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Start Your Own Home SEO Business - The Complete Blueprint

Josh George, Digital Marketing Expert

Start Your Own Home SEO Business - The Complete Blueprint

Josh George, Digital Marketing Expert

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50 Lessons (3h 43m)
    • 1. Start Your Own Home SEO Business - The Complete Blueprint

    • 2. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 3. 6 Reasons You Should Start An SEO business

    • 4. Income Potential

    • 5. What Is Required To Start A Successful SEO Agency?

    • 6. Determine Your Motivation

    • 7. Your Options When It Comes To Monetising SEO

    • 8. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 9. The 3 Options You Have When You Have Little To No SEO Experience

    • 10. Option 1 - Learn SEO

    • 11. SEO Tools To Aid Your Learning

    • 12. Option 2 - Outsource SEO

    • 13. Option 3 - Hybrid Model

    • 14. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 15. Choosing Your SEO Business Name

    • 16. Picking The Best Website Theme For Your SEO Business

    • 17. The 6 Key Elements You Must Have On Your Website

    • 18. Determining Your Businesses Direction

    • 19. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 20. National vs local SEO

    • 21. The Typical SEO Workflow Process

    • 22. Live Walk Through Of My SEO Agencies Gantt Chart

    • 23. For Those Outsourcing Individual Elements Of The SEO

    • 24. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 25. Understand This And You're Good To Go

    • 26. Strategy 1

    • 27. Strategy 2

    • 28. Strategy 3

    • 29. Strategy 4

    • 30. Strategy 5

    • 31. Strategy 6

    • 32. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 33. The 3 Pricing Options You Can Choose From

    • 34. Pricing Based On Data

    • 35. Pricing Based On Value Provided

    • 36. How To Present Your Prices

    • 37. Everything You Need To Know About Invoicing

    • 38. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 39. Converting Your Leads Into Phone Calls

    • 40. The Discovery Call - Qualifying The Prospect

    • 41. SEO Proposals & My Exact Template

    • 42. Handling Client Objections

    • 43. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 44. Everything You Need To Know About Client Reporting

    • 45. Client Reporting - Free Option

    • 46. Client Reporting - Premium Option

    • 47. How To Keep Your Clients Happy

    • 48. Scaling - Upselling Clients

    • 49. Scaling - Reviews & Video Testimonials

    • 50. Conclusion.. Bye For Now

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About This Class

Are you looking for a class that shows you EXACTLY how to start an SEO business from scratch?

Great, you’re in the right place.

I don’t just talk the talk; I actually walk the walk and live it too.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to start your own SEO business from scratch
  • 6 proven methods you can utilise to get clients for your SEO business
  • Get my exact SEO proposal template to download and use in your business
  • Learn how to price your services
  • Learn how to close client deals
  • Learn how to handle the most common client objections
  • How to generate client reports
  • How to generate reviews and video testimonials

Are there any class requirements or prerequisites?

  • Experience in SEO is very helpful but resources are provided to get you started if you have no experience

Who this class is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to start their own SEO business from home
  • Anyone who wants to make money from home

In this class you’ll be learning the EXACT process that I followed to set up my own successful SEO business, so you can be confident that what you’re learning is indeed used in the real world and does actually work.

This stuff is SUPER powerful.

Instead of just giving you the theory and then leaving it up to you to figure it all out, I’ll be revealing EVERYTHING!

From the strategies I utilise to get clients, pricing, invoicing, client reporting and even my exact SEO proposal template!

You name it, I’ve got you covered.

What you’ll learn by taking this SEO class

  • How to get clients for your SEO business
  • Pricing your services
  • How to close SEO deals
  • Campaign fulfilment
  • How to outsource all the SEO work
  • Invoicing
  • Client reporting
  • Scaling up your business

Literally everything you need to be able to start and run a successful SEO business.

There are tons of resources for you to download throughout the class and lots of bonus tips and tricks you can use as well.

Fact: The SEO industry is worth $80 Billion and continues to grow every year. There are so many businesses out there who are desperate for more visibility in Google, there’s never been a better time to learn how to start an SEO business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh George

Digital Marketing Expert


Joshua is the founder of ClickSlice, an extremely successful digital marketing agency based in London.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as an end result of selling on eBay.  He loved selling on eBay but hated paying the eBay commission fees (also known as final value fees). Instead of paying eBay every time he wanted to list an item he decided to make his own website where he could list as many items as he wanted without paying any insertions fees.

After building the website he noticed his site was nowhere to be found in Google and no one was buying his products.

As you do, he started to Google things like “how to get my website higher in Google” and stumbled across SEO in 2013.

