then I put my password. I just come from my passport and just simply put my first and last name on in villages. Do create a name chip account idea. Simply put my pretty fared email account even that death. Then if you want to sign, afford their name, ship, newsletter and marketing communication Then check this one. This time I just can't take this one and click on, Create and continue. Now these things I just can't take this one and put my address. City is dead Postal code. And from these job in Minot, just select my country, Bangladesh. And from phone number I just select my county extension. Hooch is plus 88 0 Now, from the drop down menu, I just Houthis one and put the mobile number. All right, now I just simply click on Continue. No, we're in this page here. You can see How are the preview on To make sure that you'll check this one s it to this domain and Annable at the time. Off patches. Now I click on. Continue now. Toe pay this amount. $24.50. We need toe. Select our payment. Prefer women. Get away now I choose PayPal and click on. Continue. Now I click on, check out with Pepper. But before this, we need to check these Jake, their terms and conditions. Now I take this one and select Check out paper. Now I just love you know, it's my PayPal account and beer days amount with pepper. Now wait For the moment they are processing our order now they set up are hosting environment and connect our preferred selected dooming with hosting. It takes around, makes him on 24 hours. So it for a few more moments. And after that, we can easily set up our we've set. Now, here, you can see there told us. Thank you for your order. And they went feedback from us. This is optional death by I just simply close this one. All right? Everything is complete now. If I go to my Gmail account, then here you can see our order somebody. And in between 24 hours named Chip in B I email named Chip will send you hosting information and many other details. So once I deceive our that emails from named ship, then I will Easter recording this lecture again after 10 minutes later, I got these two emails from 90. If I opened the 1st 1 here, you can see they give us hosting package DJs, Salomon host name I, P address main domain and C panel details as well. Using the C panel leaders we can easily logging in our Sipan l using this is a name and password and can easily install what press in a more website. We can see We'll see everything. How to set up what place in our lives it in the next lecture on here, you can see some other information hosting Sabir Juan and hosting server too. FTP account details and so on. And in the next demon here, you can see here You can see immediate verification is required for your domain now to But if ideas, I just simply click on this link. And yes, beatification is done. Awesome. So we just practise Willie patches are domain and hosting back it. You know, our next little you learn how to set up what they CMS Inamoto of state Thank you so much for watching See you in the next lecture. 7. Install Wordpress CMS: Now This time you will install work past Yemen's in our earth side. Now, if I goto these you are are very well then. Look at these. The earth is blank. Andare said is ready to go now. To what? Players now to install. What SMS in these pilot coupon dot com oil said at first you need to log in in Cipinang In these named chip email Here you can see it. They provide us see Pennell access link gives the name and password. Now I just simply open up these excess sipping a link and copy D. C. Bennett is a name and paste it on in the same idea. Simply copy my C panel password and paste it right here and now I click unlock in. So we just successfully logged in in our sip inner to lock in in si Bennell. Actually, all s queen eat excessive penalty. Well, it was the name and password, so keep this information in your computer. Now. This is our sip in L. So, basically, this is our subpoena. Now, if I click in file manager than in these space, we can see all of our hosting files in public esteem. L here you can see all of these unnecessary fuss. Now, if I Indeed Liddy's all of these files, then Now look at this. Are all set is now empty Now to install What SMS in these low sit in sit panel ideas simply is cool down a little bit at installer hair, you can see option What? Paris. Now I just simply click on this. Now I click on install now Jews protocol just same place that this one is to t p colon slash slash German them years violet Groupon dot com The Insight name This time I just simply type pilot coupon No inside description. I just simply type my coupon Well said. And of course, you can always change thes information site name and description letter and now, under admin account, admit using them. I just said my user name pilot coupon. And now I just simply type my password And yeah, I just stopped my email address on from the scrub down juice linguists. I just simply choose English. And if you want to install cashing, plugging in your what best serves it, then you can check wt total cash or w tree Super cash. I always prefer WP super cash. There's why I just check this one. Now. If I expand these advanced options here, you can see our words say data his name, table prefix and extra from thes automatic backups from thes Drop down just simply Jews once a week and in