Start Your Own Life Coaching Business: Part 3 | Libby Seery | Skillshare

Start Your Own Life Coaching Business: Part 3

Libby Seery, World Renown Self Development Expert

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10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Case Study Using The SMART Model

    • 2. Specific Goal Setting

    • 3. Applying The Specifics To Mary

    • 4. Relevant Goal Setting

    • 5. Attainable Goal Setting

    • 6. Measurable Goal Setting

    • 7. Are Mary's Goals Achievable

    • 8. Applying The T To Mary

    • 9. Timely Goal Setting

    • 10. Measuring Mary's Goals


About This Class


Part 3 of this course is devoted to using the SMART model of coaching. 

Using the case study of “Mary”, we use examples of the SMART model, from the first coaching session to the end of the process.  This section will cover specific goal setting and applying these specifics to our practice client “Mary”. 

Next we’ll be looking at measurable goal setting and how you can ascertain whether goals are attainable.  Finally in this section we’ll be looking at at setting goals that are relevant and applying a time frame to a clients’ goals. You’re also expected to go through the resources attached for this course. Part three content include:

Case Study: Using The SMART Model                       

Specific Goal Setting                         

Applying The Specifics To Mary 

Resource : SMART - Using Case Studies as Examples          

Measurable Goal Setting                                

Measuring Mary’s Goals                                 

Attainable Goal Setting                   

Are Mary’s Goals Achievable?                      

Relevant Goal Setting                      

Timely Goal Setting                           

Applying The “T” To Mary