Josh remembers this day like it was yesterday and says wh... See full profile

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1. Start Your Own Home SEO Business - The Complete Blueprint: Hello and welcome to the ultimate course on how to start your own SEO business from home. Milimeters with George. And I'll be teaching you everything you need to know. I actually own and run the lead in SEO agency in London called click Slice. And in this course, I'm going to be showing you everything that I did to sell and run my own probable SEO agency. So you can be confident when you are learning in this course is indeed used in the real world and does actually work. This stuff is super, super powerful and as providing with the freedom to live my life on my own terms. I'm not just going to give you the theory and leave it up to you to figure out, I'm actually going to be showing you every single thing step-by-step from the strategies I used to get clients how to determine your prices, how to invoice clients, how to handle client reporting. On top of that, I'll even show you and I'll give you my exact SEO proposal template. You name it, I've got you covered. The SEO industry is worth over $80 billion and continues to grow year on year. There has never been assigned the now to learn how to start your own SEO business. I'll see you inside. 2. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Start in an SEO business. In this section, I'm going to cover the six reasons why you should start in SEO business. I'm also going to dive into the income potential and I'm also going to go through exactly what is required. And lastly, I'm going to cover the options you have when it comes to monetizing SEO. So without further ado, let's dive into this section. 3. 6 Reasons You Should Start An SEO business: Six reasons you should start an SEO business. Starting at SEO business was one of the best decisions I made in my life. My SEO business, clicks lice has provided me with tons of freedom to live life on my own terms and spend my time how I choose. People will ask me what's the best way and most reliable way to make money online. I always turn around and say star and SEO business. So here's my six reasons why you should start in SEO business. The first, it requires little to no investment. Starting at SEO business is not one of those business models where you need to invest thousands of dollars up front to get it go in. It's not like Amazon FBA where you need to put tons of money aside to ship in loads of stops so you can store in Amazon's warehouse, we have an SEO business, or you literally need is a domain name and a website, and you're good to go. So you can pretty much start with just $20. The second reason it's location independent. You can run an SEO business from literally anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. When I first started click Slice, I was under the impression that you need a massive office to impress your clients. You need a big office or brand in for meetings and so on and so on. So what did I do? I went out there, am I spent thousands on some office space in London, only to realize two years later that it was a complete waste of time and money. In the whole time I had the office. I only had one person come visit me and that's only literate because I bet him to come. Clients are far too busy to even care. And a lot of them understand that what we do is all done via the Internet. So having a physical premises is not a must. Don't get me wrong. You can certainly attract bigger clients if you have an office, but it's not required. If you come across a client that would like to meet your office, you can simply just hire one for the day as and when you need it. To. No surprise, as soon as I realized this, I counseled our lease and our office space, and I've been working from home and coffee shops ever since. The third reason, unlimited clients, there are approximately 380 new websites curated every single minute. That means in a space of 24 hours, there are 547,200 websites created. That is a lot of websites. However, there is still only 10 spots on the first page of Google. Mean in everyday, there is more and more competition for websites fighting for these top spots. How many of those 380 websites created every minute would like to be on the first page of Google for the service or product they sell. You can bet it's a lot of them. This provides you with an unlimited supply of beliefs and potential customers for your SEO business, the SEO industry is almost worth $80 billion and it continues to grow year on year. It's one of the most lucrative industry to be in. By fall. The future is digital and more and more businesses are getting online every single day. Number 4, recurring income. Seo is an ongoing process. It's not something you do once and then you just let it be. Seo requires monthly maintenance and specific tasks need to be carried out every single month, such as building backlinks, publishing new content, and so on. As a result, the standard in our industry is for clients that pay in the form of a monthly retainer, resulting in recurrent income for you. Every month you can expect to receive money from each client and you work with almost guaranteed unless you work with any bad clients that don't pay you on time. But I'll show you how you can avoid things like that later on in the course. Retain it typically starts from $500 per month and there's literally no limit on what they can go up to. It all come down to how you position yourself and your SEO business. For example, at clicks lice, we have some clients pay in US $500 a month and we have some clients pay us $5 thousand a month. It all depends on the client's goals along with how you position yourself, that normally you'd been doing this for, the more you'll be able to charge, as you'll have tons of social proof, testimonials you can share, proven you're actually good at what you say you are. In the next video, I'll dive into some income potentials you can expect to achieve by starting at SEO business. Number five. Businesses we will recur in income, sell for more. This one is pretty straightforward, but essentially if we're thinking long-term and would like to sell your SEO business in the future, then it's good to know that businesses we have a recurring income, sell for more than businesses without recurring income, you can sell your SEO business on websites like Empire flippers and flip There's also another good one called FMI International, Number 6, flexibility. This is probably one of my favorites. Running your own business such as their SEO business, gives you tremendous amounts of flexibility as you are your own boss, you can actually do as you want. Where AM, when you want fancy goat and a holiday and fly into another country, no problem whatsoever. You have the money to do that as you get paid from clients up front. Fancy taken a day off and spending the time with your family. Again, no problem whatsoever. You are your own boss, so you can determine your life on your terms. I went traveling around Thailand in 2019 and I stayed there for just over a month in total. In that time, my SEO business was completely unaffected as always, easily able to work there without any disruption. Literally, all I needed was my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. So as you can see, started at SEA business is extremely attractive. Do get excited. As at the end of the course, I'm going to show you how you can set up your own SEO business. 4. Income Potential: income potential. So now you know why. It's such a great idea to start. Unless you're business, you're probably wondering, how much money can I make? So if you're charging the lower fee of just $500 per month and you have one client, then you would have $500 of recurring income every single month provided, of course, that you continue to provide a valuable service. If you grow your client base to five clients and you follow the same pricing structure use for your first client, then you would have $2500 per month over occur in income. Grow that to 10 clients. Then you have $5000 per month for recurring income. However, if you are able to increase your fees and charge, a higher amount said activity comes and you have more experience. So let's say $1000 per month than one client would equal $1000 per month over current income. Five clients with equal $5000 per month 10 clients, $10,000 per month. So I think you get the idea here that a mountain you earn is relative to how many clients you have along with how much you charge. I recommend starting on the lower end off $500 per month. And then, as you get more confident in your service and your ability, move up to the 1000 per month client mark on even higher as you get more experience and more social proof. Of course, all these examples are based on if you charge our clients the same amount of money, we'll look at price in a bit later on in the course. But hopefully this example gives you an idea of just how powerful this business model is going out there. And getting clients isn't actually that hard if we know what you're doing. But don't worry about that as I'm going to show you exactly how you can go out there, how you can get clients for your Seo business later on in the course 5. What Is Required To Start A Successful SEO Agency?: What do you need to start an SEO business? When it comes to started in SEO business, there are a few things you need. The first and foremost is SEO knowledge. You need to know what it is that you're doing. Now if you don't have any experience, you don't know SEO at all, or you just have basic experience, then don't worry as we're going to do exactly what you can do and what your options are in the next section of this course. But regardless of what you do, where would that do it yourself or you outsource or the SEO work, you will need some SEO knowledge, even if it's just the basics that is very, very important. The second thing you need is amazing customer service. This is overlooked by so many SEO businesses. It's unreal. Many SEO businesses worked really hard to acquire clients. And then when they do, they literally neglect them and completely forget about them. What this results in is a low client retention rate and client constantly dropping off as I'm not happy with the service or get in. You can easily avoid having a low client retention rate by offering great customer service. Just by offering amazing customer service is literally enough to ensure you stand out. And that's how bad SEO businesses are. When it comes to customer service. You want to check in with your clients every now and then, just to ask are things that come in along and to make sure they are happy, I'd actually like to go a step further and talk about personal things of my clients as it helps create an extra bond, an extra layer of protection. This will ensure you are not seen as just another SEO business that they can change at any point. However, it all comes down to customer service. Keep them up-to-date and ensure that happy. The third thing you're going to need is a professional website. The main service you're offering is SEO, which is getting clients higher up in Google. If you don't have a website yourself, then it's going to look a little bit odd. On top of this, your website is one of the first things that potential client will see as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So you want to make sure that first impression is going to be a good one. You can't be charging clients thousands of dollars per month when your website looks terrible, you want to look the part two, I will show you a live example of my agency website and walk you through the exact thing, Which ones that have on your website later on in the course. I'll also show you the themes and plugins and everything I use. Number 4, you need to know how to acquire clients for your SEO business. So this is going out there and actually convincing clients to pay you money every single month. As you can imagine, this is a massive element of this business model. Master this, and you're almost certain to do well as you'll be able to bring in work where and when it suits you. I'll cover this in depth later on in the course. Number 5, SEO and reporting tools, you're going to want good SEO tools and obviously the knowledge of how to use them. If you're watching this course, after watching one of my local SEO courses or my course on SEO training, then you'll know exactly how to do this already. There are both free and paid solutions, which I'll go into more detail in the next section of this course. And whilst not compulsory, it will be beneficial to have some sort of reporting tools. So you can quickly and effortlessly give the client an update of the work being carried out along with their results are managing to achieve. However, if you're running on a tight budget, then you can delete. You just put together a simple Word document and send that over to the client for free. That is exactly what I usually do when I first got started out. Number 6 and invoice and a payment solution. And of course, you're going to need some way to invoice your clients and get paid for the work you're doing. There are a lot of free options available and there are some premium options available as well. I'll go through both options later on in the course in the invoice in section. And lastly, number 7, a willingness to always learn. Seo is forever changing. What works today might not work next year. You always have to be willing to learn. A great way to stay up to date is to join the client SEO hub Facebook group. And I'll be sharing tons of tips and updates that happen within the industry, ensuring that everyone is up to date. This will help you tremendously when you're starting and growing your SEO business. 6. Determine Your Motivation: Determine your motivation. I know it's very easy to get excited about how much money you can make in this business, but it does require that you work on is an SEO business is not a magical bullet and success definitely does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of work, but I can promise you that in the end, it's also worth it. I've achieved a respectable level or success, and I'm no one special. Why I've achieved can be replicated by those who are willing to work hard enough. Well, I found helped me out a lot in the earliest stages was to determine my main motivation. My motivation for me wanting to grow my SEO business was simply because I wanted more money. This is probably the same for most of users. Well, so start off deciding how much more money do you want to make? Is it an extra $500 per month? Maybe it's $5 thousand per month. Maybe it's $10 thousand per month. Whatever that number is. It's a number that you need to be happy with. One she confirmed a number with yourself. I want you to then ask yourself, why do you want to make that amount? Is it because you want to save up and go on holiday? Is it because you want to buy a new car? Maybe you want to make enough money to quit your job. There's no right or wrong answer here. The main goal is to really dig deeper and really understand why that number is important to you as a reasoning behind this number is going to be your main drive and motivation when things get tough. For example, for me, when I first started out, I had the goal of making $5 thousand per month, as I knew, once I reach that amount minus my expenses and client fulfillment, I would have enough money to be able to quit my job comfortably and also monitor but aside to safe or a house. So that was my main driver. Figure out your drive and motivation. It's also incredibly important to be realistic when setting your goals to, for example, a spectrum to make $2 thousand in your first 30 days where you only have one hour to dedicate to this isn't realistic at all. Be realistic with your goals as this will ensure you don't get disheartened or de-motivated if you don't hit them, it's also much better to plan for the long-term as well. Like how much money do you want to make in the next 12 months? What about in the next two years and so on and so on. So in summary, determine your goals and set your foundation from the star. This will help you a lot as you start building out your SEO business. 7. Your Options When It Comes To Monetising SEO: your options when it comes to monetize in S e O. When it comes to monetize in Europe CEO skills, you really have two options. The first is client S E O, which is the one you're probably most familiar with on is the one we've been talking about . Client s CEO involves going out there and getting clients to pay you to do s CEO on the website. So it's all about getting their website higher up in Google. But there's also another option which I wanted to put out there just in case anyone is interested, which is called Rank and Rin. The Rankin rent model is best used when targeting local businesses, but essentially involves making your own website and ranking on page one for a local keyword like plumber London. And then when that website is generating what we call leads which is basically a phone call or enquiries, we would then rent out that website to a similar local business for an agreed fee. So let's look at the pros and cons of each model so you can determine which model is best for you. So client s CEO So some of the pros for client s you is is that you get paid up front. So getting paid up front from the client is extremely beneficial as it picks you in a positive Castro position. It's a client pays you $500 or $1000 per month. You then have that capital to play with toe, actually get them ranked on Google. The great thing about getting paid upfront as well is that you now have money to play with and you essentially have an income from day one. So before you do any work, you're going to have money in your bank account. This is one of the reasons why this model is most appealing to most people. The second reason is because it requires minimal investment. Literally. All you need is a domain name on a website, and then you can go out there and actually get a client. You don't need to spend any money to or marketing if you simply use Cody 1,000,000 which is completely free. And I'm going to show you exactly how to do that later on in the course. But essentially, if you have a website that is live on the Internet, you can actually go out there and get a client. And like I said, once you get a client, you get paid up front, so you're always going to be in a positive cash flow situation. The third reason is that you have the ability to change a business for the better. So when I first started my S CEO agency or a CEO business, whichever term you want to call it, they both mean the same thing. I actually had a review comment from one of my clients, which was a local landscape, are in south London. And he let she left me a message on left the review, both saying that I've changed business for the bed are he was really struggling before he invested in S E O. He was on page four, page five, barely generating any work. However, when we done, it s yo campaign for him. Four months later, he was on page one and you're generating tons of work. So much work they had to require two extra staff. So no and I was able to change someone's business and change that personal position for the better was really, really rewarding. So that's the free biggest prose of doing Client s CEO. Let's look at some of the cons now. So one corner of doing client s CEO is that finding clients can be difficult. However, this is only true. If you don't know how to market yourself as you have this course, you won't have to worry about this as I'm going to show you exactly how you can market yourself on position. You're a CEO business to ensure you attract the client to you one. So now we've covered client s CEO. It's time to move over and look a rank and rent so frank and rent some of the pros of rank and rent is that once you have the site, Rankin is much easier to find a client as you let you have a website generating leads every single month. If you reach out to a client in the same industry, the chances of them saying no to them extra leads every single month is going to be very, very slim. Another pro of the rank and right model is that is more passive. This is only true once your website is ranked. So once you have a website on the first page of Google and is generating tons of leads, and you already have a client that it really isn't that much to do. I wouldn't send the client invoice. Some of the negatives for the rank and rent model are as follows. It requires a large investment up front. This is simply because you actually have to go out there and writing the website in the first place before you go and get a client. So the round and round model it only works if you have a website that is rank and generating leads. If you don't have that, then you won't be able to actually approach a business owner. And writing the website out to them as there's no overall value as a site isn't ranked highly on its not generating any leads. So as a result, the rank and role model will require a large investment. The second negative on the drunken rant model is that it's more risky. So as you're spending your own money up front, there's no guarantee the site is also going to rank on page one with their CEO. It can be very unpredictable. Sometimes you do everything perfect. You'll follow the guide step by step, be a site will not rank on Google. There's lots of theories behind this, such as the random documents segment in the album from which is sent you just states by Google that sometimes a website could do everything correctly. However, they still weren't ranked that website where it's supposed to be in Google. I guess it's just a way to make it harder for CEOs to know what we really need to do. So essentially what I'm saying is you can spend all this time and all this money trying to write this website, then rented out, and you can just struggled to get it to page one to give you some numbers. Typically, if you make 10 websites, one of them will have an issue. Rankin. I've seen it myself with the agency. Sometimes you work with a client. We do every single thing, right, But the scientist won't rank. Where are the time to work with another client? We'll do the minimal things and the clients that will skyrocket to page one. I've also seen this across my own personal websites, too. So do bear that in mind. The last Khan off the rank and rent model. It is best suited for experience CEOs. So, like I said, this model requires a large investment on its way more riskier than following the client s CEO model. As a result, this is best suited for experience CEOs. So if you're new Tosto maybe we just learned Teoh, you haven't ranked your own site yet. I wouldn't recommend you go for this model. This is best suited for those who have capital to play with and for those who know exactly what they're doing. So, like I said, if you are new to the industry that I recommend you start with the client s CEO model as that way you will have to spend any of your money. You can go out there, get a client and start to get paid as soon as possible. You can obviously in the future, actually diversify and go into the rank and rent model. But like I said, I only recommend you do that. If you have capital to play with and you know what you're doing. However, it is completely your decision. So please pick the one which do you think suits you the best 8. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: What to do if you have no SEO experience. In this section, I'm going to cover the three oxygens you have. If you have little to no SEO experience, there are three different options you have an ongoing to run through. All three in this section of the course. If you already have a good understanding of SEO, then I still recommend you watch this section of the course as there is still some valuable information in here, which might be some use to you. For example, if you wish to outsource your SEO fulfillment, they're not going to cover that in this section as well. So let's hop into this section now. 9. The 3 Options You Have When You Have Little To No SEO Experience: If you would like to start a nishio business, but you have little to no experience. Then you have free main options. The first option is to learn s CEO. So as it sounds, that involves you learn in S E o on, then typically forfeit in the campaign yourself, Option two would be to outsource all of the S e o work. So this is where you would sit back and essentially become the middleman. And lastly, option free, which is a hybrid model. The hybrid model is a mix between option one and option two. So you would essentially carry out certain elements off the campaign on, then outsource to remain the elements to another person or another company. There isn't really any viral wrong way to do this. However, whatever option you do choose, you do need to ensure that you deliver value on results of the client. But only you can decide what you feel most comfortable doing on which is actually work best for your business. So now we know what our free options are. It's time to dive into each one in a bit more detail and see how they would all work 10. Option 1 - Learn SEO: learn in S E O. There's tons of methods you can utilize to learn s CEO. Now, this isn't a course on how to master s CEO. It's more of a course on how to start your own business. But if you are new to S e O, then you should bear in mind that allessio campaigns consist of three main elements which are keyword research on Page Seo and Link Building. Master these free and you're pretty much good to go. Keyword research is the process of finding keywords to target for a business. So let's imagine you want to work an electrician's that's based in New York. One of the main keywords that you want to target would be Electrician's New York. It's quite simple to figure out the keywords for clients, especially when you're working with local clients. Local client keywords are typically the service, followed by a location. For example, Electrician New York on Page Seo on Page Seo is the process of optimizing a Web site to include the keywords on them. You want to focus on getting your key was mentioned in the below free elements to ensure they have the biggest impact that is the euro. The CEO title tag on the page Title link building is a process of getting your website or clients website mentioned on its stern or websites link Building helps let Google know that other websites vouch for your content, which is a massive Rankin signal when it comes to monster. In these three things, you have quite a few options. The first is to teach yourself the hardest part of this method is going to be finding good learning material. If you do go for this route, then make sure you do have good learning material as that is the key to success for this one, I'll provide some links to valuable training in the next lecture that covers the free elements we just spoke about. It's important you learned these three things in the order I've listed as. This is a typical s your workflow you follow when working with clients. One thing you should do as well it set up a live website that you can practice on. This will really draw home what you're learning on. Ensure you're taking it all in. The website doesn't have to go to waste Eva, once you're finished if decide is generating leads, then you can actually sell the website. However, you should definitely consider setting up a dummy site to play with that is going to help you a lot. Practice makes perfect. Another option you have is to take a course. So if you don't want to dig around on the Internet learning about Seo, as it can be quite hard to find a comprehensive guides all in one place. What you can do is simply take. Of course, of course, is a great way to learn as it has all the information in one place, saving you having to go around looking for all the information on compiling it all together . So this often could be quite easier than just reading articles on the Internet. If you decide to take, of course, than I still recommend that you set up your own website so you can use that to test of strategies on as it's super important, you actually apply what you're learning. Another benefit, of course, is is that you get to ask the teachers questions and really learn from them yourself. This is massive and will help you iron out any creases or any bits of information you didn't quite understand. I personally have a couple of courses on S E O that walks you through the whole process. Step by step. I actually show you how to implement everything I'm teaching to in an over the shoulder Former. But of course, there are other options out there too. So do pick the course that you feel is best suited for your needs. Another option is to get a mental. Getting a mentor who has been there and done it is a solid way to learn s CEO. Just be sure to go for someone who has experience and can really help you get to the next level. It is much more personal than learning sdo by yourself as you can let you ask them any question you want. You also be able to learn from their mistakes and avoid any pitfalls they made, which can help accelerate the time it takes to you to see success when it comes to finding a mentor. You can try reaching out to local seo agency owners in different city to you on asking for mentorship I would avoid of reaching out to agencies in your own city as they will pretend to just view as direct competition on most likely won't help you out. However, it's still worth ashore. Another option you have is to get an S e o job. I know it might seem a little backwards as you want to start our own, it's your company and learn toe work from home and it is still the ultimate goal. But getting a job in the S E o industry, preferably one of our local SDO agency, will help you tremendously. When it comes to understand that every aspect of S e o in great detail, it will also give you a great insight into or the processes as you. Well, it should be working on a really website, so this is a great way to really prepare for your own business. And it's always a good option. Regardless of how you learn. Please don't forget to practice. Practice practice as taken action is really the only method that will help truly test your s e o knowledge 11. SEO Tools To Aid Your Learning: S E O tools are extremely helpful when it comes to getting your issue. No work done quickly, Onda correctly, that also really great for helping you identify exactly