back of tradition, drop down jewels tree Now in these email installation details coast Oh, in this box, I just simply best might even address now to install what press? I just completely on insta. Now wait for the moment, it may take 3 to 4 minutes, and yes, our installation is done. Now. If I open up our Web, said pilot coupon dot com, here you can see we just successfully installed what CMS in what we're set Now. If you want to log in in your life, said Dashboard, then just simply in your browser Type pilot. Groupon dot com slash WP Hyping it mean just stabbed this one on here you can see which successfully logging in our earth's a dashboard and also in email, you will get your oil side, it said. Installation location on It means you are Italy's an impasse word and that I was named extra in our next lecture. Do you learn how toe install a team in WordPress 8. Setup Your Coupon Website Properly: we just actually install what pair CMS in our domain. Now, when it to install a team for our coupon business. There is the company called Fame Teams. Now, if I open this app here, you can see it there providing different type off premium. What? This teams? One of my favorite team is for coupon business. Is this one coupon WP? Now, if I open up this here, you can see it. This team landing page and now to install these team on our outside, I just simply go to our say dashboard. Then from apperance. I just simply select teams now to upload our new team. I just like on new, and then click on upload team and click on browse. And after that from dollars section I just use our coupon WP team and click on Install around These better? No, wait for a moment. Now, After working few moments here, you can see our team is installed successfully. Now, to activate this team, just simply click on this activate battle. And now here you can see it. This team requires a few plug ins. Now to download these necessary plug ins, simply see like this option begin installing wagons. No, I just simply check all of this plug in and from these drop down select install and click on this power play button and yes, blagging install successfully. If I goto these options, plug ins, install plug ins, then here you can see all of our installed Baggins. Now, to activate these plug ins, just simply click on this activate bottom. All right. Well, just actually install necessary plug ins and activate them successfully. Now, I beat out with Set, then here you can see we just actually install Jableh p coupon team in another side. You know, next lecture. We learn how to import demo content in a lot of set. 9. Import Demo Content (Little Trick To Get Approval): actually to Easter coupon business after sitting about well said. Actually, we need to apply foreign affiliate network bad before that in our oil said we need some content. Look at this hour's It is completely empty now to import some content. I just use it creaks now to import Some Democrat intent in this earth said I just simply have it over the mouse on coupon WP and select this option demo content and click on import de Murata on he don't Okay, now wait for the moment in our oil side, demo content is just importing. Now here you can see them all already important. Now, if I visit on these in our will set, then here you can see fuel demo contents is already important in order said. And now it looks like that our well said is completely ready. No, If you want toe change, this puts it logo than just simply under coupon. WPS choose this option coupon WP and from General, you can just simply upload your own or said logo and then leak on safe settings. Okay, So, basically, by importing demo content and by changing or said logo, you can easily set up your website. Actually, it is necessary that you have said has few content toe a play for in different athlete networks? 10. Right Time To Apply For Affiliate Network: our city is ready, and now it is time to apply for an affiliate network to Eastern hour coupon business. At first I recommend you to a play shop Shiite dot com, a play for thes athlete network chefs. Your commission rate is 18% and they will pay you. Be happy about now to sign up in shops. Share. Simply click on a flare sign up, then Putin is the name password gone from password email address? And was it deck from these drop down juice coupons, coupons, steel and based year or fiddling right yet and then gave me a contact number. Truth. Your country from these job down and then to receive payment from this room said just simply put your PayPal account Babel account in religious and then heat on sign up shops. Basically, in 7 to 14 days, they will approve your athlete account, but sometimes you may get email in tree to five days. 11. List Of Popular Affiliate Networks That You Can Apply: after airplane on shop, she had affiliate network. We can also join in other athlete networks as well. You can join in in CDF. Let network seedier, also called Commission Junction. You can also have play for Shi'ar Ascyltus Athlete Network, Lincolnshire Flex off our leading character. You can apply these athlete networks when you're or said is one are two months old. They will not give you approval in your kneeler site as like shop share, because this affiliate networks want to know how old you will said is. And they also want to see that how many coupons are