Start Writing: 5 Easy Steps for Getting Unstuck | Jennifer Mattson | Skillshare

Start Writing: 5 Easy Steps for Getting Unstuck

Jennifer Mattson, Writer and Journalist. Fmr. CNN and NPR

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8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The 5 Steps of Writing

    • 3. Warm-up Writing

    • 4. Meditation - Relax the Mind

    • 5. Art of the Idea

    • 6. Creating a Writing Practice

    • 7. The Messy, First Draft

    • 8. Conclusion - Wrap up & Final Project


About This Class

Are you in a creative rut? Do you feel stuck in your writing practice? Learn how to get unstuck in this actionable class with writer and educator Jennifer Mattson.

Whether you have an idea for a book or essay, or you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to finish what you started, this class with help you clear your mind and start writing today.

Through a series of prompts, exercises, meditation, discussions about craft, and a better understanding of the creative process, learn how to ride the wave past writer’s block toward inspiration. You will come away with: warm up exercises to get the pen moving, a simple meditation to clear your head, a guided exercise to help you find your idea and a draft of your ideal writing project. This class is for anyone who wants to write, but feels stuck. No prior writing experience or knowledge is necessary. This class is useful for anyone who wants to jump start their writing and needs a few tools to make writing easier. 

You will come away with a five-step process to get you writing, even when you are stuck. 

Note: Please have a pen and notebook handy before starting the videos as we will be writing by hand.