what needs to be done on also how to go about doing it. I'm going to explore some of the common tools you can use will take a look at both free tools as well as some premium tools as well. They all serve different purposes and they all have different functionalities. So let's start by looking at some of the free tools you can use, So the 1st 2 we're looking at is Google Search Console, previously known as Web master tools. Google search console is a free talk provided by Google on Essentially, it allows you to find out any issues going on, with the website basically allowing you to identify any issues with the client website before they turn into more serious issues which really affect the websites appearance. So as you can see, I'm now in the Google search console for my own agency website, which is clips I start CO UK. And as you can see, we have multiple options on the left campaign. We have the overview performance, Euro inspection, coverage site maps and so on and so on. So you go into the performance, I'll show you exactly what type of information we can get. We can go down and get the queries. So this is how people are finding your website. We can go into pages and see our most popular pages on the website. So for me mind it'll be my home page on My Seo consultant page. We can see how people are finding our website. So what device they're using either using a desktop mobile tablet and so on. And this information is extremely important because if you find more, people are accessing a website Vira Mobile than a desktop, then what you want to do is make sure site is correctly optimized for mobile devices as that kind of a negative impact on your visibility in Google. So as you can see, we have different options as well over coverage, so essentially on the coverage tab, it will highlight any issues you have with your website. So currently there's four issues with the click slice website, so four errors in total with some murals martyrs, no index one euro is coming back as a soft for four. So again it just gives you tons of information about your website. You can also view your website on a mobile device, you to see how it looks. You can get some information about all the length pointing to your website and so on and so on. So it's extremely powerful and it's completely free as well. So I highly recommend you set up a Google search console for your website as well as all your client websites as well. Another tour I like to use is one chord Mosebar now must buy is a Google chrome extension. So essentially, what I use mas before is to determine the keyword difficulty. So once you have Mosebar installed on your Google chrome, you can actually go over to Google and carry out a search, and you'll see these figures below some of the websites. We have P A. 50 d A. 52 so p A stands for page authority on D A stands for domain authority. So essentially what you're doing your keyword research on your keyword difficulty analysis . You want to make sure seeing some websites on page one that have a domain authority or a page authority off less than 30 as anything above 30 can be seen as quite high. However, if you see Web sites on Page one that have a page authority of less than 30 or around the 30 mark searches for T free 30 free domain 40 22 so on, then this is a good indication that this keyword isn't that difficult and that we can actually go ahead and Target is keyword on are quite likely to land on page one if you follow the proven method, which I have shown you in my other two CEO courses. So most buys of really, really good so the metric they use. Like I said Pedro, foraging domain of currency. It's quite similar to the metric used by another SDO software called a headdress. Certain robot is another tool you can use to track your Rankin's off your keywords, so this is super super important. If you're working with 10 clients on for each client tracking 10 keywords, that is 100 key worth checking total. You shouldn't be Google in your client's keywords every day to figure out where they are in Google making a note and then doing the same thing free weeks later. What you wanna do is travel your key. What positions? Using a tool certain robot is actually a free tool. You can just go over to the home page surgery but dot com and then click free, sir, Check and simply, what you wanna do is plug in at the main name. Select your regions of what country are targeting plugging your keywords. Click I'm a robot and scroll down and then click Check certain now and this will tell you is actually where our ranking in Google for those keywords in relation to the euro, you pluck them so you can actually travel your keywords very easily, and it won't cost you a penny. However, if you would like certain robot to do it, it's automatically for you. Then you can actually sign up for an account on. I'm pretty sure that prices that from $5 per month, which is pretty inexpensive for the service it provides. On top of that, it also comes with a free 14 day trial, so you can actually get the full features off this software for 14 days, and it won't cost you a penny. Another great tool you can use is one called a hate drift dot com, so a hatred is extremely powerful. It gives you tons of information and tons of data about a website. So, as you can see, I plugged in apple dot com for stashing UK. And a hatred is presented me with tons of data, all about the UK Apple website. I can see that the main rates here I could see how Maney back links they have, how Maney keywords they appear for can actually click that and actually look at the keywords in a bit more detail as well. But as there's so many kiwis, it's probably going to take quite a while to load. However, as I just said that the key was it just populated so I could see all the keywords Apple appears for. I look at all the new back. Ling's a lot back laying anchor text really, really comprehensive. A headdress is very similar to and Marva software, which I showcased in my local SDO course called Stem Rush, the very similar in what they offer. I kind of see them as the all in one Seo to. Also, if you didn't pick one tour, I'd probably go for either a hatred or seven Rush as you could do, let you everything you need to do a video just by using evil. One of these tools, Sandra does have a free 14 day trial where a hate trips. I'm pretty sure you get access for seven days for $7 so they don't have a free trial, but they have a seven day trial, which issue cost you $1 per day. Then, after that, they are both paid solutions. Another good tool you can use is one called Bryant Local. This is more Taylor for those through in local aecio on working of local business owners. Bright local can help you build citations. It can help you do a citation. Order it. It's a really, really powerful piece of tall, are pretty sure again they do a free 14 day trial where it won't cost you a penny. And I don't think you need to add your credit card. These cells or your bank details anything like that, which is really good. But again, I think they're paid. Solution is about 10 or $15 a month out of my head, Very inexpensive with service your far on. Another solution similar to bright local, is actually another website called a white spark dot C A. Again exactly the same thing as bright local. So it all comes down to preference is really important to know as well that you don't need these tools having access city sources only gonna make your life easier. For example, when I started Click Slice, I wish you had no talk whatsoever. I didn't even use Mars bar unless she went out there, landed a client when I got paid, I then used the money to go and get access to a tool. So just because you want to start an agency, it doesn't mean you have to go out there and spend all this money on all these Seo tools. They aren't required, at least in the beginning. So in summary, the letter tools I use and ones I recommend the ones you use is completely up to you is completely your preference. Some people love to one, and some people hate to one. So pick, which works for you personally. After all, it's your business, and you're going to be the one using them every single day. So if you do have any questions about what tools to use, please don't hesitate to ask. Join the face, that group post a question and I'll get back to you on exactly which tool I recommend is best for you and your current situation. 12. Option 2 - Outsource SEO: Outsourcing, SEO. Outsource in SEO is a great way you can utilize to really hit the ground running when you start your SEO business. Instead of spending hours trying to learn SEO, you can simply outsource it to an expert who knows exactly what they're doing. This is exactly what I had done when I first launched click Slice. There's quite a few benefits to outsource in SEO, such as it saves valuable time so you can focus themselves. So this is the main reason why I decided to ourselves or the SEO work when I first started my SEO business, as it allowed me to have way more time so I could focus on cells and bringing more money into the business. The second reason is that a little to no learning curve, Azure outsourcing the SEO. You don't really need to know all the elements involve SEO. You don't need to know how to build backlinks. If you plan on outsource in there, you don't need to learn on-page SEO. You can simply outsourcer. You don't need to know keyword research. You can simply outsource that. As a result, the learning curve is a lot less steeper, if anything at all. The third reason why you should outsource your SEO is it saves you money as you won't have to purchase any premium tools. So as I just showed you a few tools in the last video, if you decide to outsource all of your SEO work, then you won't need any of those SEO tools. The fourth reason is I allowed you to deliver results much faster. Azure outsourcing all of the work to approve an expert, you can be more confident that they're gonna get results quicker. You'd be able to, that's bearing in mind if you don't know SEO and you don't know what you'd do in. So now we've covered four benefits of outsourcing your SEO campaign. It's time to head over to my browser and I'll show you three different companies you can use to outsource your SEO campaigns if you wish. Or free companies I've used in the past and I've seen really good results from them. Sum now over on my browser. And the first company I recommend is Web 20 And just to clarify, I'm showing these in no particular order whatsoever. They are all very good companies indeed. So web 20 Branca is based in the US. All of their campaigns, I want a 100% managed by US residents as well, which is really good. The pricing for these guys as really, really good as well. The entry level starts about $447 per month, then I want to 850 and another one at 650. So since 50 that she the middle one, they put the most expensive one in the middle to say more likely to go for it, but essentially it starts about 450, then you have 650 and then a 50. They actually offer a lot of surfaces on the website. You can actually white label. If we go over to all SEO services, we had the DF. Why SEO? So df y stands for done for you. So the white label SEO is just the ones I was showing you right there. You can do link building outreach, on-page SEO. You can do gmb. If you work in a local clients, you can do a citation clean up, which is kinda like a citation audit. Build some citations, some nice citations, GO citations and so on and so on. So they have tons of different services as well. And all of the packages also come with keyword tracking, keyword ranking, which is really good. And you can also send you to pulled over to the client. So that's really good to note. They do provide you with tons of reports as well, which you can also fought over to the client and tick that box as well. So the second company is called Hub The price is stopped from free, a $100 per month. Again, they offer pretty much the same services as Web 20 Runge-Kutta. I use these guys in Nepal's I think 4.5 months in total. So some pretty good movements as some clients in actually made that higher. It's all. However, overall the amount of clients I've sent in the way, the majority of them actually went higher in Google. So this is another one I recommend. Again, you can go through the services and see what they offer here, do content marketing. So you can get some blog posts and content risen, some SEO you can do local SEO, can even be PPC is somebody a client's request that as well. The last company I recommend is one could SEO moves. So this company is actually based in the UK. They are also a Google partner. Essentially what that means is they got a high performance of running Google ads. Do you'd be wary that at Google Partner badge has nothing to do with SEO. It's all to do with Google ads. Typically, when you get SEO clients, what you'll find is some of them also want Google ads. If you have no experience of Google ads, then go into a company that can actually handle the Google ads can be very handy. And the fact they are a Google partner as well just adds up further reassurance that they are going to do a good job because they get this badge. You do need to meet strict requirements set by Google. So in summary, these are the free companies I recommend. I would recommend you do a local search as well. So for example, if you're based in New York, for example, just go to Google and type here in the white label SEO services than typing in New York. And that way you can get a list of all the white labor were SEO companies in your city, I actually recommend you do to that as well as you might find some good companies. You can actually go into the office, meet them, and meet them face to face. Just a good idea if they're a good fit for your company. And if you do choose to outsource your SEO campaign, it's super important you get the right company. But like I said, these three companies I've shown you already, he's a little ones. I've tested myself and I've actually delivered rural results. You'd actually be surprised how many companies there are out there, which provide is 0 results whatsoever. I tried another six different companies in total and none of them delivered any good results. So do take that in consideration if you're thinking about trying a different company or one I haven't mentioned, as you will need to do your homework and make sure they can actually deliver good and solid results for your clients. 13. Option 3 - Hybrid Model: the hybrid model. The hybrid model is where you yourself would implement some elements of the S E O campaign . But you don't implement all of them. The parts you don't implement yourself would simply be outsourced to another person or a company. This method works really well as it allows you to focus on what you enjoy or what you're good at. Maybe you enjoy the on Page Seo stuff, but you're not to fund of the Link Gordon. With this method, you can simply outsource the link building on focus just on your on page, which is the part you enjoy. People who use his method should ideally know quite a bit about Seo on Have a clear understanding of what is required, as if you don't you have no idea what you're outsourcing is done to a high standard. I still uses method myself to this day that it's a very good method and provide you with the perfect balance and control over your agency. So what elements to people outsource when using the hybrid model? The three most common elements people outsource is one link building, two citations and free content writing, as you probably already figured all three of these elements can be done off of the client's website, meaning the person you're outsourcing is too doesn't need access to the client's website. This gives you more control and ultimately provides more security to the client's website. For example, when it comes to link Building, if we're going to our sources element, all you need to do is give the person or company or are sourcing it to is the target Ural So the euro, the link needs to be built to on. Given that anchor text as well, they wouldn't go out and do the rest and senior report when it's done making a completely hands off solution. So let's head over to my brows and now on my show you to websites that you can use if you wish to out sort of these free elements when it comes to outsource in the link, build in on the content creation. Ah website you can use is called up work dot com. Some of these may already heard of up work. If you haven't artwork is essentially a freelance in platform. So how it works is you sign up for free, you post a job of what you're looking for. Freelances who are qualified and have the skills you're looking for with and apply for your job. And you can simply filtered through all the applications on high. The person who is the best fit for your job if we go over to this tablet just gives you a bit more information about artwork you can actually scroll down and see. Artwork is trusted by over five million different businesses which include Microsoft Airbnb and so on. So upward is a massive massive website. You can actually scroll down as well and you can see the most in demand topics said you could see Seo Specialist is something people look for very often. We've got search engine marketers, social media marketers and so on and so on. So it s Theo is highly sought after, So all you need to do is sign up for up work, post your job you're looking for, say, link building or content creation. And then you have all these s U experts in seo specialists applying for your job. So the whole process is pretty straightforward and pre streamlined, which is why I'm a big fan of up work when people applied to your job as well. You can't put the profile, see the feedback, see their ratings, see some of the experience or portfolio previous jobs they worked on. You can really get a good understanding where this person is gonna be a good fit or a bad fit for your business. So really do take time to look into that because that's probably one the most important elements. You don't want to hire someone who doesn't do good work, and it's going to result in poor quality for you, and your client won't be happy. So do you Make sure you take a lot of time to research the person you're gonna hire and make sure it's the right decision. Freelancers who do well on up work typically have a top rated badge on the profile, so do be sure to look out for that. However, if you still are unsure where we should hire someone, I'm not feel free just to join the face of group and post it in there and I'll get back to you whether I think it's personal, be a good fit for what you want to outsource, and lastly, you can set your budget as well. So if you only have $200 to play with, maybe you took on a $500 per month client and you'd like to make $300 profit per month. That means you have $200 to play with. You can also set your budget. So when freelances apply, they can see a budget, and if they can work within your budget would obviously apply for the job. So the mountain is gonna cost you to hire someone is all depend on what you're willing to pay as well. So if you land a larger client, for example, maybe $1000 or $2000 per month, then you might want to hire someone who's a little bit more expensive than just $200 per month, as typically with. But what I found that people that charge a low amounts typically deliver the lower quality of work. Remember, when it comes to doing client work, quality matters. The client has to be happy, and you have deliver results. If you don't live results that clients just gonna go elsewhere. So when it comes to outsource in citations, this is the website. I use citations builder dot com. If you're not sure what citation is essentially, a citation is what you build for local business websites. Citations help you tremendously when it comes to ranking in the map pack and get in higher in the Google maps. So if you are worth with a local business owner, so someone who has a service and the target in the local area, I highly recommend you actually got there and build citations that is going to help you a lot. So Citation builders, they have free different packages for citations that have a small package, which is 35 citations, the medium of 75 on a large of 135 citations. So what package you need is going to be dependent on how bigger the area your client wants to target. For example, if your client want to talk to the whole of New York, which is a massive city, you're going to want a large package of citations. However, if your client is toilet in a small town, maybe a small county in their local city, then you should be fine to go for the small and the medium citations. What's great about Citation builders as well is that they provide you with a report at the end which literally list all the citations they built, which you could then forward onto your client and show them the work you've delivered. I've been using Citation Builders for the last two years now, and I have nothing about positive things to say about them. So these are the two websites I recommend. If you want outsource parts of your campaign Dewberry mind as well. If you are really advanced, Inacio, then you can also outsource more parts of the campaign on up work such as unpaid Jesse Oh, keyword research and so on and so on. So pick what suits you on what works to your current business goals. 14. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: How to position your business for success. In this section of the course, I'm going to show you how you can choose your SEO business name. I'll show you some cool tips and tricks which I use to generate my own business name, which is click Slice. I'm also going to show you how you can pick the best WordPress theme for your website. I'm going to come in at six key elements that you should have on your website. It's super important that you have all six elements on your website. If you don't, then it's going to be a little bit more difficult for you to actually get clients. And lastly, I'm going to show you how you can determine your businesses direction. This is so, so important, you need to determine if you want to focus on one niche in particular. So maybe one industry. Maybe you just want to service your local area. So I'm going to show you how you can determine your businesses direction. And I'm going to go through the pros and cons of each option you have out there. So let's dive into this section. 15. Choosing Your SEO Business Name: choosing your CEO. Business name. One of the first things you need to decide on is what you're going to call your s e business. You really have two options. The first is you go for a branded name to the name I have for clicks. Ice at the moment is a branded name and it's saying I've made up myself. The other option you have is to go for a keyword orientated name. So a keyword orientated name would be something like s e o London dot co dot UK, where you have a key word in your domain names such as S E O on London. So, as a result, if you're trying to rank for London is going to be a lot easier for you. Keyword orientated names are best suited for those who want to rank the agency website as fast as possible, as having your keyword in your domain name is going to help you a lot. However you don't actually need of your keyword in your domain name just to rank for it. As you already know that for example, clicks Lines is a branded domain name. However, we actually rank for tons of s e o keywords such as Seo Consultant, London s U A Valley and so on and so on. Which type you pick all comes down to your goals. Really? I always recommend you go for a branded name, as it does help you a lot when you're doing link building. For example, if you have a keyword orientated name and you want to do it branded back link to your website every branded back let you build will actually be a target keyword as you're going to have the key word in your anchor texts, which is obviously going to be your domain name, which is obviously going to be actual website name. So it can be a little bit more difficult to do link building when you have the key word in the actual domain name. So do be careful with that as well. So, like I said, which, when you go for all comes down to your preference. But essentially there's two main benefits of each one for the branded name. It gives you much more flexibility going forward. For example, as you don't have any key was mentioned in your website. Name your domain name. You can easy target mobile services in the future. For example, we have clicks. Lifestyle code It UK. It doesn't mention s CEO. It doesn't mention email marketing. It doesn't mention Google ads, So I can easy at all no services later on down the line where if my business was called CEO London So the whole website is about Seo in London and let's say I want to target another area or for another service. It's going to be quite problematic and it's going to cause some confusion to potential clients. So do bear that in mind. However, if you don't plan on offering any more services in the future, such as Google ad and so one, then you should be fine to go with acuity orientated name. So when it comes to picking a branded name, this is what I typically uses. Quite funny. Some people like this. Some people don't. I typically start with a core word. So such a increase click fuel move found sky Apex online all things to do which I believe are core word to do of S E O s CEO increasing your organic visitors. The man of people go into your website you get more clicks, you got fuel, you could move higher. You can get found. Sky, because you go high are so typically I start off with about 10 or 12 core words. And then after that, we went to secondary words. So second, a word to be hub your base media up fuel again, rocket digital and so on. And typically what I do, I have combined a core would, on a secondary word to create one word. So, for example, if you go through results, you can see we have click slice will have click right here and I have sliced down here So actually used to call were to this one And as a result, that's actually how it came up with the name Click slice Let's see what other examples we can have. We can have click hub So this is a hub to come to you when you want more clicks to your website again A really good branded name. You can have move up. You can I haven't found digital. You're gonna have online fuel, so hopefully you can see what I'm doing here. I'm playing around with something cool. Words on some secondary words, so I actually highly recommend you write down a list of 10 core words on the list of at least 10 secondary words as well. They should just combine them in any random order and you'll be surprised what you come up with. So when it comes to picking your name, do you get creative and play around? And just to confirm when I have secondary keywords, they don't have to be related. Tosto. The just Words which I believe a secondary keywords as are not primarily related to, for example, that weren't hub based media is kind of similar to this year, but it's not dead on CEO. But hopefully this gives you a bit of background into my method, my wit and wacky method. IEA's to create business names, but it works very well and it's never let me down. So give it a try and let me know what name you come up with. 16. Picking The Best Website Theme For Your SEO Business: so hopefully you would have already picked your S e o business name. Maybe you're going for a branded name. Or maybe you gone for a keyword orientated name. Eve away. Once you've done that, it's time to move on to pick in a word for a scream for your CEO business. You'll be pleased to know that you have tons of options out there, including both free on premium options. I'm going to cover both options in this video. So both free WordPress themes on both paid solutions you can use. So pick the one which are most comfortable with on the one that works to your budget. So let's start off with the free ones to find a free seo agency or a CEO business word for a stream. Simply go over to Google and type in free Seo agency theme. You'd actually be surprised how many results you see. For example, I've got the best free s your agency worker stream. I've got 10 them right there. 25 teams, 15 10 and so on. So simply, just open one of them and have a look for them as this is going to be what I call a compilation off 10 Different word for Streams there. Scroll down and have a look at them. We've got a short list right here. Let's open just this one as an example. Let's go for demo. Always check the demo first before you download it, and there's no point downloading the theme if you're not happy of how it looks. So let's go over. Look at these free word for streams. We've got photography. I do like the look of this one. Got this one right here. Land in. We load more if we want. I think what loads on this site Let's stick with this one at the top. I did like the look of this one. Lets go of you site. So if you went for this theme, this is exactly how your site would look. Obviously, you could change out your logo, play around with the techs. So the icons out if you want. Essentially, this is how it would look and this is really, really nice. And again, this is free. So it won't cost you a penny as well. And one thing to do we know, check in WordPress theme is super important. Do you make sure you are using Google chrome as if you are. You could simply right click and then click Inspect and then what you can do You can see how the site would view on a mobile device. So it's very easy to do. If you don't land on a mobile page like this, just go down here. This little option right here You can toggle through that. That will show you on desktop. Give it another click and it will show you how the site appears on a mobile device. You can even go to the top and change device. So at the moment I'm looking through a galaxy s five. I can change that. Teoh iPad Pro, for example of a tablet. I can see how it views on iPhone 10 as well. So do you. Make sure you check out this. It's super important. No matter what thing you get, where it's a free theme or a paid for him, it needs to be what we call mobile Responsive A k A. You need to look good on a mobile device. So to check on mobile, give it a few clicks, make sure everything works fine. If you're happy with that one? That also go ahead, download that and get that installed on your WordPress website. So this is the site I actually recommend if you want to go for a paid theme. So this is a premium option out there. I actually bought my WordPress theme. I have four clicks. I So this one you see right here This is actually purchased from this website called theme forest dot net. Simply go to theme for a start net and simply type in S e o WordPress for him. Like so. This will bring up tons of different options you can use. You can play with the filters as well, so you can start by price. You see what one here for $25 on for first E 5 $59 so on. One thing to bear in mind you're looking at these ratings is make sure you go for a theme that has good reviews. Sometimes you see a team like this $25. It's very cheap. 