available in your off site, So we need to wait for shop shirt, every network every well, then, after one or two months, you can apply any off this effort Networks to share that Discount Coupons in Euro Site 12. Add A Store In Your Website: So once you get approved from sharp share dot com than you can Easter promoting COPANS in your upside and in coupon business off course will share different companies to rock scope in court. Now toe organize different type of companies. Coupon codes we need to create is to name for the particle and company. Now let's say this Tim who is star sharing coupons for Olympic or says there So at first we need to create a store, which is God you, Timmy, to wear this one simply having about the mouse on coupons and select stores. And now here you can see who we can create New Easter by Philip this fields and on the right here you can see all of our Demi stores once you get approval from Sharp share our any other affiliate network. After that, you just simply d let all of these Demi stores. This time I deal it all of these demos stores now to create a new Eastern. I just see him play died my eastern name your enemy slog. Mr. My dad told me. Parenti store I just non aunt in description. This is my dad left, sir. You're deem a coupon courts slash discount course. And now in whom you are ill. I just simply copy these have said you are ill and basically two right here and for athletes. You are l I just simply locked in in look it on links sha this athlete network actually you , to me are using Look it on link shirt this Affleck network this classroom to run their affiliate program Now toe find my you, Jimmy, your Jimmy affiliate. I just simply go to links and select get links Now, this time I select you to me. And now if I scroll down then here you can see the option Get your takes link here. Now I just simply lately Condi's ling and and copy my affiliate link. After that, I just simply paste it right here. Now take this option Auto General Tom Nail and to create a company logo this time you timmy toe upload the Easter lover just simply saved thes image and then upload it right here. Now, this time I see like this beauty malago on a league aren't used this fight Now if you want to add custom east reading then you can type it right here. And if you want to feature the sister, then check this option. Now finally, to add this union is stored in your URL set. Just simply click on Add newest store and then look who just successfully at Easter in our website in our next lecture, or you learn how to add coupon courts under the's dreamy store. 13. How To Publish Discount Offer / Coupon Code: now This time we'll add in this can coupons under the's Udine is store bad. Before that, I just see in places like this all coupons these options and deal it all of these and Democrat Bonn's los off Lars off Democrat bones while the ad it right here now is the based . If I just simply they let all of these difficult plants we just actually did after all of these Democrat bonds now to create anyone just in place. Select deal are click on this option. Add new. Now we need to add our coupon Tetteh to add this one. I just simply never get to the UDI me half lit network. And just this option links now distant as use text links, it offers a level and now distant. We'll add theist Cyber Monday sale course. He start at $9.99 each. These are far. They're so I I just simply copied these text and basically to right here on in description as you're simply passed the same one Andi in coupon. If I click on this gate link here, you can see they are providing its unique. You are They're not providing any specific coupon course. And that's why I just simply copy this u r l And from these drop gunman. Oh, I just simply choose cell. And in coupon, you are ill. Just best your athlete laying discounted affiliate link. Now we need to fill up this offer. He stirred it and expert debt. Now, from here, I just simply copy these Easter debt and best it right here and copied the end it. Andi best it right here. Now this Garland Hello? This to my dad. Let's there. 99 9.9 in dollars each. On finally, I just simply can't take this Ello comments and off course. Remember, you choose collect historic opening stores. This time I select you to me. Now, to publish this one, just simply click on publish. And yes, we just successfully published our discount coupon. Now, if I busy, it are upset. Look at this. We just actually publish our discount off our Now if I click on this get deal, act like on go to east. Oh, just look at this. We just simply never get this urine website. And this is our affiliate link. Now, if someone passes any course from this oil said we will get commission awesome. Right in this way you can easily at coupons in your upset. 