Start Your Own Life Coaching Business: Part 4 | Libby Seery | Skillshare

Start Your Own Life Coaching Business: Part 4

Libby Seery, World Renown Self Development Expert

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11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. The TGROW Model In Practice

    • 2. Exploring The Topic

    • 3. Coaching Jenna Part 1

    • 4. Setting Specific Goals

    • 5. Coaching Jenna Part 2

    • 6. Assessing Reality

    • 7. Coaching Jenna Part 3

    • 8. Exploring Options

    • 9. Coaching Jenna Part 4

    • 10. Wrapping Up And The Way Forward

    • 11. Wrapping Up With Jenna


About This Class


In this section, we’ll be looking at the next major coaching model, which is the TGROW model.

For the purpose of demonstrating this model, we’ll be using a practice client called “Jenna”.  The TGROW model starts off with exploring the topic of the client’s goals, before moving onto setting specific goals with the client.  Next we’ll be moving onto assessing the reality of the client’s goals followed by exploring the various options surrounding the client’s goals.  We conclude the TRGOW model by wrapping up the model by looking at the way forward for the client. You’re also expected to go through the resources attached for this course.

Part four content include:

The TGROW Model in Practice                     

Exploring The Topic                           

Coaching Jenna: Part 1  

Resource - TGROW           

Setting Specific Goals                       

Coaching Jenna: Part 2                     

Assessing Reality                                

Coaching Jenna: Part 3                     

Exploring Options                              

Coaching Jenna: Part 4                     

Wrapping Up and The Way Forward                          

Wrapping Up With Jenna