112 cells, however, only has five stars from seven different people. So, ideally, you want to go for a FEMA has at least 50 different people as that way, you know the fever is going to be more reliable. So what I like to do is filtered by price. First, I like to the cheapest ones at the top to get the best discount, and I simply just scroll down until I started finding lots of decent reviews. 20 free There again, I liked it for 50 and above. There's no perfect number, you know, if you find when it looks nice, you can obviously go for that. It's got this one right here. $9. 16. Quiet Love cells again doesn't meet my criteria, but let's open that one right click Andy Preview. Scroll down Quite more 15 23 and so on. We got free for okay, so let's eat. Let's go back to the top of this page on Let's Go for Four stars and higher 13 again. It's as the more filters let's go for cells. I want high cells as High sells, its most likely going to equal more reviews. That used to be an option here to actually click a certain amount of reviews. You want 50 revue Bar 100 reviews and so on. However, there's no option right here. So what? I'm gonna do it simply, just go for best sellers. As you can see, we've now got results. Got 60 Got 65 80 free. So, as you can see, it does take a bit of playing around to get best teams out there. But it's definitely worth it. And like I said, you don't have to go for 50 and above. That is just the criteria I use. So this is actually for electric in which is quite interesting. Multi purpose is really good. Multi purpose means it could be used for multiple industries. It can be used for a CEO, a local business on so on and so on. So once you find the team and you're happy of it, let's just go for this one. Simply click preview to see how it looks again. We also need to check the same thing as well. Make sure let's get mobile devices. Just have a look around. Oh, okay. So quite interesting. So this one actually has lows of different demos to play with. So want you buy this theme that actually give you 1 to 18. Plus is one account number 18 plus different demo. So quite versatile. I like this one again. This one was quite nice. I do like this one. And this one is You can tell I get carried away. I like a lot of these. I'm gonna get too carried away. But essentially what you need to do is just go through it. Bottom market on theme forest. Pick a theme you like and and obviously go ahead, purchase it and add it on your WordPress site again. That is, if you would like to go for the pain option, you can obviously just use a free one which I showed you earlier on a few minutes ago and just really good tippers. Well, which I like to use if you ever come across a website that has a really good themes. Delicious. Say, for example, you come on my agency site and you love click Slice and you want to figure out what FEMA my use in you simply copy the URL on Go over to this website called. What WP theme is that dot com and simply pace in the website and then click search on what it will do. It will tell you the exact theme this website is using. For example, this is correct. I am using one court unfold and again, I actually got this theme off a theme for most dot Net the site. I was just showing you. So this is actually a really good method to use. Maybe you can type in S e o business in your cities or maybe s your business. New York If you're based in New York, have a look at all the web sites on page one. If you like any of them, then simply go over to this site, plug in the website, figure out what team they're using and you can go obviously out and get that your website as well. Obviously just going a customized, a little bit changing colors, but your logo on and so on and so on. So this is a process that I use when I picked the word for us FEMA for my s CEO business. In the next video, I'm going to cover the six elements that you should have on your website. So this is once you have your theme in stored. The next part is to determine what you actually have on your Web site. So what pages What to say and so on and so on. So I'll see you in the next video. 17. The 6 Key Elements You Must Have On Your Website: the six elements you must have on your website when it comes to actually build in your s your business website. There's six elements you want to ensure you include Now this isn't a course on web design, but it's really important. Your site has all of these elements as your website is the first thing a client will see, so it needs to make a strong first impression. Your website is a place where you can really showcase your services on the results you can provide to your clients. Some clients will be sold before they even see your website. However, some clients who were your website in great detail before making any decisions. So what we need to do is catered for both types to ensure we're not missing out on any deals. So the first thing when I make sure your website has is a professional design. So if you followed what I showed you in the last video of how you can find some WordPress themes for your s your business, then you shouldn't have to worry about this at all. As most word for a steam look very, very nice and our professional indeed the reason why I wanna have a professional theme is you can't really be going out there and charging clients $1000 per mom, $45 per month. If your website lets very basic and it's not professional itself, it doesn't really portrayed and match up with the same image or getting across to your clients. Luckily enough, as you saw, you can achieve a professional website design without even spending any money. You can just use a free theme. The second thing you need to make sure your website has is an about page. So, as you can see, I'm now on Click Slices home page. I'm going to show you literally a live example of what my website has on what I recommend your website should have as well. So the second thing is going to be the about page. So let's go to my about page and I'll show you that now I actually have to about pages. I have one for clicks life. So one about the agency and I have one for Founder, which is more information about me online explained through the reasons why I have both. So their about page for clicks like just gives a use of more information about click Slice when it was founded, the agency's free core values just some images off the staff, some text right there in a little banner at the bottoms. And not much a tour, really just a general about page. I always recommend that you keep it short and concise as you don't want to bore your reader . And to be fair, I have a whole page about me anyway, so I don't want to bore someone on two different pages. So I found out in a page about you. So you yourself actually helps so much. It gives you an opportunity to really connect with the user on a personal level, as you're talking more about you and things that you do in your personal life, which is completely separate the agency. So, as you probably realize when it comes to doing business, people do business with other people. It's not about doing business with an agency that a B, C D E F G people want to connect with other users as well. If you can really showcase and get across your personality on your website, it's gonna help you so much more. The amount of s your businesses out there that don't do this is really, really shocking. So I highly recommend you have a page on a website, which is all about you. Talk about things you do in your spare time. Interest in fax, things that good about you. Are you ambitious? Funny? Do you fish? Are you a travel our family orientated and so on. When I added this actually had a few phone calls of potential clients who all said the same thing. Oh, I actually really enjoy that film you mentioned as well, which is same part Ryan. So it really helps you connect with the user on a different level. The third thing will make sure your website has is a service page. So if I scroll to the top of our agency site, go to services, you can see this is our page here for S e O. You need to have a page on your website which talks about the service you offer. So as you're going to be offering, S e. O. Is a good idea to give users a bit more of idea on the whole work for the s year process, for example, is sort of keyword research. When you knew that analysis on Page Seo off Page s CEO, then you provide a report on so on and so on. So really good. The use a bit more information about what they can expect. That way they won't be left in the dark, and they know what to expect. If they do. Come on as a client, as you can see from our service pages, not much on it. All I cover the services that go a bit more detail about on Page Seo off Page Seo. Then I actually mentioned some packages on our page as well. This is actually a new thing I don't recommend you do to start off with. I'm currently testing, saying at the moment just to see if this helps increase more leads and help to qualify them where it could just scare people away. I'm not actually sure. Just like I'm testing. And then, lastly, at the bottom of the page, I have this section of right here which says, Why s e 02? Just some reasons why you should she go ahead of S e. O. However, as the person is on this page, They already know they need sdo it just a case of convince him to get in touch with you. The full thing you want, including the website, is a page talking about the results on the results of manager chief for client. So we have a paid for results on click slice. As you can see right here on essentially on our page, you just have to video testimonials. We've got this little WordPress review banner right here. So just tons of different reviews, as you can see, pages and pages which you managed to accumulate over the years. And we also have some screenshots off our client ranking keywords going higher and higher in Google and the below that we have a contact form and then you simply have a little rocket, which is the symbolizes just growth to page one. So again, nothing really complex. It all just proven. What good at what we do are highly recommend. You do have a results page at the health bill. Tons of social proof and again just really confirmed. You actually know what you're talking about. I do appreciate that in the early stages you won't have any results to showcase. Don't worry about that. As when I started my agency, I had no results of showcases. Well, either she had no results. But what I'm trying to get across is when you do get some results for clients DB shorts go out there and actually create a page on the website showcasing how good you are and the results we've managed to achieve The fifth thing you wanna have on your website is actually C T A's. So the C C A is essentially a call to action on the court action you provide on your website. All come down to what you want the user to do. For example, on clicks light, we want our users to build for cool. So we have a c t a of right here looking cool. We have another c t a. Right here, Booker Cool. You look at one of our biggest pages as well. So Seo consultant London Let's Google that keyword clicks. I should be on page one. We are top free. I'll show you again. See ta up here. It's blue. We've got a number one blue blue scroll down Got blue here again. Scroll down. We've got another blue and other blue. So as you can see or CTS are the same color, it's super important. Your C t A. They are the same color on your website that is more of a psychological element. So when they use the seed, believe it of a quickly associate blue with getting in touch with you, so do you. Make sure your CJ's are the same color and you have them throughout your website as well. It is difficult to help you convert the users into actual enquiries on phone calls as well . But just the pro tip Do you make sure your seat EA is visible above the fold, So that means when someone lands on your website, they can see a CT a straight away. They don't have to scroll down here to find one lets you make it as easy as possible. It is for someone to get in touch of you. The last year. Going to want to have on your website is obviously a page of your contact details. So how did people get in touch of you? Yes, I have your c t A. But you need to have your contact information readily available, so our contact page is pretty straightforward. We just have a form over on the left hand side of the page. We've got some more information on the right hand side, such as an email address. We do have our phone number down here at the bottom as well, so you can actually find it if you look for it. However, we don't want Frankel's come in at the agency. We'd rather people coming in and actually booking a court into our calendar. And then we can research a website a bit more detail and then actually handled the phone call in a better manner. As that way we can prepare for the phone, call it just picking up the phone and having to, you know, figure out what the person's website is. Have you done a CEO and so on and so one. So that is really the six main things you need to have in your website. So just to summarize, you need a professional design. You want an about page? A service page results that clear call to action on your contact information, just a bonus thing as well, which you can, including a website is what I like to call a risk reversal. So if I go over to our consultant page, I go to the top. You can see I have this risk reversal right here. So we risk reversal is Simon. You add to your website which removed the wrist from the potential client. So, for example, I say my risk free guarantee to you. I guarantee to increase your online visibility within 90 days. If I don't, then I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. Call me today. If you're a business owner and you're reading this risk reversal, it's quite likely that this is gonna help remove any nerves. You have actually push you over the line to get in touch with this agency. If you do up to have a risk reversal on your website, it's super important. You don't offer too much. As you know, eso can be very unpredictable. Notice how in my wrist reversal, I'm not promising page on Rankin's. I'm not promising. I'll get to the top of page one. I'm simply saying that I can improve online visibility within 90 days. So if I take on a client and their on page seven. Then what I'm promising is that I can get them higher than page seven within 90 days, which is obviously free months. So if you are following a proven s strategy and you know what you're doing, this is quite likely and quite achievable as well. So what I found adding it which reversal is really, really effective for me. Like I said again, please be careful If you do add this to your website if you're not confident in S e. O Or maybe you're outsourcing it to a new company. You've never heard it before then I don't recommend you. Add Everest reversal at least to start off with to give you some context. When I started clicks lives, I didn't have any reversal on my agency website for at least the first year and 1/2. I wait. So I got really good at s CEO. I was really confident I had case studies, video testimonials and so on and so on and want always across that line and I was super confident. I then went ahead and added aversive Ercel, I just want to show it to you guys. You know what to expect in the future. I don't see what you can do to increase your conversions on. Generate more CEO clients. Feel free to go in a click sliced website, have a little of our pages and see how he set things up. Because I have really perfected this website over the last 3 to 4 years to make sure he converts really, really highly. So it would be a great place for you to stop. I'll see you in the next video. 18. Determining Your Businesses Direction: determining your businesses direction. So when you start your ASIO business, you have free main options in terms of how you contain the direction off your business. So what I mean by that is you can have what I call a number one a General Seo agency. Or you can have a niche focused s CEO agency. Or you can have a service based s CEO agency. So clicks Life is a General Seo agency. So we operate with tons of different clients, multiple industries. There's no rule requirements other than the client understands s CEO, and they have the capital to invest in S E O campaign. The 2nd 1 and niche Focus Seo Agency would be an SUV agency where you only target one niche . For example, you could have a whole Seo agency just targeting plumbers. So as a result, your agency would only take on plumbing clients. The last one is a service based s CEO agency. So within s CEO has multiple different elements. You have on Page Seo off Page Seo Link building and so on and so on. So a service based s U agency will only offer one service off the S e o campaign. So now we've covered the basics. Let's dive into each option and look at the pros and the cons. So some of the pros of a general Allessio agency is you have a larger potential client pool . So as you can want any client in any industry with any requirement by the fault, you have a larger client pool, meaning you could reach up to more businesses. And it's also much easier for you to get referrals as a business. So when you're operating the general s your agency, for example, like clicks lives we can take on a plumbing client on, and if we do a good job for them, they can refer us. Another client may be in the solar panel industry, which we can then take on as well. So a general s your agency is a great way to start as it gives you tons of experience with minimal requirements. So some of the cons of Anesi of agency it is more difficult to establish a Foresti. So what I mean by that is because you're a general s your agency, so you don't specialize in any niche in particular is going to be hard if you to establish authority. So let's imagine you come across this solar panel website said. A client website is all through of solar panels, renewable energy that is the main needs of the client operates in. And then you reach out to them from your General Allessio agency and you say, Hey, I can help you get to Page one Here's my testimonials, which have nothing to do with solar panels or anything you do. But we can help you, too. And then, at the same time another agency reaches out to this company on this agency. Just specializes in Solar Panel CEO. If you're that business owner, which one is going to sound more appealing to you? Go on with a General Seo agency that works with clients in every industry you can imagine or going for seo agency that just specializes in your industry. So, as you can see, it's a lot more difficult to establish authority when you go for it. General Seo agency. So now we know that lets about the pros and the cons off a knee specific s CEO agency. So some of the pros are it's easier to establish authority as you obviously only operate in one industry. So, like I just said, if you reach out to a solar panel installation company on your agency just specializes in solar panel s CEO is going to be a lot easier if you to establish that authority on really built the trust ni specific ECM agencies are also able to charge a higher fee as they can establish that authority from the Star. So clients are typically willing to pay you more money if you specialize in just a industry and you already established within that specific industry. So some of the cons of any specific s your agency are, as you can imagine, a smaller potential client pool. So as you only operate in one specific industry by the phone is going to be less client for you to reach out to. So if you're working with a plumber in London, for example, then you can't take any more of a plumbing clients on in London, too, so it can really restrict you in that element. I've actually had a few friends that start their own seo agencies. They target one industry, and then they figure out hated entries, not working for me. It's a little bit small. Then they go away and set up another. Any specific industry, they do that again, and then I end up just grand. We have a general estate agency as they can take on tons of clients, all in the local area and then from the local area. They build out further and further. So that is put on the biggest comes off any specific CEO agency on another clone as well is that referrals are way less likely. So, like I said, if you use the same example, you're working with a plumber in London. If you do amazing work for that plumber in London, the only client that plumber can actually refer one to you has to be another plumbing client, as you only were in the plumbing industry. So, as you can see, it's gonna be quite hard for you to get referrals as what are the chances of you taking on a plumber that also has referrals of another friend he has that owns a plumbing company as well. So do bear that in mind as well. You know, you can charge higher fees, but then your client pool is obviously restricted and your referrals are less likely as well. You can obviously take one step back. So instead of just doing s CEO for plumbers, you can do s CEO for the home improvement industry. So that would cover landscape in kitchen refurbishments, loft conversions and so on and so on. So there's definitely a few ways you can play this toe work for you before I dive into the last option. I just want to show you a live example of a niche Pacific s CEO agency. So, as you can see, I'm on this website called electric CEO dot net on. As you guess, this is an S U agency, which just does CEO for electricians. So this is a niche. They are targeting literacy. Imagine your owner an electrical company, and you land on this website on your after s CEO. That messaging is super Super Taylor s CEO for Electrician's. Why do Electrician's need a CEO is all talking about your potential client. As a result, you can really tie down your website to talk to your direct audience. You don't have to say why's CEO important s CEO for businesses. You can really talk to your audience on. As a result, this website is going to cover a lot better than a general s U agency such as Click Slice, for example. So do bear that in mind? If you do go the need specific SC route, you are going to want to change a website. You're talking directly to your audience. So now we've gone through the knee specific s CEO benefits and the cons is time to look at the last option, which is a service specific s CEO agency. So again, this could be any type of agency that just specializes in one service of S E O, such as link building, for example. So some of the pros off this option is pretty much the same as the last option to be honest . So you eat it to establish authority, and you can charge higher fees again. The reason being is because you're more likely to be seen as an expert, as you only specialize in this one thing. So as a result, you can charge higher fees. However, one of the corners of this method is that many clients went all in one solution. So if you set up A s U agency that just specializes in link building. So really and truly and not really in S e o agency, you're more of a link building agency, and as a result, it may not be a good fit for some clients. Some clients want all in one solution where they get their on page done, the keyword research, the link build in the block posting and so on and so on. So let me show you a live example of a service specific SC agency. And now So this is a company called a ghost market in they are linked build in service agency. So the only service I have is singled him. You can't go to the menu called any gig, lads. Any on page is literally just link building. So again, if you put yourself in the shoes of a client and literacy, imagine you have you on page sdo done. You've done all the keyword research and you just want link building. So you just want to be in place every single month. If you have a General Seo agency, you reach out to you and you have a link. Gordon s your agency reach out to you. Which one are you going to go for? So as you can see, the how you position your agency has a massive impact on the success of your agency. On also which direction you take going forward. So do bear that in mind. When you pick an option for your agency, there isn't any right of wrong option. It's just about picking the option, which suits you best on which suits your personal goals. 19. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Seo, workflow, and deliverables. In this section, I'm going to explain a difference between a national ANA, local SEO campaign. I'm going to show the typical SEO workflow process. So me explain to you exactly what needs to be done every single month for your clients. I'm going to show you a live walk-through of what we do at clicks lice. So we actually have a Gantt chart, which is what we use to follow literally every single step would be for clients day by day. So I'm going to show you that so you can get a good understanding of exactly what we do at the agency. And lastly, I'm going to give some advice to those who wish to outsource the whole SEO fulfillment. So let's get into this section. 20. National vs local SEO: national versus local aecio when the client comes to you and they're looking to hire you for ASIO that go into one evil one off two things Well, for a starter, they're going to want to sell more of their products and the services. However, the client, they want to sell the product or services to even be in a specific geographic location or they're going to be all over the country or even on a global level, meaning they don't really care about whether clients are physically located. And this is really the difference between providing local SDO services on national s CEO services. So let's look at local s CEO in a bit more detail. So what exactly is a local S e o? Local seo is the process of optimizing a web site to increase its visibility for a local audience, a website, and give you the opportunity to talk about the entire online world. But if the target audience for your client is located in or near their city, then you want to focus on local S e O. For example, if a plumber come to you in your local city, the majority off his clients he's going to serve is going to be local to his business in his local city as well. So as a result, you're going to want to focus on a local S CEO campaign. However, if his plumbing company had different offices in different cities across the whole country , then you could focus on a national campaign as his plumbing business with service clients all across the country. So an example of a local keyword is typically a service plus a location, for example, Plumber Plus in London. You can also have the location first, followed by a service such as London Plumber, but essentially any two elements in the key word, which is a service on the location. This is primarily what determines a local keyword and is the type acuity should be targeting if you're working with local clients. Another thing to know as well is when you're targeting a local keyword. Local key with typically have this part right here, which is what we call the local map pack. So I've typed in a keyword just carpet installation rich in Virginia. So again, a local keyword about the service and I had the location at the end and as a result, I got ads at the top of the page. I've got the map pack and I have the organic results down below. So when you target a local keyword, it also give you the opportunity to rank in the map pack as well. And national keyword will not have a map pack. The Google local map is a great way to generate more calls for your business. So when a mobile device you don't actually have these two buttons here saying website and directions, he simply just have one icon, which is a phone symbol, and you click it and call the business directly. It's actually can imagine. These are super helpful when it comes to doing local S CEO and even quickly generate more phone calls very, very easily. National s CEO, on the other hand, is a little bit different. National S Seo is the process of optimizing a Web site to increase its visibility for abroad. Keyword Robert and specific geographical keywords. So some examples of a national keyword could be yoga mat, wireless headphones, gaming, laptop, and so on and so on. So, as you can see in all these examples off these national keywords. There is no mention of any area. It's not yoga mat London It's not wireless headphones. London is simply yoga mat, wireless headphones and gaming laptop. So as a result, no matter where you are in the country, if you type in any of these key words and you rank number one thing, you are ranking number one for national keywords. So now we know the difference between local S CEO and national SDO is times without the differences when it comes to Rankin, for both for these keywords. So for starters, the ranking time depends on competition. So typically speaking, national keywords are way more competitive to rank for than a local keyword. The reason being is when you target a local keyword, you are only competing with businesses in that local area. However, when it comes to a national keyword, you actually competing with businesses across the whole country, literally across the whole nation. Hence the word national keyword. So, as a result, local keywords are typically just less competitive than national keywords. As a result, you can run a lot faster for local keywords, then you can for a national keyword as well. The process is essentially the same. We have beyond pay Jesse Oh, the keyword research link building and someone. However, for a local Allessio campaign, you would be building what we call citations as well, which helps you rank in the local map out, which I just showed you a couple of screens ago. But essentially, it's the same process. The main difference is just the competition and the time it takes for you to see results. To give that some more context from a local keyword, you can expect to see results in 4 to 6 months. That is what we typically advise our clients at the agency, although it can be on a lot faster and a lot quicker, depending on the competition again on For a national keyword, it can take between 8 to 12 months. However, like anything, it all depends on the competition. 