14. ShopsShare: Create Store & Publish Coupon Codes: who once you get approved in sharp shirt Athlete Network, he will get these type off email from them, not a large in. Just simply open up this link and then that you even address and best art than just simply lately on side in. And yes, we just successfully logged in in shops. Shirt Athlete network. Now to promote any of this product at fast From this drop down, you need to choose that from Let's Say, which use thes company's product. And here you can see a bunch of different offers are available. Now let's see if I want toe promote these over before that we need toe created is store on this name seem honey seem honey. Now I just simply go to the stores and create a new east door whose name is seem honey. Ah, yes, cumplir Would that slack name swing, honey And in whom you Otto, I just simply click on preview and go to this link. So this were said who you are Is this one I just simply a copy these whom you are and based it right here and now we need to upload a thumbnail for this Easter to download this company logo. I just simply never get to the Lago tap. And from these drugs Don't I choose thes company name And here you can see the I love you are in now I just simply copy this one and pasted right here and save this logo in our deck . Stop. And then now I just simply upload this one on finally to create this Easter. Now I just simply hit on Add New East are and yes, just successfully added a new Easter in order. Said now to promote coupons. No, I just simply click on add meal. And now from takes link. I just simply copy this line and based it to right here. And copy this description on Bay ST right here on how you can see to get $16 off. We need to eels this court. If I click on get good here, you can see the same one. Now I just simply copy the scoop on court and from drop down menu ajc is good and pissed. This coupon court right here and in coupon you are I just simply copy our athlete link and just based it right here and in expert Dent. Simply copy this and it right, Andi, in these gun. Hello. You can see $60 off now. I just simply based you too. Right here. I just visible these alot comments and from the stores. I just simply choose Thesis one stream, honey. And finally to publish Thesis one. I just leak on this publish button. And yes, we just successfully another coupon under soon. Honey, you know, say and look at this. We just access Feli at Groupon at another new coupon, You know? Say fantastic, right? Actually, in this way, you can easily add newest store and able to add different type off coupons on that any of this particulary store. Thank you so much for watching See you in the next one. 15. Configure Website Settings For Best Performance: we just successfully said about of sage. Now we know how to create is store and how to publish Defend coupons Discount Off are under the store now in the section of land. How to get more traffic searching in traffic and have to optimize our a se There's like we need to conflict Few settings in our website at first simply goto coupon WP and select coupons have lipid deception. And then we get to the coupon step. Now here you consist single Annable single page for coupon is desirable. Now check this option to animal these and also enable this option Auto Open coupon model on single coupon. After that, just click on Save gingers. Now I never get to the coupon category this dam coupon category cast, So I'm heading this time. I just see him play DYP coupon, Goard's flash promo and discount. After that, I just click on save Changers. Now let's see what we have done now. If I busy, Doyle said, Andi, open a deal. Look at this. It's just to make ask your friendly you are. This is basically helps us to get lots off organic traffic from search engines like Google being extra on. Second thing we have done is we just at coupon in coupon category. We just add the's line in the same way I just in single is store. I asked best thes coupon course slash boomer and discount and click on save changers. Now if I visit our oil said and Lake, any of our Easter look at this, we just add the's extra custom line. So because of that, who in a visit your gaming on all said and click any for Easter when he, he or she saw this land coupon courts promo and discount automatically, They will know that this is a discount coupon site and they will get a different type of discount coupon course in deserve Side and off course, it will boost our compassion wrecked. 16. Add AMP Support To Accelerate Speed For Mobile Visitors: now to boost up our herbs that is built for mobile viewers. We need to Annable MP support in our set to animal This one. We need to install a specific flagging to install a new plug in just simply, however, the mouse on plug ins and click on Add New that in such box simply search for MP the M. P s stands for accelerated mobile pages. Now just simply install this one and before what best now to install. This is basically Blufgan. Simply click on install, allow and who aren't Spirit is installed to activate this one, just like on these activate battle and yes, who just successfully and am people again in our world set and it's now empty Annable website on. Of course, this will boost up our work, said its bid for mobile be wars. 17. Optimize Website Images To Boost Up Speed: Google likes faster. We're set now to speed up your, you have said is bit. We need toe optimize our life, said images as well. Well, optimize our Web, said images, without losing quality. Now let's see how to do this. There are lots of free plug ins are available to optimize. What possible? Said images. This time I choose shot, exult, displaying I just simply click on plug ins and select at New. Now, this time Assad for shark pigs On here, you can see our desert blagging active 100,000 plus in stop. Now to install this one, I just simply click on install