21. The Typical SEO Workflow Process: the client s CEO workflow. If it's your first time working with clients or even just do in S e O, then it can be a bit overwhelming to try and figure out exactly where to start. And to actually make sure you're performing the right task. It could be really helpful to understand what the whole client s year process looks like to ensure you have a strong foundation and you can better serve your clients. So in this video, I'm going to give you a bird's eye view of the whole client s CEO process. So this is what it looks like. We have quite a few different elements in their five in total. The first anyone is starting his take on a new client. Leah. Working with a new client is keyword research. So this one right here, keyword research is the first thing you need to be focusing on when you're working with a client. The keywords are essentially the foundation of the whole Seo campaign. They actually determined success of your campaign as well as if you target a key one wishes to difficult. You're not actually gonna make decline any money you're gonna waste that budget and is also going to take you ages of rank On the first page of Google, Keyword research is super important. You can find out new keyword ideas for your client just by using Google also suggest which is a free method. Or you can use some of the paid sores I showed you earlier on in the course to find keywords very easily and very quickly, so make sure you get the right keywords down from the beginning again. If you're working of local clients, your key. What should be pretty obvious? It's just going to be the service, plus the location they're targeting, which is normally that local town, city or county and so on. So why don't you determine the keywords? It's time to move on to the next phase, which is check the Rankins. So sometimes what you'll find when you take on a new client is that this client website already rent to those keywords. The client website might be on the page five. It might dump age for it might even be at the bottom of page. One, however, is always worthwhile. Checking where the client is Rankin for the key was that you wanted to target, and you'll be surprised quite often when you check the clients. Rankin's. In this first instance, you can also see what you are l Google deems to be relevant to that key word. If you don't do this chick, what can happen? You can end up creating a new page in a client's website. Target in the same key word on cause more issues for yourself that you're gonna have to pages on a client website, both competing for the same keyword. So it's really important you check the clients Rankin's on. Do not skip this step, so why don't you check the Rankins than next thing to even to is going to be on Page Seo. So this is the whole process of optimizing a client's website to ensure includes those specific keywords on the actual pages. Your targets in some of the on page Seo things you can implement on the client website would be updating the title tech change in the hate one tag at an another hate to tag updating the meta description and so on and so on. These are all changes you make one, the client's website and as a result are classified as on page optimization ins. If you do a good job on the on page Seo, then it can make a life a little bit more easier when it comes to doing link building science that have good on Page s CEO typically need less links, Bill. The reason being is because Google already understand what the site is about, as on Page Seo is done. Perfect. So once you've done the on page s CEO, the next thing to move onto is linked. Borden. So this involves you going out there and getting your client website mentioned on its stern or websites. So, as you probably already know, a battling represents a vote of confidence from one site to another. So the more backing is your client website has, the higher they're going to appear in Google Now do be cautious as when it comes to back wings. It's all about quality over quantity so focused on building higher quality back. Let's on. Lastly, you have client reporting. So this is when you send a report to the client ideally at least once a month. We send our reports at the end of the month on furtive of every month or clients get a report and essentially this report need to detail all the work you carried out in that month. It also needs to let the client know exactly where they are in Google for the keywords or targeting. So the whole white deer is your times in five key words, you said in your first report on that. Q. It is on page five. Maybe you send your second report in the following month, and that keyword might be on page four and the following month, paid free to one and so on said to get higher and higher. So the whole idea is being super transparent with the client and letting the exactly what is going on on how the campaign is progressive, the amount of agencies that just send standard reports that have no information, no traffic. None of that stuff is really, really surprising. It's also a good idea to show the clients traffic to the website, So, ideally, as you're working on a client campaign, the client site should be getting more more traffic to the site month off the month as well . She working on the issue and increasing the visibility of the site, the site is naturally going to attract more users, and the traffic is going to go up and up enough. It's very important you do provide monthly reports of the client as I can't count how many agencies there are out there which do no monthly reporting. As a result, that client is left in the dark, and I have no idea what the pain for. This is the situation. You don't want to put your business in as it's going to put you more vulnerable to clients dropping off and having a lower client retention rate. But essentially, this is the whole client s your work process from a bird's eye view. 23. For Those Outsourcing Individual Elements Of The SEO: I just wanted to add on to my last video I made where I showed you my gang chart we used at the agency that if you plan on outsource in individual parts of the S e O, then you obviously don't need to pay attention too much to the gang chart and you won't be implemented every single element off the S E O campaign. However, it's super important. You don't miss any elements off. I've seen loads of people in the past. They start, there s your business and they just assume it's on Page Seo on off Page Seo, which to be fair, inferior it is. But there is still a few more elements that need to be covered as well. If I go back to my gang chart and I'll give you a live example So like I said, I see a lot people do the on Page Seo themselves and then outsourced off Page Seo, which is more of a link building. So as a result, they miss of all the other important things that should the key. We're tracking the report in setting up the analytics and analysis and so on and so on. So if we do plan on outsourcing parts of the S E o campaign, so not the whole thing to another company, just certain parts of it do also refer to this can charge as it will help you out a lot. And I will make sure you don't miss anything important off such of the key. We're tracking the analytics and the reporting and so on and so on as believe me, you won't be too happy if we implemented an S e o campaign to find out free months down the line that you haven't even set up Google analytics. So you can't even prove to the client how much traffic there get in in comparison to how much they was getting when you first started the campaign, So do you. Make sure you refer to this can chart as well. If you plan on outsourcing individual parts of your campaign as this way, you can be certain that nothing's getting missed off 24. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: In this section, I'm going to show you how I can get clients for your SEO business. So instead of just showing you one strategy or even two, or even free and R3 show you six different strategies you can utilize to go out there and get clients for your SEO business. Now I've use every single one of these strategies. So what I'm teaching you again isn't just very, it's because I've actually used myself at my own SEO business. Mastering client acquisition is super important and will ensure you always have a steady flow of inbound clients. So let's get straight into this section and look at the six methods you can utilize. 25. Understand This And You're Good To Go: when it comes to get inclined to the ratio business, there is one of the new mosque do really in true that you must understand this as well as if you don't understand. This is gonna be really hard for you to get clients. That one thing is offer value. No matter what strategy you want to utilize to get clients, If you don't offer value, it's going to be really hard for you to stand out on. Actually, go ahead and get that client. So whatever you do, whatever strategy you focus on, please ensure you offer value. I can't stress this enough. There is so many eso businesses out there which simply get this wrong. And as a result, they struggled to get clients and they struggled to make money. As soon as you start offering value, you straightaway separate yourself from the rest of the other agencies. Was stone offer value. So to give you some context, these air something you should be avoided when you're reaching out to clients. Don't reach out to a client and say, Hey, do you want S e o? Hey, do you want to hire Rankin's? We can help you rank for your main key word. This is all s CEO jargon. Most clients don't even know what high rankings are, let alone the benefit of high rankings. And don't get me started on a main keyword. As most clients I talk to don't even know what a key what is. Sometimes when I talk to client, actually avoid saying the word keyword, and I simply say, search phrase as it's a bit more easy to understand and is less explaining involved, the less you have to explain to the client that easy. It's going to be to sign them up as a client and get them paying you month by month. If you put yourself in a potential client shoes and you don't know anything about S E O on someone send you an email or they give you a phone call, whatever method they're using to get in contact with you, and they simply say, you know, do you want higher Google rankings with, you know, you get higher fear mean keyword. We do sdo there's no real value offer at all, so as a result, you're just going to lose interest on won't go ahead with that person So what should you be doing? So when you find a potential business that you want to work with when you reach out to them , you need to make sure you offer value and say something along the lines of I can help you increase your revenue by putting your business in front of more people. This is language which businesses understand they understand revenue. They understand. Put in your business in front of more people. More visibility. One to tell a client you're able to put the business in front of more people. They are more than smart enough to figure out that their business being in front of more people is going to equate to more cells. So you don't have to spoon feed the client as long as you focus on the terminology which the client is used to, which is all. Seymour sells more revenue and more visibility, and so one you're going to trigger the right emotions and you're more likely to succeed and actually closes client. This might sound like basic advice and basic information by from issue so many SDO businesses get this wrong, and the reason why a lot of them struggled to generate clients and make money. So please ensure you get this right before moving on to nes seo strategy as it's going to make your life so much more easier. So the main take away this is to avoid the S e o jargon on focus on offering value. So now we understand this. Let's dive into our first strategy. You can utilize to go out there and get a client for your seo business. 26. Strategy 1: a great method. You can utilize it. Generate s your leads for your business is to run for some S e o related keywords. This is exactly what we've done at the agency. Click slice on. I'll show you exactly how we've done that. Now it's not complex. It pretty straightforward or you need to do is target a local keyword. So for me, it's going to be CEO ably. So this is a local keyword as it consists of two elements. The service on the location. So for those who don't know a really is a small town in Essex, in the United Kingdom. So this is the key word were targets in. This is what the page looks like. S E O. Ably click size offers effective seo services to businesses based in a valley and the surrounding areas. Very straightforward of you. Gotta see ta at the top of the page. You've got a quote form right here for the clients who wish to submit a form Instead of giving us a cool you can scroll down, you can see our risk reversal right here. We've got some screenshots of our Rankin's again. Another quote. We've got a map in bed of the location. We are targets in just a bit more text down here as well, and that is really it. However, if you get the on page done correctly for these location pages, you can rank in Google for them and actually generate elite. For example, if we take this keyword s u A Valley go over to Google on search for that, you can see Click Vice is ranking in position one for this keyword. And in the last two months, we've generated to lead just from this page, which is roughly on average, one lead per month. That might not sound like a lot, but do bear in mind this is just one page on our website so you can actually go out there on board pages for tons of different towns, comes a different counties in your local area and start to generate tons of leads. The beauty of targets in the small local areas such as a bully, a small town in a county is that the competition is very, very small. So as a result, it's a lot easier future, right? For these keywords on, you can see results. A lot quicker than going for a big keywords such as S E O London, for example. So this is actually another key word. We are targets in S e o consultant, London again. I showed you this page earlier on in the course, but it's the same process. If I take this keyword, go over to Google right here and then search for this. Keyword seo consultant London You can see we have clicked face here in position free. So well, ranking for this keyword, which is a really good key, were far agency. It did take us some time. I think it's about free and 1/2 months, maybe four months in total, which is still pretty quick for ranking for a keyword like this on this page is actually one of our most popular pages on our site on every week. This pays generate at least free leads for us, so that is roughly 12 lead per month. Just from this one page, we have one more page that I will show you, Which is this one right here. So this is a page going after the keyword local seo services. London. As you can see from my euro. That is the main keyword we are targeting again. It's a very straightforward pages about local issues. Process. How does local s year work? Because some video testimonials eso on We should have a risk reversal on here as well, which we do our guarantee they should really be a little bit higher on the page to be on TV . But essentially, as you can see, just a standard page target in a local keyword to do with our service, which is S e o. So again, if we google this keyword which is a local CEO in capitals, couples off local CEO services London We should be ranking quite higher for this keyword. We are indeed one number one in organic clicks isil right here. So, as you can see, ranking for these keywords is a really good way to generate some leads for your business. And it's also a very good way to provide some social proof and actually prove to your potential clients that you are good at what you do as you're actually ranking for some of the hardest keywords that are out there, such as Seo keywords, as when you target in a CEO keyword. You are essentially competing with other CEOs who know what they're doing to the fact you confront above them just shows how good you are. And you can actually use that as a selling point to your client as well. So obviously do bear in mind. S CEO does take time. It will take a few months you to get some Rankins. If your website is brand new, it may take longer than that. So the sooner you get started on this, the sooner you able to see results for your business. 28. Strategy 3: another method you can utilize to generate clients. For Orosco business is using a website called up work dot com. So if you haven't heard of up work before in the past than up work is simply a freelancing platform. As you can see from the home page, it says it connects professionals and agencies to businesses seek in specialized talent. Some essentially, you have two types of people who use up work. You have businesses who are looking to hire people, and then you have freelancers who are looking for work. If we go over to the marketing tab on the home page right here, I'm going to show you exactly why up work is a really good opportunity. So you scroll down, you can see we have this section right here, some of our most in the Marne pros s e o specialist search engine marketers. So, as you can see to the biggest in demand top, it is actually all to do with their CEO. There is tons of people every single day, let alone every single month going onto up work and post in jobs where they need s CEO specialist to help them out. So you have in your S E o skills are perfectly positioned to help them out. Or of course, you can outsource it as well and just add your mark up on top. So instead of just giving you the theory off at work, I'm not going to go over to my profile and show you exactly how I have my profile sets up and I'll show you exactly how it works, just in case you are new to the platform. So this is my main profile. Actually have two profiles in total. I have my general profile right here, which is also do S e o consultancy and just getting your business onto Google's first page . Really? Then I have another what we call a specialized profile. So this is my profile. It's just specialized in link building. It's the same profile. You just have to different profiles in your profile that makes sense. But essentially just to give you a bit more information about what work. If it is a new platform to you, you have your title, which is obviously a service. You're far tried to get your keyword in the title, so for me, it's gonna be Seo consultant. Then you have a description down here which basically just explains why you're so amazing. And while you're better than everyone else on the platform, so my description is pretty long have tested this in the past when for a short one by what I found, a long description actually performed a lot better than a short one, which is why I have that. Now you can see I've got lots of emojis in Hera's well, which I believe just attracts the human eye a little bit more and makes it more interesting to read. However, there is no right or wrong way to do this, so do feel free just to play around with your profile and see which works best for you. So let's go to the top off my page and I'll show you a few things. So 13 to determine your hourly rate, mine has currently set at $50 per hour. I have had it at $100 in the past, and I've also had it at $30 in the past. I still haven't found the magic number is going to vary a lot, depending on what jobs you're applying to your experience, your reviews and so on and so on. Today I've learned over just $3000 on the platform. I've carried out 15 different jobs and work six hours. That isn't six hours in total. That is just six hours under what we call the hourly contracts. So you have two types of contract. You have clients that pay you per hour, which then obviously hourly rate comes into consideration. And then you have a drug, which he just fixed price. So some clients are willing to pay, say, $1000 or $500. Whatever amount it is a fixed contract for you to do a service. So two types of jobs. Really? If I scroll down, you can see the types of jobs I've been working on. So I've got this one in Jan. 2020 which was S E. O. Obviously on Page Seo on off Page Seo. So I was paid just over $1000. So $1100 in total. I've got another job. I'm working on that moment. And, as you can see, it says a drop in progress. Just so everyone knows this is actually drop on working at the moment. This budget is a little bit less than budget. I was working on in Jan and then below that we have all of my older jobs from 2018 and so on and so on. So, as you can see, I'm started to use it Mawr more recently on the main reason why is because I've now become top rated. So believe me, it is really worth investing your time to become top rated, as I didn't know this. But once your top rated, you actually get invited to jobs every single day, which essentially means you're getting tons of inbound leads. So to give you some context today, I had to job invites or people invited me to apply to the job, which are all looking for Seo experts. So all I have to do is literally log into up work, review the job. If I'm happy of it, then I click. Apply it and I can apply for the job. If I'm not happy, I consume to kick, declined and then close the job. So now we've got over my profile. I just want to show you how you actually apply for a job and how you find jobs in the first instance. So this is what the job search page looks like. And, as you can see, I've currently got my job. Listens just to show the ones in the UK is actually a job here. I applied for the other day. Foran CEO manager. But essentially, you can just go to the top and then click this icon and I'll show you exactly what that would do, which is basically open all of the jobs in any country. So once you're on this page, you simply type in a job you want to look for. So let's just type in local Allessio and then click search like So I want to make sure UK only is off Dewberry mind if not based in the UK and obviously you won't see this option right here. But as you can see, we have tons of jobs posted where one posted free days ago, which has been promoted at its march as an interesting job with what one posted 48 minutes ago 14 hours ago, got a local SDO right here, posted five hours ago, variety needed for local business sites. Six hours ago, so tons and tons of different jobs. You can see how much the client has spent on the platform as well. So we have this client right here who is based in Bangladesh. They have spent $600 on a platform. We have a client here based in the United Kingdom. They spent over $10,000 on the platform one here in Germany. I spent over $2000 in the platform and so on and so on. So you can actually read a bit more about the job description? Get a little snippet right here. It's a job, Steve. It does sound interesting to you. Then all you need to do it simply give it a click and open that page. Give you more information about the job. You can scroll down and get some more information as well. So your acquired for less than 30 hours per week, Project limb is expected to be 12 free mumps. They're looking for someone with intermediate skills are not really an expert and so on and so on. So if you're happy and you want to apply for the job, you simply go to the top of the page and then click Submit a proposal on open another 10. Waking Simply apply for the job and just say why you're a good fit for this job. And, as you can see up, work is actually saying to me, You do not me or the Quiet Preferred a qualification. So this client, in particular is looking for a freelance are who is based in the Philippines or the United States. So I'm actually know a good fit. It's going to be very unlikely that this client is actually going to hire me anyway as they want one base in the Philippines or the United States. So do you be sure to pay attention when you're looking at a job description as it would give you orders? Information? If I scroll down, you see it says right here before qualifications United States or Philippines, I'm again. I probably should have checked that before actually clicking this one. But as it's just an example, it doesn't really matter. But essentially hope this gives you a good overview of just how powerful up work is on. You could definitely use it to attract more clients for your s your business 29. Strategy 4: strategic partnerships. This method involves you secure it. A partnership with the business who also worked oven in digital marketing industry but doesn't specifically offer CEO is a service. So essentially what we want to do is farm related businesses in our industry. Once we found them, we don't want to reach out to them with an irresistible partnership offer that they can't say no to. This method is so powerful and has a loan provided my agency were over 20 different clients . Once you get this right and secure a partnership, you'll be generating tons of inbound referral leads that look like this. So this is the email I had him from one of my partners, which is actually a web designer. It simply says, Hi, Josh. Hope you are. Well, I have been asked to redesign this site whilst preserving the S E O. Then they lift the client a girl, so probably want a bit of your time to help with that. Also, they may want a local SDO campaign. So are you able to take a quick look on propose what can be done and costumes? So, essentially, this is just inbound lead which is coming from one of my partners. I've got another one here to show you as well. Hi, Josh. What could you do, Seo wires for this chap. And then they left out. The girl wants to come up for Children's party. Entertainer, Magician. For kids parties, that kind of thing. Areas would be London, Surrey and Sussex. So, again, another inbound lead. I'll show you one more. We have this one right here. Hi, Josh. Hope you are having a good week on old friend of mine. Then I've cut out the person's name just of privacy, has sold his business and a start up a new business called I will be building him a new website starting design next week. And he wants to have S e o going forward. It is a product for car dealerships, but I'll let him explain it to you properly. If he decides to go for Seo straightaway, your recommendations might affect the website. Build off course would be able to get in, touch them directly, please, And let me know the outcome. Dan's details are Then he provides details, clam regards and signs off the email. So, as you can see, if you secure a partnership with a related business, you can get tons of warm, inbound enquiries that shouldn't be too hard to close, as these people already have existing relationships with the client already. This is why this method is so, so important. So now we know that benefits off security, strategic partnership. Let's look at free, different companies you can reach out to to establish a partnership with in the first place . So the 1st 1 as you probably already guessed from the email, is going to be Web designers. Web designers work with tons, if not hundreds of different clients, and they already have a relationship established on. They have the most important element off cells established as well, which is trust. If the client go to the Web designer and after you know anyone who's good at S. C O and then that weapons on it, then put you forward your clothes where it is going to be much higher than if you reach out to that business directly yourself. If you manage to get a really good working relationship with a Web designer, you can also ask them to update their proposal to include a new section for Seo, which would then be outsourced to you. The Web design and nine times out of 10 would probably add the mark up to your price as well. So it's a win win for both parties. Another related business you can reach out to is going to be PR agencies on the 3rd 1 is going to be PPC agencies. So agencies that just specialize in PPC, which, if we didn't know, stands for pay per click. So these companies, which just run paid ad campaigns with the clients they don't offer CEO. However, a lot of their clients will actually one s CEO as well. These are just free ideas. Just to give you a head start, however, you can reach out to literally any other business, which operates in the digital marketing industry, such a landing page designers, email marketers and so on and so on. As long as they operate in a digital marketing industry, the name might have clients at one S CEO, so it's well worth your time reaching out to them. So now we have an idea of what businesses we should be reaching out to. Let me show you exactly how to find these businesses and, most importantly, how to reach out to them and what to say. So finding these businesses is pretty straightforward. So let's use Web designers as an example. Typically, it's always best advised to reach out to businesses which are most local to you, as you can also arrange a meeting and meet them personally, which can help you close the deal. Although it's no actually required. It's just something you can do if you choose to. So to find Web designers in my local area, which is London, I have simply gone over to Google on Attacked in Web design. London I could attacked in Web design near me or any variation off a local keyword. So what I want to do now is simply go for the Web sites on page one page 2345 and someone on make a list of all of these websites. So this is a spreadsheet I use for collecting all the information, and all the data is pretty similar to the spreadsheet I showed you in the cold email strategy video. Although this is modified for this strategy, so as you can see, we have attempt for location or a column. Sorry for location. We have a column for the Web site you earl. We have the company name on. We have another column, which they do. They offer CEO. So sometimes what you find you're gonna come across a few Web designers that do offer CEO themselves. However, like I said, it's still worth reaching out to these companies as they might just be outsourcing it. Or they might just say yes on the website but don't offer anyway. So it's always recommended to reach out to every single company you found to give you an example. One of the Web design companies that we have a partnership with actually said they offer S U on the website. Imagine if we did it reach out to him in the first place. That means we'd have no partnership. This partnership I'm actually referring to have sent us over seven different clients in total. So do you reach out to every Web design company you find? I simply have a column just saying whether they offer s, you are not just because I find it's good for me to know when I jump on the phone with them I can say, Hey, I saw your that paid off for an S e o. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? Do you do that yourself? Is outsourced where they don't have that, then obviously, I won't say that on the phone call or I won't say that an email and so on and so on. But essentially what you want to do is compile a list of all the companies in your local area. So as you can see for weapons on London, we've got company court at the Web kitchen dot co dot UK. You go over too much red shirt. You'll see them right here. The Web kitchen dot co dot UK. So why don't you finish compiling your list and you're happy? Of all the companies you have on, it is time to reach out to the company's. So let's go back to my PowerPoint slide, a mantra, that exact email template that I have been using to generate and to cure partnerships from my business. So this is the email template, which I use them. Reaching out to these companies is very simple, straight to the point and offers tons of tons of value. So it simply says hi. Name Iran s your agency called Click Slice on. I wanted to ask you how you guys are currently handing the CEO for your clients. I love the partner up with you guys and in return pay company name so that we the name of the company. I'm reaching out to 30% off the first month's payment and then 10% residual every month thereafter. For each business, you refer to us off course. I'm more than happy to send you any of my clients who require Web design services in return , Happy to also help you out of any Sulu require for your own business to would this be of interest? As you can see, this email template is really effective as it focuses on providing so much value. The first line is simply a question. The second sentence is focused on providing tons of value, So I'm now giving them a reason why they should refer business to me, which is me providing 30% off the client retainer to them and then 10% every month thereafter. And I don't just stop there on the first sentence continues to offer more value, saying, I'm happy to send them any of my clients in return, who require Web design services and even the last sentence goes one step further and provides even more value and says, I'm happy to help them out of any CEO they require for the website, too. So tons and tons of value. So, like I said, this is an exact email template that I use, so I'm confident is going to generate good results for you as well. One thing you may want to take in consideration before you send this email, toe Web designers or any other related business is that you want to make sure your website looks good and that you have some case studies and testimonials and so on. As you only have one chance to make a first impression. You can't reach out to the business when you have, you know, a really basic website, you don't have any services on their you don't explain what you do. You have no case studies and then try and secure a partnership that is going to be really hard for you to establish trust with that partner. So I would say this later on down the line. When you have a few case studies, testimonials as that is going to speak volumes for your work on help build trust on make securing a partnership much easier for you. But that's just my advice. Obviously feel free to do as you wish. If you fall out your confidence and you can actually go out there and convince someone to part of you, then go ahead and start this now. But that's it for this one on. I'll see you in the next video. We're going to cover another strategy you can utilize. 30. Strategy 5: networking events. Networking events is another great strategy. You can take advantage off to help get new clients. For your CEO business, there's literally tons of different networking events out there. You simply have to find them, which I'll show you how to do and then pick the ones which suit your needs best. Before I dive into how you can find these networking events, I wanted to run through some of the benefits first, so the first is you have the opportunity to meet potential clients face to face, which can help build trust and really help you stand out. The second is if you already have a relationship with someone and you see them at a networking event, then going over to them and having a chat can also strengthen your existing business connections. Networking is also a great way to improve a reputation and credibility. As you gradually start to meet more and more people. You will eventually gained a reputation as someone who loves interacting with and helping people want a reputation and credibility growth. You'll be able to get better opportunities. Another benefit is also increased confidence. Regular networking will assist in improving your confidence the more you do it, the better you will become. Having some confidence is really important when being a business owner. The way you talk, convey your message and make connections strongly impacts your business. Lastly, and most importantly, you're able to generate referrals. The great news is that referrals you generate for network in are normally high quality on most of the time that even pre qualified for you, you could then follow up on these referrals and turn it into clients. So essentially you're more likely to get higher quality leads from networking than other types of marketing channels. So now we know the benefits of network in. It's time to look at exactly how we confined networking events and networking groups, so the first method is using networking websites. So to websites we have is meet up dot com on event bright dot co dot UK. I do believe Eventbrite is just for businesses in the UK as I have a dot co dot UK website T o D. A top level domain. But essentially these are two really good websites where literally every single day there is tons of events across the whole country off anything you can think of Such is so in how to do yoga business, Web design, hike in learning to cook, learning of a language and so on. And someone These are really diverse events websites. The beauty off these websites is that I have a section for business as well. We've been in the business section. You can find tons of networking events or to do with marketing S e O general business hubs , advice, digital marketing and so on and so on. So what I recommend is you sign upto both of these websites as they are both free on. Did she have a little events in your local area and then go and actually attend some of those events? Meet up dot com is personally my favorite, and I actually attended over 10 different network and events to date on Actually have one partnership I secured just from meeting this person at a networking event. It's good to know as well that just because we are CEOs and that is our skill don't only attend s CEO meetups. Why? Because every person at that meet up is going to be an S e o themselves to increase the chance of you succeeding. I recommend you join local business groups. Nothing to do about marketing at nothing to reverse CEO. Just groups about business advice, startups, even groups about Web design or email markets in. You could then go there and help those people out onto any questions they have about Seo and then build your network and build a relationship. That way. That is the best way by far to be using. These two websites do bear in mind as well. As like I said, I d believe Invent Bright is just for UK businesses. So do feel free to go to Google and type in networking websites in London if we're based in London or networking websites New York if you're based in New York, that way you're going to find networking websites, which are more tailored to your specific country. The next method is using Facebook groups, so Facebook groups are super powerful. Facebook gives you the opportunity to search for groups and then join them by requesting access. So as you can see, I simply did a search on Facebook groups for business owners. London on I have tons of different groups face but return to me. I have small businesses. London, which actually has, on average, 70 posts a day. We've got UK small business owners, which has for t post today got London business ah 130 post today to just imagine how many different types of businesses are going to be in these groups. However, a word of warning when you do request access, cities groups don't just join it and start spamming. Hey, I'm a nishio expert. I cannot get to page one blah, blah, blah and someone focus on answering people's questions that will, through Fessio and getting more customers provide value. And that is we're going to win with this method. It's all about providing value and making connections. There isn't really any magical search radio to search for to find these groups. In my example, I've just tapped in business owners London. Of course, you replaced London for city or targeting, But just to give you some more ideas, you can search for business owners, even do business network in. You can do small business, and you can also type in the Web design again. This goes back to securing a strategic partnership, so joining every Web design greatly confined on Facebook in your local area. Or maybe just Web design groups in general. Join them, offer value, help people out. A new will build relationships. And naturally, another option you can use is using premium networking groups. So premium networking groups are essentially groups that are set up just for network in on the all around business networking as well. So one group is called B, and I on the second group is called four and networking Again. There's so many more out there. These are just two of my favorites. I actually have a friend over in the United States who literally grew his whole CEO business just from using B and networking. So you haven't heard of being networking before. Essentially, it's a networking group, which you must attend. I believe it's once or maybe even twice a week on every time you attend that networking, you must be a referral for someone else in your group. So the beauty of this is every time you attend this networking event, someone in your group is going to have one referral for you. It could be two or fails. It could be free. Refill it doesn't matter, but someone's gonna bring at least one referral for your business. These are for lease are usually going to be very strong as a coming from people who already have the trust established. Another alternative to be a night is for in network in which is for a network in which is another really good one. So the only downside of both of these networking platforms that there are premiums that are paid solutions. You can't just joining for free and start getting referrals. You have to pay the prices of these very, quite a lot would be. And I believe it's one payment you must make. So one payment for the whole year and for four and networking they do give you the option to pay monthly. So whether or not you pay for the premium websites, it all comes down to how serious you're willing to take your networking. If you plan on, do networking a lot for the next 12 months that it might be worth you signing up as informant. Better long term strategy. However, you can easy network development in the dime by using the two methods I just showed you. So that's it for this one, and I'll see you in the next video 31. Strategy 6: Another method you can utilize to generate clients for your business is to run Google ads. So, as you can see, I type in the keyword seo consultant London and a top of the Google page above the organic section. We actually have 12 free, different ads appearance, So running Google ads is a great method for those who are impatient as literally. When Ukraine and the ad could be life of in a few minutes, meaning people can see ad, click over to your website and then get in touch with you. But just a word of warning. Please do not run any Google ads to your website. If your website is not properly optimized, what I mean by that is, do you have a call to action on your page? Is your phone number visible as it is? Elements aren't there what's gonna happen? You're gonna run Ads generate clicks to your website, but no one's going to call you or inquire with your services. So do you make sure you that your website done first. Now, this isn't a course on Google ads, but I like to go the extra mile and provide more value so I'm going to show you very quickly how you can set up a basic Google ad to help generate more clicks on more traffic to your website. So first things first. You want to sign up for Google ads. Once you signed up, you want to click new campaign and then click new campaign again and want to make sure you have the website traffic as your main goal, which is getting the right people to visit your website for the campaign tight. We're going to want to have search selected, ignore this part right here, and then click. Continue on. Now let's give our campaign and name. So let's pretend for the purpose of this video that I want to send traffic to this page, which is all about Seo Consultancy. So I'm simply going to court my campaign s seo consultant London Just so I know what it's about. So for network, I'm going toe until the spray network again. I'm only doing this from experience. I have tested both in the past, and what I found is when bidding on S e o related keywords, the search network typically performs way better for me than using the display network. The next thing you want to do it target the location when it adds to show in which for me is going to be United Kingdom, however, can go one step further and actually enter a location. So as my page is all about Seo, consultant in London, I actually just want my dad to show to anyone searching for Seo consultant in the London area. So one of them do is go back to give you lads click, enter another location and simply plug in the location. I want Target, which is going to be London. Let's click Target like so Once I've done that, I want to click location options and just make sure I have the top one selected, which should be people in or who showed interest in mortality location. So essentially someone in Manchester, which is like 300 miles away from London, could type in SF consultant London and see my ad. If you like to be a bit more stricter with your searches and only and make people in your locations see your ad, then you want to go for the second options of people in or regularly immortality locations for example, if your business is based, a summit down here on a map on someone up there types in your keyword, they can also see your at. That's if you have the top option. If you had the middle option selected, then only people in your location who search for your keyword can see your AB. So is actually a bit more targeted, however, from experience at least from my agency. I found that often I from what businesses in London. But they carry out a search whilst on a business trip somewhere else down the country, maybe 400 miles north. So I still want to reach out to those people as well. But just a word of warning. If you are running on a tight budget, then I do recommend you go for this middle option. So once you're happy with your location sessions, you simply want to scroll down and show you have the right language selected, which to me is going to be English. And now I want to scroll down and go to the budget and bidden So this is the maximum amount of money that you want to spend each day on Google, etc. Google is extremely flexible. You can put your budget down to a £500 per day. You could do £50 or even just £5 per day. So for now I'm going to put down my budget as £5 per day. And as soon as I've reached my budget, Google isn't going to charge me any more money. When it comes to bidden, you have a few different options. You can have conversions, conversion value and clicks. I always go for clicks as I just want to get more clicks to my website. If you are good of Google ads and you have experience, you already can play this a bit more just to fine tune it and get the best results for your campaign. You can also click here, show more settings and actually play around with the bidding schedule. So you can say you want ads not to show all day and actually create your own schedule. Maybe on Monday you want your ad to show at seven in the morning in 2:10 p.m. You can do all of that right here, but I'm not gonna get into that right now for the purpose off this course. Once you're happy, you can scroll down and then click, save and continue. And then the next we want to do is into the key words that you want to bid on. So these are the key words that people are going to type on Google for them to see your ad in the first place. So for me, it's going to be Seo consultant London that cured. I want I also want Seo, consultant by itself, without London. As a member, I'm targeting the location. London. So if someone Saxon s seo consultant, it means that going to be in London on going to see my ad. Anyway, One super important thing to know as well you never want to enter your keywords just like this. What you want to do is actually add brackets around it. So these type of brackets evens right here on what this will do. This will make your keyword on exact match, which is what we want. Some essentially all this means is your ad only show if someone types in S e o consultant, London. If someone taps in best Seo consultant London, your ad won't show it someone trapped in cheap Aecio consulted London. Your ad won't show, so you can really control what triggers your ad, which means you can really control how people find your website and, in essence, make your whole campaign perform a lot better and generate mortality. Click to your website. If you are struggling for keyword ideas, you can actually go over to your website. Copia. You are oh, on where it says enter a related website. Simply plug in your website and then click Search and then Google's going to pick all the keywords which are relevant to your page for you. Then add over to your keyword box so we can have Seo company. You can do Seo Services, London and so on and so on. But like I said, just be super careful. As you can see, it's added the keywords by itself, which is really broad. We want to go in and make sure we have our brackets on it as well. So little at our brackets, just to make sure, adds, don't show anything we don't want them to show up for. But again, like I said, this isn't a course on Google ads, but hopefully you guys find it's valuable and see exactly what I mean. And once you're happy of all the key was you have in there, you simply want to take save and continue on. Now it's time to actually create your ads. So this is the text people are going to see when they type in your keyword. So for the first headline, I'm simply going to put in maybe something like need on S E o consultant in London or run out of characters right there. Need a tissue consultant. Something like that. I like to capitalize every lesser at getting off the word. Just so it stands out a little bit. Need a net? A consultant? Actually. In fact, I'm not too happy with this top line. I'm going to put s CEO consultancy services. I think that s a consultancy services. Get your website found online. Speak to an expert today. Then we have a display part which is based. The euro Google shows to users. So I'm simply going to put in S e o and then consulting, which is pretty good. So it's all relevant. My example dot com The reason why that's not filled up because I haven't copied in my family. You are l So let's go over to my website and put this in. So So you're finally girl is basically the u r l that people will land on once they click your at. So what you done your family, You are all you've done your headline. You've done your this paper off. The only other thing to do is the descriptions that a little box at the bottom off the ad. So So in this box, I like to let you talk to the user and address what they typed in. So for someone to find my ad, they must have been eso consultant London or any of the key was I targeted. So in this case, I'm going to add Oh, you looking for on S e o capital letters issue consultant to help you grow your business, Andi generate, generate more might wanna characters here, So I've got over by five characters. As you can see, it's a lot of testing and playing around to make it fit. So I don't take out are you and say, looking for an escape consultant to help you grow your business and generate more revenue. Perfect free characters in that was a great You're in the right place. We can help you increase the visibility off your business. Something like that will do it again. You want to play a round of it and see which performs best for you going over one character because I have a full stop that simply take that full stop out like so click save and continue. And as you can see, we now set up ad We picked our techs on. We have a campaign set up. So now the only thing to do it's what Google to review. Add on, make sure it's or good to go. So before you click publish, you do get overview of your whole campaign, so my maximum budget is £5 per day. My main goal is to get clicks to my website. So more website traffic. I'm targeting London. I'm starting more campaign to date. It's not gonna end unless I go in and pulls it. The main language is going to be English all it's good to me, so I actually go ahead and click Publish. So this is how you set up a Google lab to go out there and actually generate more clicks to your CEO pages and generate more inbound leads which will ultimately lead to more clients. I hope you enjoy this video. 32. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Pricing your services. In this section of the course, I'm going to show you how you can price your services is really important to get this right. If you make your price is too cheap, then you're going to attract them wrong type of client. If you make your prices too expensive, then you're going to attract no clients. So I'm going to show you exactly how you can price your services to ensure you don't perform an evil of those categories. I'm also going to show you how you should present your prices. So this is just as important as actually pricing or services in the first place. And on top of that, I'm going to cover every single thing you need to know about invoicing. So let's get started. 33. The 3 Pricing Options You Can Choose From: pricing your services. When working with Seo clients, you really have freeways, which you comm pressure services. Now, of course, if you're doing a Rankin rent model to just be charging the client of flat rate to rent out your website to them, however, when working with clients, you have free options. The 1st 1 is the charge your clients hourly, so you would pick an hourly rate and then it would get multiplied by the amount of hours you and the client agree on. This typically works best when the client as a set list of talks that they already agreed upon, including their duration. So the client already has a good idea of just how long is going to take you to complete all the tasks listed out. For example, if your hourly rate is $50 I knew in the client agree on working 20 hours. Then you will get paid $1000. Pretty straightforward. The next model is a retainer model. Now, a monthly retainer is another way to pressure services, and this is really the most common. That you hear of any CEO on is typically the most desired payment option as well. Why because you have a client who is paying you a monthly recurring income. The client has agreed to pay you up front every single month for the rest of the work that you be doing for them. And this is nice because, of course, it provides you with some stability, and you can expect to have that payment in your account every month moving forward. So this price, an option is typically great for long term contracts on ongoing S CEO work. For example, if you offer a package to a client which includes everything from keyword research on Page Seo Link building and so on and so on, your best option is to offer a monthly retainer. And lastly, the last price an option you can go for is by the project by the project is pretty self explanatory. On is basically where you get paid to complete a specific list of task. Some examples off This could be on Page Seo link build in a site audio and so on, and so on yoga and paid a one time flat fee to carry out that specific task. Nothing more, nothing less. It's super important. Their client is aware of exactly what needs doing, as if the client is an educated, then it can lead to some client dissatisfaction. Later down the line, for example, a client might have heard from someone that they own. You need just on page S e o to rank on page one. So what do they do? They hire you just to do the unpaid Jesse. Oh, but then after you complete it, they realize they're still not on page one, and they need more power, such as back links and so on and so on. However, they didn't originally know that. So it's always a good idea to ensure the client understands a whole process when working by the project. So that covers the free pricing options you can choose from in the next video. I'm going to show you exactly how you can determine how much you should be charging for each pricing option out there. 34. Pricing Based On Data: when it comes to determining the price you're going to charge clients, you have to really options. The first option is to base your pricing on data on the second option is to base your price in all upon the value are providing to the client. So in this video, I'm going to show you how we could do the 1st 1 which is based on data. And in the next video, I'm going to show you how you would base your pricing all upon the value you're providing. So let's dive into the data element first. So what I have on my screen right now is some data research from a company called A Hate Trips, which is an sio tour company. They analyze over free 130 different agencies, consultants and so on on got tons of data about how much you should be charging. So if I scroll down now and show you the price in section right now, so if you decide to charge your clients on hourly right, this will give you a good overview of just how much other CEOs are charging per hour. For example, we can see this is the most popular pricing range per hour, which is currently 101 to $150 almost 25% of S E o charge. This hourly rate, the next most popular option is 76 to $100 and we had about just under 20% of CEOs charging this hourly rates. Then we have 41 to $50. Then we've got under $25 so on and so on. So as you can see, the price varies quite a lot. How much do you charge per hour is going to depend on two things, such as how confident you are in your ability to deliver results on just how experienced you are as well. Typically speaking, the more experience you are, the more you can charge per hour. It's good to know as well that all the people there are switches over 350 different people . Only 36.78% of them said they charge by the hour. Now, this is just a overview of all of the data we can actually scroll down and look into the country. So see what CEOS per country are charging For example, in the United States, we have 35% of CEOs charging that most popular rate of $101 to 150. However, in other countries and other regions, no one's going to be charging that price. For example, if you look at Latin America, you can see literally. No one is charging that at all. The majority of people in Latin America are charging 51 to $60 on less than $25. In India, 83% of CEOs are charging less than $25. So where you're based in the world is gonna have a massive impact on how you charge per hour. So where you're based in the world is gonna have a big impact on what the average CEO charges. If we go back to the top, you can see the UK is pretty much in line with the U. S. However, we do seem to have a few more on the lower end, at $31 to $40 on 41 to $50 at 14% and 21% and so on and so on. So how much do you should be charging is going to depend on first of all, where you're located in the world, how confident you are of a CEO on how much experience you have and simply just go formed you feel comfortable with. So we scroll down now and look at the second option, which is number two, which is a monthly retainer option. Again, let's look at a big overview of everyone they asked. They had 74.71% of people saying they charge on a monthly retainer. And, as I said, this is the most common on the most desirable method by most CEOs out there. And as we can see from the overview, $501 toe, $1000 per month is the most common monthly s your retainer people are charging. That is followed up by a $251 to $500. So these are the two most common retainers s you agencies and businesses are charging. If we scroll down and look at the category by countries, now we can see United States. We can see that United States actually fluctuates quite a bit. They've got 12% off s your business is charging the lower end amount. They've got 18% almost 19% of businesses. Charging 2500 to $5000 per month again in the United Kingdom is kind of the opposite. I would say the majority of businesses in United Kingdom a charging between $500 toe $1000 per month. That is by far the most common in United Kingdom, where, as you can see in the United States, is pretty much spread out evenly. However, if you look down here for Australia and New Zealand, you can see that almost 30% of the people they asked a charge in between 2500 to $5000 per month. We scroll down. I look at Latin America, India on the other countries, you can see it's pretty much the same story as well. India seems to be focused on the lower end from $100 or well to $1000. We have Latin America quite evenly spread out as well. So when it comes to picking a monthly retainer, simply review the data and see what works for you. Lastly, if we scroll down to number free now. And look at the mount per project. This one right. Here s your pricing project. We can see that the majority off projects which have priced per project actually are in this category right here, which is the same as it s your retainer. So $500 the $1000 again, this is a one off flat fee. This isn't per month. And again, if I scroll down and look at this by region, we could see a breakdown of all of the countries and exactly how much they're charging by a project on. What's interesting to see is that in Latin America it's almost the same 33.33% or is the same Sorry, 33.3%. And that is both for $100.250. And that is exactly equal to $500 toe, $1000 again, both one off flat fee. So how much you charges or dependent on where you're based in the world and how confident you are enough services but do uses as a rough guide and it definitely will help you out a lot in the next video I'm going to show you how you can price your services all based on the value you're providing to your clients. I'll see you in the next video. 