now on. After that, I just activate this plug in Now wait for a moment. Yes, our flagging is now activated, But before using this slugging, we need to enter a PKK. You can put your email a desk to request a pinky or if you already have in a p a G, then just simply log in in your short pigs account using your images and password. And after that, now we get to the AP, Keith E. Step and then copy your MP a key and best it who right here And after that Blake on Benedict. So we just successfully buried it. Our short pigs plugging now under general Tab. Here you can see three different options lossy, glossy and lost less. I recommend you to choose Lucy thes option and then Jake these three options and to Easter optimize said images. Just simply click on safe and go to bulk. Process on Finally. Now, this time my click on the start optimizing here you can see short pigs. L plugging just eastern, optimizing our exit images. Now here you can see toe optimize all of our lives that images eat records 30 minutes. So after 30 or 40 minutes later, all of our oil said images will be optimized. So basically, this is out. Using short pigs, ill plug in, we can easily optimize our oil, said images. And of course, this will boost our earth at a speed and search engine likes this type off upset. Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next one. 18. (VERY IMPORTANT) Submit Your Website To Google Search Console: this lecture is very important because in this lecture, you learn how to submit are all set to Google such concert. Without doing this, people can to find your earth set in Google search engine so we don't any farther dealers he started. Let's see how to submit our coupon, oil said in Google Search Console. Now to submit this offset in Google's Ash Council, just open a new depth and sash for Google. Such concern, and then Harry can see Google sash Consul or, if you are released, sarge dot google dot com. Now I just look on this icon, and this time we need to set in in this earth set using our Gmail account. Now I click on Easter. Now, on this time I never get to the East email account. All right, now, to add this oil side in Google Search Council, we need to create any Oprah party. Now I click on this drop down, and this time I select this one at property, and after that I just simply got the hour or that you are an tasty too right here and then click on. Continue on to verify this offset toe ownership verification we need toe upload this file into our server. Also, some alternative matters are available this time. I used this one estimate. Tech, they said Copy meta tag below and paste it into your size homepage. It should go the head section before, before the fastball, The section All right now we need to at this court in our offset header to do this At first I just copy this specific cord and then under plug in. Now I add in new plugging Houthis called hither and Fouda in that header Fouda Now here you can see our desert plugging inside headers and footers. Now I installed this one and activate this now to add our specific court in our soil, said Helen. I just simply go to settings and select inside header and footer. Now I just best our specific Google or said verification court and then click on save. All right, now if I league on these very favor Done now Google is checked and ownership is no petty fight. Now click on down and yes! Oh yes! Successfully submit our our side in Google search cancer! And after a few moments later, Google will index our well said. And people can easily find ourselves that in search engine. And this is how you can easily submit your upset in Google. Satch. Consul, Thank you so much for watching See you in the next one. 19. Backlink Strategy: For Higher Rank & To Get Search Engines Traffic: in this video, you learn how we can get more back lings and if we get more back links in a row upset, in a result, we'll get lots off surgeons in free traffic. On off course. This will boost our business and in the same way we were able to make more profit. Now the question is what is battling in Google? If I Sarge, what is decorating, then here we can see a different type of several articles. Now if I open up this, what is back ling and how to get more back? Lings, then how you can see there say's back link is a link one website gets from another website . Back links make a huge impact on the Web. Sex in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful to improve a Web serves as your ranking. That means if you want to rank higher, if you want to upset drank higher in search engine, then you need more back lings to make a tap in. Actually, it's like port. If you get more boards from another Web set, then you will get more traffic. Now the question is how we can get lots off back. Ling's actually Dera several US number one is article directories. There are lots off article directories are available in online. If you just simply Sarge for article directories, then you will get lots off. Horse off. Resource is no. If I open up this one top 25 article directories, then here you can see article Dick to this said you are No. If I open this up, opened the 1st 1 then in the sewer said here you can see people just submitting the submitting different type of articles in the article directories and dig back link from the website. Let's see if