36. How To Present Your Prices: how to present your prices. Consumers lacto have options. This helps them make the decision based on price in. So instead of providing your client with just one option or one s CEO package and then allowing them to even a set or decline, or even try and negotiate that particular price, you should definitely consider offering them free. Different options. So free, different packages. And here you would lay out on designed the middle option to be the one you'd like them to select. So in this middle package, you would include everything that the client once or everything that they need based on your research on what you've been telling them and in the higher package, you would simply add some extra features which aren't really necessary, but they could benefit from and then in. The lower package would offer the basics, but not quite what they need to get to where they want to. This will, in turn, make sure middle package way more appealing and makes it more likely for them to go ahead of that option without trying to negotiate. You also be surprised as some clients will go for your higher price option as well, but essentially offering free packages is a great way to guide them and give them more options. This strategy isn't just used in the S e o. Industry is actually used across the whole world. I'm sure you've seen it yourself many times on. The reason why people use it is because it works so well. If we actually go over to the home page for click slice, you can see that if you scroll down on our home page, we actually have free different pricing options on the middle price, an option stands out the most on we have this little icon right here. So this is the exact strategy I'm telling you about on. We actually use it on our own agency website, too, and we've seen great results from it were actually using a plug in to get these free price and tables. If you are wondering what plugging were using it simply this one here called Responsive Price in Table by WP Darko just in case you were curious. But essentially you should try Adam free price and options, whether that's on your website or in your proposal and just see how it goes. I'm pretty sure you actually be pleasantly surprised 37. Everything You Need To Know About Invoicing: Invoice in invoicing your clients is a super important part of your SEO business. You need to make sure you stay on top of things and know what clients have paid and which ones haven't. I remember when I first I click Slice. I was really bad at Chase and unpaid invoices for some reason. I always had the impression that clients would pay for the work I was implementing. Some clients didn't pay on time and I never really worried about it. I always get working away in the background, invest in time and securing them backlinks only to find out that some plants would never ever pay. They would literally just disappear overnight. As you can imagine, I wasn't too happy about this and I vowed to change things going forward. I don't tell you this to scare you, TO this, to make sure you're aware of just how important invoice in is the good news is that you can learn from my mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes I did when I first started out. So first things first, always get paid upfront before you start any SEO work. It sounds very simple and straightforward, but so many people at the star, me included, don't do this. If your client isn't willing to pay you up front, then just move on as I can almost guarantee you that going forward, this client is going to be a headache. Getting paid upfront is a standard in this industry. So what we're asking isn't out of the ordinary to when it comes to getting paid and sending invoices, you have quite a few options. Literally make your own invoice using Microsoft Word or even use a Google Doc template and literally just send that to the client, request payment directly into your bank account via a bank transfer. The benefit of this method is that it's completely free and requires literally 0 setup. So it's a great starting place. So most people starting off sending invoices manually is actually what I did when I first started off for about three months in total. If you do opt to send your invoices manually, then just be sure to set a reminder on your calendar to make sure you don't forget to send out any invoices to clients. If you're not really fond of sending your invoices manually and your autozygous a bit more professional, and maybe you run it on a tight budget, then this would be the perfect solution for you. Wave apps. Wave apps is completely free. There's no membership fees or anything like that. It's completely free to send invoices. You can customize them, upload your logo and so on. Customers pay online when using wave apps, which makes it more convenient for clients as well. So there's no bank transfer or nothing like that. Wave apps do charge 2.9% or the transaction as a fee for the service, which isn't too bad as the actual software itself is completely free. Wave apps also has the ability to sell recurring invoices. So you can set up an invoice ones and then set the frequency to once a month and every month on the day you specify an invoice will automatically get sent to the client, which is great as it saves you tons of time. So if we're looking more for automated solution, that you should definitely check out wait apps. So just to confirm as well way that it is a website that have different tools underneath it. Wave invoicing is actually the one you want and it's a one you can see on my screen now. So if you Google Wave apps and then go to products, you can find a way of invoice in or you can just Google Wave invoice in and you'll find the page I have up on my screen now. And lastly, another solution you can use is simply PayPal. There isn't any right or wrong invoicing solution. It all comes down to preference. The main thing you need to bear in mind and take into consideration is that you want to ensure you get paid up front before carrying out any SEO work. And lastly, just a pro tip as well. Ask clients to set up a direct debit. This way you won't have to worry about chasing invoices every single month as a money will automatically lead the client's account and get transferred to yours. We actually use this method other agency, and it's helped us tremendously over the last two years. Seo is an ongoing activity and most clients are run monthly retainers, which rarely change in price. So it makes sense for clients to set up a direct debit as it saves them time manually paying invoices every single month. So now we've gone through a few different solutions, is time for you to pick which one suits you the most. And remember, there's no right or wrong solution. It all comes down to preference. 38. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Cells and closing deals. In this section, I'm going to cover how you can convert leads into phone calls. So when it comes to set in SEO, getting the lead on the phone is way much more effective than trying to sell over email. So I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that in this section of the course, I'm going to show you how you can qualify potential clients as well. This is super, super important. I know I say that about a lot of things, but again, trust me, this is so important. You don't want to work with clients that aren't a good fit for your services. So knowing how to quantify them is going to save you so much time and so much stress. I'm also going to cover everything you need to know about SEO proposals. And I'm also going to give you my exact SEO proposal template. And on top of that, I'm going to show you how you can handle common client objections. And lastly, I'm going to give you my client on board and form as well cells and knowing how to close clients is a crucial part of growing your SEO business. So let's dive into this section. 39. Converting Your Leads Into Phone Calls: leads conversion in this video, I want to talk about leads conversion, which is essentially converting your leads into phone calls. This is super important, as it's a lot easier to sell over the phone. Then it is over email. It's also a lot quicker to So let's start up with the absolute basics. How do we define elite? Or the way I'm defining elite is a leader is someone who contact you and expresses an interest in your service, So this could be for your contact form on your website. It can be fruit email through social media. It doesn't really matter that leads you generate will very dramatically when it comes to quality on. The quality is typically defined by what we call buyer intent, which is a measure of how interested someone is impertinent from you. So if someone sends you a message and they say, Hey, I'm looking to hire someone to help improve my ex CEO, then this is going to be hired by our intent as a person knows what they're looking for, which is S e. O on it also have some money to play with hints when they said, I'm looking to hire someone. So in this example, this would be high buyer and 10. In the second example, this would be medium to hire Byron 10 if someone says to you, how can you help me so you can see the Byron Tim Highness isn't as high as the first sentence as a person isn't really sure exactly how you can help them. However, from the sentence is clear that they are open to ideas, so this could potentially lead to a cell. So this one we would call medium to hire buyer in 10. So for the third example of how much is it? I would classify this one as medium buyer intent. The reason why I would classify this one as medium and no high is because the person is solely focusing on the price on not the value you can deliver. So as a result, you're not really sure if they're going to be a confident bio on If they're really that serious, the deciding factor of them could simply be the price and no actually growing the business . So, for example, we have someone saying, What is it you do? So this is what I would classify as a low buyer intent as a person isn't even sure what we do in the first place. Which means they don't even have a good understanding about Seo, how it all works and so on. So in this case, this would be classified as low buyer intent. And then, lastly, we have zero Byron tent where someone lets you reply soon says not interested. Please don't contact me again and so on and so on. So these people are a complete waste of your time. They are never going to be clients. So don't even bother trying to reply to them and try and convince him. Just save your energy and focus your energy on where it matters, which is the high and medium buyer intense. So when it comes to Leeds, they should only be one main goal. Our main objective is to get the lead on the phone with us. So many people get this wrong and they try and sell to lead straight away, which is just asking for problems. The best thing you can do to land the client is to try and get them on the phone on, figure out exactly what they're struggling with. However, what we need to do first is to get the lead on the phone, so that's like an overview of the whole cells process. So first we have the league, and then the next goal is to get them on the phone, which is what we actually call a discovery call. The discovery cool is basically where we find out all the information about the client that goes, how many inquired, elected generally and so on and so on. But don't worry about that bit. For now, as in the next video, I'm going to walk you through all the questions you should be asking to find out all the information you need. But for now, all we need to know is that getting him on the phone is super important. Now, not every lead you message will happily jump on a foam of you. Some of them won't even reply to your messages. So as a result, you may need to send Follow what messages? Why don't you do eventually speak to that lead and you get them on the phone for discovery ? Call the next step and final step is to present your proposal, which is basically where you picture services. So now we understand the cells process is time to discuss how we can get the lead on the phone for the actual discovery call. So to get the lead on the phone, you can either schedule time with them through email by suggesting a couple of times and dates. Schedule it in and see what's a good fit for them. It's a bit more manual, and it may take two or three messages or emails to get a schedule. But that's fine. And it works really well on a lot of people like this method or weaken. Speed up things and use a service like Kalindi, which automatically check your calendar it sees when you're available on Let's, um, schedule directly into your calendar. This is a huge time saver, for both of you. Now know, everyone understands how this works. So if you're working of younger people who are really tech savvy than it shouldn't be an issue at all, how they do just bear that in mind. It does involve using a service. So if you're talking to a client who operates in an old fashioned industry, then you might want to play it safe on just schedule the email manually. The Discovery call should lost a roughly 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a sufficient time to run through everything, listen to the client's needs and get all the answers you need later on for the proposal. So here is the exact template that I use to center clients when I need to schedule in court . So my email template is very straightforward. It says, Hi, Sam, Do you have 15 minutes in the next few days to jump on the phone on? Discuss exactly what you're looking to achieve once we know this will be able to let you know for a good fit to work together. House Friday at 10:30 a.m. Otherwise, you can schedule any time directly here. Kind regards Joshua. So, as you can see, my email template is providing tons of value. I'm just trying to get them on the phone. I'm asking if they're free and the reason why we need to jump on the phone, because I need to figure out exactly what they're looking to achieve. If I don't know whether looking to achieve that, I can't actually help them. So most businesses will jump to get on the phone to you. Just that I can tell you about the business, how amazing it is, what they're struggling with. It's all about them from a selfish point of view. People love talking about themselves. This is why the whole email I send is focused on them and not me. And this is exactly how it should be on another Good thing about this email is it doesn't come across as I'm desperate. All as my second sentence says, once we know this will be able to let you know if we're a good fit to work together. So, as you can see, I'm not really applying any pressure assault on. I'm kind of letting the client know that. Hey, just because we're jumping on the phone together, it doesn't mean we're gonna work together. We need to see who are a good fit first, which is the right, and we want to go about this as you don't want to seem desperate. And lastly, the last line says otherwise you can schedule any time directly here, and then it has a link to my calendar. So if someone clicks that link is going to open up a calendar pay to it looks like this on essentially, they can book any time into my calendar. For example, this is my calendar. For the next few days, you couldn't click any dates. For example, Friday the first go for Monday, the full Tuesday, the fifth so on. Give that a click and it will tell you all the times I'm free based on what's booked out in my calendar on then. Clients would then go through and pick a time which suits them. So, as you can see, it makes the whole book in protest so much more easier. However, you don't have to use it on. When I first started my ASIO business, I actually did everything manually. But essentially the main goal is to get the person on the phone I thought would be useful to include a section on this. So how to respond to Leeds that aren't higher? Buyer in 10 And knowing how to reply to these leads is going to help you a lot. I remember when I first started my s CEO business. I wish you had no idea what to say back to these people and As a result, I was foreign tons of leads down the drain, which actually resulted in my agency growing slower than it actually should have bean. So if someone send you a message and they say, How much is it? I will respond. Saying this, honestly, I couldn't give you a price of out specifically knowing what you'll need. Some companies don't blink. I invest in five K per month as they know they'll make 10 times that back every single month. It entirely depends on your objectives, but ive away. If we work with you, it's not cost because he won't work of you if we're not confident, will get you a good return on your investment. With that said, just so we don't waste each other's time. We have a minimum budget of $500 per month. If you would like for a specific price and to see if we can help you that we can schedule you in for recall this week. So, as you can see, I'm not really given them an answer. I'm just trying to explain to him that the price of varies a lot. However, we need to get on the phone just to figure out exactly what it is you need on, then we can quote you accordingly. However, I do Chuck, a qualifier in that email as well. Just to say that apparently start from $500 per month as it declined only has $100 or $50 per month. Then I don't want to waste my time getting on phone, so focus your efforts on the clients. I have budgets, as those are the ones who are going to pay you. Here's another example of a lead that isn't higher buyer intent so someone can reach out to you and say, How can you help me? Which means they don't quite understand how S CEO works, and they don't see the value behind it. In this instance, you could reprise them and say, I help you get more quality and quarries when your website by positioning your website higher in search engines. So when someone looks for your service in your city, they will find you and not your competitors. I'll be happy to explain what details and help you figure out if it's something that will benefit your business. Do you have time for a cool this week. So as you can see, I'm giving them the answer on. I'm also pushing for that phone call. But the main take away is to never give a price over email. Get them on the phone. Are selling over the phone is way more effective than selling over email in the next video . I'm going to go through all the questions and things. You should be answering the client. Once you're on the phone to them, I'll see you there. 40. The Discovery Call - Qualifying The Prospect: the discovery cools main objective in this video, I want to walk you through the discovery call process. And this is essentially what's going to happen once you've got the prospect on the phone. Your intention on this cool is to see if they're a good fit for your services. Find out that pain points on close them on having a proposal made. So basically qualifying the prospect new ourselves people, including myself, have a bad habit of missing out this stage. The problem is, though, without qualifying them, you literally have no idea what they want. So you can't really sell to them. Remember, when it comes to seven s CEO and getting clients you want to avoid, literally just sell in S e o. Instead, we want to focus on the results, such as getting them or enquiries on generating more customers for the business. I've been doing this for a while now, but one great recover in a few years ago was called spin selling. The book is really good, and it covers choosing your questions in an interesting way. The Alpha Neil Rackham breaks questions down into four different categories which are s for situation P for problem I for implication on end for need pay off. One important thing to know as well is when you do ask these questions, don't just read them out one by one. You want to try and incorporate them into your conversation on Ask them naturally. So let's look at these in a bit more detail toe. Understand exactly what each category means in regards to question in. So the first category situation questions a situation Question is intended to get facts about the prospects on the business. These are really important as you're going to need these facts when curating your proposal . But try to use a few of these as possible. So here are some examples off fact based questions you may want to ask. How long have you been looking to work Oven s CEO agency for just an estimate. But how much of the average client worth to you during the lifetime? So this is what we call the lifetime value of a client, which I explained earlier on in the course. Another question you can ask them is how many enquiries you get from your website a week. These are all questions based on the current situation on, we'll give you a good insight into how the business performing at present, the next type of question to ask them would be problem questions. So these a question designed to dig into a problem or difficulty of prospect is having. So here is some examples of some problem questions. You can ask him what made you decide to reach out to us. You may need to dig a bit deeper into the problem, but this will give you a good idea into exactly why the prospect is on the phone to you. You could also ask them what's preventing you from expanding into X area, where they can turn around and say to you, I'd love to expand into the area. However, I don't have enough enquiries coming in from that specific location. So it's all about digging deep and finding out exactly what the clients problem is. Another two examples would be what's preventing you from reaching Revenue Golf X. Again. It should be down to not having enough enquiries, which literally means not enough sells. Another question you can ask them is, Why do you feel like you aren't receiving enough enquiries on your website. Now, this is a really good question to ask them, as it literally given opportunity to say that they need S CEO and that they understand they need to be on page one. Typically, when I asked prospects this question, they always turn round and say it's because I'm not on Page one, which is a really good signal to receive. As it shows, the client already understands the importance of appearing on Page one. It's good to know as well that situation questions can often lead onto you asking a problem question. For example, a situation question I showed you in the last light was, How long have you been looking toe work Oven SDO agency. They might respond and say, about two months now, we will work with another agency in the past, but it didn't work out. Hence the reason why we're looking for a new one now, from which you can respond over a problem question and say, Why do you think that was the case? Why do you think it didn't work out? It's all about digging deeper and finding out the core problem of what is business has, which is a way you can come in and sell your service as a solution to the problem. This is the email template that I sent to ensure I get them booked on a proposal core. I say, Hi, Sam. Thank you for your time today to confirm we will speak again on day at time to discuss exactly how we can help you reach the goal. Please ensure you are near a computer at the time of a core kind. Regards Joshua. So, as you can see, very short and concise. Straight to the point. Obviously, you'd fill in the blank stare at your phone conversation so you'd like she put in the goal what they said to they want to achieve on the phone call and say that back to them on the email. And as you can see in the last line, I say, Please ensure you are near a computer at the time of the cool. That's because we want to go through the whole proposal on a live walk through. So we want to share our scream with the client unless you walk them fruit proposal just in cases, any questions they have. But anyway, I'm going to dive into that into more detail in the next video. I'll see you there 42. Handling Client Objections: handling client objections. When you present your proposal to the prospects, you need to bear in mind that most people are not going to say yes at the first attempt of you closing them, we need to follow up. The money is literally in the follow up. Their clients that don't say yes straight away what typically have some objections which are holding them back from getting across the lion. In this video, I want to cover the most common objections you're going to get asked entree exactly how to deal with them. This will ensure your fully prepared and can go out there and start closing clients as soon as possible. So some prospects will say to you, I need to think about it and they're most people will respond and say, OK, great, no worries. Seal it up, Abi. That is the worst, and you want to do The best thing to do is to say, OK, fair enough. But do you like the idea we've covered that prospects going to reply and say Yes, so then what you want to do after they respond is turned. The whole conversation towards the results are going to get for example, you could say Sam D believe it. This strategy is going to get you the 15 additional leads per week you're looking for. At this point, it's super important to focus on the things that client said to you on the discovery core. You know, they're pain points. The implications off those pain points on what they're looking to achieve. Don't just sell the messy Oh, sell them solutions to these things. If you're anything like me when I first started out, doing sells clothes in a client is going to make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. But remember this. If you don't manage to close his client, then they're probably going to buy from some awful SDO business that uses blow comment, article directories and so on and so on. But just because they know how to close, you're likely one of the best CEOs are going to find, so you're doing them a disservice by not closing them. Another objection you can get almost is. Can you send me this? So when prospects RCIs to me, I simply reply and say, Sure, no problem. But first, let me ask you a question on a scale of 1 to 10. How do you like the campaign? Typically, most prospects are going to apply it to you and say, You know what? Honestly, was pretty good. I would say maybe a 78 maybe even a nine. And at this point, you want to reply and say, OK, that's great. What would make it a 10? So the whole idea of this strategy is to figure out what exactly they don't like on what they think could be improved. As once you understand this, you can then use that to sell it against them. For example, they might say to you, Yeah, I think I think on the whole was about seven out of 10. I did like that. But my main issue was awarded more keywords to target the nuclear, to turn around and say Great, no problem. I'll do some more keyword research. Do you have any ideas what keywords you want to target? So the whole aim is to figure out exactly what would make the proposal perfect to them, and then include that in a proposal, and then you're guaranteed to close it. Another objection you can get asked is it's a little expensive if you get r CIST. The best thing to do is to say, If you gave me £1 I gave you back £10 would you be happy litchi? Let them respond and say yes because they're going to say yes, right? If you give someone a pound and give you back 10 who isn't going to be happy once they respond, you want to then take things up another notch and say, If you gave me £1000 I gave you back £10,000 would you be happy? They're still going to say yes, even if it took six months. But you got your money back, Would you be happy with that? Of course they're going to say yes as a store making £9000. So this is what you respond and say, right? So that's how S CEO works. Some companies, like booking dot coms, been over £10 million a year on issue, but they make much more back, so it's a no brainer. With that in mind, do you have a ballpark figure for what? You'd be happy to invest. So the whole aim off this response to this objection is to really figure out how much there but it is and how much they're happy spending As once you know this, you can tweet some of your CEO packages or even maybe tweet some of your deliverables to suit their budget. Remember, you don't have to do this, but once you know the budget, you can be a bit more flexible. Your end if you choose to be Another objection is Company X said they couldn't do it for cheaper Now the best way to respond to this objection is to simply don't even bother saying we can do it cheaper. We're better than them as people who say this to you. They don't understand the true value of S. E. O on their simply comparing your price to someone else's price. So what I typically respond is if you're confident they'll do a great job for that price than I'd recommend going with them as we absolutely can't match that. Unfortunately, there so many different methods of S. E O is confusing to businesses who are left to think it's the same thing. Notice how we're not being desperate and was saying OK, he could do it for £400. I'll come down to £399. We don't want to be competing on price. That is the worst thing you can do. And clients that typically say this you are typically going to be the worst type of clients to work with, as when a prospect ask this question. It straightaway highlights that they're more focused on the investment and how much is going to cost them rather than the results of going to generate. We want to work with clients that focused on the results and what we can deliver as those of clients who are going to be the best clients. Another objection you might get asked is, I need to speak to my business partner So again in this objection is a reason why the prospect isn't going ahead of you, a k a. Something is wrong in the proposal, so we need to figure out exactly what this problem is. So we will respond to this one by saying, I agree you should talk to them first, but let me ask you something. If your partner was to say no, would the reason be proposed to the campaign or the money. So what we're doing here with this question is trying to narrow down what the main issue is is that our campaign or that the mountain were charging the process going to apply and say , I don't know, maybe the money. And nine times out of 10 it's going to be the money, but they won't just say it straight up to you. So you have to do a little bit digging just to get the answer out of them. However, once you have the answer, you don't want to dig a little bit deeper and say, What about the money? Would they not like, kind of played dumb on this one? Don't say. Is it too expensive? You know, we both know that price is gonna be too expensive, which is why it's an issue for them in the first place. However, you want them to let you say to you, Yes, the price is too expensive as once you know that is the main issue. You then know what is holding them back that gives you more leeway to negotiate. Actually closed that deal on. Of course, you can obviously update your proposal to remove someone to deliver bulls. Maybe you could be able to less back links to the site every month. Maybe you can remove some keywords. Whatever works to get it do across the line, you should definitely consider it. But like I said, if you are strict and your minimum price is X amount and they want to go below that amount , then it's probably not a good fit. Few anyway, as a focus again, is all about the money and not the value and the results. You can generate them, But no matter what someone says to you, they were typically free, different type of objections. The first is people don't buy a few because they don't like or trust you. The second is they don't like or trust to campaign or the third is they don't believe it will work for them. Whatever their objection is, we need to make sure we meet it head on. If a client says to you it's too expensive and you just turn around and say, Oh, I don't figures that expensive That's not really answering the objection. When we answer the objection directly, we have a greater chance of closing that client hope you found that useful and I'll see you in the next video 43. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Reports in retention and scaling. In this section, I'm going to cover every single thing you need to know about client reports in I'm going to show you what to include in a report. I'll show you what tool as well if you'd like to automate the process, I'm going to show you how you can keep your clients happy and retain them. That is super important to know. There's no point going out there and getting 10 clients every single month. It's all ten of them drop off the following mumps. So knowing how to retain your client is super important. I'm going to show you how you can upsell your clients for maximum profits. And I'm also going to show you how you can generate reviews and video testimonials for your SEO business, which are going to help you tremendously when it comes to going out there and getting more clients. So let's get into this section. 44. Everything You Need To Know About Client Reporting: Client reports in. Client report in is an essential part of running your SEO business. Seo reports allow your clients to quickly understand exactly what's being going on and can give them a good overview of how the campaign is progressing. It also allows them to see your plan of action going forward, which is crucial as communication is key when it comes to keep and clients. Now these SEI reports can be extremely helpful or they can completely turn off some clients. So I want to spend some time looking at exactly what is involved in one of these reports together and how to make sure that these are helpful for your clients. Because if you're providing great work for your client and they're getting amazing results. But you're not mentioned in these results in your report, then they're going to have no idea what you're actually doing, the results you're getting for them. So as a result, they aren't going to be too happy. So we want to make sure the reports are simple enough and also highlight the impact on their business I'll work is actually producing. So what should you include in an SEO report? Now there's a few things you should mention such as the project overview. So give them a general overview of how the campaign is progressing. We should also let them know the completed tasks. So this would be all the things you've carried out that month, may be built some backlinks and maybe build some citations and so on. The third thing you want to include in your pool is going to be your keyword rankings. So this is super important. You need to let the client know exactly where they are in Google for the key was they wanted to target. Are they a musician in 64? Are they 24? This is extremely important and it's really important we convey this across to the client as well. The full fee you want to include as well is the backlinks you've built. Now a lot of SEO companies, they tell clients yet what building tons of backlinks for you, but it never actually show the vacuum to the client. I'm not a fan of this method at all. There's literally no transparency between you and the client. If you want to keep your clients in the long-term, you need to be transparent and let them know exactly the work or implementing. The fifth thing you're going to want to include in your report is going to be the website traffic. So it's really important as well. They let the client know exactly how many visitors that get into the website every single month. As you build out your SEO campaign, the client should we get to more and more organic visitors? The reason being is because they're going to be more visible for the keywords, attractive, more eyeballs on the website. So as a result, website traffic is going to be increasing. So it's super important to let the client know exactly the numbers are getting intercostal website traffic. The 16 you're going to want to include in your report, is that goals or leads generated? Now this is more beneficial for those who are working with e-commerce clients as you can track a goal as someone who purchase a product, which is ultimately the main aim of your e-commerce website to sell more products. So when you're tracking how many goals are achieving, it can give you a better data insight into how the whole campaign is progressing. The sediment thing. And the last one you're going to want to include in your SEO reports is going to be a plan for the upcoming month. While she'd given the client already an overview of how the campaign is going along and all the work you've done in that car. And mom is also a good idea to let the client know exactly what you plan on doing the following month as well. For example, if one of the clients keywords have dropped down to page 7, maybe saying really bad has happened. You can let the client know and say, Hey, I noticed one of your key was a dropped drastically in Google. So the plan for next month is to work on this keyword and work on his page and get it back to where it was on page one, that is going to add some reassurance and really just confirm to the client that you are paying attention and you aren't taking their campaign seriously. As he knows, he's one of the key was dropped. And as a result, you're going to work on it the following month. So those are the main seven things you should include in an SEO report. So how long should an SEO report BY? So really and truly, an SEO reports should be as short as possible. We want to avoid boring the client with unnecessary fluff. Focus on the core elements that provide value, such as the seven things I've just covered. Now do bear in mind. You are going to come across clients from time to time that like massive, massive reports that like pages. I like to know exactly what's going on, what you've been spending all your time doing in that incidence. You are going to want to spend a bit more time for that particular client. However, what I like to do, instead of sending one big report out to start off with on-axis MI, short and concise reports. And then once I send my first couple of reports, give the client a phone call and say Hi, how we find it in a report, I get enough information you'd like is there anything else you'd like to see in there? So just really get the feedback from the client and find out exactly what they wanted to see in their reports. And if you aren't missing off any elements, you can then go back and add those elements into that specific client report. This way you can ensure optimum client satisfaction and that the clients are getting what they want. So how do we create SEO reports? Well, we have two options. You can do it manually or you can do automatically. The first option manually is going to acquire more of your time. However, there's gonna be no cost involved. The second option is going to save you tons of time, especially if you're working with multiple clients. However, it is going to come at a price as you're going to have to pay for a monthly subscription. So I'm going to walk you through both methods. I'm going to show you that exact report I used to use when I send my reports manually as ies, exactly what I did when I first started my business and I wanted to keep all of my costs really low just to make sure I had the highest profit margins possible. However, one I agree my agency and I got more and more clients on I was actually spending so much time doing my reports every single month. I actually changed it an automatic method which saves me a ton of time. And of course, as I had more clients or had more money to play with it. However, in the first stages you might want to do yours and manually as well. So in the next video, I will show you how you can do it, the manual method. And I'll actually show you that exact template that I use to send my client reports. I'll see you there. 46. Client Reporting - Premium Option: so if we'd rather go for a premium option on, have your reports generated automatically every single month, then this is a software I recommend. Agency analytics is actually the software be used at present at the agency. It's really user friendly, but it's incredibly powerful. So with agency analytics actually has a key where tracker built into it. So instead of you having to pay a monthly subscription just attract keywords alone, you can actually just use agency analytics on track. Your client cures all of in one tool. You can also hook up your clients Google Analytics account so you don't have to log in every month on do a screenshot. It can all be done via AP. I automatically every month, so you can also schedule reports as well. So you can pick a day any day of the month, typically the first of the month. And then on that day, at any time you specify, a monthly report will automatically get sent out to the client based on their variables you set. So maybe you want to see the traffic for the last 30 days, the keyword ranking for last 30 days and so on and so on it all comes up to you. So pricing why is the prices start from $50 per month? That allows you to have five different campaigns, so you're going to need one campaign for each client. So essentially, it's about $10 per client you have. If you do go for the yearly option, it does get a little bit cheaper, but it is really a really powerful. It all comes down to preference as well. Like I said, if you do the free option, you're going to save money, but you're not going to save time. If you go for a premium option, you're going to save tons of time. But it's gonna cost you more money. So it's all about what works for you. Really. It's really important to know as well that once you have an account with agency analytic, you can also create a dashboard for that client. So, yes, you can send in a monthly report. But that client can also look into a dashboard and see all the information about the campaign, such as the Rankins air traffic on already it back clings a search consul and so on and so on So what you can do is, well, is upload your logo to the dashboard. So this just helps at that added professionalism on, you know, just get your Brandon across in all aspects off your business, so that helps a lot and will definitely help your business come across as more professional . I'm pretty sure that Agency Analytics has a free 14 day trial. Yes, they do. So you can actually sign up for 14 days and just get a feel of the software and see if you think it's a good fit for you. But like I said, you don't have to use the software. When I first started my agency with Click Slice, I didn't use any of these tours at all. I did everything manually, and then when I made enough money, actually, they decided to invest in the business and side, getting tours like this. That's it for this one. And I'll see you in the next video 47. How To Keep Your Clients Happy: Keeping clients happy. At the end of the day, we need to make sure that we are keeping our clients happy. Because of course, if we have happy clients, then are going to continue pay in US. If they're not happy, obviously they're not going to continue to pay us and they're going to go elsewhere. So there's really three main things you can do to ensure your clients are happy. The first is actually getting them results. So you're actually helping them solve the problem they came to you with in the first place. So when it comes to provide them results, I like to overdeliver in the early stages. I've already built up some trust with the client. That's how they hired me and how I landed the project. But if I can over-deliver in the early stages, then that's going to be a great thing as it will provide them with some results which I can show them, which will really help me build some more trust and also give them some reassurance that I can actually deliver on what I say I can. How I do this is by targeting some easy long-tail keywords that we can run it for quickly. Notice typically isn't going to be their main keywords that's going to generate them loaded traffic and leads. However, that's not really the idea here. The idea here is that I've done a lot of talk him, but now I want to show them that I'm not just all talk and I can't actually deliver on what they hired me for. Because if you think about it from the client's perspective, they're paying you for a number of mumps upfront and put in all their trust in you before they see any results. So it's quite risky for them to help settle any nerves they have. We can rank for some long-tail keywords and showed him some results early on into the campaign, which really helped build a better relationship with you and the client. And it also ensures they're happy. The next thing you should be doing to keep the client happy is providing amazing customer service. And you can do this through communicating with your clients. So really communicating with your clients, let them know what you're doing. Let them know for senior results, let them know what's going on with the whole entire process and let them understand exactly how the money is being spent. Even in a worst-case scenario, if you're not generating any results for your client, but you're being honest and straight up with that client and let in and know exactly everything you are doing to try and fix it. Believe me, they're going to be a lot more happy than if you try and hide everything and keep them in the dark. Sometimes SEO doesn't go as planned. It can be unpredictable at times. Keeping the client up to date via communication is a solid way to keep the client happy. Another thing that you can do to provide amazing customer service is to reply to their emails as fast as you can. No one likes to send an email and then have to wait days to get a response. Replying in a fast manner can go a long way. Most SEO businesses aren't great when it comes to communication. So if you can get a spot on, then this alone will help you stand out even more. The third thing I like to do as well to keep my clients happy is to go the extra mile. So I like to go a tiny bit out of my scope and provide feedback on the website and just general improvements they can make to it. This is really going to show the client that I care about the business and that I want them to succeed. Some things you can mention to go that extra mile is going to be the website design. So what is your opinion of the website design in comparison to their competitors? Is it nice? Does it stand out? Is it unique and so on? Is that website mobile friendly? How does a website looks on a mobile device? This is extremely important as more users these days are using mobile devices to access websites. So how does the client website and look on a mobile device? You could also mention the CTAs. So the call to actions, a phone number visible on the client's website. Is it easy accessible? These are the type of things you can mention to really go the extra mile. It's also good to note as well that these things are going to make it easier for you to deliver results of the client. If you get your client to the top of Google, and then when they get there, they generate 1000 phone calls. They're not going to be happy. So it's actually in your best interests to ensure the client's website is built and shock should correctly for conversions as if the website is built for conversions, then it's more likely that you're going to generate more business for the client, which means they're going to be happy and they're going to continue to pay you for longer. Understanding this is going to take you a long way in maintaining and growing your client base. 48. Scaling - Upselling Clients: Upselling SEO clients. Now of course, as we talked about, the main attraction of Steiner SEO business, is there a current income that we can make? However, we can also make a lot more profit by upsell and other services in our SEO business. So in this video, I want to take a look at the other services you can use to upsell your current SEO clients. Now obviously some of these services are going to require more time than others. However, they are all solid methods that you can use to upsell your clients. Just be sure to really think about which ones are going to benefit the clients that you work with. You don't want to upset a client on an additional service when it's not a good fit for them. This is only going to cause more issues further down the line. So without further ado, let's dive into the first service that you can upsell a client with, which is going to be video marketing. So video marketing is another service you could offer. You could offer to create videos for the clients, or you can simply take the current videos that they have and then work on ranking nodes and marketing those to drive more leads to the business. Video marketing is a really good one as business owners these days, as clients have realized and select, become more aware that produce in their message and the content in a video format is more engaged and then it's simply just publishing a blog post. Another service you can offer is going to be social media marketing. Could be anything from growing their social media accounts or simply just managing their accounts and sharing the new blog post on all of those social media platforms. Social media is becoming more and more important in a digital era. More businesses are becoming aware of it and having one person that can do all of the markets in so they're SEO, their social media can be a real attractive offer. You can manage all of the clients social media accounts or Facebook, the YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. However, if the client does have a smaller budget than maybe you can offer just to manage one or two of their accounts, maybe just their Facebook profile and their Twitter profile. So this method, you have great flexibility. Now on top of that, another service you can offer is the removal of toxic backlinks. So if the client was working with another SEO business in the past and it didn't go well, chances are that the previous SEO business would have built some backlinks that had more of a negative impacts on our website than a positive. So you can offer to analyze the client's backlink profile and remove those toxic backlinks for a onetime fee. You can also offer Google ads management. We actually started doing this it click Slice and it's worked out pretty well for us. Seo can take some time to fully kick in. So to generate leads in the early stages. I'm talking about early stages. I'm talking in the first couple of weeks. Google Ads is a great alternative. A Google ad campaign can really provide the client with a big influx of leads in early stages, which is going to keep them happy. So email marketing is another service you can offer. So you can offer to help grow your client's e-mail list. And email list is super powerful for any business to have. And once they have that e-mail list, you can then set up and send email to that list to help them push more cells to the products. So these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. However, like I said, I would focus on monitoring and one service first, which should be SEO. So make this your core service and how you get clients. Then once you've mastered this and you have your systems in place, then dive out and expand into other services. The key to getting this right is to start off slow. Start off slowly and add more services one at a time. If you add too many services to quick, you're just going to end up overwhelming yourself. One day you'll be doing SEO, the next day you'll be doing Google ads. Then the next day you were doing video marketing and so on. Which can be very confusing in the early stages and can cause a lot of issues when it comes to time management. So my advice to you would be to start off slow master one service. And then once you're confident with that service, branch out and add another service. 49. Scaling - Reviews & Video Testimonials: reviews and testimonials. So when it comes to scaling out your CEO business and attractive more clients, reviews and testimonials are going to go a long way. There's free main benefits, off reviews and testimonials. The first is it builds social proof and improve your good at what you do If you have a review form a plumbing client that says this company is amazing. That got me onto Page one of in four months and so on. When it comes to getting another plumbing Klein in a different location, you can actually use this review to show the client that's gonna add more social proof. It's gonna calm any nerves they have and just generally provide a bit more reassurance. So as a result, closing clients is going to be a lot more easier as well. Once you have reviews and testimonials, you can also market them to attract new clients. So the question I get officer Law is when do you asked for reviews? So the answer to this question is pretty straightforward. You asked for a review when you know the client is happy This way, there are more likely to give you a positive review if you ask the client for a review when they're not happy, guess what? They're just going to ignore it. Or in the worst case scenario, they might leave you review because I'm not happy. It might actually be a negative review. So only asked a client for review when you know that are happy, which could be after you've got some quick wins for them. So maybe they're on page one for one of the long tail keywords. That would be a good time to ask for a review. You can also ask him for a review after they jumped up on Google for one of the main keywords. So maybe you're targeting the keyword like plumber London, and you notice decline has gone from patri to page one, or maybe even paid free to page two. So after there was a drastic change in their main keyword, that is going to be a good time to ask for a review. And that is exactly when we click sliced. Ask all of our clients to leave after review as well is that they jump up on page one or two pages higher. We stray away, send an email, say Hey, we've No, She jumped up on Google. Can you please leave us a review? And in fact, I'm gonna show you the script we use in the next slide anyway. And in fact, I'm actually going to show you the exact script we use in a couple of slides. You can also reach out to the client and ask for a review when you've generated them. X number of leads. So if the main deliverable of your campaign is to generate the client, say, 10 leads a month once you hit that number on that fresh hold, you could also reach out to the client then and ask for a review. But essentially, the main take away is this. Ask the client for review when you know the client is happy. If you do that, you'll have no issues whatsoever. The first type is what I call written review. So this is where the client will leave you a Richard review on your Google listing. So, as you can see, we have a review here from Phil Kites, which is one of our clients I cannot recommend Click Flat Enough has been very refreshing to work with someone who is passionate, professional, an efficient. We are very happy with the results and look forward to continuing to work with them. So we actually got this review from the client off the sending them an email after we got a big jump on Google for one of the key words were targeting. The other type of reviews you can generate is going to be video testimonials. So if we're going to click Slices website and then go on the page called results, you can actually see we have four video testimonials on this page, so I'm actually a big fan of video testimonials over the written reviews. As video testimonials are way more engaging, you can see the person speaking of the world to help with more trust and credibility. You can at the person's name over the video, along with the logo off the business, and in my opinion, they just come across more professional as well. Another bonus offer video testimonial is that you can easily market these. For example, you can upload your video onto YouTube and then post that link on our social media accounts post on your linked in on really just showcased amazing results generated for clients, which is going to attract more clients to your business as well. So now we've gone through the importance of reviews and the two different types of reviews and testimonials you can get. It's time to go through how to actually get these reviews in the first place. So this is the email template I sent to clients. One. Almost four of Return review. I simply say, Hi, Sam. We've just managed to get your website onto the first page of Google for your big keyword plumber. London Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us on. We'd love to hear your feedback on how you feel about the results have managed to generate for you so far. Can you please take a couple of minutes to leave us a Google review and then include a link to your Google listing? We'd really appreciate it. Here's two more Page one rankings Climber, guard Josh. So this is the exact template we sent to clients once we noticed a big increase in one of their key words, and this email template worked extremely well for us. So how about if you want to ask the client for a video testimonial instead of a written review. No worries. I've got you covered. So this is the script I used when asking clients for a video testimonial. I simply say, Hi, Sam. We've just managed to get your website onto the first page of Google for your big keyword plumber. London customer satisfaction is extremely important to us on. We'd love to hear your feedback on how you feel about the results you manage to jury for you. So far, would you be interested in providing out of a quick 30 seconds, one minute video testimonial on your experience of work, move us along with the results on the campaign? If so, I'll be more than happy to provide you a 10% discount off your next invoice. Kind regards, Josh. So, as you can see for this one, we're actually asking the client to leave us a video testimonial. And as a result, for all of the effort, we are more than happy to have either a 10% discount off the next invoice. So 10% off s your retainer is going to be a large amount. For example, if you're charging the client $1000 per month, then a 10% discount is going to add up to $1000 in saving for them the following month. The reason? Why offer the clients at discount when it comes to a video testimonial? Because that video testimony requires more time and more effort. So adding in a 10% discount is really going to motivate them to actually go out there and produced the video testimony now dependent on your profit margins, you can actually increases from 10% to 20 maybe even 30%. Do whatever you thought is comfortable for your business. But believe me when I say this video testimonials helped tremendously when it comes to going out there and closing more CEO clients, So that's our process at Click Slice. It worked extremely well for us, and I have no doubt whatsoever that is going to work well for you, too. 50. Conclusion.. Bye For Now: Hello Now SEO business experts, well, I certainly hope this isn't goodbye forever, and it's just a goodbye for now. I thank you so much for making it this far into the course of me. I'm really taking the time to understand exactly how to set up an SEO business. I truly sincerely hope this course has given you everything Como you expect to gain from it. And SEO business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start in this digital era. And you know now exactly how to start one from scratch, which is super handy when you're trying to acquire some recurring income. My SEO business clicks lice has given me the freedom to live my life on my own terms. And you now know everything I know and are in a great position to start your own SEO business. I've really hope you found the course valuable. So please do leave me a review and share your experience. It would mean the well to me, if you can leave me some feedback. Also, it'd be great if you could share that cools on your social media platforms and share it with anyone who's think would get value from it. Sharon is Karen. Once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you loved the course. I had a great time making it and I'm sure I'll be seeing you in another course. Bye for now.