I open up this business category. Look at these locks off. People submit articles in this article directory, and in the end, they're just put their or said link. And in this way, there just get battling from this article directory. You just simply sign up in the Surfside and post quality article in this Web set in the same way you just simply yet new account in all of this upset on and share quality article in this article dear to the sex on. Finally, in the end of your article, just simply put your You have said you are just like this one in this way, but using article directories, you can easily get duckling for your website, and the next one is Web two point or Web two point or means actually bloody sport are some related live thanks with DuPont or sides side list. Then how do you can see that? Ah, many with DuPont or sex are available? And he said the list sister google dot com blogger dot com weapons dot com It would just go ahead and created account in this or two point or sides and writing your article and in article, Just put your coupon works it link on This is out. You can easily get back Link, and the next one is a video submission. There are many popular video submission sites are available like YouTube. Be me O jelly Marshawn Extra. Just upload different type off related quality videos and in description, just put your website link. And the next one is question and answering that are many questions and answering. More of states are available in online, just like guara. People just ask different type of questions in these in question and answering sex. You just go ahead and answering them and in you and said You can put us it link on the next one And Final One is image sharing. There are many image sharing. Sex are available. If you search for even sharing site list, then you will get lots off, even sharing oysters. Just upload any a few preferred photo image in this website by creating a new account in these particular were sets and in image, you can put you or said you are actually disease. Our posting article in article directories by writing articles in Whipped Open or websites and then by publishing videos and in question, answered in section. Just participant in question and answering sites and by Appling image in image sharing sites. You will able to generate lots of back links for your coupon where, say, and this is how you can rank your Web set in Satun gene and able to take your business into the next level. Thank you so much for watching See you in the next one 20. Social Media Marketing Strategy: in this video, you learn how we can get social media traffic to get social, media traffic. My one of the most popular and my favorite oil, said ISP interest be done and start. Come and just simply create a new account in this website. Actually, there are lots off traffic are available in the site. You just simply created a new account and then never get to the board. Step after that. Click on this. Create bolt. No lives there. This time I died. See him, honey coupon courts. Now I pissed it, writer and click on Create to create a new board. Now let's say if I want to promote our seem Honey, this is store, then copies is toe You are well and then I just same place elect our newly created board and then click on this little plus icon and then click on Create Been Andi. Now I never get to the safe from side the step and best R have said it's story Wada. Now I click on Dan here you can see these images are available. You know what you are this time? I see like this one and from all books now I chose Siem Honey Coupon courts. These board see it now. And now here you can see we just successfully create a pain in interest. Now, if you want to eat it, this one, like on this little idiot icon. And here you can write some hash tax like our Eastern name seem honey slash discount guards Groupon course extra. Now I click on save. Look, now, if someone searching for same honey coupon court hopefully they will get this being on Pinter arrest after that, if someone click on the spending, then they will never get to our oil said. And this is so we can easily get lost Saw free social media traffic from interest. 21. Conclusion : we're in the last lecture off our coupon business course. Thank you so much for joining me with this one. Hopefully now you know how to create a profitable coupon business. Now it's you task just great. A coupon website. It's just like this one. And then at fast airplay for shop share, these athlete network then promote their different off are still in your upside. At first, just simply create a new is stored in your upside and then under that Easter, just simply at different type of coupons. Discount off are in your of state after their Sam Maduro said in Google Search. Console on because off that people can find your earth set in search engine and you will get free traffic for that. After that toe, increase your sergeant invisibility in past few time to get more back lings. And, of course, after one or two months later, you can play for you. Jimmy Affleck Network, which is called Yucatan Link Sha. Also, you can play for other popular athlete networks toe take your coupon business into the next ml and, of course, don't forget to change these default logo from your ascetic in us. Thank you so much for watching Perry best off lag Bye bye